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Marvel Universe 

OHOTMU:Bibliography-AZ Update 4

OHOTMU:Bibliography-AZ Update 4

All-New OHotMU A-Z Update Bibliography

#4: Aqueduct to Zaran

Last Updated: 10/25/07


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Cover by Aaron Lopresti & Chris Sotomayor


First Appearance: (As Water Wizard) Ghost Rider #23 (1977); (as Aqueduct) New Warriors #7 (1991)
Origin: Ghost Rider #23 (1977)
Significant Issues: Received powers, attacked Ghost Rider/Johnny Blaze, hired by Enforcer (Ghost Rider #23-24, 1977); among villains employed by Justin Hammer, vs Iron Man, fled (Iron Man #126-127, 1979); tired of Mole taking cut of criminal gains, struck out on his own (Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Deluxe Edition #14, 1987); alongside Moondark, vs Ghost Rider, driven insane by him (Ghost Rider #59, 1981); incarcerated in Rosedale Sanitarium, liberated by Ghost Rider, forced to aid small town in Indiana by generating water for them, kidnapped by Sheik Hurani, vs Ghost Rider & Arabian Knight (Ghost Rider #61-62, 1981); during extradition back to US, liberated by Hammer (Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Deluxe Edition #14, 1987); contacted Captain America about Scourge, taken into Captain America's protective custody (Captain America #320, 1986); following arrest of Scourge, turned over to police custody (Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Deluxe Edition #14, 1987); among villains affected by Doctor Doom's Aggression Enhancer, vs Fantastic Four (Fantastic Four #336, 1990); vs Avengers, defeated by construction workers (Avengers Annual #19, 1990); attended A.I.M. Weapons Expo (Captain America #411-414, 1993); recruited by Project: Earth, given new codename Aqueduct, joined Force of Nature, vs New Warriors (New Warriors #7-9, 1991); with Force of Nature, sought to prevent environmental havoc in Trans-Sabal, killed General Halladah, teamed with New Warriors to end conflict (New Warriors #29-30, 1992); in Vault, assisted in prison riot (New Warriors #36, 1993); joined Crimson Cowl's Masters of Evil, with them, vs Thunderbolts (Thunderbolts #24-25, 1999); recruited into Thunderbolts Army, assigned to Omega Squad, with them, opposed empowered humans in Sydney, Australia (Thunderbolts #107, 2006)

Arabian Knight

First Appearance: Union Jack #1 (2006)
Significant Issues: Alongside Union Jack, Sabra & SHIELD Agent Valentino Allegra de Fontaine, defended London from RAID operatives (Union Jack #1-6, 2006)

Atom Smasher

First Appearance: (Ronald) Black Goliath #1 (1976); (Michael) Marvel Two-in-One #85 (1982)
Origin: Marvel Two-in-One #85 (1982); Marvel Fanfare #3 (1982)
Significant Issues: Ronald as Atom Smasher continued radium thefts, twice battled Black Goliath, assassinated by Warhawk (Black Goliath #1-3/Official Marvel Index to the X-Men #6, 1976/1988); Michael as Atom Smasher constructed Neutralode, vs Spider-Woman/Jessica Drew, Thing & Bill Foster, apparently killed when overloaded & exploded Neutralode, claimed to have hired assassin that killed Ronald (Marvel Two-in-One #85/Marvel Fanfare #3, 1982)


First Appearance: Daredevil #118 (1975)
Significant Issues: Joined Circus of Crime, vs Daredevil, escaped (Daredevil #118, 1975); revealed to be Hydra field commander (Daredevil #121, 1975); defeated Daredevil (Daredevil #122, 1975); Hydra defeated by S.H.I.E.L.D., Daredevil & Black Widow, alongside Silvermane, escaped (Daredevil #123, 1975); alongside Jack O'Lantern, attempted to raid Skull House, vs Captain America (Captain America #396, 1992); alongside Jack O'Lantern, escaped Captain America (Captain America #397, 1992); joined Skeleton Crew (Captain America #398, 1992); with Skeleton Crew, confronted Crossbones & Diamondback (Captain America #405-406, 1992); brought Crossbones to Red Skull (Captain America #407, 1992); witnessed aftermath of Crossbones/Cutthroat fight (Captain America #408, 1992); glider stolen by Diamondback in escape attempt (Captain America #409, 1992); with Skeleton Crew, vs Captain America, Falcon & Diamondback (Captain America #410, 1992); revealed to be member of Crimson Cowl's Masters of Evil (Thunderbolts #24, 1999); with Masters of Evil, vs Thunderbolts (Thunderbolts #25, 1999); gave up costumed identity, sent Firestrike to retrieve Turbo armor (New Warriors #2, 1999); sent Heavy Mettle after New Warriors, argued with Silvermane (New Warriors #4, 2000); Firestrike turned states evidence against him (New Warriors #7, 2000)

Captain America (Revolutionary War)

First Appearance: (Rogers, pictured) Captain America #194 (1976); (Captain America, pictured) Marvel Treasury Special: Captain America's Bicentennial Battles (1976); (full) Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty #6 (1999)
Origin: Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty #6-7 (1999)
Significant Issues: Met Ulysses Bloodstone, acquired costume (Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty #6, 1999); vs William Taurey, decided to use costume for inspiring Continental Army (Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty #7, 1999); shown holding deceased Wallace Worthington in vision of Hiram Shaw's legacy (X-Men: The Hellfire Club #1, 2000); arrived too late to aid Wallace Worthington (X-Men: The Hellfire Club #2, 2000)

Captain Marvel

First Appearance: Marvel Super-Heroes #12 (1967)
Significant Issues: Met Colonel Yon-Rogg & Medic Una, vs Brood & Kree Admiral Devros (Untold Legend of Captain Marvel #1-3, 1997); assigned to infiltrate Earth for possible conquest by Kree (Marvel Super-Heroes #12, 1967); took over identity of dead Doctor Walter Lawson (Marvel Super-Heroes #13, 1968); vs Kree Sentry #459, mistaken for new super-hero called "Captain Marvel" (Captain Marvel #1, 1968); vs Super-Skrull/Kl’rt (Captain Marvel #2-3, 1968); vs Namor the Sub-Mariner, tricked Namor into destroying canisters of deadly bacteria (Captain Marvel #4, 1968); vs mutated Eastern Bloc prisoner Metazoid, seemingly killed him (Captain Marvel #5, 1968); vs giant solar creature Solam, destroyed it (Captain Marvel #6, 1968); brought up on insubordination charges, charged to prove his loyalty to Empire by killing Earth town, chose robot town taken over by Quasimodo the Living Computer (Captain Marvel #7, 1968); began to discover Doctor Walter’s secret ties to radical Organization group, vs robotic assassin Cyberex & attacking Aakon warriors (Captain Marvel #8-9, 1968-1969); disobeyed order to make peaceful contact with Organization & destroyed it instead, ordered to be executed (Captain Marvel #10, 1969); execution interrupted by attacking Aakons, witnessed Una's death in crossfire, exiled from Earth, met & mutated by mysterious entity Zo (Captain Marvel #11, 1969); vs Mad Thinker’s Man-Slayer creation (Captain Marvel #12-13, 1969); vs Iron Man/Tony Stark to avoid capture by authorities (Captain Marvel #14, 1969); Zo revealed as plot by Imperial Minister Zarek & Ronan the Accuser to discredit Mar-Vell & Supreme Intelligence, Mar-Vell received new costume & powers (Captain Marvel #15-16, 1969); hurled into Negative Zone, found Nega-Bands & used them to bond himself to Rick Jones (Captain Marvel #17, 1969); vs Yon-Rogg, killed him (Captain Marvel #18, 1969); encountered demented sociologist Cornelius Webb’s high-rise murder maze (Captain Marvel #19, 1969); went to Bruce Banner for help in unmerging them, vs Hulk instead (Captain Marvel #20-21, 1970); aided Avengers to save Earth from both Kree & Skrull armadas, molecularly bonded to Rick Jones to save his life (Avengers #89-97, 1971-1972); revealed his bonding to Jones to Avengers (Avengers #106, 1972); played pivotal role in helping captive Avengers escape Space Phantom (Avengers #108, 1973); met Titans Eros & Mentor, gained Cosmic Awareness, stopped Thanos (Captain Marvel #25-34, 1972-74); vs Lunatic Legion, attended Uatu the Watcher’s trial (Captain Marvel #35-39, 1974-1975); Supreme Intelligence’s plot to use Millenia Bloom to absorb Mar-Vell & Rick Jones (Captain Marvel #40-46, 1975-1976); vs insane Ronan & his agents Cheetah & ‘Sentry #459’ (Captain Marvel #47-49, 1976-1977); vs Super-Adaptoid, permanently separated from Rick Jones (Captain Marvel #50, 1977); met Doctor Minerva, stopped War of Three Galaxies (Captain Marvel #51-53, 1977); aided Adam Warlock, Avengers, Thing, & Spider-Man in opposing Thanos’ plot to give Death all stars in universe (Avengers Annual #7/Marvel Two-in-One Annual #2, 1977); met Carol Danver’s alter-ego Ms. Marvel (Ms Marvel #19, 1978); aided Avengers & Guardians of the Galaxy against Michael Korvac (Avengers #172-177, 1978); gained temporary job at Colorado Observatory, vs Deathgrip (Captain Marvel #55-56, 1978); returned to Titan to stop Isaac-Prime & his creations Stellarax, Lord Gaea, Chaos, Dionysus, met & fell in love with Elysius, received warning from Eon (Captain Marvel #58-62/Marvel Spotlight #1-3, 1978-1979)


First Appearance: Marvel Team-Up #15 (2005)
Significant Issues: Arrived on Earth-6215, slaughtered heroes (Marvel Team-Up #15, 2006); vs surviving heroes, chronometer stolen (Marvel Team-Up #16, 2006); past self arrived at Reed Richards lair to steal chronometer (Marvel Team-Up #17, 2006); killed while trying to escape to past (Marvel Team-Up #18, 2006)

Clan Destine

First Appearance: Marvel Comics Presents #158 (1994)

Count Abyss

First Appearance: Warlock and the Infinity Watch #14 (1993)
Origin: Warlock and the Infinity Watch #31 (1994)
Significant Issues: Deciphered Zalgodian star-charts, killed co-workers, traveled to Zalgodian satellite, allied with Zalkor, conquered home dimension & others, learned of existence of Infinity Gems (Warlock and the Infinity Watch #31, 1994); observed Infinity Watch from his own dimension (Warlock and the Infinity Watch #14, 1993); sent minions to attack Infinity Watch, confronted Adam Warlock (Warlock and the Infinity Watch #16, 1993); received love potion from Zalkor (Warlock and the Infinity Watch #23, 1993); boasted of plan to Maya (Warlock and the Infinity Watch #25, 1994); sent Maya to Monster Island (Warlock and the Infinity Watch #26, 1994); observed Adam Warlock's battle vs Triax (Warlock and the Infinity Watch #28, 1994); observed Maya's interaction with Adam Warlock (Warlock and the Infinity Watch #29, 1994); sent minions vs Infinity Watch, abducted Maya (Warlock and the Infinity Watch #30, 1994); vs Infinity Watch, Darklore & Meer'lyn, claimed Soul Gem (Warlock and the Infinity Watch #32, 1994); overwhelmed by newly acquired soul, defeated by Adam Warlock & Darklore (Warlock and the Infinity Watch #33, 1994)

Doctor Faustus

First Appearance: Captain America #107 (1968)
Origin: Marvel Team-Up #133 (1983)
Significant Issues: Born in Vienna as Johann Fennhoff, fled with parents to England after Nazis took Austria, father died a broken man, mother used all her earnings to support his education, felt after mother’s death that he was responsible for restoring honor to family, hallucinated disapproving mother, became top psychiatrist but sought to master men’s minds (Marvel Team-Up #133, 1983); targeted Captain America, convinced him to be his patient, fed him nightmare tablets & staged hallucinations, failed to convince Captain America & defeated by single punch (Captain America #107, 1968); took over Lost Souls Asylum & Rest Home, learned of Peggy Carter, convinced her family to admit her to asylum, captured Captain America, Falcon & Sharon Carter, put them through World War II recreations hoping to restore Peggy’s memory, defeated by Captain America & Peggy (Captain America #161-162, 1973); obtained weapons from Stark International, chartered flight inviting mobsters aboard, planned to blackmail New York City, thwarted by Captain America, sucked out of airplane to his apparent death (Captain America #192, 1975); because of fear of heights wore parachute that saved him from fall (Amazing Spider-Man #170, 1977); learned of Antelope Flu vaccine, planned to introduce psychogenic additive to hypnotize vaccine recipients, used laser cannon to blast hole from subway tunnel to laboratory, hypnotized Spider-Man into joining them, lost control of Spider-Man in lab, defeated by him (Amazing Spider-Man #169-170, 1977); released by Corporation, put in charge of asylum housing 1950s Captain America & Bucky, used them as guinea pigs for his mind gas, ordered "Captain America" to kill "Bucky", turned "Captain America" into Grand Director (Captain America #236, 1979); created National Force with mind gas, sent Grand Director to give speech in Central Park, turning crowd into hate-filled mob, had men bomb Peggy Carter in her car, brainwashed Sharon Carter into fighting for National Force, brainwashed Captain America into becoming National Force spokesman until Captain America was deprogrammed by Daredevil, placed gas canisters in blimp but became trapped under canisters when battle with Captain America & self-immolation of Grand Director caused blimp to crash, rescued by Captain America (Captain America #231-236, 1979); freed from custody by Secret Empire who offered him place in organization if he could prove himself, targeted Reed Richards intending to destroy his mind, gave absorbascann to Everyman who was talked out of his crusade by Reed, attempted to destroy Reed at Fennhoff Institute but failed with his mind collapsing instead (Marvel Team-Up #132-133, 1983); collapse aggravated injuries from canister forcing him into wheelchair, took over Skull House, tried to convince Captain America to commit suicide, succumbed to hallucination of Red Skull attacking him (Captain America #326, 1987); moved to Florida, captured Nomad, brainwashed him into attempting to assassinate Slug, nearly murdered by Nomad until Captain America talked him out of it but later shot & apparently killed by Nomad at Waxlin Minimum Security prison (Captain America #420-421/Nomad #18-19, 1993); returned as assistant to Red Skull, disguised as S.H.I.E.L.D. psychiatrist, hypnotized Sharon Carter into assassinating Captain America, assisted in plan to free Crossbones from S.H.I.E.L.D. custody (Captain America #22-29, 2007)


