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OHOTMU:Bibliography-Hulk 2007

World War Hulk Gamma Files Bibliography

Black Bolt to Woodgod and the Changelings

Last Updated: 8/22/07


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Cover by Marko Djurdjevic

Black Bolt

First Appearance: Fantastic Four #45 (1965)
Origin: Thor #148-149 (1967)


First Appearance: Incredible Hulk #92 (2006)
Origin: Incredible Hulk #98 (2006)
Significant Issues: Met Hulk, vs him on behalf of Red King (Incredible Hulk #92, 2006); sent to monitor & negotiate with Hulk (Incredible Hulk #93-94, 2006); ordered Hulk to kill Red King's enemies, refused, witnessed Hulk & Silver Surfer's liberation of slaves (Incredible Hulk #95, 2006); pursued Hulk's army (Incredible Hulk #96-97, 2006); alongside Hulk, vs Spikes, joined his Warbound (Incredible Hulk #98-99, 2006); with Warbound, vs Red King, witnessed his overthrow (Incredible Hulk #100-102, 2007); became Hulk's queen, learned that he was Bruce Banner (Incredible Hulk #103, 2007); revealed she was pregnant to Hulk, caught in shuttle explosion (Incredible Hulk #104, 2007); died in Hulk's arms (Incredible Hulk #105, 2007)

Captain Axis

First Appearance and Origin: Incredible Hulk #155 (1972)
Significant Issues: Fled Germany after World War II, settled in Latveria, assisted Doctor Doom in creation of size-reduction ray, had ray used on him by Doom, shrank into Microverse, arrived on world of Moto ruled by Shaper of Worlds, had his dream of Nazi-controlled America created by Shaper, became Führer there, confronted by Hulk, received power of Captain Axis from Shaper, vs Hulk, lost dream of power followed by power itself, stranded on Moto by Shaper (Incredible Hulk #155, 1972)

Captain Omen

First Appearance and Origin: Incredible Hulk #164 (1973)
Significant Issues: Rescued submarine crew & Hulk, elaborated upon Infra-World's nature to Bruce Banner, enslaved Hulk (Incredible Hulk #164, 1973); set Aquon against Hulk & Infra-World rebels, surfaced Infra-World to allow Hulk & rebels to depart, re-submerged Infra-World (Incredible Hulk #165, 1973)

Cho, Amadeus

First Appearance and Origin: Amazing Fantasy #15 (2006)
Significant Issues: Spoke with Agent Sexton, adopted coyote pup, clashed with police officer, hunted by enemies, rescued & befriended by Hulk (Amazing Fantasy #15, 2006); blew up S.H.I.E.L.D. aircraft, located hidden Hulk base, hacked into Mister Fantastic's computer files, learned of Hulk's banishment by "Illuminati," discovered Hulk had not arrived at predetermined destination, quarreled with Mister Fantastic (Incredible Hulk #100, 2007); sent computer file to She-Hulk (She-Hulk #18, 2007)

Gamma Corps

First Appearance: World War Hulk: Gamma Corps #1 (2007)
Origin: World War Hulk: Gamma Corps #2 (2007)
Significant Issues: Killed Flux (World War Hulk: Gamma Corps #1, 2007); origins revealed (World War Hulk: Gamma Corps #2, 2007)

