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Marvel Universe 

OHOTMU:Bibliography-AZ Update 2

OHOTMU:Bibliography-AZ Update 2

All-New OHotMU A-Z Update Bibliography

#2: Adam II to Zodiak

Last Updated: 5/8/07


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Cover by Scott Kolins & Chris Sotomayor

Adam II

First Appearance and Origin: What If..? #4 (1977)
Significant Issues: Vs All-Winners Squad, destroyed (What If..? #4, 1977); Earth-8206 counterpart defeated by multiple Captain Americas (Captain America Annual #6, 1982)

Agents of Atlas

First Appearance: (1950s Avengers of Reality-9904) What If..? #9 (1978); ("G-Men") Agents of Atlas #1 (2006); (Agents of Atlas) Agents of Atlas #6 (2007)
Origin: Agents of Atlas #1-6 (2006-2007)
Significant Issues: Similar alternate-reality 1950s team formed as the Avengers (What If..? #9, 1978); 1950s Avengers’ alternate reality erased by Immortus (Avengers Forever #4-6, 1999); Woo’s G-Men formed in 1958 to rescue Eisenhower from Claw, defeated Shadow Warriors and captured Nazi scientist Fritz Voltzmann (Agents of Atlas #1, 2006); clashed with Atlas forces, foiled Atlas dream ray plot, aided by Magar the Mystic & Admiral Peter Noble, subdued rampaging mutated dog Laika (Temple of Atlas blog,, 2006); forced to disband six months after team’s founding (Agents of Atlas #1, 2006); Woo nearly killed in modern era trying to uncover Atlas, taken into S.H.I.E.L.D. custody, Woo freed & rejuvenated by Hale, Grayson & M-11, group became fugitives (Agents of Atlas #1, 2006); Woo’s group pursued by S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Derek Khanata, Venus located in Africa by Khanata’s cousin Kal’Ti, Khanata convinced Woo’s team to let him accompany them in exchange for finding Venus, Woo’s group reunited with Venus, Woo attacked by Claw, origin of Gorilla Man revealed (Agents of Atlas #2, 2006); vs Claw constructs, investigated Atlas temple entrance in San Francisco, Grayson’s origin revealed, learned Namora might still be alive, located Namora’s tomb (Agents of Atlas #3, 2006); vs sea monsters to free Namora, revived & recruited Namora, shut down a slew of subversive Atlas operations posing as legitimate businesses, vacationed in Fiji (Agents of Atlas #4, 2007); fought among themselves after learning Venus had formerly been a monstrous naiad & that M-11 was spying on the group for Atlas, made peace with each other, convinced M-11 to stop helping Atlas monitor them (Agents of Atlas #5, 2007); entered the Temple of Atlas, met Atlas leader Claw/Master Plan & his dragon advisor Mr. Lao, learned the truth about Jimmy Woo’s heritage & his destiny as new Atlas leader, Atlas leadership accepted by Woo in hopes of making Atlas a force for good, Plan consumed by Lao to mark shift in power, Woo’s team stayed on as new covert Agents of Atlas after faking their deaths, group’s survival concealed from S.H.I.E.L.D. by Khanata, Khanata surprised to learn that his family name stems from a long-ago alliance between his bloodline & Mongol people of Khan who founded Atlas (Agents of Atlas #6, 2007)


First Appearance: Tales of Suspense #75 (1966); (as THEM) Tales of Suspense #78 (1966); (as A.I.M.) Strange Tales #146 (1966)
Significant Issues: Made attempt at Wakanda's vibranium, vs T'Challa (Avengers #87, 1971); hired Wild Pack to steal EMCHAC from Hydra (X-Force #8, 1992); hired Batroc to steal Inferno 42 (Tales of Suspense #75-76, 1966); via THEM, supplied Fixer (Strange Tales #142-143, 1966); made attempt on Nick Fury's life (Tales of Suspense #78, 1966); created Cosmic Cube (Tales of Suspense #79-80, 1966); attempted to force Fury out of S.H.I.E.L.D., organization exposed to U.S. government (Strange Tales #146-149, 1966); first Adaptoid vs Captain America (Tales of Suspense #82-84, 1966); made another attempt on Fury's life (Tales of Suspense #92, 1967); M.O.D.O.K. revealed to be A.I.M.'s leader (Tales of Suspense #93-94, 1967); clashed with Yellow Claw over Ultimate Annihilator (Strange Tales #163, 1967); Michael Mordius attempted to duplicate Iron Man's armor (Iron Man #1, 1968); sent "Walking Stiletto" after Sharon Carter (Captain America #114, 1969); thwarted Red Skull's use of Cosmic Cube (Captain America #117-119, 1969); agent Grizzly fomented disruptions on university campus (Captain America #120, 1969); vs Fantastic Four & Captain America (Fantastic Four: The World's Greatest Comics Magazine! #4, 2001); sent Cyborg after Captain America (Captain America #124, 1970); Ralph Ryder sabotaged Android X-4 (Captain America #127, 1970); used android Bucky against Captain America (Captain America #130-132, 1970); used Bulldozer against Captain America (Captain America #133, 1971); sought Ted Sallis' Super-Soldier Serum (Savage Tales #1, 1971); vs Ka-Zar over Super-Soldier Serum (Astonishing Tales #12-13, 1972); Victorius became A.I.M. faction leader (Astonishing Tales #18-20, 1973); alongside Grey Gargoyle, vs Captain America & Spider-Man (Marvel Team-Up #13, 1973); transformed Betty Ross into Harpy (Incredible Hulk #167-169, 1973); had Baron Samedi create pseudo-zombies (Strange Tales #171, 1973); spied on Doctor Doom, Red Skull & Fu Manchu (Iron Man #74, 1975); revealed to have divided against M.O.D.O.K. (Iron Man Annual #4, 1977); sent Scorpion & Destructor after Ms. Marvel (Ms. Marvel #1-4, 1977); employed Deathbird during civil war (Ms. Marvel #7-10, 1977); sought Ralph Rider's nuclear device (Nova #12/Amazing Spider-Man #171, 1977); sought quantum bands (Quasar #1, 1989); vs Defenders (Defenders #57, 1978); Delia Childress studied Doc Samson (Marvel Team-Up #102, 1981); created Virus X (Marvel Two-in-One #81-82, 1981); took visitors of Project: Neptune hostage (Iron Man #161, 1982); Ramona Starr forced Ka-Zar to aid A.I.M. (Ka-Zar the Savage #18-25, 1982-1983); attempted to reclaim Cosmic Cube (Captain America Annual #7, 1983); Cavorite Crystal stolen by Team America (New Mutants #6, 1983); civil war ended, both factions turned on M.O.D.O.K. (Incredible Hulk #289-290, 1983); Timekeeper sought Holly-Ann Ember's power (Marvel Graphic Novel #16, 1985); hired Serpent Society to kill M.O.D.O.K. (Captain America #312, 1985); reanimated M.O.D.O.K.'s body against Iron Man (Iron Man #205, 1986); conquered Boca Caliente (Iron Man #207, 1986); Clytemnestra Erwin revealed to be A.I.M. spy (Iron Man #216, 1987); made alliance with Nuwali (Fantastic Four #316, 317, 1988); first employed S.O.D.A.M. (Solo Avengers #14-16, 1989); hired Hulk against Maggia (Iron Man #246-247/Incredible Hulk #361, 1989); agent George Prufrock transformed into Lifeform (Punisher Annual #3, 1990); returned to arms dealing, rehabilitated S.O.D.A.M. into M.O.D.A.M. (Quasar #9, 1990); sent Klaw to analyze Volcana (Fantastic Four Annual #24, 1991); A.I.M. Island raided by Hydra (Nick Fury: Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. #23, 1991); Island Expo raided by Captain America (Captain America #411-414, 1993); sought the Anomaly from Iron Fist (Marvel Comics Presents #125-129, 1993); illegal mining operation in Savage Land halted by Captain America & Black Panther (Captain America #415-417, 1993); allied with Earth-8410's Evelyn Necker (Death's Head III #8-12, 1993); Highwayman vs Iron Fist (Marvel Comics Presents #137, 1993); vs Iron Man & Omega Red (Iron Man #296-297, 1992); took over A.R.M.S. (Spider-Man #43, 1994); turned against Sons of the Serpent (Marvel Comics Presents #152-155, 1994); used A.R.M.S. resources against Annex (Annex #1-4, 1994); Batch 13 Adaptoid vs Fantastic Force (Fantastic Force #4, 1995); Shi'ar vessel salvage halted by Fury (Marvel Comics Presents #174, 1995); attempted creation of new Cosmic Cube (Avengers #387-388/Captain America #440-441, 1995); vs Hydra over their genetic experiments (Sabretooth & Mystique #1-4, 1996); vs Cyclops & Jean Grey (Uncanny X-Men #352, 1998); attempted conquest of Zenith Island (Marvel Comics 1998 Annual Starring Iron Man & Captain America, 1998); raided by Ivan the Terrible (Maverick #10-12, 1998); dealt with corrupt politician Phil Oxnard (Captain America #13, 1999); dealt with Junior Gates (Avengers #13, 1999); vs Deadpool (Deadpool #26, 1999); vs U.S.Agent (Captain America #20, 1999); resurrected Snowbird, hired Kane vs Wolverine & Alpha Flight (Wolverine #142-143, 1999); briefly taken over by XERO (X-51 #10-12, 2000); raided by Zaran (Marvel Knights #4, 2000); revived Protocide, used him against Captain America (Captain America #25-40, 2000-2001); vs Spider-Man over unusual cat (Amazing Spider-Man #27, 2001); allied with Fenris, used nanoprobes on Atlantis (Citizen V & the V-Battalion #1-2, 2001); used Ghost to bomb rival companies (Iron Man #42-45, 2001); vs Black Panther in Africa (Avengers #43, 2001); allied with Headmen (Defenders #9-10, 2001); used Elements of Doom (Avengers #56, 2002); caused "Red Zone" bioweapon attack (Avengers #67, 2003); raided the World (New X-Men #143-144, 2003); used Blizzard in cryo-cannon plot (She-Hulk #1, 2004); identity disc sought by villains (Identity Disc #1-5, 2004); aided Deadpool in reviving Cable (Cable & Deadpool #11, 2005); vs Captain America in France (Captain America #3, 2005); vs X-23 (X-23 #3-4, 2005); sought to enlist Scorpion/Camilla Black (Amazing Fantasy #7-12, 2005); aided LMDs (Livewires #4, 2005); began construction on Null, halted by S.H.I.E.L.D. (Wolverine #30, 2005); sent M.O.D.O.C. Squad after Captain America (Captain America #8, 2005); made attempts at Uni-Power (Captain Universe/Incredible Hulk #1 / Captain Universe/Daredevil #1 / Captain Universe/X-23 #1, 2006); hired Bullseye to kill Ruby Thursday (I ♥ Marvel: Outlaw Love #1, 2006); Pilsburg raided by Crossbones & Sin (Captain America #16-17, 2006); turned Black Widow/Yelena Belova into new Super-Adaptoid (New Avengers Annual #1, 2006); sought Cosmic Ring (Marvel Team-Up #20, 2006); dealt with Ricadonna (Daughters of the Dragon #5-6, 2006); held Christmas party (Marvel Holiday Special, 2007)


First Appearance: (As Mr. Magnificent) Kickers, Inc. #1 (1986); (as All-American) D.P.7 #21 (1988)
Origin: Kickers, Inc. #1 (1986)
Significant Issues: Underwent brother’s experimental procedure shortly after White Event, paranormal powers triggered, led Smashers to victory in Superbowl but found victory hollow, brother murdered, founded Kickers, Inc. to do good deeds (Kickers, Inc. #1, 1986); press launch for Kickers, Inc., defeated terrorist-backed gang in Bronx, made enemy of the Fist (Kickers, Inc. #2, 1986); investigated Westchester witch cult, exposed Professor Jordan’s manipulations, left Don Cannelloni’s men to administer justice (Kickers, Inc. #3, 1987); played against Wreckers, intimidated brutal player Mack Thornton into quitting football (Kickers, Inc. #4, 1987); encountered D.P.7 (Kickers, Inc #5, 1987); targeted for revenge by crippled Professor Jordan (New Avengers #16, 2006); stopped plane hijacking, drew C.I.A. attention (Kickers, Inc. #6, 1987); stopped villainous circus troop, worried about own strength after injuring opponents, voluntarily submitted himself for Commission drug testing (Kickers, Inc. #7, 1987); failed to show for Superbowl (Kickers, Inc. #8, 1987); suspended from team, played team owner in public charity match to prevent Smashers being sold out-of-state, won but earned owner’s enmity (Kickers, Inc. #9, 1987); duped into mission to San Leandro by C.I.A., rescued captured pilots but forced to kill (Kickers, Inc. #10, 1987); helped blackmailed team janitor capture drug smugglers (Kickers, Inc. #11, 1987); indefinitely suspended from football, participated in sponsored race, drawn into bizarre C.I.A. test which confirmed their suspicions about his powers (Kickers, Inc. #12, 1987); approached by C.I.A., rebuffed them, joined U.S. Army to prevent further C.I.A. manipulation or pressure, trained & given new All-American identity, sent to investigate Pitt & recruit paranormals (D.P.7 #21, 1988); sent new paranormal recruits to Fort Benning for training (D.P.7 #22, 1988); put under command of Major Blizzard, sent with Paranormal Platoon to South Africa to kill paranormal claiming responsibility for Pitt disaster, discovered it was South African plot, freed hostages & returned to U.S., promoted & put in joint command of paranormal defense force (The War #1-4, 1989-1990); gathered alongside other paranormals by Nightmask to battle extradimensional villain Skeletron (Quasar #56-57/Starblast #4, 1994)

Apocalypse Beast

First Appearance: Fantastic Four/Iron Man: Big in Japan #3 (2006)
Origin: Fantastic Four/Iron Man: Big in Japan #4 (2006)
Significant Issues: Giant monsters went berserk in anticipation of Apocalypse Beast's arrival (Fantastic Four/Iron Man: Big in Japan #1-2, 2005-2006); returned to Earth, headed towards Monster Island (Fantastic Four/Iron Man: Big in Japan #3, 2006); Moloids launched attack on immune system, defeated, killed (Fantastic Four/Iron Man: Big in Japan #4, 2006)


First Appearance: X-Men #141 (1981)
Origin: Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Deluxe Edition #1 (1985)
Significant Issues: As member of Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, alongside Pyro, sent by Mystique to oppose Ms Marvel/Carol Danvers, defeated (Marvel Super-Heroes #11, 1992); alongside Brotherhood, sought to assassinate Senator Kelly, opposed by X-Men, defeated (X-Men #141/Uncanny X-Men #142, 1981); with Brotherhood, liberated from Ryker’s Island prison by Mystique & Rogue, vs Avengers & Spider-Woman/Jessica Drew, defeated (Avengers Annual #10, 1981); attempted to blackmail state of California for ransom by threatening to trigger San Andreas Fault, opposed by Landslide & Hulk, defeated after he attempted to use his power on Hulk resulting in a backlash that shattered every bone in both his arms (Incredible Hulk #263, 1981); with Brotherhood, transported to Windust Prison, liberated by Mystique & Rogue, sought to aid in Brotherhood’s battle with Rom but power misfired due to broken arms resulting in Blob & Pyro being defeated, recaptured (Rom #31, 1982); arms healed, alongside Brotherhood, ambushed Colossus, vs X-Men & Amanda Sefton as diversion from Mystique’s attack on Xavier, defeated but released in exchange for Xavier’s life (Uncanny X-Men #177-178, 1984); with Brotherhood, became government-sponsored Freedom Force team under proviso of successful capture of Magneto, opposed by X-Men, defeated, Magneto still surrendered to Freedom Force’s custody (Uncanny X-Men #199, 1985); with Freedom Force, met new teammate Spider-Woman/Julia Carpenter (Avengers West Coast #84, 1992); with Freedom Force, sent to arrest X-Men, defeated them, prevented from arresting them due to lack of warrant (Uncanny X-Men #206, 1986); with Freedom Force, sent to arrest Rusty Collins, opposed by X-Factor (X-Factor #8-9, 1986); with Freedom Force, sent to arrest Avengers for supposed treason, confronted Avengers east & west coast, defeated them, transported them to the Vault (Avengers Annual #15, 1986); with Brotherhood, encountered Quicksilver & Zodiac LMD’s who had been recruited to apprehend Avengers after their escape (West Coast Avengers Annual #1, 1986); alongside Blob & Pyro, helped train replacement Captain America John Walker (Captain America #333, 1987); with Freedom Force, met new teammates Crimson Commando, Stonewall & Super Sabre (Uncanny X-Men #223, 1987); with Freedom Force, sent to arrest X-Men, opposed by them, witnessed Adversary’s manipulation of time & space, alongside X-Men, opposed dinosaurs & other time-displaced threats, witnessed X-Men’s battle with Adversary & their apparent deaths (Uncanny X-Men #225-227, 1988); with Freedom Force, vs New Mutants after Magik sought to kill Forge in revenge for seemed death of her brother Colossus, defeated them (New Mutants #65, 1988); with Freedom Force, confronted by Cyclops & Marvel Girl/Jean Grey over whereabouts of Cyclops’ son (X-Factor #30-31, 1988); with Blob & Pyro, celebrated X-Men’s seeming demise (Captain America #339, 1988); with Freedom Force, took Alliance of Evil into custody after their defeat by X-Factor, witnessed X-Factor’s signing of Mutant Registration Act (X-Factor #33, 1988); with Freedom Force, alongside Captain America/John Walker & Battle Star, sought to lure Resistants into trap, incapacitated by falling rock leaving Captain America to defeat Resistants (Captain America #346, 1988); with Freedom Force, again sent to arrest Collins, opposed by New Mutants, captured Collins & Skids (New Mutants #78 & 80, 1989); with Freedom Force, sent to rescue Senator Kelly from Señor Muerte, destroyed Muerte’s base of operations (Marvel Comics Presents #41, 1990); with Freedom Force, alongside Forge, vs Reavers on Muir Isle, wounded by Lady Deathstrike, learned of deaths of Destiny & Stonewall after Reavers retreated (Uncanny X-Men #255/X-Men Forever #2, 1989/2001); alongside Blob & Pyro, attacked Avengers, escaped with Pyro after Blob was defeated by Doctor Pym (Avengers #312/Punisher #29, 1989/1990); left out of mission to capture Hulk due to injuries (Incredible Hulk #369, 1990); alongside Mystique & Spiral, sought to arrest Firestar as unregistered mutant (Marvel Comics Presents #82-83, 1991); with Freedom Force, sought to liberate Mystique from Arms of Salvation (Marvel Comics Presents #86, 1991); with Freedom Force, sent to oppose attempted breakout at Vault, alongside Avengers, vs Hydro-Man, X-Ray & others, briefly imprisoned by Klaw until freed by Vision, defeated escapees (Avengers: Death Trap – The Vault, 1991); with Freedom Force, sent to Kuwait to recover German physicist Reinhold Kurtzmann, opposed by Desert Sword, injured by landmines, rescued critically-injured Crimson Commando, escaped alongside him leaving Blob & Pyro to be captured (New Mutants Annual #7/Uncanny X-Men Annual #15/X-Factor Annual #6, 1991); alongside Commando, as agents of Project: Wideawake, sent to investigate Empyrean’s island, confronted by former teammates Blob & Pyro as members of Toad’s Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, made peace with them, alongside them, opposed X-Men, chose to remain on island with former teammates (X-Men Annual #2, 1993); alongside Commando, as agents of The Department, opposed Forge, Polaris & Random (X-Factor #102, 1994); while still government agent, secretly allied with Mystique to help her avenge Destiny’s death, activities uncovered by X-Factor, defeated by Strong Guy (X-Factor #108-109, 1994); rescued dying Pyro from X-Men & S.H.I.E.L.D. (Uncanny X-Men #338, 1996); sought to aid Pyro in obtaining cure for Legacy Virus, joined band of Legacy Virus-infected mutants allied with Exodus in seeking whereabouts of High Evolutionary & obtaining Isotope E, captured members of Knights of Wundagore to interrogate as to Evolutionary’s whereabouts, opposed escaping Knights, defeated by Lord Anon, alongside Acolytes, dispatched to Savage Land to kidnap Evolutionary & steal Isotope E, vs Evolutionary, Quicksilver & Knights, defeated by Quicksilver, abandoned by Acolytes, betrayed by Exodus (Quicksilver #6 & 8-9, 1998); with Mystique’s new Brotherhood of Mutants, trained with new trial members including Sabre (X-Men #106, 2000); with Brotherhood, sought to assassinate Senator Kelly, defeated by X-Men, witnessed Pyro’s sacrifice to stop Post killing Kelly (Cable #87, 2001); as member of X-Corps, captured Abyss & Fever Pitch to prevent their battle from destroying Berlin, opposed anti-mutant Acculturation Resistance Movement, confronted by X-Men, alongside Blob, joined Mystique – disguised as Surge - in usurping control of X-Corps from Banshee, opposed by X-Men, seemingly killed Radius, destroyed Eiffel Tower, escaped after Mystique pulled into portal within Abyss (Uncanny X-Men #401-406, 2002); alongside Blob, captured & interrogated by Weapon X (Weapon X #4, 2003); attacked Manhattan, defeated by powerless Wolfsbane (New Mutants #9, 2004); as member of Exodus’ Brotherhood of Mutants, attacked Independence Hall in Philadelphia, opposed by X-Men, defeated by Rogue, escaped (X-Men #161, 2004); with Brotherhood, attacked Xavier Institute, opposed by X-Men, Nocturne, & Mindee of Stepford Cuckoos, alongside Juggernaut & Nocturne, pulled into black hole within Xorn’s mind (X-Men #162-164, 2004); with Brotherhood, alongside Juggernaut & Nocturne, revealed to have emerged in Mojoworld & struck deal with Mojo for Juggernaut & Nocturne in exchange for cash & prizes (Uncanny X-Men #460, 2005); revealed to have retained mutant nature after "M-Day" (X-Men: The 198 Files, 2006)

Black Cat

First Appearance: Amazing Spider-Man #194 (1979)
Origin: Amazing Spider-Man #205 (1980); Spider-Man and the Black Cat: The Evil That Men Do #5 (2006)
Significant Issues: Told father died in plane crash, discovered he was really in jail, trained to become cat burglar (Uncanny Origins #10, 1997); as Black Cat, broke father out of jail, encountered Spider-Man (Amazing Spider-Man #194/Uncanny Origins #10, 1979/1997); vs Spider-Man, apparently died falling into rocky shoreline while father died at home (Amazing Spider-Man #195/Uncanny Origins #10, 1979/1997); vs Spider-Man, stole "Golden Lovers" (Amazing Spider-Man #204, 1980); caught by Spider-Man, acted as if obsessed with Spider-Man, brought to psychiatric hospital (Amazing Spider-Man #205, 1980); escaped psychiatric hospital, offered to go straight for sake of relationship with Spider-Man (Amazing Spider-Man #226, 1980); broke promise, attempted to steal Quest’s End gem, caught by Spider-Man but escaped into East River (Amazing Spider-Man #227, 1980); returned during gang war between Doctor Octopus & Owl, stole activator from Kingpin, nearly killed by Doctor Octopus & Owl (Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man #74-75, 1983); crushed neutron bomb activator, rushed to hospital by Spider-Man (Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man #76, 1983); visited in hospital by Doctor Octopus, life support equipment wrecked by him (Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man #77, 1983); in hospital (Amazing Spider-Man #239, 1983); recounted out of body experience, Spider-Man prepared to defend Felicia from vengeful Doctor Octopus, refused to see Spider-Man unmasked, Doctor Octopus defeated by Spider-Man (Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man #78-79, 1983); left hospital bed, back in costume (Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man #82, 1983); proposed to Spider-Man about future crime-fighting partnership (Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man #83, 1983); discharged from hospital, introduced Spider-Man to her mother (Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man #84, 1983); vs Hobogoblin, interfered in Spider-Man's battle (Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man #85, 1983); shown by Spider-Man where he worked, vs Fly at Daily Bugle (Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man #86, 1984); shown Spider-Man's secret identity & home, horrified at mundane world of Peter Parker, vs gang of crooks (Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man #87, 1984); vs Mr. Hyde, took advantage of fight between Hyde & Cobra to defeat both, recognized her liability in battle, fled injured Spider-Man (Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man #88, 1984); sought super powers from Avengers & Fantastic Four, made deal with Kingpin, given superhuman powers (Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man #89, 1984); searched city for Spider-Man, first saw him in his black costume (Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man #90, 1984); vs Blob (Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man #91, 1984); vs Answer, investigating for Kingpin (Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man #92, 1984); broke up with Spider-Man, pretended to be held hostage by Answer thus enabling Answer to obtain Silvermane's body, reunited with Spider-Man (Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man #93, 1984); helped Spider-Man after battle with Silvermane, alongside Spider-Man, fought over Dagger by Silvermane, Cloak, & Rose's men, confronted by Spider-Man over new abilities, Kingpin called in debt while Spider-Man attacked, ruined Kingpin's plan to use Dagger to heal wife Vanessa (Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man #94-96, 1984); dodged Spider-Man's confrontation over powers & secrets (Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man #97, 1984); confessed secrets to Spider-Man regarding powers & deal with Kingpin (Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man #98, 1985); made cloth black costume for Spider-Man, made failed attempt to confront Kingpin while Spider-Man vs Spot (Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man #99, 1985); argued with Spider-Man over secrets (Amazing Spider-Man #266, 1985); learned truth from Kingpin about bad luck powers, attempted to break up with Spider-Man, Spider-Man broke up with her first (Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man #100, 1985); returned to action as Black Cat on Christmas Eve, acted like "Robin Hood" robbing from thieves to give to poor, stole stolen jewels to give to orphanage (Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man #113, 1986); bad luck powers removed, beaten up by Foreigner's men (Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man #115, 1986); attacked by Sabretooth, defended by Spider-Man (Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man #116, 1986); in new costume with gold shoulderpads, confronted Doctor Strange, vs Foreigner, agreed to destroy Spider-Man (Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man #117, 1986); apartment firebombed, vs Blaze, reunited with Spider-Man (Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man #123, 1986); teamed with Spider-Man, Daredevil, & Falcon to enable Kingpin to return to power thus ending city wide gang war in his absence (Amazing Spider-Man #288, 1987); made Spider-Man three cloth black costumes while Spider-Man was in Berlin (Amazing Spider-Man #289, 1987); in new blue costume with cat ears, ended scheme with Foreigner, fled America leaving note explaining everything to Peter (Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man #128-129, 1986); alongside Dagger, shopped & went dancing (Strange Tales #10, 1988); returned from Europe unaware Spider-Man was married (Amazing Spider-Man #306, 1988); searched for Parker who had since changed residences (Amazing Spider-Man #308, 1988); beaten by Venom/Eddie Brock, learned Parker was married (Amazing Spider-Man #316, 1989); suspected Moon Knight of robbery committed by Midnight/Jeffrey Wilde (Marc Spector: Moon Knight #4-5, 1989); in Paris, set up by Kingpin to steal French Crown Jewels (Marvel Comics Presents #57, 1990); dated Flash Thompson (Amazing Spider-Man #329-330, 1990); threatened Mary Jane that she would destroy her marriage (Amazing Spider-Man #331, 1990); dated Flash Thompson (Amazing Spider-Man #335 & 337, 1990); picnicked in park with Parkers, defended Flash vs Tarantula/Luis Alvarez (Amazing Spider-Man #341, 1990); vs Scorpion/Mac Gargan, helped powerless Spider-Man (Amazing Spider-Man #342, 1990); vs Femme Fatales, Chameleon & Scorpion, left powerless as Spider-Man regained his powers, believed she had hidden her secret ID from Flash (Amazing Spider-Man #343, 1991); skated & attended concert with Flash (Amazing Spider-Man #346-347, 1991); at Daily Bugle charity ball for homeless, powerless but in costume, helped people escape from Firebrand (Web of Spider-Man #77-78, 1991); supported Mary Jane while Spider-Man held captive by Silvermane, helped Spider-Man escape using detective skills (Web of Spider-Man #80, 1991); at birthday party with Flash (Spider-Man #23, 1992); at 50’s dance with Flash, bored with "normal" life (Amazing Spider-Man #359, 1992); tested out security system for Lester Cromwell in Westchester, vs Hydro-Man (Web of Spider-Man Annual #8, 1992); gathered at Four Freedoms Plaza, altered to Doppelganger (Infinity War #3/Wonder Man #13, 1992); checked on Peter when his parents supposedly showed up alive (Amazing Spider-Man #368, 1992); met Peter’s replicoid parents, went to Tinkerer for technology (Amazing Spider-Man #369, 1992); enhanced abilities gained from Tinkerer, helped Spider-Man vs Scorpion & Spider-Slayers (Amazing Spider-Man #270, 1992); vs Spider-Slayers (Amazing Spider-Man #372, 1993); alongside Solo, hired to steal back stolen painting from headquarters of Romulus Exports (Amazing Spider-Man Annual #27, 1993); at Harry Osborn's funeral (Spider-Man Unlimited #1, 1993); encouraged Spider-Man to partner with Venom vs Team Carnage (Spider-Man #35, 1993); alongside Venom, vs Carnage (Spectacular Spider-Man #201, 1993); at Deep nightclub (Web of Spider-Man #102, 1993); obtained sonic gun (Amazing Spider-Man #379, 1993); injured arm, saved by Nightwatch, went home & quit costumed life (Spider-Man #36/Web of Spider-Man #103, 1993); helped Spider-Man & Venom vs Carnage (Amazing Spider-Man Unlimited #2, 1993); at reading of Harry Osborn's will (Spectacular Spider-Man #204, 1993); wanted revenge against Tombstone for hurting Flash (Spectacular Spider-Man #205, 1993); webbed by Spider-Man to stop her from attacking Tombstone again (Spectacular Spider-Man #206, 1993); proposed marriage to Flash (Spectacular Spider-Man #209, 1994); marriage proposal rejected by Flash, Flash admitted he knew her secret identity all along (Spectacular Spider-Man #210, 1993); alongside Spider-Man & Gambit, vs Silencers (Web of Spider-Man #113, 1994); alongside Spider-Man, vs Cardiac, accepted job to find Chimera, on Colbalt's yacht, vs Faze, formed Cat's Eye Investigations with Proust and Loop (Felicia Hardy: The Black Cat #1-4, 1994); vs First Strike, returned to wearing costume, investigated disappearance of Tricia Lane, nearly raped by Mr. Brownstone/Garrison Klum, imprisoned, revealed being date raped in college, vs Francis Klum, exonerated (Spider-Man and the Black Cat: The Evil That Men Do #1-6, 2002-2006); alongside Wolverine, trapped by Arcade (Wolverine & The Black Cat: Claws #1-3, 2006); alongside Puma, struggled with her bestial nature due to influence of Rock of Life (Sensational Spider-Man #26-27, 2006); active in Heroes for Hire (Heroes for Hire #1, 2006); with Heroes for Hire, confronted Captain America (Heroes for Hire #2-3, 2006); vs Rhino (Sensational Spider-Man #34, 2007); with Heroes for Hire, vs Ricadonna (Heroes for Hire #4-6, 2007)