First Appearance: Eternals #11 (1977)
Significant Issues: Met Thor, released Dromedan (Thor Annual #7, 1978); summoned to Olympia for Uni-Mind after arrival of Fourth Host (Eternals #11, 1977); attempted to use Celestial weapon against Ziran, blasted to atoms (Eternals #17-19, 1977-1978); essence revealed to be imprisoned within Desecration Annex (Captain Marvel #5, 1996); reborn as human Ivan Druig, plotted kidnap of scientists, powers reawoken, took over Vorozheika, joined other Eternals in trying to stop Dreaming Celestial awakening, vs Deviant army outside Olympia (Eternals #1-7, 2006-2007)


First Appearance: Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #4 (2006)
Significant Issues: Consumed corpse husk of Peter Parker, formed into humanoid shape (Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #4, 2006); talked to Spider-Man, departed to enter cocoon (Marvel Knights: Spider-Man #22, 2006); appeared as Miss Arrow, tended to Flash Thompson after dodge ball injury, inside Midtown High when Mysterio/Francis Klum attacked (Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #11, 2006); confronted by Mysterio/Quentin Beck, stabbed Mysterio/Klum with stinger (Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #12-13, 2006); convinced Peter Parker to remain at Midtown High School (Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #14, 2006); played hard to get with Flash (Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #15, 2006); encountered Deb Whitman & Betty Brant with Flash at book signing of Whitman’s book "Two-Faced: How Peter Parker Ruined My Life" (Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #16, 2006); manifested as thousands of pirate spiders in ladies room & planted cocaine to frame Betty Brant (Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #18, 2006); caused Flash & Betty to have car accident, met with Chameleon of Earth-9500 (Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #19, 2007); met with overseer, vs Spider-Man & Kelly Kulick, abducted Flash Thompson (Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #20, 2007); attempted to mate with Flash Thompson, vs Spider-Man (Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #21, 2007); attempted to mate with Spider-Man, shot by Betty Brant with blessed silver bullets, killed by birds (Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #22, 2007)


First Appearance: Luke Cage: Power Man #41 (1977)
Significant Issues: As "Jack Smith", hired Luke Cage to guard gold shipment, planned to pin crime on Cage, covered Cage in gold dust nearly killing him, escaped with gold, accused Cage & Thunderbolt of stealing gold (Luke Cage: Power Man #41, 1977); retracted his accusation under pressure from Cage, attempted to trap Cage & Thunderbolt in exploding rocket capsule but failed, attempted to escape in Bug-ship only to be boarded by Cage & Thunderbolt, parachuted to safety after Bug-ship’s controls were jammed (Luke Cage: Power Man #42, 1977); Cage & Thunderbolt crash ship in Bryant Park with no casualties (Luke Cage: Power Man #43, 1977); contacted by They Who Wield Power who provided blueprints for new ship that used Hulk as power source, coerced Hulk into his ship, convinced him to grab power grips to become living battery only to be freed by They causing explosion of Bug-ship, taken captive by Hulk, brought into El Dorado wounded & taken to palace of healing, remained unconscious for several days, awoke & eavesdropped on Tyrannus’ murder of his partners, freed Hulk, later freed him from brain mine, alongside Hulk, teleported back to New York but captured by Cage & Iron Fist (Incredible Hulk #238-243, 1979-1980); approached Maggia with partnership, sent by them to steal gold from Peter Parker’s radiation experiment at ESU, contracted radiation poisoning & shot by betrayed Maggia members (Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man #62, 1982); needed money for radiation treatments, learned of gold building dumped in ocean, thwarted by Sub-Mariner (Solo Avengers #17, 1989); unaware that Tinkerer was financed by Lucia von Bardas (Secret War #1, 2004); compelled to join other tech villains on behalf of von Bardas against Nick Fury & others, had his costume combined with others to create bomb which was contained when Daisy Johnson killed von Bardas (Secret War #3-5, 2004-2005); attended auction of Eddie Brock’s Venom symbiote (Marvel Knights: Spider-Man #6, 2004); apparently attended auction of Scorpion suit (Marvel Knights: Spider-Man #12, 2005); attempted to leave country following Superhuman Registration Act by purchasing new identity from Vienna, set-up by Vienna & forced to fight Heroes for Hire, arm & nose broken by Tarantula (Heroes for Hire #1, 2006); escaped custody, alongside Plunderer, sought out Diamondback (Civil War: Battle Damage Report, 2007); alongside Plunderer, brought to Captain America’s hideout, gunned down & apparently killed by Punisher (Civil War #6/Punisher War Journal #2, 2006)

Heroes for Hire

First Appearance: Heroes for Hire #1 (2006)


First Appearance: (As Ladykiller) Wonder Man: My Fair Super Hero #1 (2007); (as Ladyfair) Wonder Man: My Fair Super Hero #5 (2007)
Origin: Wonder Man: My Fair Super Hero #2-3 (2007)
Significant Issues: Grew up as poor farm girl, at age 12 sold into prostitution at early age, killed first client, taken to see Mandarin, trained as assassin, at age 16 tasked with killing parents as first assignment, couldn’t bring herself to do it, parents killed when Mandarin set their home ablaze, joined Nobility after Mandarin’s criminal organization was smashed (Wonder Man: My Fair Super Hero #2-3, 2007); secretly hired by Nobility’s leader & Wonder Man’s agent Neal Saroyan to assassinate movie producer Ken Flevin, opposed by Wonder Man, defeated, chosen by Saroyan as subject of documentary on Wonder Man’s rehabilitating a villain into a hero as part of Saroyan’s plan to have her assassinate Avengers, taken to safehouse, outfitted with shock collar, met Ms Marvel/Carol Danvers & Beast/Hank McCoy (Wonder Man: My Fair Super Hero #1, 2007); attempted to escape but failed, revealed origin to Wonder Man, again sought to escape but failed, continued revealing origin, attempted escape once more, succeeded but returned (Wonder Man: My Fair Super Hero #2, 2007); sparred with Wonder Man, went flying with Ms Marvel, revealed more of past to her (Wonder Man: My Fair Super Hero #3, 2007); released from collar by Wonder Man, defeated gang members, saved from police sniper by Wonder Man, admitted feelings to him, asked on date by him (Wonder Man: My Fair Super Hero #4, 2007); introduced to Captain America by Wonder Man, met other Avengers, coerced by Saroyan into secretly poisoning Avengers, danced with Wonder Man, prevented Captain America from drinking poisoned punch, killed herself rather than let Saroyan control her again (Wonder Man: My Fair Super Hero #5, 2007)

Lion God

First Appearance: Avengers #112 (1973)
Significant Issues: Losing followers, jealous of Panther God for gaining followers, summoned to Earth by N’Laka, used living spirit of Mr Umbala to take his form & go to New York to kidnap Black Panther hoping to learn Panther God’s secrets, returned to fight Avengers with totem-stick, retreated to another dimension after Thor’s lightning struck his totem-stick which he believed was destroyed (Avengers #112, 1973); sensed by Mantis as malevolent force permeating Avengers Mansion, summoned by Mantis & Swordsman who fought alongside him but hypnotized him when he was off his guard, placed in adamantium cylinder by Iron Man, sent to another dimension by Thor (Avengers #114, 1973); totem-stick seen in Black Panther’s trophy room (Black Panther #41, 2002); identified as Sekhmet (All-New Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: A-Z #3, 2006)

Lunatic Legion

First Appearance: (Zarek’s team, voice) Captain Marvel #34 (1974); (Zarek’s team, full) Captain Marvel #37 (1974); (Galen-Kor’s team/"Last Kree Imperial Fleet") Avengers #365 (1993); (Lunatic Legion) Iron Man #7 (1998)
Significant Issues: Zarek's Lunatic Legion ordered Nitro to steal nerve gas Compound 13, stopped by Captain Marvel/Mar-Vell (Captain Marvel #34, 1974); dispatched android version of Living Laser to kill unconscious Rick Jones (Captain Marvel #35, 1974); Uatu the Watcher confessed to being their ally (Captain Marvel #36, 1975); robotic agent Nimrod the Hunter attacked Captain Marvel, destroyed by him (Captain Marvel #37, 1975); Zarek & other Kree members vs Captain Marvel, defeated by him (Captain Marvel #38, 1975); allied with Supreme Intelligence on Hala, vs Captain Marvel, again defeated by him (Captain Marvel #41, 1975); Admiral Galen-Kor hired Hepzibah & Raza of Starjammers to kill Black Knight/Dane Whitman in revenge for his part in killing of Supreme Intelligence (Avengers #350-351, 1992); Galen-Kor & allies learned Avengers were responsible for death of Supreme Intelligence (Avengers: Strike File #1, 1994); Kree strikeforce sent squadron of Kree Sentries to kill Avengers (Avengers #364, 1993); strikeforce took Crystal, Black Knight, Hercules & Deathcry prisoner, acquired small nega-bomb from Collector (Avengers #365, 1993); nega-bomb armed while Kor’s officers tortured Avengers, other Avengers tracked down strikeforce, freed teammates & kept bomb from destroying Earth while strikeforce escaped (Avengers #366, 1993); strikeforce discovered stasis ship with Mephisitoid Butcher & his enemy Shi'ar Admiral T’kyll Alabar inside, forced it to crash on Earth to release them both against Avengers (Avengers #378, 1994); strikeforce learned truth of Alabar’s long-ago victory against Butcher, planned to use it against their Shi’ar oppressors (Avengers #379, 1994); Kor & company broke out of Hala prison, three of Kor’s crew escaped to Earth (Silver Surfer: Breakout, 1994); Dylon-Cir's team vs Spider-Man (Spider-Man: When Heroes Clash!, 1994); Kona-Lor’s team vs Hulk & Pantheon (Hulk: Pantheon Raid, 1994); Tallun’s team vs Wolverine (Wolverine: The Nuke Hunters, 1994); Galen-Kor's team vs X-Men on Hala (X-Men: Siege and Destroy!, 1994); Galen-Kor's Lunatic Legion began plan to convert humanity to neo-Kree (Iron Man #7, 1998); conducted tests on captive humans, captured Warbird (Captain America #8, 1998); gained information needed to program omniwave projector (Quicksilver #10, 1998); sacrificed themselves to power projector, Avengers sent it to another dimension before it fired (Avengers #7, 1998); three surviving Legion members recruited by Ronan the Accuser to oppose Fantastic Four (Fantastic Four #13-14, 1999)


First Appearance: Venom: The Mace #1 (1994)
Origin: Marvel Comics Presents #160-163 (1994)
Significant Issues: Underwent training by Mas Kimura, learned of Shadowmasters (Marvel Comics Presents #160, 1994); underwent Doctor Ito's enhancement procedures, captured by Sunrise Society, placed in suspended animation (Marvel Comics Presents #161-162, 1994); revived by Sunrise Society, vs Sunrise Society warriors, escaped intending to search for Shadowmasters (Marvel Comics Presents #163, 1994); continued flight from Sunrise Society warriors, hired by tenement squatters for protection (Venom: The Mace #1, 1994); vs Venom (Venom: The Mace #2, 1994); alongside Venom, vs High-Tech Soldiers & High-Tech Ninjas of Sunrise Society, departed to search for Mas Kimura & Shadowmasters (Venom: The Mace #3, 1994)


First Appearance: Avengers #62 (1969)
Origin: Avengers #62 (1969); Black Panther #34 (2002)
Significant Issues: Hunted down White Gorilla, became Man-Ape (Avengers #62/Black Panther#34, 1969/2002); appointed regent of Wakanda, sent Death Tiger after Black Panther (Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes #2-3, 2007); vs Avengers & Black Panther in Wakanda, defeated & believed killed (Avengers #62, 1969); joined Lethal Legion, vs Avengers, kidnapped Monica Lynne (Avengers #78-79, 1970); wandered globe as mercenary (Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Deluxe Edition #8, 1985); allied with Grim Reaper, vs Avengers, abandoned plot due to Grim Reaper’s racism (West Coast Avengers #1-2/Vision and the Scarlet Witch #2, 1985); vs Fantastic Four, manipulated by Doctor Doom (Fantastic Four #336, 1990); attended A.I.M. Weapons Expo (Captain America #411-414, 1993); alongside Black Talon, Goliath & Mephisto as "Masters of Evil", vs Wonder Man (Wonder Man #24-25, 1993); joined Crimson Cowl's Masters of Evil, vs Thunderbolts (Thunderbolts #24-25, 1999); freed from jail by Nakia, returned to Wakanda, acknowledged Queen Divine Justice as ruler, vs Black Panther & Henry Peter Gyrich, exposed future Panther (Black Panther #32-35, 2001); freed from jail by Queen Divine Justice & Vibraxas, murdered future Panther, Jabari warred with Wakandans (Black Panther #48-49, 2002); alongside others, attended wedding of Black Panther & Storm (Black Panther #16-18, 2006); alongside Grim Reaper & Saboteur, vs Heroes for Hire (Heroes for Hire #6-8, 2007)

