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Marvel Universe 

OHOTMU:Bibliography-AZ Update 3

OHOTMU:Bibliography-AZ Update 3

All-New OHotMU A-Z Update Bibliography

#3: Acts of Vengeance to Zodiac Key

Last Updated: 7/29/07


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Cover by Aaron Lopresti & Chris Sotomayor

Acts of Vengeance!

First Appearance: (Prologue) Avengers #310 (1989); (main storyline) Avengers Spotlight #26 (1989)
Origin: Avengers West Coast #55 (1990); Avengers Annual #19 (1990)
Significant Issues: Loki arrived on Earth in disguise (Avengers #310, 1989); Loki approached Doctor Doom (Thor #410, 1989); Doom recruited, equipped new Jester & assigned him to form Assembly of Evil to battle Avengers, Doom recruited Typhoid Mary (Mutant Misadventures of Cloak & Dagger #9, 1989); Assembly of Evil sought to recruit Cloak & Dagger into conspiracy (Mutant Misadventures of Cloak & Dagger #8, 1989); Wizard recruited by Loki, Wizard led massive jailbreak at Vault, Wizard injured Guardsman Prime Frank Ensign during his escape, Wizard & many other Vault inmates escaped, remaining Vault inmates contained through combined efforts of Hawkeye & Iron Man (Avengers Spotlight #26, 1989); Loki recruited Magneto into Prime Movers (Avengers Annual #19, 1990); skeptical Kingpin drawn into Prime Movers by Loki & promised death of Spider-Man, Trapster assigned by Wizard to kill Spider-Man, Trapster defeated by cosmic-powered Spider-Man (Spectacular Spider-Man #158, 1989); Loki recruited Mandarin into Prime Movers (Avengers Annual #19, 1990); Vulture escaped prison with aid of Loki’s agent Tinkerer, opposed by fellow prisoner Rusty Collins (New Mutants #84, 1989); Damage Control encountered Wrecking Crew while visiting Vault, Crew’s attempted escape partially foiled by Captain America & Damage Control, Wrecker & Thunderball escaped (Damage Control #1, 1989); Hobgoblin dispatched by Prime Movers to attack Doctor Strange (Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme #11, 1989); Wrecker assigned by Kingpin to target Iron Man, Wrecker defeated, Chemistro recruited by Wizard to target Iron Man & equipped with new blasters (Iron Man #251, 1989); Doom quarreled with Kingpin, Doom targeted Punisher to humble Kingpin (Punisher #28, 1989); Psylocke enslaved by Mandarin & the Hand (Uncanny X-Men #256, 1989); Doom quarreled with Mandarin, Doom’s robots sank Avengers Island (Avengers #311, 1989); Loki invited Red Skull & Namor to join Prime Movers, Namor opted to warn Avengers instead, Namor forced by Controller to battle Captain America, Red Skull joined Prime Movers, King Cobra refused Loki’s invitation to join strategy (Captain America #365, 1989); Doom planted aggression enhancer which compelled Constrictor, Beetle & Shocker to attack Fantastic Four, Fantastic Four prepared to testify before Congress regarding proposed Super-Powers Registration Act (Fantastic Four #334, 1989); Quasar & Stingray led Avengers Island salvage efforts, Loki advised & enhanced Absorbing Man, Quasar defeated Absorbing Man (Quasar #5, 1989); “Heavy Metal” robots secretly escaped from wreckage of Avengers Island but left Awesome Android behind to cover their escape (Avengers Annual #19, 1990); Kingpin hired Graviton to target Spider-Man, Graviton defeated Spider-Man (Amazing Spider-Man #326, 1989); Juggernaut freed from Crossmoor prison by Loki & sent on rampage in New York, rampage opposed by Thor & New Warriors (Thor #411, 1989); Prime Movers fully assembled to discuss strategy, Magneto took interest in Red Skull, Controller tried & failed to control Thor, Controller resisted Red Skull’s orders until Crossbones & Voice forced him to comply, Captain America vs Crossbones, Voice & Controller, Red Skull enlisted Controller in failed attempt to take control of Loki (Captain America #366, 1990); Loki advised Boomerang to attack Hawkeye, Boomerang defeated, public opinion began to turn against super heroes (Avengers Spotlight #27, 1989); Stingray & Avengers reservists Black Widow, Captain Marvel, Firebird, Hellcat & Moondragon continued Avengers Island salvage operation, subdued the Awesome Android after it escaped (Avengers Spotlight #27, 1989); Avengers began moving operations into sub-basements beneath Avengers Park (Avengers Annual #19, 1990); unwittingly influenced by Llan the Sorcerer, villains Asp, Nekra, Owl & Scorpion entered Canada to flee Super-Powers Registration Act, opposed by Alpha Flight (Alpha Flight #79, 1989); Enchantress & Executioner dispatched by Prime Movers to attack Doctor Strange, Enchantress & Executioner defeated through combined efforts of Strange, Rintrah & Clea (Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme #12, 1989); Iron Man defeated Chemistro with aid of Jim Rhodes & Curtis Carr (Iron Man #252, 1989); Magneto quarreled with Loki, U-Foes tricked into attacking Avengers Compound (Avengers West Coast #53, 1989); Kingpin dispatched Tiger Shark to attack la Bandera, Tiger Shark vs Wolverine & Bandera, Kingpin met with Prime Movers, Tiger Shark defeated (Wolverine #19-20, 1989-1990); Doom assigned Grey Gargoyle to target Hulk, Grey Gargoyle defeated (Incredible Hulk #363, 1989); Avengers held public forum to try to sway public opinion against super-powers registration act, forum attacked by Assembly of Evil, Assembly defeated through combined efforts of Avengers & Cloak & Dagger (Mutant Misadventures of Cloak & Dagger #9, 1989); Thor & New Warriors defeated Juggernaut (Thor #412, 1989); Titania dispatched to attack Spider-Man by Doom, Titania defeated by Puma & cosmic-powered Spider-Man (Web of Spider-Man #59, 1989); Prime Movers monitored newly cosmic Spider-Man, Magneto suspected Spider-Man was formerly-latent mutant, Magneto vs Spider-Man to test him, Magneto departed after he became convinced Spider-Man was not a mutant (Amazing Spider-Man #327, 1989); Wizard freed & recruited Brother Grimm, Doom monitored Spider-Man & coveted his cosmic power, Brothers Grimm defeated by Spider-Man (Spectacular Spider-Man #159, 1989); Fantastic Four testified before Congress regarding Super-Powers Registration Act, Eel, Flying Tiger, Mad Dog, Plantman, Quill, Ramrod, Thunderball & Vanisher compelled to attack Fantastic Four by Doom’s device, villains defeated, Fantastic Four accused of engineering incident (Fantastic Four #335, 1989); eastern Avengers operations relocated to Avengers Park sub-basements, Avengers Park attacked by Avalanche, Blob & Pyro, attackers routed, riot broke out among bystanders arguing for & against Avengers, attackers escaped, battle monitored by Loki & full Prime Movers assemblage, Red Skull quarreled with fellow Prime Movers (Avengers #312, 1989); main Avengers mansion structure salvaged from sunken Avengers Island by Damage Control (Damage Control #2, 1989); Doom rebuilt Ultron robot, assigned it to kill Daredevil, addled Ultron fell in love with Number Nine & wrecked during battle with Daredevil, Gorgon, Karnak & Number Nine (Daredevil #275-276, 1989-1990); Vulture’s efforts to free Nitro opposed by fellow prisoners Rusty Collins & Skids (New Mutants #85, 1990); Llan-influenced villains Asp, Nekra, Owl & Scorpion defeated through combined efforts of Alpha Flight & Gamma Flight (Alpha Flight #80, 1990); Vulture refused Loki’s instructions to target Speedball, instead enlisted Tinkerer in efforts to free Nitro, Vulture’s scheme thwarted by fellow prison escapees Rusty Collins & Skids, Collins & Skids recaptured by Freedom Force & framed for supposedly aiding attempted escape of Vulture & Nitro (New Mutants #86, 1990); Doom assigned Typhoid Mary to target Power Pack, Power Pack survived her attack, Mary played mind games with Doom while making her report (Power Pack #53, 1990); Doom made peace with Punisher, Avengers fought follow-up skirmish with escaping Avalanche, Blob & Pyro (Punisher #29, 1990); Kingpin resolved to outdo Doom by destroying Punisher, Loki bribed CMN news personality Simon Winston to broadcast slanted commentary on Punisher & Bushwhacker, Loki hired Bushwhacker to kill Punisher, Bushwhacker defeated (Punisher War Journal #12-13, 1989); Flag-Smasher & U.L.T.I.M.A.T.U.M. used “Acts of Vengeance” chaos as cover for their activities, operation thwarted by Moon Knight & Punisher (Marc Spector: Moon Knight #8-9, 1989); Enchantress manipulated Arkon into attacking Strange & Clea, Arkon defeated (Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme #12, 1990); Psylocke freed from control of Mandarin & Hand with aid of Wolverine & Jubilee (Uncanny X-Men #257-258, 1990); Coachwhip, Killer Shrike & Ringer went on New York rampage to join in citywide chaos, vs Moon Knight & Frenchie, villains defeated but Frenchie shot down (Marc Spector: Moon Knight #10, 1990); Namor freed from Controller’s influence by Pym, Captain America captured Controller, Magneto defeated Red Skull & sealed him in underground fallout shelter (Captain America #367, 1990); Mole Man & his monsters tricked into attacking Avengers by Loki, Magneto secretly aided Avengers to protect his daughter Scarlet Witch, Loki monitored Magneto (Avengers West Coast #54, 1990); Goliath recruited by Prime Movers & enhanced by Doom, Goliath defeated by cosmic-powered Spider-Man (Web of Spider-Man #60, 1990); Sebastian Shaw allied with Prime Movers, recruited Hulk to attack Spider-Man, Hulk defeated by cosmic-powered Spider-Man (Amazing Spider-Man #328, 1990); salvaged Avengers mansion accidentally lost in harbor by Damage Control (Damage Control #3, 1990); Vault escapees Angar & Screaming Mimi impersonated Hawkeye & Mockingbird during Denver crime spree, villains captured by Hawkeye & Mockingbird (Avengers Spotlight #28, 1990); Mad Thinker refused to join Loki’s scheme, Thinker deduced Loki’s true identity, Thinker decided to oppose proposed Super-Powers Registration Act, Wasp & Wonder Man spoke out against Super-Powers Registration Act in Washington on behalf of CLARION action group, CLARION event attacked by Thinker’s pawn Gargantua, Wasp & Wonder Man defeated Gargantua, public opinion swayed slightly against Super-Powers Registration Act (Avengers Spotlight #28, 1990); Klaw joined New York super-villain rampage, Klaw captured by Quasar & freed by Living Laser, Quasar pursued Living Laser, Quasar captured Red Ghost (Quasar #6, 1990); Captain Marvel defeated Klaw (Avengers Annual #19, 1990); Firebird, Hercules, Moondragon, Quasar & She-Hulk patrolled nationwide, subduing Vault escapees & other menaces (Avengers Annual #19, 1990); Spider-Man easily subdued Hydro-Man, Rhino & Shocker while they were fighting over turf, Doom salvaged T.E.S.S.-One robot & programmed it to attack Spider-Man, robot siphoned off some of Spider-Man’s new cosmic power while Spider-Man wrecked it, Doom salvaged robot’s remains & their stored power (Spectacular Spider-Man #160, 1990); Prime Movers assembled including robotic Red Skull, Wizard reported apparent retirement of Spider-Man, Doom successfully tapped cosmic power siphoned from Spider-Man, Wizard dispatched Dragon Man to hunt Spider-Man, Doom’s cosmic power project sabotaged by Loki, Spider-Man defeated Dragon Man, Spider-Man’s morale restored as a result (Web of Spider-Man #61, 1990); Loki dispatched Ulik to attack Hercules & Thor, Strange helped Thor overcome Loki’s influence, Thor realized Loki was behind conspiracy (Thor #413, 1990); Loki tried to recruit Apocalypse, rejected & forced to flee (X-Factor #50, 1990); Prime Movers fought amongst themselves, “Doom” in attendance exposed as Doombot & wrecked, Magneto abducted Scarlet Witch, Mandarin attacked Avengers Park, Mandarin & Wizard vs Avengers, Wizard captured (Avengers #313, 1990); Fantastic Four testified before Congress regarding Super-Powers Registration Act, convinced Congressmen present to table Act for further consideration, Armadillo, Baron Brimstone, Hydro-Man, Man-Ape, Orka, Owl, Stilt-Man, Water Wizard & Whirlwind compelled to attack Fantastic Four by Doom’s aggression enhancer, villains defeated, Fantastic Four cleared of wrongdoing, Fantastic Four confronted & neutralized Doombot & its accomplice the Super-Adaptoid (Fantastic Four #336, 1990); Loki exposed as mastermind of plot, Loki turned against Prime Movers, Kingpin fled, Avengers defeated Loki, remaining Prime Movers fled, Wizard captured, Red Skull robot wrecked, Mandarin escaped (Avengers West Coast #55/Avengers Annual #19, 1990); Iron Man supplied Vault with new more heavily armed Guardsman Mark II suits run by short-range broadcast power, Avengers & Fantastic Four supervised transfer of dozens of recaptured prisoners back into Vault custody, Wizard recaptured after brief escape, Klaw tried to help Wizard escape again, Iron Man defeated Klaw, Guardsman Prime Frank Ensign subdued Wizard (Avengers Spotlight #29, 1990); Kingpin made 700 million dollars in profit as result of conspiracy, made peace with S.H.I.E.L.D. & Damage Control (Damage Control #4, 1990); cosmic Spider-Man easily repelled new assault by Graviton, Loki spitefully unleashed Tri-Sentinel on Earth, Spider-Man saved Earth from Tri-Sentinel by expending his cosmic power (Amazing Spider-Man #329, 1990); Chameleon manipulated Brothers Grimm, Goliath, Graviton, Titania & Trapster into attacking Spider-Man & Kingpin, villains defeated by Spider-Man (Web of Spider-Man #64-65, 1990); Wizard agreed to testify regarding his knowledge of conspiracy (Avengers Annual #19, 1990); Avengers conducted post-mortem analysis of entire conspiracy (Avengers Annual #19, 1990)


First Appearance: (Anu referenced) Conan the Barbarian #10 (1971); (Anu seen) Thor #300 (1980); (Ba’al referenced) Savage Sword of Conan #10 (1976); (Ba’al seen) Wolverine #11 (1989); (Ereshkigal referenced) Tales of the Zombie #4 (1974); (Ereshkigal seen) Thor Annual #10 (1981); (Inanna/Ishtar) Conan the Barbarian #40 (1974); (Lilith) Ghost Rider #28 (1992); (Marduk referenced) Strange Tales #150 (1966); (Marduk seen) Citizen V and the V-Battalion: The Everlasting #2 (2002); (Martu/”Demon of the Dunes”) Marvel Comics Presents #47 (1990); (Moloch referenced) King Conan #3 (1980); (Moloch seen) Marvel Fanfare #52 (1990); (Nergal) Conan the Barbarian #30 (1973); (Ningal) Chamber of Chills #3 (1973); (Pazuzu referenced) Howard the Duck #3 (2002); (Pazuzu seen) Nightcrawler #4 (2005); (Tammuz) Conan the Barbarian #30 (1973); (Ullikummis referenced) Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme #25 (1991); (Ullikummis pictured) Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme #28 (1991); (Hyborian death god Dagon) Conan the Barbarian #59 (1975); (future monstrous/aquatic Dagon seen) Savage Sword of Conan #176 (1990)
Significant Issues: Nergal vs Tammuz (Conan the Barbarian #30, 1973); Inanna banished Isolene (Savage Sword of Conan #98, 1984); as Alonia, Inanna joined Conan in recovering her lifestone (Conan the Barbarian #40, 1974); Inanna sent Bull of Heaven vs Gilgamesh (Captain America Annual #11, 1992); Amulet of Pazuzu sent to Vicki of Humbubu (Howard the Duck #3, 2003); Ba’al ran Gehenna, smote by Hand of God, survived in Gehenna Stone (Wolverine #13, 1989); Marduk defeated by Thor circa 980 AD (Citizen V and the V Battalion #4, 2002); Anu present at 1000 AD Council of Godheads (Thor #300, 1980); Moloch vs 12th century Black Knight (Marvel Fanfare #52, 1990); Inanna made deal for soul & home of Christoph Haizmann (Hellstorm #15, 1994); Ningal animated statue, enslaved Marcia Kent (Chamber of Chills #3, 1973); Ningal vs Doctor Strange (Dr. Strange #36-37, 1979); Ereshkigal & other death gods unwittingly summoned Demogorge (Thor Annual #10, 1981); Ba’al’s followers gathered Gehenna Stone, reincarnated within Sà-Bal-Bal, destroyed by Wolverine/Hand of God (Wolverine #11-16, 1989); Martu vs Arabian Knight (Marvel Comics Presents #47, 1990); Mephista impersonated Ullikummis while possessing Topaz (Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme #25-28, 1991); posed as Lilith, released from corpse of leviathan, began assault against Midnight Sons (Ghost Rider #28, 1992); Inanna finally gained Haizmann’s home, terrorized residents, destroyed by Jaine Cutter using Breathing Gun (Hellstorm #15, 1994); Ba’al allied with Ice Box Bob & Darryl Licht, freed from nether realm, injured & driven back by Blaze, Wendigo spirit & Jesse Pinto (Blaze #3-6, 1994-1995); escaped destruction from Wendigo spirit, Pinto & Blaze Kids (Blaze #10, 1995); Marduk sought power via Genesis Well, destroyed by Citizen V/John Watkins III (Citizen V and the V-Battalion: The Everlasting #2-4, 2002); Pazuzu & 13 other demons sought release from Hell through the bodies of children, imprisoned in clay statues by Amanda Sefton & Seth Walker (Nightcrawler #1-4, 2005)


First Appearance: Tales of Suspense #75 (1966)


First Appearance: Avengers #334 (1991)
Origin: Avengers #339 (1991)
Significant Issues: Crashed on moon, attacked Inhumans & Avengers (Avengers #334, 1991); captured Sersi (Avengers #335, 1991); defeated Avengers (Avengers #336, 1991); Sybyl Dorn attempted to kill Sersi (Avengers #337, 1991); vs Avengers, attacked by Collector (Avengers #338, 1991); destroyed by Collector, created Uni-Mind, destroyed again, Thane Ector died (Avengers #339, 1991)


First Appearance: Spitfire and the Troubleshooters #1 (1986)


First Appearance: White Tiger #1 (2007)
Significant Issues: Met White Tiger/Angela del Toro while obtaining documents for Chaeyi, became obsessed with her (White Tiger #1, 2007); witnessed Yakuza operative Sano Orii’s conference with street associates, later almost identified White Tiger at nightclub (White Tiger #2, 2007); encountered White Tiger again, bailed Sano out of jail (White Tiger #3, 2007); guarded Sano during meeting with another Yakuza contact, bit White Tiger & injected her with fatal dose of poison (White Tiger #4, 2007); sold experimental rifles to street criminal (White Tiger #5, 2007); severely beaten by recovered White Tiger, escaped before he could be taken into custody (White Tiger #6, 2007)


First Appearance: Avengers #130 (1974); (identified) Avengers #133 (1975)
Origin: Avengers #133-134 (1975)
Significant Issues: Evolved alongside Kree on planet Hala, left each other alone until Skrull arrived & offered technology & knowledge to only one species, sent on test for one year to barren planetoid where they created garden while Kree built city in Blue Area of Earth’s Moon, Kree feared they lost wager & murdered Cotati & Skrulls (Avengers #133, 1975); Cotati dropped seeds thus creating new generation that hid in abandoned buildings for 475 years losing their mobility but heightening their mental powers, later summoned Kree pacifists & created alliance with them, after 100 years pacifists became priests & exiled from Hala by Supreme Intelligence (Avengers #134, 1975); summoned Star-Stalker so that priests could defeat it & gain valuable information to bargain with Supreme Intelligence (Avengers #124 & 134, 1974 & 1975); Supreme Intelligence agreed to let priests disperse throughout galaxy, priests secretly took Cotati with them, settled on Earth in Southeast Asia (Avengers #134, 1975); movement continued on Hala with Medic Una later becoming an adherent (Untold Legend of Captain Marvel #1, 1997); prophecy of Celestial Madonna attracted Kang who deduced Mantis was Madonna & killed her protector Swordsman (Giant-Size Avengers #2, 1974); Swordsman buried in garden of Pama Temple (Avengers #130, 1974); Cotati elder inhabited Swordsman’s body & appeared to Mantis, met with Mantis’ father Libra (Avengers #131-132, 1975); elder summoned Mantis & Moondragon as potential Madonnas (Avengers #135, 1975); elder married Mantis for perfect union, both left Earth in spirit form (Giant-Size Avengers #4, 1975); priests of Pama buried Mantis & Swordsman’s bodies, Mantis conceived & returned to Earth to bear Quoi, turned him over to be raised on Tamal (Silver Surfer #4/West Coast Avengers #39, 1987/1988); transmitted Mantis’ cry for help to Zenn-La & Shalla-Bal (Silver Surfer #7-8, 1988); warned Shalla-Ball that Nenora was Skrull (Silver Surfer #20 & 26-27, 1989); used Clumsy Foulup to save Nova & Silver Surfer (Silver Surfer #12, 1988); Exemplar killed plant body of Mantis spirit fragment thus returning it to her true body but warned her away from Quoi (West Coast Avengers #39, 1988); Mantis spirit fragment joined with Fantastic Four & Silver Surfer against high Cotati, Priests of Pama & Kang attempting to retrieve Quoi, high Cotati fled to realm of pure thought, Mantis fragment attempted to follow (Fantastic Four #323-325, 1989); freed Shalla-Bal from Kree imprisonment allowing her to reveal Kree leader Nenora as Skrull, telepathically drove Contemplator imposter mad, placed Clumsy Foulup as Supreme Leader of Kree (Silver Surfer #29-31, 1989); Mantis reassembled, travelled with Avengers to Tamal (Avengers: Celestial Quest #2-3, 2001-2002); Tamal Cotati used entire planet to battle Avengers (Avengers: Celestial Quest #5, 2002); Quoi assumed Celestial Messiah duties (Avengers: Celestial Quest #8, 2002)


First Appearance: Marvel Team-Up #20 (2006); (as Crusader) Marvel Team-Up #23 (2006)
Origin: Marvel Team-Up #23 (2006)
Significant Issues: Sent to Earth to spy on Avengers, halted communication with Skrull Empire after destruction of Avengers’ Mansion, rented apartment, spied on neighbors, learned Curtis Doyle found “magic” ring that he used to become Freedom Ring, used Skrull shape-changing abilities to become Crusader, trained with Freedom Ring (Marvel Team-Up #23, 2006); alongside Freedom Ring, vs Iron Maniac, took ring after Freedom Ring killed, used it at home to create Skrull women & delicacies (Marvel Team-Up #24, 2006); alongside Captain America, Doctor Strange, Luke Cage, Ms. Marvel, She-Hulk, Spider-Man, & Wolverine, vs Titannus, used ring to create pocket reality in which Titannus thought he had killed all his foes allowing time to find way to contain him (Marvel Team-Up #25, 2006)

Death Metal

First Appearance and Origin: Death3 #1 (1993)
Significant Issues: Created by Doctor Necker, escaped, traveled to Earth-9939 (Death3 #1, 1993); vs Earth-9939's Ghost Rider (Death3 #2, 1993); vs Death's Head, Death Wreck & X-Saviours (Death3 #3, 1993); received Ghost Rider's Penance Stare, aided in defeat of Charnel (Death3 #4, 1993); arrived on Earth-616, killed & assimilated Argon (Death Metal #3, 1994); vs Alpha Flight (Death Metal #2, 1994); vs Genetix, impregnated Krista Marwen (Death Metal Vs. Genetix #1-2, 1993-1994); left Earth, encountered Rathcoole & Spirit (Death Metal #3, 1994); vs Brassknuckles & Mys-Tech, found purpose (Death Metal #4, 1994)