Cabal of Scrier

First Appearance: Amazing Spider-Man #394 (1994)
Origin: Spectacular Spider-Man #416 (1996), Spider-Man: The Osborn Journal (1997)
Significant Issues: Norman Osborn joined Cabal of Scrier, Scrier/Samuel Fox sent to work with Miles Warren to aid in cloning experiements, Scriers revive Stromm/Gaunt, Gaunt worked with Scriers (Spider-Man: The Osborn Journal, 1997); Scrier/Charles Bates, alongside Judas Traveller & Host, vs Spider-Man & Ben Reilly at Ravencroft Institute (Amazing Spider-Man #394/Spectacular Spider-Man #217, 1994); Scrier Bates confronted Kaine, Jackal reborn (Amazing Spider-Man #399, 1995); Scrier witness to Jackal telling both Parker & Reilly they were a clone (Spider-Man #56, 1995); Scrier confronted new Jackal & vanished (Spectacular Spider-Man #222, 1995); Parker broke out of jail, Host Scrier/Bates played along with delusional Traveller (Spectacular Spider-Man #223-224, 1995); at Ryker’s Island, as Traveller created illusion of Parker in his jail cell, discussed Traveller’s intention for Spider-Man (Amazing Spider-Man #401/Spectacular Spider-Man #224, 1995); retrieved remnants of Spidercide after battle with Kaine (Spider-Man Unlimited #9, 1995); alongside Traveller, atop skyscraper, discussed Traveller’s next plan for Parker, playing role of his servant while witnessing Traveller’s distortion of reality (Amazing Spider-Man #402, 1995); psychically experienced blast from Traveller after cautioning him (Spider-Man #59, 1995); cleared Spidercide’s mind, gained alliance with Spidercide vs genocidal Jackal, apparent death of Spidercide & Jackal (Amazing Spider-Man #404/Spider-Man: Maximum Clonage Omega #1, 1995); Scrier made initial contact with the Rose/Conover seeking partnership, mistook Rose for Richard Fisk (Amazing Spider-Man #416, 1996); Rose refused to deal with Scriers & revealed knowledge of true nature of Cabal, Osborn ordered death of Traveller, Scriers attacked both Parker & Reilly, Traveller escaped with Chakra, Scriers arrested, Host dissolved, Scrier Bates killed by Gaunt (Amazing Spider-Man #417, 1996); ancient cosmic being Scrier awakened by Silver Surfer (Silver Surfer '97 Annual/Silver Surfer #134-137, 1997); four Scriers retrieved "the package" from Alison Mongrain, blew up yacht (Amazing Spider-Man #434, 1998); delivered "the package" to Osborn’s sub-basement (Sensational Spider-Man #32, 1998); monitored failed attempt by hypnotized Molten Man to kill Mongrain (Amazing Spider-Man #440, 1998); cosmic Scrier took control of Cabal, Scrier "D"/Dunne killed, offered Scrier Martin Zantz/Outrider singled out from Cabal to gain power over Nexus of All Realities, vs Spider-Man & Man-Thing (Peter Parker: Spider-Man '99 Annual, 1999); "Scrier Junior"/Matthew DeRoma kidnapped young Normie Osborn, killed (Amazing Spider-Man Annual 2000, 2000)


First Appearance: Nextwave #1 (2006)
Origin: Nextwave: Agents of H.A.T.E. #4 (2006)
Significant Issues: With Nextwave, vs Fin Fang Foom in Abcess, North Dakota (Nextwave #1-2, 2006); with Nextwave, vs Ultra Samurai Seed-empowered Officer Mac Mangel in Sink City, Illinois (Nextwave: Agents of H.A.T.E. #3-4, 2006); with Nextwave, attacked by the H.A.T.E. Aeromarine while investigating H.A.T.E. War Garden in Wyoming (Nextwave: Agents of H.A.T.E. #5-6, 2006); with Nextwave, vs Rokannu & his Mindless Ones in Shotcreek, Colorado (Nextwave: Agents of H.A.T.E. #7-8, 2006); with Nextwave, vs S.I.L.E.N.T.’s core cell, Surgery, Vestry, & New Paramounts (Nextwave: Agents of H.A.T.E. #9-10, 2006)