Marvel Boy (Martin Burns)

First Appearance and Origin: USA Comics #7 (1943)
Significant Issues: Visited museum with classmates, exposed to supposed blood of Hercules, gained superhuman strength, received costume from apparition claiming to be Hercules, rescued signalman from fire, defeated Goderich Von Blubber's fifth columnists (USA Comics #7, 1943)

Marvel Boy, The (Martin Burns)

First Appearance and Origin: Daring Mystery Comics #6 (1940)
Significant Issues: Bonded with soul of Hercules at birth, received Marvel Boy costume on 14th birthday, sabotaged & defeated Nazi spy ring (Daring Mystery Comics #6, 1940)

Mindless Ones

First Appearance: Strange Tales #127 (1964)
Significant Issues: In 1944, vs Captain America & Bucky (Captain America/Nick Fury: The Otherworld War #1, 2001); released from barrier during Doctor Strange's battle with Dormammu, recaptured by magics of Strange & Dormammu (Strange Tales #127, 1964); released by Clea to distract Dormammu (Strange Tales #134, 1965); put to sleep by Dormammu so that he could drop barrier (Strange Tales #140, 1966); barrier reestablished by Umar (Strange Tales #150, 1966); Strange placed in Mindless Ones' realm, Mindless One disguised as Clea by Umar (Strange Tales #152-154, 1967); encountered by Dominic Destine, saved from them by Strange (ClanDestine #8, 1995); sent against Avengers & Defenders by Dormammu (Avengers #118, 1973); used by Strange to defeat G'uranthic Guardian (Doctor Strange #8, 1975); used by Karnilla to drive away Loki (Thor #308, 1981); Clea began using their realm as her base (Doctor Strange #58, 1983); used by Nightmare against Ghost Rider/Johnny Blaze (Ghost Rider #78, 1983); revealed how they were first brought to Dark Dimension, released by Umar, driven back by Strange & Outcasts (Doctor Strange #71-73, 1985); attacked New Mutants after they passed through their realm (New Mutants #87, 1990); sent by Dormammu to attack New York (Doctor Strange: Sorceror Supreme #21-22, 1990); Spider-Man briefly sent to their realm by Portal (Sleepwalker #17, 1992); used by Dormammu to combat Darkhawk (Darkhawk Annual #3, 1994); used by Dormammu to combat Strange's allies (Doctor Strange: Sorceror Supreme #50, 1993); several defeated by Dormammu's minions guarding Portal of Passage (Doctor Strange: Sorceror Supreme Annual #4, 1994); used as minions by Dormammu against Clea's rebellion (Doctor Strange: Sorceror Supreme #73, 75 & 83, 1995); one used by Doctor Midas, vs Marvel Boy/Noh-Varr (Marvel Boy #5-6, 2000-2001); sent by Yandroth to attack Atlantis (Defenders #1, 2001); used by Dormammu to combat Archenemy (X-Men: Magik #1-2 & 4, 2001); used by Dormammu to attack New York (Amazing Spider-Man #57-58 & 500, 2003); used by Doctor Doom to combat Fantastic Four (Fantastic Four #70 & 500, 2003); used by Dormammu against Defenders (Defenders #1-2, 2005); used by Nightmare to impersonate beings on Nightmare Island (Incredible Hulk #77-81, 2005); employed by Rorkannu on behalf of Beyond Corporation (Nextwave: Agents of H.A.T.E. #7-8, 2006)


First Appearance: Amazing Fantasy #15 (2006)
Origin: Irredeemable Ant-Man #9 (2007)
Significant Issues: Saved arsonist from building fire (Amazing Fantasy #15, 2006); alongside Damage Control, confronted Ant-Man & Black Fox (Irredeemable Ant-Man #7-8, 2007); defeated Dragon Man, revealed history to Slaying Mantis/Ant-Man & obtained fake I.D.s (Irredeemable Ant-Man #9, 2007); aided Slaying Mantis in evacuation of New York, injured during Hulk/Iron Man battle (Irredeemable Ant-Man #10, 2007)

Negative Zone

First Appearance: Fantastic Four #51 (1966)
Significant Issues: Discovered by Reed Richards (Fantastic Four #51, 1966); Blastaar visited positive universe (Fantastic Four #61-63, 1967); Mad Thinker’s android pulled into Negative Zone (Fantastic Four #69, 71, 1967-1968); Fantastic Four encountered Annihilus (Fantastic Four Annual #6, 1968); Annihilus’ insectivorids invaded Microverse (Webspinners: Tales of Spider-Man #5-6, 1999); Thing dumped various monsters into Negative Zone (Monsters on the Prowl #1, 2005); Captain Marvel trapped in Negative Zone, bonded to Rick Jones via Nega-Bands (Captain Marvel #16-17, 1969); Janus entered it (Fantastic Four #107-110, 1971); Annihilus accessed positive universe, kidnapped Franklin Richards (Fantastic Four #140-141, 1973); Annihilus & Reed opposed Thinker’s Android, Brute entered Negative Zone (Fantastic Four #177-179, 181-183, 1976-1977); Blastaar attempted to destroy portal (Fantastic Four #215-216, 1980); Baluur rebelled against Annihilus (Marvel Two-in-One #75, 1981); several New York city blocks trapped in Negative Zone, Stygorr defeated (Fantastic Four #230-231, 1981); explored by Fantastic Four, Fantastic Four met Ootah, Kestorans & Mantracorans (Fantastic Four #251-256, 1983); Blastaar tried to invade positive universe after Fantastic Four’s portal stuck open (Fantastic Four #289-290, 1986); Crossroads of Infinity & Nuwali "Radical Cube" access to Negative Zone revealed (Fantastic Four #317-319, 1988); Olympia shunted into Negative Zone (Avengers #308-310, 1989); Asgard drifted into Negative Zone (Thor #404, 1989); rebuilt Bifrost permanently connected Asgard in Negative Zone to positive universes (Thor #426, 1990); Thing visited Vontsalvant (Marvel Comics Presents #105, 1992); Fantastic Four encountered Brute, Tyannans within gravitational anomaly (Fantastic Four Unlimited #3, 1993); Rune exiled to Negative Zone (Curse of Rune #3-4/Rune #?, 1 & 3-5/Rune vs Venom #1, 1995-1996); Wilson Ramos duplicated Negative Zone portal, died (Fantastic Four Unplugged #5, 1996); Reed used Crossroads of Infinity as faster-than-light transport (Fantastic Four #413, 1996); Fantastic Four & Silver Surfer opposed Prodigion (Fantastic Four: Redemption of the Silver Surfer, 1997); Dusk led Tarsuu rebellion against Blastaar (Peter Parker: Spider-Man #90/Webspinners: Tales of Spider-Man #13-14, 1998/2000); Syphonn built Conqueror Wheel (Warlock #1-4, 1998-1999); Genetech opened Negative Zone portal (New Warriors #1, 1999); Fantastic Four encountered Shadow City (Fantastic Four #17-18, 1999); Fantastic Four visited Chemelek-Prime, Hrollen, crystal spiders & Argor (Fantastic Four #19, 1999); Blink trapped in alternate universal Negative Zone (Blink #1-4, 2001); Janus, Gideon Trust, N-Explorers raided Negative Zone, Fantastic Four encountered Hellscout (Fantastic Four #39-44, 2001); Pandorans encountered Doctor Doom (Doom: The Emperor Returns #2-3, 2002); Atlanteans built Negative Zone portal (Human Torch #11, 2004); Annihilus & Blastaar allied to create portal & invade positive universe (Fantastic Four: War Zone, 2005); Andrew Lewis designed & built Vault (Fantastic Four: Foes #1-6, 2005); via Watchtower, Sentry abandoned his foes on Temporalon Homeworld (Sentry #3, 2006); Annihilation Wave emerged from Crunch (Annihilation: Prologue #1, 2006); Super-Skrull raided prison planetoid (Annihilation: Super-Skrull #1-4, 2006); Ravenous & Seekers opposed Silver Surfer (Annihilation: Silver Surfer #1-4, 2006); Annihilation Wave defeated (Annihilation #1-6, 2006-2007); Firelord hunted Centurions (Annihilation: Heralds of Galactus #2, 2007); uprising by insect-like denizens of 42 planetoid (Black Panther #26-27, 2007)


First Appearance and Origin: Captain Marvel #34 (1974)

Omega Flight

First Appearance: Civil War: The Initiative #1 (2007)
Origin: Omega Flight #1 (2007)
Significant Issues: Canadian Secret Intelligence Service tasked by government with forming new super-team to protect Canada from influx of super villains from the US who were fleeing the Superhuman Registration Act, approached Sasquatch to lead Omega Flight, Sasquatch learned of plan to make Michael Pointer the new Guardian (Omega Flight #1, 2007); U.S.Agent assigned to Omega Flight by Tony Stark, refused to comply, encountered Purple Man who stole his shield & seriously injured him, learned Purple Man had fled to Canada, agreed to join Omega Flight (Civil War: Choosing Sides, 2006); Sasquatch confronted Pointer, informed him that he would become the new Guardian (Civil War: The Initiative #1, 2007); Sasquatch failed to recruit Talisman, Sasquatch confronted Wrecking Crew but beaten & captured (Omega Flight #1, 2007); U.S.Agent & Arachne vs Daisy, both assigned to Omega Flight by S.H.I.E.L.D., Sasquatch tortured by Thunderball, Simon Walters arrived in Toronto, Talisman learned of Sasquatch’s abduction & agreed to help team, berated Iron Man & Ms Marvel/Carol Danvers over their involvement in causing Canada’s latest crisis, introduced to Arachne & U.S.Agent, shocked to learn of Pointer’s involvement, Wrecking Crew arrived in Toronto with Sasquatch in tow (Omega Flight #2, 2007); Talisman refused to work with Pointer, Wrecking Crew empowered by Tanaraq, witnessed by Walters who transformed into Beta Ray Bill, Bill vs Wrecking Crew & demons (Omega Flight #3, 2007); Omega Flight vs demons, alongside Bill, vs Wrecking Crew, encountered Tanaraq-possessed Sasquatch (Omega Flight #4, 2007); vs Tanaraq-possessed Sasquatch & Wrecking Crew, Guardian/Pointer saved Sasquatch from Beta Ray Bill, Sasquatch rejected Tanaraq with Talisman’s help, Tanaraq trapped inside Shaman’s mystic pouch by Talisman, Bill took pouch back through portal followed by demons & bade Pointer seal entrance behind him, team defeated Wrecking Crew, Talisman made peace with Pointer & accepted him being Guardian, Pointer began training with Guardian suit, Talisman returned home, USAgent vs Purple Man, Sasquatch helped with clean-up operations (Omega Flight #5, 2007); Guardian continued training with USAgent, began suffering power fluctuations (Marvel Comics Presents #1, 2007)


First Appearance: (Mentioned) Punisher #76 (1993); (full) X-Force #81 (1998)
Origin: X-Force #81 (1998)
Significant Issues: Mama Lihune helped Punisher take down "Uncle" Jerry Lewis Lee (Punisher #76, 1993); acquired X-Force’s aid in recovering Heart of Pele (X-Force #81, 1998)