Gamma Mutates

First Appearance: (Froma) Tales of Suspense #68 (1965); (Leader) Tales to Astonish #62 (1964); (Rhino) Amazing Spider-Man #41 (1966); (Abomination) Tales to Astonish #90 (1967); (Doc Samson) Incredible Hulk #141 (1971); (Morton Clegstead) Incredible Hulk #150 (1972); (Crawling Unknown) Incredible Hulk #151 (1972); (Harpy) Incredible Hulk #168 (1973); (Sh’mballah) Incredible Hulk: Stalker from the Stars (1978); (Hans Feldstadt, pictured) Hulk #13 (1979); (Hans Feldstadt, full) Hulk #14 (1979); (Sasquatch/Tanaraq) X-Men #120 (1979); (She-Hulk) Savage She-Hulk #1 (1980); Gammadroid (Captain America #257 (1981); (Rikky Keegan) Incredible Hulk Annual #11 (1982); (Gamma spores) Defenders #132 (1984); (Sirius) Incredible Hulk #294 (1984); (Max Stryker) Incredible Hulk #294 (1984); (Hubert St. Johns) Incredible Hulk Annual #14 (1985); (Rick Jones Hulk) Incredible Hulk #325 (1986); (Outcasts of Desert Lab) Incredible Hulk #329 (1987); (Half-Life) Incredible Hulk #334 (1987); (Riot Squad) Incredible Hulk #345 (1988); (Jason Berg & Cara LeBlanc) She-Hulk #15 (1989); (X-Force) Mutant Misadventures of Cloak and Dagger #10 (1990); (Abominatrix) Sensational She-Hulk #21 (1990); (Spider-Hulk) Web of Spider-Man #69 (1990); (Gamma-Burn) Wonder Man #3 (1991); (Frost) Incredible Hulk #395 (1992); (War Zone) Sensational She-Hulk #50 (1993); (Eugene Wildeman) Prime vs. the Incredible Hulk #0 (1995); (Largo) Incredible Hulk #427 (1995); (Geiger & Patchwork) Doc Samson #1 (1996); (Headshop) Incredible Hulk #437 (1996); (Ravage) Rampaging Hulk #2 (1998); (Amazon & Behemoth) Heroes for Hire #12 (1998); (Bannermen) Marvel Boy #2 (2000); (Dogs of War) Incredible Hulk #14 (2000); (Flux) Incredible Hulk #17 (2000); (Kalkhimithians) Avengers #38 (2001); (Lucy Ryker, partial) Incredible Hulk #18 (2000); (Lucy Ryker, full) Incredible Hulk #19 (2000); (Pratt) Incredible Hulk #40 (2002); (Kyle Hatcher) Hulk/Wolverine #1 (2003); (Digger) Amazing Spider-Man #51 (2003); (Spinach) Double-Shot #1 (2003); (Gamma Corps) World War Hulk: Gamma Corps #1 (2007)
Significant Issues: Froma - Edam, Gouda, Colby, Havarti - fought off by Iron Man (Tales of Suspense #68, 1965); Rhino re-empowered/strengthened via gamma radiation (Incredible Hulk #104, 1968); Clegstead transformed by Hulk's blood after reopening Project: Greenskin, Crawling Unknown consumed all it contacted, vs Hulk, killed by lightning (Incredible Hulk #150-151, 1972); Betty mutated into Harpy, attacked Hulk, captured by Bi-Beast, reverted to normal (Incredible Hulk #168-169, 1973); Sephlod Sh’mballah awakened & took control of Crater Falls, North Dakota until slain by Hulk (Incredible Hulk: Stalker from the Stars, 1978); Ravage mutated himself (Rampaging Hulk #2, 1998); captured by Gamma Base (Rampaging Hulk #3, 1998); studied at Gamma Base (Rampaging Hulk #6, 1999); Feldstadt mutated into gamma monster, vs Hulk (Hulk #14, 1978); Matrix Eight captured Hulk, designed Gammadroid only for Hulk to easily destroy it (Captain America #257, 1981); Rikky Keegan duped into aiding Leader in isolating gamma gene, mutated into Leader-like form, helped foil Leader, reverted to normal (Incredible Hulk Annual #11, 1982); Gamma spores consumed by Ephraim Soles who attacked & was destroyed by Defenders (New Defenders #132, 1984); Chris Larmouth consumed & mutated by gamma spores, attacked & frozen by Defenders, other gamma spores grew into monstrous plant life, cells destroyed by Gargoyle (New Defenders #141, 1985); Chris Larmouth healed by Moondragon with power of Beyonder (New Defenders #152, 1986); Sirius cured by Gammascope exposure (Incredible Hulk #294, 1984); Sirius revealed to have turned savaged, shot & killed by his owner (Incredible Hulk #295, 1984); Stryker approached Banner for cure, kidnapped Katherine Waynesboro, exposed to cure, transformed into monster, vs Hulk, reverted to his original form by Rom (Incredible Hulk #294-296, 1984); Hubert St. Johns captured Hulk, became gamma-irradiated monstrosity, died when his body’s fat burst (Incredible Hulk Annual #14, 1985); Rick Jones gamma-irradiated by nutrient bath, transformed into Hulk-like creature (Incredible Hulk #324-325, 1986); along with Bruce Banner, Rick sought out desert lab to contain himself, vs Zzzax, encountered Outcasts, vs Nevermind (Incredible Hulk #326-327 & 329-330, 1986-1987); vs Hulkbusters, reverted back to human form by Leader (Incredible Hulk #332, 1987); Outcasts encountered Rick Jones Hulk, welcome him into their society, eventually send him out after S.H.I.E.L.D. killed many Outcasts in bid to capture him (Incredible Hulk #329, 1987); Half-Life dismembered by Hulk (Incredible Hulk #334, 1987); Half-Life absorbed Hulk energy, released it & seemingly died (Incredible Hulk #342, 1988); Riot Squad empowered (Incredible Hulk #345, 1988); Riot Squad vs Hulk at Freehold while he was poisoned (Incredible Hulk #366, 1990); Riot Squad participated in assault on Mount, defended Freehold from Hydra, Soul Man Killed, Omnibus became new leader (Incredible Hulk #398-401, 1992); Omnibus attempted to start World War Three, cast out by rest of Riot Squad (Incredible Hulk #438-442, 1996); Jason & Cara encountered She-Hulk (She-Hulk #15-16 1989); X-Force aided by Cloak & Dagger, vs M Branch & Rogue (Mutant Misadventures of Cloak and Dagger #9-10, 1990); Abominatrix kidnapped Louise Mason, vs She-Hulk (Sensational She-Hulk #21-23, 1990-1991); Gamma-Burn vs Wonder Man, drained of powers by him (Wonder Man #3, 1991); Frost vs Hulk & Punisher in Las Vegas (Incredible Hulk #395-396, 1992); War Zone attacked & defeated by She-Hulk (Sensational She-Hulk #50, 1993); War Zone reactivated, dismembered by She-Hulk, gamma bomb neutralized by Zapper (Sensational She-Hulk #55-56, 1993); Eugene Wildeman mutated abducted teens, sought to experiment on visiting Earth-93060’s Prime/Kevin Green, mutated self into monstrous form, defeated by Prime & Hulk (Prime vs. the Incredible Hulk #0, 1995); Geiger aided Doc Samson vs Patchwork (Doc Samson #1-4, 1996); Headshop rescued Bruce Banner from army, watched as he battled Thor (Incredible Hulk #437-440, 1996); Amazon & Behemoth as part of Strike Force One, vs Heroes for Hire, defeated (Heroes for Hire #12, 1998); Bannermen defeated by Noh-Varr (Marvel Boy #2, 2000); dogs of war mutated, vs Hulk (Incredible Hulk #14, 2000); Edam & Gouda vs Punisher/Frank Castle during "Maximum Security" (Maximum Security #1, 2000); Flux vs Hulk, defeated by him (Incredible Hulk #17, 2000); examined by Doc Samson (Incredible Hulk #18, 2000); abused by Ryker (Incredible Hulk #19, 2000); vs Hulk & Samson, collapsed (Incredible Hulk #20, 2000); Lucy Ryker freed from tank, discovered husbands actions (Incredible Hulk #20, 2000); Kalkhimithians irradiated by Diablo, vs Avengers & Hulk, returned to normal (Avengers #38-40, 2001); Pratt abducted Banner, injected with Hulk blood, exploded, recaptured Banner then powerless d/t transfusion from Sandra Verdrugo, turned into powerful form, vs Banner, ultimately torn to pieces by Hulk (Incredible Hulk #40-43 & 45-49, 2002-2003); Kyle Hatcher received blood transfusion from Bruce Banner (Hulk/Wolverine #4, 2003); Digger reanimated by gamma bomb, arrived in New York attacking Forelli’s establishments, vs Spider-Man, died when Spider-Man forced him to expend all his gamma radiation (Amazing Spider-Man #51-54, 2003); Spinach created spray, vs Hulk (Double-Shot #1, 2003); Reality-5901 Outcasts studied at possible non-Earth-616 Gamma Base-type facility (Hulk: Destruction #1, 2005)


First Appearance and Origin: Incredible Hulk #89 (2006)
Significant Issues: Alleged circumstances of launch described (Incredible Hulk #89, 2006); approached by Hulk (Incredible Hulk #89, 2006); vs Hulk, physical form destroyed (Incredible Hulk #90-91, 2006); attempted to re-create self from fragments crashed in Savage Land, vs Fantastic Four in multiple bodies, seemingly destroyed by Fantastic Four (4 #29, 2006)

Hero of the Day

First Appearance and Origin: Incredible Hulk #286 (1983)
Significant Issues: Sent back in time to Earth-616, encountered Hulk, returned to original timeline, killed by competing soldiers (Incredible Hulk #286, 1983); buried by Hulk (Incredible Hulk #287, 1983)


First Appearance and Origin: Incredible Hulk #145 (1971)
Significant Issues: Returned to Earth, kidnapped Bruce Banner, unleashed Colossus, confronted Hulk, departed Earth (Incredible Hulk #145, 1971)