First Appearance: Ms Marvel #9 (1977); (as War) Cable #74 (1999)
Origin: Team X 2000 #1 (1999); Ms Marvel #22 (1979); Uncanny X-Men #345 (1997)
Significant Issues: Aspects of childhood revealed (Team X 2000 #1, 1999); revealed to have slain sister & been banished from Shi’ar throneworld as a result (Ms Marvel #22/Uncanny X-Men #345, 1979/1997); alongside Imperial Guard, pursued Brood, rescued from Skrull ambush by Kree Captain Mar-Vell (Untold Legend of Captain Marvel #1-2, 1997); rescued Kree after their battle with Brood, returned them home (Untold Legend of Captain Marvel #3, 1997); acted as agent of MODOK in exchange for means to return home, vs Ms Marvel/Carol Danvers, alongside MODOK, vs rebel A.I.M. faction & Ms Marvel, betrayed by MODOK, defeated by Ms Marvel (Ms Marvel #9-10, 1977); allied with criminals to steal Stark International technology in order to return home, vs Ms Marvel (Ms Marvel #22, 1979); sought to steal equipment from Cross Technological Enterprises, opposed by Hawkeye, defeated by him, kissed by him before being taken into custody (Avengers #189, 1979); allied with Lord Samédàr & Brood in attempt to overthrow Lilandra, vs X-Men, Tigra & Starjammers, plot foiled & Samédàr arrested (Uncanny X-Men #155-157, 1982); alongside Brood, defeated Lilandra & X-Men, usurped Lilandra’s throne & turned X-Men over to Brood (Uncanny X-Men #161-162, 1982); Gladiator discussed Deathbird’s rule with Lilandra (Uncanny X-Men #167, 1983); alongside Imperial Guard, encountered Spaceknights (Rom Annual #4, 1985); alongside Imperial Guard, sought Phalkon, kidnapped Lilandra, almost slain by her, located Phalkon on Earth, learned Phalkon was Phoenix/Rachel Summers, vs Excalibur, briefly claimed Phoenix Force, defeated by Lilandra, rescued by Imperial Guard & fled, witnessed Starjammers’ rebellion resurgence, targeted Earth for conquest (X-Men Spotlight On… Starjammers #1-2, 1990); rule threatened by Warskrulls, subconsciously influenced by Warskrull prisoner Xavier to recruit Lila Cheney & X-Men in opposing Warskrulls, briefly captured X-Men, vs Wolverine, defeated by him while trying to escape, forced to abdicate throne to Lilandra by Warskrulls after wings crippled by Gladiator, rescued by Gambit & Jubilee, teleported away by Lila, returned with Lila to rescue X-Men from Warskrulls, alongside Lila & X-Men, witnessed aftermath of Warskrull’s decimation of P!ndyr, sought to liberate X-Men, opposed by Warskrulls, defeated them with true Xavier’s aid, kissed Xavier before departing (Uncanny X-Men #274-277, 1991); swore allegiance to Lilandra during Kree/Shi’ar war (Avengers #345, 1992); secretly traveled to Kree throneworld Hala, assassinated Kree leaders Ael-Dann & Dar-Benn (Avengers #346, 1992); reluctantly allied with Goliath/Clint Barton to rescue Avengers from Kree custody (Iron Man #279, 1992); survived decimation of Hala after detonation of Shi’ar Nega-Bomb, revived Captain America, confronted by Supreme Intelligence, learned of its role in fomenting the war in order to jumpstart Kree evolution, witnessed dissention in Avengers ranks over decision to kill Supreme Intelligence, witnessed Lilandra’s arrival & her subjugation of former Kree Empire, named viceroy of former Kree Empire, assigned Starforce as personal Imperial Guard (Avengers #347, 1992); alongside Starforce, opposed Quasar/Wendell Vaughn, Makkari & Her during their efforts to locate Kree survivors (Quasar #35, 1992); attended ceremony marking formal joining of Kree territories to Shi’ar Imperium, witnessed assassination attempt on Lilandra by Kree Resistance Front, wings revealed to have healed, located & arrested resistance leader Malakii despite his having helped Lilandra & X-Men prevent fanatical resistance member Visog from destroying stargate (X-Men Unlimited #5, 1994); responded to call from X-Force regarding Pulse, dispatched Commander Tr’morr to Earth to arrest Pulse, learned X-Force aided in Pulse’s escape (X-Force and Cable ’96, 1996); decreed Binary/Carol Danvers an intergalactic threat, had Commander K’illace capture X-Men as supposed co-conspirators & sentenced them to death, witnessed X-Men’s escape attempt & ordered self-destruct of K’illace’s ship, order overruled by Lilandra in order to enlist X-Men’s aid against Silver Surfer after his supposed destruction of Zenn-La, learned true culprits were Inciters, conspired with Lilandra to prevent word of Inciters’ existence reaching Shi’ar populace (X-Men Unlimited #13, 1996); alongside Imperial Guard, investigated psionic anomaly, traveled through it to alternate reality, detected source of anomaly on planet Delta Vega, allied with Proteus, opposed by X-Men & enterprising starship crew, betrayed by Proteus, witnessed his defeat, craft commandeered by X-Men, alongside them & Imperial Guard, returned to own reality (Star Trek/X-Men, 1996); found barely alive by X-Men after Phalanx attack on Shi’ar Starstation A’sura Tarrel, nursed back to health by Beast, alongside Bishop, vs Phalanx disguised as Gambit & Joseph, alongside X-Men & Trish Tilby, sought to liberate Chandilar from Phalanx, alongside Bishop, defended Shi’ar young from Phalanx assimilation, witnessed Phalanx’s defeat by program coded by Beast (Uncanny X-Men #342-344, 1997); charged with escorting X-Men back to Earth, flirted with Bishop, sought to spar with him, refused to discuss her past with him, alongside X-Men, witnessed destruction of stargate to Earth, teleported away from exploding ship with Bishop (Uncanny X-Men #345, 1997); on abandoned outpost & then private transport, nursed Bishop back to health, revealed aspirations to reclaim Shi’ar throne, transport attacked & damaged by Chnitt mothership, with Bishop’s aid, avoided crashing into nearby sun, crash-landed on nearby planet instead, attacked by Ursaa, rescued by Karel, alongside him, vs Chnitt, opted to stay with Bishop rather than escape through warp gate (Uncanny X-Men #348, 353-354 & 357-358, 1997 & 1998); alongside Bishop, repaired shuttle & left planet, encountered Shi’ar probe, attacked by freebooters, entered jump-gate, arrived in alternate future time wherein Shi’ar had conquered Earth, met alternate future niece Majestrix Alanna, learned extent of Alanna’s brutal rule, witnessed attack by Morlock Resistance Network led by Cable attempting to enlist Bishop’s aid, saved Alanna from attack by Longshot, rejected Alanna’s attempts to gain her support, vs Alanna, stopped short of killing her, reunited with Bishop, alongside him, returned to own time (Team X 2000 #1, 1999); alongside Bishop, resumed journey back to Earth, encountered planet-sized Living Monolith, betrayed Bishop to Apocalypse & his Skrull allies (Uncanny X-Men #372/X-Men #92, 1999); returned human-sized Living Monolith back to Earth & allied with his Cult, betrayed by Apocalypse, transformed into his Horseman War, alongside Pestilence/Caliban, vs Cable & X-Force, captured Cable (Uncanny X-Men #373-374/Cable #74, 1999); as War, defeated & captured Iceman (X-Men #96, 2000); as War, alongside other Horsemen, Skrulls & Cultists, vs X-Men, captured Bishop (Uncanny X-Men #377, 2000); alongside Pestilence & Famine/Ahab, opposed X-Men’s efforts to stop Apocalypse, teleported away by Mikhail Rasputin (X-Men #97, 2000); after Earth declared intergalactic penal colony, sentenced there for her past crimes, escaped to Shi’ar starstation, seemingly insane, slaughtered crew, served as chronal anchor for Bishop’s return, opposed by Xavier & Cadre K, confronted by Bishop, gave him key to circumvent barrier surrounding Earth, seemingly committed suicide by blowing herself out airlock (Bishop: The Last X-Man #15, 2000); revealed to have been rescued by Imperial Guard & imprisoned by Shi’ar (Uncanny X-Men #483, 2007); liberated by Vulcan/Gabriel Summers, escaped in jumpship, romanced Vulcan, learned that D’ken had partially recovered, witnessed Vulcan’s restoration of D’ken’s mind, allied with Araki’s Secret Order & helped restore D’ken to Shi’ar throne (Uncanny X-Men #480, 483 & 482, 2007); married Vulcan, witnessed attempt by X-Men, Korvus, Lilandra & Starjammers to rescue Xavier, witnessed Vulcan throwing Xavier into M’kraan Crystal, witnessed Vulcan’s murder of D’ken & his ascension to Shi’ar throne (Uncanny X-Men #485, 2007); wounded by Korvus, saved Vulcan from Polaris, ordered Imperial Guard to retreat & teleported away with Vulcan (Uncanny X-Men #486, 2007)


First Appearance: (Mentioned) Strange Tales #70 (1959); (full) Thor Annual #10 (1982)
Origin: Thor Annual #10 (1982)
Significant Issues: Drove Elder Gods from Earth (Thor Annual #10, 1982); vs Set (Iron Man Annual #10, 1989); Chthon wove Demogorge spell & counterspell into Darkhold (Darkhold: Pages From the Book of Sins #11, 1993); ruled Ennead as Ammon Ra (Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Deluxe Edition #5, 1986); consumed death gods, convinced by Thor that time was not right to devour current pantheons (Thor Annual #10, 1982); merged with Thor, vs Set (Thor Annual #14, 1989); Blade utilized Darkhold’s Demogorge spell (Nightstalkers #10/Ghost Rider #40/Darkhold: Pages From the Book of Sins #11/Morbius #12/Ghost Rider & Blaze: Spirits of Vengeance #13, 1993)

Dragon Man

First Appearance and Origin: Fantastic Four #35 (1965)
Significant Issues: Created by Professor Gilbert, brought to life by Diablo (Fantastic Four #35, 1965); reawoken, lived with Fantastic Four, captured by Seeker, deactivated (Fantastic Four #44-47, 1965-1966); vs Avengers (Avengers #41-42, 1967); vs Sub-Mariner (Sub-Mariner #15, 1969); kidnapped Invisible Woman for Gideon, thought killed (Fantastic Four #134-136, 1973); revived & controlled by Machinesmith (Captain America #248-249, 1980); befriended Ral Dorn (Fantastic Four Annual #16, 1981); found in Circus of Crime (Incredible Hulk #292, 1984); controlled by DiAngelo, rescued by Power Pack, reunited with Professor Gilbert (Power Pack #6-8, 1984); controlled by Puppet Master (Fantastic Four #300, 1987); allied with Aron the Watcher (Fantastic Four #321-323 & 327-332, 1988-1989); vs cosmic-powered Spider-Man/Peter Parker (Web of Spider-Man #61, 1990); vs She-Hulk (Sensational She-Hulk #27, 1991); briefly joined New Enforcers (Web of Spider-Man #99-100, 1993); vs Spider-Man/Ben Reilly (Spectacular Spider-Man #235-236, 1996); vs Thing (Fantastic Four Annual 2001, 2001); vs She-Hulk & Thing (Thing and She-Hulk: The Long Night, 2002); vs Black Panther (Black Panther #9, 2005); destroyed quinjet, defeated by Deathlok & Firebird (Beyond! #2-3, 2006); attended funeral for Stilt-Man (Punisher War Journal #4, 2007)


First Appearance: (As unidentified wolf) Marvel Premiere #15 (1974); (as Fera) Power Man and Iron Fist #97 (1983); (as Ferocia) Captain America #389 (1991)
Significant Issues: Killed Heather Rand (Marvel Premiere #15 1974); revealed to be K’un-Lun wolf, vs Heroes for Hire (Power Man and Iron Fist #97-100, 1983); joined Femizons, opposed Captain America (Captain America #387-392, 1991); fell under Dredmund Cromwell's control, attacked Captain America & Doctor Druid (Captain America #402-408, 1992); joined Ricadonna's Rogues, gained shape-shifting powers, vs Heroes for Hire (Heroes for Hire #3-5, 2006-2007)


First Appearance: (As Corbo) Alpha Flight: In the Beginning… #-1 (1997); (as Flex) Alpha Flight #1 (1997)
Origin: Alpha Flight: In the Beginning… #-1 (1997)
Significant Issues: Raised in orphanage (Alpha Flight: In the Beginning #-1 (1997); as Flex, joined Alpha Flight, vs Zodiac, accidentally killed Taurus (Alpha Flight #1, 1997); with Alpha Flight, vs Master of the World synthoid (Alpha Flight #2, 1997); broke Sunfire out of Department H (Alpha Flight #3, 1997); with Alpha Flight, vs Mesmero (Alpha Flight #4-5, 1997); with Alpha Flight, sent to apprehend Wolverine (Alpha Flight #8-9/Uncanny X-Men #355, 1998); with Alpha Flight, entered Microverse, vs Baron Zebek, met Microns (Alpha Flight #10-11, 1998); with Alpha Flight, vs Zodiac (Alpha Flight #12, 1998); with Alpha Flight, attended Sasquatch’s funeral (Alpha Flight #15, 1998); with Alpha Flight, vs Brass Bishop (Alpha Flight #15-16, 1998); with Alpha Flight, alongside Big Hero Six, vs X the Unknowable, flirted with Ghost Girl (Alpha Flight #17, 1998); with Alpha Flight, met Inhumans (Marvel Comics 1998 Annual Starring Alpha Flight and Inhumans, 1998); with Alpha Flight, pursued Weapon X, vs original Alpha Flight (Alpha Flight #18-20, 1999); relegated to Beta Flight (Wolverine #142, 1999)


First Appearance: Quasar #51 (1993); (identified) Quasar #52 (1993)
Origin: Quasar #52 (1993)
Significant Issues: Attempted to remake Earth, convinced to travel back in time to start of universe to restructure it (Quasar #51-52, 1993); a Geometer imprisoned on Earth during efforts to make Earth an intergalactic penal colony (Maximum Security #1-3, 2000-2001)


First Appearance: Iron Man #219 (1987)
Significant Issues: Hired by Roxxon to sabotage Accutech, vs Iron Man, killed Spymaster (Iron Man #219-220, 1987); vs Iron Man & Justin Hammer's operatives (Iron Man #238-240, 1989); hired by Kingpin to steal Roxxon's data on synthetic Vibranium, vs Spider-Man, Black Panther & Sunturion (Amazing Spider-Man Annual #25/Spectacular Spider-Man Annual #11, 1991); vs Spider-Man & Cassandra Locke (Amazing Spider-Man #16, 2000); sabotaged Askew for AIM, vs Iron Man (Iron Man #42, 44-45, 2001); allied with Spymaster to sabotage Stark (Iron Man: The Inevitable #1-4, 2006)


First Appearance: Ka-Zar #1 (1970)
Significant Issues: Summoned by Zeus to hunt Hercules, vs Avengers & Hercules in Avenger Mansion (Ka-Zar #1, 1970); enlisted the Sirens to entrance Prince Namor of Atlantis, defeated by Hercules & Namor (Sub-Mariner #20, 1970); empowered by Zeus & Pluto to return Hercules & Venus to Olympus so they could be wed to Hippolyta & Ares respectively, vs Champions of Los Angeles, defeated by them (Champions #2-3, 1976)


First Appearance: Silver Sable & the Wild Pack #16 (1993)
Significant Issues: Wild Pack rescued Man-Eater from Genesis Coalition (Silver Sable & the Wild Pack #8, 1993); Wild Pack, Next Wave, & Stingray joined forces to defeat Genesis Coalition’s Cyberwarriors under Mediterranean Sea & on Wundagore Mountain, Fin offered to join Wild Pack (Silver Sable & the Wild Pack #11-12, 1993); Intruders vs Pit-Viper doppelganger in Kentucky (Silver Sable & the Wild Pack #15, 1993); Intruders vs & later joined forces with Bio-Genes in Somalia, Lightbright’s life saved by Battle Star (Silver Sable & the Wild Pack #16-17, 1993); Lightbright traveled to New York at Battle Star’s invitation (Silver Sable & the Wild Pack #1993); chemical imbalances caused Man-Eater to rampage through downtown Manhattan (Silver Sable & the Wild Pack #27, 1994); Silver Sable released from Ryker’s Island prison & relocated her international operations to Symkaria, allowed Sandman to lead Intruders from New York (Silver Sable & the Wild Pack #30, 1994); Silver Sable announced she would no longer lead Wild Pack & would run Silver Sable International as business only (Silver Sable & the Wild Pack #33, 1995); embarked on mission to Antarctica to retrieve alien relic (Silver Sable & the Wild Pack #34, 1995); Sandman’s criminal psyche restored by Wizard (Peter Parker: Spider-Man #12, 1999)


First Appearance: X-Men #12 (1965)
Origin: X-Men Unlimited #13 (1996); Uncanny X-Men #416 (2003); X-Men Unlimited #12 (1996); X-Men Forever #4 (2001); X-Men #12 (1965)
Significant Issues: As child, in Junction, New York, encountered & beaten by bullies, saved from them by Marie Cavendish (X-Men Unlimited #13, 1996); abused by father (Uncanny X-Men #416, 2003); after expulsion from school, went to live with father, step-mother & step-brother Charles in Westchester, New York, began bullying Charles out of resentment, learned father considered him a “bad seed,” visited father’s workplace at Almagordo, New Mexico, accidentally caused explosion at home, father mortally wounded but saved both Cain & Charles before dying, resentment of Charles began turning to hatred (X-Men #12/X-Men Unlimited #12/X-Men Forever #4, 1965/1996/2001); alongside Charles, attended college, continued bullying Charles until he fought back, defeated by him, reckless driving caused car accident that seriously injured Charles (X-Men #12, 1965); alongside Charles, served in U.S. Army during mission in Korea, discovered Temple of Cyttorak in cave, found Ruby, transformed into Juggernaut (X-Men #12, 1965); trapped under tons of rubble after temple collapsed, spent years digging his way out (X-Men #12/X-Men Forever #3-4, 1965/2001); forced by Cyttorak to confront predecessor as Juggernaut, killed him, sent by Cyttorak to destroy predecessor’s village, slew every last inhabitant (New Excalibur #15, 2007); returned to Westchester to seek revenge on Charles, encountered & defeated X-Men, confronted Charles, clashed again with X-Men & Human Torch/Johnny Storm, rendered comatose by Charles after helmet removed (X-Men #12-13, 1965); imprisoned (X-Men Forever #3, 2001); turned over to Charles’ custody & held prisoner, experimented on by Charles in attempt to expel Cyttorak’s power from him, freed after experiment backfired thanks to mental intervention of Factor Three’s leader, briefly possessed Charles’ mental powers, attacked & defeated X-Men (X-Men #28 & 32, 1967); sought out Factor Three, vs National Guard, opposed by X-Men, weakened after Cyclops & Marvel Girl/Jean Grey obtained Ruby prototype from Crimson Cosmos, drawn into Crimson Cosmos after touching prototype (X-Men #33, 1967); returned to Earth, confronted X-Men, learned of Xavier’s apparent death, felt cheated (X-Men #46, 1968); pulled out of time by future version of Access, sent to future time by alternate reality apocalyptic warlord to kidnap present Access’ girlfriend Ming, alongside alternate reality mantis-themed demon, opposed by Spider-Man/Peter Parker & alternate reality amazon princess, defeated (Unlimited Access #1, 1997); alongside past versions of Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, Mystique & Sabretooth, vs past X-Men & alternate reality teen heroes, retreated (Unlimited Access #3, 1998); confronted alternate reality apocalyptic warlord, sent back to own time (Unlimited Access #4, 1998); vs X-Men, drawn back into Crimson Cosmos (X-Men #46, 1968); drawn into Nightmare’s realm by Doctor Strange, confronted Nightmare, attacked him with mystic spells learned while in Crimson Cosmos, alongside Nightmare, inadvertently freed Eternity, consigned to Oblivion’s dimension by him (Dr. Strange #182, 1969); began aging rapidly due to effects of Oblivion’s dimension, learned hate would keep him young, used mystic abilities to return to Earth, arrived in Rutland, Vermont, attacked Beast, defeated after helmet removed, began aging again, drawn back into Oblivion’s dimension (Amazing Adventures #16, 1972); bargained with Oblivion for restored youth in exchange for mystic abilities, returned to Earth via space-time warp, alongside Hulk, vs Hulkbusters, attacked by Hulk after threatening civilians, defeated by X-Men after Hulk removed helmet (Incredible Hulk #172, 1974); met & befriended Black Tom Cassidy in prison, escaped with him (X-Force #31, 1994); alongside other villains, pulled out of time by Headmen-controlled Orrgo & sent to future to oppose Defenders, sent back to own time by Defenders-controlled Orrgo (Defenders #10, 2001); alongside Black Tom, usurped control of Cassidy Keep, employed by Eric the Red to kill X-Men (X-Men #103, 1977); overheard drunken Black Tom insult him under his breath (X-Men Forever #3, 2001); alongside Black Tom, confronted X-Men, defeated & tortured them, opposed by them after their liberation by Storm, dove into ocean to rescue Tom (X-Men #101-103/Classic X-Men #9-11, 1976-1977/1987); alongside other villains, pulled out of time by Isbisa’s students & sent to future time to oppose She-Hulk, returned to own time after Isbisa’s time machine destroyed (Sensational She-Hulk #30, 1991); alongside Black Tom, employed Arcade to kill X-Men (X-Men #122, 1979); met Tom’s niece Siryn (X-Men Forever #3, 2001); alongside Black Tom & Siryn, sought to steal entire U.S. supply of Vibranium, opposed by Spider-Woman/Jessica Drew, defeated her, opposed by X-Men & Spider-Woman, defeated but escaped (Spider-Woman #37-38, 1981); alongside Black Tom, sought to kidnap Madame Web, opposed by Spider-Man, defeated after being lured into setting building foundation (Amazing Spider-Man #229-230, 1982); trapped in building foundation (X-Men Forever #2, 2001); broke free from foundation, engaged in bar fight with Colossus that virtually destroyed establishment, paid for damage (Uncanny X-Men #183, 1984); returned to Temple of Cyttorak, reclaimed Ruby to give to Tom as gift, clashed with empowered Tom, learned Tom’s empowerment weakened himself by splitting Cyttorak’s power between them, vs Spider-Man & X-Men, power briefly drained by Rogue after she drained Tom’s power, full power restored, threw Ruby into Earth’s orbit, escaped with Tom (Marvel Team-Up #150, 1985); attacked by Nimrod, saved by X-Men (Uncanny X-Men #194, 1985); alongside other villains, recruited by Mephisto into Legion Accursed, sent to attack Beyonder, opposed by Thing (Secret Wars II #7, 1986); Ruby dislodged from orbit by passing Nova/Frankie Raye (Excalibur #25/Avengers West Coast #64, 1990); Ruby found by young Stevie, Juggernaut sought to reclaim Ruby, opposed by Hulk, defeated by Stevie with Ruby, Ruby used by Stevie to animate wax statues in effort to claim Captain America’s shield, opposed by Captain America & Human Torch/Jim Hammond, used Ruby to usurp control of school (Avengers West Coast #64, 1990); in Ullapool, Scotland, encountered Dazzler/Alison Blaire, revealed to be fan of her music, opposed by her, mistakenly believed he’d killed her & buried her (Uncanny X-Men #217, 1987); attacked Edinburgh, Scotland, confronted by X-Men, learned Dazzler was still alive, defeated after helmet removed by Rogue, revealed to have been creating diversion to allow Black Tom to loot Bank of Scotland (Uncanny X-Men #218, 1987); imprisoned in Crossmoor Ultra Maximum Security Prison, freed by Vixen, opposed by Excalibur, defeated by Phoenix/Rachel Summers (Excalibur #3, 1988); again imprisoned in Crossmoor, teleported to Queens, New York by Loki as part of his “Acts of Vengeance,” vs Thor & New Warriors, defeated, sent to distant asteroid by Thor (X-Men Forever #2/Thor #411/Captain America #366/Thor #412, 2001/1989); revealed to have been rescued from asteroid by passing aliens & become ruler of nearby planet by deposing Prince Zalaski, had servants kidnap Thor & Excalibur when they arrived on asteroid to learn of his whereabouts, vs Thor, attempted to lift Thor’s hammer but failed, sent into deep space by Thor (Thor #428-429, 1991); returned to Earth via interdimensional locator & teleporter (X-Force #2, 1991); alongside Black Tom, vs Siryn & X-Force, bombed World Trade Center, vs X-Force & Spider-Man, teleported away by Deadpool (X-Force #3/Spider-Man #16/X-Force #4, 1991); alongside Black Tom, delivered to Tolliver by Deadpool, sought medical aid for wounded Tom (X-Force #5, 1991); drawn into Crimson Cosmos by Doctor Strange to aid against Cyttorak, attempted to claim Cyttorak’s Ruby, opposed by Strange & Nova/Frankie Raye, dispatched back to Earth by Cyttorak (Doctor Strange: Sorceror Supreme #44, 1992); alongside Deadpool & Karma, employed by Gideon to invade Xavier Institute & kidnap Xavier & Psylocke, alongside Toad’s Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, vs X-Men (X-Men: Limited Edition #1, 1993); as member of New World Order, employed by Red Skull to attack Hulk, defeated him (Incredible Hulk #402, 1993); prevented Project Piecemeal from escaping NWO base, alongside brainwashed Hulk, attacked Avengers, defeated by psychic backlash after Hulk overcame brainwashing (Incredible Hulk #403-404, 1993); recovered Tom from Genetech genetic research facility outside Angouleme, France (Deadpool: The Circle Chase #1, 1993); alongside Tom, sought information on Tolliver’s Will, attacked Deadpool to claim information he possessed, hijacked plane, jumped from plane to save Tom after he was dropped from same by Deadpool (Deadpool: The Circle Chase #2, 1993); sought Tom’s medical records from Genetech, opposed by Thunderstrike, paid for damage caused by their clash (Thunderstrike #2, 1993); alongside Black Tom, hired by Scarmore Industries to kidnap lawyer Beck Underwood in effort to cover-up toxic waste dumping, vs Venom (Venom: The Madness #1-3, 1993-1994); alongside Black Tom, returned to Cassidy Keep, arranged for Tom to turn himself in to allow him to receive medical help he needed to survive (X-Force #30-31, 1994); rescued Tom from experimentation by Doctor Killebrew, kidnapped Killebrew, sent by Tom to capture Deadpool to allow Killebrew to cure Tom using his cell samples, vs Deadpool & Siryn, witnessed Killebrew’s cure of Tom (Deadpool #1-4, 1994); vs X-Men, inadvertently teleported to Earth-2 by Access, vs super-powered alien hero, returned to Earth-616 by Access (DC Versus Marvel Comics #1/Marvel Comics Versus DC #4, 1996); encountered Onslaught in Canada, thrown across country to Hoboken, New Jersey, encountered X-Men, defeated (Uncanny X-Men #322, 1995); recuperated at Xavier Institute (X-Men #42, 1995); escaped Institute, confronted by Cannonball & Wolverine, sent to Reality-93060 by agents of Landau, Luckman & Lake, arrived on Gameworld, encountered Amber Hunt, ‘Strike, Reaper, Siena Blaze & Shuriken, formed Exiles, teleported to Earth-93060 by Reaper, arrival seemingly caused mass devastation, vs U.S. military, escaped, became attracted to Amber, vs Qune, wounded by him (Wolverine #93/All New Exiles #∞-1, 1995); with Exiles, vs X-Men, alongside them, vs Firewalker (All New Exiles vs X-Men #0, 1995); with Exiles, vs Hellblade, alongside him, vs Qune (All New Exiles #2-3, 1995); rendered unconscious by Amber prior to her possession by Phoenix Force (Phoenix Resurrection: Genesis #1, 1995); with Exiles, defended Phoenix-possessed Amber, alongside X-Men, Ultraforce & other heroes, attacked by her, witnessed Phoenix Force leaving her, opposed Entity’s efforts to use Phoenix Force to drive Earth-93060 into the Sun, witnessed Phoenix Force’s destruction of Entity, forced Phoenix Force through chronal portal (Phoenix Resurrection: Revelations #1, 1995); with Exiles, sought whereabouts of Amber, vs Ultraforce, alongside them, vs technorganic alien (All New Exiles #4, 1996); alongside Shuriken, encountered Siren, with Exiles, escaped apprehension by Genie agents (Siren Special #1, 1996); with Exiles, vs Harvest, confronted by Tradesmen, betrayed by Reaper who teleported him back to Earth-616 (All New Exiles #5/Uncanny X-Men #333/X-Men #53, 1996); sought out X-Men to impart knowledge of Onslaught to them, encountered & defeated Bishop & Gambit, encountered Jean Grey, allowed her to unlock Onslaught’s true identity from his mind, attempted to flee Institute, confronted by Onslaught, had bond to Ruby severed by him, trapped in Ruby by him (Uncanny X-Men #334/X-Men #54/Onslaught: X-Men/X-Men Unlimited #12, 1996); in mystic dimension within Ruby, encountered Spite, saved by Gomurr, learned extent of his connection to Ruby, relived past, lured by Spite with promise of reclaiming power, betrayed by her to corrupt aspect of Cyttorak that resided within Ruby realm, attacked by it, defeated it with aid of Gomurr & Tar, forcibly expelled from Ruby as a result & returned to Earth-616 more powerful than before (X-Men Unlimited #12, 1996); returned to Junction, driven into rage after being falsely accused of popping parade balloons, caused mass destruction, confronted by Gomurr, warned of compulsion to destroy, learned he had unwittingly seriously injured Marie Cavendish, took her to hospital, left town (X-Men Unlimited #13, 1996); in Sirocco Sprawl, New Mexico, became involved in duel between Spite & her brother D’spayre, learned his soul had become source of Cyttorak’s power, had majority of power drained by D’spayre, almost slain by him but survived on pure hate, defeated D’spayre, body & power restored by Spite, inadvertently became hero of Sirocco Sprawl, had Juggernaut Appreciation Day held in his honor (Juggernaut #1, 1997); met with rest of Inner Council of New World Order, alongside Absorbing Man, sent to oppose Hulk in Egypt after his transformation into Apocalypse’s Horseman War (Incredible Hulk #456-457, 1997); took War’s sword back to New York in order to sell it to pay for operation to heal Black Tom, encountered Spider-Man (Peter Parker: Spider-Man #84, 1997); with attorney Brad Perkins, informed X-Men of freezing of Charles Xavier’s financial estate until he is made administrator of said funds, learned mansion had been stripped bare, confronted by X-Men but left peacefully (X-Men #70, 1997); lured back to Korea by word of a second Ruby, at Temple of Cyttorak, bound in mystical circle by Cult of Chejo-Do, power drained into second Ruby, confronted by Storm, Shadowcat & Gambit whom Tom had called in to help, second Ruby retrieved by Gambit & power restored (Uncanny X-Men #361, 1998); possessed by entity who forced him to smash through dimensional barriers in attempt to access Trion’s dimension in order to destroy them & rule in their stead, opposed by X-Men, confronted on astral plane by Xavier & Wolverine, defeated possessing entity’s psyche thanks to their intervention, learned entity was Trion’s own dark side that they had purged from themselves millennia ago (X-Men #88/Uncanny X-Men #369, 1999); felt compulsion to follow psychic call, opposed by Thor, encountered Bedlam & Conquest, witnessed their defeat of Thor, teleported away by them (Thor #17, 1999); with Exemplars, oversaw construction of God-Engine, opposed by Spider-Man, Thor, Iron Man & Xavier, defeated them (Peter Parker: Spider-Man #11, 1999); with Exemplars & captured heroes, teleported to North Pole with God-Engine, fought against Cyttorak’s influence, confronted on astral plane by Xavier, overcame Cyttorak’s influence, opposed fellow Exemplars, destroyed core of God-Engine resulting in mystical chain reaction that scattered Exemplars’ essences around the globe (Juggernaut: The Eighth Day #1, 1999); in Manhattan, pursued by Exemplars, sought out Avengers for help, captured by Exemplars, rescue attempt by Avengers, Hercules, Spider-Man & Nova/Richard Rider failed, freed after Exemplars overcame their deity’s influences & fled, willingly accepted incarceration without struggle though secretly planned escape (Avengers #24-25, 2000); alongside Black Tom & Mondo, attacked & defeated Generation X, imprisoned them only for them to be freed by Penance, defeated by Emma Frost’s telepathic powers after helmet removed by Penance & skullcap removed by Banshee, escaped with Tom & Mondo (Generation X #60-61, 2000); alongside Phoenix/Jean Grey, Iceman, Mystique & Toad, recruited by Prosh to travel through times past to uncover knowledge that would help prevent opposition to mankind’s ultimate destiny of evolving into Eternity, relived past events with fresh perspective, came to realization he had wasted his life, learned threat to humanity was Prosh itself under control of the Stranger, vs Prosh, opposed Stranger, freed Prosh from Stranger’s control, returned to Seagate Prison, remanded to prisoner work furlough program while serving as superhuman bounty hunter for Commission on Superhuman Activity (X-Men Forever #1-6, 2001); alongside Black Tom, employed by Ulysses to kill Cyclops, relented after Cyclops threatened to kill Tom, betrayed by Ulysses, jumped from downed plane (Cyclops #1-2, 2001); alongside others, witnessed aftermath of 9/11 terrorist attack (Amazing Spider-Man #36, 2001); alongside others, attended Deadpool’s funeral (Deadpool #61, 2002); after power began weakening, enlisted X-Men’s aid in opposing mutated Black Tom, alongside X-Men, captured by Tom, freed by Stacy X & Iceman, knocked into sea by Tom, saved by Sammy Paré, accepted Xavier’s invitation to recover at Institute (Uncanny X-Men #410-412, 2002); confronted by Wolverine over Xavier’s invitation, became subject of admiration for Sammy & Carter Ghazikhanian (Uncanny X-Men #413, 2002); alongside Sammy, visited former home, destroyed it after reliving childhood memories of abuse by father, came to realization that he needed to stop blaming others for his mistakes and start appreciating what he has more (Uncanny X-Men #416, 2003); played baseball with Sammy & Carter (Uncanny X-Men #418, 2003); confronted Polaris after she threatened Annie Ghazikhanian (Uncanny X-Men #419, 2003); alongside X-Men, vs Dominant Species, injured by explosion, healed by Archangel, again played baseball with Sammy & Carter (Uncanny X-Men #420, 2003); alongside X-Men & Sammy, confronted animal torturing children, alongside them, forced to experience animal’s pain by Jean & wracked by guilt over his own past animal cruelty as a result, went swimming with Sammy (X-Men Unlimited #44, 2003); asked Xavier if he could stay permanently at Institute, take up gym teaching position & join X-Men, received Xavier’s approval (Uncanny X-Men #421, 2003); played football with Sammy, Carter & Wolf Cub (Chamber #4, 2003); played catch with Sammy, alongside X-Men, opposed Alpha Flight’s attempt to remove children from Institute over issues regarding their safety, farewelled Sammy (Uncanny X-Men #422, 2003); tried in vain to contact Sammy, invited by Havok to join X-Men, alongside other male X-Men, attended Havok’s bachelor party, with X-Men, alongside others, attended wedding of Havok & Polaris, witnessed Polaris’ vengeful attack on Havok after Havok stopped their wedding, stopped Polaris from killing Havok (Uncanny X-Men #425-426, 2003); witnessed Wolf Cub’s Dominant Species-influenced attack on Havok, rushed Havok to infirmary, encountered Exiles, witnessed Havok’s possession by Earth-1298 counterpart, saved Carter from him, with X-Men, alongside Exiles, vs Earth-1298 Havok & Dominant Species (Exiles #28-30, 2003); requested plane from Charles to visit Sammy, request denied on account of him being forbidden to see Sammy due to restraining order, argued with Charles over their shared past, learned his father had abused Charles as well, ultimately given permission to visit Sammy to ensure his father wasn’t abusing him (Uncanny X-Men #429, 2003); alongside Northstar, visited Sammy in Vancouver, learned Sammy’s father was abusing him, attacked Sammy’s father, confronted by Alpha Flight, unwittingly injured Sammy’s mother in ensuing clash, surrended after being confronted by Sammy (Uncanny X-Men #431-434, 2003-2004); held prisoner in Vancouver, had She-Hulk appointed as attorney, inadvertently freed during escape attempt by Rhino, defeated Rhino, chose not to escape himself & returned to custody, released from incarceration pending sentencing, briefly romanced She-Hulk, alongside her, vs Cyttorak’s new Juggernaut, learned he was animal torturing boy he’d previously encountered, received reduced & commuted sentence as well as extradition back to U.S. after impassioned plea from Sammy’s mother (Uncanny X-Men #435-436, 2004); alongside Emma Frost & She-Hulk, helped rescue survivors after faux Magneto’s attack on Manhattan (Uncanny X-Men #442, 2004); request to become gym teacher denied by Cyclops on account of temper, tested by Wolverine, realized he wasn’t ready to be a teacher after being confronted with images of innocents injured during his battles with others, realization saw him given teaching position under supervision (X-Men Unlimited #4, 2004); alongside Sabretooth, Vulture, Bullseye, Sandman & Deadpool, blackmailed by Valeria Merrick into recovering Identity Disc from A.I.M. for crimelord Tristram Silver, witnessed Sandman’s defeat by Merrick after he sought to back out, infiltrated A.I.M. base, vs A.I.M., recovered disc after allies defeated, discovered it to not be Identity Disc but a means for Vulture to protect his S.H.I.E.L.D. agent daughter Valeria from blackmail, betrayed by Vulture (Identity Disc #1-5, 2004-2005); trained in Danger Room, assigned by Cyclops to Havok’s X-Men team, with them, investigated new mutant located in China, discovered Shen Xorn, opposed by Eight Immortals, aided by them in seeking to contain Xorn’s black hole, vs Collective Man & Chinese military, returned to Institute, alongside Sammy, investigated Black Tom’s seeming return (X-Men #157-160, 2004); revealed to have supposedly infiltrated X-Men on behalf of Brotherhood of Mutants (X-Men #161, 2004); seemingly killed Nocturne, witnessed by Sammy, witnessed Tom’s murder of Sammy, attacked Brotherhood, defeated (X-Men #162, 2004); revealed to have been double agent amongst Brotherhood for X-Men, with X-Men, vs Brotherhood, alongside most of Brotherhood & Nocturne, pulled into Xorn’s black hole (X-Men #163-164, 2004-2005); alongside Nocturne & Spiral, emerged from wormhole into Danger Room, revealed to have been in Mojoworld where they were traded by Brotherhood to Mojo in exchange for cash & prizes, with X-Men, alongside Nocturne, vs Mojo & Spiral, deaged to child, vs Mojo’s Exile Legal Eagles, endured angst over Sammy’s last words to him, defeated Spiral & Mojo, tempted by Mojo with fresh start, denied him & re-aged as a result (Uncanny X-Men #460-461, 2005); in “House of M” reality, alongside Nocturne, pursued by Marauders, defeated by Blob, saved from capture by Captain Britain & his allies, alongside them, helped repair reality breach, witnessed Meggan’s seeming sacrifice to close breach (Uncanny X-Men #463 & 465, 2005); in London, alongside Nocturne, Captain Britain, Pete Wisdom, Sage & others, investigated seeming murder of Dazzler, alongside her, vs Shadow X-Men, inadvertently caused traffic accident, defeated Shadow X-Men, invited by Wisdom to join new Excalibur (New Excalibur #1-3, 2006); in London, placed on trial, defended by She-Hulk, pardoned by Prime Minister, alongside Dazzler & Nocturne, vs Warwolves, aided Captain Britain & Courtney Ross vs Albion & Lionheart, joined Excalibur (New Excalibur #4-5, 2006); helped Excalibur move into new headquarters, trained against Captain Britain, with Excalibur, helped search for survivors in aftermath of Scarlet Knight’s bombing of Shepherd’s Cross Railway Station, vs Black Tom & Black Air, confronted Tom, convinced him to surrender (New Excalibur #6-7, 2006); defended Nocturne from sleazy nightclub-goers, with Excalibur, alongside Psylocke, confronted Shadow Xavier, briefly possessed by Shadow King & forced to attack Captain Britain, freed after Shadow King defeated by Psylocke (New Excalibur #8, 2006); with Excalibur, encountered Chamber after his restoration by Clan Akkaba (New Excalibur #9, 2006); with Excalibur, encountered Sir Percy-possessed Black Knight/Dane Whitman, alongside him, transported into past by Lady of the Lake, met past Sir Percy, alongside him & Merlin, vs Makluans, strength failed him during fight, visited Camelot, met King Arthur, vs Makluans again, witnessed their defeat after Sage uncovered their weakness, returned to own time (New Excalibur #10-12, 2006); attacked & beaten by Wrecking Crew, saved by Excalibur & Black Knight, visited Black Tom in prison, made peace with him, returned to Temple of Cyttorak in attempt to reclaim former power, confronted Cyttorak, learned Xavier was meant to have become Juggernaut instead, vs intended replacement as Juggernaut, stopped short of killing him, truth about his killing of his predecessor & precedessor’s entire village revealed to Excalibur, secretly claimed Ruby (New Excalibur #13-15, 2007); with Excalibur, helped with Nocturne’s convalescence after suffering stroke (New Excalibur #16-17, 2007)