Captain America

First Appearance: (As Captain America) Captain America Comics #1 (1941); (as Nomad) Captain America #180 (1974); (as Captain) Captain America #337 (1988)
Origin: Captain America Comics #1 (1941); Tales of Suspense #63 (1965); Captain America #109 (1969); Captain America #255 (1981); Adventures of Captain America #1-2 (1991)
Significant Issues: As child, visited grandfather (Marvel Holiday Special 1994, 1994); called home from stickball game by mother (Captain America and the Falcon #13, 2005); rescued from bullies by Arnie Roth (Captain America #270, 1982); January 1933, listened to broadcast of President Roosevelt's inauguration (Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty #7, 1999); read and inspired by writings of Mark Twain (Amazing Spider-Man #537, 2007); rescued from bullies by Duvid Fortunov (Marvel Super-Heroes #3, 1990); 1934, attended Sarah Rogers' deathbed (Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty #7, 1999); 1938, as teenager, worked as WPA artist (Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty #7, 1999); 1940, watched newsreels of Nazi Germany's activities, attempted to enlist armed forces, recruited for Project: Rebirth (Captain America #255/ Marvel Super-Heroes #3/Adventures of Captain America #1/Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty #7, 1981/1990/1991/1999); alongside other volunteers, underwent training, met Cynthia Glass (Adventures of Captain America #1, 1991); abducted by Nazi operative, rescued by Dominic Fortune & Sabbath Raven (Marvel Super-Heroes #3, 1990); underwent Super-Soldier procedure (Captain America Comics #1/Tales of Suspense #63/Captain America #255/Marvel Super-Heroes #3/Nextwave: Agents of H.A.T.E. #9, 1941/1965/1981/1990/2006); vs smugglers (Adventures of Captain America #1, 1991); May 1940, began three months of training (Captain America #255, 1981); August 1940, discussed ancestor Steven Rogers with General Richard Phillips, drew sketch of what he imagined ancestor's uniform looked like (Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty #7, 1999); met Bucky Barnes (Captain America #12 & 14, 2005 & 2006); first donned garb of Captain America (Captain America #255/Adventures of Captain America #2/Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty #7/Captain America #2, 1981/1991/1999/2005); vs Bundists (Captain America #255/Adventures of Captain America #2, 1981/1991); involved in altercation with fellow soldiers (Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty #12, 1999); broke up gun-running ring in Florida (Adventures of Captain America #2, 1991); September 1940, prevented defense plant sabotage (Adventures of Captain America #2, 1991); vs Emil Stein (Tales of Suspense #1, 1995); October 1940, foiled assassination attempt (Adventures of Captain America #2, 1991); accompanied U.S. troops to Wakanda, received Vibranium sample from T'Chaka (Black Panther #30, 2001); rescued Clarence Duckett from Nazi operatives (Captain America Annual #13, 1994); November 1940, met with President Roosevelt, received indestructible shield (Captain America #255/Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty #7, 1981/1999); December 1940, intervened in bar fight to rescue Bucky (Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty #12, 1999); discovered Vernichtungskommandos' victims at Smyth Diner (Adventures of Captain America #3, 1991); became partners with Bucky (Captain America Comics #1/Captain America #255/Adventures of Captain America #3/Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty #12/Captain America #26, 1941/1981/1991/1999/2004); alongside Bucky & Cynthia Glass, went to Paris in effort to rescue Colonel James Fletcher, vs Vernichtungskommandos, betrayed by Glass, captured by Red Skull (Adventures of Captain America #3, 1991); taken to Germany, forced into arena battle with Red Skull, escaped with Bucky's assistance, life saved by Cynthia Glass (Adventures of Captain America #4, 1992); alongside Bucky, captured Nazi U-boat crew (Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty #12, 1999); alongside Bucky, exposed Sando & Omar as spies (Captain America Comics #1/Tales of Suspense #64, 1941/1965); alongside Bucky, captured Nazi saboteurs (Captain America Comics #1, 1941); alongside Bucky, vs Rathcone (Captain America Comics #1, 1941); alongside Bucky, halted murder spree of Red Skull impersonator (Captain America Comics #1/Tales of Suspense #65, 1941/1965); alongside Bucky, saved airplane passengers (Captain America #26, 2004); January 1941, alongside Bucky, vs Walking Mountains (Captain America Comics #2, 1941); alongside Bucky, traveled to England to expose fifth column activity, traveled to Germany to oppose Nazis (Captain America Comics #2, 1941); active on battlefield, almost accidentally killed young bystander (Avengers #213, 1981); alongside Bucky, vs Wax Man (Captain America Comics #2, 1941); alongside Bucky, captured Nazi saboteurs (Captain America Comics #2, 1941); rescued President Roosevelt from Namor, alongside Namor, vs Nazis (Captain America #423, 1994); alongside Bucky, destroyed Red Skull's giant power drill (Captain America #113, 1969); February 1941, alongside Bucky, vs Red Skull impersonator (Captain America Comics #3, 1941); alongside Bucky, vs Hunchback (Captain America Comics #3, 1941); alongside Bucky, captured Lou Haines for treason (Captain America Comics #3, 1941); alongside Bucky, vs Butterfly (Captain America Comics #3, 1941); March 1941, alongside Bucky, vs Unholy Legion (Captain America Comics #4, 1941); awoke Bucky from dream about Ivan the Terrible (Captain America Comics #4, 1941); alongside Bucky, captured counterfeiters (Captain America Comics #4, 1941); alongside Bucky, vs Doctor Grimm & Gorro (Captain America Comics #4, 1941); alongside Bucky, rescued Professor Colby from Nazis (Captain America Comics #4, 1941); alongside Bucky, vs Lord of Death's zombies (All-Winners Squad #1, 1941); alongside Human Torch & Young Allies, vs Nazis (Young Allies #1, 1941); captured & brainwashed by Red Skull, prevented Nazis from obtaining Project: Vanish (Tales of Suspense #66-68, 1965); April 1941, accompanied U.S. troops onto battlefield (Captain America #2, 2002); alongside Bucky, journeyed to sub-atomic realm of Mita, vs Togaro (Captain America Comics #25-26, 1942); alongside Bucky, vs Reaper (Captain America Comics #22/Invaders #10, 1943/1976); in Germany, alongside Bucky, vs Stryker (Marvel Fanfare #5, 1982); alongside Bucky, vs Cedric Rawlings (Tales of Suspense #69-71, 1965); May 1941, alongside Bucky, vs Ringmaster's Circus of Death (Captain America Comics #5, 1941); alongside Bucky, damaged Captain Okada's Dragon of Death ship (Captain America Comics #5, 1941); alongside Bucky, vs Bundists (Captain America Comics #5, 1941); alongside Bucky, captured thieves (Captain America Comics #5, 1941); alongside Bucky, traveled to Devil's Island to rescue Tom Jason from Pepo Laroc (Captain America Comics #5, 1941); June 1941, alongside Bucky, vs Camera Fiend (Captain America Comics #6, 1941); alongside Bucky, vs Fang (Captain America Comics #6, 1941); alongside Bucky, vs Hangman/Nicolai Vardoff (Captain America Comics #6, 1941); alongside Bucky, captured Bill Haynes (Captain America Comics #6, 1941); in Singapore, alongside Bucky, vs Kurt Mueller's Dhaka tribe (All-Winners Comics #2, 1941); supposedly worked with Namor, Human Torch, Whizzer, & Destroyer (All-Winners Comics #2, 1941); July 1941, alongside Bucky, framed for crimes by Red Skull, vs Red Skull (Captain America Comics #7, 1941); alongside Bucky, vs Black Toad (Captain America Comics #7, 1941); alongside Bucky, vs Fiddler (Captain America Comics #7, 1941); August 1941, alongside Bucky, vs Ra the Avenger (Captain America Comics #8, 1941); alongside Bucky, stopped Dumort's saboteurs (Captain America Comics #8, 1941); alongside Bucky, vs Black Witch & remote-controlled monsters (Captain America Comics #8, 1941); helped Young Allies against criminals (Captain America Comics #8, 1941); in Madripoor, helped Logan & Seraph rescue Natasha Romanoff from Baron Strucker & the Hand (Uncanny X-Men #268, 1990); September 1941, alongside Bucky, vs White Death (Captain America Comics #9, 1941); alongside Bucky, vs resurrected murderer Nick Pinto (Captain America Comics #9, 1941); alongside Bucky, vs Black Talon/Pascal Horta (Captain America Comics #9, 1941); alongside Bucky, vs Artist (All-Winners Comics #3, 1941); alongside Human Torch & Young Allies, vs Black Talon's forces (Young Allies #2, 1941); October 1941, alongside Bucky, vs Countess Mara (Captain America Comics #10, 1942); alongside Bucky, vs Netman’s fifth columnists (Captain America Comics #10, 1942); alongside Bucky, vs Phantom Hound (Captain America Comics #10, 1942); November 1941, alongside Bucky, vs Teutonic Knight (Invaders #29, 1978); alongside Bucky, exposed Herr Grotz's substitution of Nazi agents for U.S. soldiers (Captain America Comics #11, 1942); alongside Bucky, stopped Brinner’s manipulation of Rand/Coger feud (Captain America Comics #11, 1942); alongside Bucky, vs Mephisto the Devil (Captain America Comics #11, 1942); November 22, alongside Bucky, prevented Defenders from assassinating President Roosevelt (Captain America #281, 1983); December 1941, alongside Bucky, vs Doctor Crime (Captain America Comics #12, 1942); alongside Bucky, saved Oroco's President Alvaro from Rozzo the Rebel (Captain America Comics #12, 1942); on Pacific isle, alongside Bucky, vs Sorcerer (All-Winners Comics #4, 1942); alongside Bucky, became founding member of Invaders (Giant-Size Invaders #1, 1975); received false memories prior to going overseas with Invaders (Captain America #247, 1980); with Invaders, vs Space-Gods (Invaders #1-2, 1975); with Invaders, vs U-Man (Invaders #3-4, 1975-1976); January 1942, in Switzerland, with Invaders, vs Nazi Frankenstein Monster (Invaders #31, 1978); alongside Bucky, vs Zong & League of the Unicorns (Captain America Comics #13, 1942); alongside Bucky, stopped Looter’s pirates (Captain America Comics #13, 1942); with Invaders, mesmerized by Red Skull (Invaders #5, 1976); with Invaders, vs Liberty Legion, broke Red Skull's control (Invaders #6/Marvel Premiere #30, 1976); vs Baron Zemo (Avengers #6, 1964); with Invaders, vs Baron Blood (Invaders #7-9, 1976); with Invaders, brought Jacqueline Falsworth to receive medical treatment (Invaders #10, 1976); with Invaders, vs Blue Bullet (Invaders #11, 1976); with Invaders, traveled to Poland, captured by Colonel Eisen, rescued by Golem/Jacob Goldstein (Invaders #12-13, 1976-1977); February 1942, in London, with Invaders, encountered Crusaders (Invaders #14-15, 1977); with Invaders, vs Agent Axis & others, encountered time-traveling Avengers (Avengers #71/Invaders Annual #1, 1969/1977); alongside Bucky, vs Vulture Society (Captain America Comics #14, 1942); alongside Bucky, vs Yellow Claw/Rod Elliot (Captain America Comics #14, 1942); with Invaders, journeyed to Germany, vs Master Man, captured by Hitler (Invaders #16, 1977); with Invaders, escaped, vs Warrior Woman (Invaders #17, 1977); alongside Destroyer/Brian Falsworth, vs Nazis (Invaders #18, 1977); freed re-captured Invaders, with them, alongside others, vs Nazis (Invaders #19-21, 1977); with Invaders, returned to England (Invaders #22, 1977); March 1942, in Egypt, with Invaders, vs Scarlet Scarab (Invaders #23 & 25, 1977 & 1978); with Invaders, alongside Kid Commandos, vs Agent Axis (Invaders #26-28, 1978); alongside Bucky, vs Nazis disguised as subterranean Earthmen (Captain America Comics #15, 1942); alongside Bucky, vs Nazis disguised as Martians (Captain America Comics #15, 1942); alongside Bucky, vs Doctor Togu (All-Winners Comics #5, 1942); alongside Young Allies & Human Torch, vs possible Red Skull impersonator (Young Allies #4, 1942); with Invaders, vs Teutonic Knight (Invaders #29-30, 1978); recounted earlier encounter with Nazi Frankenstein Monster to Spitfire (Invaders #31, 1978); in Russia, with Invaders, vs Thor (Invaders #32-33, 1978); April 1942, with Invaders, investigated activities of Destroyer/Roger Aubrey (Invaders #34, 1978); with Invaders, alongside Liberty Legion, vs Iron Cross (Invaders #35-37, 1978-1979); alongside Bucky, broke Hooded Horror's control of subterranean Lai-Sons (Captain America Comics #16, 1942); alongside Bucky, secret identity learned by Red Skull, impersonated by Red Skull, defeated Red Skull (Captain America Comics #16, 1942); with Invaders, alongside Kid Commandos, vs U-Man (Invaders #38-39, 1979); May 1942, with Invaders, vs Super-Axis (Invaders #40-41, 1979); alongside Bucky, vs Killer Kole (Captain America Comics #17, 1942); alongside Bucky, broke Spook’s control of Queen Medusa’s Sub-Earthmen & giant earthworms (Captain America Comics #17, 1942); alongside Bucky, prevented Earth from being destroyed by Professor Clement Mott's Cosmic Depressor (Captain America Comics #17, 1942); June 1942, alongside Bucky, exposed bowling alley murders of Gigo of the Holy Ring (Captain America Comics #18, 1942); in African desert, alongside Bucky, had dream about fighting demons from Tomb of Horror (Captain America Comics #18, 1942); with Invaders, saved President Roosevelt & Prime Minister Churchill from Nazi giants (Giant-Size Invaders #2, 2005); with Invaders, vs Battle-Axis (Invaders #1-4, 1993); with Invaders, drove Nazis out of Atlantis (Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty #2-4, 1998); in Mexico, alongside Bucky, vs Mock Mikado (All-Winners Comics #6, 1942); alongside Bucky, traveled to Japan, destroyed Paw’s long range gun (Captain America Comics #18, 1942); alongside Human Torch & Young Allies, vs Owl's forces (Young Allies #5, 1942); July 1942, with Invaders, alongside others, parachuted behind enemy lines (Marvels #1, 1994); alongside Bucky, vs Crocodile (Captain America Comics #19, 1942); alongside Bucky, vs spies, encouraged U.S. war bond purchases (Captain America Comics #19, 1942); in England, alongside Bucky, prevented Nazi invasion (Captain America Comics #19, 1942); August 1942, on Monte Morte, active with 1st Infantry Division against Red Skull (Captain America: Red, White & Blue, 2002); in Germany, alongside Bucky, rescued Doctor Von Gruhen (Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty #12, 1999); in Egypt, alongside Bucky, vs Spawn of the Witch Queen (Captain America Comics #20, 1942); in India, alongside Bucky, vs Fakir (Captain America Comics #20, 1942); in England, alongside Bucky, vs Doctor Destiny & Clammy Things (Captain America #20, 1942); September 1942, alongside Bucky, vs Doctor Crime (All-Winners Comics #7, 1942); alongside Bucky, vs Medusa (USA Comics #6, 1942); alongside Bucky, vs Balthar the Sorcerer (Captain America Comics #21, 1942); alongside Bucky, vs Creeper of Alslavia (Captain America Comics #21, 1942); October 1942, alongside Bucky, vs Doctor Eternity (Captain America Comics #22, 1943); alongside Bucky, vs Ring (Captain America Comics #22, 1943); alongside Human Torch & Young Allies, vs Professor Kraut's forces (Young Allies #6, 1943); alongside Human Torch & Young Allies, vs Togo the Spymaster (Young Allies #6, 1943); November 1942, in Russia, alongside Bucky & Colonel Vasily Karpov’s troops, destroyed Red Skull's super-weapon (Captain America #5, 2005); alongside Bucky, vs Izan & Nazi infiltrators (Captain America Comics #23, 1943); alongside Bucky, vs Snapper the Turtle Man & giant turtles (Captain America Comics #23, 1943) alongside Bucky, vs Prince Ba'rahm (Captain America Comics #23, 1943); alongside Bucky, vs Eraser (USA Comics #7, 1943); December 1942, alongside Bucky, vs Count Varnis (Captain America Comics #24, 1943); alongside Bucky, vs Eel of Horror Harbor (Captain America Comics #24, 1943); in New Guinea, alongside Bucky, prevented Japanese operatives from assassinating General MacArthur (All-Winners Comics #8, 1943); January 1943, alongside Bucky, vs Master Man, destroyed Baron Heinrich Zemo's Medusa Cannon (Captain America: The Medusa Effect #1, 1994); alongside Bucky, vs Karr the Murdering Mummy (Captain America Comics #25, 1943); alongside Bucky, reminisced about battle with Togaro (Captain America Comics #25-26, 1943); alongside Human Torch & Young Allies, vs Serpent (Young Allies #7, 1943); February 1943, alongside Bucky, learned of Nazi attack fleet disguised as icebergs, provided intelligence to Soviet troops, vs Nazi forces, honored at Kremlin (Captain America Comics #26, 1943); alongside Bucky, vs Nazi killer dogs (USA Comics #8, 1943); March 1943, in Canada, alongside Bucky, vs Baron Von Hartmann’s forces (Captain America Comics #27, 1943); in Europe, alongside Bucky, vs Nazis (Captain America Comics #27, 1943); in Panama, alongside Bucky, stopped Baron Von Widemouth’s sabotage campaign (All-Winners Comics #9, 1943); April 1943, alongside Bucky, attended movie theater (Captain America #11, 2005); alongside Bucky, vs Mad Torso (Captain America Comics #28, 1943); in Solomon Islands, alongside Bucky, vs alliance of Japanese soldiers & bird-riding people of Pa-pi-ru-gua (Captain America Comics #28, 1943); alongside Bucky, stopped Varda’s puppet murders (USA Comics #9, 1943); May 1943, alongside Bucky, vs Iguanadon (Captain America Comics #29, 1943); alongside Bucky, vs Phantom Engineer (Captain America Comics #29, 1943); alongside Bucky, vs Headless Monster (Captain America Comics #29, 1943); June 1943, alongside Bucky, vs Silent Killer (Captain America Comics #30, 1943); on South Pacific isle, alongside Bucky, vs Tu-Ra-Bi-Ka (Captain America Comics #30, 1943); in Barabia, alongside Bucky, vs Von Broot (Captain America Comics #30, 1943); on South Pacific isle, alongside Bucky, rescued soldiers from Captain Kioto (All-Winners Comics #10, 1943); in South Pacific, accompanied U.S. troops on mission (Captain America: Red, White & Blue, 2002); alongside Bucky, vs Vulture & Batmen (All-Select Comics #1, 1943); alongside Bucky, retrieved stolen shrinking ray from General Nikki (USA Comics #10, 1943); alongside Young Allies, vs Herr Executioner (Young Allies #9, 1943); July 1943, alongside Bucky, traveled to Germany, vs Fungi (Captain America Comics #31, 1943); in Europe, alongside Bucky, assisted Howling Commandos in stopping Operation: Einfall (Sgt. Fury and His Howling Commandos #13/Captain America #383/Domination Factor: Avengers #2-3, 1964/1991/1999-2000); in Germany, alongside Bucky, worked with Citizen V & She-Wolf to destroy Baron Heinrich Zemo’s Particle X (Marvel Comics 1998 Annual Starring Captain America & Citizen V, 1998); in England, alongside Bucky, sabotaged Nazi submarines (Captain America Comics #31, 1943); alongside Bucky, vs Cougher (Captain America Comics #31, 1943); August 1943, in England, alongside Bucky, vs Mole-Man (Captain America Comics #32, 1943); in Iraq, alongside Bucky, vs Forty Thieves (Captain America Comics #32, 1943); in Europe, alongside Bucky, vs Nazi Vulture (Captain America Comics #32, 1943); September 1943, in China, alongside Bucky, vs Chinese giants in Japanese service (Captain America Comics #33, 1943); in North Africa, alongside Bucky, vs Mongoose Master (Captain America Comics #33, 1943); alongside Bucky, vs Symbol of Doom (Captain America Comics #32, 1943); alongside Bucky, halted Red Skull’s sabotage campaign (All-Select Comics #2, 1943); alongside Bucky, vs Firegod (All-Winners Comics #11, 1943); with Invaders, participated in parade in Patriot's honor (Captain America #4, 2005); October 1943, in India, alongside Bucky, prevented uprising orchestrated by Princess Ramasi (Captain America Comics #34, 1944); alongside Bucky, vs Great Rosso (Captain America Comics #34, 1944); in Italy, alongside Bucky, prevented Nazis from interfering with Allied invasion of Italy (Captain America Comics #34, 1944); alongside Bucky, vs Ax (USA Comics #11, 1944); November 1943, alongside Bucky, vs Gargoyle (Captain America Comics #35, 1944); in Mexico, alongside Bucky, vs Steel Mask, destroyed Brazen Champion robot (Captain America Comics #35, 1944); alongside Bucky, broke up Peter Stromboli’s counterfeiting operation (Captain America #35, 1944); December 1943, alongside Bucky, in South Pacific, stopped Doctor Necrosis’ blood-poisoning scheme (Captain America Comics #36, 1944); alongside Bucky, vs Leopard Woman & her trained panthers (Captain America Comics #36, 1944); alongside Bucky, flew to France, prevented General Von Savage’s invasion of England (Captain America Comics #36, 1944); in England, alongside Bucky, vs Cane (USA Comics #12, 1944); alongside Bucky, vs Prince Suli & his gorilla henchmen (All-Select Comics #3, 1944); alongside Bucky, foiled Red Skull's "Nazification" activities at Lakeside Resort (All-Winners Comics #12, 1944); January 1944, alongside Bucky, prevented Lyle Dekker from sabotaging "Captain America" serial (Captain America #219, 1978); alongside Bucky, vs Doctor Agony & mutated panther Tula (Captain America Comics #37, 1944); in India, alongside Bucky, vs Seven Sons of Satan (Captain America Comics #37, 1944); alongside Bucky, shot down over Arctic, defeated & captured Red Skull (Captain America Comics #37, 1944); February 1944, alongside Bucky, visited Texas defense plant (Iron Man #73, 2003); alongside Bucky, prevented escaped Japanese POWs from using Death Valley Pete's castle as airbase (Captain America Comics #38, 1944); alongside Bucky, shot down over Arctic, discovered tropical jungle hidden beneath ice, vs Japanese scientist's army of Cellmen (Captain America Comics #38, 1944); alongside Bucky, defeated Black Gang, vs sorcerer/scientist Doctor Natas (Captain America Comics #38, 1944); March 1944, alongside Bucky, vs Harpooner (Captain America Comics #39, 1944); alongside Bucky, vs Death Riders (Captain America Comics #39, 1944); alongside Bucky, destroyed Carl Von Brummel's rocket-bomber submarine (Captain America Comics #39, 1944); alongside Bucky, rescued Jules Durrain from abduction by Von Wolheim (All-Select Comics #4, 1944); in Europe, alongside Bucky, vs Anna Frankenstein's monster (USA Comics #13, 1944); alongside Young Allies, vs Mad Mechanic (Young Allies #12, 1944); April 1944, alongside Bucky, vs Jester (Captain America Comics #40, 1944); alongside Bucky, prevented Keeper of the Flash from selling meteorite-powered weapon to Axis (Captain America Comics #40, 1944); alongside Bucky & Howling Commandos, disrupted Red Skull's Eisendorf excavation (Captain America: 65th Anniversary Special, 2006); alongside Bucky, helped Floating City end Nazi takeover (USA Comics #40, 1944); in Germany, alongside Bucky & Howling Commandos, rescued Starks from Red Skull (Captain America Annual #9, 1990); May 1944, in France, alongside Bucky, vs Killer Beasts of Notre Dame (Captain America Comics #41, 1944); alongside Bucky, vs doctor controlled by disembodied brain of Tiger Duncan (Captain America Comics #41, 1944); alongside Bucky, broke up Schoolmaster's sabotage school (Captain America Comics #41, 1944); in Germany, alongside Bucky, destroyed Nazi technology (Captain America #109, 1969); June 1944, alongside Bucky, vs Doctor Botan (All-Winners Comics #13, 1944); in India, alongside Bucky, solved Buddha mystery (USA Comics #14, 1944); July 1944, in South Pacific, alongside Bucky, prevented General Yokima's subterranean invasion of U.S. (Captain America Comics #42, 1944); alongside Bucky, vs scientist using killer man-of-wars (Captain America Comics #42, 1944); in Europe, alongside Bucky, vs Baron of Horror Castle (Captain America Comics #42, 1944); August 1944, with Invaders, captured by Red Skull, escaped with assistance of Karinna Rose (Captain America Annual 2001, 2001); with Invaders, vs Mr. Sinister’s Experiment N2 (Weapon X #14, 2003); with Invaders, liberated concentration camp in Bitburg, Germany (Namor: The Sub-Mariner Annual #1, 1991); in France, accompanied Mobile Maintenance company (Iron Man #73, 2003); in France, life saved by Wesley Richards (Captain America: Red, White & Blue, 2002); in France, alongside Bucky, vs Nazi forces (Incredible Hulk #284, 1983); in France, with Invaders, worked with French Resistance (Captain America #3, 2005); with Invaders, alongside Jack Smithers & others, participated in liberation of Paris, separated from Peggy Carter (Tales of Suspense #77, 1966); September 1944, alongside Bucky, vs Shadow Monster (Captain America Comics #43, 1944); on Luoki Island, alongside Bucky, redirected Baron Hitso's giant shells to destroy his laboratory (Captain America Comics #43, 1944); in South Pacific, alongside Bucky, destroyed Doctor Yokotio's Sea Dragon submarine (Captain America Comics #43, 1944); alongside Bucky, vs Bamboo Knife Butcher & Head Hunters (All-Select Comics #5, 1944); alongside Bucky, vs Monstro (All-Winners Comics #14, 1944); in Netherlands, alongside Bucky, vs Nazi-controlled soldiers (Captain America #12, 2005); October 1944, in India, alongside Bucky, prevented uprising orchestrated by Prophet of Hate (Captain America Comics #44, 1945); journeyed to Wakanda in search of Nazis seeking to misuse Wakandan technology, vs T'Chaka (Black Panther #1, 2005); alongside Bucky, defeated Tentacle Gang (Captain America Comics #43, 1944); alongside Bucky, vs subversives led by Black Hand (Captain America Comics #43, 1944); in Germany, alongside Bucky & Howling Commandos, vs Red Skull & Dormammu (Captain America/Nick Fury: The Otherworld War, 2001); November 1944, active on Russian front (Avengers #188, 1979); in Germany, alongside Bucky & Howling Commandos, raided Red Skull's lab, rescued Michael Kramer (Spider-Woman #42/Captain America #15, 1982/2006); with Invaders, in England, vs giant Nazi robot (ClanDestine #8, 1995); December 1944, alongside Bucky, vs Skeletons of Glowing Death (Captain America Comics #45, 1945); alongside Bucky, vs mutated Nazi Hans (Captain America Comics #45, 1945); alongside Bucky, vs Cat Woman (Captain America Comics #45, 1945); alongside Bucky, vs Killer Lupo & Masked Trio (All-Winners #15, 1945); alongside Bucky, vs Japanese Mole Men (All-Select Comics #6, 1945); in Germany, alongside Bucky, participated in Battle of the Bulge (Captain America #32, 2000); alongside Bucky, vs Terdu's Masters of Evil (All-Select Comics #7, 1945); alongside Bucky, destroyed Mister Lucifer's metal destroyer (USA Comics #15, 1945); in London, studied codes, with Invaders, attended Christmas party (Winter Soldier: Winter Kills #1, 2007); January 1945, alongside Bucky, captured inheritance murderers (Captain America Comics #46, 1945); alongside Bucky, stopped Butch Cantwell's impersonation of him, defeated Cantwell's gang (Captain America Comics #46, 1945); alongside Bucky, vs Society of Snake Skulls’ leader (Captain America Comics #46, 1945); February 1945, liberated Diebenwald concentration camp (Captain America #227, 1979); with Invaders, vs Baron Von Strucker’s new Hydra forces ((Marvel Universe #1-3, 1998); in Germany, vs Baron von Königsblut (Captain America: Red, White & Blue, 2002); visited institutionalized Ana Soria (Spectacular Spider-Man #17, 2004); visited hospitalized Bucky (Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty #12, 1999); March 1945, alongside Bucky, vs Crimorto (Captain America Comics #47, 1945); alongside Bucky, vs Morgue Master (Captain America Comics #47, 1945); in China, alongside Bucky, vs Japanese operatives with assistance from Lao-Chung's ghost (All-Select Comics #8, 1945); alongside Bucky stateside, vs Totem Tribe (USA Comics #16, 1945); April 1945, alongside Bucky, vs Satyre (Captain America Comics #48, 1945) alongside Bucky, caught Laird Carson (Captain America Comics #48, 1945); alongside Bucky, vs Colosso & his Live Puppets (Captain America Comics #48, 1945); alongside Thin Man, vs Agent Axis (New Invaders #7, 2005); 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warned Avengers about Cosmic Cube (Avengers #40, 1967); broke Red Skull's control of Navy officers, cleared name (Tales of Suspense #91, 1967);reacted to news of Nick Fury's trial (Strange Tales #156, 1967); with Avengers, vs Diablo & Dragon Man (Avengers #42, 1967); with Avengers, vs Red Guardian/Alexi Shostakov & communist forces (Avengers #43-44, 1967); assisted Nick Fury & S.H.I.E.L.D. during Yellow Claw crisis (Strange Tales #159-162, 1967); protected Nick Fury from A.I.M. 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Helicarrier (Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty #1, 1998); with Avengers, vs Magneto (Avengers #47, 1967); proposed marriage to Sharon Carter, turned down by her, publicly revealed secret identity & retired (Tales of Suspense #95, 1967); impersonated by various men, decided to reclaim Captain America identity (Tales of Suspense #96, 1967); vs Mauler, summoned to Wakanda by Black Panther (Tales of Suspense #97, 1968); alongside Black Panther, rescued Sharon Carter from Franz Gruber (Tales of Suspense #98-99/Avengers #51/Captain America #100/Avengers #52, 1968); vs Fourth Sleeper (Captain America #101-102, 1968); vs Red Skull & Exiles (Captain America #103-104, 1968); vs Batroc's Brigade (Captain America #105, 1968); vs communist-controlled L.M.D. (Captain America #106, 1968); vs Doctor Faustus (Captain America #107, 1968); with Avengers, traveled back to 1945 to witness Bucky's apparent death (Avengers #56, 1968); with Avengers, vs Scarlet Centurion (Avengers Annual #2, 1968); vs Trapster (Captain America #108, 1968); vs Daredevil (Daredevil #43, 1968); with Avengers, granted Vision membership (Avengers #58, 1968); recounted origin to Nick Fury (Captain America #109, 1969); with Avengers, attended wedding of Wasp & Yellowjacket/Hank Pym, vs Circus of Crime (Avengers #60, 1969); vs Hulk, took Rick Jones as crimefighting partner, vs Hydra (Captain America #110, 1969); vs Hydra, seemingly killed, left behind Steve Rogers mask (Captain America #111, 1969); alongside Rick Jones, vs Hydra, memories altered by Space Phantom (Captain America #113/Avengers #106-107, 1969/1973); observed changing into civilian garb by Hawkeye (Captain America #179, 1974); vs Stiletto, tried to persuade Sharon Carter to resign from S.H.I.E.L.D., attempted to establish new secret identity, captured by Red Skull, forced to switch bodies with Red Skull by Cosmic Cube (Captain America #114-115, 1969); failed to convince Avengers of true identity (Captain America #116, 1969); met Sam Wilson, trained him to become Falcon (Captain America #117-118, 1969); returned to true body, alongside Falcon, vs Red Skull (Captain America #119, 1969); exposed M.O.D.O.K.'s manipulation of college students (Captain America #120, 1969); alongside Nick Fury & Iron Man LMD, vs Hydra (Iron Man #18, 1969); with Avengers, drawn into game between Kang & Grandmaster, vs Growing Man (Avengers #69, 1969); with Avengers, as Kang's pawns, vs Squadron Sinister (Avengers #70, 1969); with Avengers, as Kang's pawns, vs Invaders in 1942 (Avengers #71, 1969); made public statement regarding Tony Stark's health (Iron Man #19, 1969); with Avengers, vs Zodiac Cartel (Avengers #72, 1970); vs Man-Brute (Captain America #121, 1970); vs Scorpion (Captain America #122, 1970); vs Suprema & Scarbo (Captain America #123, 1970); vs Cyborg (Captain America #124, 1970); with Avengers, vs Arkon (Avengers #75-76, 1970); vs Mandarin, rescued Doctor Robert Hoskins (Captain America #125, 1970); alongside Falcon, vs Diamond Head/Rocky the Lynx (Captain America #126, 1970); vs Android X-4 (Captain America #127, 1970); with Avengers, vs Lethal Legion (Avengers #78-79, 1970); unaware of Mystique's disguised presence in Avengers mansion (X-Factor #139, 1997); vs Satan's Angels (Captain America #128, 1970); rescued King Hassab of Irabia from Red Skull (Captain America #129, 1970); vs Batroc's Brigade (Captain America #130, 1970); encountered M.O.D.O.K.'s Bucky robot, vs Baron Von Strucker (Captain America #131-132, 1970); with Avengers, investigated Cornelius Van Lunt's criminal activities, met Red Wolf/William Talltrees (Avengers #80-81, 1970); with Avengers, alongside Daredevil, vs Zodiac (Avengers #82, 1970); vs Bulldozer, accepted Falcon as crimefighting partner (Captain America #133, 1971); with Avengers, dined at Avengers Mansion (Avengers #280, 1987); alongside Falcon, vs Stone Face (Captain America #134, 1971); alongside Spider-Man & others, attended charity function (Avengers #85, 1971); with Avengers, responded to potential threat of Namor, Hulk, & Silver Surfer (Sub-Mariner #35, 1971); vs Chameleon (Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty #5-6, 1999); alongside Falcon, vs Doctor Gorbo (Captain America #135-136, 1971); alongside Falcon & Spider-Man, vs Stone Face (Captain America #137-138, 1971); alongside Falcon & Fantastic Four, vs M.O.D.O.K. & A.I.M. 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Fury and His Howling Commandos #100, 1972); helped Nick Fury & others capture Hulk (Incredible Hulk #152, 1972); with Avengers, vs Leonard Tippit (Avengers #101, 1972); with Avengers, attended Hulk's trial (Incredible Hulk #153, 1972); alongside Falcon, vs Jakar (Captain America #149-150, 1972); alongside Falcon, vs Mister Hyde & Scorpion (Captain America #151-152, 1972); with Avengers, vs Sentinels (Avengers #102-104, 1972); went on vacation with Sharon Carter (Captain America #153-154, 1972); alongside Falcon & Sharon Carter, vs 1950s Captain America & Jack Monroe (Captain America #155-156, 1972); with Avengers, vs Space Phantom & Grim Reaper (Avengers #106-108, 1972-1973); active with Avengers (Marvel Feature #10, 1973); alongside Falcon, vs Viper/Jordan Dixon, gained superhuman strength (Captain America #157-158, 1973); vs Cowled Commander's Crime Wave (Captain America #159, 1973); observed battle between Thing & Thundra (Fantastic Four #133, 1973); with Avengers, vs Magneto (Avengers #110-111/Defenders #15, 1973); 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with Avengers, vs Collector (Avengers #119, 1974); discussed Defenders with Avengers, overheard by Nighthawk (Defenders #13, 1974); alongside Falcon, vs Phoenix/Baron Helmut Zemo (Captain America #168, 1973); with Avengers, alongside others, confronted Sentry regarding his uncontrollable power (Sentry #2, 2000); framed by Moonstone/Lloyd Bloch for murder (Captain America #169, 1974); imprisoned & freed as part of Secret Empire's discrediting campaign (Captain America #170-171, 1974); alongside Avengers, vs Zodiac (Avengers #121, 1974); alongside Falcon, vs Moonstone/Bloch, became fugitives, vs Banshee through misunderstanding, allied with X-Men (Captain America #171-172, 1974); alongside X-Men, raided Secret Empire base, freed captive mutants (Captain America #173-174, 1974); alongside Falcon & X-Men, vs Secret Empire, discovered identity of Number One (Captain America #175, 1974); pulled out of time, participated in Destiny War (Avengers Forever #1-8 & 10-12, 1998-1999); with Avengers, alongside Captain Marvel/Mar-Vell, vs Thanos (Avengers #125/Captain Marvel #31-33, 1974); alongside Iron Man, discovered Chrono-Module containing Nuklo (Giant-Size Avengers #1, 1974); with Avengers, vs Klaw (Avengers #126, 1974); with Avengers, vs Nuklo (Giant-Size Avengers #1, 1974); attended Avengers meeting (Avengers #280, 1987); alongside Thing, transported into future era of Guardians of the Galaxy, vs Badoon (Marvel Two-in-One #4-5, 1974); abandoned Captain America identity (Captain America #176, 1974); quarreled with Falcon (Captain America #177, 1974); attempted to assist Falcon in battle with Lucifer (Captain America #178, 1974); vs disguised Hawkeye, persuaded to take new costumed identity (Captain America #179, 1974); took new identity of Nomad (Captain America #180, 1974); as Nomad, alongside Namor, vs Serpent Squad (Captain America #181, 1975); as Nomad, met with Avengers (Avengers #131, 1975); as Nomad, vs Serpent Squad (Captain America #182/Marvel Team-Up #84, 1975/1979); as Nomad, vs Gamecock, learned of Roscoe's death, reclaimed Captain America identity (Captain America #183, 1975); alongside Falcon, vs Red Skull, learned secret of Falcon's origin (Captain America #184-186, 1975); vs Dredmund Druid's forces (Captain America #187-188, 1975); alongside Falcon, vs S.H.I.E.L.D. agents hypnotized by Nightshade (Captain America #189-190, 1975); attended Falcon's trial, vs Stilt-Man (Captain America #191, 1975); spoke to Hawkeye (Avengers #137, 1975); vs Doctor Faustus (Captain America #192, 1975); with Avengers, vs Squadron Supreme (Avengers #141, 1975); with Avengers, held captive by Brand Corporation (Avengers #142, 1975); with Avengers, vs Kang's forces (Avengers #143, 1976); vs Serpent Crown-controlled Squadron Supreme (Avengers #144, 1976); with Avengers, teleported to Earth-712, vs Serpent Crown-controlled Squadron Supreme (Avengers #147-149, 1976); vs Stormrider (Hostess Fruit Pies advertisement, 1976); persuaded Cosmic Cube to turn against Red Skull (Avengers #149, 1976); vs Captive & other extraterrestrials (Captain America Annual #3, 1976); hospitalized by Assassin/Maria (Avengers #145-146, 1976); sent on time-travel experience by Contemplator (Marvel Treasury Special: Captain America’s Bicentennial Battles, 1976); alongside Captain Britain, investigated Mastermind computer, vs Red Skull (Captain Britain #15-18 & 20-27, 1976-1977); vs Sore Sir's Apprentices (What If..? #3, 1977); vs Simon Taylor (Hostess Fruit Pies advertisement, 1977); vs Fccf Krrk (Hostess Fruit Pies advertisement, 1977); alongside Falcon, learned of Madbomb plot, vs Royalist Forces of America (Captain America #193-199, 1976); vs Tarantula/Antonio Rodriquez & Senor Muerte/Philip Garcia (Captain America #224, 1978); alongside Falcon, defeated Royalist Forces of America (Captain America #200, 1976); alongside Falcon, encountered Night People, visited Zero Street dimension (Captain America #201-203, 1976); alongside Spider-Man, vs Batroc & Zero Street Monster (Marvel Team-Up #52, 1976); attended Avengers meeting (Avengers #150, 1976); with Avengers, organized new team roster (Avengers #151, 1976); with Avengers, reacted to Wonder Man's resurrection, vs Black Talon/Samuel Barone (Avengers #152-153, 1976); with Avengers, vs Living Laser & Nuklo (Avengers Annual #6, 1976); with Avengers, controlled by Attuma, vs Namor & Doctor Doom (Avengers #154/Super-Villain Team-Up #9/Avengers #155, 1976/1977); with Avengers, freed from Attuma's control, vs Attuma & Doctor Doom (Avengers #156, 1977); alongside Doctor Doom & Shroud, opposed Red Skull's attempt to control Earth (Super-Villain Team-Up #10-12, 1977); with Avengers, received warning from Hellcat (Defenders #44, 1977); alongside Falcon, vs Agron (Captain America #204-205, 1976-1977); abducted by Swine's henchmen (Captain America #206, 1977); hunted by Swine's forces in Rio de Muerte (Captain America #207, 1977); alongside Donna Puentes, vs Man-Fish, abducted by Arnim Zola (Captain America #208-209, 1977); vs Zola's mutates (Captain America #210-211, 1977); blinded in escape from Castle Zola, vs Red Skull (Captain America #212, 1977); alongside Falcon, vs Night Flyer, regained sight (Captain America #213-214, 1977); with Avengers, considered report of Doctor Doom's battle with Ace, Cat, Demon, & Starchild (Marvel Comics Super Special: KISS, 1977); with Avengers, vs Black Knight statue (Avengers #157, 1977); with Avengers, vs Graviton (Avengers #158-159, 1977); departed Avengers meeting (Avengers #160, 1977); with Avengers, attended United Charities fund raiser (Marvel Treasury Edition #13, 1976); with Avengers, alongside Captain Marvel/Mar-Vell, vs Super-Adaptoid (Captain Marvel #50, 1977); invited Rick Jones to return to Avengers Mansion (Captain Marvel #51, 1977); with Avengers, vs Ultron (Avengers #161-162, 1977); erroneously vs Iron Fist, alongside him, vs Wrecking Crew (Iron Fist #12, 1977); alongside Iron Man & Black Panther, vs Eternity Man (Avengers #169, 1978); vs Masters of the Outer Galaxy (Hostess Fruit Pies advertisement, 1978); vs Humanoid Army (Hostess ad, 1978); encountered Caesar & his Centurions (Defenders #62, 1978); with Avengers, vs Lethal Legion & Count Nefaria (Avengers #164-166, 1977); with Avengers, reacted to M'Kraan Crystal crisis (X-Men #108, 1977); met Mister One & Mister Two, vs Magneto & Mutant Force (Captain America Annual #4, 1977); with Avengers, controlled by Doctor Doom, vs Magneto (Super-Villain Team-Up #14, 1977); with Avengers, alongside others, vs Thanos (Avengers Annual #7/Marvel Two-in-One Annual #2, 1977); realized memories had been lost (Captain America #215-216, 1977); introduced to S.H.I.E.L.D. Super-Agents (Captain America #217, 1978); vs forces of Lyle Dekker & Ameridroid (Captain America #218-221, 1978); with Avengers, allied with Guardians of the Galaxy, met Henry Peter Gyrich (Avengers #167-168, 1978); with Avengers, encountered Jocasta, vs Ultron (Avengers #170-171, 1978); with Avengers, held captive by Collector (Avengers #172-173, 1978); freed by teammates (Avengers #174, 1978); with Avengers, discussed Korvac situation (Avengers #175, 1978); with Avengers, vs Korvac (Avengers #176-177/Avengers: The Korvac Saga, 1978/1991); received communication from Beast (Classic X-Men #20, 1988); poisoned by Plantman, cured with antidote procured by Falcon & Spider-Man (Marvel Team-Up #71, 1978); vs Animus (Captain America #222-223, 1978); accessed false memories, briefly reverted to non-super-soldier form, vs Impact robot (Captain America #225-226, 1978); vs S.H.I.E.L.D. agents controlled by Red Skull (Captain America #227, 1978); with Avengers, vs Squadron Sinister (Avengers Annual #8, 1978); alongside Thing & Man-Thing, vs Victorius (Marvel Two-in-One #42-43, 1978); bade Jarvis farewell following Avengers meeting (Avengers #201, 1980); with Avengers, prepared defenses against F.A.U.S.T. (Thor #271, 1978); participated in workout at Avengers Mansion (Avengers #178, 1978); referred to in newspaper article (Avengers #179, 1979); with Avengers, vs deranged Daredevil (Daredevil #155-156, 1978-1979); with Avengers, rescued hospitalized Daredevil from Death-Stalker (Daredevil #157, 1979); with Avengers, alongside Fantastic Four, vs Godzilla (Godzilla #23, 1979); vs Constrictor (Captain America #228, 1978); exposed Blue Streak as Corporation agent (Captain America #229, 1979); alongside Marvel Man & Vamp, raided Corporation headquarters, vs Hulk, betrayed by Vamp, alongside Hulk, vs Corporation forces (Captain America #230/Incredible Hulk #232, 1979); vs National Force (Captain America #231-233, 1979); controlled by Doctor Faustus, vs Daredevil, broke Faustus' control, defeated National Force (Captain America #234-236, 1979); learned of Sharon Carter's apparent death (Captain America #237, 1979); alongside Iron Man, consulted Doctor Strange regarding Black Knight (Doctor Strange #35, 1979); raided Dovecote, vs Widowmaker (Captain America #238-239, 1979); with Avengers, vs Arsenal (Iron Man #114, 1978); with Avengers, delivered Unicorn into Iron Man's custody (Iron Man #115, 1978); alongside Spider-Man, vs Electro (Amazing Spider-Man #187, 1978); with Avengers, met with Gyrich about team roster (Avengers #181, 1979); with Avengers, vs Django Maximoff's magical creations (Avengers #182, 1979); with Avengers, assisted Black Panther against Klaw (Black Panther #14-15, 1978); recruited Falcon for Avengers, arrived at battle between Avengers & Absorbing Man (Avengers #183-184, 1979); attended Avengers meeting (Avengers #185, 1979); vs Coney Island Cruisers (Captain America #240, 1979); with Avengers, alongside others, reacted to spell cast by Salem's Seven (Fantastic Four Annual #14, 1979); with Avengers, alongside Defenders, present when Jewel attacked Scarlet Witch (Alias #25, 2003); provided self-defense lessons for Tony Stark (Iron Man #125, 1979); with Avengers, vs Modred the Mystic & Chthon (Avengers #186-187, 1979); with Avengers, in Russia, vs Elements of Doom (Avengers #188, 1979); vs Punisher (Captain America #241, 1980); vs Manipulator (Captain America #242, 1980); consulted by Falcon (Marvel Premiere #49, 1979); vs Thermal Thief, Wattage Waster, & Doomsday Man (Captain America and the Campbell Kids, 1980); vs Deserter (Hostess Fruit Pies advertisement, 1980); with Avengers, vs Arsenal (Avengers Annual #9, 1979); spoke with Gyrich (Avengers #189, 1979); received warning about Blastaar from Fantastic Four (Fantastic Four #215, 1979); with Avengers, spoke with Gyrich (Avengers #189, 1979); vs Adonis (Captain America #243-244, 1980); vs neo-Nazis (Captain America #245, 1980); with Avengers, attended Senate hearing, vs Grey Gargoyle (Avengers #190-191, 1979-1980); vs Joe Smith (Captain America #246, 1980); regained true memories, vs Machinesmith's robots (Captain America #247-249, 1980); with Avengers, vs Inferno/Joseph Conroy (Avengers #192-193, 1980); spoke with Ms. Marvel/Carol Danvers, attended Avengers meeting (Avengers #194, 1980); with Avengers, traced Wasp to Solomon Institute, vs Taskmaster (Avengers #195-196, 1980); with Avengers, visited hospitalized Daredevil (Daredevil #164, 1980); attended Avengers meeting (Avengers #197, 1980); sought as presidential candidate (Captain America #250, 1980); with Avengers, vs Earl Cowan & Red Ronin (Avengers #198-199, 1980); with Avengers, reacted to temporal crisis caused by re-birth of Marcus Immortus (Avengers #200, 1980); with Avengers, alongside Fantastic Four, investigated temporal anomaly (Marvel Two-in-One #69, 1980); attended Avengers meeting (Avengers #201, 1980); with Avengers, vs Ultron (Avengers #202, 1980); with Avengers, returned to Avengers Mansion (Avengers #203, 1981); with Avengers, vs Yellow Claw (Avengers #204-205, 1981); oversaw repairs at Avengers Mansion (Dazzler #1, 1981); with Avengers, vs Pyron (Avengers #206, 1980); with Avengers, alongside others, attended Dazzler's concert, vs Enchantress (Dazzler #2, 1981); alongside Nick Fury, vs Goon (Micronauts #25, 1981); alongside Spider-Man, Spider-Woman/Jessica Drew & Hulk, vs Enchantress & others (Spider-Man, Captain America, the Incredible Hulk, and Spider-Woman, 1981); alongside Hulk, vs Magneto (Captain America & the Incredible Hulk, 1981); spoke with Mister Fantastic regarding power outage caused by Flb'dbi (Fantastic Four #220, 1980); vs Batroc & Mister Hyde (Captain America #251-252, 1980); with Avengers, alongside others, opposed effects of Leader's activities (Incredible Hulk Annual #11, 1982); in England, reunited with Union Jack/Lord Falsworth & Spitfire, vs Baron Blood (Captain America #253-254, 1981); encountered Cedric Rawlings, vs Demon Druid (Captain America #256, 1981); vs Matrix Eight (Captain America #257, 1981); worked on advertising assignment (Captain America #255, 1981); destroyed Red Skull's satellite (Captain America: The Red Skull Strikes From Space #3, 1981); alongside Iron Man & Vision, failed to receive S.H.I.E.L.D. distress call (Micronauts #28, 1981); involved in hunt for Hulk (Incredible Hulk #258, 1981); with Avengers, alongside Thing, vs Blastaar, Annihilus, & Super-Adaptoid (Marvel Two-in-One #75, 1981); with Avengers, encountered Shadow Lord, vs Berserker (Avengers #207-208, 1981); with Avengers, confronted Ebon Seeker, warned away by Human Torch/Johnny Storm (Fantastic Four #230, 1981); vs Blockbuster (Captain America #258, 1981); vs Doctor Octopus (Captain America #259, 1981); alongside Spider-Man, vs Scorpion (Marvel Team-Up #106, 1981); tested prison system, vs Thumper Morgan (Captain America #260, 1981); with Avengers, vs Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, learned how Marcus Immortus had manipulated Ms. Marvel (Avengers Annual #10, 1981); prepared Avengers Quinjet for Iron Man (Iron Man #148, 1981); traveled to California to investigate Nomad/Edward Ferbel, captured by Red Skull, escaped with assistance of Ameridroid (Captain America #261-263, 1981); vs Morgan MacNeil Hardy (Captain America #264, 1981); vs Constrictor & Samson Scythe's forces (Captain America Annual #5, 1981); with Avengers, vs Weathermen (Avengers #210, 1981); with Avengers, dealt with Moondragon's manipulation of prospective members (Avengers #211, 1981); with Avengers, informed Defenders of Citrusville crisis (Defenders #98, 1981); joined search for Rom (Rom #23, 1981); with Avengers, alongside others, attended Mar-Vell's deathbed (Silver Surfer #14/Marvel Graphic Novel #1, 1988/1982); with Avengers, alongside others, attended Mar-Vell's funeral (Silver Surfer Annual #6, 1993); with Avengers, vs Elfqueen (Avengers #212, 1981); charged Yellowjacket/Pym with reckless behavior, with Avengers, vs Salvation-1 (Avengers #213, 1981); alongside Spider-Man, vs S.U.L.T.A.N. (Captain America #265-266, 1982); vs Everyman (Captain America #267, 1982); accompanied Inali Redpath on S.H.I.E.L.D. mission (Captain America #8, 2003); with Avengers, vs out-of-control Ghost Rider (Avengers #214, 1981); with Avengers, captured by Molecule Man (Avengers #215, 1982); learned true identities of Iron Man & Thor, released by Molecule Man (Avengers #216, 1982); intervened following Egghead's manipulation of Yellowjacket/Pym (Avengers #217, 1982); with Avengers, vs Morgan MacNeil Hardy (Avengers #218, 1982); alongside Thing & Giant-Man/Bill Foster, vs A.I.M. (Marvel Two-in-One #82, 1981); alongside Nick Fury, vs Quadroids (Fantastic Four #240, 1982); with Avengers, alongside Fantastic Four, vs Galactus (Fantastic Four #243-244, 1982); captured by August Masters for Secret Empire (Captain America #268, 1982); alongside Defenders, vs Secret Empire (Defenders #106-107, 1982); alongside Team America, vs Mad Thinker's androids (Captain America #269, 1982); with Avengers, drawn to Ba-Bani & manipulated by Moondragon, witnessed seeming death of Drax (Avengers #219-220, 1982); reunited with Arnie Roth, vs mutations created by Baron Helmut Zemo (Captain America #270, 1982); with Avengers, alongside Silver Surfer, vs Nebulon & Supernalia (Avengers Annual #11, 1982); vs wrestler King Arthur (Captain America #271, 1982); with Avengers, provided assistance to Micronauts (Micronauts #43, 1982); alongside Iron Man, recruited Hawkeye to active duty (Avengers #221, 1982); vs Vermin (Captain America #272, 1982); attended Avengers meeting (Avengers #222, 1982); confronted Iron Man over relationship with Wasp (Avengers #224, 1982); attended Howling Commandos reunion, vs Baron Strucker LMD (Captain America #273-274, 1982); vs Stryker the Second (Marvel Fanfare #5, 1982); alongside Jeff Mace & others, underwent alternate reality experience caused by Contemplator (Captain America Annual #6, 1982); with Avengers, attended Dazzler's concert (Dazzler #21, 1982); with Avengers, sent to Avalon by Doctor Druid, aided Black Knight against Fomor (Avengers #225-226, 1982); confronted neo-Nazi Harry Todd (Captain America #275, 1982); captured by Baron Helmut Zemo & Primus, vs Zemo's mutates, rescued Arnie Roth (Captain America #276-278, 1982-1983); vs Primus (Captain America #279, 1983); alongside others, abducted by Grandmaster & Death to participate in “contest of champions”, teamed with Blitzkrieg & Sasquatch on Grandmaster's behalf, vs Shamrock (Marvel Super Hero Contest of Champions #1 & 3, 1982); with Avengers, reacted to Hulk's capture by U-Foes (Incredible Hulk #277, 1982); with Avengers, alongside others, supported Hulk's amnesty (Incredible Hulk #278-279, 1982-1983); provided Mister Fantastic with information on Ultron (Marvel Two-in-One #92, 1982); with Avengers, alongside others, vs Skrulls impersonating X-Men (Fantastic Four #250, 1983); discussed Tryco Slatterus' fighting match with Avengers, joined rest of world in observing Tryco vs various superhumans (Marvel Two-in-One Annual #7, 1982); with Avengers, alongside Fantastic Four, X-Men & others, visited hospitalized Thing, vs Grapplers, Fabian Stankowicz & other costumed criminals (Marvel Two-in-One #96, 1983); alongside Iron Man, visited hospitalized Thing (Fantastic Four #258, 1983); with Avengers, waited in hospital during Vision's treatment (Vision and the Scarlet Witch #3, 1983); with Avengers, alongside others, encountered Captain Marvel/Monica Rambeau (Amazing Spider-Man Annual #16, 1982); attended Avengers meeting (Avengers #227, 1983); with Avengers, alongside Hulk, vs Arsenal (Incredible Hulk #282, 1983); with Avengers, alongside Hulk, vs Leader (Incredible Hulk #283-284, 1983); vs Scarecrow (Captain America #280, 1983); with Avengers, attended Hank Pym's trial, vs Egghead's Masters of Evil, cleared Pym's name (Avengers #228-229, 1983); with Avengers, parted with Pym (Avengers #230, 1983); met Jack Monroe, captured by Viper, defeated her with help of Nomad/Monroe, Falcon, & S.H.I.E.L.D. (Captain America #281-283, 1983); alongside Nomad, stopped Tommy Beehan's abusive behavior (Captain America #284, 1983); alongside Nomad, vs Porcupine, attended deathbed of Patriot/Jeff Mace (Captain America #285, 1983); advised Spider-Man during search for Bette Chekov (Marvel Team-Up #127, 1983); with Avengers, vs Plantman, alongside Wasp, confronted Tony Stark (Avengers #231-232, 1983); with Avengers, pulled out of time to attend future She-Hulk's trial (She-Hulk #3, 2006); alongside Spider-Man, vs Vermin (Marvel Team-Up #128, 1983); with Avengers, summoned to United Nations Security Council hearing on Fantastic Four, journeyed to Moon to meet with Inhumans, vs Maximus & Enclave (Avengers Annual #12, 1983); with Avengers, alongside Fantastic Four, vs Annihilus (Avengers #233/Fantastic Four #256, 1983); spoke to Thor about Iron Man (Avengers #234, 1983); confronted Tony Stark over alcoholism, rescued him from fire set by Firebrand/Gary Gilbert (Iron Man #172, 1983); participated in workout at Avengers Mansion (Thor #334, 1983); alongside Scarlet Witch & She-Hulk, vs Wizard (Avengers #235, 1983); met Hawkeye & Mockingbird on subway (Hawkeye #3, 1983); with Avengers, shut down Hydra's Atomi-geddon device (She-Hulk #7, 2006); alongside Aquarian, vs Bernard Worrell, witnessed evolution of A.I.M.'s Cosmic Cube (Captain America Annual #7, 1983); with Avengers, alongside Spider-Man, vs Lava Men & Project: P.E.G.A.S.U.S. escapees (Avengers #236-237, 1983); alongside Deathlok, traveled to Earth-7484, vs Hellinger (Captain America #286-289, 1983-1984); visited Bernie Rosenthal (Captain America #289, 1984); brought Bernie Rosenthal to Avengers Mansion (Captain America #290, 1984); visited Marvel Comics offices (Marvel Fanfare #12, 1984); approached Tork for assistance in helping Falcon (Falcon #3, 1984); alongside Tork, vs Legion gang (Falcon #4, 1984); alongside Nomad, vs Mother Night/Sinthia Schmidt (Captain America #290, 1984); assisted Tumbler/Michael Keane in investigating Guardian Life (Captain America #291, 1984); encountered Black Crow, received marriage proposal from Bernie Rosenthal (Captain America #292, 1984); learned of Vision's new powers, met Hawkeye at Avengers Mansion (Avengers #241, 1984); with Avengers, attended celebration of wedding of Hawkeye & Mockingbird (Avengers #242, 1984); alongside Wasp, approached by Black Cat seeking superhuman powers (Spectacular Spider-Man #89, 1984); attended Avengers meeting (Avengers #242, 1984); with Avengers, approached stadium created by Beyonder (Captain America #292/Avengers #242, 1984); with Avengers, alongside others, brought to Battleworld by Beyonder, participated in "secret wars" (Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars #1-2/Thor #383/Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars #3-12, 1984/1987/1984-1985); with Avengers, alongside others, returned to Earth after “secret wars” (Avengers #243/Amazing Spider-Man #252/Iron Man #182, 1984); attended Avengers meeting, learned of Vision's plan for West Coast Avengers (Avengers #243, 1984); with Avengers, alongside others, acted as guests of honor in parade (Code of Honor #3, 1997); with Avengers, vs Dire Wraiths in Florida (Avengers #244-245, 1984); as Steve Rogers, had chance encounter with Guardian/James Hudson (Alpha Flight #10, 1984); with Avengers, vs Zola's Hulk-clones (Avengers Annual #13, 1984); with Avengers, alongside others, vs Living Monolith (Marvel Graphic Novel #17, 1985); with Avengers, informed Wonder Man of Sandman crisis (Wonder Man #1, 1986); alongside Nomad, vs mind-controlled Slayer/Dave Cox (Captain America #293-294, 1984); alongside Nomad, vs Sisters of Sin (Captain America #295, 1984); learned he had received accelerated aging from Red Skull (Captain America #296, 1984); had tissue sample taken by Zola (Captain America #350, 1989); underwent astral experience in Deux Machina (Captain America #297, 1984); heard Red Skull's biography (Captain America #298, 1984); vs Red Skull in apparent final battle (Captain America #299-300, 1984); treated at Avengers Mansion, vs Sisters of Sin, restored to normal (Captain America #301, 1985); conducted workout in Avengers Mansion (Avengers #251, 1985); with Avengers, alongside X-Men & others, transformed by & vs Kulan Gath (Uncanny X-Men #190-191, 1985); vs Knights of Brooklyn (Marvel Fanfare #18, 1985); vs Colossal Craig (Marvel Fanfare #29, 1986); vs Batroc's Brigade (Captain America #302-303, 1985); alongside Nomad, rescued Myron MacLain from Stane International (Captain America #304, 1985); with Avengers, alongside others, vs Dire Wraiths (Rom #65, 1985); with Avengers, alongside others, assisted in post-Wraith War recovery (Avengers #255, 1985); accompanied Vision & Scarlet Witch to survey ruins of their home, with Avengers, vs Blood Brothers (Avengers #252, 1985); with Avengers, oversaw closure of Thanos base, learned of Vision's plans for world control (Avengers #253, 1985); with Avengers, dissuaded Vision from plans, freed him from control apparatus (Avengers #254, 1985); attended Avengers meeting (Avengers #255, 1985); in England, alongside Captain Britain, vs Modred the Mystic (Captain America #305-306, 1985); with Avengers, alongside others, vs Thundersword (Secret Wars II #1, 1985); vs Armadillo, unknowingly duplicated by Beyonder (Captain America #308, 1985); observed Nomad's battle with Madcap, parted with Nomad (Captain America #309, 1985); with Avengers, vs Purple Man & Doctor Doom (Marvel Graphic Novel #27, 1987); with Avengers, traveled to Savage Land, vs Terminus (Avengers #256-257, 1985); with Avengers, arrived at scene of fight between Spider-Man & Firelord (Avengers #258/Amazing Spider-Man #270, 1985); vs Serpent Society members (Captain America #310, 1985); vs Awesome Android (Captain America #311, 1985); consulted Raymond Sikorski about Firelord (Avengers #258, 1985); with Avengers, alongside Firelord, journeyed into space to rescue Captain Marvel/Rambeau, vs Skrulls & Nebula's forces (Avengers #259-260, 1985); with Avengers, alongside Fantastic Four, vs Skrulls (Avengers Annual #14/Fantastic Four Annual #19, 1985); with Avengers, returned to Earth (Avengers #261, 1985); with Avengers, alongside others, vs Beyonder (Secret Wars II #4, 1985); with Avengers, encountered Beyonder (Avengers #261, 1985); with Avengers, alongside others, vs Beyonder (Secret Wars II #5, 1985); announced plans for hotline, vs Flag-Smasher (Captain America #312, 1985); with Avengers, arranged for Hydrobase to become new Avengers headquarters, recruited Namor (Avengers #262, 1985); vs Serpent Society, present when they killed M.O.D.O.K. (Captain America #313, 1986); with Avengers, alongside others, vs Beyonder (Secret Wars II #6, 1985); attended dinner party at home of Vision & Scarlet Witch (Vision and the Scarlet Witch #6, 1986); with Avengers, discovered cocooned Jean Grey (Avengers #263, 1986); with Mister Fantastic, studied cocoon, present when Jean Grey awoke (Fantastic Four #286, 1986); approached by Nighthawk of Earth-712, joined him against Remnant, Mink & Pinball (Captain America #314, 1986); received call from Porcupine (Captain America #315/Avengers #264, 1986); alongside Porcupine, vs Serpent Society (Captain America #315, 1986); with Avengers, alongside others, vs Beyonder, witnessed his seeming destruction (Secret Wars II #8/Avengers #265/Secret Wars II #9, 1986); with Avengers, alongside Fantastic Four, persuaded Molecule Man to undo damage caused by Beyonder (Avengers #266, 1986); alongside Namor, discussed android Torch's life with Vision (Vision and the Scarlet Witch #7, 1986); vs Deathmask (Marvel Fanfare #26, 1986); with Avengers, vs Magneto & Warlock (New Mutants #40, 1986); with Avengers, conducted rescue operations following Nuke's Hell's Kitchen rampage, alongside Daredevil, vs Nuke (Daredevil #233, 1986); alongside Captain Marvel/Rambeau & Namor, brought Avengers submarine to Hydrobase (Avengers #267, 1986); with Avengers, became involved in conflict between multiple Kangs (Avengers #268-269, 1986); with Avengers, responded to protests regarding Namor, unmasked Moonstone/Karla Sofen as agitator (Avengers #270, 1986); with Avengers, assisted Eternals vs Ghaur (Eternals #12, 1986); with Avengers, alongside others, vs Hulk (Incredible Hulk #320-323, 1986); with Avengers, alongside others, visited hospitalized "Captain Hero" (Power Man and Iron Fist #125, 1986); alongside Hawkeye, vs Armadillo (Captain America #316, 1986); alongside Hawkeye, vs Death-Throws, missed opportunity to bid farewell to Bernie Rosenthal (Captain America #317, 1986); vs Blue Streak (Captain America #318, 1986); vs Blacklash, investigated Scourge (Captain America #319, 1986); vs Scourge (Captain America #320, 1986); alongside Wolverine, vs T.E.S.S.