Rann, Arcturus

First Appearance: Micronauts #1 (1978)
Origin: Micronauts #38 (1982)
Significant Issues: Trained under Chief Scientist Karza, survived assassination attempts, became first Micronaut (Micronauts #38, 1982); at Spacewall, met Time Travelers, telepathic bond with Biotron made permanent (Micronauts #7, 1979); encountered Galactic Defender on last day of millennial journey (Micronauts Annual #1, 1979); ended millennial journey, returned to Homeworld, imprisoned by Baron Karza, escaped with Princess Mari, Acroyear, Bug, Biotron & Microtron, formed Micronauts, breached Spacewall (Micronauts #1, 1979); on Earth, alongside Steve Coffin, at Daytona Beach, vs Prince Shaitan & Galactic Cruisers, Bug separated (Micronauts #2, 1979); alongside Steve Coffin, vs Prince Shaitan & Galactic Cruisers (Micronauts #3, 1979); searched for Bug in Astro Station (Micronauts #4, 1979); at Human Engineering Life Laboratory at Cape Canaveral, vs Professor Prometheus (Micronauts #5, 1979); vs humanoids of H.E.L.L. (Micronauts #6, 1979); vs Man-Thing (Micronauts #7, 1979); returned to Microverse while Captain Universe defeated Baron Karza (Micronauts #8, 1979); on planet Spartak, vs Baron Karza & invasion forces, Spartak Worldmind unleashed (Micronauts #9-10, 1979); after Force Commander's defeat, vs Baron Karza, empowered by Enigma Force, Karza apparently destroyed, Homeworld liberated (Micronauts #11, 1979); celebrated victory in aftermath of Karza's defeat (Micronauts #12, 1979); alongside Marionette & roboids, decided to leave Homeworld to seek adventure (Micronauts #13, 1980); departed Homeworld, rejoined by Acroyear with Cilicia, learned Bug alive on Kaliklak (Micronauts #14, 1980); rejoined by Bug alongside Jasmine, vs Antrons dispatched by Psycho-Man, Microtron injured (Micronauts #15, 1980); alongside Fantastic Four, vs Psycho-Man, Jasmine killed (Micronauts #16-17, 1980); on Earth in Saugerties NY, vs telekinetic girl Helen & her doll house (Micronauts #18, 1980); vs Odd John & his mutant insect army led by mutated Bug, alongside Ant-Man/Scott Lang, Bug reverted (Micronauts #19-20, 1980); alongside Marionette, vs Plant Man simuloid (Micronauts #21, 1980); regrouped with Micronaut team after they fought fast food burglar (Micronauts #22, 1980); reconnected with Biotron after he fought Molecule Man possessing homeless man, Shaitan reborn (Micronauts #23, 1980); vs Computrex the Living Computer (Micronauts #24, 1980); vs Mentallo & Fixer while on Homeworld's Primal Zone, mind-controlled Prince Argon became host-body for Baron Karza (Micronauts #25, 1981); lost secrets to Enigma Force, Enigma Force mind-bound to Karza, believed Mari was killed but really sent back to Microverse (Micronauts #26, 1981); alongside S.H.I.E.L.D., vs Hydra at Fantasyworld Amusement Park, Biotron destroyed by Dagon, Rann mind-shocked into coma & bound to Karza (Micronauts #27, 1981); comatose while Shaitan summoned Spartak's Worldmind & was destroyed, Acroyear continued use of Worldmind, alongside Kaliklak's Queen Esmera, defeated Karza (Micronauts #28, 1981); funeral for Biotron, Shaitan & Queen Esmera, inside Rann's mind, Bug, Mari, & Acroyear vs Nightmare, awakened from coma, returned to Microverse (Micronauts #29, 1981); on First World, start of time of Great Distress, began Quest of Enigma Force, joined by Nanotron & Prince Pharoid, traveled to Oceania, alongside Marionette, swallowed by leviathan (Micronauts #30, 1981); alongside Aquon of Oceania, transformed into merman, acquired first key, inhabitants of Seazone turned into men-fish (Micronauts #31, 1981); in Subzero Zone, city of Polaria, alongside Prince Peacock, vs Snowbear, Snowbear killed, acquired second key, Polaria melted (Micronauts #32, 1981); argued with King Argon, journeyed to Aegypta while Acroyear in Tropica acquired third key, added Devil & Fireflyte to team (Micronauts #33, 1981); in Aegypta, betrayed & captured by King Argon, rescued by Prince Pharoid, reacquired all three keys (Micronauts #34, 1981); alongside Doctor Strange, at Tomb of Wayfinder in Dead Zone, vs King Argon, Death Squad - Ampzilla, Battleaxe, Lobros, Centauria, Lord Demon & Whirldemons, merged with Strange into Captain Universe, unified Spacewall, protected Microverse & Macroverse from collision, bound demons, Fireflyte killed, fled from Argon (Micronauts #35, 1981); in Westchester NY, at Allendale Elementary School, vs Death Squad (Micronauts #36, 1981); at Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters, alongside Nightcrawler, vs Huntarr in Danger Room (Micronauts #37, 1982); at Funny Business comic book shop, vs Acroyear Elite, Endeavor flushed into sewers (Micronauts #39, 1982); at Baxter Building, alongside Franklin Richards & Thing, vs Antrons (Micronauts #40, 1982); in Upstate New York, at Castle Doom in Liddleville, alongside Puppet Master, vs Doctor Doom synthe-clone of Vincent Vaughn (Micronauts #41, 1982); alongside Wasp, vs Doctor Nemesis, separated from Marionette, Bug & Acroyear (Micronauts #42, 1982); vs Computrex & animated corpse of Professor Prometheus (Micronauts #43-44, 1982); vs Arcade (Micronauts #45, 1982); vs Devil, rescued & worshiped by Soul Survivors (Micronauts #46, 1982); fled Soul Survivors in Bioship (Micronauts #47, 1982); offered memories of Biotron to Bioship, aged in process, Microtron & Nanotron revealed to have sacrificed selves for Bioship, returned to Microverse (Micronauts #48, 1982); at Spacewall, recognized it as living, entered Temple of Time, denied power of Enigma Force, Argon exposed as energy being, Baron Karza emerged from Argons' body on his wedding day after incubating, Bioship arrived on Homeworld (Micronauts #49, 1983); Devil killed by Soul Survivor stow-away, new Fireflyte born, Slug & Dutchess Belladonna killed, saved by Fireflyte, Bioship fled Homeworld (Micronauts #50, 1983); meditated with Fireflyte while Micronauts fought back, boarded by Acroyears (Micronauts #51, 1983); alongside Fireflyte, meditated into Temple of Time, Cilicia revealed to be pregnant (Micronauts #52, 1983); meditated with Fireflyte to convince the Time Travelers to change their mind to help against Baron Karza, Huntarr joined Micronauts (Micronauts #53, 1983); vs Baron Karza at Temple of Time (Micronauts #55, 1983); as Captain Universe, vs Karza at Temple of Time, Karza rejected Time Travelers offer for godhood (Micronauts #56, 1984); vs Baron Karza & Captain D'Ark on planet of Never-Summer (Micronauts #57, 1984); enlisted by Baron Karza to defend Microverse against Entity, aided by X-Men & New Mutants, Karza's forces decimated (X-Men and the Micronauts #1-4, 1984); Homeworld depopulated by Baron Karza, vs Unmen & Baron Karza, aided Marionette in killing Baron Karza, prepared to leave Homeworld with Micronauts on Endeavor II with new Biotron & Microtron, Fireflyte died & reborn as new Devil (Micronauts #58, 1984); in aftermath of Karza War, reflected on meaning of death, recorded tribute to Homeworld, set forth on new adventures (Micronauts #59, 1984); headed to planet Fiame for rest, repaired warp drive malfunction, lost left hand, landed on Child of the Makers, sustained lethal dose of radiation, Huntarr mutated into stable form, Child transported Endeavor II beyond Spacewall while seeding galaxies, Endeavor II powered by Child's "egg" (Micronauts: The New Voyages #1-2, 1984), landed on laser-plagued weapons/machinery proving ground world of Children of the Dreaming Star (Micronauts: The New Voyages #3, 1984); encountered Children of the Dreaming Star, brought to their world Sphere, learned of origins of many of Microverse's races, Biotron & Microtron badly damaged by laser reflections, Bug met Solitaire (Micronauts: The New Voyages #4-5, 1985); dying of radiation poisoning, saved by Huntarr with aid from future Scion, body healed, hand restored (Micronauts: The New Voyages #8, 1985); dreamed of Devil trapped in teleporter, joined by Solitaire & rebuilt roboids, made contact with Star Matrix to aid Devil, transmitted Devil's signal into Biotron, tempted to retire at Dreaming Star (Micronauts: The New Voyages #9, 1985); while returning to Microverse, reached Spacewall, encountered Time Traveler gone mad, aged into an old man, left to retire at Dreaming Star (Micronauts: The New Voyages #10-11, 1985); returned to Microverse, slew Pain-maddened Devil (Micronauts: The New Voyages #17, 1986); transformed into Prime Being (Micronauts: The New Voyages #18, 1986); located Prometheus Pits, dissolved essence into Homeworld thus healing it, ending Pain & restoring life (Micronauts: The New Voyages #19-20, 1986); using Baron Karza's armor, sacrificed life for Microverse as Prime Being, Enigma Force & Homeworld restored (Micronauts: The New Voyages #20, 1986); alive again, alongside Cable, Garrison Kane, Domino & Copycat, vs Psycho-Man (Cable #37-39, 1997); alongside Alpha Flight, vs Baron Zebek (Alpha Flight #10-11, 1998); with Microns, aided Captain Marvel/Genis in his search for Dax, vs Dexam (Captain Marvel #7, 2000); alongside Drax, affected by Psycho-Man (Captain Marvel #12 & 15-16, 2000 & 2001)

Red Skull (Johann Shmidt)

First Appearance: Young Allies #1 (1941)
Origin: Tales of Suspense #66 (1965); Captain America #298 (1984); Captain America #350 (1989)
Significant Issues: Revealed how he was born, became thief, ultimately chosen as Hitler's right hand man (Tales of Suspense #66/Captain America #298, 1965/1984); attended demonstration of Zemo's death ray (Thunderbolts Presents: Zemo - Born Better #4, 2007); became Red Skull (Tales of Suspense #66/Captain America #298, 1965/1984); in 1940, vs Captain America & Bucky (Adventures of Captain America #1-4, 1991); in 1941, vs Young Allies (Young Allies #1, 1941); briefly kidnapped Captain America (Tales of Suspense #66-68, 1965); vs Captain America & Bucky (Captain America Comics #7, 1941); in 1942, brainwashed Invaders, defeated by Liberty Legion (Invaders #5-6/Marvel Premiere #30, 1976); learned Captain America's secret identity (Captain America Comics #16, 1942); vs Young Allies (Young Allies #4, 1942); vs Invaders at Kronas (Captain America #5, 2005); vs Captain America (Captain America: Red, White & Blue, 2002); vs Howling Commandos (Sgt. Fury and His Howling Commandos #25, 1965); vs Destroyer, Father Time, Jack Frost & Stan Lee (Stan Lee Meets the Thing #1, 2006); in 1944, vs Captain America & Bucky (All-Winners Comics #12, 1944); arranged for Lyle Dekker to sabotage Captain America serial (Captain America #219, 1978); unearthed prototype Sleeper (Captain America: 65th Anniversary Special, 2006); vs Captain America & Howling Commandos (Captain America Annual #9, 1990); alongside Warrior Woman, vs Invaders (Captain America Annual 2001, 2001); journeyed to Dark Dimension, encountered Dormammu (Captain America/Nick Fury: The Otherworld War #1, 2001); experimented on Michael Kramer, transformed him into "Judas Man" (Spider-Woman #42, 1982); met with Baron Strucker, obtained sample of experimental gas (Marvel Universe #1, 1998); last WW2 battle with Captain America, placed in suspended animation (Tales of Suspense #72/Captain America Annual #13, 1965/1994); sought Cosmic Cube (Tales of Suspense #79-81, 1966); employed Bucky android, captured part of Manhattan (Tales of Suspense #88-91, 1967); attempted takeover of S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier, driven off by Agent 13 & Captain America (Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty #1, 1998); alongside Exiles, vs Captain America, employed 4th Sleeper (Captain America #101-104, 1968); used Cosmic Cube to exchange bodies with Captain America, defeated by Captain America & Falcon (Captain America #114-119, 1969); kidnapped King Hassan, vs Captain America (Captain America #128-129, 1970); briefly conquered Latveria, driven out by Doctor Doom (Astonishing Tales #4-5, 1971); led People's Militia as "the Man," exposed by Captain America & Falcon (Captain America #143, 1971); revealed as leader of Las Vegas Hydra, unleashed 5th Sleeper (Captain America #145-146,148, 1972); offered participation in Black Lama's "War of the Super-Villains," declined (Iron Man #74, 1975); killed Roscoe (Captain America #182, 1975); vs Captain America & Falcon, revealed to have altered Falcon with Cosmic Cube (Captain America #184-186, 1975); kidnapped UK's Prime Minister, vs Captain America & Captain Britain (Captain Britain #15-27, 1977); again invaded Latveria, vs Doom, Captain America & Shroud (Super-Villain Team-Up #10-12, 1977); allied with Arnim Zola, vs Captain America (Captain America #210-212, 1977); used Death's Head satellite on S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier (Captain America #226-227, 1978); made alliance with Hate-Monger to create Cosmic Cube, betrayed Hate-Monger (Super-Villain Team-Up #16-17, 1979-1980); as head of Galactic Pictures & Nihilist Order, created his own Nomad, attempted to brainwash US with Captain America film (Captain America #261-263, 1981); health began to decline, set up Helmut Zemo & Mother Superior as potential heirs, planned to die alongside Captain America (Captain America #290 & 293-299, 1984); died of old age, cremated (Captain America #300-301, 1984-1985); revived in cloned body created by Arnim Zola (Captain America #350, 1989); recruited Crossbones as his personal agent (Captain America #383, 1991); first seen in contact with Commission's Douglas Rockwell (Captain America #346-348, 1988); manipulated John Walker & Steve Rogers into fight, face ruined by dust of death (Captain America #350, 1989); learned that Crossbones had captured Captain America, forbid Crossbones right to kill him (Captain America #364, 1989); revealed to have attempted to throw US & Symkaria into war (Amazing Spider-Man #325, 1989); recruited into "Acts of Vengeance" Prime Movers by Loki (Captain America #365-366, 1989-1990); fled fellow prime movers when Avengers raided their base (Avengers West Coast #55, 1990); kidnapped by Magneto (Captain America #367, 1990); hallucinated while in confinement (Captain America #369, 1990); found by Skeleton Crew, regained will to live after seeing Captain America (Captain America #370, 1990); engaged in turf war with Kingpin over drug market, avoided assassination by Bullseye, lost to Kingpin in personal combat (Captain America #376-378, 1990); funded operation to revive Baron Strucker (Nick Fury: Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. #20 & 22-23, 1991); reaffirmed his alliance to Strucker (Nick Fury: Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. #26, 1991); kidnapped by Shutz-Heiligruppe, placed on trial (Captain America #387-389 & 391, 1991); escaped trial, faked death with aid of Zola, relocated to Colorado, fired Crossbones, released Viper from prison (Captain America #393-398, 1991-1992); dispatched Taskmaster against Spider-Man (Amazing Spider-Man #366-367, 1992); welcomed Crossbones back to Skeleton Crew (Captain America #407, 1992); viewed Cutthroat's remains (Captain America #409, 1992); held torture session with Baron Strucker (Nick Fury: Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. #45, 1993); briefly placed Hulk under his control (Incredible Hulk #402-404, 1993); hired Silver Sable to defeat Viper for him (Captain America #419, 1993); fabricated connection to Blazing Skull to distract Captain America (Captain America #420, 1993); investigated Albert Malik's diary (Captain America Annual #13, 1994); revealed to be suffering from degenerative effects of super-soldier serum (Captain America #437, 1995); sought A.I.M.'s new Cosmic Cube projects, cured himself (Avengers #385-388/Captain America #440-441, 1995); alongside Sharon Carter, saved Captain America's life, vs Kubekult, seemingly destroyed (Captain America #444-448, 1995-1996); returned to life (Captain America #4, 1998); obtained new Cosmic Cube, killed by Captain America, reality altered, life spared in new reality (Captain America #14-17 & 19, 1999); took command of S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier, vs X-Men (X-Men #91/X-Men '99 Annual, 1999); met with Mad Thinker on Helicarrier, "SKULL" agents vs Fantastic Four (Fantastic Four #22, 1999); reacted to seeming marriage of Doom & Invisible Woman (Fantastic Four #27, 2000); allied with Hate-Monger, Helicarrier assaulted by S.H.I.E.L.D. & Captain America, captured (Captain America #45-48, 2001); reacted to seeming death of Captain America (Captain America #50, 2002); posed as "Dell Rusk" (Avengers #61, 2003); as Rusk, attempted to recruit Henry Peter Gyrich (Avengers #64, 2003); created "Red Zone," defeated by Avengers (Avengers #66-70, 2003); arranged for attempt on Captain America's life by Diamondback LMD, thwarted (Captain America #29-32, 2004); revealed to have placed failsafe within Tara, used to attack Invaders (New Invaders #8-9, 2005); killed by Winter Soldier (Captain America #1, 2005); body examined by S.H.I.E.L.D. (Captain America #2, 2005); revealed to be in possession of Lukin's body (Captain America #14, 2006); set new Master Man & Master Race against Captain America, reunited with Sin & Crossbones (Captain America #18-21, 2006); revealed to be working with Doctor Faustus (Captain America #22, 2006); made deal with Doom (Captain America #23, 2006); reunited with Zola (Captain America #24, 2007); masterminded assassination of Captain America (Captain America #25, 2007); continued plots with Faustus, Zola & Sin (Captain America #26, 2007)