Kid Colt

First Appearance: Kid Colt #1 (1948)
Origin: Kid Colt: Outlaw #11 (1950); Kid Colt: Outlaw #79 (1958); Gunsmoke Western #72 (1962)
Significant Issues: Received first gun (Kid Colt: Outlaw #99, 1961); vs Wild Joe Hogan (Kid Colt: Outlaw #103, 1962); vs Orville Jones (Kid Colt: Outlaw #102, 1962); death of Dan Colt, became outlaw (Kid Colt: Outlaw #11 & 79/Gunsmoke Western #72 (1950 & 1958/1962); received pair of Colts from manufacturer (Kid Colt: Outlaw #72, 1957); first encountered Sam Hawk (Kid Colt: Outlaw #78, 1958); vs el Lopo (Kid Colt: Outlaw #86, 1959); vs Man-Hunter (Kid Colt: Outlaw #88, 1960); vs Gun Wizard (Kid Colt: Outlaw #90, 1960); vs Ghost of Midnight Valley (Kid Colt: Outlaw #93, 1959); alongside Scarecrow Jace, apprehended One-Eye Borden (Kid Colt: Outlaw #95, 1960); vs Montana Joe (Kid Colt: Outlaw #96, 1961); vs Drago Dalton (Kid Colt: Outlaw #97, 1961); vs King Kobra (Kid Colt: Outlaw #98, 1961); vs Warroo (Kid Colt: Outlaw #100, 1961); met Giant Monster of Midnight Valley (Kid Colt: Outlaw #107, 1962); journeyed to New York (Kid Colt: Outlaw #108, 1963); vs Barracuda (Kid Colt: Outlaw #109, 1963); vs Iron Mask (Kid Colt: Outlaw #110, 1963); vs Bennington Brown (Kid Colt: Outlaw #112, 1963); vs Bull Barton (Kid Colt: Outlaw #113, 1963); vs Doctor Danger (Kid Colt: Outlaw #114, 1964); vs Scorpion (Kid Colt: Outlaw #115, 1964); vs Fat Man (Kid Colt: Outlaw #117, 1964); met Rawhide Kid (Kid Colt: Outlaw #121, 1965); vs Ringo Barker (Kid Colt: Outlaw #123, 1965); vs Phantom Raider (Kid Colt: Outlaw #124, 1965); met Two-Gun Kid (Kid Colt: Outlaw #125, 1965); vs John Wesley Hardin (Kid Colt: Outlaw #127, 1966); alongside Rawhide Kid, vs Masquerader (Rawhide Kid #50, 1966); alongside Rawhide Kid & Two-Gun Kid, met time-traveling Thunderstrike (Thor Corps #3, 1993); vs Town Tamer (Kid Colt: Outlaw #131, 1966); vs Rammer Rankin (Kid Colt: Outlaw #133, 1967); vs Robin Hood Raider (Kid Colt: Outlaw #139, 1968); met Phantom Rider (Giant-Size Kid Colt #3, 1975); alongside Rawhide Kid, encountered Burt Riker (Kid Colt: Outlaw #201, 1975); met time-traveling Avengers, aided them against Kang (Avengers #142-143, 1975-1976); met time-traveling Invisible Woman (Fantastic Four #33-34, 2000); aided time-traveling Black Panther & allies against Loki (Black Panther #46-47, 2002); alongside Arizona Annie, encountered Skrulls (Mighty Marvel Western Featuring Kid Colt and The Arizona Girl #1, 2006); defended Wonderment from Nightriders, shot in back by Gunhawk (Blaze of Glory #1-4, 2000)

Kidney Lady

First Appearance: Howard the Duck #2 (1976)
Origin: Howard the Duck #12 (1977); Howard the Duck #1 (1979)
Significant Issues: As poor farm girl, seduced by Elmer who sold her “The Human Kidney: Seat of the Soul”, took her to Cleveland & later deserted her; chose to devote her life to the book (Howard the Duck #12, 1977); discovered book was evil & became witch & arch-foe of Dakimh the Enchanter, mystically witnessed Howard the Duck’s arrival during cosmic axis shift, created Chair-Thing (Howard the Duck #1, 1979); encountered Howard the Duck on Cleveland bus & hit him with her cane, accused him of being part of International Kidney Poisoning Conspiracy, provided Howard with likely place that Turnip-Man would take Beverly Switzler (Howard the Duck #2, 1976); encountered Howard on another bus, accused him of being overall head of International Kidney Poisoning Conspiracy (Howard the Duck #5, 1976); attacked “Happiness is a Hamburger” Coffee Shop, vs Howard again (Howard the Duck Newspaper Strip, 1977); encountered Howard on Black Dog bus from Niagara Falls to Cleveland, subsequent fight caused accident, arrested with Howard & Winda Wester but put on make-up & sweet-talked judge into releasing her (Howard the Duck #11-12, 1977); founded Kidney Watchdogs of America, recruited Cleveland Clobberer, lured Howard & Beverly to her home & sicced Chair-Thing on them, put Chair-Thing out after Howard set it on fire with his cigar turning chair back to normal, teleported away vowing revenge (Howard the Duck #1, 1979); confronted Howard at Donner’s Restaurant (Spider-Man Team-Up #5, 1996); seen standing in line at Ohio Department of Motor Vehicles (Civil War: Choosing Sides, 2006)

Killer Shrike

First Appearance: Rampaging Hulk #1 (1977)


First Appearance: Fantastic Four #53 (1966)
Origin: Fantastic Four Unlimited #1 (1993); Fantastic Four #53 (1966); Black Panther (1999)
Significant Issues: Father made enemies in Wakanda (Fantastic Four Unlimited #1, 1993); killed T’Chaka, vs Fantastic Four & Black Panther (Fantastic Four #53, 1966); obtained powers, vs Fantastic Four (Fantastic Four #56, 1966); with Masters of Evil, vs Avengers (Avengers #54-55, 1968); with Masters of Evil, vs Avengers & Lady Liberators (Avengers #83, 1970); vs Fantastic Four & Black Panther (Fantastic Four #119, 1973); sold N’Jadaka into slavery (Jungle Action #7, 1973); alongside Solarr, vs Avengers (Avengers #126, 1974); alongside Sheenarians, vs Ka-Zar (Ka-Zar #14-20, 1976); alongside Molecule Man, vs Fantastic Four & Impossible Man (Fantastic Four #186-188, 1977); alongside Mad Thinker, vs Fantastic Four & Vision (Marvel Fanfare #14, 1984); vs Thunderbolts gang & Black Panther (Black Panther #14-15, 1979); alongside Solarr, vs Thing, Quasar & Giant-Man (Marvel Two-in-One #57-58, 1979); vs American Eagle, Thing, & Ka-Zar (Marvel Two-In-One Annual #6, 1981); vs Dazzler, absorbed (Dazzler #9, 1981); released from Galactus’ ship, allied with Doctor Doom on Battleworld (Secret Wars #6-12, 1985); vs Daredevil (Daredevil #237, 1986); with Frightful Four, vs Fantastic Four & Aron the Watcher (Fantastic Four #326-333, 1989); placed in Vault (Avengers Spotlight #26, 1989); vs Quasar (Quasar #6, 1990); alongside Wizard, vs Iron Man (Avengers Spotlight #29, 1989); captured by Captain Marvel (Avengers Annual #19, 1990); participated in Vault breakout (Avengers: Deathtrap - The Vault #1, 1991); vs A.I.M., Molecule Man & Volcana (Fantastic Four Annual #24, 1991); participated in A.I.M. Weapons Expo (Captain America #411-414, 1993); vs Black Panther & Fantastic Four (Fantastic Four Unlimited #1, 1993); with Pacific Overlords, vs Avengers West Coast (Avengers West Coast #93-95, 1993); vs Alpha Flight (Alpha Flight #121, 1993); in Vault (New Warriors #36, 1993); with Fearsome Foursome, vs Fantastic Four & allies (Fantastic Four #377-379 & 382, 1993); with Frightful Four, vs Fantastic Four (Fantastic Four Unlimited #5, 1994); vs Fantastic Force (Fantastic Force #1, 1994); attended Absorbing Man & Titania’s wedding (Avengers Unplugged #4, 1996); alongside Killmonger, vs Black Panther & Daredevil (Over the Edge #4, 1996); with Masters of Evil, vs Thunderbolts & Black Widow (Thunderbolts #3, 1997); escaped Vault (Heroes for Hire #1, 1997); vs Black Panther & Cable (Cable #54, 1998); with Masters of Evil, vs Thunderbolts (Thunderbolts #18-20, 24-25, 1998); vs Captain America (Captain America #21-22, 1999); vs Black Panther (Black Panther #26-29, 2000); controlled by Orrgo (Defenders #10, 2001); with Imperial Police Force (Marvel Universe: The End #5, 2003); vs Songbird (New Thunderbolts #1, 2005); vs Fantastic Four in Negative Zone (Fantastic Four: Foes #1 & 5-6, 2005); vs Ms. Marvel (New Avengers #15, 2006); captured by Thunderbolts (Thunderbolts #103, 2006)

Koenig, Eric

First Appearance and Origin: Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos #27 (1966)
Significant Issues: Met Nick Fury, defected to England (Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos #27, 1966); joined Fury on mission to rescue Howling Commandos (Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos #35, 1966); officially joined Howling Commandos (Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos #36, 1966); rescued sister from Nazi Germany (Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos #42, 1967); returned to Nazi Germany, betrayed Fury (Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos #65-67, 1969); captured by Howling Commandos, revealed to have been on secret assignment, rejoined group (Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos #77-79, 1970); reunited with Howling Commandos for SHIELD mission (Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos Annual #3, 1967); gathered with Howling Commandos at Christmas (Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos Annual #4, 1968); aided Captain America on SHIELD mission (Captain America #145-146, 1972); attended Howling Commandos' reunion (Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos #100, 1972); affected by Nightshade during her infiltration of SHIELD (Captain America #188-190, 1975); escorted Ulysses Bloodstone (Rampaging Hulk #4, 1977); with Howlers, vs Hydra (Captain America #273-274, 1982); replaced by Deltite (Nick Fury vs. SHIELD #2, 1988); attended Nick Fury's funeral (Incredible Hulk #434, 1995)


First Appearance: (As Hendler) Red Raven Comics #1 (1940); (as Kro) Eternals #1 (1976)
Significant Issues: As Rudolph Hendler, vs Mercury/Makkari in Prussland (Red Raven Comics #1); vs Hurricane/Makkari in New York (Captain America Comics #1, 1941); vs Hurricane in Brazil (Captain America Comics #2, 1941); vs Monster Hunters (Marvel Universe #4-7, 1998); attacked Pixie, vs First Line (Marvel: The Lost Generation #10, 2000); witnessed arrival of Fourth Host, vs Eternals (Eternals #1-2, 1976); led invasion of New York, halted by Thena (Eternals #3-6, 1976); brought Thena to Lemuria, introduced her to Ransak (Eternals #8-10, 1977); planned invasion of Celestial mothership with Brother Tode (Eternals #13, 1977); founded New Lemuria, vs Eternals & Thor (Thor #284-286, 1979); invaded Olympia, vs Eternals & Iron Man (Iron Man Annual #6, 1983); became Brother Kro, used as pawn by Ghaur, used brain mine on Thena, assumed command of Lemuria (Eternals #2-12, 1985-1986); manipulated by High Evolutionary into attacking Atlantis, aided Avengers against High Evolutionary (Avengers Annual #17, 1988); watched gladiator combat in Lemuria (Quasar #12, 1990); aided Thena in protecting their children (Eternals: The Herod Factor, 1991); activated Delta Network, led Delta Force to aid Sersi in saving Avengers (Avengers #370-371, 1994); vs Maelstrom's Minions & Weird Sisters (Fantastic Four Unlimited #10, 1995); led resistance against Ghaur, aided Heroes for Hire (Heroes for Hire #5-7, 1997-1998); conferred with Black Panther over diplomatic incident in Wakanda (Black Panther #27-28, 2001); offered aid to Avengers (Avengers #45, 2001); protected US president from Kang (Avengers #49, 2002); joined battle against Thanos (Marvel Universe: The End #5-6, 2003)

Masked Marauder

First Appearance: Daredevil #16 (1966)
Significant Issues: Attempted to steal XB-390, thwarted by Spider-Man, sent men out dressed as Daredevil to trick Spider-Man into fighting the real Daredevil, successfully stole XB-390 blueprints, returned to steal fuel formula, defeated by Daredevil & Spider-Man, escaped, overheard Foggy Nelson & Karen Page talking about Foggy being Daredevil (Daredevil #16-17, 1966); as Frank Farnum, asked Matt Murdock about Foggy saying he had business with him (Daredevil #18, 1966); hired cream of underworld as new crime corps, sent men to free Gladiator from custody, sent men to kill Foggy Nelson, learned that men were defeated by Daredevil while Foggy was present, became partners with Gladiator (Daredevil #19, 1966); created levitation ray & Tri-Man, infused Tri-Man with strength of Mangler, speed of Dancer, intellect of Brain, contacted Nefaria family Maggia telling them that Tri-Man would publicly defeat Daredevil but Daredevil defeated Tri-Man instead, used levitation ray to teleport Daredevil & Gladiator to Europe, refused by Maggia (Daredevil #22-23, 1966); searched for Daredevil’s identity in Nelson & Murdock offices, whisked Stilt-Man away after his defeat at Daredevil’s hand (Daredevil #26, 1967); teamed with Stilt-Man, kidnapped Matt Murdock, Foggy Nelson, Karen Page, apparently disintegrated by his helicopter’s force field (Daredevil #27, 1967); revealed to have teleported away rather than be disintegrated, acquired new henchmen & stole Tony Stark’s Star Reach I, captured Iron Man, planned to turn Star Reach into nuclear guided missile aimed at Detroit, defeated by Iron Man (Iron Man #60-61, 1973); broke out of prison by gang members, robbed bank, stole gorilla, cheetah & alligator from Central Park Zoo, created Tri-Animan, defeated by Iron Man & Werewolf (Werewolf by Night #42-43, 1977); spent months in prison workshop heightening opti-blast’s power so that it would blind someone permanently (Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man #26, 1979); finally became Maggia’s Big M, tried to bring group to New York, recruited Cyclone, attempted to meet with international underworld but thwarted by Spider-Man & Moon Knight (Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man #22-23, 1978); had gang steal processed plutonium (Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man #24, 1978); viewed Carrion as challenge to his leadership & attempted to kill him but failed, created new Tri-Man which became birdroid & bombdroid, blinded Spider-Man while robbing Citicorp Center, put plutonium in bombdroid & attempted to blackmail New York City, defeated by Daredevil as Spider-Man defused bomb (Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man #25-28); attended Stilt-Man’s wake, inspired to new heights of villainy, poisoned & apparently killed by Punisher (Punisher War Journal #4, 2007)

Master Man

First Appearance: Giant-Size Invaders #1 (1975)