-One & Overrider (Captain America Annual #8, 1986); spoke to crowd regarding Namor, exposed Moonstone's deception (Avengers #270, 1986); responded to distress signal from Wasp, discussed multiple villain escapes with Black Knight, received message from Namor (Avengers #271, 1986); with Avengers, alongside Alpha Flight, assisted Namor during Atlantean civil war (Avengers #272/Alpha Flight #39, 1986); with Avengers, vs Freedom Force, imprisoned by Commission, freed by Spider-Woman/Julia Carpenter (Avengers Annual #15, 1986); with Avengers, vs Quicksilver & Zodiac (West Coast Avengers Annual #1, 1986); vs U.L.T.I.M.A.T.U.M., forced to kill terrorist, captured Flag-Smasher (Captain America #321-322, 1986); confronted Super-Patriot/John Walker, attacked by Buckies (Captain America #323, 1986); vs Trapster & Whirlwind (Captain America #324, 1986); learned of takeover of Avengers Mansion by Masters of Evil, captured by Baron Helmut Zemo (Avengers #274, 1986); taunted by Baron Helmut Zemo & Mister Hyde (Avengers #275, 1987); with Avengers, defeated Masters of Evil (Avengers #276-277, 1987); alongside Nomad, vs Slug's forces (Captain America #325, 1987); visited Skullhouse, subjected to Doctor Faustus' illusions (Captain America #326, 1987); vs Asthma Monster (Captain America Meets the Asthma Monster, 1987); vs Super-Patriot (Captain America #327, 1987); stopped looters at Avengers Mansion, attended Avengers meeting (Avengers #278-279, 1987); alongside Captain Marvel/Rambeau, rescued tourists from cave (Avengers #279, 1987); with Avengers, abducted to Olympus, vs Olympian Gods (Avengers #281-285, 1987); had costume repaired by Leo Zelinsky (Amazing Spider-Man #502, 2004); with Avengers, transported to Mephisto's dimension, vs Mephisto's forces, returned to Earth (Mephisto Vs #4/Thor #381, 1987); with Avengers, vs X-Men & Soviet Super-Soldiers over custody of Magneto (X-Men vs the Avengers #1-2, 1987); with Avengers, pursued Magneto to Singapore, aided X-Men & Soviet Super-Soldiers in rescuing freighter crew (X-Men vs the Avengers #3, 1987); with Avengers, investigated Magneto's activities, dissuaded Magneto from removing prejudice from humanity's collective mind (X-Men vs the Avengers #4, 1987); with Avengers, vs Grandmaster (West Coast Avengers Annual #2, 1987); with Avengers, entered Realm of the Dead, vs Grandmaster's Legion of the Unliving (Avengers Annual #16, 1987); met D-Man, investigated Power Broker, allied with Night Shift, vs G.I. Max (Captain America #328-331, 1987); brought Ms. Marvel/Sharon Ventura to Four Freedoms Plaza (Fantastic Four #306, 1987); alongside Frog-Man/Eugene Patilio, vs Yellow Claw (Marvel Fanfare #31-32, 1987); received ultimatum from C.S.A., returned Captain America uniform & shield (Captain America #332, 1987); encountered Brother Nature (Captain America #336, 1987); teamed with Falcon & others, took new identity of Captain, vs Viper's Serpent Society (Captain America #337-338, 1988); as Captain, alongside Falcon & others, vs Famine (Captain America #339, 1988); as Captain, obtained new shield from Iron Man (Iron Man #227/Captain America #339, 1988); as Captain, attempted to prevent Iron Man from de-powering Guardsmen (Iron Man #228, 1988); as Captain, alongside Falcon & others, captured Vault escapees (Captain America #340, 1988); as Captain, alongside Avengers, vs Super-Adaptoid & Heavy Metal (Avengers #290, 1988); as Captain, alongside Avengers, vs Seth's forces, briefly wielded Thor's hammer (Thor #390, 1988); as Captain, confronted Iron Man regarding Vault incident (Captain America #341, 1988); as Captain, received new shield from Black Panther, alongside Falcon & others, vs Viper's Serpent Society (Captain America #342-344, 1988); as Captain, vs Cold War despite Fear-Eater's influence (Marvel Comics Presents #2, 1988); as Captain, faced charges from C.S.A. (Captain America #345, 1988); as Captain, imprisoned by C.S.A. (Captain America #347, 1988); as Captain, escaped imprisonment (Captain America #348, 1988); as Captain, vs Inferno-animated machinery (Avengers #298, 1988); as Captain, led Avengers against High Evolutionary's forces (Avengers Annual #17, 1988); as Captain, alongside D-Man & Battlestar, vs U.L.T.I.M.A.T.U.M. (Captain America #349, 1989); as Captain, helped New Mutants during demonic invasion of New York, alongside Mister Fantastic & Invisible Woman, pursued Nanny & Orphan-Maker, joined by Thor & Gilgamesh vs N'astirh's demons, organized new Avengers lineup (Avengers #299-300 & 306, 1989); as Captain, vs John Walker, confronted Red Skull, regained Captain America identity (Captain America #350, 1989); failed to capture John Walker's apparent assassin, joined Nick Fury & others in visiting abandoned S.H.I.E.L.D. base (Captain America #351, 1989); departed Avengers meeting (Thor #402, 1989); partially reconciled with Tony Stark (Iron Man #238, 1989); with Avengers, alongside Fantastic Four, vs Super-Nova, quarreled with Mister Fantastic over leadership procedure (Avengers #301-303, 1989); recruited Quasar for Avengers (Avengers Annual #18, 1989); vs Asthma Monster & Allergen Gang (Captain America: Return of the Asthma Monster, 1989); tested Avengers applicants, approached by Soviet Super-Soldiers for asylum (Captain America #352, 1989); in Russia, vs Supreme Soviets (Captain America #353, 1989); confiscated Fourth Sleeper, vs Machinesmith (Captain America #354, 1989); with Avengers, vs U-Foes (Avengers #304, 1989); de-aged by Sersi, investigated Mother Night/Susan Scarbo, vs Sisters of Sin (Captain America #355-357, 1989); with Avengers, vs Lava Men (Avengers #305-307, 1989); with Avengers, brought Gilgamesh to Olympia for treatment, vs Blastaar in Negative Zone (Avengers #308-310, 1989); alongside Spider-Man, invaded Doctor Doom's castle (Amazing Spider-Man & Captain America in Dr. Doom's Revenge!, 1989); with Avengers, vs Aron's Fantastic Four clones (Fantastic Four #333, 1989); alongside She-Hulk, responded to destruction of Scarlet Witch's Quinjet (Avengers West Coast #47, 1989); alongside She-Hulk, possessed by That Which Endures, vs Great Lakes Avengers (Avengers West Coast #48-49, 1989); with Avengers, vs Enchantress-controlled Wonder Man (Marvel Comics Presents #44-45, 1990); conducted analysis of teammates (Avengers Annual #18, 1989); reunited with Human Torch/Jim Hammond (Avengers West Coast #56, 1990); with Avengers, alongside others, vs Set's forces (Avengers Annual #18/Avengers West Coast Annual #4/Thor Annual #14/Fantastic Four Annual #22, 1989); declined Vance Astrovik's Avengers application (New Warriors #1, 1990); alongside Diamondback, pursued Baron Helmut Zemo & company on their quest to resurrect Baron Heinrich Zemo (Captain America #358-364, 1989); alongside Spider-Man, Silver Sable & others, vs Red Skull's operatives (Amazing Spider-Man #323-325, 1989); alongside Thin Man, confronted Agent Axis, failed to prevent Thin Man from killing Agent Axis (Marvel Comics Presents #34, 1989); attended Thin Man's trial (New Invaders #7, 2005); met with Quasar following his battle with Absorbing Man (Quasar #5, 1989); learned of Hydrobase's destruction (Captain America #365, 1990); vs Vault escapees (Damage Control #1, 1989); alongside Thor, visited Baxter Building (Fantastic Four #334, 1989); vs Controller-controlled Namor (Captain America #365, 1990); spoke with John Porter of Damage Control (Damage Control #2, 1989); with Avengers, attended public forum, vs Assembly of Evil (Mutant Misadventures of Cloak and Dagger #9, 1989); vs Controller (Captain America #366, 1990); with Avengers, vs Freedom Force (Avengers #312/Punisher #29, 1989/1990); present when Damage Control salvaged Avengers Mansion (Damage Control #3, 1990); alongside Thor & others, rescued people from apartment fire (Damage Control #4, 1990); consulted other Avengers regarding "Acts of Vengeance" attacks (Avengers West Coast #54, 1990); assisted Nick Fury against Leviathan (Nick Fury: Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. #10, 1990); vs Controller (Captain America #367, 1990); with Avengers, vs "Acts of Vengeance" Prime Movers (Avengers #313/Avengers West Coast #55, 1990); with Avengers, departed Vault after capturing escaped prisoners (Avengers Spotlight #29, 1990); with Avengers, discussed events of "Acts of Vengeance" crisis (Avengers Annual #19, 1990); with Avengers, vs Sons of the Serpent (Avengers Annual #19, 1990); present at Avengers Mansion when Fantastic Four recruited Thor's assistance for time travel mission (Fantastic Four #337, 1990); alongside Hawkeye, returned Black Knight to England (Black Knight #1, 1990); broke up drug ring, intervened in situation created by Tzin (Captain America Goes to War Against Drugs, 1990); attended celebrity fund raiser (Amazing Spider-Man #335, 1990); vs Machinesmith's Magneto android (Captain America #368, 1990); vs Skeleton Crew & Hellfire Club's forces (Captain America #369, 1990); alongside Diamondback, investigated activities at Skullhouse, confronted Red Skull (Captain America #370, 1990); dated Diamondback (Captain America #371, 1990); with Avengers, alongside Spider-Man, vs Nebula & power of Infinity Union (Avengers #314-318, 1990); with Avengers, vs Vault escapees (Avengers: Deathtrap - The Vault, 1991); visited veterans' hospital, defeated Fifth World Front with aid of veterans (Marvel Comics Presents #47, 1990); performed volunteer work for VFW, met Rebecca Proctor (Marvel Holiday Special #1, 1991); with Avengers, alongside Alpha Flight & People's Protectorate, vs Peace Corpse (Avengers #319-324, 1990); with Avengers, attended Sersi's party, vs Skeleton Crew (Avengers #325, 1990); reunited with Dominic Fortune (Marvel Super-Heroes #3, 1990); rescued Doctor Ramona Napier during volcano exploration mission, vs Terminus-controlled Iron Man (Captain America Annual #9, 1990); with Avengers, vs Termini (Avengers West Coast Annual #5/Avengers Annual #19, 1990); with Avengers, inspected construction of new Avengers Mansion (Avengers Annual #19, 1990); attended speech by Senator Rebel Ralston, captured would-be assassin, visited Ralston in hospital (Captain America Annual #9, 1990); vs terrorists (Marvel Comics Presents #60, 1990); alongside Captain Britain & others, vs British Sleepers (Plasmer #3-4, 1994); interrupted She-Hulk's attack of Silver Surfer, discussed Thanos with Surfer (Silver Surfer #36, 1990); with Avengers, manipulated into fighting Spider-Man & Outlaws, vs Black Insect Swarm (Spectacular Spider-Man #168-170, 1990); spoke with Silver Surfer about Thanos' alleged death (Silver Surfer Annual #3, 1990); with Avengers, vs Stellaris (Thor #420-421, 1990); vs Crackerjacks, exposed to Ice drug (Captain America #372, 1990); experienced side-effects of Ice, vs Bullseye (Captain America #373-374, 1990); alongside Daredevil, encountered inventor Victor (Daredevil #283, 1990); broke up drug deal (Captain America #374, 1990); confronted Kingpin, vs Daredevil (Captain America #375, 1990); experienced hallucinations, vs Black Widow & Diamondback (Captain America #376, 1990); received medical treatment from Doctor Keith Kincaid, received complete blood transfusion that removed super-soldier serum (Captain America #377, 1990); vs Crossbones (Captain America #378, 1990); alongside Human Torch/Hammond, manipulated by Stevie in possession of Cyttorak Ruby (Avengers West Coast #64, 1990); intervened in Nomad's departure from crime scene (Nomad #1, 1990); recruited by C.S.A. to apprehend Nomad (Nomad #3, 1991); vs Nomad (Nomad #4, 1991); alongside Thor, conducted workout at Avengers Mansion (Thor #427, 1990); conducted workout at Avengers Mansion, discussed politics with Namor (Namor: The Sub-Mariner #10, 1991); alongside Namor, vs Master Man/Axi Nacht, attended memorial for supposedly deceased Human Torch/Hammond (Namor: The Sub-Mariner #12, 1991); attended Namor's birthday party (Namor: The Sub-Mariner Annual #1, 1991); with Avengers, received Rage's membership request, vs Surge (Avengers #326-327, 1990); with Avengers, vs Ngh's forces (Avengers #328, 1991); vs Nefarius & Moonstone/Sofen (Captain America #379, 1990); reunited with Bernie Rosenthal (Captain America #380, 1990); vs Serpent Society, rescued Diamondback (Captain America #381-382, 1991); encountered Elder of the Universe Father Time, sent to Land of Legends, attended celebration held by Avengers (Captain America #383, 1991); learned super-soldier serum had re-created itself in his body, investigated D-Man's whereabouts, encountered Jack Frost, vs Iceworm (Captain America #384, 1991); reorganized Avengers membership roster (Avengers #329, 1991); with Avengers, vs Tetrarchs of Entropy (Avengers #330-331, 1991); sent message to West Coast Avengers regarding new Avengers backing (Avengers West Coast #69, 1991); alongside Mister Fantastic & Thing, assisted Nick Fury against Yellow Claw (Nick Fury: Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. #24, 1991); participated in interrogation of Cobra (Captain America Annual #10, 1991); alongside Sersi, departed Avengers Mansion (Avengers Spotlight #40, 1991); vs Watchdogs (Captain America #385-386, 1991); with Avengers, vs criminals (Amazing Spider-Man #348, 1991); at Avengers Mansion, conducted workout with She-Hulk (Iron Man #273, 1991); with Avengers, reacted to blizzard caused by Avant Guard (Web of Spider-Man #75-76, 1991); spoke to Cyclops during mutant crisis (X-Factor Annual #6, 1991); with Avengers, alongside others, rescued populace from X-Factor's out-of-control Ship (X-Factor #66, 1991); with Avengers, alongside Alpha Flight, vs alien invasion (Alpha Flight #98-100, 1991); present at Namor's trial, appointed as Namor's probation officer (Namor: The Sub-Mariner #13, 1991); conducted workout at Avengers Mansion, spoke to Namor about Atlantean crisis (Namor: The Sub-Mariner #15, 1991); attempted to contact Thor (Thor #433, 1991); alongside Paladin, tracked Diamondback to Superia's Femizon gathering, vs various female costumed criminals, captured by Superia, escaped with assistance of B.A.D. Girls, Inc. (Captain America #387-393, 1991); with Avengers, alongside others, vs Thanos (Infinity Gauntlet #1-3/Silver Surfer #52/Infinity Gauntlet #4/Silver Surfer #57/Infinity Gauntlet #6, 1991); vs Vormund due to misunderstanding, discovered apparent deaths of Red Skull & others (Captain America #393-394, 1991); with Avengers, alongside Fantastic Four, assisted Nick Fury (Nick Fury: Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. #26, 1991); learned Eric Masterson had received Thor's power (Thor #434, 1991); with Avengers, alongside others, attended Avengers Mansion reception, vs Doombot (Avengers #332-333, 1991); vs War-God (Marvel Comics Presents #80-81, 1991); alongside Nick Fury, vs Dakini & Romulus (Captain America Annual #10, 1991); with Avengers, alongside others, gathered in preparation to oppose Edifice Rex (Damage Control #4, 1991); with Avengers, became involved in wars in Subterranea (Avengers Annual #20/Avengers West Coast Annual #6, 1991); took Diamondback out to dinner (Captain America Annual #11, 1992); alongside Daredevil & Darkhawk, vs U-Foes (Darkhawk #6, 1991); with Avengers, vs Brethren & Collector (Avengers #334-339, 1991); attacked by Absorbing Man's ball & chain (Thor #436, 1991); alongside Spider-Man, contacted Moon Knight (Amazing Spider-Man #354, 1991); discussed disciplinary matter with Thor/Masterson, Hercules & Quasar, interrupted by Her's arrival, assisted others in dealing with Her's cocoons (Captain America #395/Quasar #28-29, 1991); alongside Thor, investigated Skullhouse, evicted by Arnim Zola, vs Blackwing & Jack O'Lantern/Steven Levins (Captain America #395-397, 1991-1992); alongside Wonder Man, conducted training exercise (Wonder Man #5, 1992); alongside Wasp, vs Bulwark (Avengers #340, 1991); with Avengers, vs Sons of the Serpent (Avengers #341-342, 1991); invited Thor/Masterson to live at Avengers Mansion (Thor #444, 1992); welcomed Crystal to Avengers (Avengers #343, 1992); met with Avengers regarding identity of Swordsman/Phillip Jarvert (Avengers #344, 1992); alongside Black Knight, conducted workout at Avengers Mansion (Avengers Annual #21, 1992); discovered government arms conspiracy, shot by Punisher (Punisher/Captain America: Blood & Glory #1, 1992); treated for injury, allied with Punisher, captured in Medisuela (Punisher/Captain America: Blood & Glory #2, 1992); escaped with Punisher's help, received assistance from Terror Inc., exposed conspiracy (Punisher/Captain America: Blood & Glory #3, 1992); vs Warstar (Captain America #398, 1992); with Avengers, intervened in battle between Kree Sentry & Imperial Guard (Avengers West Coast #80, 1992); assigned Wonder Man to protect Rick Jones (Quasar #32, 1992); with Avengers, took Captain Atlas & Doctor Minerva into custody (Wonder Man #7, 1992); gathered Avengers to respond to threat posed by Kree/Shi'ar War (Avengers #345, 1992); with Avengers, boarded Shi'ar ship (Iron Man #278, 1992); with Avengers, brought to Hala as prisoners, vs Korath the Pursuer (Captain America #399, 1992); with Avengers, vs Starforce (Avengers #346, 1992); with Avengers, captured by Kree, escaped (Iron Man #279, 1992); vs duplicate enemies created by Supreme Intelligence (Captain America #400, 1992); learned of Supreme Intelligence's ultimate plan, failed to dissuade Iron Man & other Avengers from attempting to slay Supreme Intelligence (Avengers #347, 1992); returned to Earth, expressed concerns about team conduct (Captain America #401, 1992); accepted Quasar's resignation from Avengers (Quasar #35, 1992); spoke with Hawkeye & Iron Man about Kree/Shi'ar War, reunited with D-Man (Captain America #401, 1992); with Avengers, confronted Rage over activities with New Warriors (New Warriors #26, 1992); alongside Doctor Druid, searched for John Jameson, vs Night Patrol, captured by Dredmund Druid & Nightshade, transformed into lycanthrope, vs Starwolf (Captain America #402-408, 1992); discussed Namor's absence with Namorita (Namor: The Sub-Mariner #26, 1992); with Avengers, responded to emergency (Avengers #350, 1992); advised Major Victory, accompanied him to seek Doctor Strange's assistance (Guardians of the Galaxy #30-32, 1992-1993); alongside Ghost Rider/Dan Ketch, vs Scarecrow (Ghost Rider/Captain America: Fear, 1992); with Avengers, alongside others, opposed Magus (Infinity War #1-2/Alpha Flight #110/Fantastic Four #367/Wonder Man #13/Marc Spector: Moon Knight #41/Infinity War #3/Fantastic Four #368/New Warriors #27/Quasar #38/Warlock and the Infinity Watch #8/Fantastic Four #369/Alpha Flight #111/Infinity War #4/Wonder Man #14/Quasar #39/Infinity War #5/Wonder Man #15/Infinity War #6/Fantastic Four #370, 1992); sent update to Avengers (Thor Annual #17, 1992); sent back in time 5000 years, alongside Gilgamesh, vs Kronans (Captain America Annual #11, 1992); with Avengers, vs Kang's forces (Avengers Annual #21, 1992); with Avengers, vs Elements of Doom (Avengers: Collector's Edition #1, 1993); prevented Joseph Hauer from killing Sir Marcus Grantby-Fox (Super Soldiers #5, 1993); lowered flag in honor of Tony Stark's supposed death (Iron Man #284, 1992); conducted workout at Avengers Mansion, interrupted by Thor/Masterson (Thor #447, 1992); allowed Spider-Man access to files on Red Skull (Amazing Spider-Man #366, 1992); consulted Hawkeye about West Coast Avengers mission (Avengers West Coast #88, 1992); reunited with Falcon, attended Avengers debriefing (Captain America #408, 1992); alongside Falcon, rescued Diamondback from Skeleton Crew (Captain America #409-410, 1992); alongside Iron Man/Jim Rhodes, attended Wakandan conference, alongside Black Panther & Excalibur, vs Icon (Excalibur #59-60, 1992-1993); conducted workout at Avengers Mansion, advised Thor/Masterson (Thor #458, 1993); with Avengers, alongside others, planned attack on Neutron Bum (Slapstick #4, 1993); alongside Nick Fury, vs Hydra (Nick Fury: Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. #43-44, 1993); alongside Falcon & others, infiltrated A.I.M. Weapons Expo, posed as Crossbones, vs various opponents (Captain America #411-413, 1993); alongside Falcon & others, traveled to Wakanda (Captain America #414, 1993); alongside Falcon & others, traveled to Savage Land, vs A.I.M. & High Technician's forces (Captain America #415-417, 1993); encountered Night People (Captain America #418, 1993); returned to Avengers during in-fighting (Avengers #360, 1993); received update from Black Widow (Avengers #360, 1993); with Avengers, clashed with Eternals over Sersi's Mahd Wy'ry (Avengers #361, 1993); with Avengers, vs Anti-Vision (Avengers #362, 1993); with Avengers, vs Gatherers (Avengers #363, 1993); with Avengers, encountered Deathcry (Avengers #364, 1993); with Avengers, vs Galen Kor's Lunatic Legion (Avengers #365-366, 1993); intervened in Rick Jones' custody of Marlo Chandler, vs Hulk (Incredible Hulk #406, 1993); offered assistance to Spider-Man (Spectacular Spider-Man #202, 1993); alongside Spider-Man & Firestar, planned activities against Carnage's Crew (Web of Spider-Man #103, 1993); alongside Spider-Man & others, vs Carnage's Crew (Amazing Spider-Man #380/Spider-Man #37, 1993); alongside Spider-Man & others, defeated Carnage's crew (Spectacular Spider-Man #203, 1993); with Avengers, alongside others, vs Mys-Tech's forces (Mys-Tech Wars #1-4, 1993); reacted to news of Tony Stark's "resurrection" (Iron Man #292, 1993); alongside Edwin Jarvis, reacted to news of She-Hulk's revival (Sensational She-Hulk #55, 1993); with Avengers, considered Moon Knight's membership status (Marc Spector: Moon Knight #50, 1993); briefly recruited into Secret Defenders, vs Xandu (Secret Defenders #6-8, 1993); alongside Silver Sable & Wild Pack, vs Viper's forces (Silver Sable and the Wild Pack #15/Captain America #419, 1993); alongside other heroes, manipulated into serving Goddess, vs unaffected heroes, regained senses (Infinity Crusade #1/Thor #464/Marc Spector: Moon Knight #57/Infinity Crusade #2/Web of Spider-Man #104/Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme #55/Warlock and the Infinity Watch #19/Infinity Crusade #3/Web of Spider-Man #106/Infinity Crusade #4-6, 1993); alongside U.S.Agent & others, manipulated by Kang & Terminatrix (Avengers: The Terminatrix Objective #1-4, 1993); uncovered Power Broker Inc. activities, encountered Bantam/Roberto Velasquez (Captain America Annual #12, 1993); alongside Quasar & S.H.I.E.L.D., raided Red Skull's base, investigated Blazing Skull/Jim Scully, vs Night Shift (Captain America #420, 1993); investigated Doctor Faustus (Captain America #421, 1993); helped Nomad break Faustus' conditioning, stopped Nomad from killing Faustus (Nomad #18/Captain America #421/Nomad #19, 1993); with Avengers, accepted Evilhawk's amulet from Darkhawk (Darkhawk #33, 1993); conducted training workout with Black Widow (Avengers #367, 1993); attended Mockingbird's funeral (Avengers West Coast #100, 1993); with Avengers, received S.H.I.E.L.D.'s warning against involvement in Genoshan crisis (Avengers #368, 1993); with Avengers, intervened in Genoshan crisis, vs Exodus' forces (X-Men #26/Avengers West Coast #101/Uncanny X-Men #307, 1993); with Avengers, alongside X-Men, vs Acolytes (Avengers #369, 1993); participated in decision to disband West Coast Avengers (Avengers West Coast #102, 1994); with Avengers, enthralled by Man-Beast, vs Infinity Watch (Warlock and the Infinity Watch #26-27, 1994); with Avengers, alongside Infinity Watch, vs Man-Beast (Warlock and the Infinity Watch #28, 1994); with Avengers, raided Deviant Lemuria, captured by Karygmax (Avengers #370, 1993); with Avengers, alongside Delta Force, vs Ghaur's forces (Avengers #371, 1993); with Avengers, reacted to murder accusations against Sersi (Avengers #372-373, 1993); at Avengers Mansion, conducted workout with Thunderstrike (Thunderstrike #4, 1994); vs Blistik (Captain America #422, 1993); reunited with Diamondback, moved out of Avengers Mansion, captured Sidewinder (Captain America #424, 1994); alongside Wasp & others, vs Batroc & Hydra (Real Heroes #3, 1994); conducted workout at Avengers Mansion with Captain Marvel/Rambeau (Captain Marvel #1, 1994); alongside New Warriors, vs Drug Lords & Tzin (Captain America: The Drug Wars #1, 1994); learned about deterioration of Super-Soldier Serum (Captain America #425, 1994); alongside Falcon, vs Resistants (Captain America #426, 1994); met with Iron Man, discussed various situations (Iron Man #302-304, 1994); attended Rick Jones' bachelor party & wedding (Incredible Hulk #417-418, 1994); impersonated by Super-Patriot, vs Super-Patriot, rescued by Quicksilver (Captain America #427, 1994); alongside Black Widow, observed fight between Silver Surfer & Human Torch/Storm, contacted Thing (Silver Surfer #93, 1994); alongside Sersi, present at Avengers Mansion (Quasar #58, 1994); with Avengers, searched for Sersi (Avengers #374, 1994); with Avengers, vs Gatherers (Avengers #375, 1994); attempted to capture Punisher (Punisher War Journal #65-66, 1994); vs Americop (Captain America #428, 1994); released from police custody (Captain America #429, 1994); bade Quasar farewell (Quasar #60, 1994); alongside Americop & others, vs Damon Dran's forces (Captain America #429-430, 1994); watched news report of Tony Stark's activities (Iron Man #306, 1994); interfered with Red Skull's search for Hitler's strongbox (Captain America Annual #13, 1994); attended Clarence Duckett's funeral (Captain America Annual #13, 1994); with Avengers, vs Typhon (Avengers Annual #23, 1994); underwent testing by Doctor Kincaid (Captain America #431, 1994); attended Matt Murdock's supposed funeral, vs System Crash (Daredevil #326, 1994); attempted to question Sinclair Spectrum, clashed with Daredevil (Daredevil #327-328, 1994); alongside Daredevil & Iron Fist, vs System Crash (Daredevil #329, 1994); alongside Daredevil, vs Hydra (Daredevil #331-332, 1998); briefly mistook Agamemnon for Bucky (Incredible Hulk #421, 1994); with Avengers, adjusted to Ute's transformation of Avengers Mansion (Avengers #378, 1994); warned Iron Man about War Machine's activities (Force Works #5, 1994); met with Justice (Justice: Four Balance #3, 1994); conducted workout at Avengers Mansion (Avengers #380, 1994); rested at Avengers Mansion (Avengers #382, 1995); alongside Nick Fury, vs Titanium Man & Agent Orange (Captain America/Nick Fury: Blood Truce, 1995); protected airport visitors from Hydra (Skrull Kill Krew #2, 1995); intervened in fight between Skrull Kill Krew & Hydra (Skrull Kill Krew #3, 1995); attempted to take Namor into custody (Namor: The Sub-Mariner #57-58, 1994-1995); advised Giant-Man/Pym during Kosmosian crisis (Avengers #382, 1995); vs Batroc, alongside Iron Man, vs Emil Stein & D.A.N.T.E. (Tales of Suspense #1, 1995); broke up white slavery ring (Marvel Holiday Special 1994, 1994); attended party at Force Works Headquarters (Force Works #8, 1995); alongside Fantastic Force, vs Neo-Adaptoid (Fantastic Force #4, 1995); attended Wonder Man's funeral (Force Works #10/Tales of the Marvels: Wonder Years #2, 1995); attended memorial for Mister Fantastic (Fantastic Four #400, 1995); observed Silver Surfer in flight (Cosmic Powers Unlimited #1, 1995); with Avengers, vs Symbiote invasion (Spectacular Spider-Man Super Special #1, 1995); with Avengers, alongside others, participated in multiversal crisis (Avengers/Ultraforce #1 / Ultraforce/Avengers #1, 1995); alongside Free Spirit & others, vs Baron Helmut Zemo's forces (Captain America #431-434, 1994); alongside Jack Flag, vs Serpent Society & Cobra, underwent muscular paralysis after fighting Cobra & Mister Hyde (Captain America #435-436, 1995); emerged from coma (Captain America #437, 1995); life saved by Iron Man (Iron Man #314, 1995); began using armored exoskeleton, vs Flag-Smasher (Captain America #438, 1995); rescued Bernie Rosenthal from Dead Ringer (Captain America #439, 1995); revealed extent of health condition to Avengers (Avengers #386, 1995); alongside Falcon & others, raided Boca Caliente (Captain America #440, 1995); vs Red Skull on Boca Caliente (Avengers #387, 1995); briefly restored to normal by Cosmic Cube's power (Captain America #441, 1995); refused treatment from Superia, helped renegade Adaptoid defeat Red Skull (Avengers #388, 1995); alongside Vormund, vs Zeitgeist (Captain America #442, 1995); with Avengers, vs power-mad Thunderstrike (Thunderstrike #23-24, 1995); involved in multiversal crisis (DC versus Marvel Comics #1/Marvel Comics versus DC #2/DC versus Marvel Comics #3/Marvel Comics versus DC #4, 1996); vs Nefarius, received warning from Black Crow, attended Arnie Roth's deathbed, conversed with Batroc, vanished from Avengers Mansion (Captain America #443, 1995); restored to health by Red Skull, reunited with Sharon Carter, vs Hate-Monger & Red Skull (Captain America #444-448, 1995-1996); with Avengers, dealt with temporal anomaly (Avengers: Timeslide #1, 1996); with Avengers, delayed by Mandroids, vs Kang's forces (Iron Man #325, 1996); with Avengers, vs disguised Space Phantoms (Avengers #395, 1996); with Avengers, awaited news of Iron Man's recovery (Age of Innocence: The Rebirth of Iron Man, 1996); transported to Earth-93060, helped Prime & Liberty vs Prime of New World (Prime/Captain America #1, 1996); with Avengers, vs Kang-controlled Spider-Man (Spider-Man Team-Up #4, 1996); with Avengers, vs Zodiac/First Sign (Captain America #449/Thor #496/Iron Man #326/Avengers #396, 1996); with Avengers, confronted Hulk in Arctic, observed battle between Thor & Hulk (Incredible Hulk #439-440, 1996); framed for treason by Machinesmith, cleared name (Captain America #450-453, 1996); with Sharon Carter, freed prisoners in Tap-Kwai (Captain America #454, 1996); alongside Falcon & Justice Peace, vs Deathlok/Manning (Marvel Fanfare #1, 1996); with Avengers, vs Loki's forces (Avengers #400, 1996); with Avengers, learned of Onslaught threat from X-Man (Onslaught: X-Men, 1996); with Avengers, alongside X-Men, vs Onslaught's forces (Uncanny X-Men #335, 1996); with Avengers, investigated Onslaught, vs Joseph (Avengers #401, 1996); with Avengers, alongside others, vs Onslaught (X-Men #55, 1996); with Avengers, conducted emergency rescues, vs Holocaust & Post (Avengers #402, 1996); with Avengers, alongside Hulk, prepared to battle Onslaught (Incredible Hulk #445, 1996); alongside Joseph & others, planned assault on Onslaught (X-Men #56, 1996); with Avengers, alongside others, vs Onslaught, seemingly destroyed (Onslaught: Marvel Universe, 1996); Counter-Earth activities foreseen by Uatu the Watcher (Heroes Reborn #½, 1996); vs Counter-Earth Red Skull's forces (Captain America #1, 1996); encountered Counter-Earth Nick Fury (Captain America #2, 1996); with Avengers, freed Thor from suspended animation (Avengers #1, 1996); with Avengers, vs Counter-Earth Kang (Avengers #2-3, 1996-1997); with Avengers, vs Counter-Earth Atlanteans (Fantastic Four #3, 1997); alongside Falcon & Rikki Barnes, vs Counter-Earth Red Skull & others (Captain America #3-6, 1997); with Avengers, vs Counter-Earth Hulk aspect (Avengers #4-6/Iron Man #6, 1997); with Avengers, vs Counter-Earth Masters of Evil (Avengers #7-8, 1997); alongside Cable, vs Counter-Earth M.O.D.O.K. & A.I.M. (Captain America #7, 1997); reacted to Thor's disappearance (Avengers #9, 1997); greeted additions to Avengers lineup (Avengers #10, 1997); with Avengers, vs Loki (Avengers #11, 1997); vs Counter-Earth Sons of the Serpent (Captain America #8-11, 1997); with Avengers, alongside Fantastic Four, vs Galactus (Fantastic Four #12/Avengers #12/Iron Man #12/Captain America #12, 1997); with Avengers, alongside Fantastic Four & others, faced multiversal crisis (Iron Man #13/Avengers #13/Fantastic Four #13/Captain America #13, 1997); with Avengers, alongside others, regained memories, returned to Earth (Heroes Reborn: The Return #3-4, 1997); in Japan, vs Strikeforce Ukiyoe & Lady Deathstrike (Captain America #1, 1998); with Avengers, alongside others, reacted to revelation of Thunderbolts' true identities (Thunderbolts #10, 1998); with Avengers, alongside others, pursued infected Spider-Man (Spider-Man/Kingpin: To the Death #1, 1997); with Avengers, underwent alternate reality experience, vs Morgan Le Fay (Avengers #1-3, 1998); with Avengers, controlled by Baron Helmut Zemo, freed by Thunderbolts (Thunderbolts #11-12, 1998); with Avengers, reacted to news reports on Hornet/Peter Parker (Sensational Spider-Man #28, 1998); recruited by Nick Fury for Latverian mission (Secret War #2, 2004); alongside other heroes, carried out Latverian mission, lost memories of mission (Secret War #5, 2004); vs Hydra, lost shield in Atlantic Ocean (Captain America #2, 1998); tested new shield from Tony Stark, vs Hydra, received duplicate of original shield (Captain America #3, 1998); with Avengers, conducted inquiry on Iron Man's responsibility for events related to Timeslide crisis (Avengers Annual 2001, 2001); with Avengers, discussed new team lineup (Avengers #4, 1998); helped Namor quell Atlantean rebellion (Marvel Team-Up #9, 1998); warned Thing about Namor's activities (Marvel Team-Up #10, 1998); alongside Hawkeye, vs Hydra & Batroc (Captain America #4, 1998); alongside Wolverine, vs Rascal & the Rodents (Wolverine #124, 1998); with Avengers, vs Hydra, impersonated by Sensational Hydra, dealt with results of Sensational Hydra's hysteria-spreading, defeated Sensational Hydra (Captain America #5-7, 1998); alongside Spider-Man & others, intervened in gang war (Spider-Man: Made Men, 1998); sent congratulatory message to wedding of Captain Britain & Meggan (Excalibur #125, 1998); with Avengers, supported Thor during battle with Destroyer (Thor #1-2, 1998); with Avengers, vs Squadron Supreme, learned Corruptor was controlling them (Avengers #5-6, 1998); vs Bron Char's Lunatic Legion, replacement shield damaged (Captain America #8, 1998); with Avengers, vs Bron Char's Lunatic Legion (Avengers #7, 1998); with Avengers, alongside Squadron Supreme, vs Imus Champion (Marvel Comics 1998 Annual Starring Avengers & Squadron Supreme, 1998); acquired photonic shield, possessed by Nightmare, alongside Sharon Carter, defeated Nightmare (Captain America #9-12, 1998); interviewed by television reporters (Fantastic Four #9, 1998); with Avengers, vs Moses Magnum (Avengers #8-9, 1998); with Avengers, alongside Winter Guard, vs Mandarin's forces (Iron Man #10, 1998); with Avengers, spoke to Nick Fury about crisis in Latveria (X-Man #46, 1999); with Avengers, took Rick Jones to medical treatment (Incredible Hulk #470, 1998); with Avengers, brought Rick Jones to Supreme Intelligence for treatment (Avengers Forever #1, 1998); with Avengers, vs Grim Reaper's Legion of the Unliving (Avengers #10-11, 1998); quarreled with Iron Man about memory erasure, alongside him, vs M.O.D.O.K. (Marvel Comics 1998 Annual Starring Iron Man & Captain America, 1998); with Avengers, discussed Spider-Man's disappearance (Amazing Spider-Man #1, 1999); presented award to Jake Olson/Thor (Thor #6, 1998); alongside Citizen V/Dallas Riordan, vs Baron Helmut Zemo & Techno (Marvel Comics 1998 Annual Starring Captain America & Citizen V, 1998); attended Karen Page's funeral (Daredevil #8, 1999); attended super-hero poker game (Wolverine '99 Annual, 1999); with Avengers, watched television report of Thunderbolts' activities (Thunderbolts #0, 1998); with Avengers, vs Thunderbolts, alongside them, vs Dominex (Avengers #12, 1999); with Avengers, vs Protectorate (Avengers '99 Annual, 1999); vs A.I.M. robots (Captain America #13, 1999); recruited by Overboss Dixon to fight Tiamat, possessed by Messiah, freed when Deadpool defeated Messiah (Deadpool #23-25, 1998-1999); with Avengers, vs Pagan & Lord Templar (Avengers #14-15, 1999); with Avengers, alongside Cable, vs Harbinger of Apocalypse (Cable #66-68, 1999); with Avengers, reacted to Genoshan crisis (Magneto Rex #1, 1999); vs Red Skull (Captain America #15-17, 1999); led rebellions against Korvac in 31st century (Captain America #18, 1999); alongside Sharon Carter, defeated Red Skull (Captain America #19, 1999); with Avengers, intervened in riot (Black Panther #8, 1999); spoke to Black Panther about supposed U.S. threat to Wakanda (Black Panther #9, 1999); with Avengers, vs Wrecking Crew (Avengers #16-18, 1999); with Avengers, vs Firebrand/Rick Dennison & Flaming Sword (Avengers #0, 1999); alongside Nova, vs Diamondhead/Arch Dyker (Nova #2, 1999); with Avengers, in Slorenia, vs Ultron (Avengers #19-22, 1999); alongside Earth's other super-heroes, abducted by the Coterie, participated in Coterie's "contest of champions," vs Black Panther, alongside other heroes, rebelled against Coterie (Contest of Champions II #1 & 4-5, 1999); reacted to effects of Vibranium cancer on S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier (Captain America #20, 1999); learned details of Vibranium cancer from Iron Man (Captain America #21, 1999); vs Klaw, regained indestructible shield (Captain America #22, 1999); alongside Tork, assisted Black Panther against Achebe's forces (Black Panther #12, 1999); with Avengers, attended trial of Fantastic Four (Fantastic Four #23, 1999); vs Roxxon-controlled Flag-Smasher (Captain America '99 Annual, 1999); alongside Human Torch/Storm & Sharon Carter, vs Millennium Dawn (Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty #1, 1998); with Avengers, alongside others, vs Galactus & other threats (Galactus the Devourer #1-6, 1998-1999); with Avengers, alongside Fantastic Four, involved in Knorda's manipulation of history (Domination Factor: Avengers #1/Domination Factor: Fantastic Four #3/Domination Factor: Avengers #3/Domination Factor: Fantastic Four #4/Domination Factor: Avengers #4, 1999-2000); alongside Scarlet Witch, promised to aid Fantastic Four during multiversal crisis (Fantastic Four #24, 1999); with Avengers, confronted Leech & Artie (Generation X #59, 2000); investigated treatment of Madan Chakara, uncovered prison abuses (Captain America #23, 1999); with Avengers, assisted Iron Man against Ultimo (Iron Man #25, 1999); vs Hydra, Absorbing Man & Crossbones (Captain America #24, 1999); conducted group training exercise at Avengers Mansion (Avengers #23, 1999); with Avengers, reacted to Doctor Doom's return to Earth (Fantastic Four #26, 2000); reacted to news of wedding of Doctor Doom & Invisible Woman (Fantastic Four #27, 2000); with Avengers, discussed potential threat of Doctor Doom (Fantastic Four #28, 2000); with Avengers, alongside Fantastic Four, provided aid following disaster caused by Mysterio (Thunderbolts #38, 2000); with Avengers, alongside others, vs Exemplars (Avengers #24-25, 2000); departed Avengers Mansion (Avengers #26, 2000); alongside Falcon, vs Hate-Monger, rescued Nick Fury (Captain America #25-27, 2000); alongside Thor, tested shield's properties (Captain America #28, 2000); took leave of absence from Avengers (Avengers #27, 2000); in Savage Land, vs Count Nefaria (Captain America #28-31, 2000); with Avengers, vs Salem's Seven & Sons of the Serpent (Avengers Annual 2000, 2000); vs renegade Mandroids with assistance from Spider-Woman/Mattie Franklin (Spider-Woman #15, 2000); attended Stanley Klein's deathbed (Captain America #32, 2000); with Avengers, alongside Thunderbolts, vs Count Nefaria (Thunderbolts #44/Avengers #34, 2000); in Japan, with Avengers, alongside others, vs Junzo Muto's forces (Iron Fist/Wolverine: The Return of K’un Lun #2-4, 2000-2001); alongside Falcon, vs Cache (Captain America #33-34, 2000); vs Protocide (Captain America #35/Captain America Annual 2000, 2000); with Avengers, alongside others, vs extraterrestrial criminals & Ruul (Captain America #36/Maximum Security #1/Avengers #35/Maximum Security #3, 2000); with Avengers, vs Blood Wraith (Avengers #36-37, 2001); reacted to reports of Black Panther's activities (Black Panther #27, 2001); with Avengers & others, arrived in Centerville to assist Hellcat (Hellcat #3, 2000); vs Protocide (Captain America #37-38, 2001); alongside S.H.I.E.L.D., vs Cache & A.I.M. (Captain America #39, 2001); with Avengers, alongside others, provided aid during national catastrophe (Amazing Spider-Man #36/Captain America #1, 2001/2002); interviewed concerning looming Genoshan crisis (X-Men #111, 2001); with Avengers, vs Diablo (Avengers #38-40, 2001); manipulated into fighting U.S.Agent (U.S.Agent #2-3, 2001); testified at hearing on Black Panther's activities, spoke with Black Panther (Black Panther #30, 2001); infiltrated A.I.M. base (Captain America #40, 2001); vs Batroc, encountered Red Skull & stolen S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier (Captain America #41, 2001); in Khamiskan, vs Crimson Dynamo, ended Answer/David Ferrari's terrorism activities, identity recognized by Connie Ferrari (Captain America #42-43, 2001); vs Taskmaster, relationship with Connie Ferrari ended (Captain America #44, 2001); interviewed by Beatrice Walders on "20 Vision" (Iron Man #39, 2001);with Avengers, vs Gorgilla (Defenders #1, 2001); introduced to Redeemers as their new leader (Thunderbolts #50, 2001); with Redeemers, vs Bucky/Rikki Barnes & Young Allies in Latveria (Thunderbolts #51-52, 2001); with Avengers, investigated Khystym, vs Presence (Avengers #41-44, 2001); questioned Happy Hogan about Tony Stark's whereabouts (Iron Man #42, 2001); discussed Brethren of the Blue Fist with Tigra (Tigra #1, 2002); with Avengers, supported Iron Man in Sarawak (Iron Man Annual 2001, 2001); alongside Nick Fury & Iron Man, searched for signs of Red Skull's activities (Captain America #45, 2001); invaded stolen S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier, alongside Sharon Carter & others, vs Red Skull & Hate-Monger, held memorial to honor Bucky (Captain America #46-48, 2001); with Redeemers, arrived following Charcoal's battle with Imperial Forces (Thunderbolts #53, 2001); turned command of Redeemers over to Citizen V not realizing he was Helmut Zemo (Thunderbolts #54, 2001); alongside Earth's other super-heroes, immobilized by Graviton (Thunderbolts #57, 2001); attempted to reconcile with Connie Ferrari (Captain America #49, 2002); vs Absorbing Man (Captain America #50, 2002); visited France (Captain America #50, 2002); reconciled with Sharon Carter (Captain America #50, 2002); alongside Spider-Man & others, attended charity auction (Spider-Man: Sweet Charity #1, 2002); defeated Skull Suicide Cult (Captain America #50, 2002); with Avengers, planned strategies for war against Kang (Avengers #45, 2001); with Avengers, vs Kang's forces (Avengers #46, 2001); with Avengers, attempted to break through Kang's defenses (Avengers #48, 2002); with Avengers, vs Jonathan Tremont in space, learned Earth had surrendered to Kang (Avengers #50, 2002); with Avengers, vs Kang's forces (Avengers #52-53, 2002); defeated Kang in hand-to-hand combat (Avengers #54, 2002); visited White House, received decades-old file on Operation: Rebirth, requested recognition for Karinna Rose's assistance during 1944 incident (Captain America Annual 2001, 2001); worked with stranded military unit, discovered illegal activities (Captain America: Dead Men Running #1-3, 2002); headed inquiry into Warbird's activities, joined Iron Man & Wasp in honoring Duane Freeman's death (Avengers #55, 2002); with Avengers, defeated by Harald Jaekelsson's forces (Thor: Vikings #3, 2003); with Avengers, involved in multiversal crisis (JLA/Avengers #1 / Avengers/JLA #2 / JLA/Avengers #3 / Avengers/JLA #4, 2003); with Avengers, alongside others, opposed Akhenaten (Marvel Universe: The End #1-6, 2003-2004); with Avengers, vs Elements of Doom (Avengers #56, 2002); with Avengers, alongside others, vs Order (Order #2-3 & 5-6, 2002); with Avengers, met with Black Panther (Black Panther #41, 2002); attended Avengers meeting to discuss Black Panther (Black Panther #42, 2002); signed autographs for fans (Tigra #4, 2002); met with U.S. President (Alias #4, 2002); departed home of Miranda (Alias #1, 2001); met with Jessica Jones to thank her for handling of potential blackmail case (Alias #5, 2002); attended Tigra's police academy graduation (Tigra #4, 2002); received crank call from Deadpool (Deadpool #69, 2002); with Avengers, vs Scorpio & Zodiac Key (Avengers #56-60, 2003); met with Gyrich, reorganized Avengers lineup (Avengers #61, 2003); with Avengers, received information on Khan's invasion of Madripoor (X-Treme X-Men #11, 2002); with armed forces, prepared to oppose Khan's forces (X-Treme X-Men #13, 2002); with Avengers, led relief forces following Khan's defeat (X-Treme X-Men #18, 2002); with Avengers, reacted to Loki's pranks (Double-Shot #2, 2003); manipulated by various parties in Las Vegas (Captain America: What Price Glory #1-4, 2003); alongside Spider-Man, vs Latverian Liberation Front, introduced to Mary Jane Watson (Amazing Spider-Man #50, 2003); vs Faysal al-Tariq, forced to kill him, revealed identity to world (Captain America #2-3, 2002); tracked source of al-Tariq's technology, vs terrorist in Germany (Captain America #4-6, 2002); vs Barricade (Captain America #7, 2003); investigated cloning program, alongside Thor, vs Inali Redpath (Captain America #7-11, 2003); allied with Hana of Atlantis, vs Interrogator (Captain America #12-16, 2003); met Rebecca Quan (Captain America #21, 2004); became involved in military operations in Cuba (Captain America #22-25, 2004); intervened in battle between Thor & Iron Man (Iron Man #64/Avengers #63, 2003); questioned Phillip Merritt in prison (Truth: Red, White, & Black #6, 2003); questioned Colonel Walker Price about Isaiah Bradley (Truth: Red, White, & Black #7, 2003); discussed Isaiah Bradley with Faith Bradley, met Isaiah (Truth: Red, White, & Black #5 & 7, 2003, 2003); landed damaged airplane, saved passengers' lives (Captain America #26, 2004); with Avengers, present during confrontation between Jessica Jones & Ms. Marvel (Alias #24, 2003); with Avengers, present when Jessica Jones defeated Purple Man (Alias #28, 2004); with Avengers, responded to Red Zone crisis (Avengers #65, 2003); with Avengers, traced Red Zone to U.S. bio-weapons lab (Avengers #66, 2003); learned details of Red Zone's origins (Avengers #67-68, 2003); with Avengers, vs Red Skull (Avengers #69-70, 2003); with Avengers, arrived in Bone, Idaho in search of She-Hulk (Avengers #72, 2003); with Avengers, alongside Hulk, vs out-of-control She-Hulk (Avengers #73-75, 2003-2004); with Avengers, discussed Jack of Hearts' condition (Avengers #76, 2004); alongside Iron Man, rescued submarine crew (Iron Man #73, 2003); with Avengers, watched Tony Stark's press conference (Iron Man #75, 2004); alongside others, assisted in rebuilding Manhattan following Magneto/Xorn's attack (X-Treme X-Men #46, 2004); with Avengers, vs Wrecking Crew (Avengers #77-78, 2004); reacted to apparent death of Kelsey Leigh (Avengers #79, 2004); with Avengers, vs Wrecking Crew & Morgan Le Fay (Avengers #80-81, 2004); discussed Captain Britain/Kelsey Leigh with Iron Man & Giant-Man/Pym (Avengers #82, 2004); with Avengers, dined at Avengers Mansion (Avengers #83, 2004); with Avengers, encountered Thin Man's Invaders (Avengers #84/New Invaders #0, 2004); attended Tony Stark's Secretary of Defense swearing-in ceremony (Iron Man #79, 2004); at Avengers Mansion, conducted training session with Hawkeye (Hawkeye #7, 2004); alongside Iron Man, vs robot insects from alternate Earth (Captain America #27, 2004); encountered Isaiah Bradley & Becky Barnes of alternate Earth (Captain America #28, 2004); offered assistance to Daredevil (Daredevil #65 , 2004); attended Franklin Richards' birthday party (4 #1, 2004); investigated Falcon's activities (Captain America and the Falcon #1, 2004); alongside Scarlet Witch, traveled to Cuba in search of Falcon (Captain America and the Falcon #2, 2004); vs Anti-Cap (Captain America and the Falcon #3-4, 2004); with Avengers, intervened in activities of Runaways (Runaways #17, 2004); issued public statement about Runaways (Runaways #18, 2004); with Avengers, intervened in Thunderbolts' activities (Avengers/Thunderbolts #1-6, 2004); with Avengers, assisted X-Statix in retrieving Doop’s brain (X-Statix #21, 2004); retrieved Doop brain fragment in Thailand, vs Anarchist (X-Statix #22, 2004); retrieved Iron Man following his battle with Mister Sensitive (X-Statix #24, 2004); vs Anarchist at Avengers/X-Statix meeting (X-Statix #25, 2004); with Avengers, vs Ani-Men (GLA #1, 2005); with Avengers, vs M.O.D.O.K., A.I.M., & Blizzard (She-Hulk #1, 2004); alongside Iron Man, rescued fire victims (Thor #80, 2004); alongside Iron Man, accompanied Thor to Asgard (Thor #81, 2004); alongside Falcon, investigated U.S. government's involvement with Rivas drug cartel (Captain America and the Falcon #5-7, 2004); with Avengers, met with Spider-Man regarding crisis orchestrated by Green Goblin/Norman Osborn (Marvel Knights: Spider-Man #2, 2004); with Avengers, alongside others, assisted Spider-Man against Sinister Twelve (Marvel Knights: Spider-Man #11, 2005); with Avengers, opposed effects of Scarlet Witch's out-of-control power (Avengers #500-503, 2004); vs Hydra, encountered Diamondback LMD (Captain America #29, 2004); vs Batroc, abducted by Serpent Society, alongside Diamondback LMD, vs Serpent Society (Captain America #30-31, 2004); vs Red Skull (Captain America #32, 2004); alongside Spider-Man & others, vs Queen (Spectacular Spider-Man #15-20, 2004); attended Avengers reunion (Avengers: Finale #1, 2004); with Avengers, alongside others, attended funeral services for apparently deceased Avengers, present when Hercules disrupted services (Hercules #1, 2005); attacked by Lady Octopus & Hobgoblin (Secret War #3, 2004); confronted Nick Fury in Cage's hospital room (Secret War #2-3/Pulse #6, 2005); met with Nick Fury & others, alongside them, vs Countess Lucia von Bardas' forces (Secret War #3-5, 2004); alongside Falcon & others, vs M.O.D.O.K. (Captain America and the Falcon #8-12, 2004-2005); alongside Falcon, vs Anti-Cap (Captain America and the Falcon #13-14, 2005); alongside Falcon, vs Hydra, contacted Nick Fury (Wolverine #23, 2005); defeated Hydra-brainwashed Wolverine, attempted to prevent Xavier Institute students from seeing aftermath of Wolverine's attack (Wolverine #25/New X-Men: Academy X #13, 2005); vs terrorists on train (Captain America #1, 2005); learned of Red Skull's apparent death, vs A.I.M. agents (Captain America #2-3, 2005); vs Crossbones at Arlington National Cemetery (Captain America #4, 2005); met with Nick Fury (Captain America #5, 2005); visited site of May 1945 mission, rescued Sharon Carter (Captain America #6, 2005); vs A.I.M. agents, learned Winter Soldier was Bucky (Captain America #8, 2005); alongside Nick Fury & S.H.I.E.L.D., raided Aleksander Lukin's base, received dossier on Winter Soldier's activities (Captain America #11, 2005); discussed Winter Soldier with Sharon Carter (Captain America #12, 2005); alongside Falcon & Iron Man, vs A.I.D. agents (Captain America #13, 2006); helped Winter Soldier regain memories (Captain America #14, 2006); alongside other heroes, contained Raft breakout, began process of organizing new Avengers lineup (New Avengers #1-3, 2005); with Avengers, pursued Sauron to Savage Land, vs Savage Land Mutates (New Avengers #4-6, 2005); alongside Iron Man & Spider-Man, gathered data relating to Raft escapees (Spider-Man: Breakout #2, 2005); with Avengers, tracked Raft escapees (Spider-Man: Breakout #4-5, 2005); organized Avengers training session, reacted to disagreement between Spider-Man & Wolverine (Marvel Knights: Spider-Man #13-14, 2005); with Avengers, confronted Ethan Edwards (Marvel Knights: Spider-Man #18, 2005); alongside Black Widow & others, vs Iron Maniac (Marvel Team-Up #6, 2005); confronted Thin Man over Invaders' activities, accompanied Invaders in attacking U-Man's forces (New Invaders #7-8, 2005); alongside Invaders, vs Axis Mundi's forces, honored apparent death of Human Torch/Hammond (New Invaders #9, 2005); with Avengers, alongside others, reacted to threat posed by Sentry (New Avengers #7-10, 2005); with Avengers, alongside others, vs Hydra invasion (New Thunderbolts #6, 2005); with Avengers, met Invincible (Marvel Team-Up #14, 2006); spoke with Hercules, struck down by him to obtain shield for reality TV show (Hercules #4, 2005); with Avengers, alongside others, attended Hercules' wrap party (Hercules #5, 2005); with Avengers, alongside Fantastic Four, encountered Kree soldiers released from suspended animation (New Avengers Guest Starring the Fantastic Four, 2005); with Avengers, met May Parker, welcomed Parker family to Avengers Tower (Amazing Spider-Man #519, 2005); with Avengers, vs Hydra Super-Agents (Amazing Spider-Man #520, 2005); discussed Hydra with Spider-Man (Amazing Spider-Man #521, 2005); with Avengers, vs Hydra Super-Agents (Amazing Spider-Man #523-524, 2005); alongside Iron Man, spoke to Jessica Jones about Young Avengers, met with Young Avengers, alongside them, vs Kang (Young Avengers #1-6, 2005); with Avengers, alongside X-Men, discussed Scarlet Witch (House of M #1, 2005); lived altered life in "House of M" reality (Captain America #10/House of M #2 & 5, 2005); with Avengers, alongside X-Men, discussed aftermath of "House of M" (House of M #8, 2005); alongside others, controlled by Purple Man (New Thunderbolts #12, 2005); alongside Spider-Woman/Drew, observed Jennifer Walters defeat muggers (She-Hulk #1, 2005); with Avengers, attempted to capture Cloak, visited hospitalized Dagger, confronted Father Lantom, opposed by Molly Hayes, failed to capture Cloak (Runaways #9-12, 2006); attempted to persuade Daredevil to assist Avengers (New Avengers #11, 2005); with Avengers, alongside Ronin, vs Hand (New Avengers #11-13, 2005-2006); questioned Spider-Woman/Drew about her involvement with Hydra (New Avengers #14, 2006); had conversation with Ms. Marvel/Carol Danvers, accompanied other Avengers in making public announcement of new lineup (New Avengers #15, 2006); with Avengers, vs Thunderbolts (New Thunderbolts #13-14, 2005-2006); discussed Young Avengers with Iron Man & Jessica Jones (Young Avengers #7, 2005); met with Faith Bradley, with Avengers, confronted Young Avengers (Young Avengers #8, 2005); conducted martial arts exercise for Spider-Man & Mary Jane (Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #1, 2005); played pool with Mary Jane (Marvel Knights: Spider-Man #19, 2005); with Avengers, rushed Spider-Man to medical care following his battle with Morlun (Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #3, 2006); consoled Mary Jane & May following Spider-Man's apparent death (Marvel Knights: Spider-Man #21, 2006); with Avengers, discussed Spider-Man's resurrection (Amazing Spider-Man #527/Marvel Knights: Spider-Man #22, 2006); attended trial of Matt Murdock (Daredevil #81, 2006); recruited by Nick Fury to infiltrate Providence, confronted by & vs Cable (Cable & Deadpool #24-25, 2006); with Avengers, alongside Dum-Dum Dugan, consulted Emma Frost (Wolverine #36, 2006); with Avengers, departed S.H.I.E.L.D. headquarters (Wolverine #37, 2006); received telephone call from Wolverine (Wolverine #38, 2006); declined to testify at Starfox's trial (She-Hulk #7, 2006); delivered public statement about Young Avengers (Young Avengers #9, 2005); with Avengers, alongside Young Avengers, vs Skrulls & Kree, agreed to train Young Avengers (Young Avengers #11-12, 2006); with Avengers, vs Attuma's forces (Sentry #1, 2005); alongside Spider-Man & others, spoke to Paul Sidorsky about dealing with parents' deaths (Spider-Man Unlimited #12, 2006); with Avengers, vs Collective (New Avengers #17-20, 2006); with Avengers, took Jessica Jones to Doctor Strange's Sanctum Sanctorum, present at birth of her baby (Pulse #12-13, 2006); with Avengers, vs Black Widow/ Yelena Belova, attended wedding of Cage & Jessica Jones (New Avengers Annual #1, 2006); alongside Sharon Carter, vs Hydra agents, spoke with Ms. Marvel by phone (Ms. Marvel #1, 2006); alongside others, attended Thing's super-hero poker tournament (Thing #8, 2006); alongside X-Men, vs Wolverine (Wolverine: Origins #3-5, 2006); vs A.I.M. agents, inadvertently lost cosmic-powered ring (Marvel Team-Up #20, 2006); with Avengers, vs Iron Maniac, saved when Freedom Ring sacrificed life, attended Freedom Ring's funeral (Marvel Team-Up #22-24, 2006); with Avengers, alongside others, vs Titannus (Marvel Team-Up #25, 2006); began search for Winter Soldier (Captain America: 65th Anniversary Special, 2006); alongside Sharon Carter, searched for Winter Soldier, vs R.A.I.D. agents (Captain America #16-17, 2006); reunited with Spitfire & Union Jack/Joey Chapman, vs Red Skull's forces (Captain America #18-21, 2006); consulted by Union Jack/Chapman (Union Jack #3, 2007); alongside others, attended super-hero Christmas party at Doctor Strange's Sanctum Sanctorum, vs Virgie Hanlon's Santron (Marvel Holiday Special, 2006); with Avengers, confronted Iron Man following battle with Crimson Dynamo (Iron Man #7, 2006); with Avengers, vs Graviton (Iron Man #8, 2006); with Avengers, alongside Fantastic Four, acted as peacekeepers at London peace summit (Iron Man #10-11, 2006); with Avengers, vs forces of Son of Yinsen (Iron Man #12, 2006); alongside Spider-Man, conversed with Human Torch/Storm, departed in response to emergency signal (Fantastic Four Special #1, 2006); with Avengers, received announcement of wedding of Black Panther & Storm (Black Panther #16, 2006); with Avengers & others, provided emergency assistance following Stamford disaster, discussed possible repercussions (Civil War #1/Wolverine #42, 2006); rebelled against Superhuman Registration Act, vs S.H.I.E.L.D. agents (Civil War #1, 2006); met with Sharon Carter (Captain America #22, 2006); vs Cape-Killers, recruited Falcon for anti-SHRA efforts (New Avengers #21, 2006); met with John Jameson (She-Hulk #8, 2006); with Secret Avengers, vs Iron Man's pro-registration forces (Amazing Spider-Man #534/Fantastic Four #539, 2006); vs Hydra agents, assisted against S.H.I.E.L.D. Cape-Killers by Sharon Carter (Captain America #24, 2007); attempted to recruit Ms. Marvel into Secret Avengers (Ms. Marvel #5-6, 2006); with Secret Avengers, rescued Young Avengers (Civil War #2, 2006); visited Wakanda to attend wedding of Black Panther & Storm, prematurely departed following argument with Iron Man (Black Panther #18, 2006); met with Baron Zemo (Thunderbolts #104-105, 2006); met with Cable (Cable & Deadpool #30, 2006); with Secret Avengers, vs Deadpool (Cable & Deadpool #31, 2006); provided X-Men with information (Civil War: X-Men #2, 2006); recruited Spider-Woman/Drew into Secret Avengers (New Avengers #23, 2006); with Secret Avengers, vs pro-registration forces (Civil War #3-4/Civil War: Front Line #6, 2006); forbade Young Avengers from approaching Runaways (Civil War: Young Avengers & Runaways #1, 2006); alongside other heroes, dealt with consequences of Universal Wellspring's effects (Thunderbolts #107-108, 2006-2007); met with Iron Man at Avengers Mansion (Iron Man/Captain America, 2007); worked with Kingpin to undermine pro-registration efforts (Civil War: War Crimes #1, 2007); recruited Spider-Man into Secret Avengers (Amazing Spider-Man #537, 2007); approached by Punisher with offer of assistance, accepted him into Secret Avengers (Civil War #5/Punisher War Journal #1-2, 2007); interviewed by Sally Floyd (Civil War: Front Line #8-9, 2007); recruited Black Panther into Secret Avengers (Black Panther #23, 2007); expelled Punisher from Secret Avengers for murdering Goldbug & Plunderer (Civil War #6/Punisher War Journal #2, 2007); with Secret Avengers, freed SHRA detainees, vs Iron Man’s pro-registration forces, surrendered to authorities (Civil War #6-7, 2007); en route to trial, assassinated by brainwashed Sharon Carter (Captain America #25, 2007); body sought by Wolverine & Daredevil as proof of his death (Fallen Son: The Death of Captain America - Wolverine, 2007); death discussed by Avengers & Thing during poker game (Fallen Son: The Death of Captain America - Avengers, 2007)