First Appearance: (Physical form) Uncanny X-Men #256 (1989); (mind in Psylocke’s body) X-Men #17 (1993); (as Revanche) X-Men #21 (1993)
Origin: X-Men #31-32 (1994)
Significant Issues: In love with Matsu’o, learned that Nyoirin’s plans would conflict with the Hands meaning she may have to fight Matsu’o, made honor pact with Matsu’o to fight each other to the death, defended Nyoirin after Matsu’o dispatched to kill him, vs Matsu’o, fell off cliff, taken by Matsu’o to Hand, body restored body but mind damaged by oxygen deprivation (X-Men #31, 1994); Matsu’o made deals with both Mandarin & Spiral to restore Kwannon, mind placed into Psylocke’s body & Psylocke’s mind placed in her body by Spiral, genetic coding manipulated by Spiral, handed over to Nyoirin as amnesiac, told lies by Nyoirin to twist her into becoming his, came to believe she was Betsy Braddock (Uncanny X-Men #256/X-Men #32, 1989/1994); sought to regain place as Nyoirin’s elite assassin by killing Psylocke (X-Men #17-18, 1993); snuck onto Xavier Estate, confronted Psylocke in X-Men’s Danger Room, discovered by X-Men, introduced herself as Betsy Braddock & declared Psylocke to be imposter (X-Men #20, 1993); accompanied Beast, Gambit & Psylocke to Nyoirin’s ancestral home in Japan to uncover truth, vs Hand, confronted by Silver Samurai, defeated him, found Nyoirin’s false diary, argued over identities, confronted by Nyoirin, led by him to Matsu’o, confronted Matsu’o (X-Men #21-23, 1993); returned to America with X-Men, sparred with Psylocke (X-Men #24, 1993); with X-Men, learned Magneto had caused an electro-magnetic pulse across Earth (X-Men #25, 1993); with X-Men, trained in Danger Room, investigated Empyrean’s island, vs Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, revealed she had contracted Legacy Virus, declined Empyrean’s offer to stay with him (X-Men Annual #2, 1993); with X-Men, learned of Genoshan revolution fuelled by Fabian Cortez, traveled there to resolve situation, alongside Avengers, vs Exodus & mutates (X-Men #26/Uncanny X-Men #307/Avengers #369, 1993); tested by Psylocke to gauge extent of Virus’ infection (X-Men #27, 1993); examined by Xavier, learned Virus was spreading (X-Men #28, 1994); with X-Men, played football, celebrated Thanksgiving, learned of Scott & Jean’s intent to marry (Uncanny X-Men #308, 1994); realized true identity, removed bionic eyes, confronted Matsu’o, learned truth behind mind swap, bade Matsu’o kill her before Virus did, body released explosion of telepathic energy that imprinted on Matsu’o allowing him to restore Psylocke’s mind, buried by Matsu’o (X-Men #31-32, 1994)


First Appearance: Daughters of the Dragon #1 (2006)
Significant Issues: Items stolen by group of super-villains, hired Razor-Fist to retrieve stolen items (Daughters of the Dragon #1, 2006); stopped assassination attempt on herself from rival crimelord, hired assassin to kill 8-Ball (Daughters of the Dragon #2, 2006); met with Nightwing Restorations, hired Trapster to recover items from Whirlwind, confronted Misty Knight (Daughters of the Dragon #3, 2006); cut Misty Knight's bionic arm off, recovered computer chip (Daughters of the Dragon #4, 2006); held auction for computer chip, auction interrupted by Iron Fist & Nightwing Restorations (Daughters of the Dragon #5, 2006); vs Misty Knight, defeated by her, arrested & sent to prison (Daughters of the Dragon #6, 2006); hired assassin to blow up Heroes for Hire headquarters, freed from from prison by Rogues (Heroes For Hire #3, 2006); hired assassins to kill members of Heroes for Hire, received Skrull organ transplant & techno-organic implants (Heroes For Hire #4, 2007); defeated by Heroes for Hire, escaped, skin turned green (Heroes For Hire #5, 2007)

Ruby Thursday

First Appearance and Origin: Defenders #32 (1976)
Significant Issues: Replaced head with organic computer, joined Headmen, vs Defenders (Defenders #32-35/Defenders Annual #1, 1976); allied with Dibbuk, vs Omega the Unknown, Moondragon, Wasp, Hellcat & Valkyrie (Omega the Unknown #10/Defenders #76-77, 1979); with Headmen, vs She-Hulk & Spider-Man (Sensational She-Hulk #1-3, 1989); with Headmen, vs Spider-Man & Human Torch (Web of Spider-Man #73, 1991); alongside others, captured by Mechadoom, freed by Deathlok (Deathlok #2-5, 1991); in bar-fight (Marvel Comics Presents #94, 1992); with Headmen, controlled Orrgo, vs Defenders (Defenders #5-10, 2001); alongside Answer, vs A.I.M., seemingly killed by Bullseye (I ? Marvel: Outlaw Love #1, 2006); revealed to have survived, vs Hellcat & Two-Gun Kid (She-Hulk #10, 2006); with Headmen, alongside Doombot, vs Heroes for Hire (Heroes for Hire #6-8, 2007)

Shagreen the Sorceror

First Appearance: Nightcrawler #1 (1985)
Significant Issues: Bought Nightcrawler & Lockheed from pirates (Nightcrawler #1, 1985); vs Nightcrawler, knocked off his ship by Lockheed (Nightcrawler #2, 1985); tracked Nightcrawler to Earth-5311, kidnapped Bamfs, created Dark Bamf by merging male Bamfs, imprisoned female Bamfs (Nightcrawler #3, 1986); vs Nightcrawler, Pirate Kitty, Colossus & Windrider, staff destroyed by Nightcrawler, captured by Windrider (Nightcrawler #4, 1986)


First Appearance: Super-Villain Team-Up #5 (1976)
Origin: Super-Villain Team-Up #7 (1976); Spectacular Spider-Man Annual #14 (1994)
Significant Issues: Pursued Doctor Doom, allied with Namor (Super-Villain Team-Up #5-10, 1976-1977); alongside Captain America & Doom, vs Red Skull, gained superhuman powers (Super-Villain Team-Up #11-12, 1977); met Spider-Woman/Jessica Drew, aided her against Cult of Kâli (Spider-Woman #13-15, 1979); vs Crooked Man, enlisted Cat & Mouse (Marvel Preview #21, 1980); alongside Spider-Man, vs Dansen Macabre (Marvel Team-Up #93-94, 1980); among heroes gathered by Grandmaster & Death as potential players in their "contest of champions" (Marvel Super Hero Contest of Champions #1, 1982); captured by Locksmith, freed by Spider-Woman (Spider-Woman #50, 1983); aided Avengers & Doctor Strange against Morgan Le Fay (Avengers #240-241, 1984); encountered West Coast Avengers, refused offer of membership (West Coast Avengers #1, 1984); aided Jessica Drew against criminals (Doctor Strange #67, 1984); aided Avengers against Graviton & Blank (West Coast Avengers #3-4, 1984); helped Captain Marvel escape Darkforce dimension (Avengers #276, 1987); with Night Shift, aided Captain America against Power Broker & his mutates (Captain America #330-331, 1987); tested Moon Knight to take his place as leader of Night Shift (Solo Avengers #3, 1988); rejected Taurus' offer to join Zodiac (West Coast Avengers #29, 1988); alongside Hawkeye, vs Speedo (Solo Avengers #9, 1988); halted battle between Avengers & Night Shift (West Coast Avengers #40, 1989); vs Firefly (Marvel Comics Presents #54, 1990); vs Deacon (Marvel Super-Heroes #7, 1991); among heroes controlled by Darkling, released by New Warriors (New Warriors #33-34/New Warriors Annual #3, 1993); vs possessed Spider-Man (Spectacular Spider-Man #207-208, 1993-1994); involved in gang war between Garrick King & Cult of Kâli, vs Scorpion (Shroud #1-4, 1994); contacted Justin Meagher, family history revealed (Spectacular Spider-Man Annual #14, 1994); became romantically involved with Arachne, alongside her, opposed S.H.I.E.L.D. forces, arrested & imprisoned (Ms Marvel #6-8, 2006); freed by Captain America's Secret Avengers (Civil War #6, 2007)

Siege Perilous

First Appearance: (Ring of stones) Captain Britain #1 (1976); (gem) Uncanny X-Men #229 (1988)
Significant Issues: Brain Braddock entered circle of power Siege Perilous while fleeing Joshua Stragg to make life or death choice, became Captain Britain, Stragg entered Siege Perilous & became Reaver (Captain Britain #1-2, 1976); Roma gave Siege Perilous amulet to X-Men, three Reavers enter rather than face Wolverine (Uncanny X-Men #229, 1988); Dazzler saw visions of herself in Siege Perilous, blasted Master Mold/Nimrod amalgam alongside Rogue into Siege (Uncanny X-Men #247, 1989); Psylocke received dream-vision of Reavers return & Siege's offering their only hope (Uncanny X-Men #250, 1989); Dazzler, Colossus, Havok & Psylocke entered Siege, amulet destroyed by Donald Pierce (Uncanny X-Men #250, 1989); Psylocke discovered in South China Sea, taken by Matsu'o Tsurayaba (Uncanny X-Men #255, 1989); Tsurayaba attempted to remake Psylocke as assassin, defeated by Psylocke, Wolverine & Jubilee (Uncanny X-Men #256-258, 1989-1990); Colossus living in SoHo as artist, Dazzler taken to Lila Cheney’s home by Guido Carosella, learned about her former life, heroics in Venice California made local news (Uncanny X-Men #259, 1990); Rogue reappeared in Outback Australia separated physically from Carol Danvers (Uncanny X-Men #269, 1990); Havok reappeared as Genoshan Magistrate (Uncanny X-Men #270, 1990); Master Mold/Nimrod amalgam emergence as Bastion revealed (Marvel Comics 1998 Annual Starring Cable & Machine Man/Marvel Comics 1998 Annual Starring Machine Man & Bastion, 1998)


First Appearance: Deadpool: The Circle Chase #1 (1993); (full) Deadpool: The Circle Chase #2 (1993); (first name revealed) All-New Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: A-Z #6 (2006)
Significant Issues: Returned to life after 10 years, broke into Department K, stole Weapon X files on Deadpool & Kane (Deadpool: The Circle Chase #1, 1993); in Maine, confronted Kane over Deadpool’s whereabouts (Deadpool: The Circle Chase #2, 1993); in Nepal, captured Copycat (Deadpool: The Circle Chase #3, 1993); in Nepal, confronted Deadpool, vs Deadpool & Kane, mortally wounded Copycat, seemingly disintegrated by Zero (Deadpool: The Circle Chase #4, 1993); returned to life, employed by scientists seeking cure for Legacy Virus, tasked with kidnapping former Weapon X members with healing factors to use as test subjects, kidnapped Deadpool, failed to kidnap Maverick, tortured Deadpool, vs Deadpool, Maverick & Wolverine, escaped, seemingly caught in explosion (Wolverine ’95, 1995)