Master Order & Lord Chaos

First Appearance: Marvel Two-in-One Annual #2 (1977)
Significant Issues: Apparently manipulated events involving Avengers, Spider-Man, Thing & Adam Warlock in order to bring about defeat of Thanos (Marvel Two-in-One Annual #2, 1977); observed cosmic chess game between Odin & Dormammu (Thor Annual #9, 1981); conspired with other metaphysical & omnipotent beings against Beyonder (Secret Wars II #6, 1985); summoned by Silver Surfer to regain control of In-Betweener, imprisoned In-Betweener for his transgressions (Silver Surfer #17-18, 1988); recaptured In-Betweener after Thanos had temporarily freed him to obtain his Soul Gem (Thanos Quest #1, 1990); alongside other abstract beings, attended Eon’s funeral (Quasar #26, 1991); participated in congress of metaphysical & abstract beings to determine Thanos’ fitness to wield Infinity Gauntlet, chose to join Adam Warlock in his opposition to Thanos (Infinity Gauntlet #4-5, 1991); alongside other abstract beings, vs Nebula after she stole Infinity Gauntlet from Thanos (Infinity Gauntlet #6, 1991); attended cosmic trial of Edifice Rex (Damage Control #3-4, 1991); alongside other abstract beings, witnessed Adam Warlock’s trial to determine his worthiness to wield Infinity Gauntlet (Warlock and the Infinity Watch #1, 1992); among group of abstract & omnipotent beings questioning Beyonder & Dave as seen from Dimension of Manifestations (Quasar #38, 1992); Nicholas Grant of Mys-Tech transformed into Audit by Lord Chaos as gesture of reconciliation with Master Order who later killed Audit when he claimed to be creature of Order (Warheads #7, 1992); alongside Living Tribunal & Eternity, observed as Molecule Man battled Beyonder on Earth (Fantastic Four Annual #27, 1994); among beings who embody fundamental forces of universe explained to Jean Grey, Iceman, Toad, Juggernaut, & Mystique by sentient robot Prosh (X-Men Forever #1); alongside other abstract beings, unsuccessfully attempted to defeat Thanos who had obtained Heart of the Infinite (Marvel Universe: The End #1-6, 2003); Lord Chaos among several entities to sense presence of Morwen on Earth when she possessed body of Loki's half-human daughter Tess Black (Amazing Spider-Man #503, 2004)


First Appearance: Captain America #152 (1972)
Significant Issues: Arranged to provide chemicals to Mr. Hyde, shipment broken up by Falcon who forced Morgan to reveal Hyde’s location (Captain America #152, 1972); leased Tyler’s Warehouse to anonymous customer who turned out to be Captain America of the 1950s who used it to imprison Falcon (Captain America #154, 1972); fired Billie for failing to stop Falcon, sided with Falcon when Billie tried to kill him, offered to answer Falcon’s questions regarding Viper & Cowled Commander if Falcon would join him (Captain America #157-158, 1973); offered super-powers to Falcon, threatened Falcon’s girlfriend Leila, vowed Falcon must play ball or die next time (Captain America #165, 1973); gang stole heroin from Cornell Cottonmouth prompting Cottonmouth to bring in Luke Cage to steal heroin back, duped by Cage who left him with gun stuck in his back that was tied to lamppost (Power Man #20-21, 1974); hired two Lucifers to kill Falcon but both apparently died, confronted by Falcon about Lucifers (Captain America #177-179, 1974); sent Gamecock to kill Falcon (Captain America #183, 1975); attempted take over of Manhattan, invited Vulture to join him, hung up on lamppost by Vulture, hired Hitman to kill Spider-Man to prevent Vulture’s revenge, Hitman failed (Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man #4-5, 1977); confronted by Spider-Man who gave him spin in swivel chair (Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man #7, 1977); took Joy Meachum hostage blaming Rand Meachum for Nightshade’s Cybernauts, refused her offer of ten million dollars to kill Iron Fist (Power Man and Iron Fist #51-52, 1978); ordered by Captain America to stay out of National Force’s attack on Harlem, ignored Cap & led men in battle against National Force, fled when National Guard arrived to restore order (Captain America #232-233, 1979); vs Hole in the Wall Gang after Invisible Girl robbed his numbers bank to protect her kidnapped son, captured by NYPD (Marvel Team-Up #88, 1979); paralyzed in elevator explosion (Punisher #2, 1986); in hoverchair, hired by Erik Killmonger to ambush Black Panther, assembled team of Cockroach Hamilton, Cottonmouth, Nightshade & Stilleto who were defeated by Panther, Power Man, Iron Fist, & Falcon, smashed to ground by Black Goliath (Black Panther #16-17, 2000); in Ryker’s Island prison, walking with two canes, offered to help Matt Murdock find who killed the then-believed dead Foggy Nelson in exchange for his loyalty (Daredevil #82-83, 2006); joined with Black Tarantula & Hammerhead to create prison riot designed to kill Matt Murdock & Kingpin, apparently killed by Bullseye (Daredevil #85-86, 2006)