First Appearance: Marvel Treasury Special: Captain America's Bicentennial Battles (1976)
Origin: Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Deluxe Edition #3 (1986)
Significant Issues: Sent Captain America on journey through America’s past & future (Marvel Treasury Special: Captain America's Bicentennial Battles, 1976); sent four Captain America’s to defeat Adam II of reality-8206 (Captain America Annual #6, 1982); assisted Origin, aided Quasar in finding Eternity (Quasar #37, 1992); sent Iron Fist on Anomaly Gem quest (Marvel Comics Presents #125-132, 1993); communed with Iron Fist (Spider-Man Unlimited #13, 1996); led Iron Fist to restore Steel Serpent & ultimately regain full power & harmony (Iron Fist #1-2, 1996); summoned to Godthab Omega by Glorian (Annihilation: Ronan #3, 2006); imposter joined Elders of the Universe in plot to assassinate Galactus, Elders cast into black hole but imposter escaped, Galactus sent Silver Surfer to find him (Silver Surfer #3 & 7-10, 1987 & 1988); imposter allied with Reptyl vs Silver Surfer & Nova, devoured by Reptyl after defeat (Silver Surfer #12, 1988); portion of imposter’s head seen floating in space (Silver Surfer #13, 1988); imposter initiated alliance with Clumsy Foulup to gain vengeance on Reptyl (Silver Surfer #20, 1989); imposter’s alliance with Obliterator revealed (Silver Surfer #21, 1989); imposter manipulated Foulup into alliance with Kree against Reptyl & Skrulls (Silver Surfer #25-27, 1989); imposter guided Foulup to stab Reptyl (Silver Surfer #29, 1989); Foulup welcomed as hero to Kree, imposter plotted takeover of Supreme Intelligence, Kree leader Nenora exposed as Skrull (Silver Surfer #30, 1989); imposter took over Supreme Intelligence in plot to rule Kree Empire, seemingly destroyed by Cotati (Silver Surfer #31, 1989); imposter investigated Origin, stole one of Quasar’s Quantum Bands, power went out of control, right arm amputated by Quasar to save his life, exposed as Skrull by Judicator who took him away to find original & try imposter in accordance with cosmic law (Quasar #47-48, 1993)