Spector, Randall

First Appearance: Hulk! #17 (1979)
Significant Issues: Imposter went on killing spree as Hatchet-Man, died (Hulk! #17-18, 1979); spied on Moon Knight (Marc Spector: Moon Knight #33, 1991); revealed to have faked his death, crippled Frenchie, vs Moon Knight, killed by Punisher (Marc Spector: Moon Knight #35-38, 1992)


First Appearance: (Unrevealed) Iron Man #33 (1971); (Lemon) Iron Man #254 (1990); (Abbott) Iron Man: The Inevitable #1 (2006)
Origin: (Lemon) Iron Man #254 (1990); (Abbott) Iron Man: The Inevitable #1 (2006)
Significant Issues: Formed special ops team Espionage Elite, vs Iron Man/Tony Stark, escaped (Iron Man #33-34, 1971); revealed Zodiac hired him to destroy Stark Industries, assigned by Zodiac's Capricorn to capture Daredevil (Iron Man #35, 1971); vs Iron Man, escaped (Daredevil #73/Iron Man #36, 1971); hired by Huge Jones to assassinate Simon Krieger, killed Krieger while in prison (Iron Man: The Iron Age #2, 1998); infiltrated Stark International, stole Stark's secret designs for inventions including armor designs (Iron Man #112-113, 1978); observed Stark's routine, planted explosive device in penthouse (Iron Man #114-115, 1978); attempted to kill Stark with explosive device, accidentally killed Count Nefaria's Ani-Men instead (Iron Man #116, 1978); infiltrated Stark International, stole financial records, vs Iron Man, escaped (Iron Man #117, 1978); sold Stark's technology designs to Justin Hammer, seen as part of criminal group on houseboat, vs Iron Man, escaped (Iron Man #126-127, 1979); disguised as Ted Calloway, stole energizer link prototype, disguised as Harmon Taylor, attempted to draw Beth Cabe into ambush, helped hospitalize Ling McPherson instead (Iron Man #137, 1980); kidnapped Beth Cabe, stole Stark's briefcase, paid for services by Madame Masque (Iron Man #138, 1980); stole energizer link prototype from Madame Masque, crashed helicopter in river, escaped (Iron Man #139, 1980); hired by A.I.M. to steal Stark's secrets, became boxer managed by Happy Hogan, vs Iron Man, escaped (Iron Man #210, 1986); convinced Glitch to join Espionage Elite, betrayed by Glitch, vs Iron Man, captured (Marvel Super-Heroes #12, 1992); vs Ghost & Iron Man, killed by Ghost (Iron Man #220, 1987); Stark learned of stolen technology plans sold to Hammer (Iron Man #225, 1987); revealed Taskmaster trained previous Spymaster, as "Number One," Lemon trained by Taskmaster, assumed Spymaster identity (Iron Man #254, 1990); vs Iron Man/Jim Rhodes & Avengers West Coast, captured (Iron Man #284-286, 1992); at courthouse when Trapster sued Tinkerer, vs She-Hulk & other villains (Sensational She-Hulk #59, 1994); alongside Hammer's other operatives, vs Silver Sable & Wild Pack (Silver Sable and the Wild Pack #21-22, 1994); ordered Espionage Elite to attack Stark & inject him with rogue cells (Iron Man #8, 1998); Iron Man's secret identity removed from minds of everyone on Earth (Marvel Comics 1998 Annual Starring Iron Man & Captain America, 1998); sent Espionage Elite to kill Stark (Iron Man: Bad Blood #1, 2000); vs Iron Man, hand crushed & arrested (Iron Man: Bad Blood #2, 2000); Hammer revealed to be employer who ordered him to attack Stark & inject him with rogue cells (Iron Man: Bad Blood #4, 2000); Abbott became new Spymaster (Iron Man: The Inevitable #1, 2006); Lemon's death recounted, hired Ghost to retrieve Living Laser (Iron Man: The Inevitable #2, 2006); sent Ghost back to finish job (Iron Man: The Inevitable #3, 2006); terminated contract with Ghost (Iron Man: The Inevitable #4, 2006); prepared for Iron Man's attack, ambushed Iron Man (Iron Man: The Inevitable #5, 2006); vs Iron Man, wife killed by Living Laser, escaped (Iron Man: The Inevitable #6, 2006); hired by Karim Mahwash Najeeb to kill Stark, kicked Hogan off platform resulting in severe injuries & subsequent death (Iron Man #13, 2007)


First Appearance: Defenders #27 (1975)
Origin: Marvel Presents #9-11 (1977); Guardians of the Galaxy #7, 45, 49-50 & 61-62 (1990, 1994 & 1995)
Significant Issues: History of Hawk God (Guardians of the Galaxy #49 & 62, 1994 & 1995); history of Arcturus IV (Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe #10/Guardians of the Galaxy #7 & 45, 1983/1990 & 1994); Earth-691 Quasar & Kismet fought to protect Oshkosh during War of the Worlds, Quasar learned Kismet was pregnant with his child & took her to safety on Vesper, Quasar slain by Abrogate due to machinations of Era (Guardians of the Galaxy #49, 1994); Kismet gave birth to infant who would become Stakar, infant stolen away by Era disguised as Eon (Guardians of the Galaxy #62, 1995); infant who would become Stakar hidden among mutants of Arcturus by Era, fell into hands of mutant couple who planned to consume him (Guardians of the Galaxy #50 & 62, 1994 & 1995); during early 21st century death raid by Reavers of Arcturus, infant rescued from mutants by Ogord & adopted as Ogord’s son Stakar (Marvel Presents #9/Guardians of the Galaxy #7/Guardians of the Galaxy #45, 1977/1990/1994); grew up an isolated, restless, unfulfilled & brooding child alongside disapproving sister Aleta (Marvel Presents #9/Guardians of the Galaxy #7 & 45, 1977/1990 & 1994); reached adulthood, alongside reluctant Aleta, sought destiny in ruins of Forbidden City, entered temple of Hawk God, discovered Hawk God in his inert statue form, merged with Aleta through Hawk God’s power to become composite being Starhawk, built brain-wave helmet from components found in temple, hoped to obtain knowledge of ancients, Aleta converted to disembodied consciousness fused with Hawk God statue after she triggered helmet, power-mad Aleta wrecked Arcturian military air fleet, Stakar realized Aleta needed his wisdom to control Hawk God's power, Stakar & Aleta fused by nuclear explosion into composite Starhawk form as embodiment of collective wisdom & power of ancient Arcturans, rejected Ogord’s efforts to enlist their new power in Reavers, flew off into space (Marvel Presents #9-11/Guardians of the Galaxy #7, 45 & 49, 1977/1990 & 1994); 500 years after departing Arcturus IV, foiled early Arcturian starship’s attempt at first contact seizure of alien aircraft, Starhawk’s demise declared Arcturian fleet imperative (Marvel Presents #11, 1977); secretly returned to Arcturus, had Hawk God temporarily split them back into two beings so they could mate as man & wife, re-merged, conceded primary dominance of their shared body to Aleta while she bore & raised their children, Stakar regained dominance as they returned to stars, built children’s asteroid home before departing (Guardians of the Galaxy #7, 1990); secretly guided formation of Guardians of the Galaxy (Guardians of the Galaxy #26, 1992); aided Vance Astro & Valkyrie on Badoon homeworld Lotiara, healed Valkyrie, brought Astro & Valkyrie to meet with Queen Tolaria in Badoon city Venesia, explained ongoing enmity between male & female Badoon, informed Tolaria of male Badoon’s recent wars of conquest, visited his children in their asteroid home, conferred with Aleta via viewscreen mechanism, talked with Doctor Strange & Jack Norriss, convinced Earth-616’s modern era Defenders to depart 31st century Earth-691 after helping humanity rise up against Badoon (Defenders #27-29, 1975); led Sisterhood of Badoon to Earth, helped Guardians maintain order while female Badoon took male Badoon away, convinced Guardians to join him in ongoing space mission (Marvel Presents #3, 1976); with Guardians, met & recruited Nikki, quarrelled with Astro, warned by Aleta that their children were in danger, briefly allowed Aleta to dominate their shared physical form, fended off Astro’s questions after Astro’s brief encounter with Aleta, consumed by Karanada (Marvel Presents #4, 1976); adopted by chieftain of desert tribe in realm within Karanada, reunited with Guardians there, led Guardians to Convent of Living Fire (Marvel Presents #6, 1976); helped Guardians destroy Topographical Man, apparent transformation into Aleta witnessed by Martinex, children abducted by Reavers of Arcturus (Marvel Presents #7, 1976); as Aleta, alongside Guardians, recovered & viewed recording of Badoon’s defeat by Silver Surfer (Marvel Presents #8, 1976); split apart from Aleta during Reavers’ attack on Guardians, origin discovered by Guardians, re-merged with Aleta to attempt rescue of their children, children slain during battle with Ogord, gravely weakened by battle (Marvel Presents #9-11, 1977); restored to health in Drydock medical facilities (Marvel Presents #12, 1977); with Guardians, alongside Earth-616 modern-era Thor, saved sun from Korvac (Thor Annual #6, 1977); with Guardians, pursued Korvac to Earth-616’s modern era, formed alliance with that era’s Avengers (Avengers #167, 1978); located & confronted Korvac, destroyed & resurrected by Korvac, rendered unable to perceive Korvac, returned to Guardians & Avengers with no memory of incident (Avengers #168, 1978); with Guardians, monitored & protected Vance Astrovik of Earth-616’s modern era (Avengers #170 & 173, 1978); helped Avengers search for Korvac, unwittingly identified disguised Korvac when Avengers realized Starhawk could not see him, with Guardians, alongside Avengers, vs Korvac, slain by Korvac’s wife Carina & resurrected by dying Korvac (Avengers #175-177, 1978); with Guardians, alongside Spider-Man, foiled Deterrence Research Corporation’s plans to steal technology from Drydock, erased records of Guardians’ modern-era presence, defeated DRC agents Hammer & Anvil (Marvel Team-Up #86, 1979); with Guardians, parted company with Avengers (Avengers #181, 1979); detected & investigated spatial disruption, alongside Thing, vs Her, defeated by Her, pursued Her into space to rescue Alicia Masters, allied with Thing, Alicia Masters, Moondragon, High Evolutionary & Her in quest for missing Counter-Earth & grave of Adam Warlock (Marvel Two-in-One #61-63, 1980); with Guardians, alongside Thing & other Earth-616 heroes, searched for missing Vance Astro, dispelled psychic fog generated by clashing mutant brain energies of Astro & Vance Astrovik by helping Astro unlock Astrovik’s latent mental powers (Marvel Two-in-One #69, 1980); helped Guardians capture Badoon outpost in 31st century Earth-691 reality, lost knowledge of their timeline due to Korvac’s new alterations of history (Fantastic Four Annual #24, 1991); with Guardians, alongside Earth-616 Fantastic Four, tracked Korvac’s "cosmic gene packet" to ancestor Jaboa Murphy, forced packet & Korvac consciousness out of Murphy’s body (Fantastic Four Annual #24, 1991); with Guardians, alongside 26th century Thor Dargo Ktor, vs Korvac-empowered Varley (Thor Annual #16, 1991); with Guardians, vs Earth-691 Silver Surfer, convinced philosopher Marshach to give up Korvac’s power (Silver Surfer Annual #4, 1991); with Guardians, vs Korvac’s father Jordan until reborn baby Korvac slew father by reclaiming his power, baby’s power neutralized with aid of Reality-691 Ancient One, Krugarr & Galactus, Aleta adopted new costume & awarded official Guardians membership (Guardians of the Galaxy Annual #1, 1991); with Guardians, alongside Firelord, vs Stark, separated from Aleta (Guardians of the Galaxy #1-4, 1990); with Guardians, vs Force, estranged from Aleta (Guardians of the Galaxy #5-6, 1990); revealed all he knew of his origins & background to Martinex, healed Martinex, convinced Malevolence to depart (Guardians of the Galaxy #7, 1990); helped ease Yondu’s despair over future of his race (Guardians of the Galaxy #8, 1990); with Guardians, vs Haven’s mutant royalty, liberated its human populace, helped Giraud become Phoenix, helped transport Haven’s human populace to Mainframe’s world after Haven’s destruction, reprimanded by fellow Guardians for not sharing his plans with them sooner (Guardians of the Galaxy #8-11, 1991); worried about his increasing memory gaps, with Guardians, vs Overkill (Guardians of the Galaxy #12, 1991); revealed his mind & body were both fading since separation from Aleta, spoke of how he felt he was living in increasingly unfamiliar alternate reality, with Guardians, vs Spirit of Vengeance, lost status as One Who Knows (Guardians of the Galaxy #13, 1991); rescued from total oblivion by Aleta, efforts to re-absorb her thwarted by Aleta, passed portion of his former knowledge to her (Guardians of the Galaxy #14, 1991); sustained by light transfusions from Aleta, with Guardians, vs Force, Mephisto revealed to be responsible for premature separation of Starhawk & Aleta creating uniquely divergent timeline, Mephisto revealed to be responsible for Aleta’s hatred for Starhawk & loss of Starhawk’s power & memory (Guardians of the Galaxy #15, 1991); with Guardians, made peace with Force, convinced Replica not to kill Eightyfive, absorbed Aleta against her will, suffered agonizing energy feedback, fled (Guardians of the Galaxy #16, 1991); expelled from Guardians in absentia, evaded Guardians & Universal Church of Truth (Guardians of the Galaxy #17, 1991); as Stakar, appeared to Aleta along with visions of their children within "Great Nothing" of her non-corporeal existence, claimed that Hawk God was real Starhawk & that he had played them against each other (Guardians of the Galaxy #19, 1991); deception exposed by Aleta, struggled to subjugate Aleta & complete his physical metamorphosis (Guardians of the Galaxy #20, 1992); fully consumed power of Aleta, transformed into new form as "dark" Starhawk (Guardians of the Galaxy #21, 1992); in dark form, voice/thoughts/actions alternating with those of Aleta, renewed association with Guardians on quasi-adversarial basis (Guardians of the Galaxy #22-23, 1992); struggled to contain Aleta, with Guardians, vs Keeper, alongside Keeper, vs Galactus to protect Centauri (Guardians of the Galaxy #24-25, 1992); with Guardians, bid Yondu farewell (Guardians of the Galaxy Annual #2, 1992); suggested Guardians consider time travel strike against modern era’s Badoon (Guardians of the Galaxy #26, 1992); with Guardians, returned to Earth-616’s modern era, clashed with Inhumans while seeking medical treatment for Talon, vs Magus' doppelgangers, made peace with Inhumans (Guardians of the Galaxy #27, 1992); with Guardians, vs Masters of Evil & Magus' doppelgangers, nearly absorbed by evil Starhawk doppelgangers, temporarily conceded dominance of shared form to Aleta in order to fight off doppelgangers (Guardians of the Galaxy #28-29, 1992); spurred Guardians to rebel against Major Victory’s leadership & resume anti-Badoon mission in Earth-616’s modern era, struggled against Aleta’s efforts to take control of their form (Guardians of the Galaxy #30, 1992); overwhelmed by Aleta (Guardians of the Galaxy #31, 1993); reborn as infant, sent back in time by Aleta to live his life over again, power & title of Starhawk usurped by Aleta (Guardians of the Galaxy #33, 1993); Aleta Starhawk helped Guardians & Doctor Strange defeat L’Matto, rejoined Guardians & resumed romance with Vance (Guardians of the Galaxy #33, 1993); with Guardians, alongside Ancient One, Aleta Starhawk vs Dormammu (Guardians of the Galaxy #34-37, 1993); Aleta Starhawk became more aloof & haughty in new role as "One Who Knows," with Guardians, faced Mutants, destroyed Saltex RTV complex, attended inauguration of Tarin as President of Northeast Corridor (Guardians of the Galaxy #38-39, 1993); with Guardians, Aleta Starhawk sought Book of Kells, mistakenly vs Irish Wolfhound & Earth-691 Shamrock, alongside them, vs Samhain & his Blue Banshees (Guardians of the Galaxy Annual #3, 1993); Aleta Starhawk vs Loki, defeated, tricked into helping Loki & his Inhuman accomplices invade Asgard, alongside Heimdall, imprisoned by Remora, shared mutual attraction with Heimdall during their captivity, overloaded Remora by drawing on memory of her children’s death, escaped alongside Heimdall, helped Guardians & Asgardians defeat Loki & his Inhumans, parted sadly with Heimdall to annoyance of Vance, forced Guardians to accompany her on voyage to Beyond (Guardians of the Galaxy #40-43, 1993); Aleta Starhawk reunited Guardians with Yondu, helped make them aware of damage they had done to timeline by misplacing Yondu’s dagger in modern era, Stakar Starhawk returned & persuaded Yondu to aid Guardians in their next mission in exchange for Guardians restoring timeline (Guardians of the Galaxy #44, 1994); Stakar vs Aleta, Hawk God punished their squabbling by fusing their hands together, fused Starhawk agreed to help restore timeline (Guardians of the Galaxy #45, 1994); fused Starhawk journeyed back to Earth-616 timeline’s modern era & destroyed Yondu’s dagger before Badoon could exploit it (Guardians of the Galaxy #46, 1994); fused Starhawk confirmed that timeline had been restored, set out in search of missing Guardians (Guardians of the Galaxy #47, 1994); fused Starhawk explored Scar of Eternity, interrupted cosmic gathering of Hawk God, Eternity, Living Tribunal & Scathan the Approver regarding fate of Beyonder & Protégé, punished by Hawk God (Guardians of the Galaxy #48-49, 1994); Stakar & Aleta split into individual human forms by Hawk God, informed by Hawk God that power of Starhawk would be restored to only one of them, Aleta requested it be Stakar since she felt power made her too inhuman, Aleta revealed she had learned to forgive Stakar but she had forgotten how to love him & now wanted only Vance, Aleta’s lightwave manipulation powers restored as parting gift, Stakar restored to Starhawk form & departed with Hawk God, tormented by Hawk God’s revelation that mutants he recalled were not his true parents (Guardians of the Galaxy #50, 1994); began quest to discover true parentage (Guardians of the Galaxy #54, 1994); consulted Hollywood regarding his quest (Guardians of the Galaxy #57, 1995); sought out Keeper, saved Keeper from Saturnian Hound-Hawks, healed Keeper, vs "Eon" over use of Keeper’s quantum bands, resisted Eon’s attempt to reduce him to infant, temporarily awarded quantum bands by "Eon," learned Quasar of Earth-691 was his father, vs Keeper for possession of quantum bands, confronted Abrogate entity that slew his father, consumed by Abrogate (Guardians of the Galaxy #58-60, 1995); met Quasar & other deceased Protectors of the Universe in White Room afterlife realm, learned circumstances of his own birth, visited Vesper in search of his mother Kismet, vs Pathbreaker, reunited with Kismet, visited Quasar’s grave, learned Eon’s rogue offspring Era had killed & replaced Eon centuries ago & that Era had caused death of Quasar & separation of Stakar from his mother, alongside Kismet, vs Era, consulted Hawk God, learned Era had been plotting annihilation of all life, told he & Kismet had been chosen to stop Era, rejected Hawk God’s authority, departed in search of Era with Hawk God’s blessing (Guardians of the Galaxy #61-62, 1995)