Namor the Sub-Mariner

First Appearance: Motion Picture Funnies Weekly #1 (1939)
Origin: Motion Picture Funnies Weekly #1 (1939); Marvel Comics #1 (1939); Marvel Mystery Comics #92 (1949); Sub-Mariner Comics #32 (1949); Sub-Mariner Comics #33 (1953); Fantastic Four #4 (1962); Fantastic Four Annual #1 (1963); Sub-Mariner #1 (1968); Saga of the Sub-Mariner #1-2 (1988)
Significant Issues: In late 1920, born to Princess Fen (Saga of the Sub-Mariner #1/Marvel Universe #1, 1988/1998); in 1924, met Sandra Pierce while both were children (Namor #1, 2003); in 1928, played with Byrrah & others on surface, inadvertently trapped on surface by ice, learned he could survive out of water indefinitely (Sub-Mariner Comics #35, 1954); alongside Fen, present when Thakorr banished Vyrra (Namor: The Sub-Mariner #20, 1991); in 1929, met Ice King (Sub-Mariner Comics #42, 1955); in late 1930, vs pack of wild dogs (Sub-Mariner Comics #36, 1954); in 1933, alongside Fen & Byrrah, explored shipwreck, rescued them from danger, discovered full extent of superhuman strength (Sub-Mariner Comics #37, 1954); in 1934, frolicked with playmates (The Order #6, 2002); in early 1935, quarreled with Dorma (Saga of the Sub-Mariner #2, 1988); developed power of flight (Sub-Mariner Comics #38/Saga of the Sub-Mariner #2, 1955/1988); in late 1935, met Namora, played with her & other Atlantean youths, rescued by her when trapped in sunken submarine (Sub-Mariner Comics #39/Saga of the Sub-Mariner #2, 1955/1988); vs killer whale, first directly encountered surface humans (Sub-Mariner Comics #1, 1941); first encountered fire (Sub-Mariner Comics #40, 1955); first encountered airplanes (Sub-Mariner Comics #41, 1955); in 1936, protected Atlantean children from sharks, renewed friendship with Sandra Pierce (Namor #1-2, 2003); brought Bobo to surface world (Namor #3, 2003); brought Sandra to Atlantis (Namor #4, 2003); alongside Sandra, attended Atlantean birthday party (Namor #5, 2003); introduced to Sandra's family (Namor #6, 2003); arranged closer ties between Atlanteans & Pierce family (Namor #7-8, 2003); grew jealous of Beemer's attentions to Sandra (Namor #9, 2004); vs Beemer (Namor #10-11, 2004); with Atlanteans, departed Pacific city (Namor #12, 2004); in August 1939, led salvage operation to sunken ship (Saga of the Sub-Mariner #2, 1988); inadvertently killed Rod Nelson & Ev Carley, alongside Dorma, sent to investigate surface world (Marvel Comics #1/Saga of the Sub-Mariner #2, 1939/1988); in September 1939, first visited New York, attacked power plant, clashed with police (Marvel Mystery Comics #2, 1939); in October 1939, met Betty Dean, attacked Nazi submarine (Marvel Mystery Comics #3/Saga of the Sub-Mariner #3, 1940/1989); in November 1939, returned to Atlantis, led Atlantean navy against Nazis, rescued captives (Marvel Mystery Comics #4, 1940); in December 1939, returned to New York, captured by police, freed to assist during subway emergency, captured Mills Gilligan & gang (Marvel Mystery Comics #5, 1940); in January 1940, sentenced to death, rejuvenated by attempted electrocution, departed New York (Marvel Mystery Comics #6, 1940); in February 1940, returned to New York, set out to conquer US, went on rampage in New York, taunted Mayor of New York, rebuffed Betty Dean's attempt to dissuade him from efforts (Marvel Mystery Comics #7, 1940); in March-April 1940, engaged in long battle with Human Torch/Jim Hammond (Marvel Mystery Comics #8-9, 1940); in May 1940, returned to Atlantis, suspended from military activities, attacked by Luther Robinson's expedition (Marvel Mystery Comics #10, 1940); in June 1940, covertly arranged for Thakorr's human prisoners to escape (Marvel Mystery Comics #11, 1940); in Maryland, stopped Nazi saboteurs from sinking US ships (Human Torch Comics #2, 1940); in July 1940, at Fen's urging, abducted Lynne Harris & gave her Atlantean-like abilities, failed to prevent Luther Robinson from rescuing her (Marvel Mystery Comics #12, 1940); in August 1940, alongside Dorma, set out to intervene in World War II, protected French island from Nazi attack (Marvel Mystery Comics #13, 1940); in September 1940, in New York, consulted Betty Dean about whereabouts of Human Torch, captured by Nazis, rescued by Torch & Toro, led Atlantean airships against Nazi battleships, proclaimed hero throughout US (Human Torch Comics #3, 1940); alongside Dorma, destroyed Nazi submarine base off Florida coast (Marvel Mystery Comics #14, 1940); in October 1940, in New York, re-captured Lynne Harris & Luther Robinson, returned with them to Atlantis, had Luther given Atlantean-like abilities, prevented Luther & Lynne from escaping (Marvel Mystery Comics #15, 1941); in November 1940, alongside Luther Robinson & Lynne Harris, traveled to France, prevented Nazi invasion of England through subterranean tunnel (Marvel Mystery Comics #16, 1941); in December 1940, alongside Human Torch, prevented Axis forces from invading Alaska via subterranean tunnel from Siberia (Marvel Mystery Comics #17/Invaders #24, 1941/1978); brought anti-influenza serum to Alaska (Human Torch Comics #4, 1941); in January 1941, assumed rulership of Atlantis following Thakorr's injury during Nazi attack, directed whale fleet against Nazis (Sub-Mariner Comics #1/Saga of the Sub-Mariner #5, 1941/1989); retrieved stolen radium supply from Nazis, brought radium to Atlantis to end plague (Sub-Mariner Comics #1, 1941); abducted President Roosevelt, vs Captain America/Steve Rogers, alongside him, vs Nazis (Captain America #423, 1994); alongside Luther Robinson & Lynne Harris, returned to Atlantis, vs Betty Dean's Legion of Loyalists, failed to prevent them from freeing Robinson & Harris (Marvel Mystery Comics #18, 1941); in February 1941, pursued Legion of Loyalists, allied with them against Nazis, led Atlanteans to attack Nazi battleships (Marvel Mystery Comics #19, 1941); in March 1941, treated Atlanteans for gas poisoning, investigated boxing death on behalf of Betty Dean, vs Killer Casey (Marvel Mystery Comics #20, 1941); in Virginia, discovered construction of Nazi ships on US soil, vs Nazi operatives, warned US Coast Guard to search for additional construction sites (All-Winners Comics #1, 1941); alongside Human Torch & Toro, protected London from Nazi attack (Human Torch Comics #5, 1941); in West Indies, visited Angel/Thomas Halloway, alongside him, vs Nazombies (Human Torch Comics #5, 1941); in South Atlantic, vs Nazi submarine (Sub-Mariner Comics #2, 1941); in Canada, prevented Herr Schnapps from escaping with German POWs (Sub-Mariner Comics #2, 1941); in Pennsylvania, rescued coal miners from sabotaged tunnel (Sub-Mariner Comics #2, 1941); in April 1941, alongside Betty Dean, investigated airplane crashes, uncovered Captain Fritz Weiner's use of electromagnets to bring down planes (Marvel Mystery Comics #21, 1941); in May 1941, in midwestern US, built blitz-buggy, vs Herr Krauss' forces in Utah (Marvel Mystery Comics #22, 1941); in June 1941, traveled to Oregon, vs Professor Dorn's amphibious men (Marvel Mystery Comics #23, 1941); captured by Count Von Buckner, taken to Germany, escaped & exposed Von Buckner's "phantom fleet" as projected images (All-Winners Comics #2, 1941); investigated Nazi activity in Ireland, discovered undersea civilization of Rockhenge Druids enslaved by Nazis, led Druids in rebellion against Nazis (Sub-Mariner Comics #3, 1941); supposedly worked with Captain America, Human Torch, Whizzer, & Destroyer/Keen Marlow (All-Winners Comics #2, 1941); supposedly attended meeting of superhuman adventurers (Marvel Mystery Comics #25, 1941); observed sea battle between Nazis & Allies, found Atlantis victimized by collateral damage, called undersea summit to lead underwater races to end World War II, attacked Nazi & Romanian troops, encouraged by Rathia to entertain thoughts of world conquest, vs Human Torch, attacked British troops, temporarily drugged Torch into obedience, conquered Gibraltar via whale-ship fleet, attacked Italian submarine fleet, gained control of Mediterranean, attacked several African nations, vs Torch in Canada, led whale-ship fleet against Germany, flooded New York, broke supposed control of Rathia, captured by Atlanteans loyal to Rathia, freed by Torch, granted amnesty by President Roosevelt (Human Torch Comics #5A, 1941); in July 1941, left blitz-buggy stored in Oregon, returned to Atlantis, learned Daka had seized control of Atlantis, led rebellion against Daka's alliance with Seal People & Nazis (Marvel Mystery Comics #24, 1941); in August 1941, visited by Betty Dean & others, investigated disappearances in Florida, vs Jarna & Lavarites (Marvel Mystery Comics #25, 1941); again clashed with Jarna, destroyed undersea base of her Nazi allies (Marvel Mystery Comics #26, 1941); in September 1941, off coast of California, intervened in Daglio's mutiny against Lance Johnson, helped Johnson re-take ship (All-Winners Comics #3, 1941); in Hawaii, broke up Anthony Coswell's fifth column operation of smuggling explosives in sugar cane stalks, granted honorary admiralty in US Navy (Human Torch Comics #6, 1941); on Grayson Island, exposed false Ghost of Doctor Grayson (Sub-Mariner Comics #4, 1941); attended Dacio's execution, vs Dacio after transformation into Horror (Sub-Mariner Comics #4, 1941); in October 1941, in Seattle, Washington, broke up Fox's fur smuggling operation (Marvel Mystery Comics #27, 1942); in West Indies, destroyed Falkon's "ghost ship" submarine (Marvel Mystery Comics #28, 1942); in Virginia, ended Mad Artist's murder spree (Marvel Mystery Comics #29, 1942); returned to Atlantis, led Atlantean guerilla raids against Vichy France, allied with French Underground (Marvel Mystery Comics #30, 1942); in November 1941, in New York, ended Shark's smuggling activities (Sub-Mariner Comics #23, 1947); off African coast with Betty Dean, vs Teutonic Knight (Invaders #29, 1978); in December 1941, in Atlantis, received Betty Dean's request to rescue her brothers on Wake Island, led Atlantean fleet of aerial subs in attacking Colonel Yuma's Japanese base, freed Dean brothers & other prisoners, aided US Navy in freeing Wake Island & Guam from Japanese control (Human Torch Comics #7, 1942); designed new watercraft, repelled attempted Japanese invasion of Australia (Sub-Mariner Comics #5, 1942); received request from US Navy to stop u-boat attacks along east coast, discovered Doctor Felix Sak's subterranean submarine port at Montauk Point, assisted Navy ships in destroying it (All-Winners Comics #4, 1942); led Atlantean Ice Battalion against Japanese armada, prevented invasion of San Diego (Marvel Mystery Comics #31, 1942); in Philippines, attacked Japanese forces, escorted US agent Gi-Gi to deliver message to General MacArthur (Sub-Mariner Comics #5, 1942); in latter half of December 1941, became founding member of Invaders (Giant-Size Invaders #1, 1975); with Invaders, vs Space-Gods (Invaders #1-2, 1975); with Invaders, vs U-Man (Invaders #3-4, 1975-1976); in January 1942, in Switzerland, with Invaders, vs Nazi Frankenstein Monster (Invaders #31, 1978); with Invaders, mesmerized by Red Skull (Invaders #5, 1976); with Invaders, vs Liberty Legion, broke Red Skull's control (Invaders #6/Marvel Premiere #30, 1976); with Invaders, vs Baron Blood (Invaders #7-9, 1976); with Invaders, brought Jacqueline Falsworth to receive medical treatment (Invaders #10, 1976); with Invaders, vs Blue Bullet (Invaders #11, 1976); with Invaders, traveled to Poland, captured by Colonel Eisen, rescued by Golem/Jacob Goldstein (Invaders #12-13, 1976-1977); in February 1942, in London, with Invaders, encountered Crusaders (Invaders #14-15, 1977); with Invaders, vs Shark & others, encountered time-traveling Avengers (Avengers #71/Invaders Annual #1, 1969/1977); with Invaders, journeyed to Germany, vs Master Man, captured by Hitler (Invaders #16, 1977); with Invaders, escaped, vs Warrior Woman (Invaders #17, 1977); allied with Destroyer/Brian Falsworth, vs Nazis (Invaders #18, 1977); with Invaders, alongside others, vs Nazis (Invaders #19-21, 1977); with Invaders, returned to England (Invaders #22, 1977); in March 1942, ended Admiral Nippo's use of decoy periscopes to mislead Allied ships (Sub-Mariner Comics #6, 1942); in Canada, ended Chief's dynamite smuggling activities (Sub-Mariner Comics #6, 1942); destroyed Nazi submarine sent to free Python from Alcatraz Island, vs Python-controlled Human Torch, rescued Toro, vs Python, worked with Toro & Professor Horton to free Torch (Human Torch Comics #8, 1942); recruited by Navy to accompany defense inspection, arrived in Caribbean, destroyed Kommandant Von Grubb's Sup-Octopus "super-sub" (Marvel Mystery Comics #32, 1942); arrived on African island, captured by Hermit, joined him in fighting Field Marshall Doering's forces (All-Winners Comics #5, 1942); in Egypt, with Invaders, vs Scarlet Scarab (Invaders #23, #25, 1977-1978); with Invaders, alongside Kid Commandos, vs Agent Axis (Invaders #26-28, 1978); with Invaders, vs Teutonic Knight (Invaders #29-30, 1978); in Russia, with Invaders, vs Thor (Invaders #32-33, 1978); in April 1942, with Invaders, investigated activities of Destroyer/Roger Aubrey (Invaders #34, 1978); with Invaders, alongside Liberty Legion, vs Iron Cross (Invaders #35-37, 1978-1979); with Invaders, alongside Kid Commandos, vs U-Man in US (Invaders #38-39, 1979); ordered creation of Atlantean tank-submarines, led fleet against Admiral Von Ratter's armada, led fleet onto African shore to attack General Von Rommel's tank corps in Sahara Desert, flooded desert via subterranean channel (Marvel Mystery Comics #33, 1942); in May 1942, with Invaders, vs Super-Axis (Invaders #40-41, 1979); off Coast of Labrador, discovered Nazi operations to smuggle instructions & explosives to Mister Klutz via dead sharks, captured by Grizzly Pete's crew, rescued by Canadian youths, captured Grizzly Peter & Mister Klutz, sank Nazi submarine (Marvel Mystery Comics #34, 1942); in June 1942, accompanied Betty Dean to reading of Reuben Hartnett's will, captured fake ghost (Human Torch Comics #9, 1942); infiltrated waterfront work crew, ended Von Gotch's sabotage of US ships (Marvel Mystery Comics #35, 1942); recruited by F.B.I. to investigate disappearing ships, vs Metal Fist & Zombie Pirates (Sub-Mariner Comics #7, 1942); in Mississippi, exposed Rindigo Jones III's "ghost ship" deception (Sub-Mariner Comics #7, 1942); on June 19, 1942, with Invaders, saved President Roosevelt & Prime Minister Churchill from Nazi giants (Giant-Size Invaders #2, 2005); on June 22, 1942, with Invaders, vs Battle-Axis (Invaders #1-4, 1993); in Los Angeles, discovered Gojo's assassination school, learned of & destroyed Japanese base on island off coast of Nicaragua (All-Winners Comics #6, 1942); with Invaders, drove Nazis out of Atlantis (Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty #2-4, 1998); in July 1942, in India, met Mabu the Elephant Boy, joined him & others in repelling Japanese invasion (Marvel Mystery Comics #36, 1942); with Invaders, alongside others, parachuted behind enemy lines (Marvels #1, 1994); in August 1942, vs fish-monsters of Professor Holz (Captain America Comics #20, 1942); rebuffed Captain Kornstalk's demands for Atlantis' surrender, led Atlantean soldiers against Nazi submarine, called back to Atlantis by Fen, learned Atlantis had been infected with "Copper Plague" by Nazis, led Atlanteans to destroy undersea Nazi base (Marvel Mystery Comics #37, 1942); in September 1942, departed Europe, arrived in Maine, discovered F.B.I. agent slain by Knife, went undercover in US Marines, accompanied platoon to California & to Solomon Islands, destroyed Japanese ships, revealed Sgt. B.R. Howard as Knife (Sub-Mariner Comics #8, 1942); in Alaska, discovered Doctor Suki enslaving US soldiers who had been rendered amnesiac & immune to pain, destroyed Japanese ships, forced Suki to cure soldiers (Sub-Mariner Comics #8, 1942); arrived at Saint Lazzaire u-boat base, infiltrated u-boat crew, framed for treason against US, captured by Human Torch & Toro, imprisoned in Castle Deptford, freed by Duke of Deptford, returned to New York, met with Baron & Baroness Kidersky, fled US Army officers, captured by Kiderskys, rescued by Torch & Toro, joined Torch & Toro in attacking Nazi u-boat fleet (Human Torch Comics #10, 1942); discovered & freed US soldiers being held in Japanese internment camp on Pacific island, participated in US assault on Japanese fleet (All-Winners Comics #7, 1942); stopped illicit whale slaughter by Captain Cutter's crew (Marvel Mystery Comics #38, 1942); in October 1942, stopped Nazi invasion of US coastline, vs Von Goober's fifth columnists (Marvel Mystery Comics #39, 1943); in November 1942, in New York with Betty Dean, learned of Nazi attacks on morale group performers, performed with morale group, killed giant squid used in attempt to kill him, captured Brunder & underlings (Marvel Mystery Comics #40, 1943); in December 1942, in New York, prevented Herr Bull Neck from bringing defense secrets to Hitler (Human Torch Comics #11, 1943); accompanied US naval task force to Pacific, destroyed Captain Tsaki's fleet of ice-berg ships (Sub-Mariner Comics #9, 1943); in Ireland, worked with Irish extremists to end Von Klutz's rabble-rousing & sabotage (Sub-Mariner Comics #9, 1943); alongside Atlantean armed forces, repelled attack by Admiral Von Roeder's giant Metal Men (Marvel Mystery Comics #41, 1943); destroyed Nazi ships while en route to France, delivered message from US government to French Underground (All-Winners Comics #8, 1943); in January 1943, rescued survivors of attack on Allies ships by Nazi heating discs, destroyed Kapitan Sturm's submarine (Marvel Mystery Comics #42, 1943); in February 1943, destroyed Nazi submarine concealed beneath Ruzz Show Boat (Marvel Mystery Comics #43, 1943); in March 1943, accompanied US patrol in Caribbean, discovered schooner being used by Captain Kale to supply Nazi u-boats with fuel & torpedoes, vs Kale's forces (Human Torch Comics #12, 1943); in Ohio, infiltrated Swordfish Cult, exposed cult leader Dolvin as Nazi agent (Sub-Mariner Comics #10, 1943); stateside, captured Von Schmeer's saboteurs (Sub-Mariner Comics #10, 1943); attacked Nazi submarine off Canadian coast, prevented Doctor Grant & Beni from blowing up Niagara Falls (Marvel Mystery Comics #44, 1943); on Crete, prevented Colonel Brusch's attack on Dardanelles (All-Winners Comics #9, 1943); in April 1943, visited R.A.F. field on English coast, discovered false weather reports being sent by Von Krop's Nazis at captured Greenland outpost, vs Nazis, freed American captives to warn of Nazi invasion of Norway (Marvel Mystery Comics #45, 1943); visited Siobhan, vs Baron Blood (Namor: The Sub-Mariner Annual #2, 1992); in May 1943, traveled to Pasta Guerrera seaport in South America, halted Professor Jurg's use of incendiary plants to destroy US ships (Marvel Mystery Comics #46, 1943); in June 1943, participated in plans for salvaging "S.S. Norman", learned Karl Gluten had rigged ship to explode upon surfacing, set off bomb while still undersea (Human Torch Comics #13, 1943); assigned to protect supply ships to China, destroyed Yoko's disguised submarine, captured Admiral Joihll (Sub-Mariner Comics #11, 1943); in California with Betty Dean, disrupted air raid, ended Doctor Suki's fifth columnist activities (Sub-Mariner Comics #11, 1943); in New York, investigated crashed troop ships, ended Herr Radder's sabotage of guidance buoys (Marvel Mystery Comics #47, 1943); captured & tortured by Herr Baron, prevented Herr Baron's underlings from stealing Crown Jewels, met Betty Dean in England (All-Select Comics #1, 1943); in Atlantis, learned Betty Dean had been abducted by Nazis, traveled to Germany & pretended to aid Marshall Kronin's forces, manipulated German ships into being attacked by US & British ships, freed Betty & returned her to England (All-Winners Comics #10, 1943); vs mutated Shark-Man (Kid Komics #4, 1943); in July 1943, investigated freighters sunk by Nazi ship, vs Von Lontz & crew (Marvel Mystery Comics #48, 1943); in August 1943, vacationed in Death Valley, learned of escapes by Japanese POWs, destroyed Saber Tooth's subterranean base (Marvel Mystery Comics #49, 1943); in September 1943, met with US Navy officials, captured Nazi sub crew after attack by Herr Cobra's flying torpedoes, sent Atlantean troops to protect Allied summit, captured Herr Cobra (Human Torch Comics #14, 1943); in California, won swimming contest, destroyed Japanese submarine (Sub-Mariner Comics #12, 1943); destroyed Japanese submarine fleet, followed mechanical sea monster to underwater Japanese base, destroyed base (Sub-Mariner Comics #12, 1943); traveled to Kwangto in China to help Betty Dean & orphans, captured by Doctor Soku for experiments, escaped & drove Japanese forces from Kwangto (Sub-Mariner Comics #12, 1943); eavesdropped on Japanese battleship, assisted US fleet against Baron Togi's armada (Marvel Mystery Comics #50, 1943); vs sea monsters bred by Japanese scientists (All-Select Comics #2, 1943); used wooden ship as decoy to lure Japanese flotilla into Japanese mine field, captured & brought to Japan by Tojo, imprisoned in drugged state, escaped & attacked Imperial Palace (All-Winners Comics #11, 1943); with Invaders, participated in parade in Patriot's honor (Captain America #4, 2005); in October 1943, rescued American POWs on Ositsu Island, vs Major Sokati's forces (Marvel Mystery Comics #51, 1944); in November 1943, in New York, broke up Herr Schotz's sewer-based spy operations (Marvel Mystery Comics #52, 1944); in December 1943, in Kansas with Betty Dean, captured by Yellow Fang's tornado-controlling zeppelin, escaped, rescued Betty from Yellow Fang's troops, destroyed zeppelin (Human Torch Comics #15, 1944); in West Indies, prevented Zombie Master's animated corpses from assassinating President Roosevelt (Sub-Mariner Comics #13, 1944); discovered Baron Schluss & fifth columnists operating out of aquarium, vs them & destroyed Nazi submarine (Sub-Mariner Comics #13, 1944); in New York, prevented Nazis from destroying Statue of Liberty (Sub-Mariner Comics #13, 1944); in Japan, investigated Kobe shipyard on behalf of naval intelligence, destroyed Admiral Footsu's thousand-foot super-sub (Marvel Mystery Comics #53, 1944); assigned to accompany radio-controlled "phantom ships," vs Peg-Leg's spies, disabled Nazi submarines (All-Select Comics #3, 1944); assisted US soldiers in repelling Japanese attack on Australia, learned Captain Krashyu's forces were using subterranean tunnel from Singapore to Australia, used dynamite on invading forces, inadvertently flooded tunnel, returned to Atlantis (All-Winners Comics #12, 1944); in January 1944, broke up Balatto's gambling ring (Marvel Mystery Comics #54, 1944); in February 1944, destroyed Black Snake's Sky Fortress (Marvel Mystery Comics #55, 1944); in March 1944, exposed Hoggo's use of cardboard fleet as decoy (Marvel Mystery Comics #56, 1944); in Detroit with Betty Dean, traced rocket-powered shells to Canada, vs Colonel Kishi's forces (All-Select Comics #4, 1944); in April 1944, foiled Master's efforts to invade England via freezing of English Channel (Marvel Mystery Comics #57, 1944); in May 1944, in New York, honored alongside fellow Invaders, rescued Caleb Alexander (Namor: The Sub-Mariner #1, 1990); attacked Baron von Strucker's submarine, vs Master Man, unknowingly left blood sample which Mister Sinister used to create Experiment N2 (Weapon X #14, 2003); in June 1944, in New York, shanghaied by Zipper, learned of Japanese involvement, sank Japanese ship (Human Torch Comics #16, 1944); accompanied General David Johnson & Ruth La Rue on flight to Australia, shot down by Japanese planes, organized natives of Maku Island to fight Japanese forces (Marvel Mystery Comics #58, 1944); after weeks of fighting Japanese forces, returned to Atlantis & learned of Nazi attack, led massive counterattack against Antarctic Nazi base (Daring Comics #9, 1944); in New York with Betty Dean, vs Nazi saboteurs operating out of Daily Star offices (Daring Comics #9, 1944); in Long Island, learned of gas ration counterfeiting operation, captured Schlick & racketeers (All-Winners Comics #13, 1944); in England, investigated deadly fog, intercepted Betty Dean's ship en route to North Africa, destroyed Baron Von Wetzel's fog-creating submarine (Sub-Mariner Comics #14, 1944); on Saint Lazarre in West Indies, traced attacks of rapid aging to Doctor Luville, subjected Luville & Nazis to rapid aging (Sub-Mariner Comics #14, 1944); in Palm Beach, Florida, challenged by Ogar of the Ocean for title of "King of the Sea," rescued beauty contest crowd from Ogar's tentacled protoplasm monsters, vs Ogar & Nazis, turned Ogar over to police (Sub-Mariner Comics #14, 1944); in July 1944, in Florida, vs Master of Death & Nazis (Marvel Mystery Comics #59, 1944); in August 1944, with Invaders, vs Nazis (Captain America Annual 2001, 2001); with Invaders, vs Experiment N2 (Weapon X #14, 2003); with Invaders, liberated concentration camp in Bitburg, Germany (Namor: The Sub-Mariner Annual #1, 1991); in France, with Invaders, worked with French Resistance (Captain America #3, 2005); in September 1944, with Betty Dean, rescued Governor of Rhode Island from electrocution, vs lightning-powered Klug (Human Torch Comics #17, 1944); summoned to Boston, Massachusetts by Betty Dean, captured fish hijackers (Sub-Mariner Comics #15, 1944); in North Carolina with Betty Dean, vs Ghost of Yesteryear (Sub-Mariner Comics #15, 1944); prevented Doctor Scarr & Imur from sabotaging boat race with poisonous insects (Sub-Mariner Comics #15, 1944); in Long Island, vs Von Heiler & associates (Marvel Mystery Comics #60, 1944); in Barbuda as British government official's guest, met Vanza of Venus, vs George Mulford & army of Venusian criminals (Daring Comics #10, 1944); alongside Betty Dean, attended Florida reception for Maharajah Shalimar, captured ray gun-using jewel thieves (All-Winners Comics #14, 1944); in Great Lakes region with Betty Dean, encountered Herr Swastika's one-man turtle-submarines, prevented Herr Swastika from bombing Niagara Falls (All-Select Comics #5, 1944); in October 1944, with Invaders, journeyed to Wakanda in search of Nazis seeking to misuse Wakandan technology, vs T'Chaka (Black Panther #21, 2006); on Pagano Island in South Seas, vs Master Megalo & mutated monsters (Marvel Mystery Comics #61, 1945); in November 1944, with Invaders in England, vs giant Nazi robot (Clan Destine #8, 1995); in December 1944, in New York with Betty Dean, attacked by Irg, avoided becoming experimental subjects of Doctor Herzog (Human Torch Comics #18, 1945); in New York with Betty Dean, vs Black Demon of Death & underlings (Sub-Mariner Comics #16, 1945); in Cuba, vs George Jordens & gang (Sub-Mariner Comics #16, 1945); in New York with Betty Dean, investigated Roy Winters' murder, exposed White as guilty of murder & theft of Winters' super-speed engine attachment (All-Winners Comics #15, 1945); in Hawaii, met Chinese operative Mei-Toy, destroyed Doctor Nichi's flame-fountains (Marvel Mystery Comics #62, 1945); in London, with Invaders, attended Christmas party (Winter Soldier: Winter Kills #1, 2007); in January 1945, in New York, discovered operations of criminals impersonating wardens to carry out prison breaks (Marvel Mystery Comics #63, 1945); in February 1945, with Invaders, vs Baron Von Strucker's new Hydra forces (Marvel Universe #1-3, 1998); in March 1945, following capture of jewel thief gang in California, traveled to Mexico, discovered murdered body of Don Miguela, uncovered smuggling operation using midgets posing as children (Human Torch Comics #19, 1945); in Canada, uncovered abductions by the Marquis & his Nubian henchmen (Marvel Mystery Comics #64, 1945); in New York with Betty Dean, saved Ted Wilson from blackmail (Daring Comics #11, 1945); in New York, captured black marketeers (Daring Comics #11, 1945); stateside with Betty Dean, broke up Mr Vincent's racketeering operation (All-Winners Comics #16, 1945); in April 1945, visited Wekawee Point following crime case in New York, exposed crimes of Jack Williams (Marvel Mystery Comics #65, 1945); on April 12 1945, in London, with Invaders, assigned to battle Japanese kamikaze planes in the Pacific (Saga of the Original Human Torch #3, 1990); in May 1945, with Invaders, learned of Captain America & Bucky's apparent deaths, formed All-Winners Squad (What If..? #4, 1977); temporarily banished from Atlantis (Saga of the Sub-Mariner #5, 1989); in June 1945, in Atlantic City with Betty Dean, cleared Dotty Benson of murder charges, exposed Ed Miles as true murderer (Human Torch Comics #20, 1945); in Waterville, clashed with Larkin's Order of the Blue Flower, framed for Larkin's murder, revealed Larkin's secret racketeering to Order (Sub-Mariner Comics #17, 1945); in Sea Cove with Betty Dean, captured Ed Rutgers & gang (Sub-Mariner Comics #17, 1945); responded to Betty Dean's request for assistance, vs Zako & superhuman pirates of Underworld's Choicest (Marvel Mystery Comics #66, 1945); stateside with Betty Dean, ended Finelli's criminal operations (Daring Comics #12, 1945); in July 1945, alongside Captain America/William Nasland & Red Guardian, at Potsdam Conference, vs General Brinkhaus' forces (Namor: The Sub-Mariner Annual #1, 1991); in August 1945, assisted returning veterans adapt to civilian life (Marvel Mystery Comics #67, 1945); in September 1945, with Betty Dean, identified Blake as murderer (Human Torch Comics #21, 1945); in New York, captured Death Mask Killers (Sub-Mariner Comics #18, 1945); in New York, caught Allen Rosnim for murder (Sub-Mariner Comics #18, 1945); in New York with Betty Dean, caught Water Front Phantom (Sub-Mariner Comics #18, 1945); in Mississippi with Betty Dean, captured Black Phantom (All-Winners Comics #17, 1945); in October 1945, captured murderer (Marvel Mystery Comics #68, 1946); in China, alongside Namora, halted White Flower's piracy activities (Human Torch Comics #29, 1947); in November 1945, persuaded shooting witness to testify (Marvel Mystery Comics #69, 1946); in December 1945, investigated disappearance of Jim Powers, captured Captain Storm & crew (Human Torch Comics #22, 1946); vs Blackbeard (Marvel Mystery Comics #70, 1946); in New York, vs Wizard of Crime & Lynch Mason's gang (Sub-Mariner Comics #19, 1946); in New York with Betty Dean, prevented Larry Batten from killing Lucille Kennedy (Sub-Mariner Comics #19, 1946); alongside Noah Crane & followers, en route to Antarctica, saved ship from criminals (Sub-Mariner Comics #19, 1946); in January 1946, stopped "cobra murders" of Doctor John Mears (Marvel Mystery Comics #71, 1946); in February 1946, in New York, discovered Sardu the Mystic's use of hypnotism to rig sporting events (Marvel Mystery Comics #72, 1946); in March 1946, in Centertown, campaigned for construction of cancer clinic, rescued Doctor Jim Whiting from Hard-Rock Construction Company, exposed city's manipulation by aldermen (Human Torch Comics #23, 1946); in New York, captured Moudini the Marvel & gang (Sub-Mariner Comics #20, 1946); in New York with Betty Dean, captured Baron Arroni & gang (Sub-Mariner Comics #20, 1946); in Long Beach, California with Betty Dean, vs Spider (Sub-Mariner Comics #20, 1946); alongside Betty Dean, broke up Benson & Raymonde's racketeering activities (Marvel Mystery Comics #73, 1946); visited movie set on South Seas island, stopped John Rayburn's revenge spree (All-Select Comics #10, 1946); in New York with Betty Dean, exposed criminal activities of William Lawson & Pete Logan (All-Winners Comics #18, 1946); in April 1946, on Black Rock Island, vs vampire Mona Welles (Marvel Mystery Comics #74, 1946); in May 1946, in New York, captured murderer Ned Nestor (Marvel Mystery Comics #75, 1946); in June 1946, with All-Winners Squad, vs Isbisa's forces (All-Winners Comics #19, 1946); in New York, vs Ace Gang (Sub-Mariner Comics #21/Saga of the Sub-Mariner #6, 1946/1989); on Island of Rising Moon, vs Morla the Tiger Queen, rescued explorers (Sub-Mariner Comics #21, 1946); returned to New York from West Coast, vs Amkenon & gang (?); in New York, vs Doctor Bradley & Headless Killer (Marvel Mystery Comics #76, 1946); on June 28-30, 1946, in Florida with Betty Dean, learned of alleged curse on "Statue of Death," witnessed murder of Gerard Kronin by supposed statue, exposed Tarscoll as statue impersonator (Human Torch Comics #24, 1946); in July 1946, ended Wrecker's pirating activities (Marvel Mystery Comics #77, 1946); with All-Winners Squad, vs Adam-II's forces (What If..? #4, 1977); in August 1946, protected woman from unjust hanging (Marvel Mystery Comics #78, 1946); in September 1946, in Rivertown, investigated murders, captured Dead Hangman (Human Torch Comics #25, 1946); returned to New York following Florida bank robbery case, vs Skeleton Trio & thousand-year-old Doctor Feerce (Marvel Mystery Comics #79, 1946); with All-Winners Squad, vs Future Man & Madame Death (All-Winners Comics #21, 1946); in October 1946, in New York, vs Mad Hatter & Jabberwock (Marvel Mystery Comics #80, 1947); in November 1946, with All-Winners Squad, encountered time-traveling She-Hulk & Wanda Mason (Sensational She-Hulk #22, 1990); in December 1946, accompanied Betty Dean during sea-diving expedition, exposed crimes of Gallery & his accomplices (Human Torch Comics #26, 1947); at Barkley College with Betty Dean, vs Black-Hooded Monster (Sub-Mariner Comics #22, 1947); accompanied Betty Dean to Northern Ireland, investigated Killymore Castle, attacked by crazed Rodney Burgess (Sub-Mariner Comics #22, 1947); in New York, captured Master of Crime (Sub-Mariner Comics #22, 1947); captured criminals (Blonde Phantom Comics #13, 1947); vs Laughing Killer (Marvel Mystery Comics #81, 1947); in February 1947, alongside Namora, captured Stoop Richards & Brockton Gang (Marvel Mystery Comics #82/Saga of the Sub-Mariner #6, 1947/1989); in March 1947, in New York, framed for Vincent King's murder, captured face-changing Leonardo Lajo (Human Torch Comics #27, 1947); alongside Namora, outwitted Spectacles (Sub-Mariner Comics #23, 1947); raced Namora to Taboo Island, captured Brain & Knife (Blonde Phantom Comics #14, 1947); in April 1947, solved socialite murders (Marvel Mystery Comics #83, 1947); in May 1947, in Pacific Isles, alongside Namora, stopped arsons of Firebrand (Sub-Mariner Comics #25, 1948); in June 1947, alongside Namora, halted human experimentation by Professor Mencha (Human Torch Comics #28, 1947); alongside Namora, captured Pirate (Blonde Phantom Comics #15, 1947); in July 1947, in Florida, alongside Namora & Betty Dean, vs Sari Tartar & underlings (Marvel Mystery Comics #84, 1947); in September 1947, alongside Namora, visited Sun Yat in China (Human Torch Comics #29, 1947); alongside Namora, vs Viking (Sub-Mariner Comics #24, 1947); in New York, alongside Namora, stopped Tinfish's ship-sinking activities (Sub-Mariner Comics #24, 1947); in November 1947, alongside Namora & Betty Dean, halted Blackbeard's pirating activities (Marvel Mystery Comics #85, 1948); in December 1947, alongside Namora, reminisced about Firebrand (Sub-Mariner Comics #25, 1948); alongside Namora, freed Larry Keen from Doctor Macabre's hypnotic control (Sub-Mariner Comics #25, 1948); alongside Namora & Betty Dean, recovered stolen gold (Blonde Phantom Comics #17, 1948); in January 1948, with All-Winners Squad, encountered Destroyer/Roger Aubrey & others (Citizen V and the V-Battalion #1, 2001); in February 1948, alongside Namora, recruited by Officer Pat Donovan to investigate Bowery Bennie's activities, captured Bennie & his gang (Human Torch Comics #30, 1948); in March 1948, alongside Namora, cleared Jackie Starr of murder charges (Sub-Mariner Comics #26, 1948); alongside Namora, captured criminals in Williamsport (Sub-Mariner Comics #26, 1948); alongside Namora, vs Fishy McGoon's gang (Marvel Mystery Comics #86, 1948); in April 1948, on Rock Island, alongside Namora, vs Phantom Troubadour (Human Torch Comics #31, 1948); alongside Namora, captured Tattler (Blonde Phantom Comics #18, 1948); in May 1948, alongside Namora, ended Black Patch's pirating activities (Marvel Mystery Comics #87, 1948); in Labrador, alongside Namora, captured Nels Nelson (Sub-Mariner Comics #27, 1948); alongside Namora, vs Bronze (Sub-Mariner Comics #27, 1948); captured smugglers (All-Winners Comics #1, 1948); alongside Namora, vs criminals in New York, halted Karlak of Mu's attack on Pearl Harbor, established friendly contact with Muans (Namora #1, 1948); in June 1948, alongside Namora, saved Gentleman Jim Mallon from Spade Brown (Human Torch Comics #32, 1948); alongside Namora, captured murderer (Blonde Phantom Comics #19, 1948); alongside Namora, cleared youth of criminal charges (Captain America Comics #68, 1948); in July 1948, alongside Namora, vs Bryan Porter's gang (Marvel Mystery Comics #88, 1948); alongside Namora, captured Snake Wilson (Sub-Mariner Comics #28, 1948); alongside Namora, gave children tour of Statue of Liberty (Sub-Mariner Comics #28, 1948); encountered Demarest Dobbs (Sub-Mariner Comics #28, 1948); accompanied Namora & Betty Dean to testimonial dinner (Namora #2, 1948); in August 1948, assisted by Georgie Jenks, captured Black Mike & gang (Human Torch Comics #33, 1948); alongside Namora, dealt with troublemaking scientist (Blonde Phantom Comics #20, 1948); in September 1948, alongside Namora, captured murderers (Sub-Mariner Comics #29, 1948); alongside Namora, captured kidnappers (Sub-Mariner Comics #29, 1948); judged baby contest (Marvel Mystery Comics #89, 1948); alongside Namora, encountered Hunsen & his Vikings (Namora #3, 1948); in October 1948, traveled to Moon, encountered Moon Robots (Blonde Phantom Comics #21, 1949); alongside Namora, captured Squire Bones (Captain America Comics #70, 1948); in November 1948, alongside Namora, vs Iron Brain (Sub-Mariner Comics #30, 1949); alongside Namora, captured Porker (Sub-Mariner Comics #30, 1949); in Venezuela, alongside Namora, rescued explorers from Carib tribe (Marvel Mystery Comics #90, 1949); in December 1948, captured Mister Squidd (Blonde Phantom Comics #22, 1949); in January 1949, grown to gigantic size by Doctor Dill (Sub-Mariner Comics #31, 1949); told legend of Atlantis' origins to Betty Dean (Sub-Mariner Comics #31, 1949); encountered boastful teenager (Sub-Mariner Comics #31, 1949); vs Spoiler (Sub-Mariner Comics #31, 1949); alongside Namora, ended Mike Roden's piracy activities (Marvel Mystery Comics #91, 1949); in February 1949, confided in by Namora (Namor: The Sub-Mariner #20, 1991); in September 1953, returned to action at Betty Dean's request, vs Venusian Robots (Young Men #24, 1953); in November 1953, at Cape Hatteras, vs Space-Sharks (Young Men #25, 1954); in December 1953, responded to Doctor Standish's call for heroes, briefly encountered Human Torch & Captain America/1950s impostor (Young Men #26, 1954); returning from Europe with Betty Dean, brought down & captured by supposed extraterrestrial Oleg, escaped & led US Navy frogmen against Oleg's forces, exposed Oleg as communist operative (Young Men #26, 1954); in New York, joined aquashow, reunited with Namora, encountered Cap'n Derelict's ghost crew, prevented Mister Big from stealing Derelict's treasure (Young Men #27, 1954); alongside Namora, attended funeral of Union Jack/Brian Falsworth (Citizen V and the V-Battalion: The Everlasting #1, 2002); in January 1954, near Newfoundland, killed Devil Octopus menacing fishermen, exposed scam efforts of Sam Hooker (Human Torch Comics #36, 1954); destroyed communist submarine (Sub-Mariner Comics #33, 1954); in Brazil, alongside Betty Dean, encountered King Crocodile (Sub-Mariner Comics #33, 1954); in February 1954, rescued Betty Dean from Zuko (Men's Adventures #27, 1954); in March 1954, in Florida, alongside Namora, attempted to rescue Hunter brothers from underwater supernatural forces (Human Torch Comics #37, 1954); investigated missing sailboat, encountered unidentified undead woman in underwater kingdom (Sub-Mariner Comics #34, 1954); alongside Namora, prepared birthday surprise for Betty Dean, rescued her from giant octopus (Sub-Mariner Comics #34, 1954); retrieved stolen atomic powered sub-chaser plans, led US forces to communist base (Sub-Mariner Comics #34, 1954); banished from Atlantis by Thakorr, drove off communist Antarctic expedition, encountered icy ghost, welcomed back to Atlantis (Young Men #28, 1954); in April 1954, alongside Namora, stopped communist-controlled killer whales from attacking ships (Men's Adventures #28, 1954); in May 1954, learned of Octopus-Men's plans to bomb European cities, failed to convince government officials in time, guided naval armada to bomb Octopus-Men's territories (Human Torch Comics #38, 1954); attempted to dissuade Byrrah from declaring war on surface dwellers, injured during Atlantean attack on South American island, forced Atlanteans to retreat, banned from re-entering Atlantis (Sub-Mariner Comics #35, 1954); captured by Professor Zunbar's robots, vs amphibious creation Elmer, had Zunbar arrested (Sub-Mariner Comics #35, 1954); in July 1954, encouraged Hidden World denizens to steal Earth's water, repented & forced them to return it, allowed to return to Atlantis (Sub-Mariner Comics #36, 1954); learned Byrrah was inundating North America with Arctic ice, counterattacked with Antarctic ice (Sub-Mariner Comics #36, 1954); in September 1954, alongside Namora, dowsed widespread midwestern fires, learned fires were caused by alliance between communists & Unseen extraterrestrials (Sub-Mariner Comics #37, 1954); vs Byrrah's robot Sub-Mariner duplicate (Sub-Mariner Comics #37, 1954); in November 1954, powers rejuvenated by Atlantean technology, rescued freighter crew following attack by Byrrah's forces (Sub-Mariner Comics #38/Saga of the Sub-Mariner #6, 1955/1989); attacked by the Fatalists of Pluto, drove them from Earth (Sub-Mariner Comics #38, 1955); in January 1955, in New York, vs communist saboteurs (Sub-Mariner Comics #39, 1955); in New York, mesmerized by el Diablo, regained senses, vs el Diablo (Sub-Mariner Comics #39, 1955); in March 1955, prevented communists from using subterranean tunnel between Siberia & Alaska (Sub-Mariner Comics #40, 1955); mistook uranium expedition for invasion of Atlantis (Sub-Mariner Comics #40, 1955); in May 1955, foiled Byrrah's alliance with communists (Sub-Mariner Comics #41, 1955); encountered enchanted submarine created by the Magician (Sub-Mariner Comics #41, 1955); in July 1955, led Atlantean forces against communist aggressors using artificial fog on ships (Sub-Mariner Comics #42, 1955); captured Black Louie & gang (Sub-Mariner Comics #42, 1955); in August 1955, led Atlantean effort to petition United Nations for membership, attacked by bystander (Prince Namor, the Sub-Mariner #1/Saga of the Sub-Mariner #6, 1984/1989); in 1958, investigated attack on Atlantis, rendered amnesiac by Destiny, returned to New York (Sub-Mariner #1/Saga of the Sub-Mariner #6, 1968/1989); in 1961, enslaved by Golden Claw (Marvel: The Lost Generation #7, 2000); encountered First Line, rebelled against Golden Claw (Marvel: The Lost Generation #3, 2000); after passage of decades, met Sunshine Mary in Bowery (Marvel Two-in-One #81, 1981); thrown out of diner (Amazing Spider-Man #-1, 1997); clashed with Fixer & Hydra agents (Thunderbolts: Distant Rumblings #-1, 1997); alongside John Mahoney, watched Fantastic Four vs Miracle Man, vs Enforcers (Tales of the Marvels: Inner Demons, 1995); memory partially restored by Human Torch/Johnny Storm, discovered ruins of Atlantean outpost, vs Fantastic Four, unleashed Giganto on New York (Fantastic Four #4, 1962); retrieved Atlantean ring from John Mahoney (Tales of the Marvels: Inner Demons, 1995); alongside Doctor Doom, vs Fantastic Four, betrayed by Doom, allied with Fantastic Four (Fantastic Four #6, 1962); became movie studio owner, vs Fantastic Four (Fantastic Four #9, 1962); rescued teenage Melanee Carondelet (Namor: The Sub-Mariner #51, 1994); rescued boat passengers from storm, encountered Hex (Clan Destine #11, 1995); vs Human Torch (Strange Tales #107, 1963); controlled by Puppet Master, vs Fantastic Four (Fantastic Four #14, 1963); reunited with Atlanteans (Saga of the Sub-Mariner #7, 1989); led Atlantean invasion of surface world, vs Fantastic Four, rejected by Atlanteans after assisting Invisible Girl (Fantastic Four Annual #1/Saga of the Sub-Mariner #8, 1963/1989); alongside Hulk, vs Avengers (Avengers #3, 1964); lashed out at Arctic tribe, threw frozen form of Captain America/Steve Rogers into ocean (Avengers #4, 1964); recruited Vuk the D'Bari to attack Avengers (Saga of the Sub-Mariner #8, 1989); led Atlantean forces against Avengers (Avengers #4, 1964); abducted Invisible Girl, vs Fantastic Four & Doctor Strange (Fantastic Four #27, 1964); alongside Magneto & Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, vs X-Men (X-Men #6, 1964); vs Thing & Human Torch (Strange Tales #125, 1964); observed Sundown's energy blasts from afar (Untold Tales of Spider-Man 1997 Annual, 1997); vs Attuma's forces, unknowingly assisted by Fantastic Four (Fantastic Four #33, 1964); manipulated by Human Torch into fighting Spider-Man (Untold Tales of Spider-Man ‘96 Annual, 1996); declined invitation to join Avengers (Avengers #16, 1965); hired Nelson & Murdock to legally demand surface compensation for Atlantis, deposed by Krang, vs Daredevil (Daredevil #7, 1965); returned to Atlantis, imprisoned by Krang, freed by Dorma, embarked on quest to obtain Neptune’s Trident (Tales to Astonish #70, 1965); vs Seaweed Man (Tales to Astonish #71-72, 1965); vs Demon of the Diamonds, rescued Dorma from Faceless Ones, received Trident from Neptune (Tales to Astonish #73-75, 1965); reclaimed throne of Atlantis (Tales to Astonish #76, 1966); treated by Hank Pym, controlled by Puppet Master (Tales to Astonish #77-78/Avengers #26/Tales to Astonish #79, 1966); vs Behemoth android, learned Dorma had departed with Krang (Tales to Astonish #80, 1966); driven to near-madness by Dorma's abandonment, pursued Dorma & Krang to surface (Tales to Astonish #81, 1966); watched Iron Man/Tony Stark drive away Krang's command ship (Tales of Suspense #80, 1966); vs Iron Man (Tales of Suspense #79-80/Tales to Astonish #82, 1966); vs Krang, rendered amnesiac, controlled by Secret Empire's Number One, regained memory after attack by Krang (Tales to Astonish #83-84, 1966); escaped Number One's control (Tales to Astonish #85, 1966); blamed for Krang's attack on New York, rescued Dorma from Krang, returned to Atlantis (Tales to Astonish #86-87, 1966-1967); vs Attuma (Tales to Astonish #88, 1967); vs Servo-Robot (Tales to Astonish #89, 1967); lost control of Atlantis to Byrrah (Tales to Astonish #90, 1967); vs Menace from Inferno Isle, reclaimed Atlantis (Tales to Astonish #91, 1967); wielded Cosmic Cube, vs Avengers (Avengers #40, 1967); vs It the Silent One (Tales to Astonish #92-93, 1967); vs Dragorr (Tales to Astonish #94, 1967); vs Plunderer, briefly believed a traitor to Atlantis (Tales to Astonish #95-99, 1967-1968); vs Hulk under Puppet Master's control (Tales to Astonish #100, 1968); drawn to Antarctica, vs Destiny/Paul Destine (Tales to Astonish #101/Iron Man & Sub-Mariner #1/Sub-Mariner #1, 1968); alongside Triton, vs Plantman (Sub-Mariner #2-3, 1968); vs Attuma (Sub-Mariner #4, 1968); sought Fantastic Four, vs Captain Marvel/Mar-Vell (Captain Marvel #4, 1968); vs Tiger Shark (Sub-Mariner #5-6, 1968); vs Destiny (Sub-Mariner #7, 1968); vs Thing to obtain Serpent Crown, reunited with Betty Dean (Sub-Mariner #8, 1968); freed Dorma from Serpent Crown's control (Sub-Mariner #9, 1969); vs Captain Barracuda (Sub-Mariner #10-11, 1969); vs Naga, elevated Karthon to throne of Lemuria (Sub-Mariner #12-13, 1969); vs mind-controlled Toro (Sub-Mariner #14, 1969); freed Dorma from Doctor Dorcas, vs Dragon Man (Sub-Mariner #15, 1969); encountered denizens of Sargasso Sea (Sub-Mariner #16, 1969); deceived by Fara, vs Hulk (Incredible Hulk #118, 1969); abducted by Dynorr the Stalker, lost water-breathing ability (Sub-Mariner #17-18, 1969); vs Stingray (Sub-Mariner #19, 1969); took refuge at Latverian Embassy, vs Doom (Sub-Mariner #20, 1969); provoked hostility in New York (Sub-Mariner #21, 1970); alongside Doctor Strange, vs Nameless One's forces, regained water-breathing ability (Sub-Mariner #22, 1970); vs Orka & others (Sub-Mariner #23-24, 1970); led attack on surface world (Sub-Mariner #25, 1970); attacked Stark Industries for pollution the seas, vs Iron Man (Iron Man #25, 1970); vs Red Raven (Sub-Mariner #26, 1970); vs Commander Kraken (Sub-Mariner #27, 1970); vs Sam Westman & Brutivac (Sub-Mariner #28, 1970); alongside Hercules, vs Huntsman (Sub-Mariner #29, 1970); encountered Rick Jones & Captain Marvel (Sub-Mariner #30, 1970); vs Sentry #459, encountered Fantastic Four, learned Horn of Proteus had been stolen (Fantastic Four: The World's Greatest Comic Magazine! #2, 2001); controlled by Doom, vs Fantastic Four & Avengers (Fantastic Four: The World's Greatest Comic Magazine! #8, 2001); bade farewell to Fantastic Four (Fantastic Four: The World's Greatest Comic Magazine! #9, 2001); led Atlanteans against cosmic-powered Doom (Fantastic Four: The World's Greatest Comic Magazine! #11, 2001); rescued Magneto (Fantastic Four #102/X-Men: The Hidden Years #12, 1970/2000); allied with Magneto against surface world, vs Fantastic Four, allied with Fantastic Four against Magneto (Fantastic Four #102-104/X-Men: The Hidden Years #20-22, 1970/2001); alongside Triton & Stingray, vs Attuma's forces (Sub-Mariner #31, 1970); vs Llyra (Sub-Mariner #32, 1970); challenged for throne by Byrrah following disaster, proved Byrrah had orchestrated disaster, proposed to Dorma (Sub-Mariner #33, 1971); alongside Hulk & Silver Surfer, vs el General's forces in San Pablo, vs Avengers while preventing technological disaster (Sub-Mariner #34-35, 1971); encountered Mer-Mutants (Sub-Mariner #54, 1972); married Dorma, attacked by Llyra, saved when Dorma sacrificed her life (Sub-Mariner #36-37, 1971); attended Dorma's funeral, abdicated Atlantean throne (Sub-Mariner #38, 1971); learned Leonard McKenzie was alive (Sub-Mariner #39, 1971); vs Daredevil & Spider-Man, summoned to Black Sea Dimension (Daredevil #77, 1971); with Spider-Man, traveled to Black Sea Dimension, vs Turalla (Sub-Mariner #40, 1971); vs Aunt Serr's forces (Sub-Mariner #41-42, 1971); vs Stephan Tuval (Sub-Mariner #43, 1971); alongside Doctor Strange & Hulk, vs Omegatron (Marvel Feature #1, 1971); vs Human Torch, alongside Stingray, vs Tiger Shark & others, reunited with Leonard McKenzie, failed to prevent his death (Sub-Mariner #44-46, 1971-1972); suffered memory lapse, recruited by Doom, vs A.I.M. & M.O.D.O.K. (Sub-Mariner #47-49, 1972); encountered Namorita (Sub-Mariner #50, 1972); alongside Doctor Strange & Hulk, vs Dormammu (Marvel Feature #2, 1972); alongside Namorita, vs Byrrah (Sub-Mariner #50-51, 1972); alongside others, recruited by Iron Man for covert cabal (New Avengers: Illuminati #1, 2006); alongside Iron Man & others, vs Skrulls (New Avengers: Illuminati #1, 2007); alongside Doctor Strange & Hulk, vs Xemnu the Titan (Marvel Feature #3, 1972); alongside Doctor Strange & Hulk, vs Necrodamus (Defenders #1, 1972); alongside Sunfire, vs Dragon-Lord (Sub-Mariner #52-54, 1972); vs Torg the Abominable Snow-King (Sub-Mariner #55, 1972); alongside Doctor Strange & others, formed Defenders, vs Nameless One's forces (Defenders #2-3, 1972); with Defenders, vs Enchantress & Executioner (Defenders #4, 1973); returned to Atlantis, encountered Banari & Haab (Sub-Mariner #56, 1972); vs Moondragon-controlled Iron Man (Iron Man #54, 1973); alongside Venus, vs Ares (Sub-Mariner #57, 1973); returned to Atlantis, encountered Tamara (Sub-Mariner #58, 1973); sought to rescue Tamara, vs Thor (Sub-Mariner #59, 1973); with Defenders, vs Omegatron (Defenders #5, 1973); with Defenders, vs Cyrus Black (Defenders #6, 1973); reclaimed throne of Atlantis (Sub-Mariner #60, 1973); vs Doctor Hydro (Sub-Mariner #61-63, 1973); with Defenders, vs Attuma & Red Ghost (Defenders #7-8, 1973); with Defenders, resolved to retrieve fragments of Evil Eye (Defenders #8/Avengers #116, 1973); in Japan, vs Captain America & Sunfire, retrieved Evil Eye fragment (Avengers #117, 1973); with Defenders, allied with Avengers against Dormammu & Loki (Defenders #10/Avengers #157, 1973/1977); with Defenders, alongside Avengers, vs Dormammu & Loki (Avengers #118, 1973); with Defenders, traveled through time to Middle East circa 1189, vs Chandu & gnomes (Defenders #11, 1973); alongside Spider-Man, vs Men-Fish & Tiger-Shark (Marvel Team-Up #14, 1973); vs Virago & others, accidentally unleashed nerve gas, lost ability to breathe out of water, vs Fantastic Four, received specialized suit from Mr Fantastic (Sub-Mariner #64-67, 1973); sought treatment for Atlanteans, vs Force (Sub-Mariner #68-69, 1974); alongside Namorita, pursued Wundarr, vs Thing (Marvel Two-in-One #2, 1973); alongside Doctor Strange & Hulk, caught in mystic limbo inadvertently created by Clea (Giant-Size Defenders #1, 1974); rescued Doom, failed to form alliance with him (Giant-Size Super-Villain Team-Up #1, 1975); vs Piranha (Sub-Mariner #70-71, 1974); with Defenders, vs Squadron Sinister & Nebulon (Defenders #13-14, 1974); worked with Inhumans to reunite estranged Mr Fantastic & Invisible Girl (Fantastic Four #147-149, 1974); vs Slime-Thing (Sub-Mariner #72, 1974); with Defenders, alongside Daredevil, used in game by Grandmaster (Giant-Size Defenders #3, 1975); alongside Nomad/Steve Rogers, vs Krang & Serpent Squad (Captain America #181, 1975); alongside Doom, vs Andro (Giant-Size Super-Villain Team-Up #2, 1975); vs Attuma, Tiger Shark & Doctor Dorcas (Super-Villain Team-Up #1, 1975); failed to save Betty Dean's life, teleported away by Doom, joined Doom in defeating Attuma's forces (Super-Villain Team-Up #2-3, 1975-1976); vs Doom (Super-Villain Team-Up #4, 1975-1976); vs Symbionic Man (Marvel Spotlight #27, 1976); extorted by threat to Atlantis into swearing allegiance to Doom (Super-Villain Team-Up #5, 1976); sought to stop Robert Mallory's environmental pollution, vs Daredevil, worked with Daredevil & Black Panther against Mallory (Daredevil Annual #4, 1976); forced by Doom to fight Fantastic Four (Super-Villain Team-Up #6, 1976); freed by Shroud (Super-Villain Team-Up #6, 1976); alongside Shroud, took refuge with Circus of Crime, escaped Latveria (Super-Villain Team-Up #7-9, 1976); attacked Attuma, manipulated into fighting Avengers (Avengers #155, 1977); allied with Avengers, vs Attuma (Avengers #156, 1977); returned to Atlantis, vs Red Skull's forces (Super-Villain Team-Up #10, 1977); allied with Captain America & Doom against Red Skull (Super-Villain Team-Up #11-12, 1977); alongside Thing, vs Piranha (Marvel Two-in-One #28, 1977); alongside Doom, vs Krang's forces, awoke Atlantean populace, regained ability to breathe air, reclaimed throne (Super-Villain Team-Up #13, 1977); sought assistance in ending radioactive threat to Atlantis, vs Hulk, met Nighthawk & Hellcat (Defenders #52, 1977); with Defenders, alongside Atlantean warriors, traveled to Russia (Defenders #53, 1977); with Defenders, vs Presence & Red Guardian (Defenders #54-55, 1977-1978); alongside Nighthawk & Hellcat, treated for radiation poisoning by Bruce Banner (Defenders #56, 1978); became object of near-worship to Atlanteans (Fantastic Four #195, 1978); approached Invisible Girl (Fantastic Four #194, 1978); alongside Invisible Girl, vs Retrievers (Fantastic Four #195, 1978); alongside Doctor Strange & Clea, vs Alaric, obtained Sword of Kamuu (Doctor Strange #31, 1978); bade farewell to Strange & Clea (Doctor Strange #32, 1978); with Defenders, vs Yandroth (Defenders #119, 1983); poisoned by Roxxon Oil's chemicals, rescued by Hiram Dobbs (Iron Man #121, 1979); protected Hiram from Roxxon, vs Iron Man due to misunderstanding, joined Iron Man against Roxxon (Iron Man #120-121, 1979); departed following Roxxon incident (Iron Man #122, 1979); with Defenders, alongside Avengers, present when Jewel attacked Scarlet Witch (Alias #25-26, 2003); recruited by Doctor Strange to fight Unnameable (Defenders #74, 1979); alongside Hulk, accompanied Doctor Strange to Tunnelworld, allied with Aeroika, traveled to Ogeon (Defenders #78-80, 1979-1980); alongside colleagues, arrived in Ogeon, vs Ytitnedion's forces (Defenders #81, 1980); alongside Doctor Strange, allied with rebellious Winged Ones, vs Ytitnedion's forces (Defenders #82, 1980); alongside Doctor Strange & Hulk, vs Unnameable (Defenders #83, 1980); in Atlantis, celebrated Unnameable's defeat, learned of Atlantean military's dealings with Wakandan renegades, vs Black Panther & Hulk, protected Atlantis from Wakandan attack (Defenders #84, 1980); returned Bruce Banner to New York, quarreled with Strange (Defenders #85, 1980); alongside Fantastic Four, vs Captain Barracuda's forces (Fantastic Four #219, 1980); observed Silver Surfer in flight (Incredible Hulk #250, 1980); attacked power generators threatening Atlantis, vs Spider-Man (Amazing Spider-Man #211, 1980); with Defenders, encountered rogue aspects of Eternity (Defenders #92, 1981); manipulated by Nebulon disguised as Dorma, declared war on surface world, led Atlanteans in conquest of London, vs Defenders, broke Nebulon's control (Defenders #93, 1981); alongside Spider-Man, vs Llyra & Fantastic Four (Amazing Spider-Man #214-215, 1981); alongside Hulk & Silver Surfer, summoned by Clea, inadvertently drawn into trap of Six-Fingered Hand (Defenders #99, 1981); alongside Hulk & others, imprisoned by Six-Fingered Hand (Defenders #98, 1981); alongside others, freed by Gargoyle, brought with Defenders to Earth by Mephisto (Defenders #99, 1981); alongside Doctor Strange & Hulk, vs demonic re-creations of earlier enemies, with Defenders, vs Six-Fingered Hand (Defenders #100, 1981); departed Strange's Sanctum Sanctorum (Defenders #101, 1981); with Defenders, vs Serpent-Men, rescued Spider-Man (Marvel Team-Up #111, 1981); with Defenders, alongside others, attended Mar-Vell’s deathbed (Marvel Graphic Novel #1/Silver Surfer #14, 1982/1988); alongside Thing, vs M.O.D.O.K. & A.I.M. (Marvel Two-in-One #81, 1981); received warning from Neptune Nautilus, alongside Rom, vs Dire Wraiths (Rom #34, 1982); alongside Atlanteans & Rom, vs Seaweed Man, restored Rom's ally Sybil (Rom #35, 1982); bade Rom farewell (Rom #36, 1982); attended funeral for Nighthawk & Valkyrie, contacted by Valkyrie's spirit, sent by Enchantress to obtain Rose of Purity, vs Enchantress, approached by Nighthawk of Earth-712 (Defenders #107-109, 1982); alongside Doctor Strange & Hulk, consulted by Nighthawk of Earth-712 (Defenders #111, 1982); with Defenders, traveled to Earth-712, vs mind-controlled Squadron Supreme, vs Over-Mind & Null the Living Darkness (Defenders #112-114, 1982); with Defenders, visited Here/There Dimension (Defenders #115, 1983); alongside Valkyrie, departed Strange's Sanctum Sanctorum, briefly romantically drawn to Valkyrie (Defenders #116, 1983); alongside most of Earth's super-heroes, abducted by Grandmaster & Death for “contest of champions” (Marvel Super Hero Contest of Champions #1, 1982); watched broadcast of U-Foes' abduction of Hulk (Incredible Hulk #277, 1982); led Atlantean delegation to support Hulk's amnesty (Incredible Hulk #279, 1983); alongside Hulk & others, vs Tryco Slatterus (Marvel Two-in-One Annual #7, 1982); alongside Fantastic Four & others, protected hospitalized Thing from mass attack (Marvel Two-in-One #96, 1983); alongside Doctor Strange, Hulk & Silver Surfer, summoned by Elf with a Gun (Defenders #122, 1983); with Defenders, displaced in time, brought by Elf to year 2387 of Earth-8309 (Defenders #123, 1983); with Defenders, brought before Tribunals, learned of supposed role in future decimation of Earth, resolved to never again join forces in order to avoid said role (Defenders #124-125, 1983); learned Atlanteans were being rendered ill by Master of the World's activities, appealed to Invisible Woman for help (Fantastic Four #260, 1983); alongside Invisible Woman, arrived at Arctic base of Master of the World (Alpha Flight #4, 1983); alongside Invisible Woman & Alpha Flight, vs Master of the World, rescued Marrina (Alpha Flight #3-4, 1983); bade farewell to Invisible Woman, departed with Marrina (Fantastic Four #261, 1983); visited New York on diplomatic mission, met Jacqueline Trufaut, vs Dragonrider (Prince Namor: The Sub-Mariner #1, 1984); traveled to Atlantean outer realm, vs Proteus (Prince Namor: The Sub-Mariner #2, 1984); addressed United Nations, vs Mad Twins (Prince Namor: The Sub-Mariner #3, 1984); learned Jacqueline Trufaut's true motives, vs mutated Trufaut, asked to abdicate rule of Atlantis (Prince Namor: The Sub-Mariner #4, 1984); romanced Marrina (Alpha Flight #12, 1984); proposed to Marrina (Alpha Flight #14, 1984); alongside Marrina & Puck, vs Master of the World (Alpha Flight #15-16, 1984); alongside Avengers & others, vs Dire Wraiths (Rom #65, 1985); met with Defenders (Marvel Fanfare #20, 1985); alongside Avengers, vs Purple Man & Doom (Marvel Graphic Novel: Emperor Doom, 1987); recruited for Avengers by Captain America (Avengers #262, 1985); attended dinner party at home of Vision & Scarlet Witch (Vision & the Scarlet Witch #6, 1986); with Avengers, retrieved comatose Jean Grey (Avengers #263, 1986); met Invisible Woman at Avengers Mansion (Avengers #264, 1986); alongside Hercules & others, vs Hulk (Incredible Hulk #316, 1986); with Avengers, vs Beyonder (Secret Wars II #8/Avengers #265, 1986); with Avengers, alongside others, witnessed seeming final destruction of Beyonder (Secret Wars II #9, 1986); with Avengers, alongside others, present when Molecule Man undid damage caused by Beyonder (Avengers #266, 1986); alongside Captain America, discussed android Torch's life with Vision (Vision & the Scarlet Witch #7, 1986); with Avengers, vs Magneto & Warlock (New Mutants #40, 1986); with Avengers, clashed with Kang & Immortus (Avengers #267-269, 1986); attended Sersi's party (Eternals #8, 1986); with Avengers, watched reports on Hulk's activities (Incredible Hulk #320, 1986); with Avengers, vs Hulk (Incredible Hulk #321-323, 1986); with Avengers, alongside others, visited hospitalized "Captain Hero" (Power Man & Iron Fist #125, 1986); alongside Hercules, helped Captain America move his belongings into Avengers Mansion (Captain America #318, 1986); witnessed protest against his Avengers membership, learned of civil lawsuit filed against him (Avengers #270, 1986); informed by Byrrah of Attuma's takeover of Atlantis, departed Avengers Mansion (Alpha Flight #36/Avengers #270, 1986); attacked Attuma's forces, decided to request assistance from Avengers, instructed Byrrah to contact Alpha Flight (Alpha Flight #37-38, 1986); requested assistance from Avengers (Avengers #271, 1986); with Avengers, alongside Alpha Flight, vs Attuma's forces (Alpha Flight #39/Avengers #272, 1986); founded new kingdom of Deluvia, married Marrina (Alpha Flight #40, 1986); with Avengers, vs Olympian Gods (Avengers #282-285, 1987); relocated to Hydrobase with Marrina, with Avengers, vs Fixer (Avengers #286, 1987); with Avengers, vs Heavy Metal (Avengers #287-290, 1988); with Avengers, vs Seth's forces (Thor #390, 1988); present when Avengers contacted West Coast Avengers (West Coast Avengers #31, 1988); with Avengers, watched televised Alpha Flight hearing (Alpha Flight #61, 1988); with Avengers, witnessed Marrina's transformation into Leviathan form (Avengers #291, 1988); with Avengers, attempted to prevent Marrina's rampage (Avengers #292, 1988); with Avengers, vs Marrina, forced to apparently kill her (Avengers #293, 1988); contemplated past, compiled biography (Saga of the Sub-Mariner #1-12, 1988-1989); vs Zoga's forces (Marvel Comics Presents #7, 1988); protected whale from Sabatine brothers (Marvel Comics Presents #46, 1990); alongside Wolverine & others, encountered Castillo (Wolverine: Global Jeopardy #1, 1993); vs Goldbug (Solo Avengers #17, 1989); retrieved Horn of Proteus from New Mutants (New Mutants #76, 1989); encountered & romanced Patience Drew (Marvel Fanfare #43, 1989); with Avengers, vs Lava Men & Cha'sa'dra (Avengers #305-307, 1989); with Avengers, vs Blastaar (Avengers #308-310, 1989); spoke to Doctor Pym regarding Toro's death (Avengers West Coast #50, 1989); accompanied Sandra Rains in exploring Neptune's Eye, encountered Old Man of the Sea, vs fish-like beings (Marvel Comics Presents #57-59, 1990); attacked Russian trawler (Marvel Comics Presents #73, 1991); vs Tiger Shark (Marvel Comics Presents #77, 1991); alongside Iron Man, vs Hydra, seemingly slain by Attuma's forces (Iron Man Annual #10, 1989); incognito, vs Krang (Avengers Annual #18, 1989); incognito, protected National Guard members from Attuma's forces (Web of Spider-Man Annual #5, 1989); revealed self to have survived, confronted Llyra & Ghaur, assisted Avengers & Fantastic Four in defeating Lemurian forces (Fantastic Four Annual #22, 1989); rescued bird from toxic waste (Marvel Comics Presents #33, 1989); approached by Loki to join Acts of Vengeance Prime Movers, controlled by Controller, vs Captain America (Captain America #365, 1989); examined by Doctor Pym (Captain America #366, 1990); revived at Avengers Headquarters (Captain America 367, 1990); alongside Avengers, vs Freedom Force (Punisher #29, 1990); lapsed into insanity, treated by Caleb Alexander, founded Oracle Inc. (Namor: The Sub-Mariner #1, 1990); alongside Hulk & Doctor Strange, vs Shanzar (Incredible Hulk #370-371, 1990); disguised as Mad Thinker, prompted Jim Hammond to return to action (Avengers West Coast #65, 1990); vs Griffin (Namor: The Sub-Mariner #2-3, 1990); alongside Iron Man & others, prevented New York from being incinerated by Gloria Morgan & FORCE (Namor: The Sub-Mariner #4-5, 1990); vs Rhino, extorted into selling Oracle Inc. to J.Q. Stamp, worked with Namorita to trick Stamp into returning Oracle ownership (Marvel Super-Heroes #10, 1992); vs Sluj, encountered Headhunter (Namor: The Sub-Mariner #6-9, 1990); in Germany, vs Master Man, Warrior Woman, & others (Namor: The Sub-Mariner #10-12, 1991); given surprise birthday party (Namor: The Sub-Mariner Annual #1, 1991); alongside Red Raven/Dania, vs Diablo (Marvel Super-Heroes #8, 1991); alongside Carrie Alexander, attended Rossellini Gallery's showing of Alicia Masters' sculptures (Web of Spider-Man #73, 1991); attended mass Avengers meeting (Avengers #329, 1991); prosecuted for earlier crimes (Namor: The Sub-Mariner #13, 1991); in Hawaii, accepted plaque honoring wartime activities, alongside West Coast Avengers, vs Sunfire & Pele (Avengers West Coast #71, 1991); vs & tamed Griffin (Namor: The Sub-Mariner #14, 1991); alongside Namorita & Griffin, traveled to Savage Land, vs Super-Skrull (Namor: The Sub-Mariner #15-18, 1991); traced Dorma clone to Vyrra's laboratory, encountered additional Dorma clones (Namor: The Sub-Mariner #19, 1991); convinced Namorita of her worth following her discovery that she was a clone (Namor: The Sub-Mariner #20, 1991); destroyed Dorma clones, visited Dorma's grave (Namor: The Sub-Mariner #21, 1991); alongside Avengers & others, prepared to battle Thanos (Infinity Gauntlet #2/Silver Surfer #52, 1991); alongside Avengers & others, vs Thanos (Infinity Gauntlet #4/Infinity Gauntlet #6, 1991); alongside Avengers & others, attended Avengers Mansion reception, vs Doombot (Avengers #332-333, 1991); alongside Stingray, vs Keeper of the Flame's forces in El Dorado (Namor: The Sub-Mariner Annual #1, 1991); treated Namorita following her battle with Sea Urchin, consoled her after her rematch with Sea Urchin (New Warriors #14, 1991); alongside Namorita & others, traveled to K'un-Lun, vs H'ylthri, rescued Iron Fist (Namor: The Sub-Mariner #21-23, 1991-1992); alongside Namorita & others, returned to Earth dimension (Namor: The Sub-Mariner #24, 1992); considered as potential mate by Her (Quasar #28, 1991); vs Plantman-controlled Wolverine, vs Plantman & Sssethugar, rendered amnesiac & teleported away by Master Khan (Namor: The Sub-Mariner #24-25, 1992); mind mystically transferred into Rick Jones' body, sought help from Hulk & Doctor Strange (Incredible Hulk Annual #18, 1992); received visitation by Neptune, vs Wild One alongside Doctor Strange & Hulk, joined by Silver Surfer (Namor: The Sub-Mariner Annual #2, 1992); captured by Wild One's forces, rescued by Defenders, alongside them, vs Wild One (Silver Surfer Annual #5/Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme Annual #2, 1992); manipulated by eco-terrorist Tess Walker, involved in clash between townspeople & eco-terrorists (Namor: The Sub-Mariner #26-27, 1992); encountered Artys-Gran in Fen's body, vs Doom (Namor: The Sub-Mariner #28-31, 1992); regained memories, reunited with Namorita & others, imprisoned by Master Khan (Namor: The Sub-Mariner #31-32, 1992); vs & decapitated Master Khan (Namor: The Sub-Mariner #33, 1992); returned to Atlantis, vs one of Unforgiven Dead's Leviathans (Namor: The Sub-Mariner #34, 1993); vs Tiger Shark, reunited with Tamara (Namor: The Sub-Mariner #35, 1993); vs Nereids (Namor: The Sub-Mariner #36, 1993); alongside Tamara & others, vs Suma-Ket, rescued by Neptune, received sacred Atlantean armor (Namor: The Sub-Mariner #37, 1993); alongside Tamara & others, reclaimed Atlantis from Unforgiven Dead (Namor: The Sub-Mariner #38-40, 1993); led Atlantean forces against supposed surface incursion, vs War Machine (Namor: The Sub-Mariner #41, 1993); vs Apocalypse's Assassin (Namor: The Sub-Mariner Annual #3, 1993); alongside Stingray, vs Dorcas & Orka (Namor: The Sub-Mariner #42-43, 1993); searched for Namorita, searched Vyrra's laboratory, encountered transformed Namorita (New Warriors #43-44, 1994); erroneously vs Albatross, manipulated by Thanos & others, rescued by Changelings (Namor: The Sub-Mariner #44, 1993); encountered Strange, vs Brilliant One, vs Strange, encountered Vengeance (Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme #64-65, 1994); vs Attuma & Sunfire regarding supposed whaling infractions by Japan (Namor: The Sub-Mariner #45, 1993); rescued Blue Diver crew (Marvel Comics Presents #149, 1994); alongside Triton & others, vs Banari (Namor: The Sub-Mariner #46-47, 1994); rescued from Starblasters by Fantastic Four (Fantastic Four #385, 1994); alongside Fantastic Four & others, vs Starblasters (Namor: The Sub-Mariner #48/Fantastic Four #386, 1994); oversaw construction of Hydropolis (Namor: The Sub-Mariner #49, 1994); had romantic liaison with Llyra while she was impersonating Invisible Woman, vs Fantastic Four, learned of Llyra's impersonation, nearly killed Llyra (Namor: The Sub-Mariner #50, 1994); present at Four Freedoms Plaza when team received vision from Earth-944 (Fantastic Four #387, 1994); prevented destruction of oil rig, reunited with Melanee Carondelet, captured King Cake Killer (Namor: The Sub-Mariner #51, 1994); with Andromeda, traveled to Antarctica, investigated "Endurance" shipwreck, vs Black Moray & Sea Leopard (Namor: The Sub-Mariner #52-53, 1994); vs Baron Von Strucker & Hydra (Namor: The Sub-Mariner Annual #4, 1994); vs Deathcharge (Namor: The Sub-Mariner Annual #4, 1994); attacked Roxxon facility (Namor: The Sub-Mariner #54, 1994); accompanied Fantastic Four to Earth-944 (Fantastic Four #389-390, 1994); returned to Earth-616, alongside Lyja & Ant-Man/Scott Lang, vs Sha'barri (Fantastic Four #391, 1994); departed Four Freedoms Plaza (Fantastic Four #392, 1994); sought information on Namorita's whereabouts, vs New Warriors (New Warriors #57, 1995); alongside Stingray, surveyed Hydropolis, vs Llyron (Namor: The Sub-Mariner #55, 1994); toured Hydropolis, vs Giganto & other creatures controlled by Llyra, framed for causing attack on United Nations (Namor: The Sub-Mariner #56, 1994) ; vs Captain America, revealed Llyron's true nature, vs Llyron (Namor: The Sub-Mariner #57, 1994); with Deep Six, vs Avengers (Namor: The Sub-Mariner #58, 1995); alongside Hulk & Silver Surfer, vs Doctor Druid's Secret Defenders, alongside them, vs Slorioth (Secret Defenders #23-25, 1995); attended memorial service for Mr Fantastic (Fantastic Four #400, 1995); with Deep Six, vs Abomination (Namor: The Sub-Mariner #59, 1995); vs Bloodwraith & Morgan le Fay, failed to prevent rising of Atlantis (Namor: The Sub-Mariner #60-62, 1995); vs Thor (Fantastic Four: Atlantis Rising #1, 1995); rescued by Atlanteans following defeat by Thor (Fantastic Four #401, 1995); learned of deaths of over half of Atlantis' population, attacked Inhuman Royal Family (Fantastic Four #402, 1995); alongside Fantastic Four & Thor, vs Inhumans Royal Family (Fantastic Four: Atlantis Rising #2, 1995); learned of Llyron's true nature from Llyra, drove Portugese military & Man-of-War from risen Atlantis (Fantastic Four Unlimited #11, 1995); involved in multiversal crisis (DC Versus Marvel Comics #1/Marvel Comics Versus DC #2/DC Versus Marvel Comics #3/Marvel Comics Versus DC #4, 1996); attended reading of Mr Fantastic's will (Fantastic Four Unplugged #2, 1995); surveyed Atlantean ruins (Fantastic Four #403, 1995); assisted ClanDestine in reaching A.I.M. base (ClanDestine #11, 1995); sought membership in Fantastic Four, vs mutated Invisible Woman (Fantastic Four #404, 1995); alongside Fantastic Four, vs Tomorrow Man's forces (Fantastic Four #405, 1995); alongside Fantastic Four, vs Hyperstorm (Fantastic Four #406, 1995); alongside Fantastic Four, traveled thousands of years back in time, recovered Mr Fantastic (Fantastic Four #407/Fantastic Four Unplugged #3, 1995); alongside Fantastic Four, vs Hyperstorm (Fantastic Four Unlimited #12/ Fantastic Four #408-409, 1995/1996); participated in workout at Four Freedoms Plaza (Fantastic Four #410, 1996); alongside Fantastic Four, vs deranged Black Bolt (Fantastic Four #411, 1996); attempted to persuade Invisible Woman to leave Mr Fantastic, vs Mr Fantastic (Fantastic Four #412, 1996); attended Karl Kraus' party (Fury of S.H.I.E.L.D. #1, 1995); attacked by environmental maintenance platform pulled forward in time (Doom 2099 #40, 1996); alongside Daredevil, encountered Doom 2099 (Doom 2099 #41, 1996); alongside Doom, prepared to battle Doom 2099 (Doom 2099 #42, 1996); alongside Doom, pursued Doom 2099 (Fantastic Four #413, 1996); alongside Doom, briefly captured Doom 2099 (Doom 2099 #43, 1996); attacked by Loki's forces (Avengers #400, 1996); alongside Fantastic Four & others, prepared to battle Onslaught (Fantastic Four #416, 1996); alongside Fantastic Four & others, vs Onslaught, seemingly killed (Onslaught: Marvel Universe, 1996); alongside Counter-Earth Atlanteans, vs Fantastic Four & Avengers (Fantastic Four #2-3, 1997); alongside Fantastic Four & Avengers, vs Counter-Earth Galactus (Fantastic Four #12/Iron Man #12, 1997); alongside Avengers & others, regained memories, returned to Earth (Heroes Reborn: The Return #4, 1997); rendered amnesiac after arriving on Earth, vs Spider-Man & Wrecking Crew, learned he had lost ability to breathe underwater (Marvel Team-Up #6, 1998); met with Jim Hammond (Heroes for Hire #8, 1998); alongside Avengers, underwent alternate reality experience, vs Morgan Le Fay (Avengers #1-3, 1998); reported failure to locate Captain America's lost shield (Captain America #3, 1998); declined to return to full-time Avengers status (Avengers #4, 1998); received vision guiding him to Man-Thing's swamp (Man-Thing #7, 1998); alongside Man-Thing, underwent quest to find Shroud of Cleito, experienced destruction of surface Atlantis twenty thousand years ago (Man-Thing #6-8, 1998); visited Invisible Woman (Fantastic Four #6, 1998); alongside Thor, vs Sedna (Thor #4, 1998); erroneously vs Hulk, alongside Hulk, vs Attuma, used Hulk's blood to cure Atlanteans of Black Tide (Marvel Comics 1998 Annual Starring Incredible Hulk & Sub-Mariner, 1998); sold Oracle Inc. to Stark-Fujikawa (Heroes for Hire #19, 1999); warned mercenary forces away from Atlantis/Attilan (Inhumans #4, 1999); apparently rejected Triton's offer of alliance with Inhumans (Inhumans #9, 1999); revealed alliance with Black Bolt (Inhumans #12, 1999); retrieved sunken ship for Thor (Thor #14, 1999); learned results of Namorita's examination (New Warriors #3, 1999); visited Invisible Woman before her apparent marriage to Doom (Fantastic Four #27, 2000); alongside Avengers & others, arrived in Centerville to assist Hellcat (Hellcat #3, 2000); alongside Invisible Woman, vs Counter-Earth Dorma (Fantastic Four #32, 2000); alongside Avengers & others, vs extraterrestrial criminals & Ruul during attempt to transform Earth into intergalactic prison (Maximum Security #3, 2001); spoke with Black Panther regarding Wakanda/Lemuria hostilities (Black Panther #27, 2001); attended meeting with Black Panther, Magneto, & Doom (Black Panther #28, 2001); conferred with Black Panther (Black Panther #29, 2001); consulted by Doctor Strange regarding Lifeline Tablet (Spider-Man: Lifeline #1-2, 2001); took Atlantean rebel Morcan into custody after Morcan's defeat by U.S.Agent (U.S.Agent #2, 2001); driven insane by Gideon Trust's negative energy discharge, vs Human Torch & She-Hulk, sanity restored by Ant-Man (Fantastic Four #41-42, 2001); alongside Fantastic Four, consulted Noah Baxter (Fantastic Four #43, 2001); awaited reports of Fantastic Four's encounter with Gideon Trust (Fantastic Four #44, 2001); with Defenders, vs Yandroth, subjected to Yandroth's curse (Defenders #1, 2001); with Defenders, vs Pluto & Lorelei (Defenders #2-4, 2001); worked with V-Battalion to free Atlantis from A.I.M. (Citizen V and the V-Battalion #2, 2001); with Defenders, encountered Everett K. Ross trapped in Mephisto's body (Black Panther #35, 2001); attacked Attuma, with Defenders, teleported to Sky Island to fight Bloodravens & Wayfinder, vs Attuma's Deep Six (Defenders #5-7, 2001); alongside Captain America & Sharon Carter, vs Red Skull & Hate-Monger (Captain America #47-48, 2001); attended memorial for Bucky (Captain America #47-48, 2001); alongside Earth's other super-heroes, immobilized by Graviton, freed by Thunderbolts (Thunderbolts #57-58, 2001-2002); with Defenders, vs Kree armada in space, returned to Earth to fight Headmen & Orrgo (Defenders #8-10, 2001); with Defenders, reclaimed Atlantis from Attuma's forces (Defenders #11, 2002); reacted to reports of Captain America's death (Captain America #50, 2002); with Defenders, vs extradimensional creatures (Defenders #12, 2002); with Defenders, vs Chronarch, appealed to Gaea to end Yandroth's curse (Defenders #12, 2002); with Order, attacked Murtakesh, vs Defenders (Order #1, 2002); with Order, attacked United Nations, took control of Sky Island (Order #2, 2002); with Order, vs Avengers (Order #3, 2002); with Order, vs Locust & Defenders (Order #4, 2002); with Order, vs Defenders & other heroes, broke free of Yandroth's influence (Order #5-6, 2002); warned Al Kravinoff of potential dangers in Hollywood (Spider-Man: Get Kraven #2, 2002); alongside Avengers & others, vs Akhenaten (Marvel Universe: The End #1-6, 2003-2004); alongside Avengers, vs Scorpio & In-Betweener (Avengers #58-60, 2002-2003); departed Avengers Mansion (Avengers #61, 2003); rescued Captain America from Interrogator (Captain America #16, 2003); alongside Avengers, confronted Purple Man (Alias #28, 2004); alongside Fantastic Four, encountered Exiles (Exiles #46-48, 2004); approached Invisible Woman at Pembrooke Academy, accompanied her to Museum of Natural History, vs Mister Fantastic, assisted Human Torch in attempt to rescue Javier Fornes (4 #8-9, 2004); agreed to join New Invaders in attack on Mazikhandar (Avengers #83, 2004); with New Invaders, deposed dictator of Mazikhandar, vs Avengers, declared Mazikhandar protectorate of Atlantis (Avengers #84/New Invaders #0, 2004); with New Invaders, vs Axis Mundi, met with Jim Hammond (New Invaders #1-3, 2004); alongside Avengers, vs effects of Scarlet Witch's out-of-control power (Avengers #501-503, 2004); alongside others, attended memorial for Ant-Man, Vision & Hawkeye (Hercules #1, 2005); discussed course of action with New Invaders (New Invaders #4, 2005); with New Invaders, vs mind-controlled Wolverine (New Invaders #6, 2005); congratulated Hammond on becoming leader of New Invaders (New Invaders #7, 2005) with New Invaders, alongside Captain America, vs Axis Mundi (New Invaders #8-9, 2005); addressed United Nations regarding Fathom Five, clashed with Thunderbolts (New Thunderbolts #2, 2005); alongside Thunderbolts & others, rescued survivors of Great Game attack (New Thunderbolts #3, 2005); attended meeting with Iron Man & others, learned of re-formation of Avengers (New Avengers #7, 2005); attended meeting with Iron Man & others to discuss Sentry (New Avengers #9, 2005); alongside Avengers & others, confronted Rob Reynolds (New Avengers #8, 2005); alongside Avengers & others, vs Void (New Avengers #9-10, 2005); confronted Thunderbolts regarding Radioactive Man, forced him to cure ailing Atlanteans (New Thunderbolts #8-9, 2005); became guardian of one of the Infinity Gems (New Avengers: Illuminati #2, 2007); with Defenders, vs Dormammu & Umar (Defenders #1-5, 2005-2006); quarreled with Iron Man & others over banishment of Hulk (New Avengers: Illuminati #1, 2006); attended Fantastic Four's open house (4 #30, 2006); attended Thing's bar mitzvah (Thing #8, 2006); attended Thing's poker tournament (Thing #8, 2006); attended Black Panther's bachelor party (Black Panther #17, 2006); received warning from Iron Man about pending superhuman registration (New Avengers: Illuminati #1, 2006); met Winter Soldier at Toro's grave (Winter Soldier: Winter Kills #1, 2007); watched video of Nitro killing Namorita & others (Wolverine #42, 2006); sent Atlantean sleeper agents to capture Nitro, vs Wolverine, sentenced Nitro to torture, provided information to Wolverine (Wolverine #44-45, 2006); alongside others, attended wedding of Black Panther & Storm (Black Panther #18, 2006); met with Black Panther & Storm (Black Panther #21, 2006); rebuffed Invisible Woman's request to help Captain America's Secret Avengers (Civil War #6, 2007)