Crimson Dynamo

First Appearance: (Anton Vanko, Mark I) Tales of Suspense #46 (1963); (Boris Turgenov) Tales of Suspense #52 (1964); (Alex Nevsky) Iron Man #15 (1969); (Mark III) Iron Man #21 (1970); (Yuri Petrovich) Champions #7 (1976); (Dimitri Bukharin) Iron Man #109 (1978); (Mark IV-X) X-Factor Annual #1 (1986); (Mark IV) X-Men vs the Avengers #1 (1987); (Valentin Shatalov) Iron Man #255 (1990); (Airstrike) Soviet Super Soldiers Special Edition #1 (1992); (Mark V) Iron Man #316 (1995); (Gennady Gavrilov, Mark II) Crimson Dynamo #1 (2003)
Significant Issues: Built by Vanko (Tales of Suspense #46, 1963); Turgenov wore armor, Turgenov & Vanko both killed, Mark I destroyed (Tales of Suspense #52, 1964); Vanko revealed to have built Unicorn horn (Tales of Suspense #56, 1964); Nevsky built Mark III armor (Iron Man #15, 17-19 & 21-22, 1969-1970); Nevsky with Titanic Three (Avengers #130/Giant-Size Avengers #3, 1974-1975); Nevsky arrested by Vietnamese (Iron Man #73-74, 1975); Petrovich wore Mark III against Champions (Champions #7-10, 1976-1977); Bukharin wore Mark III to moon with Soviet Super-Soldiers (Iron Man #109-112, 1978); with Soviet Super-Soldiers, vs Spider-Man & Hulk (Marvel Team-Up Annual #2, 1979); with Soviet Super-Soldiers, pursued Silver Surfer (Incredible Hulk #250, 1980); with Soviet Super-Soldiers, vs Professor Phobos & Presence (Incredible Hulk #258-259, 1981); with Soviet Super-Soldiers, vs Red Ghost (Marvel Super Hero Contest of Champions #1, 1982); Bukharin vs Human Torch & Black Panther (Marvel Team-Up Annual #7, 1984); Gremlin wore Mark IV-X to guard mutant containment facility (X-Factor Annual #1, 1986); Gremlin wore Mark IV, with Soviet Super-Soldiers, vs Magneto, expelled by Soviet Super-Soldiers (X-Men vs the Avengers #1-3, 1987); Iron Man’s Negator Pack damaged Mark IV (Iron Man #229, 1988); with Supreme Soviets, sent after Soviet Super-Soldiers (Captain America #352-353, 1989); Shatalov staked claim to Mark IV armor, Bukharin became Airstrike (Soviet Super Soldiers Special Edition #1, 1992); with People's Protectorate, Bukharin wore Mark IV vs Peace Corpse & Atlanteans (Avengers #319-324, 1990); Shatalov switched minds with Stark (Iron Man #255, 1990); Bukharin wore Mark IV-X vs Hulk (Incredible Hulk #393, 1992); Stark wore Mark V against Titanium Man, Shatalov forced to give up armor (Iron Man #316-317, 1995); Captain America faced Mark IV-X (Captain America #42-43, 2001); von Bardas modified Mark IV-X (Secret War #3-5, 2004-2005); Mark II found by Gavrilov (Crimson Dynamo #1-6, 2003); unidentified wearer robbed New York bank, stopped by Iron Man (Iron Man #7, 2006)

DuChamp, Jean Paul

First Appearance: Werewolf By Night #32 (1975)
Origin: Moon Knight #1 (1980), Moon Knight #11 (1981)
Significant Issues: Aided Moon Knight in hunt for Werewolf/Jack Russell (Werewolf By Night #32-33, 1975); role in Moon Knight's origin revealed (Moon Knight #1, 1980); helped Moon Knight dismantle Committee (Moon Knight #4, 1981); reunited with Isabelle Kristel, sought vengeance on Cajun Creed for her death (Moon Knight #11, 1981); nearly killed by Killer Shrike (Marc Spector: Moon Knight #10, 1990); vs Killer Shrike (Marc Spector: Moon Knight #34, 1992); legs broken in explosion caused by Randall Spector (Marc Spector: Moon Knight #35, 1992); first became Bloodline as Henri Remont (Marc Spector: Moon Knight #50, 1993); first became Pierre LaTrec (Marc Spector: Moon Knight #54, 1993); revealed to be gay, nearly killed by Committee agent (Moon Knight #3, 2006)


First Appearance: (Behind the Scenes) Supernatural Thrillers #7 (1974); (fully) Supernatural Thrillers #8 (1974)
Significant Issues: Banished from Earth via Ruby Scarab by Dann & Garret (Supernatural Thrillers #14, 1975); transported N’Kantu to their realm, sent him to retrieve Scarab (Supernatural Thrillers #7-8, 1974); N’Kantu defeated Living Pharaoh, Scarab stolen by Asp (Supernatural Thrillers #9, 1974); Zephyr sent to Earth to facilitate Scarab retrieval (Supernatural Thrillers #10, 1975); Hellfire, Hydron, Magnum captured Zephyr & Olldan (Supernatural Thrillers #11, 1975); N’Kantu & allies overpowered, fled from Hellfire, Hydron & Magnum (Supernatural Thrillers #12, 1975); Hellfire, Hydron & Magnum placed force field around & conquered Cairo, assaulted surrounding nations, Zephyr escaped with aid of N’Kantu & allies (Supernatural Thrillers #13, 1975); Hellfire, Hydron & Magnum confronted Zephyr, N’Kantu & allies (Supernatural Thrillers #14, 1975); Hellfire, Hydron & Magnum took Scarab, Doctor Skarab accessed its energies & transported them all to dimensional aleph where he & his allies gained greater control over Scarab’s energies, Hellfire, Hydron & Magnum cast into vortex (Supernatural Thrillers #15, 1975); Hellfire, Hydron & Magnum freed, joined Hecate in seeking Scarab, betrayed Hecate upon gaining Scarab, defeated by Hecate & Ms. Marvel (Ms. Marvel #11-12, 1977)

Flying Tiger

First Appearance: Spider-Woman #40 (1981)
Significant Issues: Attacked & nearly killed Spider-Woman/Jessica Drew, spoke of his football past, began working for General Nguyen Ngoc Coy, vs Spider-Woman again when she interfered with Coy’s protection racket, defeated by Spider-Woman & turned over to police (Spider-Woman #40, 1981); captured & imprisoned by Locksmith & Ticktock, freed after Spider-Woman, Gypsy Moth & others led mass escape (Spider-Woman #50, 1983); abducted Regis Fuskey in South American nation on General Coy’s behalf as favor to nation’s rebel forces, defeated by Fuskey’s bodyguard Iron Man (Iron Man #177, 1983); among villains mind-controlled into attacking Fantastic Four by Doctor Doom, captured by Ms. Marvel/Sharon Ventura (Fantastic Four #335, 1989); transferred to custody of Vault under supervision of Avengers & Fantastic Four (Avengers Spotlight #29, 1990); among criminals at Springdale, Connecticut Bar With No Name, spoke with Doctor H.M. Virgil & Peter Sanderson (Marvel Year-in-Review ’92, 1992); attended A.I.M. weapons expo, bickered with Falcon disguised as Jack O’ Lantern, watched exhibition matches staged by Batroc pitting Captain America disguised as Crossbones against various opponents, among horde of villains who attacked Captain America after he was exposed, alongside Killer Shrike, vs Falcon (Captain America #411-413, 1993); joined Crimson Cowl’s Masters of Evil, with Masters, hired by new underworld cabal to confiscate contents of warehouse from uncooperative mob boss but thwarted by Black Widow & Thunderbolts, provided security for cabal’s transaction with Arms Merchant but forced to flee by Thunderbolts (Thunderbolts #3, 1997); with Masters, defeated Thunderbolts, offered to recruit Thunderbolts, defeated Thunderbolts again when heroes refused, failed to prevent Thunderbolts' rescue by Hawkeye disguised as Dreadknight, alluded to his supposed past with historical Flying Tigers (Thunderbolts #18-20, 1998); with Masters, terrorized Robinette, Nebraska & lured Thunderbolts into ambush there, used weather control to demolish Robinette & stage grandiose global blackmail scheme, alongside most of the other Masters, defeated & captured by Thunderbolts (Thunderbolts #24-25, 1999)

Gun Runner

First Appearance: Gun Runner #1 (1993)
Significant Issues: Sent to Earth, befriended by Gale Patric, attacked by Cynodd (Gun Runner #1, 1993); vs Ghost Rider, attacked Cynodd base, stole Cynodd space shuttle (Gun Runner #2, 1993); returned to Warbird, relocated Smith & Heavy Duty (Gun Runner #3, 1993); vs Zoo, relocated Lure, learnt that Vassyra had been laid to waste by Cynodd (Gun Runner #4, 1994); vs legion of Cynodd dog-soldiers, returned to Earth to save it from Synergyst (Gun Runner #5, 1994); defeated Zoo, Shakata & their Synergyst, resumed travels (Gun Runner #6, 1994); witnessed arrival of Annihilation Wave on planet Godthab Omega (Annihilation: Ronan #3, 2006)


First Appearance: Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man #4 (1977)
Origin: Amazing Spider-Man #175 (1977)
Significant Issues: As lieutenant in U.S. Marine Corps, came upon wounded Frank Castle in Southeast Asia, rescued him, told Castle he owed him a life, discharged as mentally unfit two months later (Amazing Spider-Man #175, 1977); reference to teaching "back in the old days" (Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man #5, 1977); hired by Syndicate as answer to Punisher, hired by Boss Morgan to kill Spider-Man in order to deprive Vulture of his revenge, stepped in when Vulture knocked Spider-Man unconscious (Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man #4, 1977); brought Vulture & Spider-Man together again, intended to kill Spider-Man as Vulture swooped in for kill, fled after Spider-Man feigned weakness & maneuvered Vulture into bullet destroying his power pack (Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man #5, 1977); hired by People’s Liberation Front to kidnap J. Jonah Jameson, opposed by Spider-Man & Punisher, escaped with Jameson in two-person helicopter (Amazing Spider-Man #174, 1977); took Jameson to Liberty Island which was taken over by People’s Liberation Front, killed PLF leader when leader stopped him from leaving, vs Spider-Man & Punisher on top of Statue of Liberty, fell off Statue & clung to crown as did Spider-Man, reminded Punisher that he owed him a life but Punisher rescued Spider-Man & Jameson instead, declared that those lives counted as paying the debt & that they were even, fell from Statue to his apparent death (Amazing Spider-Man #175, 1977)

Hulk of 2099 A.D.