First Appearance: (Banner, gray Hulk) Incredible Hulk #1 (1962), (green/savage Hulk) Incredible Hulk #2 (1962), (green, merged/Professor Hulk) Incredible Hulk #377 (1991)
Origin: Incredible Hulk #1 (1962), Incredible Hulk #312 (1985), Incredible Hulk minus 1 (1997), Hulk #12 (2000)
Significant Issues: Bruce Banner’s grandfather was French and fought in the trenches of World War I (Incredible Hulk #135, 1971); Rebecca Banner had difficult labor with Bruce, required caesarian section, Brian Banner immediately considered his child a monster, worried that his own years of atomic research had altered his genes and produced a freak (Incredible Hulk #312, 1985); When Bruce was several months old, his father felt bitterness for him and jealousy toward him, left him with a cruel nurse (Incredible Hulk #312 (1985); Toddler Bruce burned by radiator (Incredible Hulk #227, 1978); As a young child, Bruce Banner sneaked downstairs on Christmas morning to look at his presents early, found a construction set and began building, found by his father, who believed that his son was a freak for being able to build such intricate things at such a young age, yelled at and called a monster and freak by his father, watched his mother beaten (Incredible Hulk #312, 1985/#377, 1992); Young Bruce confronted by violent father, vowed to understand why things happened the way they did to better control dangerous things (Order #6, 2002); As a young child, mother tried to take him and flee from Brian; witnessed Rebecca murdered by his father after she and Bruce tried to leave him, left afraid of showing any emotions by the traumatic event (Incredible Hulk #377 /Incredible Hulk ’97, 1992/1997); Very young Bruce intimidated by Brian Banner into testifying that he never saw Brian Banner abuse Rebecca (Incredible Hulk #403, 1993); Brian Banner overhead gloating how he had browbeat Bruce into lying, arrested, swore vengeance on Bruce (Incredible Hulk minus 1, 1997); Brian Banner treated at Bellmore Psychiatric Institute in San Francisco, California (Incredible Hulk #77, 2005); Spent summers w/ cousin Jen Walters in Ohio, took her to Thompson’s Grocery to buy popsicles (Avengers Annual #13, 1984); w/ cousin Jen Walters, allegedly read every book in the Charlestown Public Library (Avengers #74, 2004); Bruce went to live with aunt Susan Elizabeth Banner in Modesto, California (Incredible Hulk #79, 2005); In high school, Banner proved an excellent student, was shy, anti-social, shunned by other students, had his chemistry experiment sabotaged, creating an explosion (Incredible Hulk #312, 1985) High school student Bruce berated by science teacher Mr. Woodman for screwing up experiment (Incredible Hulk #227, 1978); High school Bruce studied under math teacher Mrs. Morris; tried to stop Ken from getting too rough with his girlfriend Carla, beat up by Ken; communicated with Hulk/imaginary friend/father figure in his subconscious; Hulk aspect of personality took control at night, planted a bomb – actually defective – in school basement; Bruce diffused it but was blamed for making the bomb and beaten up by a number of students while principle Guiness turned a blind eye; forced to leave town to avoid criminal charges via instigation of Gen. Ross so that the military could further his education so that he might become a weapons designer for them (Incredible Hulk #77-81, 2005); Bruce quit medical school to study nuclear physics (Savage She-Hulk #1, 1980); Banner studied at Desert State University under Dr. Josiah Weller, head of Research & Development (Captain Marvel #21, 1970); Banner studied at Desert State under physics Prof. Max Christiansen (Incredible Hulk #436, 1995); Banner studied under physics Prof. Geoffrey Crawford, who was his mentor and one of his favorite professors (Rampaging Hulk #2, 1998); Desert State classmates with Raoul Stoddard (Incredible Hulk #130, 1970); College roommates with Peter Corbeau, friends for years (Incredible Hulk #147, 1972); College roommates & friends with pre-law student Randy Cantor, often discussed philosophy (HULK #26, 1981); Classmates with Dr. Rikky Keegan (Incredible Hulk Annual #11, 1982) Banner dated Sally Moore at Desert State (Incredible Hulk #226, 1978); Banner met classmate Susan Jacobson (Incredible Hulk #410, 1993); Banner dated Susan Jacobson (Incredible Hulk #377/410, 1991/1993); Banner became overly-aggressive with Susan Jacobson, terrifying her and driving her to break up with him (Incredible Hulk #410, 1993); Banner had fling with Monica "Nicky" Rappaccini (Incredible Hulk #85, 2005); Banner three-time college dart champion (Incredible Hulk Annual #19); Attended CIT, befriended and then dated Angela Lipscombe (Incredible Hulk #12, 2000); As a graduate student, attended class with Phil Sterns, who admired Banner from afar (Incredible Hulk #367, 1990); Banner obtained three doctorates (Defenders #5, 2005); Broke up with Angela over jealousy when she obtained a research grant while he was repeatedly turned down (Incredible Hulk #12, 2000); Banner revealed to have corresponded with Charles Xavier on the gamma ray treatment of exhaustion (X-Men #66, 1970); Wrote paper on particle physics (Incredible Hulk #413, 1994); Banner associated with nuclear physicist Ronald Jenkins (HULK #20, 1980); Banner was colleagues with Hector DeVasquez (Sensational She-Hulk #57, 1993); Met with Gen. Ross to discuss Gamma Bomb, took in Brian Banner after his release from prison, attacked by Brian over Rebecca’s grave, fought back & killed Brian (Incredible Hulk #312/377/minus 1, 1985/1991/1997); Arrived at Desert Base under employment of the United States Military, met Betty Ross for the first time as he set up his lab, (Incredible Hulk #312, 1985) Ryker oversaw Banner’s work at Desert Base (Incredible Hulk #14, 2000); transformed into Hulk, vs. soldiers, defeated Igor Drenkov (Incredible Hulk #1/Incredible Hulk Annual #17, 1962/1991); approached Betty’s house (Hulk: Gray#1, 2003); spoke with Betty, vs. soldiers, first used desert lab containment chamber (Hulk: Gray#2, 2003); freed Rick from Ross’ troops, vs. Iron Man/Tony Stark, Betty injured in the fight (Hulk: Gray#3-4, 2004); tried to treat Betty, battled Ross & troops (Hulk: Gray#5-6, 2004); vs. Gargoyle/Yuri Topolov, assisted Topolov’s transformation back to normal (Incredible Hulk #1, 1962); created desert lab, vs. Toad Men (Incredible Hulk #2, 1962); launched into space, exposed to cosmic rays that put him under Rick’s control, vs. Circus of Crime (Incredible Hulk #3, 1962); temporarily regained full intellect in Hulk form though retained savagery, vs. Boris Monguski (Incredible Hulk #4, 1962); vs. General Fang (Incredible Hulk #5, 1963); vs. Distorter/Dr. Stort (Marvel Super-Heroes #3, 1990); framed for sabotage by Wrecker/Karl Kort, vs. Fantastic Four & Wrecker, named cleared by Fantastic Four; weakened by Wrecker’s ray, defeated by Thing who observed his transformation back to Banner and was inspired to remember the humanity within himself (Fantastic Four #12/Hulk & Thing: Hard Knocks #2-4, 1963/2004-2005); unstable powerful Banner & Banner-head/Hulk body transformations; vs. Metal Master, pardoned by US president (Incredible Hulk #6, 1963); worked at Kiebler Circus as Mechano, helped found Avengers vs. Loki (Avengers #1/Hawkeye #8, 1963/2004); met Jarvis – all Avengers staff save Jarvis had quit due to the Hulk’s membership; helped organize Avengers charter at Avengers Mansion, left without signing so Rick signed for him (Avengers Annual #11/ Avengers #280 / Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes #1, 1983/1987/); with Avengers, vs. Dr. Doom & Flying Fortress (Avengers #1½, 1999); with Avengers, vs. Space Phantom, quit (Avengers #2/Avengers #267, 1963/1986); delivered baby (Avengers Classic #2, 2007); with Namor, vs. Avengers, fled after turning back into Banner in mid-fight (Avengers #3/Journey into Mystery #112, 1964/1965); entered Spain, disrupted el Supremo's plans, swam back to US (Smash! #38, 1966); angered upon learning the Avengers had replaced him with Captain America, returned to New York seeking vengeance, vs. Avengers & Fantastic Four (Fantastic Four #25-26, 1964); stumbled into Fort Knox, battled then befriended by Sentry; lived in Watchtower with Sentry, vs. General (Sentry/Hulk #1, 2001); w/ Sentry, battled Danny Boy in the Negative Zone (Sentry #3, 2006); w/ Sentry, vs. Leader, Living Nuke, Lobster People (Sentry/Hulk #1, 2001); tortured by Void, returned to solo wandering (Sentry/Hulk #1, 2001); Banner returned to Desert Base, Hulk led by Avengers to destroy Living Rock (Avengers #5, 1964); hid out in cave in New Mexico, encountered & fought Spider-Man (Amazing Spider-Man #14, 1964); in New York City, vs. Spider-Man, defeated by Captain America (Fallen Son: The Death of Captain America#4, 2007); Giant-Man & Wasp traveled to New Mexico to try to re-recruit Hulk for Avengers, Human Top/David Cannon sent Hulk to battle Giant-Man, Hulk saved Giant-Man & village from "small bore atomic shell" launched on Ross’ order (Tales to Astonish #59, 1964); New York government sought scientific aid from Banner against Sundown but found him missing from Desert Base (Untold Tales of Spider-Man ’97, 1997); recognized stress as the trigger to become the Hulk; prepared to test his robot at Desert Base, transformed into Hulk and left, allowing an unidentified spy – sent by the Leader – to enter it instead and defeat Hulk (Tales to Astonish #60, 1964); Banner tracked robot with scanner, Hulk knocked robot into "bottomless pit," saved Desert base from missile launched by the spy, injured in missile explosion, captured by Ross’ troops (Tales to Astonish #61, 1964); Leader sent Chameleon to check on his missing agent, Hulk turned back into Banner and escaped only to be captured and impersonated by Chameleon who attempted to steal his gamma bomb notes; Hulk broke free and drove off Chameleon though suspicions against Banner were strengthened (Tales to Astonish #62, 1964); Leader sent Humanoid to steal Banner’s newest nuclear invention; Hulk defeated Humanoid and knocked invention off the train to stop it from exploding; Banner arrested by Talbot after found by missing invention (Tales to Astonish #63, 1965); Banner kept himself sedated to prevent transformation, prepared to be tried for treason, Rick Jones used Avengers clearance to get US President to clear Banner of charges; Banner taken to Astra Island to test Absorbatron, intimidated by Talbot into turning into Hulk, fled before discovery, fought horde of Leader’s Humanoids attempting to steal Absorbatron (Tales to Astonish #64, 1965); Talbot’s troops attacked Hulk & Humanoids, knocked them into the ocean; Banner captured by Russian submarine crew, pressured to labor for them; Hulk broke free, freeing another scientist prisoner who befriended him; Banner suspected of defecting (Tales to Astonish #65, 1965); friend slain by communist commandant, Hulk vs. communist troops (Tales to Astonish #66-67, 1965); traveled to Mongolia, Banner captured and held for ransom by bandit chieftain Kanga Khan; Talbot sent to recover Banner, both fell from cliff while escaping (Tales to Astonish #67, 1965); Hulk saved unconscious Talbot, returned home; Banner arrested, taken to supervise Absorbatron testing, Hulk captured by Humanoids (Tales to Astonish #68, 1965); Hulk and Absorbatron abducted by Leader & Humanoids, Banner escaped and sent S.O.S., Hulk fought past Leader and destroyed Absorbatron, weakened Hulk shot in head, Banner pronounced dead (Tales to Astonish #69/Avengers #17, 1965); Rick rushed Banner to desert lab, used gamma ray projector to turn him into Hulk, retained Banner’s mind, vs. Leader’s 500’ tall Humanoid sent to destroy Desert Base (Tales to Astonish #70, 1965); Ross’ troops launched super-missile to destroy 500’ tall Humanoid, Hulk escaped in time with Rick’s warning, threatened with nuclear attack by Ross’ troops, offered alliance with Leader to escape (Tales to Astonish #71, 1965); Leader teleported Hulk to his Rome base, Hulk refused to team up to conquer humanity, battled Humanoids (Tales to Astonish #72, 1965); Leader dissolved bullet in Hulk’s brain with gamma laser, earning his debt and leaving him continually in Hulk form, sent Hulk to raid Watcherworld to obtain Ultimate Machine, located Globe of Ultimate Knowledge – conduit for the Machine, vs. Amphibion/Qnax of Xantares who was also sent to retrieve the Machine (Tales to Astonish #73, 1965); defeated Qnax, returned with Globe to Leader who was driven mad by influx of knowledge (Tales to Astonish #74, 1965); fled Leader’s base with Globe, began losing Banner’s intellect, traveled towards US capitol after receiving message from Rick via Globe; Ross’ troops blasted Hulk with Banner’s T-Gun, transporting him to 25th century Earth-6676; vs. King Arrkham’s troops (Tales to Astonish #75, 1966); captured by Arrkham’s troops, informed of "Evil One" – Executioner (Skurge), sought him out in hopes of returning to own time (Tales to Astonish #76, 1966); vs. Executioner & war machines, returned to own time; believing Hulk dead, Rick informed Talbot that Banner was the Hulk (Tales to Astonish #77, 1966); captured by Ross’ troops, studied by replacement scientist Dr. Zaxon who sought to transfer the Hulk’s power into a machine to control the world (Tales to Astonish #78, 1966); defeated Zaxon & escaped, vs. Hercules & army, escaped (Tales to Astonish #79, 1966); captured by Tyrannus, sent against Mole Man via threat to Betty, Rick, & Talbot; vs. Octo-Sapien (Tales to Astonish #80, 1966); Hulk escaped Subterranea; Boomerang sent by Secret Empire to obtain Desert Base’s Orion Missile, took Betty hostage (Tales to Astonish #81, 1966); vs. army, Boomerang, rescued Betty (Tales to Astonish #82, 1966); vs. army, vindicated by Betty (Tales to Astonish #83, 1966); sought companionship from Avengers, traveled to Manhattan, ran amok (Tales to Astonish #84, 1966); amok in Manhattan, vs. Gorki’s robot, Secret Empire; leapt atop Orion missile to prevent it from striking New York, turned back into Banner (Tales to Astonish #85, 1966); Banner reset Orion’s controls for harmless sea landing, Hulk survived crash, Ross sent Leader’s Hulk-Killer Humanoid after Hulk (Tales to Astonish #86, 1966); destroyed Hulk-Killer with proton gun (Tales to Astonish #87, 1967); goaded into rampage by Boomerang ruining his chance at amnesty, swatted down Rick, defeated Boomerang (Tales to Astonish #88, 1967); Banner confronted by Stranger who took control of Hulk and sent him to assault humanity to ease the Stranger’s final assault on Earth (Tales to Astonish #89, 1967); rampaged, cast off Stranger’s control upon becoming Banner, attempted to commit suicide with massive gamma ray dose, stopped by military police, gamma ray projector instead used by Emil Blonsky to become the Abomination; Hulk confronted and defeated by Abomination who then kidnapped Betty (Tales to Astonish #90, 1967); Hulk revived with gamma electrodes treatment, became Banner upon learning of Betty’s abduction, modified Infinite Weapon to project infra-gamma rays, weakened & defeated Abomination (Tales to Astonish #91, 1967); unwittingly crushed weaponized vehicle of "Coyote" Cash while fleeing Air Force (Incredible Hulk #393, 1992); w/ Beast, Giant-Man, Thing, vs. giant monsters released from Collector’s subterranean base (Marvel Monsters: Monsters on the Prowl #1, 2005); heard Universal Communicator speech of Baron Strucker warning of Death Spore (Strange Tales #156, 1967); rampaged in New York, Spider-Man tested for Avengers membership by being sent to bring Hulk to them, fought Hulk, abandoned effort after meeting Banner (Amazing Spider-Man Annual #3, 1966); Banner in hiding, drew gamma rays from the sky in failed attempt to cure himself; Hulk rampaged, confronted by Silver Surfer (Tales to Astonish #92, 1967); vs. Surfer, NYPD, sought to force Surfer to take him to another planet, mistook Surfer’s intent to purge him of gamma radiation, drove him off (Tales to Astonish #93, 1967); captured by agents of High Evolutionary, transported to his ship, vs. Sir Ram (Tales to Astonish #94, 1967); Sir Ram killed by cosmic rays, Banner piloted ship to New Wundagore, captured by High Evolutionary who sought to evolve him into a weapon to use against savage, rebelling New Men (Tales to Astonish #95, 1967); New Men invaded High Evolutionary’s base prematurely, Hulk joined HE vs. New Men; HE evolved self into god-like state, turned New Men back into normal animals, returned Hulk to Earth (Tales to Astonish #96, 1967); encountered and duped into allying with Legion of Living Lightning (Tales to Astonish #97, 1967); attacked Ross’ missile base, captured while Legion captured Ross (Tales to Astonish #98, 1967); turned against Legion when Lord ordered him to attack Betty, defeated Legion and destroyed their base (Tales to Astonish #99, 1967); manipulated by Puppet Master into attacking Namor, injured Rick, defeated in water, tidal wave destroyed Puppet Master’s base (Tales to Astonish #100, 1968); briefly transported to Asgard by Loki, observed by Collector, vs. Heimdall, Warriors Three; sought Oldar the Oracle, cast into bottomless pit by Loki (Tales to Astonish #101/Avengers #51, 1968); recovered by Enchantress, vs. Enchantress, Executioner, Rock Trolls; sent back to Earth by Odin (Incredible Hulk #102, 1968); arrived in New York City, rampaged, vs. Space Parasite; Banner confronted by NYPD (Incredible Hulk #103, 1968); imprisoned; attacked by newly re-empowered Rhino/Aleksei Sytsevich to prove his might, defeated him with aid of jet fuel tank explosion, fled with Betty (Incredible Hulk #104, 1968); Banner superficially shot by criminals, vs. Captain America, Missing Link/Lincoln, (Incredible Hulk #105/Captain America #110, 1968/1969); vs. Missing Link, briefly captured by Yuri Brevolov’s Russian Secret Service organization (Incredible Hulk #106, 1968); vs. Brevlov’s agents, landed near Gobi desert, teleported to Mandarin’s base, resisted Mandarin’s testing to become his agent, vs. Mandarin & android, Chinese soldiers (Incredible Hulk #107, 1968); defeated by Mandarin, received control device, sent to destroy China’s properties, control device destroyed by Brevlov & Nick Fury, returned and destroyed Mandarin’s base (Incredible Hulk #108, 1968); wandered into Tibet, encountered Inhumans, vs. Lockjaw, duped into temporary alliance with Maximus & "evil" Inhumans, attacked Attilan, released Romnar’s destructive energy, helped defeat Maximus & "evil" Inhumans after learning their malevolent intent, fought Black Bolt until calmed, offered sanctuary in Attilan, left in peace (Incredible Hulk Annual/Special #1, 1968); rampaged through China, vs. Chinese army, rode rocket that crashed into the Savage Land; Banner captured by Swamp Men, rescued by Ka-Zar who showed him the Sagittarian race’s Planet-Destroyer machine (Incredible Hulk #109, 1968); defeated by Umbu the Unliving, Banner deactivated Planet-Destroyer, rendering Umbu inert, seemingly perished from machine’s radiation (Incredible Hulk #110, 1968); captured, revived by, fought Sagittarians; encountered Galaxy Master (Incredible Hulk #111, 1969); defeated Galaxy Master with aid of princess Daydra’s rebelling Sagittarians, sent back to Earth in rocket (Incredible Hulk #112, 1969); crashed on Earth, vs. Sandman, briefly duped into attacking missile base, drove off Sandman (Incredible Hulk #113, 1969); vs. army, Mandarin, Sandman, captured by army (Incredible Hulk #114, 1969); Leader joined army’s efforts to neutralize Hulk, trapped him in resilient living cage (Incredible Hulk #115, 1969); Leader and his Super-Humanoid tried to use base’s missiles to start World War III; Hulk freed by Betty, reimprisoned by Leader who then launched a missile (Incredible Hulk #116, 1969); broke out of living cage, defeated Super-Humanoid; Banner destroyed Leader’s missile with a second one; Hulk destroyed Leader’s second launched missile but fell unconscious into the ocean, Leader fled (Incredible Hulk #117, 1969); Banner brought to Atlantis by Dorma; vs. Namor; battle