Supreme Intelligence

First Appearance: Fantastic Four #64 (1967)
Origin: Captain America Annual #7 (1983)
Significant Issues: Created by Kree Science Council to build Cosmic Cube, later allied with Shaper of Worlds to prevent any other Cubes from turning dangerous (Captain America Annual #7, 1983); learned of interstellar creature Star-Stalker from exiled Kree pacifists Priests of Pama (Avengers #124 & 134, 1974 & 1975); ordered mission to Absolom Sector of space to retrieve Admiral Devros (Untold Legend of Captain Marvel #1-3, 1997); ordered Ronan the Accuser to punish Fantastic Four for defeating Kree Sentry #459 (Fantastic Four #64, 1967); revealed "Zo" as plot by Imperial Minister Zarek & Ronan the Accuser to discredit Mar-Vell & itself (Captain Marvel #15-16, 1969); manipulated Avengers to save Earth from both Kree & Skrull armadas, molecularly bonded Mar-Vell to Rick Jones to save his life (Avengers #89-97, 1971-1972); guided Jones into new use of his bond with Mar-Vell (Captain Marvel #35, 1974); used Lunatic Legion & mind-controlled Ronan to prod Captain Marvel to new uses of his powers (Captain Marvel #41, 1975); tried to fully merge Mar-Vell & Jones’ minds to create perfect weapon, shorted out instead (Captain Marvel #42-46, 1975-1976); revived, tried to take control of Ms. Marvel instead (Ms. Marvel #18-19, 1978); gained new Lunatic Legion, betrayed them when their plans for humanity ran counter to its plans (Iron Man #7/Captain America #8/Quicksilver #10/Avengers #7, 1998)

Texas Twister

First Appearance: Fantastic Four #177 (1976)
Origin: Fantastic Four #177 (1976); Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe #11 (1983)
Significant Issues: Worked as cattle hand in Texas Panhandle, gained powers (Fantastic Four #177, 1976); quit job, obtained special costume (Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe #11, 1983); moved to East Coast to make reputation, secretly offered job as S.H.I.E.L.D. agent, auditioned for Frightful Four during their occupation of Baxter Building, decided not to join Frightful Four because they could not guarantee salary, departed, encountered Thundra on his way out (Fantastic Four #177, 1976); tentatively accepted S.H.I.E.L.D.’s job offer (Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe #11, 1983); joined S.H.I.E.L.D. Super-Agents, with them, vs Captain America, trained under Falcon (Captain America #217-218, 1978); assigned to bring Human Torch in to S.H.I.E.L.D., shadowed Torch, disrupted Dade Country Drag Race while attacking Torch, subdued Torch, held off by Wyatt Wingfoot & Rebecca Rainbow long enough for Torch to recover, fled before local authorities arrived (Fantastic Four #192, 1978); with Super-Agents, continued training despite disappearance of Falcon, vs Captain America, defeated by him, learned teammate Blue Streak was Corporation spy, saw teammate Vamp beat Blue Streak nearly to death, quit Super-Agents & departed (Captain America #228-229, 1978-1979); became rodeo performer, formed partnership with Shooting Star (Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe #11/Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Deluxe Edition #11 & 13, 1983/1986); alongside Shooting Star, became star attraction at Cody’s Rodeo Extravaganza, grew dissatisfied with their salary, alongside other heroes, vs Corruptor & Hulk to rescue captives Rick Jones, Betty Ross & Teen Brigade, held off Hulk long enough for Hulk to shake off Corruptor’s control & defeat Corruptor, invited fellow heroes to join him in forming Rangers (Incredible Hulk #265, 1981); among heroes abducted by Grandmaster & Death & forced to serve as spectators during their "contest of champions" (Marvel Super Hero Contest of Champions #1, 1982); among heroes who celebrated Hulk’s presidential pardon at ceremony in New York (Incredible Hulk #279, 1983); powers temporarily waned due to unseen influence of demon Riglevio, feared loss of his powers would cost him his livelihood & relationship with Shooting Star, tricked into promising his soul to Riglevio in exchange for restoration of powers, panicked when Riglevio came for his soul & begged him to take anyone else, saw Riglevio possess Shooting Star but was unable to tell anyone about it because of spell cast by Riglevio (Solo Avengers #18, 1989); with Rangers, manipulated by Riglevio into battling Avengers, saw Riglevio’s presence & influence exposed by Firebird, learned Riglevio worked for Master Pandemonium, still unable to tell anyone what he knew about Riglevio, departed in state of seeming indifference while Avengers took Riglevio into custody & pursued Master Pandemonium (West Coast Avengers #8-9, 1986); embarked on quest to find Shooting Star (Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Deluxe Edition #13, 1986); obsessively studied occult in search of way to restore Shooting Star or avenge her, aided by Phantom Rider, cast spell with Phantom Rider that accidentally conjured up Arkon (West Coast Avengers #31, 1988); forced Avengers leader Hawkeye to give him access to captive Riglevio, confronted Riglevio & helped Shooting Star drive demon out of her body with force of his love for her, possessed by Riglevio himself, under Riglevio’s influence, vs Hawkeye & Shooting Star, freed from demon’s control by Shooting Star, reunited with Star (Solo Avengers #18, 1989); with Rangers, performed at Calgary Stampede, teamed with Spider-Man, Turbine & Right Riders to save Doctor Cargill from Frightful Four (Amazing Spider-Man: Chaos in Calgary #4, 1992); unidentified, relentlessly flatulent alternate-reality Texas Twister reunited with missing girlfriend Shooting Star through aid of his reality’s Doctor Druid (Marvel Super-Heroes #15, 1993); possibly alternate-reality incarnation of Texas Twister among many past, present & future Avengers seen battling each other during Destiny War (Avengers Forever #12, 2000); among many heroes held hostage by Graviton (Thunderbolts #57, 2001); vs Southpaw (She-Hulk #1, 2005); wrecked several buildings while drunk, arrested, faced possible lengthy prison sentence, agreed to serve with Thunderbolts in exchange for pardon (Civil War Files, 2006); led Thunderbolts Army Beta Squad in trying to restore order to Los Angeles while newly Wellspring-empowered super-beings went on crazed rampage, fought alongside Ajaxis, Bloodstrike, Coronary, Pretty Persuasions & Smiling Tiger, forced to fight on alone after Bloodstrike & Smiling Tiger turned against their teammates (Thunderbolts #107, 2006); with Rangers, became official super heroes of Texas as part of U.S. government’s Fifty-State Initiative (Civil War #7, 2007); among heroes assembled at new Initiative headquarters Camp Hammond (Avengers: The Initiative #1, 2007); with Rangers, alongside other Initiative heroes, defended President Bush’s ranch in Crawford, Texas from all-out assault by Hydra (Avengers: The Initiative #2, 2007)


First Appearance: Deathlok Annual #1 (1992)
Origin: Deathlok #32-34 (1994)
Significant Issues: As Roxxon scientist, encountered future self & others (Deathlok #34, 1994); in future of Earth-7484, directed assault against Deathlok the Demolisher & Godwulf (Deathlok #32, 1994); acted as supposed freedom fighter on Earth-9208, brought Deathlok/Michael Collins to Earth-9208, led Bangers against Emperor Richardson's forces, true nature exposed, defeated by Deathlok (Deathlok Annual #1, 1992); attempted to decimate Earth with floods from Australian base, defeated by Deathlok/Collins & Siege (Deathlok #27-28, 1993); recruited Deathlok the Demolisher from Earth-7484 (Deathlok #29, 1993); with Bangers, attempted to alter outcome of Operation: Purge at Earth-616/Earth-7484 juncture point, opposed by Deathlok/Collins & others, transported allies & enemies to Limbo, traveled to first moments of Earth-7484 timeline (Deathlok #31-33, 1994); attempted to kill past self, prevented from doing so by Deathlok/Collins & others, seemingly destroyed (Deathlok #34, 1994)