First Appearance and Origin: 2099 Unlimited #1 (1993)
Significant Issues: Tried to sign up Knights of Banner, betrayed them to corporate security, tried to stop Sweet Dreams massacring them, exposed to Knight’s gamma ray device, became Hulk, prevented Sweet Dreams assassinating Quirk, began hunt for Gawain (2099 Unlimited #1, 1993); hunt led to Thirty-Mile Mall, vs Mall-Trolls, discovered Gawain in Sweat Tech hands but lost him again during explosion (2099 Unlimited #2, 1993); helped refugees cross canal into California, vs Water God (2099 Unlimited #3, 1994); vs Perfect Man (2099 Unlimited #4, 1994); lured into trap by estranged sister Marian, vs Vulx (2099 Unlimited #5, 1994); located Gawain, vs Golden One & his mutates, rescued Gawain (2099 Unlimited #6, 1994); protected striking union workers from Draco’s druids, announced decision to leave Los Angeles (Spider-Man 2099 #25, 1994); vs Draco’s druids in Lotusland, learned Draco was investigating Knights of Banner & himself (Ravage 2099 #25, 1994); inspired Lotusland employees to revolt against Draco’s hostile takeover of Lotusland, Gawain died saving John, vs Draco (Hulk 2099 #1-2, 1994-1995); Cybershaman shut down Los Angeles, offered to make Hulk king of new realm, Hulk rejected offer & shut down Cybershaman (Hulk 2099 #3-4, 1995); Hulk & Eisenhart personalities began to diverge, vs Doctor Apollo (Hulk 2099 #5-6, 1995); tried to obtain alien jar to resurrect Gawain, alongside Meanstreak, Ghost Rider, Halloween Jack & Punisher, vs Theatre of Pain (2099 AD #1, 1995); resisted President Doom’s takeover of Lotusland, sent into stratosphere by Draco atop hijacked Doom Experimental Maintenance Platform (Hulk 2099 #7, 1995); prevented Draco’s new attempt to take over Lotusland (Hulk 2099 #8, 1995); angered at Zamora’s agreement to give Doom gamma-powered mind-influencing technology in return for protection, as Eisenhart abandoned sister to Adonai’s Locusts & sold out Lotusland to Doom (Hulk 2099 #9, 1995); vs Anti-Hulk, Los Angeles destroyed by gamma explosion (Hulk 2099 #10, 1995); vs S.H.I.E.L.D. troops, seemingly killed (2099 A.D.: Apocalypse #1, 1995)

Iron Maiden

First Appearance: Marvel Fanfare #11 (1983)
Origin: Marvel Fanfare #12 (1983)
Significant Issues: With Damon Dran’s mercenary army, vs Black Widow, defeated by James Woo (Marvel Fanfare #11-12, 1983); with Superia’s Femizons, vs Captain America & Paladin (Captain America #389-392, 1991); with Superia’s lieutenants, vs. A.I.M. (Captain America #411-413, 1993); captured by Thunderbolts (Thunderbolts #105, 2006)

Iron Maniac

First Appearance: (As Tony Stark) Marvel Team-Up #2 (2005); (as Iron Maniac) Marvel Team-Up #22 (2006)
Origin: Marvel Team-Up #13 (2005)
Significant Issues: Arrived in Latveria of Earth-616 (Marvel Team-Up #2, 2005); vs Fantastic Four & Doctor Strange, revealed himself as Tony Stark (Marvel Team-Up #3, 2005); revealed to be alternate reality counterpart of Tony Stark, temporarily neutralized Fantastic Four’s powers, retreated from Doctor Strange, abducted Paul Patterson in attempt to use his mutant powers to return to his home reality (Marvel Team-Up #4, 2005); constructed interdimensional gateway from technology stolen from Stark Enterprises, used Paul Patterson to power gateway, interrupted by Spider-Man & X-23 (Marvel Team-Up #5, 2005); defeated by Black Widow, Captain America, Spider-Man, & X-23, placed in cryogenic stasis onboard S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier (Marvel Team-Up #6, 2005); remained in stasis onboard Helicarrier (Fantastic Four: Foes #4, 2005); briefly released from stasis to brief Spider-Man & Wolverine on Titannus (Marvel Team-Up #13, 2005); developed immunity to S.H.I.E.L.D. sedatives, broke free from cryogenic stasis (Marvel Team-Up #21, 2006); constructed new suit of armor from advanced S.H.I.E.L.D. Life Model decoy based on Diamondback with morphing capabilities, as Iron Maniac, defeated New Avengers, escaped from Helicarrier (Marvel Team-Up #22, 2006); defeated Spider-Man & Wolverine (Marvel Team-Up #23, 2006); killed Freedom Ring, defeated by New Avengers (Marvel Team-Up #24, 2006)

King Cobra

First Appearance: (As Cobra) Journey into Mystery #98 (1963); (as King Cobra) Captain America #367 (1990)
Origin: Journey into Mystery #98 (1963)
Significant Issues: Bitten by irradiated cobra, empowered, adopted Cobra identity, vs Thor (Journey into Mystery #98, 1963); met Mr. Hyde (Journey into Mystery #105-106, 1964); pulled through time to fight Thor/Dargo Ktor (Thor #440, 1991); alongside Hyde, briefly enhanced by Loki (Journey into Mystery #110-111, 1964); alongside Hyde, vs Daredevil (Daredevil #30-32, 1967); teamed with Jester (Daredevil #61, 1970); formed Serpent Squad (Captain America #163, 1973); joined Viper’s Serpent Squad (Captain America #180-182, 1974-1975); sought Cagliostro serum (Daredevil #142-143, 1977); controlled by Purple Man (Daredevil #153, 1979); abandoned Hyde (Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man #46, 1980); hunted by Hyde (Amazing Spider-Man #231-232, 1982); stood up to Hyde (Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man #88, 1984); invited into Serpent Society (Captain America #310, 1985); hunted M.O.D.O.K. (Captain America #313, 1986); contacted by Porcupine (Captain America #315, 1986); alongside Bushmaster, investigated A.I.M., rescued Diamondback (Captain America #319-320, 1986); sided with & betrayed Viper during her Society takeover (Captain America #341-344, 1988); led Society in mission for Ghaur & Llyra (Uncanny X-Men Annual #13, 1989); turned down Loki (Captain America #365, 1989); defeated Mr. Hyde & became King Cobra (Captain America #366-367, 1990); hired Society out to Crossbones (Captain America #368, 1990); attended A.I.M. expo (Quasar #9, 1990); tried Diamondback & saw Society captured (Captain America #380-382, 1990-1991); jailed (Captain America #385, 1991); refused Sidewinder’s aid (Captain America Annual #10, 1991); possessed by Puppet Master in Vault (Fantastic Four #358, 1991); played poker at Bar With No Name (Marvel Comics Presents #97, 1992); attended Brass Bishop’s auction (Alpha Flight #121, 1993); Society uncovered by Jack Flag (Captain America #434-437, 1994-1995); alongside Hyde, vs Captain America (Captain America #15, 1999); alongside Hyde, vs Spider-Man & Kraven/Alyosha Kravinoff (Spider-Man: Get Kraven #1, 2002); led Society after Diamondback Life Model Decoy (Captain America #30-31, 2004); alongside other criminals, worked for Lucia von Bardas, defeated (Secret War #3-5, 2004-2005); alongside other criminals, escaped Raft, recaptured by Toxin (Toxin #1, 2005); joined Thunderbolts army (Thunderbolts #104 & 107, 2006); nephew Piet adopted Cobra identity (White Tiger #1, 2007)


First Appearance: Journey into Mystery #83 (1962)
Significant Issues: Invasion in ancient times halted by Gilgamesh & Captain America (Captain America Annual #11, 1992); attempted invasion of Earth, fought off by Thor (Journey into Mystery #83, 1962); stranded Kronans vs Thor (Thor #255, 1977); negotiated for Rick Jones' biography (Avengers Spotlight #25, 1989); Zardok served in Starblasters (Starblast #1-2/Quasar #55, 1994); aided New Immortals vs High Evolutionary (Thor #482, 1995); Korg seen as gladiator on Sakaar, death of Margus (Incredible Hulk #93, 2006); Korg joined Hulk's Warbound, incited rebellion against Red King (Incredible Hulk #94-100, 2006-2007)

Living Totem

First Appearance and Origin: Doc Samson #1 (2006)
Significant Issues: Killed & transferred to totem pole by Cold Winter, animated as Living Totem, entombed by vigilantes (Doc Samson #1, 2006); acted on behalf of Cam Larson, defeated by Doc Samson (Doc Samson #1, 2006); vs Robot X, accompanied Doc Samson & others to Maine, defeated Weed (Doc Samson #2, 2006); again targeted by Cold Winter, defeated him with help of Jack Holyoak (Doc Samson #4, 2006); accompanied Doc Samson & others to Las Vegas, vs Nightmare's demons (Doc Samson #4-5, 2006); rescued Sadie Johnson from Nightmare (Doc Samson #5, 2006)

Lord Moses

First Appearance: (In shadows) Fantastic Force #2 (1994); (fully) Fantastic Force #10 (1995)
Origin: Fantastic Force #11 (1995)
Significant Issues: Sent Zarathustra to obtain Omnivirus (Fantastic Force #2, 1994); Battle Elite found to be protected by mental mantra (Fantastic Force #3, 1995); Battle Elite conquered military base, tracked by Fantastic Force, incapacitated invaders (Fantastic Force #10, 1995); Omni-Toxin containing stealth pods destroyed by Human Torch, fled back to Haven, Zarathustra & Battle Elite left behind (Fantastic Force #11, 1995); revealed to have wiped Haven’s location from Zarathustra’s mind, Zarathustra encountered non-corrupt people, befriended Go-Devil (Fantastic Force #16, 1996)


First Appearance: Marvel Team-Up #12 (1973)
Significant Issues: Sent Werewolf vs Spider-Man, plunged to death (Marvel Team-Up #12, 1973); gathered John Blaze’s and other souls to trade to Dark Master in exchange for his own, foiled by Spider-Man & Ghost Rider, reclaimed by Dark Master (Marvel Team-Up #91, 1980); again sought Blaze’s soul, defeated by Ghost Rider & Phantom Rider (Ghost Rider #56, 1981); alongside Water Wizard, vs Ghost Rider (Ghost Rider #59, 1981)

Newmark, Lotus

First Appearance: Avengers Spotlight #30 (1990)
Origin: Avengers Spotlight #30, 33-34, & 36 (1990); Wonder Man #16 (1992)
Significant Issues: Sent Stone Perfs to ambush Hawkeye (Avengers Spotlight #30, 1990); had lawyer Auggie Slater bail out Stone Perfs member Prince, sent Prince & assassin Reynaldo Cortizar after Hawkeye, Terminizer slew Cortizar (Avengers Spotlight #31, 1990); demonstrated lethal prowess to Prince (Avengers Spotlight #32, 1990); used unlicensed doctor to treat Prince, commanded him to slay remaining Stone Perfs who were liability to her (Avengers Spotlight #33, 1990); Lotus’ agents assisted Prince in slaying Perfs & framing Terminizer, Lotus rewarded Prince physically (Avengers Spotlight #34, 1990); showed Prince her Beverly Hills mansion, later threatened to kill him when he led trouble back to her, forced him to flee (Avengers Spotlight #36, 1990); trained Andrew as second-in-command (Wonder Man #21, 1993); past alliance with Tolliver revealed (Nomad #4, 1992); sent Goliath on rampage to prepare need for Armed Response (Wonder Man #1, 1991); attempted takeover of Helen Eve’s film studio revealed (Wonder Man #2 & 4, 1991); sent Gamma-Burn on rampage to prepare need for Armed Response (Wonder Man #3, 1991); sent Splice after Wonder Man (Wonder Man #4, 1991); arranged bail for Rampage (Wonder Man #6, 1992); arranged bail for Splice, agents trailed Wonder Man & were slain by Angkor, sent other agents to attack Beverly Hills (Wonder Man #10, 1992); frustrated that Wonder Man/Angkor battle distracted attention from Beverly Hills assaults (Wonder Man #11, 1992); sent agent Troy Donahue to Las Vegas to claim part of "Dead Man’s Hand" empire of former Kingpin, Donahue slain by Deadpool under Tolliver’s instruction (Nomad #4, 1992); ordered further Beverly Hills assaults (Wonder Man #13, 1992); romanced movie producer Sol Sterling to fund Armed Response during assaults, had agents kill Sterling, Wonder Man beat attackers before Armed Response’s arrival (Wonder Man #16, 1992); Armed Response stopped series of Lotus’ agents’ assaults on Beverly Hills, Lotus promoted Armed Response as protection racket, sent Rampage & Splice after Wonder Man (Wonder Man #17, 1993); advised by Andrew not to use Rampage against Wonder Man so as to prevent others from connecting Rampage & Armed Response, plotted to distract Wonder Man with employment in out of town film (Wonder Man #18, 1993); employed by Trevor Madsden, sent Poison Memories to kidnap Andrew Chord so Madsden could leverage Night Thrasher/Dwayne Taylor into backing his takeover of Taylor Foundation, Night Thrasher overpowered Lotus who confirmed Madsden’s involvement so as to prevent further damage to her valuables (Night Thrasher: Four Control #1-2, 1992); romanced Splice, Armed Response defeated & exposed by Wonder Man & Crazy Eight, Lotus had Andrew take full blame (Wonder Man #19-21, 1993); allegedly joined forces with Mephisto & new Masters of Evil to oppose Wonder Man & his temporary allies Blackheart & Grim Reaper (Wonder Man #24, 1993); seemingly slain by Black Talon as sacrifice for magical power against Blackheart’s demons (Wonder Man #25, 1993); hypnotized Bob O’Bryan to re-form It the Living Colossus, sent Armed Response & It against Beast & Wonder Man, defeated by Beast, denied knowledge of Masters of Evil alliance & seeming death, swore vengeance (Avengers Two: Wonder Man & the Beast #3, 2000)


First Appearance: Incredible Hulk: Nightmerica #1 (2003)
Significant Issues: Chrissie Cutler pursued by robot, rescued by Hulk, Manny Joslin found dead (Incredible Hulk: Nightmerica #1, 2003); Cutler & Bruce Banner pursued by Stealth, reunited with Deadbird (Incredible Hulk: Nightmerica #2, 2003); alongside Hulk, joined by Manifest Destiny (Incredible Hulk: Nightmerica #3, 2003); alongside Hulk, joined by Mrs. Gray (Incredible Hulk: Nightmerica #4, 2003); alongside Hulk, attacked by Stealth, rendezvoused with Intergalactic at Nightmerica (Incredible Hulk: Nightmerica #5, 2003); approached by Simensky with intention of rebuilding Nightmerica program, Deadbird & others killed by Stealth, Stealth defeated by Hulk, rebuilding project abandoned (Incredible Hulk: Nightmerica #6, 2003)


First Appearance and Origin: Sub-Mariner #23 (1970)
Significant Issues: Joined Krang in his banishment, transformed by Krang’s ally Dorcas into amphibious super-being, twice defeated Namor, alongside Krang & Dorcas, invaded Atlantis, abandoned by Krang & Dorcas, lost in undersea crevice while battling Tiger Shark (Sub-Mariner #23-24, 1970); freed by & allied with Virago, renounced allegiance to Krang, resolved to conquer Atlantis & surface world, alongside Virago, attacked Atlantis, vs Namor & Tamara Rahn, felled by nerve gas (Sub-Mariner #66-67, 1973); recovered somewhat from nerve gas due to unique physiology, recruited by Hugh Jones via Serpent Crown, healed & augmented by Brand Corporation (Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Deluxe Edition #9, 1986); now 24' high, defeated most of Avengers on Brand’s behalf, defeated by Thor (Avengers #149, 1976); joined Attuma’s war on surface world, defeated by Avengers (Avengers Annual #18, 1989); shrunk back to initial size & imprisoned in Vault, subdued by Iron Man during Vault breakout (Avengers Spotlight #26, 1989); among villains mind-controlled by Doctor Doom into attacking Fantastic Four, defeated & captured (Fantastic Four #336, 1990); regained larger size, adopted new costume, assisted Krang in fraud scheme that hinged on deliberately producing unsuccessful She-Hulk movie, defeated by She-Hulk, movie became hit despite their efforts (Sensational She-Hulk #12, 1990); participated in attempted mass breakout at Vault, opposed by Avengers, captured by Doctor Pym (Avengers: Deathtrap - The Vault, 1991); rejoined Atlantean army, alongside Merrano, Tyrak & others, vs Avengers, People’s Protectorate & Alpha Flight, joined forces with them to oppose Combine, departed peacefully with promises of surface world aid for war-ravaged Atlantis (Avengers #319-324, 1990); briefly enlarged to over 60' high by rogue robot duplicate of Dorcas, mental faculties dulled by transformation, alongside Dorcas robot, vs Namor & Stingray (Namor: The Sub-Mariner #42-43, 1993); imprisoned at Vault, restored to more conventional form, watched television (New Warriors #36, 1993); participated in another mass escape attempt, recaptured by Thunderbolts (Thunderbolts ’97 Annual, 1997); alongside Killer Shrike, Shockwave & Whiplash, tried to take over retired aircraft carrier Intrepid, vs Heroes for Hire, defeated & captured by Black Knight & Luke Cage (Heroes for Hire #4, 1997); vs Namorita & Nova, defeated (New Warriors #0, 1999); alongside Tiger Shark, Nagala, Piranha & Sea Urchin, on behalf of Attuma, vs Defenders, forced into seemingly endless grudge match with Hulk that lasted long after rest of battle was settled (Defenders #7 & 11, 2001-2002); alongside other villains taken from various time periods, vs Avengers & league of heroes from divergent cosmos on behalf of rogue cosmic scholar (Avengers/JLA #4, 2004); bailed out Stilt-Man, befriended Colleen Wing, Misty Knight & Otis Johnson, went drinking at Bar D’o with Otis & smashed up the place, shared information on Celia Ricadonna with Knight & Wing (Daughters of the Dragon #2-3 & 5, 2006); joined new Heroes for Hire under Knight & Wing, helped team & Vienna run sting operation & initiate new members Tarantula & Humbug, captured sting victims Bloodshed, Equinox & Shockwave (Heroes for Hire #1, 2006); with Heroes for Hire, vs Ricadonna’s forces including King Size & Flame, saved team & city from Grim Reaper’s bomb, developed crush on Knight, insisted he was fully reformed, helped save Humbug from Headmen (Heroes for Hire #4-7, 2007)

Panther God

First Appearance: (Totem only) Fantastic Four #52 (1966); (fully) Black Panther #5 (1999)
Significant Issues: Children of Bast lost Eye of Bast, reverted to panthers (Conan the Barbarian #226-227, 1989-1990); Conan & Zuagirs found idol of Bast, cast it back into desert to avoid falling under its power (Savage Sword of Conan #9, 1975); Conan encountered Jubali, worshipper of Baast-Hathor (Conan the Barbarian #262, 1992); spell from "Black Book of Bast" used by Walter Prelle to kill his partner Miles Preston despite spell seeming to derive power from crocodile-headed god such as Ahemait or possibly another god such as the Loa Damballah (Uncanny Tales #14, 1953); Bast’s familiar enslaved by Seth, destroyed by Seth after sending information to Odin’s vizier (Thor #386, 1987); Bast empowered Sekhem Naville as Panther, restored bond with T’Challa (Black Panther #1-4, 1988); Claw of Bast used to restore Khafre, Claw destroyed (Before the Fantastic 4: Reed Richards #1-3, 2000); Bast vs Mephisto (Black Panther #5, 1999); T’Challa vs Nightmare (Black Panther #21-22, 2000); Panther God approved T’Challa’s wedding to Storm (Black Panther #18, 2006)


First Appearance: Captain America #352 (1989); (identified) Captain America #353 (1989)
Significant Issues: With Supreme Soviets, disguised as Avengers, attacked Soviet Super Soldiers, left them critically injured (Captain America #352, 1989); with Supreme Soviets, alongside Captain America, opposed Darkforce-created "Great Beast" amalgam of Soviet Super Soldiers’ spirits, captured, freed by Captain America (Captain America #353, 1989); with Supreme Soviets, opposed Peace Corpse’s hijacking of British Royal Navy submarine Waterwind, briefly clashed with Avengers, alongside them, vs Tyrak, Merrano, Orka & Great Atlantean Army, allied with Avengers & Alpha Flight in opposing Peace Corpse, alongside them, vs Atlanteans again, failed to prevent nuclear missiles detonating, pulled into another dimension by Shaman, opposed Peace Corpse leaders as Combine, returned to Earth after Combine merged with remaining Peace Corpse members & left to explore Multiverse (Avengers #319-324, 1990); with Supreme Soviets, opposed Finnish environmental saboteurs in Vyborg, vs Unicorn in Leningrad, axe destroyed by Unicorn, defeated Unicorn, received Vanguard’s cybernetic hammer & sickle to replace axe, team renamed People’s Protectorate (Soviet Super Soldiers Special Edition #1, 1992); with People’s Protectorate, sought to rescue kidnapped Igor Drenkov, vs Pantheon & Hulk (Incredible Hulk #393, 1992); alongside Quasar & others, sought to oppose Starblasters, vs Imperial Guard, vs Starblasters, witnessed Vanguard’s seeming death & Darkstar’s apparent killing of Threkker in return, captured by Starblasters, freed by Black Bolt’s intervention, encountered Stranger, briefly controlled by Stranger into opposing Quasar & New Universe heroes until Stranger confronted by Skeletron, returned to Earth by Living Tribunal (Quasar #54/Starblast #2/Quasar #55/Starblast #3/Quasar #56/Starblast #4/Quasar #57, 1994)

Pip the Troll

First Appearance: Strange Tales #179 (1975)
Origin: Warlock #12 (1976)
Significant Issues: Met Adam Warlock on prison ship "Great Divide", allied with him to stop his counterpart Magus (Strange Tales #179, 1975); abandoned on Homeworld, found by assassin Gamora (Strange Tales #180, 1975); teamed with Gamora to rescue Warlock from Sacred Palace (Strange Tales #181, 1975); met Magus in person, met Thanos (Warlock #9, 1975); rescued from Homeworld by Thanos, learned Gamora’s origins & Thanos’ plan to stop Magus (Warlock #10, 1975); witnessed Warlock’s erasing Magus from history (Warlock #11, 1976); freed concubine Heater Delight from Pro-Boscis the Procurer (Warlock #12, 1976); engaged in series of thefts on planet Degenera, encountered & escaped Constable Trueheart (Warlock #15, 1976); lobotomized by Thanos, soul taken by Warlock into Soul Gem, witnessed deaths of both Thanos & Warlock from Soulworld (Avengers Annual #7/Marvel Two-in-One Annual #2, 1977); learned of Thanos’ resurrection from Silver Surfer & Drax (Silver Surfer #46-48, 1991); resurrected in body of criminal Ralph Bunker (Infinity Gauntlet #1, 1991); teamed with Doctor Strange’s apprentice Rintrah to help defeat Silver Dagger (Doctor Strange: Sorceror Supreme #32, 1991); kept Strange company while he was aiding Earth heroes from afar (Infinity Gauntlet #2-3 & 6/Doctor Strange: Sorceror Supreme #33-36, 1991); summoned Strange to keep Warlock from removing all ‘evil’ impulses from sentient beings (Doctor Strange: Sorceror Supreme #36, 1991); gained Space Gem from Warlock (Warlock and the Infinity Watch #2, 1992); captured by Man-Beast, gem used with three others to form Infinity Thrall (Warlock and the Infinity Watch #3-6, 1992); agreed Monster Island made good base for the Watch (Warlock and the Infinity Watch #7, 1992); teleported Infinity Watch & Thanos to Death’s palace in failed attempt to learn Magus’ true plans (Infinity War #1-3, 1992); opposed attacking Earth heroes who mistakenly believed Warlock & Thanos were behind plague of doppelgangers on Earth, allied with them & Galactus in opposing Magus (Warlock and the Infinity Watch #8/Infinity War #3-6/Marvel Comics Presents #108-111/Quasar #38/Fantastic Four #369, 1992); tried to get lucky with alien bar patron by showing her Silver Surfer’s top ten foes (Silver Surfer Annual #5, 1992); private picnic on Monster Island interrupted by hungry monster (Marvel Comics Presents #112, 1992); Infinity Watch’s separate origins retold by Eternity to Living Tribunal (Warlock and the Infinity Watch #11, 1992); attempted to become Watch’s new leader, deferred to Gamora instead (Warlock and the Infinity Watch #12 & 14-15, 1993); with Watch, aided Silver Surfer in rescuing Shalla Bal from Mephisto’s realm (Silver Surfer/Warlock: Resurrection #1-4, 1993); forced to accept amnesiac strongman Maxam as guest of the Watch (Warlock and the Infinity Watch #16-17, 1993); following disappearance of Warlock, Gamora & Moondragon, allied with other heroes to oppose Goddess (Warlock and the Infinity Watch #18-19/Infinity Crusade #1-2/Web of Spider-Man #104-105, 1993); gained control of Goddess' Cosmic Egg, fantasized what he wanted to do with the power, defeated by Silhouette (Infinity Crusade #3/Warlock and the Infinity Watch #20, 1993); witnessed defeat of Goddess, teleported Watch back to Monster Island (Infinity Crusade #5-6, 1993); with Watch, alongside Silver Surfer, Doctor Strange, & Asgardians, subdued insane Thor (Thor #469-471/Warlock Chronicles #6-8/Silver Surfer #87-88/Warlock and the Infinity Watch #24-25, 1993-1994); teleported Warlock to Moon to investigate alien plot (Starblast #1, 1994); helped fight off Avengers & aided in defeat of Man-Beast (Warlock and the Infinity Watch #26-28, 1994); aided Princess Maya of dimension Egolix-7 in overthrowing evil Count Abyss (Warlock and the Infinity Watch #29-33, 1994); helped keep Tyrannus from taking over Monster Island (Warlock and the Infinity Watch #34-35, 1994); had Space Gem temporarily stolen by mystic construct Strange (Warlock and the Infinity Watch #36, 1995); helped alien executioner Zakaius free hundreds of stolen souls from possession of Lord Domitian (Warlock and the Infinity Watch #37-39, 1995); took injured Moondragon to Chicago hospital to recover from her injuries (Warlock and the Infinity Watch #40-41, 1995); had Space Gem stolen by Rune, Watch disbanded (Warlock and the Infinity Watch #42 / Rune/Silver Surfer #1, 1995); traveled with Moondragon & Drax to Titan to heal Moondragon (Cosmic Powers Unlimited #4, 1995); reunited with Gamora, Warlock, & Drax to stop Negative Zone ruler Lord Syphonn (Warlock #1-4, 1998); helped Warlock & Thanos defeat Thanosi & save reality-anchor Atleza Lagunn (Infinity Abyss #1-6, 2002); helped Thanos defeat extradimensional entity Hunger (Thanos #4-6, 2004); brought She-Hulk to Skardon to defeat Champion (She-Hulk #7-9, 2005); testified at trial of Starfox (She-Hulk #12-13, 2006)