crushed the Atlantean Mistress Fara, knocked Hulk onto Costa Salvador (Incredible Hulk #118, 1969); vs. Maximus & "evil" Inhumans who had conquered South America’s Costa Salvador; Maximus offered Hulk to join him against the approaching US military (Incredible Hulk #119, 1969); vs. US military; Maximus attempted to control Hulk with giant robot, Hulk defeated robot, caused Maximus & "evil" Inhumans to flee (Incredible Hulk #120, 1969); Hulk considered and dismissed by Loki for use against Thor (Silver Surfer #4, 1969); arrived in Florida, collided with unrelated missile, injured leg, landed in swamp, vs. Glob/Joseph Timms, military; w/ Glob, saved Betty from radioactive swamp water (Incredible Hulk #121, 1969); traveled North, destroyed freight train; Banner distraught over damage, traveled to Baxer Building seeking cure, Hulk battled Fantastic Four; Reed Richards used sonic blaster to render him unconscious (Incredible Hulk #122, 1969); Banner and Richards combined efforts to grant Banner control of the transformations, with Banner’s mind controlling the Hulk; Banner and Betty engaged to marry; Leader stole Tripodal Observation Module/"Murder Module" from Ross’ troops; Hulk stopped Leader but after having to force himself to stop before killing the Leader – at which point the Leader escaped, Banner vowed never to become the Hulk again (Incredible Hulk #123, 1970); Leader transformed Banner back into savage Hulk during his wedding in the Ross’ California house and sent Rhino to battle him; Gen. Ross injured during battle, Hulk left Betty behind (Incredible Hulk #124, 1970); Professor Xavier sent X-Men after Hulk, encountered him in Las Vegas; Hulk battled X-Men & army, subconsciously led X-Men to Banner’s desert lab where they obtained the gamma ray device to recover Xavier (X-Men #66, 1970); Banner traveled to California Air Force base, piloted X-890 rocket outfitted with nuclear warhead to destroy comet approaching Earth; Absorbing Man stowed aboard returning X-890, battled Hulk, lost strength and crushed when Hulk turned back to Banner (Incredible Hulk #125, 1970); Banner brought to Cliff-House by Cult of the Undying Ones, sent to realm of the Night-Crawler to destroy him so Undying Ones could use his realm to get to Earth; Hulk battled Night-Crawler, unwittingly destroyed his realm via sonic vibrations from his clapped hands; Night-Crawler invaded Undying Ones’ realm and attacked them, Banner taken to Manhattan by Dr. Strange (Incredible Hulk #126, 1970); Dr. Doom used Cosmic Cube-empowered Hulk robot to lead Fantastic Four into fight with Hulk in Manhattan; they defeated him with aid of ambush by Doom’s psychic scalpel; Doom retrieved data regarding Leader & Globe of Ultimate Knowledge from Hulk’s mind (Fantastic Four: World’s Greatest Comic Magazine #5, 2001); Banner aided Reed Richards in designing device to track Doom (Fantastic Four: World’s Greatest Comic Magazine #6, 2001); - chronologically around June 1970 stories Hulk rampaged in Manhattan, battled then befriended by Mogol who led him to Subterranea to aid Tyrannus vs. Mole Man; upon learning Mogol was a robot, Hulk destroyed Mogol despite Mogol’s efforts to maintain their friendship, shattered Tyrannus’ city (Incredible Hulk #127, 1970); wandered Subterranea; Ross sensed his movement and sent Avengers to stop him from traumatizing the San Andreas fault; Avengers led him into Gammatron Bombarder in Rocky Mountains; Hulk destroyed Gammatron and escaped (Incredible Hulk #128, 1970); Leader restored Glob, sent him to destroy Hulk; Glob torn to pieces in explosion (Incredible Hulk #129, 1970); Rick Jones sought Banner’s expertise to reverse alternating Negative Zone exile of he and Captain Mar-Vell, tracked Banner to Desert Base (Captain Marvel #20, 1970); Banner performed tests on Rick, sought aid from Prof. Josiah Weller, learned he was being assaulted by students rebelling against his research, turned into Hulk; Mar-Vell fought Hulk to try to prevent him from harming the students; ultimately Rick convinced him to leave the dispersed students in peace (Captain Marvel #21, 1970); Hulk smashed Air Force jet over the American Southwest; Banner returned to Desert State, encountered former classmate turned faculty Raoul Stoddard who used his Gammatron in effort to cure Banner of being the Hulk, instead separated Hulk and Banner into different forms; Hulk rampaged while pursuing Banner, fought military; Stoddard jealously tried to kill Banner, stopped by Hulk who then escaped (Incredible Hulk #130, 1970); Hulk befriended Jim Wilson in Los Angeles, Iron Man fought Hulk, allowing Ross’ troops to use Gammatron to recombine Hulk & Banner in hopes of trapping Hulk inside Banner permanently, instead he remained as the Hulk, captured (Incredible Hulk #131, 1970); Hydra duped Jim into helping them capture Hulk who then broke free and escaped with Jim, who had been injured in the previous struggle (Incredible Hulk #132, 1970); Hulk convinced to leave Jim with Ross for medical care, stowed away on ocean liner to Vastopol, the Mediterranean seaport of Morvania; battled dictator Draxon & soldiers, encountered young Rachel Dresden (Incredible Hulk #133, 1970); befriended Rachel, driven off by father Isaac; Hulk likened to the Golem that had liberated the people of Prague; Hulk joined Isaac & rebels in overthrowing Draxon (Incredible Hulk #134, 1970); Kang the Conqueror sent Hulk through timestorm to 1917 to slay the Phantom Eagle in hopes of destroying Bruce Banner – by allowing Banner’s French grandfather to perish via an advanced weapon; fought German troops after being struck by their weapons, destroyed the weapon himself (Incredible Hulk #135, 1971); Banner turned himself over to NATO troops in Central Europe, brought to Manhattan, inadvertently summoned by Andromeda starship crew, turned into Hulk, broke free, battled and defeated by Klaatu allowing Klaatu’s escape; Hulk captured by Xeron and pressed into serve aboard Andromeda alongside Abomination (Incredible Hulk #136, 1971); cast into space by Abomination, recovered by Xeron; with Andromeda crew pursued Klaatu; ultimately battled Abomination in space with both men falling to Earth (Incredible Hulk #137, 1971); Banner sought out Jim & Betty; Betty turned into glass by exposure to Sandman’s blood, Hulk battled Sandman, both fighters dumped into Atlantic Ocean by Ross’ troops; Hulk dispersed Sandman via whirlpool (Incredible Hulk #138, 1971); Hulk washed up on shore of San Pablo, battled soldiers, recruited by Namor & Silver Surfer in plan to destroy Caribbean island’s weather machine; all three attacked by San Pablo’s dictator’s army; as army fell before them, rebels overthrew dictator (Sub-Mariner #34, 1971); Titans Three traveled to Caribbean island, ordered UN forces to deactivate their nuclear-powered weather machine; US Secretary of Defense sent Avengers in, Hulk initiated a battle with them; battled ceased after Atlantean scientists proved the machine was unstable and might explode; Hulk tried to destroy the machine then left angrily when Namor & Surfer stopped him (Sub-Mariner #34, 1971); Leader teamed with Talbot & Ross, allowed to use military’s Brain-Wave Booster to send psychic projections of Hulk’s foes against him from just north of New York City to upstate New York; Jim sabotaged machine, causing Leader to see numerous Hulks chasing him, rendering Leader catatonic (Incredible Hulk #139, 1971); Hulk contained by technology within Boulder dam by Reed Richards, Professor Xavier, and Ross’ troops; teleported by Psyklop to his underground lair beneath a Pacific atoll; Psyklop used a shrinking ray to render him more easily scanned, Hulk shrunk to "sub-atomic" size while Psyklop distracted by Avengers (Avengers #88, 1971); Hulk transported to Jarella’s world, defeated by Warthos, considered hero by Jarella’s people in K’ai, granted Banner’s mind by Sorcerer’s Triad, fought off assassination attempt by Lord Visis, brought back to Earth by Psyklop, battled him and witnessed his punishment by his dark gods (Incredible Hulk #140, 1971); Hulk calmed by learning of Betty’s plight, Banner agreed to help her, Leonard Samson’s Cathexis Ray drained Hulk’s energy, used to restore Betty and remainder to transform Leonard into Doc Samson; Banner became jealous of Betty’s attention towards Samson and re-exposed himself to gamma rays, becoming the Hulk, attacked & defeated Samson; Betty showed sympathy for Samson (Incredible Hulk #141, 1971); defeated rogue Thing in Central Park, Banner wandered off (Fantastic Four #111-112, 1971); demolished building in which Randy Lovaas worked, crippling him for life (Marvel Comics Presents #95, 1991); Hulk slept on Statue of Liberty, calmly departed with Samantha Parrington, targeted for fund-raising for social purposes by Reginald & Malicia Parrington, Samantha transformed into Valkyrie by Enchantress, battled Hulk until turning back to normal (Incredible Hulk #142, 1971); Banner brought to Latverian embassy; Dr. Doom sent Hulk robot to be destroyed by Ross’ troops, kept Banner prisoner, took him to Latveria, used Subliminal Inducer to enslave Banner to create gamma bomb (Incredible Hulk #143, 1971); Valeria halted process, allowing Banner to reverse process and program himself to blow up the bomb in a deserted region; began work on gamma bomb for Doom until Valeria mentioned the Hulk, causing his transformation and escape; Hulk returned and overpowered Doom, left him due to Valeria’s caring (Incredible Hulk #144, 1971); rampaged across Europe into village near Southern coast of Europe, dove into ocean, destroyed Russian destroyer, swam to Sahara desert, ruined movie shooting, set up to star in movie, Banner captured by Horusians Imset, Duamutef, & Qebehsenuf; watched as they activated giant underground stone Colossus & Sphinx to battle in gladiatorial contest, deactivated Sphinx, turned into Hulk, sent back to Earth, destroyed Colossus (Incredible Hulk #145, 1971); crossed deserts of North Egypt, vs. Israeli soldiers, continued trek, hitched ride atop departing plane, plane re-directed to under construction Hulkbuster Base (Incredible Hulk #146, 1971); Hulk arrived at Leader-controlled base under inspection by US President & vice-president, enlisted by Samson vs. Leader & Humanoid composite; Hulk departed angrily after their defeat (Incredible Hulk #147, 1972); wandered desert, encountered mirage town (Incredible Hulk #147, 1972); attacked by Hulkbusters/Combat Force One, knocked out by tranquilizer missiles, transformed back to Banner by solar energy from Peter Corbeau’s Starcore One; Jarella sent to Earth by Sorcerer’s Triad to find Hulk to protect her from Visis; Visis sent Fialan to assassinate Jarella; Jarella met Banner as he relaxed at Corbeau’s California beach house, both brought back to Hulkbuster base as sun became unstable from energy drained (exacerbated by Jarella & Fialan’s transport); as Fialan attacked, Bruce reversed Corbeau’s process, Hulk defeated Fialan; Jarella & Fialan sent back to her world to save the sun (Incredible Hulk #148, 1972); Hulk imprisoned at Hulkbuster base; Inheritor from Beyond came to conquer Earth, assaulted base, battled Hulk, reverted back to normal cockroach (Incredible Hulk #149, 1972); escaped Hulkbuster base, vs. Hulkbusters, mistook Lorna Dane for Jarella, saved her from bikers, defeated by Havok; Betty found semi-conscious Banner who spoke Jarella’s name (Incredible Hulk #150, 1972); Banner sought Ant-Man/Hank Pym to return to Jarella, took train & traveled to Washington D.C; Hulk rampaged when couldn’t find Ant-Man, confronted by Ross & police, vs. Crawling Unknown, electrocuted it (Incredible Hulk #151, 1972); summoned from wooded area by Dr. Strange to aid himself & Namor against Yandroth at his New England base, tricked by Strange via illusion into fighting Namor to prevent them from distracting him as he cast time-slowing spell over Omegatron; trio named Defenders (Marvel Feature #1, 1971); summoned to England to aid Avengers, transported to Olympus to aid against forces of Ares, defeated satyrs (Avengers #100, 1972); Banner returned to Desert Lab, forced to enter containment chamber during cave-in, Hulk broke out of chamber (Shadows & Light #3, 1998); Hulk returned to desert, captured by Hulkbusters, flown to Las Vegas for trial, defended and kept clam by Matt Murdock, broke free upon seeing military troops, confronted by Fantastic Four (Incredible Hulk #152, 1972); vs. FF, Spider-Man; subdued by Reed Richards’ Nega-Gamma blast, put on trial; Richards tried increased Nega-Gamma blast to turn him back to Banner, instead allowed Hulk to break free and escape (Incredible Hulk #153, 1972); arrived in Long Island, broke into Pym’s laboratory, exposed self to Pym Particles, shrank to doll-size, captured by Chameleon, brought to Hydra, escaped, pursued by virus nine-infected rats, aided by Ant-Man, shrank to "sub-atomic" size (Incredible Hulk #154, 1972); Hulk arrived on Micro-World altered by Shaper of World to mirror dreams of Otto Kronsteig/Captain Axis, vs. Captain Axis, refused to replace him in generating dreams for Shaper, cast into Microverse (Incredible Hulk #155, 1972); arrived on Jarella’s world, given Banner’s mind by Sorcerers Triad, saved Jarella from Visis, led Jarella’s forces against Visis’, nearly defeated by machine giving form to his greatest fear – the savage Hulk – until Sorcerer’s