First Appearance: Daredevil #150 (1978)
Significant Issues: Hired by former Purple Man henchman Mort to track down Purple Man, accepted lower-than-usual fee of $450 thousand since case intrigued him, clashed with Daredevil in search of information, flirted with female bystanders during fight, parted amicably with Daredevil (Daredevil #150, 1978); mistakenly attacked by Daredevil while pursuing one of Purple Man’s henchmen, subdued Daredevil before resuming pursuit (Daredevil #152, 1978); alongside Daredevil, defeated Purple Man & his accomplices Cobra, Gladiator, Jester & Mr. Hyde, rescued Heather Glenn, Purple Man seemingly killed (Daredevil #154, 1978); hired by Marsha Connors to protect her from her abusive ex-boyfriend Phantasm, grew close to Marsha, vs Phantasm & his henchmen, nearly killed Phantasm in mistaken belief that Marsha had been slain, reunited with Marsha (Marvel Premiere #43, 1978); attended “Defenders for a Day” gathering after seeing Dollar Bill’s unauthorized Defenders television documentary, flirted with Hellcat, sampled Valkyrie’s noxious coffee, left after realizing Defenders were strictly non-profit (Defenders #62-63, 1978); hired by Christine Michaels to hunt down her mad husband Thermo, mistakenly opposed by Spider-Man, briefly skirmished with Spider-Man before they joined forces in pursuit of Thermo, mocked Spider-Man’s non-profit heroism, scorned by Spider-Man, subdued Thermo & his cultists with aid of Spider-Man & Dazzler (Marvel Team-Up #108-109, 1981); alongside rest of Earth’s super heroes, abducted by Grandmaster & witnessed his "contest of champions" (Marvel Super Hero Contest of Champions #1, 1982); hired by consortium of Caribbean casino owners to apprehend thief Baron Brimstone, infiltrated Utopia Cay resort as “Paul Denning,” began romance with Wasp, teamed with Wasp to capture Brimstone (Avengers #251, 1985); worked for mob boss Vince Granetti, reluctantly aided Granetti’s attempted takeover of Nevell Industries, came into conflict with Wasp & Spider-Man as Granetti’s agent, switched sides & helped Wasp & Spider-Man capture Granetti (Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man #105-106, 1985); wired Wasp to let her know he would be back in States soon (Avengers #267, 1986); apprehended Belgium’s most notorious jewel thief, awarded lavish bonus by diamond merchants who hired him, visited Wasp to celebrate, questioned new Yellowjacket/Rita DeMara, alongside Wasp & Black Knight, vs small contingent of Baron Helmut Zemo’s new Masters of Evil, captured Grey Gargoyle & Screaming Mimi (Avengers #271, 1986); alongside Wasp & jealous Black Knight, attended March of Dimes Celebrity Gala, helped Wasp deal with pushy CBS reporter Joseph Edkin (Avengers #273, 1986); left for Rio on business (Avengers #274, 1986); hired by newspaper publisher Emmett Edison in Chicago to rescue his kidnapped daughter Dixie from terrorists, flirted with various stewardesses, found Dixie in Dallas, learned Dixie was voluntary participant in terrorists’ efforts to force Emmett to return disputed land to farmers in Seattle, forced Dixie to leave with him, informed by Emmett that he had been holding land to protect it from Florida corporation that wanted to turn it into toxic waste dump, cajoled into further investigation by Dixie, fought his way into Florida corporation’s headquarters & learned they were being blackmailed into this course of action by European crime syndicate, foiled airplane hijacking en route to Italy, crashed wedding of Italian mob patriarch’s daughter, learned Patriarch’s crime family was being pressured into poisoning American farmland by renegade KGB agents intent on crippling world economy, romantically propositioned by Patriarch’s newly married daughter, entered Russia, forced to evade Russian authorities since they held grudge over his liberation of country’s most eminent physicist five years earlier, confronted renegade KGB official, learned KGB official was being forced to act as agent of alien warlords planning to covert Earth into armory, invaded aliens’ base in Antarctica, called in Avengers, Fantastic Four & other heroes to help thwart alien invasion, used frequent flier mileage points to take luxury vacation with stewardess Tracy (Marvel Comics Presents #21, 1989); as agent of Silver Sable, investigated anti-Symkarian conspiracy linked to Life Foundation official Drake & foreign agent Chakane, mistakenly opposed by Spider-Man, joined forces with Spider-Man & Silver Sable to invade Life Foundation base where Sable subdued & questioned Drake & Chakane (Amazing Spider-Man #320-321, 1989); alongside Silver Sable, Sandman & Wild Pack, hired by new democratic Bosqueverde government to apprehend Marc Spector for his past support of former dictator Emmanuel Raposa & murder of pre-Raposa democratic leader Ricardo Dominguez, alongside Sable & her other agents, vs Spector until he surrendered (Marc Spector: Moon Knight #15, 1990); hired by crime boss Vincent Mangano to kill Punisher, promised ten million in payment, attacked Punisher twice, foiled second time by intervention of U.S.Agent, abducted Punisher’s assistant Microchip, vs Punisher & U.S.Agent, legs broken by U.S.Agent, escaped (Punisher: No Escape, 1990); aided Diamondback in attempted rescue of Asp & Black Mamba from Serpent Society, teamed with Asp, Black Mamba, Captain America & Diamondback to shut down Serpent Society (Captain America #381-382, 1991); allowed Bad Girls to stay at his Trump Plaza residence (Captain America #385, 1991); teamed with Captain America to rescue Bad Girls from Superia’s Femizons, vs M.O.D.A.M., Blackbird, Moonstone, Dragonfly, Gypsy Moth, Yellowjacket, Mindblast, Ice Princess, Ferocia, Frenzy, Vertigo, Whiplash, Pink Pearl, Poundcakes, Titania, Iron Maiden & other Femizons captured alongside Captain America, interrogated by Dansen Macabre & Nightshade, subjected to feminization treatment by Superia, escaped, parted on friendly terms with Captain America, continued to host Asp & Black Mamba at his Carleton penthouse (Captain America #387-393, 1991); alongside Outlaws, helped Silver Sable recover stolen Symkarian technology from Darkmoor Research Center’s Doctor Walshe, clashed with Excalbur before teaming up with them against genetically engineered threats unleashed during battle, romanced Rachel Summers during conflict (Excalibur #36, 1991); hired by Metro Stadium to deal with bomb threat engineered by outgoing stadium security chief Burke, captured Burke & his confederates (Marvel Comics Presents #86, 1991); clashed with Genesis Coalition in pursuit of Nazi war criminal Dmitri Petrovitch, reported back to Wild Pack manager Lorna Kleinfeldt, sparred with Kleinfeldt, alongside Silver Sable & Wild Pack, pursued Dmitri Petrovitch & shut down Genesis Coalition base (Silver Sable and the Wild Pack #6-8, 1992-1993); alongside Silver Sable, Wild Pack & Intruders, hunted down Pit-Vipers, joined relief efforts in Somalia, clashed with local bandits, Bio-Genes & Hydra (Silver Sable and the Wild Pack #15-17, 1993); hired by Sable to track embezzler Jonathan Lee, romantic advances rebuffed by Lightbright (Silver Sable and the Wild Pack #19, 1993); caught & questioned money launderer Maurice Grauline in Toronto in pursuit of Lee (Silver Sable and the Wild Pack #21, 1994); captured Lee, coerced Lee into admitting that Foreigner had engineered embezzling scheme in attempted takeover of Silver Sable International, reported to Sable (Silver Sable and the Wild Pack #23, 1994); alongside Intruders & System Crash, defeated Genesis Coalition troops posing as Hydra (Silver Sable and the Wild Pack #25, 1994); alongside Intruders & Wild Pack, briefed regarding Silver Sable’s temporary incarceration (Silver Sable and the Wild Pack #30, 1994); alongside Intruders, learned Silver Sable was retiring from field work, went to Antarctica in search of alien artifact (Silver Sable and the Wild Pack #33-34, 1995); hired by Donald Pierce to protect his Randall House property, alongside Hellfire Club soldiers, opposed Cable’s break-in, defeated by Cable (Cable #49, 1997); alongside Sandman, Cat & Madcap, protected scientist Wolfgang Hessler, clashed with Heroes for Hire over custody of Hessler, failed to prevent Hessler’s capture by Master of the World (Heroes for Hire #10-11, 1998); hired by Adrienne Frost to retrieve her samurai sword from corrupt Madripoor businessman Noy, alongside Generation X, vs Rising Songs, retrieved sword, Jubilee became smitten with him (Generation X #52-54, 1999); called in Captain America to assist him on case (Captain America #31, 2004); refused offer of Great Lakes Avengers membership (GLA #2, 2005); alongside Diamondback, hired by S.H.I.E.L.D. to break into Genetassist & steal new biological weapon, defeated by Hellions, lost weapon to Hellions, Hellions returned weapon to S.H.I.E.L.D. but rendered it unusable (New X-Men: Hellions #2-4, 2005); working for both sides, helped oppressive foreign government capture rebel group but allowed rebels to blow up major government facility (Amazing Fantasy #16, 2006); in exchange for full pardon of undisclosed criminal acts, helped F.B.I. capture Daredevil (Daredevil #79, 2006); joined Misty Knight’s new Heroes for Hire, helped capture villains trying to flee country such as Goldbug & Grindhouse, betrayed team by taking secret S.H.I.E.L.D. assignment to capture Captain America, operation foiled by Shang-Chi (Heroes for Hire #1-3, 2006); offered ten million dollars to capture Devil Dinosaur, recruited Heroes for Hire to assist him (Heroes for Hire #8, 2007)