Pitiful One

First Appearance: X-Statix Presents: Dead Girl #1 (2006)
Significant Issues: Died, eventually found magic clay that allowed temporary visits to Earth, gathered band of deceased heroes & villains to wreak havoc on Earth, opposed by Doctor Strange, Dead Girl, & other deceased heroes (X-Statix Presents: Dead Girl #1-5, 2006)


First Appearance: Fantastic Four #49 (1966)
Origin: Silver Surfer #17 (1988)
Significant Issues: Sent to capture Silver Surfer (Fantastic Four #74, 1968); alongside Rigellians, vs Iron Man & Jack of Hearts (Iron Man #109-110 & 112, 1978); sent by Nova against In-Betweener (Silver Surfer #17, 1988); vs Silver Surfer, forced to attack itself (Silver Surfer #109, 1995); reprogrammed to join Frightful Four, with them, vs Fantastic Four (Fantastic Four #29, 2000); Punisher army vs Thanos (Thanos #4-5, 2004)

Reston, Clive

First Appearance: Giant-Size Master of Kung Fu #3 (1975)
Significant Issues: Met Shang-Chi, aided him against Fu Manchu (Giant-Size Master of Kung Fu #3, 1975); vs Carlton Velcro (Master of Kung Fu #29-31, 1975); vs Mordillo (Master of Kung Fu #33-35, 1975); opposed Golden Daggers & Si-Fan (Master of Kung Fu #40-50, 1976-1977); quit MI-6 (Master of Kung Fu #51, 1977); vs War-Yore (Master of Kung Fu #54, 56-58, 1977); used as pawn of Doctor Doom (Master of Kung Fu #59-60, 1977-1978); vs Kogar (Master of Kung Fu #61-63 & 65-69, 1978); vs Shockwave & Brynocki (Master of Kung Fu #71-75, 1978-1979); vs Order of the Golden Dawn, betrayed Shang's trust (Master of Kung Fu #81-88, 1979-1980); founded Freelance Restorations, reunited with Shang, vs Samisdat (Master of Kung Fu #94-95, 1980); broke up with Melissa Greville, began seeing Dark Angel (Master of Kung Fu #108, 1982); vs Fu Manchu (Master of Kung Fu #115-118, 1982); poisoned by Carrington Scullers (Master of Kung Fu #122, 1983); vs Red Wolves (Marvel Comics Presents #1-8, 1988); aided Shang against Shadow-Hand (Master of Kung Fu: Bleeding Black, 1991); aided Shang & X-Men in opposing Kingpin (X-Men #62, 1997); now married to Leiko, vs Fu Manchu (Master of Kung Fu #1-6, 2002-2003); alongside Tarr, acted as MI-6's liaisons with MI-13 (Wisdom #1, 2006)


First Appearance: Untold Tales of Spider-Man #1 (1995)
Origin: Untold Tales of Spider-Man #14 (1996)
Significant Issues: Framed for embezzlement by colleague, became fugitive, built flame suit, became criminal mercenary (Untold Tales of Spider-Man #14, 1996); secretly hired by Norman Osborn, formed own strike squad, stole experimental electronics designs from R&D companies for Osborn, captured by Spider-Man/Peter Parker while delivering stolen plans to Osborn Chemical, plans spirited away by Osborn during fight, Scorcher turned over to police (Untold Tales of Spider-Man #1, 1995); escaped prison, modified armor complete with added jet pack, quietly took over Filler-Up gas station & used its underground space as hideout, employed unwitting Sean "Tiny" McKeever at gas station, ran protection racket forcing local businesses to pay him lest he burn them down, vs Spider-Man & McKeever, lost in massive gasoline explosion (Untold Tales of Spider-Man #14, 1996); Christmas rampage halted by Spider-Man/Ben Reilly (Spider-Man Holiday Special 1995, 1995); joined Crimson Cowl’s Masters of Evil in fiery form, participated in Cowl’s global weather control blackmail scheme, vs Thunderbolts, defeated by Songbird (Thunderbolts #24-25, 1999); sent money & letter to ex-wife & son warning them to leave city before von Bardas crisis began (Secret War: From the Files of Nick Fury, 2005); used modified armor supplied by Tinkerer, assigned by Tinkerer on behalf of Lucia von Bardas to kill Matt Murdock, alongside Diamondback/Debbie Bertrand, vs Daredevil & Spider-Man, reluctantly joined horde of fellow Tinkerer-backed criminals in attacking Spider-Man, Daredevil, Captain America & Nick Fury on behalf of von Bardas, subdued & interrogated by Daredevil, narrowly escaped death when von Bardas tried to use Tinkerer-backed criminals as collective human bomb by triggering explosive chain reaction in their suits, hospitalized, voluntarily told S.H.I.E.L.D. everything he knew, announced his intention to reform, offered to work for S.H.I.E.L.D. as double agent with no expectation of deal or special treatment, questioned by Jasper Sitwell (Secret War #3-5, 2004-2005); attended Venom symbiote auction (Marvel Knights: Spider-Man #6, 2004); refused when Savage Land Mutates tried to hire him to stage breakout at Raft, informed X-Men of Mutates’ plans (New Avengers #5, 2005)

Shaper of Worlds

First Appearance: Incredible Hulk #155 (1972)
Origin: Captain America Annual #7 (1983)
Significant Issues: Fulfilled dreams of Otto Kronsteig & Hulk (Incredible Hulk #155, 1972); aided Slugger Johnson, rescued Glorian (Fantastic Four #136-137, 1973); animated Hulk’s dreams, attacked by Toad Men (Incredible Hulk #190-191, 1975); tested Glorian in Dustbowl, New Mexico (Incredible Hulk #267, 1982); midwifed Kubik (Captain America Annual #7, 1983); oversaw merger of Beyonder & Molecule Man (Fantastic Four #319, 1988); allowed Glorian to test powers on Hulk (Incredible Hulk #355-356 & 359, 1989); created Eurth (Avataars: Covenant of the Shield #1 & 3, 2000)


First Appearance: Tales of Suspense #72 (1965)
Origin: Tales of Suspense #72 (1965); Captain America Annual #13 (1994); Captain America: 65th Anniversary Special (2006)
Significant Issues: Proto-Sleeper excavated & activated by Red Skull in 1944, deactivated by Captain America & Bucky (Captain America: 65th Anniversary Special, 2006); "Der Tag" discussed by Adolf Hitler & Red Skull in 1945 (Captain America Annual #13, 1994); Sleepers learned of by Captain America in 1945 (Tales of Suspense #72, 1965); First Sleeper activated (Tales of Suspense #72, 1965); Second Sleeper activated (Tales of Suspense #73, 1966); Third Sleeper activated & joined with First & Second, destroyed by Captain America (Tales of Suspense #74, 1966); Fourth Sleeper activated, rendered inoperable by Captain America & Sharon Carter (Captain America #101-102, 1968); Fifth Sleeper activated, destroyed by Captain America & Falcon (Captain America #148, 1972); Fourth Sleeper reactivated on Avengers Island by Machinesmith (Captain America #354, 1989); Fourth Sleeper repaired by Machinesmith (Captain America #369, 1990); Fourth Sleeper inhabited by Machinesmith during Skeleton Crew's search for Red Skull (Captain America #369-370, 1990); Fourth Sleeper inhabited by Machinesmith during Skeleton Crew's search for Red Skull & fight with Schutz-Heiliggruppe (Captain America #389-390, 1991); Fourth Sleeper inhabited by Machinesmith during Skeleton Crew's escape (Captain America #393, 1991); proto-Sleeper excavated by Red Skull (Captain America: 65th Anniversary Special, 2006); proto-Sleeper used in London attack, destroyed by Captain America & Winter Soldier (Captain America #20-21, 2006); information about 14th Century proto-Sleeper traded to Doctor Doom by Red Skull (Captain America #23, 2006)


First Appearance: (As K’rll) Thor #261 (1977); (as Soul-Eater) Quasar #35 (1992)
Origin: Thor #262 (1977); Quasar #36 (1992)
Significant Issues: Soul Survivors vs Asgardians, Doomsday Star rendered uninhabitable (Thor #261-263, 1977); Soul-Eater vs Quasar, Makkari & Kismet (Quasar #35-36, 1992)


First Appearance and Origin: Marvel Premiere #28 (1976)
Significant Issues: Starseed’s people fled killing of prehistoric man, settled on mountain, created advanced civilization which was attacked by alien race that took mountain into inter-dimensional space, survivors defeated aliens & turned mountain back to Earth, all died except Jaard who became Starseed with ability to turn dreams to reality, Starseed landed mountain in Los Angeles, attracted Ghost Rider, Man-Thing, Morbius, & Werewolf/Jack Russell all of whom attacked him except Ghost Rider, dying revealed plans to turn them all normal & create paradise but dream changes faded with his death (Marvel Premiere #28, 1976)

Swordsman (Jarvert of Earth-921)

First Appearance: Avengers #343 (1992)
Significant Issues: Alongside Magdalene, ambushed Earth-616 Avengers, accused them of leaving him to die, accused Vision of wanting him out of the way so he could steal his lover Mantis, suffered debilitating headaches, said original Thor championed his Avengers membership, vs Black Knight, struck down, headaches worsened, escaped with Magdalene, treated by Proctor (Avengers #343-344, 1992); with Gatherers, visited dying Earth-355, found its Avengers almost all deceased including Hawkeye/Clint Barton, commented on how he & his world’s Barton grew up together, helped abduct Earth-355’s Coal Tiger, helped invade Earth-616 Avengers Mansion & research Black Panther, reluctantly vs Avengers, escaped (Avengers #355, 1992); reluctantly participated in Gatherers’ attempt to "gather" Black Panther & replace him with Coal Tiger, became increasingly mentally confused as Proctor’s influence over him waned, vs Avengers, learned he had never been properly "gathered" himself since his own Earth-616 counterpart was long dead, conscience-stricken by criticism from Coal Tiger, turned against Gatherers to save Black Panther, thanked by dying Coal Tiger, captured by Avengers while other Gatherers escaped (Avengers #356, 1992); questioned by Avengers, continued to suffer agonizing headaches, accused Vision of deliberately leaving him to die, failed to recognize holograms of Earth-616 Vision’s original form & Earth-616 Mantis, recognized hologram of Earth-616 Moondragon as Earth-921 Mantis (Avengers #357, 1992); learned more of Earth-616 Swordsman’s history from Marilla, assured by Vision he was not his enemy, accepted Vision’s invitation to study records of Earth-616 Swordsman’s life (Avengers #358, 1992); socialized with Vision, continued to study Earth-616 Swordsman’s life, commented on how that Swordsman’s life was so similar to his but with vast differences, acknowledged Vision’s kindness & apologized for past behavior, continued to suffer headaches, alongside Avengers, confronted rampaging Sersi (Avengers #360, 1993); unaware that Earth-616 Vision had been abducted & replaced by Earth-932 Vision from Gatherers, told "Vision" he was closest thing he had to a friend on this world, attacked & grievously wounded by Earth-932 Vision (Avengers #362, 1993); placed in stasis by Bill Foster and Doctor Pym (Avengers #363, 1993); revived, reunited with Magdalene (Avengers #367, 1993); set out with Vision, Deathcry & Magdalene to investigate offline Scottish tracking station (Avengers #372, 1994); alongside Avengers & Shi'ar Admiral T’kyll Alabar, faced Galen Kor’s Kree & Mephisitoid called the Butcher (Avengers #378-379, 1994); alongside Avengers, attended Rick Jones’ bachelor party (Incredible Hulk #417, 1994); alongside Magdalene, moved into house in Adirondacks supplied by Tony Stark, socialized with Avengers, encountered Tuc, given cryptic warning by Tuc, called Avengers, teamed with Vision in unsuccessful attempt to prevent abduction of seeming Cotati elder by Tobias, Malachi & seeming alternate-future Crystal, blade smashed by Tobias, Jarvert spared alongside Vision through intervention of "Crystal" (Avengers #390-392, 1995); reported back to Avengers, alongside Avengers, confronted rogue Iron Man & consulted Force Works, badly wounded by Neut (Iron Man #323-324/Avengers #393-394, 1995-1996); alongside Avengers, vs Hotshot & Jailbait in search of Hulk & Thor, teamed with Jailbait & Hostshot to neutralize Omnibus’s G-Bombs (Avengers #397, 1996); alongside Avengers, vs Bloodwraith/Black Wraith, used atomic steed in battle, sword broken by Black Wraith (Avengers Unplugged #6, 1996); alongside Magdalene, Thunderbolts, New Warriors, Heroes for Hire, Daredevil & Spider-Man, vs Elements of Doom (Thunderbolts #8, 1997); alongside Magdalene, helped reorganize Avengers, criticized Spider-Man, quarreled with Sandman, temporarily mind-controlled into serving in Queen’s Vengeance as Chevalier, helped battle Morgan Le Fay & Whirlwind, declined full Avengers membership (Avengers #1-4, 1998); alongside Magdalene, trained with Avengers, declined reserve membership, helped Squadron Supreme return to Earth-717, left Earth-616 in search of new home (Marvel Comics 1998 Annual Starring Avengers & Squadron Supreme, 1998); alongside all other past & present Avengers, teamed with league of heroes from divergent cosmos to defeat rogue cosmic scholar (Avengers/JLA #4, 2004)


First Appearance: (As "Minerva") Red Raven Comics #1 (1940); (as Thena) Eternals #5 (1976); (as Corona) New Eternals: Apocalypse Now #1 (2000)
Significant Issues: Advised Zuras on decision to send Makkari to Earth (Red Raven Comics #1, 1940); joined Makkari in confronting Deviants in New York, revealed Eternals' existence to humanity (Eternals #5-6, 1976); visited Lemuria with Kro, took Ransak & Karkas back to Olympia with her (Eternals #8-12, 1977); alongside Ransak & Karkas, vs Zakka & Tutinax (Eternals Annual #1, 1977); vs Deviants in New Lemuria, met Thor (Thor #285-289, 1979); vs Olympian gods (Thor #291-292, 1980); with Eternals, witnessed death of Zuras (Thor #300-301, 1980); with Eternals, met Inhumans (What If..? #29, 1981); Zuras' body dispersed, became Eternals' leader (Iron Man Annual #6, 1983); with Eternals, alongside Avengers, vs Maelstrom, witnessed departure of most of Earth's Eternals (Avengers #246-248, 1984); formally became Prime Eternal (Eternals #1, 1985); fell under sway of Kro, aided him (Eternals #2-8, 1985-1986); vs Ikaris for status of Prime Eternal, lost (Eternals #9, 1986); vs Ghaur, learned Kro had manipulated her (Eternals #10-12, 1986); with Eternals, confronted Silver Surfer (Silver Surfer Annual #1, 1988); sent Forgotten One to aid against demonic invasion of Manhattan (Avengers #299, 1989); Olympia cast into Negative Zone, briefly slain by Blastaar (Avengers #308-310, 1989); revealed existence of her & Kro's children (Eternals: The Herod Factor #1, 1991): aided Avengers against Gatherers (Avengers #374-375, 1994); with Eternals, alongside Fantastic Four, vs Maelstrom (Fantastic Four Unlimited #10, 1995); kidnapped by Deviants, rescued by Heroes for Hire (Heroes For Hire #5-7, 1997-1998); joined Heroes for Hire against the Master of the World (Heroes For Hire #11-12, 1998); with Heroes For Hire, vs Man-Beast & Acolytes (Heroes For Hire #15-16/Quicksilver #12/Marvel Comics 1998 Annual Starring Heroes For Hire & Quicksilver, 1998); Heroes for Hire disbanded (Heroes For Hire #19, 1998); with Eternals, vs Apocalypse (New Eternals: Apocalypse Now #1, 2000); with Eternals, became mortal due to machinations of Sprite, opposed Dreaming Celestial (Eternals #1-7, 2006-2007)


First Appearance: X-Men #27 (1993)
Significant Issues: Found homeless & living on streets by Abomination, taken in by him to subterranean refuge the Lair, named Threnody by kindly old woman, inadvertently killed other homeless people, cast out by Abomination (X-Man #20, 1996); found by police, inadvertently killed them, encountered Beast, Rogue & Iceman, fled from them, encountered Mr Sinister, left with him (X-Men #27, 1993); acted as Sinister’s "bloodhound" by searching for Legacy Virus-infected mutants, encountered X-Men after they infiltrated Sinister’s pocket-dimensional tesseract chamber, revealed that Sinister had stabilized her powers with neuro-locks attached to her head & that she had educated herself from Sinister’s data systems, chose to aid X-Men in opposing Sinister, activated self-destruct of Sinister’s cloning vault, declined Beast’s request to leave (X-Men #34, 1994); monitored X-Men’s movements for Sinister (Uncanny X-Men #325, 1995); secretly monitored X-Man/Nate Grey, sought to use Grey as a means to escape Sinister (X-Man #12, 1996); fled Sinister’s lab into sewers of Paris, pursued by Marauders, saved by Grey, witnessed his defeat of Marauders, opted to follow Grey as he searched for Madelyne Pryor (X-Man #13, 1996); witnessed Grey’s clashes with Exodus & Cable (Cable #30/X-Man #14/Cable #31, 1996); first kissed Grey, mentally scanned by him, stored plasma charge unwittingly released by him, briefly considered abandoning him after he was injured in explosion, took him to Greece to rest (X-Man #15, 1996); witnessed Grey’s battle with Holocaust, inadvertently physically shared agony of dying man & began to hunger for more, held hostage by Holocaust, freed after Grey telepathically forced her to release stored plasma charge, witnessed Grey’s defeat of Holocaust (X-Man #16-17, 1996); hid in St. John the Divine Cathedral, Manhattan by Grey after he was targeted by Onslaught, attacked by Marauders, defeated them, confronted by Sinister, told him about Grey (X-Man #18, 1996); held prisoner by Marauders, absorbed energy of dying rat to escape, opposed by Scalphunter & Arclight, rescued by Abomination (X-Man #19, 1996); taken in by Abomination, reunited with Grey, witnessed Grey’s battle with Abomination, left with Grey (X-Man #20, 1996); witnessed Grey inadvertently become Greenwich Village street prophet, gave him nickname "Nate the Great," dined & danced with him in Rainbow Room psionically disguised as Naomi Campbell & Quentin Tarantino until forced to leave after Nate inadvertently revealed their true selves, kissed by him (X-Man #21, 1996); alongside Grey, squatted in Soho loft (X-Man #22, 1996); again mentally scanned by Grey (X-Man #23, 1997); visited terminal cancer ward of Empire State Hospital in Manhattan & accelerated deaths of seven patients, visited abandoned tenement in lower east-side of New York & fed off death energies of homeless & addicted, visited mother’s grave, confronted by Morbius, encountered Grey & Spider-Man, truth of her recent actions discovered by Grey (X-Man #24, 1997); confronted by Madelyne Pryor, seemingly killed by her (X-Man #25, 1997); revived by lingering death energy in morgue, discovered her power attracted the recently deceased as zombies (X-Man #58, 1999); returned to Abomination’s Lair, began feeding on death energies of homeless again (X-Man #32, 1997); returned to Soho loft, learned Nate was traveling with Madelyne (X-Man #51, 1999); revealed to be pregnant (X-Man #52, 1999); secretly observed Grey (X-Man #55, 1999); revealed to have attracted zombie army (X-Man #56, 1999); confronted Grey after his clash with Mysterio (X-Man #57, 1999); saved from zombies by Grey, realized his death energy would prevent her from overcoming addiction, angrily lashed out at him & left, departed with newborn child (X-Man #58, 1999)


First Appearance: (As Dio) Underworld #1 (2006); (as Underworld) Underworld #5 (2006)
Origin: Underworld #1-5 (2006)
Significant Issues: Father fatally injured by super-villain, blamed superhumans in general, promised father he would look after brother Vince (Underworld #4-5, 2006); narrowly avoided being shot by Punisher, argued against Silvermane recruiting superpowered enforcers (Underworld #3, 2006); attacked by Hydra agents, learned Vince had betrayed him (Underworld #4, 2006); beat Vince up, told him to leave town (Underworld #1, 2006); Vince turned informer, enabled police to lure Jackie into ambush, Jackie overpowered cops & nearly shot Vince, Spider-Man intervened & captured Jackie (Underworld #2, 2006); spent nearly decade in the Cage, established brutal reputation, advised to seek out Consultant, released, had hard time adjusting to societal changes, found Silvermane had retired, offered services to Owl, discovered Vince now Owl’s right-hand man as Mr. Pain (Underworld #1, 2006); beaten by Mr. Pain, tricked by disguised consultant into hitting docks shipment & being exposed to Super-Soldier Serum gas (Underworld #2, 2006); given glasses by disguised Consultant, hit Owl’s strip joint, vs Grizzly & Boomerang, escaped, under surveillance by Punisher (Underworld #3, 2006); given new guns by Consultant disguised as Mechanic, rematch with Grizzly & Boomerang, badly wounded both of them, stopped from killing them by Punisher, shot by arriving police, awoke in prison hospital to be given healing factor by disguised Consultant, Mr. Pain sent super-villain army to kill Jackie (Underworld #4, 2006); blew up attacking villains, vs Mr. Pain, killed him, discovered Consultant’s manipulations, adopted Underworld identity (Underworld #5, 2006); offered services to Kingpin, under his instructions infiltrated Hammerhead’s gang, killed Slyde, betrayed Hammerhead to Registration forces, killed hospitalized Hammerhead (Civil War: War Crimes #1, 2007)


First Appearance: Jungle Action #7 (1973)
Origin: Jungle Action #8 (1974)
Significant Issues: Emotionally & physically scarred as child, became snake-obsessed recluse, rescued from attackers & befriended by Killmonger (Jungle Action #8, 1974); smuggled into Wakanda by Killmonger (Jungle Action #16, 1975); placed in charge of Death Regiments, oversaw their covert illegal Vibranium mining, vs Black Panther, defeated & captured (Jungle Action #7, 1973); befriended by & confided in Taku, realized Taku didn’t regard his scarred face with pity or scorn as most people do, freed by Malice, recaptured by W’Kabi, saved from murderously enraged W’Kabi by Black Panther (Jungle Action #8, 1974); talked often with Taku during first three months of captivity, asked Taku to check on his snake pit for him, told Taku he was one of the few people he ever considered a friend but that he would kill him to escape if necessary (Jungle Action #14, 1975); imprisoned for a year, encouraged by Taku to resume his long-abandoned poetry, escaped, beat Taku & W’Kabi into submission while escaping, injured W’Kabi, returned to his snake pit, lured Black Panther into ambush, had Panther at his mercy until Taku convinced him to call off snakes (Jungle Action #16, 1975); sided with Black Panther’s forces during final battle with Killmonger’s forces, rescued Taku from King Cadaver (Jungle Action #17, 1975); released & sent back to America by Black Panther & Taku (Jungle Action #18, 1975); returned to Wakanda, renewed friendship with Taku, met Clifford Scott, published first book of poetry "Lest the Snake Be Not Heard," gave Panther autographed copy of book, regarded with suspicion, distaste & resentment by Panther & W’Kabi (Black Panther: Panther's Prey #2, 1991); tried to be supportive of Taku & Panther during uproar regarding Panther’s engagement, tried to convince Panther he had reformed, falsely accused of spying & attacked by W’Kabi, defended by Taku, cleared of charges after Clifford Scott was exposed as spy & Panther dug Scott’s hidden transmitter out of Venomm’s snake Matilda (Black Panther: Panther's Prey #4, 1991); now trusted mainstay of Wakandan palace, befriended Deathlok’s son Nick Collins (Deathlok #23-25, 1993); sided with Black Panther’s forces when Wakanda went to war with Man-Ape’s Jabari tribe (Black Panther #49, 2002)

White Rabbit

First Appearance and Origin: Marvel Team-Up #131 (1983)
Significant Issues: Vs Spider-Man & Frog-Man, captured (Marvel Team-Up #131, 1983); allied with Walrus to seek revenge on Frog-Man, vs Spider-Man, Frog-Man & Leapfrog, captured (Spectacular Spider-Man #185, 1992); bank robbery interrupted by Grizzly & Gibbon, captured both would-be heroes (Spectacular Spider-Man #253, 1998); held Grizzly & Gibbon hostage, bombed New York City, vs "Bombastic Bag-Man," captured by Grizzly & Gibbon (Spectacular Spider-Man #256, 1998); hit Fifth Avenue currency exchange, captured by Spider-Man (Spider-Man: Gathering of the Sinister Six, 1999); alongside other villains, attended Venom symbiote auction (Marvel Knights: Spider-Man #6, 2004); vs Grizzly (Secret War: From the Files of Nick Fury, 2005); allied with Arcade in targeting Wolverine & Black Cat for assassination, alongside Arcade, kidnapped by Wolverine as retaliation & abandoned in Savage Land (Wolverine & The Black Cat: Claws #2-3, 2006)


First Appearance: Alpha Flight #114 (1992)
Origin: Alpha Flight #117 (1993)
Significant Issues: Ambushed Weapon Omega, fled upon Alpha Flight’s arrival (Alpha Flight #114-115, 1992-1993); ambushed Weapon Omega during his battle with Rok, learned of Omega’s humanity, forsook mission (Alpha Flight #116-117, 1993); held in custody at Department H (Alpha Flight #118, 1993); defended helpless Manikin from Hardliners (Alpha Flight #119-120, 1993); aided in opposing demonized Witchfire (Alpha Flight #122-124, 1993); joined ad-hoc Alpha Flight team against Carcass (Alpha Flight #125-126, 1993); with Alpha Flight, vs Hardliners & Master’s Omega Flight, Alpha Flight disbanded (Alpha Flight #128-130, 1994)

Yankee Clipper

First Appearance: (Name only) Marvel: The Lost Generation #12 (2000); (seen) Marvel: The Lost Generation #4 (2000)
Origin: Marvel: The Lost Generation #1 (2001)
Significant Issues: Belt recovered from archaeological dig 200 years in future by Cassandra Locke (Marvel: The Lost Generation #12, 2000); worked on Deep Freeze, encountered critically wounded Cassandra Locke, promised to plant her anti-Skrull evidence on Apollo 11 lander, failed to save her, bequeathed belt (Marvel: The Lost Generation #1, 2001); now Yankee Clipper, gathered with other heroes by Agent Scott to protect Long Island facility, met Monster Hunters, formed First Line (Marvel: The Lost Generation #2, 2001); asked Kid Justice to plant evidence on lander should anything happen to Yankee Clipper, vs Yellow Claw's minions (Marvel: The Lost Generation #3, 2000); encountered Cassandra Locke in Dallas, thrown forward in time (Marvel: The Lost Generation #4, 2000); reappeared in 1980s, encountered Mr. Justice, met Pixie & Eternals, jumped forward in time again, arrived to find First Line dead & new heroes in their stead (Marvel: The Lost Generation #1, 2001)


First Appearance: Ghost Rider #10 (1991)
Origin: Ghost Rider #20 (1991)
Significant Issues: Duplicate defeated & destroyed by Ghost Rider, escaped (Ghost Rider #10, 1991); prepared trap for Ghost Rider (Ghost Rider #11, 1991); attempt to send children to Dykkor dimension foiled by Ghost Rider & Doctor Strange (Ghost Rider #12, 1991); attempted to kill Topaz, vs Ghost Rider, escaped (Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme #28, 1991); sent Tim to kill Ghost Rider (Ghost Rider #19, 1991); vs Ghost Rider & Suicide, killed by Suicide (Ghost Rider #20, 1991)

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