First Appearance: (As Paste-Pot Pete) Strange Tales #104 (1963); (as Trapster) Fantastic Four #38 (1965)
Origin: Strange Tales #104 (1963)
Significant Issues: Allied with Wizard (Strange Tales #110, 1963); aided Avengers with solvent (Avengers #6, 1964); developed vest-based costume (Strange Tales #124, 1964); laughed at by Spider-Man (Spider-Man/Human Torch #1, 2005); formed Frightful Four (Fantastic Four #36, 1965); renamed self Trapster (Fantastic Four #38, 1965); with Frightful Four, vs Fantastic Four (Fantastic Four #41-43 & 45, 1965); assaulted Daredevil & Baxter Building (Daredevil #35-36, 1967-1968); worked for Red Skull (Captain America #108, 1968); with Frightful Four, betrayed by Medusa (Marvel Super-Heroes #15, 1968); again recruited Medusa, driven off by Agatha Harkness (Fantastic Four #94, 1970); with Frightful Four, recruited Blastaar (Fantastic Four: The World’s Greatest Comic Magazine! #9-10, 2001); vs Annihilus (Marvel Team-Up #2, 1972); with Frightful Four, recruited Thundra (Fantastic Four #129-130 & 133, 1972-1973); with Frightful Four, invaded Baxter Building (Fantastic Four #148, 1974); kidnapped Karen Page, vs Ghost Rider/Johnny Blaze (Ghost Rider #13, 1975); rescued & robbed by Stilt-Man (Captain America #191, 1975); with Frightful Four, recruited Brute (Fantastic Four #176-178, 1976-1977); attacked Ghost Rider, traumatized (Marvel Team-Up #58, 1977); recovered in hospital, met Catherine Polumbo (Marvel Tales #255, 1991); with Frightful Four, recruited Electro, invaded Baxter Building in Spider-Man disguise (Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man #39-40 & 42/Fantastic Four #218, 1980); with Frightful Four, alongside Llyra, vs Namor (Amazing Spider-Man #214-215, 1981); made Diamondback’s diamonds (Captain America #319, 1986); stopped by Baxter Building security (Fantastic Four #265, 1984); with Lethal Legion, invaded Marvel (Marvel Age Annual #1, 1985); redesigned costume to use canisters, created Lubricant Z (Captain America #324, 1986); attacked Spider-Man as an "Act of Vengeance" (Spectacular Spider-Man #158, 1989); alongside Graviton, Titania, Goliath & Brothers Grimm, vs Spider-Man (Web of Spider-Man #64-65, 1990); defeated by redeemed Sandman (Amazing Spider-Man Annual #24/Spectacular Spider-Man Annual #10, 1990); stolen suit used by Larry Curtiss (Iron Man Annual #12, 1991); sued Tinkerer for failed devices (Sensational She-Hulk #59, 1994); suckered Sandman (Silver Sable and the Wild Pack #26, 1994); with new Frightful Four, defeated Rangers (Amazing Spider-Man: Chaos in Calgary #4, 1993); attended Titania’s wedding (Avengers Unplugged #4, 1996); committed ten million dollar train robbery (Spider-Man #71, 1996); teamed with Shocker to defeat Spider-Man, killed Joey Z for Osborn (Peter Parker: Spider-Man #86-88, 1997-1998); bounty placed on head by Osborn, confessed to Joey Z’s murder (Peter Parker: Spider-Man #91-92, 1998); defeated Mr Fantastic one-on-one (Fantastic Four #10, 1998); caused Sandman to reveal his return to villainy (Amazing Spider-Man #4, 1999); teamed with Wizard to tap Negative Zone (Amazing Spider-Man '99 Annual, 1999); joined Wizard’s Frightful Four, vs Keewazi (Fantastic Four #39, 2000); worked with Gideon Trust & N-Explorers (Fantastic Four #38-41 & 43-44, 2001); betrayed by Wizard (Fantastic Four #514-515, 2004); joined von Bardas’ army (Secret War #3-5, 2004-2005); briefly held in Negative Zone prison (Fantastic Four: Foes #1 & 5-6, 2005); stopped Whirlwind (Daughters of the Dragon #3, 2006); alongside Sandman, hired by Maggia (Thing #5-6, 2006); part of army which attacked Underworld (Underworld #4-5, 2006); aided Hammerhead (Civil War: War Crimes #1, 2007); rejoined Frightful Four (Fantastic Four #547-, 2007)


First Appearance and Origin: Tales of Suspense #56 (1964)
Significant Issues: Given helmet & harness by inventor Anton Vanko, sent to New York after Vanko "defected" to US, vs Iron Man, planted time bomb & coerced Iron Man to board airplane bound for Russia only to have Iron Man destroy plane in flight, escaped & went into hiding (Tales of Suspense #56, 1964); among villains affected by Doctor Doom’s high-frequency emotion charger, went to Baxter Building to attack Fantastic Four (Fantastic Four Annual #3/Marvel: Heroes and Legends, 1965/1996); vs Iron Man, defeated with one punch (Marvel: Heroes and Legends, 1996); teamed with Beetle, Electro, Mandarin & Melter against Cyclops & Iceman, resultant combination of power blasts knocked them all out, sent back to immediate past by Reed Richards with no memory of attack (Fantastic Four Annual #3, 1965); hired by Count Nefaria as one of five lieutenants in scheme to implicate X-Men in extorting one hundred million dollars from US government, double-crossed Nefaria, planned to take ransom for himself, fooled along with Nefaria into fighting over mental image of ransom briefcase created by Professor X (X-Men #22-23, 1966); brainwashed & subjected to hyper-activator ray that increased his strength but damaged his mind & shortened his life, shook off brainwashing & destroyed lab, attacked Congress of Scientific Achievement looking for cure, vs Iron Man who crushed his power belt & threw it off cliff, leaped after belt (Iron Man #4, 1968); activated emergency booster rockets, retrieved belt, flew to Red Ghost’s hideout, led to believe Red Ghost was providing cure to hyper-activator, helped him steal cosmic ray intensifier but double-crossed by Red Ghost, joined with Iron Man to pursue Red Ghost but turned on Iron Man & grabbed Red Ghost for himself hoping for cure (Iron Man #15-16, 1969); gave up on Red Ghost after he failed to find cure (Defenders #8, 1973); sought help from Mandarin who discovered cure for his physical condition but turned him into vegetable, controlled by Mandarin’s mystic headband, vs Iron Man until exchange of power transferred Mandarin’s brain patterns into his body, fled with Mandarin controlling his body (Iron Man #57-58, 1973); with Mandarin still controlling body which had begun deteriorating again, needed extra power in order to effect mind transfer, teleported Sunfire to undersea fortress lab & used his power for transference but apparently died after Mandarin was back in his own body (Iron Man #68-69, 1974); thrown clear of undersea lab, floated in Arctic waters in suspended animation until found by Titanium Man who revived his mind but could not halt degeneration yet promised cure in exchange for total defeat of Iron Man (Iron Man #115, 1978); defeated by Iron Man & brought to Avengers Mansion, revived by Hank Pym, accidentally activated Arsenal robot that then attacked him leaving him comatose, placed in cryogenic canister by Iron Man & kept at Stark International (Iron Man #113-115, 1978); revived in explosion caused by Blacklash’s attack on Stark International (Iron Man #146-147, 1981); recovered enough to leave canister, stole sky-sled & attacked Iron Man on behalf of "the Other," learned that "the Other" was Titanium Man & had been deported to Russia, attempted to follow by walking into ocean (Iron Man #154, 1982); plucked from ocean by Beyonder to fight with new Lethal Legion (Marvel Age Annual #1, 1985); arrived in St. Petersburg emaciated, insane & with third eye on stalk, rampage halted by Titanium Man, asked to join Remont 4 but placed in padded cell after having eyestalk amputated (Soviet Super-Soldiers Special Edition #1, 1992); joined Stockpile, vs Iron Man & War Machine, lost (Iron Man #330-331, 1996); spotted by Copycat at Russian Tea Room (Deadpool #39, 2000); recruited into Thunderbolts army (Thunderbolts #104, 2006); with Thunderbolts army, fought against Wellspring-empowered humans in Chicago (Thunderbolts #107, 2006)

Wu, Leiko

First Appearance and Origin: Master of Kung Fu #33 (1975)
Significant Issues: Met Shang-Chi, held captive by Mordillo, saved by Shang, fell in love with him (Master of Kung Fu #33-35, 1975); saw Shang off to Hong Kong (Master of Kung Fu #38, 1976); confronted by Reston about her relationship with Shang (Master of Kung Fu #39, 1976); past with James Larner revealed, left on mission to rescue Ducharme (Master of Kung Fu #40, 1976); brought Ducharme to MI-6, aided against Fu Manchu, witnessed death of Larner (Master of Kung Fu #43-50, 1976-1977); alongside Shang, quit MI-6 (Master of Kung Fu #51, 1977); targeted by War-Yore (Master of Kung Fu #54 & 56-58, 1977); first encountered Shen Kuei (Master of Kung Fu #61-63 & 66-68, 1978); alongside friends, pursued by MI-6, cleared their names (Master of Kung Fu #71-79, 1978-1979); opposed Fu Manchu, had indiscretion with Reston (Master of Kung Fu #80-89, 1979-1980); introduced Shang to her brother in New York (Master of Kung Fu #90-92, 1980); joined Freelance Restorations, vs Dawning Light cult (Master of Kung Fu #93-95, 1980); met Rufus Carter (Master of Kung Fu #96, 1981); alongside Shang, vs Pendleton Asquith (Master of Kung Fu #97, 1981); investigated Mad Slayer, injured (Master of Kung Fu #99-100, 1981); recuperated in hospital (Master of Kung Fu #101, 1981); briefly involved with Shen Kuei (Master of Kung Fu #103-104, 1981); vs twin Razor-Fists & Carlton Velcro (Master of Kung Fu #105-106, 1981); met Dark Angel (Master of Kung Fu #108, 1982); alongside friends, went fox hunting (Master of Kung Fu #109, 1982); vs Ghost-Maker (Master of Kung Fu #110-111, 1982); involved in plot for blue diamonds (Master of Kung Fu #112-113, 1982); saw Shang off on mission to Hong Kong (Master of Kung Fu #114, 1982); alongside friends, vs Fu Manchu (Master of Kung Fu #115-118, 1982); vs Brynocki's marauders (Master of Kung Fu #119, 1982); alongside friends & Rom, vs Dire Wraiths (Rom #38-39, 1983); helped save Reston from Carrington Scullers (Master of Kung Fu #122, 1983); witnessed Shang's departure from Freelance Restorations (Master of Kung Fu #123-125, 1983); captured by Red Wolves, lost left hand, saved by Shang (Marvel Comics Presents #1-8, 1988); aided Shang in retrieving Elixir Vitae (Master of Kung Fu: Bleeding Black #1, 1991); held hostage by Lazarus, saved by Shang (Marvel Comics Presents #156-158, 1994); alongside others, attended Nick Fury's funeral (Incredible Hulk #434, 1995); now married to Reston, aided Shang & friends against Hellfire weapon (Master of Kung Fu #1-6, 2002-2003)


First Appearance: (Mentioned) Master of Kung Fu #76 (1979); (full) Master of Kung Fu #77 (1979)
Origin: Master of Kung Fu #77 (1979)
Significant Issues: First mentioned by agents (Master of Kung Fu #76, 1979); alongside Fah Lo Suee, betrayed & killed Ward Sarsfield, vs Shang-Chi (Master of Kung Fu #77-79, 1979); swore allegiance to Fu Manchu (Master of Kung Fu #83-84, 1979-1980); alongside Fah Lo Suee, betrayed Fu Manchu, aided Shang-Chi & allies against him (Master of Kung Fu #86-89, 1980); spurned by Fah Lo Suee, attempted to kill Clive Reston, vs Shang-Chi (Master of Kung Fu #109, 1982); joined Batroc's Brigade, vs Captain America & Nomad (Captain America #302-303, 1985); alongside Shockwave & Razor-Fist, hired by S.H.I.E.L.D.'s Deltite conspiracy to attack Avengers (West Coast Avengers #11, 1986); with Batroc's Brigade, vs Hawkeye (Solo Avengers #3, 1988); with Batroc's Brigade, hired by Helmut Zemo to hunt for Bloodstone fragments (Captain America #357-362, 1989); pupil allied with Shadow-Hand (Master of Kung Fu: Bleeding Black, 1991); with Batroc's Brigade, attended A.I.M. Weapons Expo (Captain America #411-413, 1993); sent against Nomad by Senator Ingrid, defeated (Nomad #18 & 22, 1993 & 1994); participated in Architect's contest (Elektra #7, 1997); with Batroc's Brigade, worked for Taskmaster (Hawkeye: Earth's Mightiest Marksman, 1998); with Batroc's Brigade, alongside others, sought bounty on Gambit (Gambit #16-19, 2000); pupil worked for Fu Manchu, vs "Marvel Knights" (Marvel Knights #4-7 & 11-14, 2000-2001); vs Wolverine on pacific island (Wolverine #158, 2001); participated in Bloodsport contest in Madripoor, defeated Razor-Fist, defeated by Taskmaster (Wolverine #167, 2001); with Batroc's Brigade, vs Thunderbolts (New Thunderbolts #8, 2005); with Batroc's Brigade, hired by Maelstrom, vs Great Lakes Avengers (GLA #2-4, 2005); hired by R.A.I.D., defeated by Union Jack (Union Jack #1, 2006); enlisted into Thunderbolts army (Thunderbolts #103 & 107, 2006)

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