First Appearance: Marvel Super Hero Contest of Champions #1 (1982)
Significant Issues: Participated in Grandmaster’s "contest of champions" as part of team assembled to fight for Grandmaster, partnered with Thing & Wolverine against Angel, Black Panther & Vanguard, nearly bested Angel using his superior martial arts skills but ultimately defeated (Marvel Super Hero Contest of Champions #1 & 3, 1982); among superheroes gathered to celebrate Hulk’s pardon (Incredible Hulk #279, 1983); among world’s heroes who aided in driving out Dire Wraiths (Rom #65, 1985); as Silver Sable operative, teamed with Hawkeye to retrieve stolen nuclear warhead timing device & free Sandman from communist Red Skull in Algeria (Solo Avengers #6, 1988); hired by Silver Sable International for Persian Gulf mission in Strait of Hormuz, assigned to disable military surveillance station hindering Stane International’s shipping lanes, clashed with U.S. naval forces led by Admiral Ellis, learned U.S. military was secretly protecting station in hopes that corrupt Stane corporation would blame regional powers for station’s presence & turn to U.S. for assistance, blew up Stane’s tanker (Marvel Comics Presents #51, 1990); dated Shamrock, alongside her, vs I.C.O.N. (“Shamrock and The Peregrine” serial, unpublished); participated in Pan-European Conference on Superhuman Affairs, flirted with Canadian heroine Guardian/Heather Hudson, mind-controlled by Brain Drain into attempting assassination of France’s President, subdued by Sasquatch, met with Alpha Flight & other heroes at conference, romantic advances rebuffed by Heather (Alpha Flight #108, 1992); hired to capture escaped lab subject Lynx for a million dollars on behalf of Imus Champion, delivered Lynx to Champion with aid of Astridge & Ursula, questioned by Courier & Wolverine regarding Lynx’s whereabouts, teamed with Wolverine, Courier & Black Widow to defeat Flesh Tones & Champion after Champion sent Flesh Tones to kill Peregrine, helped allies liberate Lynx, briefed by S.H.I.E.L.D. regarding Lynx, teamed with allies to defeat Champion & liberate Lynx again, wrote novel based on Lynx case, novel rejected by publisher since publishing house was owned by Imus Champion, hired by Courier to help locate his kidnapped wife (Marvel Comics Presents #124-130, 1993); among many super heroes abducted by Graviton & freed by Thunderbolts (Thunderbolts #57-58, 2001-2002); teamed with Micromax, Avengers & international military force to defend France from Kang’s legions (Avengers #46, 2001); during America’s super hero "civil war" over Superhuman Registration Act, helped repel unregistered American super-beings from France’s borders, defeated Raptor (Civil War: Battle Damage Report, 2007)

Pink Lady

First Appearance: Wolverine/Doop #1 (2003)
Significant Issues: Pink Mink stolen by Collector, freed from its cage & summoned Pink Lady (Wolverine/Doop #1, 2003); Pink Lady & Pink Mink captured by Hunter Joe, freed by Wolverine, Doop, & Pink Psycho horde, Mink reproduced itself (Wolverine/Doop #2, 2003)

Power Princess

First Appearance: Defenders #112 (1982)


First Appearance: J2 #8 (1999)
Significant Issues: Recounted past battle with Wild Thing & how he left her to die on mountain (J2 #8, 1999); alongside Enthralla, vs Wild Thing, J2 & Magneta, agreed to join Enthralla’s Brotherhood, defeated by J2 (J2 #8, 1999); with Revengers, ambushed Avengers, vs Avengers & their allies, defeated by Earth Sentry, Argo & American Dream, imprisoned (A-Next #12, 1999); freed from prison by Enthralla, alongside her, vs Spider-Girl & Wild Thing, defeated & imprisoned (Spider-Girl #½, 1999); allied with Funny Face, alongside Mister Nobody, liberated Raptor from police custody, joined Funny Face, Mister Nobody, Dragon King, Killerwatt & Raptor as Savage Six, kidnapped Courtney Duran & Jack Jameson in order to lure Spider-Girl into rescuing them, defeated by Spider-Girl (Spider-Girl #25, 2000); with Revengers, vs Avengers (Last Planet Standing #1-2, 2006); with Revengers, witnessed Dominas the Wavemaster’s heralding of Galactus, the heroes’ subsequent disaster relief efforts, & Galactus’ arrival on Earth (Last Planet Standing #3, 2006); with Revengers, attacked heroes after they had exhausted themselves opposing Galactus, alongside them, hit by shockwave from Galactus’ Excavatron, realized true extent of Galactus’ threat & offered Revengers’ help in opposing him (Last Planet Standing #4, 2006); alongside Earth’s heroes, opposed Galactus’ attempt to consume Earth, witnessed merging of Silver Surfer & Galactus (Last Planet Standing #5, 2006); sought to apply for Avengers membership at Freebooter’s suggestion, application accepted by suspicious American Dream to help oppose super-powered zombies (Avengers Next #1, 2007); sparred with J2 & Spider-Girl, with Avengers, alongside Kate Power, encountered Thena, sought to save Nova & Earth Sentry from her rage but attacked by them instead, fight stopped by J2 at American Dream’s request, witnessed Energizer’s defeat of Thena (Avengers Next #2, 2007); with Avengers, alongside Thena & Energizer, vs Ultron Extreme, Warp & Sylene (Avengers Next #3, 2007); with Avengers, alongside Thena & Kate Power, captured by Sylene, had energy drained to power Sylene’s energy drones (Avengers Next #4, 2007); with Avengers, alongside Energizer, broke free & confronted Sylene, witnessed her defeat (Avengers Next #5, 2007)


First Appearance: X-Men #120 (1979)
Origin: Alpha Flight #5-8 (1983)
Significant Issues: Failed to save wife (Alpha Flight #5, 1983); embraced Shaman heritage (Alpha Flight #6, 1984); facilitated Snowbird’s birth (Alpha Flight #7, 1984); recruited into Alpha Flight by Department H (Alpha Flight #8, 1984); Alpha Flight’s first mission, vs Emissaries of Evil (Alpha Flight Special #1, 1992); with Alpha Flight, vs X-Men (X-Men #120-121, 1979); witnessed Sasquatch vs Hulk (Incredible Hulk Annual #8, 1979); with Alpha Flight, alongside Wolverine & Nightcrawler, vs Wendigo (X-Men #139-140, 1980); Alpha Flight disbanded (Alpha Flight #1, 1983); with Alpha Flight, alongside Thing, vs Ranark (Marvel Two-in-One #83-84, 1982); recruited for "Contest of Champions" (Marvel Super Hero Contest of Champions #1-3, 1982); with Alpha Flight, alongside other heroes, celebrated Hulk’s new hero status (Incredible Hulk #277-279, 1982); with Alpha Flight, alongside Rom, vs Dire Wraiths (Rom #56-58, 1984); with Alpha Flight, vs Omega Flight (Alpha Flight #12-13, 1985); with Alpha Flight, alongside Spider-Man, vs Collector & Plodex (Marvel Team-Up Annual #7, 1984); with Alpha Flight, alongside Crystar, vs Zardeth (Saga of Crystar: Crystal Warrior #11, 1984); reunited with Elizabeth, witnessed Elizabeth become Talisman, vs Great Beasts (Alpha Flight #14-15 & 18-20, 1985); with Alpha Flight, alongside X-Men, vs Loki (X-Men & Alpha Flight #1-2, 1985); with Alpha Flight, vs Tanaraq (Alpha Flight #24-25, 1985); aided Iron Man (Iron Man #195-196, 1985); with Alpha Flight, vs Omega Flight, pouch briefly inverted (Alpha Flight #26-27, 1985); Beyonder rescued Talisman (Secret Wars II #4/Alpha Flight #28, 1984); with Alpha Flight, vs Hulk, lost faith & left team (Incredible Hulk #313/Alpha Flight #29, 1984); went on spirit quest, received new powers (Alpha Flight #30-31 & 34-35, 1986); with Alpha Flight, vs Pestilence, became new Talisman (Alpha Flight #36-37, 1986); with Alpha Flight, alongside Avengers, vs Attuma (Alpha Flight #38-40/Avengers #272, 1986); grew distant from allies (Alpha Flight Annual #1, 1987); vs Pestilence (Alpha Flight #44, 1987); left team after Snowbird’s death (Alpha Flight #45, 1987); sensed mystic battle (Strange Tales #14, 1988); Elizabeth became Talisman again (Alpha Flight #68, 1989); with Alpha Flight, vs China Force (Alpha Flight #69, 1989); with Alpha Flight, vs Dreamqueen (Alpha Flight #70-71, 1989); with Alpha Flight, vs Llan (Alpha Flight #72-78 & 82-86, 1989 & 1990); with Alpha Flight, vs Master of the World & Remnant Men (Alpha Flight #87-90, 1990); with Alpha Flight, alongside People’s Protectorate & Avengers, vs Combine (Avengers #320-324, 1991); with Alpha Flight, alongside Fantastic Four, vs Headlok (Alpha Flight #93-94, 1991); appointed Gamma Flight support team member (Alpha Flight #95, 1991); medically tended to teammates (Alpha Flight #97, 1991); alongside Earth’s mystics, held reality together after its endangerment by Malestrom (Quasar #23-25, 1991); trapped in Crossroad of Realities (Alpha Flight #98, 1991); alongside Earth’s heroes, vs Thanos (Infinity War #2-6/Quasar #38/Warlock and the Infinity Watch #8/Doctor Strange: Sorceror Supreme #46-47/Alpha Flight #110, 1992); rejoined Alpha Flight (Alpha Flight #120, 1993); sensed a mystic disturbance (Quasar #50, 1993); briefly recruited by Goddess, led make-shift team against Carcass (Alpha Flight #122/Infinity Crusade #1-5/Alpha Flight #125-127, 1993); with Alpha Flight, vs Hardliners, Master, & Omega Flight, Alpha Flight disbanded again (Alpha Flight #129-130, 1993); vs Great Beast, alongside Doctor Strange, vs Silver Dagger (Over the Edge #2, 1995); alongside Wolverine, vs Great Beasts (Wolverine #110, 1997); learned of new Alpha Flight team (Alpha Flight #3/Uncanny X-Men #359, 1997); rejoined original Alpha Flight, combined with new Alpha Flight, vs Weapon X (Alpha Flight #15 & 17-20, 1999); with Alpha Flight, alongside Wolverine, vs. AIM (Wolverine #142-143, 1999); with Alpha Flight, alongside Wolverine, vs Mauvais (Wolverine #172-173, 2002); aided Wolverine & Black Panther (Black Panther #43, 2002); with Alpha Flight, alongside Wolverine, vs demonic shaman, sought Wolverine's aid in training new protege Earthmover (Wolverine #179-180, 2002); with Alpha Flight, vs Jiroult (X-Men Unlimited #45, 2003); with Alpha Flight, vs Plodex (Alpha Flight #1-6, 2004); with Alpha Flight, seemingly killed by Collective (New Avengers #16, 2005)

Space Phantoms

First Appearance: Avengers #2 (1963)
Origin: Avengers Forever #8 (1999)
Significant Issues: Various beings trapped in Limbo, transformed into Space Phantoms & compelled to do bidding of Immortus (Avengers Forever #8, 1999); Space Phantom assigned to break up Avengers & mentally programmed to believe he was vanguard of alien invasion force, tricked Avengers into fighting among themselves, vs Avengers, hurled back to Limbo by inability to duplicate Thor (Avengers #2/Avengers Forever #8, 1963/1999); Space Phantom captured & questioned in Limbo by Avengers of future era, shot by Kang before he could provide any useful information (Avengers #268, 1986); Space Phantom freed from Limbo by Loki’s banishment of Jane Foster to Limbo (Journey into Mystery #108/Avengers #107, 1964/1973); Space Phantoms posed as legendary figures Goliath, Hercules & Merlin to battle Avengers on behalf of Immortus, defeated by Avengers (Avengers #10, 1964); Space Phantom sought alliance with Grim Reaper as part of Immortus' plot regarding Vision, rejected (Avengers #107, 1973); Space Phantom briefly posed as Madame Hydra & took control of her Hydra faction, clashed with Captain America & Rick Jones, seemingly slain, abandoned Madame Hydra’s form (Captain America #113/Avengers #106-107, 1969/1972-1973); Space Phantom assumed new identity as male Supreme Hydra, mesmerized Hydra troops & led them in further battle with Captain America & Rick Jones, subdued Captain America & Jones, used mind-altering technology to erase world’s knowledge of Captain America’s secret identity as part of Immortus hoax & forced Captain America & Jones to forget their encounter with him (Avengers #107/Avengers Forever #8, 1973/1999); Space Phantom either vanished himself while assuming new form or imitated man who then disappeared, bystanders witnessed it & TV news reported it (Avengers #105, 1972); alongside Grim Reaper, Space Phantom vs Avengers, secretly manipulated conflict to influence Vision’s personal life, betrayed by Grim Reaper, alongside his Hydra troops, vs Reaper & Avengers, captured Avengers, Rick Jones & Edwin Jarvis, hurled back to Limbo by Captain Mar-Vell when he unwittingly tried to duplicate both Jones & Mar-Vell simultaneously (Avengers #106-108/Avengers Forever #8, 1972-1973/1999); posed as “Synchro-Staffs” & took Avengers on guided time-travel tour through pasts of Mantis & Vision (Avengers #133-135, 1975); at behest of Immortus, Space Phantom posed as Mantis to thwart Kang’s attempted abduction of her (Giant-Size Avengers #4, 1975); alongside Immortus & Tempus, Space Phantom & his fellows trapped Thor in Limbo, hoaxed Thor into believing they were race of alien time travelers whose time-disrupting chronal wars were destroying their homeworld Phantus, tricked Thor into sacrificing his hammer’s time travel powers to save “Phantus” (Thor #281-282/Avengers Forever #8, 1979/1999); encountered Rom in Limbo (Rom #19, 1981); as part of Immortus plot to undermine Scarlet Witch’s ties to Vision & her children, Space Phantom posed as Phineas Horton & fed false information regarding Vision to Avengers & Vigilance organization (West Coast Avengers #44/Avengers West Coast #48/Avengers Forever #8, 1989/1989/1999); Space Phantom & other villains traded stories in bar regarding their battles with Iron Man (Iron Man Annual #10, 1989); Space Phantom temporarily freed from Limbo as pawn of disguised Calculus, manipulated Avengers, Spider-Man & Outlaws into helping neutralize deadly black insect swarm, sent back to Limbo by Calculus (Spectacular Spider-Man #168-170, 1990); posed as Mantis, Moonraker, Cotati Swordsman & others to assist Immortus in staging elaborate hoax to undermine Avengers (Avengers: The Crossing #1/Avengers #391-395/Iron Man #322-325/Force Works #16-19/War Machine #20-22/Avengers: Timeslide/Avengers Forever #8, 1995-1996 & 1999) one Space Phantom still posing as Moonraker at Avengers Mansion (Avengers #397, 1996); posed as Black Rider, Reno Jones, Kid Cassidy, Songbird & F.B.I. agents in attempt to undermine Avengers’ time travel missions on behalf of Immortus, exposed & defeated by Avengers (Avengers Forever #5-6, 1999); Space Phantom posed as Synchro-Staff, exposed by Hawkeye & subdued by Avengers, told Avengers true history of Immortus & Space Phantoms & how they had manipulated Avengers in past (Avengers Forever #7-8, 1999); Space Phantom abandoned by Immortus, employed as pawn of Stranger, pitted against Deathlok, Doctor Pym, Firebird, Gravity, Hood, Kraven, Medusa, Venom, Wasp & others on Battleworld, posed as Spider-Man, Xemnu, Northstar & others, used powers to provoke battles among Stranger’s captives & monitor their progress, defeated & sent back to Limbo by Wasp & her allies (Beyond! #1-5, 2006-2007)


First Appearance: (As Newell) Tales to Astonish #95 (1967); (as Stingray) Sub-Mariner #19 (1969)
Origin: Sub-Mariner #19 (1969)
Significant Issues: Led construction of undersea domed city, tried to make peace with aggressive Namor, city wrecked & pillaged by Plunderer despite last-minute intervention of Namor, rescued Namor’s lover Dorma during fight, parted relatively amicably with Namor, led rescue of his undersea colony’s survivors (Tales to Astonish #95, 1967); served with US government marine expedition searching ocean floor for mineral deposits, reunited with Namor & Dorma, aided by Namor, discovered sunken Nazi submarine armed with deadly biological weapons, allied with Namor & Dorma against Tiger Shark & Peoples of the Mist, seemingly sacrificed his life to destroy Tiger Shark’s biological weapon (Sub-Mariner #16, 1969); created & wore new Stingray armor, met Diane Arliss, captured Namor for federal agent Benton, disrupted Benton’s triumphant press conference & chased off Namor’s tormentors, reluctantly agreed to recapture escaped Namor, accidentally damaged bridge while battling Namor, teamed with Namor to rescue endangered citizens & shore up bridge, allowed Namor to go free (Sub-Mariner #19, 1969); found & studied sunken Red Raven simulacrum, assisted by & flirted with Diane who later helped Namor revive simulacrum (Sub-Mariner #26, 1970); helped Diane get false passport, unaware she was using it to assist Namor (Sub-Mariner #27, 1970); alongside Triton, investigated false reports of Namor turning against mankind, learned Attuma was trying to start human/Atlantean war, teamed with Namor & Triton to defeat Attuma & free Attuma’s captives including Diane & Ikthon (Sub-Mariner #31, 1970); helped Diane bring Namor word that his father Leonard McKenzie was still alive (Sub-Mariner #39, 1971); alongside Diane, met with Senator Craig Winters to seek amnesty for Namor, made Diane admit she was in love with Namor, tried to comfort lovesick Diane (Sub-Mariner #41-42, 1971); helped Diane search for Leonard McKenzie in attempt to aid Namor despite his own unvoiced feelings for Diane, tried in vain to prevent McKenzie’s abduction by Tiger Shark & Llyra (Sub-Mariner #43-45, 1971-1972); helped free Namor & Leonard from Tiger Shark & Llyra, alongside Namor, vs Tiger Shark & Llyra, unable to prevent Tiger Shark’s murder of Namor’s father (Sub-Mariner #46, 1972); alongside Diane, buried Leonard McKenzie & tried to comfort heartsick Diane (Sub-Mariner #47, 1972); skippered Lady Diane, rescued lost-at-sea Bruce Banner, discovered Banner was Hulk, tried to persuade Banner to turn himself in to authorities, tried to take Banner into custody as Stingray, accidentally stunned Banner’s friend Jim Wilson, nearly killed by enraged Hulk until Wilson called him off (Incredible Hulk #221, 1978); attended “Defenders for a Day” gathering after seeing Dollar Bill’s unauthorized Defenders television documentary, joined Defenders, supported nomination of Hercules for Defenders leadership, sampled Valkyrie’s noxious coffee, vs Hulk, with Valkyrie's Defenders squad, patrolled Manhattan, vs android Libra’s criminal gang, zapped Pecos, trounced alongside rest of heroes & villains by maddened Valkyrie, quit Defenders (Defenders #62-64, 1978); worked at Pacifica Institute, learned of Hydro-Men from Namor & noticed their resemblance to Triton, sought Fantastic Four’s aid in curing his colleague Doctor Henry Croft & other amphibiously mutated Hydro-Men, alongside Thing, investigated mysterious Roxxon oil rig, alongside Thing & Triton, vs Serpent Squad & other Roxxon agents, failed to prevent Serpent Squad from obtaining Serpent Crown for Roxxon, sent Croft to Inhumans’ Great Refuge with Triton, alongside Thing & Scarlet Witch, pursued Crown with aid of Agatha Harkness, teamed with Thing & Scarlet Witch to defeat Roxxon executive Hugh Jones & confiscate Crown (Marvel Two-in-One #64-66, 1980); began operating out of Hydrobase, attended curing of Hydro-Men, alongside Thing, Gorgon & Karnak, played interia-ball & defeated Maelstrom’s Minions (Marvel Two-in-One #71, 1981); alongside Diane & others, attended Fantastic Four’s Christmas party (Marvel Two-in-One #74, 1981); alongside rest of Earth’s heroes, abducted by Grandmaster & witnessed his "contest of champions" (Marvel Super Hero Contest of Champions #1, 1982); among heroes gathered to celebrate Hulk’s pardon (Incredible Hulk #278-279, 1983); now married to Diane, became owner of Hydrobase via maritime salvage laws & began using it for oceanographic research, funding grant from Pacifica Institute ran out, sought new sources of funding, tested suit’s improved propulsion system, began renting space on Hydrobase to Avengers to store & operate their eastern quinjet fleet, socialized with Namor & Avengers (Avengers #262, 1985); refused to let Iron Man confiscate his armor, attacked & subdued by Iron Man, set free when Iron Man realized Stingray’s suit contained no pirated Iron Man armor technology, informed federal government of Iron Man’s assault (Iron Man #226, 1988); alongside Kubik & Machine Man, aided Avengers against Heavy Metal (Avengers #289-290, 1988); alongside Avengers, cleared debris, alongside Namor & Marrina, conducted oceanographic research (Thor #390, 1988); alongside Quasar, led salvage efforts after sinking of Hydrobase (Quasar #5, 1989); alongside Avengers reservists, continued salvage efforts, injured by Awesome Android (Avengers Spotlight #27, 1989); established Avengers-funded Newell Oceanographic Institute research complex on small island off Florida coast, alongside Diane, vs sharks, learned Tiger Shark was supposedly dying & resolved to cure him, alongside Vault Guardsman, vs Tiger Shark, unable to prevent Tiger Shark’s abduction of Diane, treated injured Guardsman, pursued Tiger Shark, saved Diane from cave-in with Tiger Shark’s aid, witnessed seeming demise of Tiger Shark (Marvel Comics Presents #53-56, 1990); worked at Groton Laboratories in Connecticut, joined Avengers to participate in diplomatically sensitive international aquatic mission to stop Peace Corpse terrorist group, alongside Avengers, vs People’s Protectorate & Atlanteans, injured by gunshot, teamed with Protectorate, Atlanteans & Alpha Flight against Peace Corpse & Combine (Avengers #319-321 & 323-324, 1990); helped Namor save Moloids from genocidal Doradians (Namor: The Sub-Mariner Annual #1, 1991); alongside Silver Sable, Wild Pack & Next Wave, vs Genesis Coalition’s Cyber Warriors (Silver Sable and the Wild Pack #11-12, 1993); now operating out of Gloucester Beach, Massachusetts, went sailing with wife & kids, unable to prevent Diane’s abduction by Dorcas robot, took kids to his sister, teamed with Namor to rescue Diane from Dorcas robot & its pawn Orka, Stingray armor wrecked by Orka (Namor: The Sub-Mariner #42-43, 1993); proposed reconstructing Dorcas base as new undersea research facility jointly run by humans & Atlanteans with Namor serving as ambassador between races & as financier via Oracle funding, salvaged & modified Hydrobase & began construction of Aquaria with aid of Namor, Atlanteans & US Navy, hired Carrie Underwood as part of Aquaria staff, introduced Namor to Navy rep Lt. Langstrom, revealed Navy’s involvement to wary Namor, alongside Namor, Triton, Tiger Shark, Tamara Rahn & Fantastic Four, vs Starblasters including Xlym of the Fomalhauti & his Banari slaves, ribs accidentally cracked by jealous Namor while he tried to aid Sue Richards (Namor: The Sub-Mariner #45-48/Fantastic Four #385-386, 1993-1994); hospitalized with cracked ribs, communicated remotely with Diane (Namor: The Sub-Mariner #49, 1994); met with Roxxon reps including Jack Gamelin to discuss selling of Aquaria’s mining rights, quarreled with Namor (Namor: The Sub-Mariner #50, 1994); complained about damaged Stingray suit, talked out of joining Namor in battle with Marrina-spawned sea monster attacking Aquaria, learned Diane was pregnant (Namor: The Sub-Mariner Annual #4, 1994); absent while Diane used Stingray suit to restrain Namor from attacking Aquaria’s Roxxon contingent (Namor: The Sub-Mariner #54, 1994); officially opened domed city & rechristened it Hydropolis, celebrated alongside Diane, Namor, Triton & others (Namor: The Sub-Mariner #55, 1994); notified Namor of communications problem (Namor: The Sub-Mariner #56, 1994); gathered Andromeda, Tamara, Tiger Shark & Triton to help locate & assist fugitive Namor, referred to their resultant alliance with Namor as Deep Six, with Deep Six, vs Avengers over Namor’s fate, made peace with Avengers, vs Bogatin & his pawn Abomination (Namor: The Sub-Mariner #58-59, 1995); invented & supervised testing of new portable drill powered by magnetic core & harnessing water pressure, vs Lava Men after drill accidentally disturbed their settlement, teamed with Lava Men to avert natural disaster (Marvel Comics Presents #173, 1995); dissipated tsunami generated by raising of Atlantis but unable to prevent major damage to Hydrobase (Fantastic Four Unlimited #11, 1995); alongside Avengers, vs Morgan Le Fay & her minions, temporarily transformed into Morgan’s mind-controlled warrior as Sir Devilfish of Queen’s Vengeance, defeated Morgan (Avengers #1-3, 1998); aided Avengers in unsuccessful attempt to capture Whirlwind, declined active Avengers membership to concentrate on research (Avengers #4, 1998); helped Avengers drive Attuma’s forces away from Prince Edward Island (Avengers #43-44, 2001); among many super heroes abducted by Graviton & later freed by Thunderbolts (Thunderbolts #57, 2001); alongside others, attended Captain America’s funeral (Captain America #50, 2002); conferred with Boston officials regarding Master’s barricades, unable to prevent abduction of Boston’s mayor by Master’s Plodex minion but followed Plodex back to Master’s base, scouted base & called in Avengers (Avengers #46, 2001); alongside Avengers, co-opted Master’s technology, became friendly with Silverclaw, helped overthrow Kang Dynasty’s rule of Earth, celebrated victory (Avengers #52-55, 2002); alongside Avengers & other heroes, clashed with rogue heroes the Order, helped Defenders & others thwart Yandroth & restore Order to normal (The Order #5-6, 2002); alongside Avengers & other heroes, opposed cosmic menace Akhenaten, immobilized by Akhenaten, opposed newly omnipotent Thanos until he destroyed & re-created the universe (Marvel Universe: The End #1 & 5-6, 2003); among Avengers who clashed with insane Scarlet Witch (Avengers #501-503, 2004); attended funeral for Ant-Man, Hawkeye & Vision (Hercules #1, 2005); attended Thing’s superhero poker tournament (Thing #8, 2006)


First Appearance: Fantastic Four #269 (1984)
Origin: Thor Annual#15 (1990); Fantastic Four #270 (1984)
Significant Issues: Arrived on Earth, vs Fantastic Four (Fantastic Four #269-270, 1984); allied with Jorro (Quasar #7/Thor Annual #15, 1990); Jorro destroyed Savage Land using duplicate Terminus armor, vs Avengers, slain (Avengers #256-257, 1985); Garokk reanimated armor, defeated by X-Men (X-Men Annual #12, 1988); created & incubated new stage 1 Termini (Thor Annual #15/Captain America Annual #9, 1990); resurfaced, launched into space by Quasar & cosmic-powered Spider-Man (Quasar #7, 1990); Stage 1 Termini emerged & infected animals & people (Captain America Annual #9, 1990); Stage 2 Termini vs Iron Man, Machine Man & others (Iron Man Annual #11, 1990); Stage 3 Termini vs Hercules, merged into new stage 4 Terminoid, Terminus confronted by Thor inadvertently enabling him to return to Earth (Thor Annual #15, 1990); consumed stage 4 Terminoid, became Ulterminus/stage 5 Terminioid (Avengers West Coast Annual #5, 1990); launched into space bereft of lance, consumed own energy & imploded (Avengers Annual #19, 1990); A.I.M. agent Macross animated duplicate Terminus armor (Captain America #416-417, 1993); spirit formed new body from Moloid subterraneans, dispersed by Fantastic Four & Silver Surfer (Fantastic Four #3-4, 1998); vs alternate Earth league of heroes (JLA/Avengers#1, 2003); vs GRAMPA (Amazing Fantasy #15, 2006)

Zodiac Key

First Appearance: Nick Fury: Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. #1 (1968)
Origin: Daredevil #73 (1971); Avengers #60 (2003)
Significant Issues: Obtained by Jake Fury (Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Deluxe Edition #17/West Coast Avengers #17/Fury #1 1987/1988/1994); used by Scorpio/Jake Fury vs Nick Fury in Las Vegas (Nick Fury: Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. #1, 1968); used by Scorpio vs Fury & S.H.I.E.L.D. (Nick Fury: Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. #5, 1968); used by Nick Fury impersonating Scorpio, retrieved by Aries/Lassiter (Avengers #72, 1970); used by Aries to hold Manhattan hostage (Avengers #80-81, 1970); transported Nick Fury, Daredevil, Iron Man, Madame Masque, Kevin O’Brian, Spymaster, Aquarius, Capricorn & Sagittarius to Ankh dimension (Iron Man #35/Daredevil #73, 1971); used by Scorpio/Jake Fury to create LMD Zodiac (Defenders #46-50, 1977); used by Scorpio & his LMD Zodiac to slaughter Zodiac Cartel, vs Avengers, coerced by Scorpio into transporting LMD Zodiac & Avengers to Ankh dimension (West Coast Avengers #26-28, 1987-1988); sought by H’ylthri to restore their people to life (Iron Fist #1-3, 1998); reportedly crumbled to dust (Avengers #59, 2003); magical Zodiac Key duplicate used by One-Man Zodiac (Ghost Rider #6-7, 1974); Zodiac Key-like weapon used by Scorpio of Ecliptic’s Zodiac (Alpha Flight #1, 7 & 12/Weapon X #1, 1997 & 1998/2002); new Zodiac Key used by new Scorpio (Avengers #57-60, 2003); Scorpio Key designed by Swift Sword, used by Scorpio/Mikel Fury (Wolverine & Nick Fury: Scorpio Connection, 1989); Mikel Fury used Scorpio Key to defeat Hydra agents in Carpasia ((Wolverine & Nick Fury: Scorpio Rising, 1994); Mikel Fury used Scorpio Key alongside Nick Fury (Fury of S.H.I.E.L.D. #1 & 4, 1995); Scorpio Key confiscated by S.H.I.E.L.D. (Elektra #1, 2001); Scorpio Key used by Saddam Abed Dassam, taken by Elektra, given to unidentified former policeman (Elektra #1-5, 2001-2002)

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