Triad restored true Hulk to savage form, and as he now lacked fear, the false version vanished; kicked Jarella’s world out of orbit as grew out of Microverse (Incredible Hulk #156, 1972); summoned by Dr. Strange from forests of upstate New York, rode train into New York City, vs. police; w/ Defenders, Clea & Wong, traveled to Rutland, Vermont, vs. Dormammu & cult of followers (Marvel Feature #2, 1972); traveled to Cape Canaveral, Florida in response to reports of Hulk appearing on Astro-Nuts TV show – actually Strange posing as Hulk; w/ Defenders, defeated Xemnu the Titan (Marvel Feature #3, 1972); in New Jersey, encountered catatonic Namor, sought Dr. Strange, aided both vs. Necrodamus, Demon of the Dark, Undying Ones (Defenders #1, 1972); read newspaper report of arranged fight between Thing & Thundra (Fantastic Four #133, 1972); w/ Defenders, traveled to Himalayas, vs. Calizuma & Warrior Wizards (Defenders #2, 1972); w/ Defenders, vs. Nameless One, Undying Ones; attempts to free Barbara Norriss rendered her mad (Defenders #3, 1972); w/ Defenders, transported to Asgard, joined Enchantress & Black Knight/Dane Whitman, vs. Casiolena, Executioner; Barbara transformed into Valkyrie (Defenders #4, 1973); wandering north of New York city, abducted and manipulated by Omegatron; with Defenders, defeated Omegatron (Defenders #5, 1973); rampaged on New Jersey highway, calmed by Jim Wilson, vs. Leader-sent Rhino, grabbed Rhino’s escaping ship (Incredible Hulk #157, 1972); Leader sent Rhino’s ship into orbit around the sun; Rhino & Hulk landed on High Evolutionary’s Counter-Earth; Hulk befriended by peaceful New Men, encountered Counter-Earth’s Bruce & Betty Banner, convinced to leave them alone by son Robert Bruce Banner, Jr.; vs. Rhino & violent New Men, defeated Rhino, took him aboard ship, flew back towards Earth (Incredible Hulk #158, 1972); returned to Earth, vs. Hulkbusters & Abomination, learned of impending marriage of Betty to Glenn Talbot (Incredible Hulk #159, 1973); travelled To Niagara Falls in pursuit of Betty, Banner enlisted pilot Spad McCracken, Hulk jumped from plane, vs. Tiger Shark, Ross, Hulkbusters (Incredible Hulk #160, 1973); between Ottawa & Montreal, vs. Royal Canadian Mounted Police; in Quebec, vs. Beast/Hank McCoy, Mimic; Mimic seemingly killed upon absorbing Hulk’s radiation (Incredible Hulk #161, 1973); vs. hunters, Wendigo/Paul Cartier (Incredible Hulk #162, 1973); in Montreal, vs. Spider-Man, Ross & Hulkbusters, shattered dam at St. Lawrence seaway (Amazing Spider-Man #119, 1973); vs. Spider-Man on old Expo 67 Fair Grounds, escaped when Ross & Hulkbusters arrived (Amazing Spider-Man #120, 1973); in Arctic, vs. Hulkbusters, fell into Gremlin/Topolov’s base, captured by Russian Super-Troopers, tested by Gremlin, left Gen. Ross a prisoner of Gremlin (Incredible Hulk #163, 1973); entered Arctic Ocean, vs. US submarine Trident, captured by Capt. Omen & Infra-Worlders, forced to serve them on the ocean floor (Incredible Hulk #164, 1973); enlisted by Omen’s son, Filius, to lead rebellious Children of the New Order to return to the surface world; vs. Omen & forces, Aquon; rebels burst on surface world (Incredible Hulk #165, 1973); surfaced in New York, w/ Hawkeye/Clint Barton, vs. Zzzax (Incredible Hulk #166, 1973); w/ Defenders, vs. Attuma, barbarian Homo mermani, and ocean creatures, refused to accompany other Defenders under the sea when they surrendered (Defenders #7, 1973); mentally coerced by Dr. Strange to reveal the other Defenders’ fate; made to sleep while Strange & Surfer rescued the Defenders and defeated Attuma & his hordes, plus Red Ghost w/ Defenders, duped by Loki into pursuing the Evil Eye (Defenders #8, 1973); learning the Evil Eye had been split into six fragments, Hulk departed to Los Angeles to collect one (Avengers #116, 1973); vs. Thor for Evil Eye fragment, stalemated; Avengers & Defenders joined forces, confronted by Dormammu (Defenders #10, 1973); w/ Avengers & Defenders, traveled to Dark Dimension vs. Dormammu, Loki, demons, Mindless Ones (Avengers #118, 1973); w/ Defenders, traveled to 12th century Crusades, joined Black Knight/Eobar Garrington w/ Dane Whitman’s mind vs. Mordred, Chandu, Temax, Prince John; rescued King Richard from Arabs (Defenders #11, 1973); transported to western ghost town to battle Thing by Kurrgo & Leader (Marvel Feature #11, 1973); Hulk located outside New York by Jim Wilson, Banner traveled to Long Island to check on Betty; Betty hypnotized by MODOK who battled Hulk in giant armor before fleeing (Incredible Hulk #167, 1973); Hulk hid out with Jim; Betty followed MODOK’s call, mutated by him into Harpy, defeated Hulk (Incredible Hulk #168, 1973); Hulk & Harpy captured by Bi-Beast, taken to Aerie; Banner coerced into repairing Aerie’s damaged engines; MODOK & AIM assaulted Aerie, Bi-Beast set self-destruct upon being mortally wounded; Betty reverted to normal as the Aerie blew up (Incredible Hulk #169, 1973); Hulk saved Betty from fall, landed on island, battled giant alien mutates, stowed ride on military helicopter (Incredible Hulk #170, 1973); arrived in Hulkbuster base, vs. Abomination & Rhino, captured by military (Incredible Hulk #171, 1974); efforts to banish Hulk extradimensionally summoned the Juggernaut from the Crimson Cosmos; Hulk & Juggernaut broke free, Hulk fought Juggernaut when he attacked innocent people; Juggernaut incapacitated by Professor X (Incredible Hulk #172, 1974); Ambushed in American heartland by Xemnu the Titan, unwittingly mentally summoned Dr. Strange; held in Plucketville, freed by Dr. Strange & Valkyrie, smashed Xemnu with his own ship (Defenders #12, 1974); w/ Dr. Strange & Namor, vanished extradimensionally and plagued by manifestations of their pasts via unwitting spell of Clea, joined forces to break the spell (Giant-Size Defenders #1, 1974); w/ Defenders vs. Squadron Sinister & Nebulon, thwarted plot to melt the polar icecaps so Nebulon could claim Earth (Defenders #13-14, 1974); In New York, Banner sought Reed Richards’ aid to cure himself, used his psi-amplifier in attempt to cure himself into Thing, transformed into Hulk in mid-process, transferring his mind into the Thing’s body and vice-versa, Thing & Hulk battled with their minds in the others’ body until returned to normal when Hulk turned back into Banner (Giant-Size Super-Stars #1, 1974); In New Jersey Palisades, pained by energies from FAUST, joined Human Torch vs. FAUST & Blastaar (Marvel Team-Up #18, 1974); Summoned from unidentified wooded glade by Dr. Strange, guided to New Mexico, w/ Defenders vs. Magneto, Brotherhood of Evil Mutants (Blob, Lorelei, Mastermind, Unus), Alpha the Ultimate Mutant; final battle culminated at the UN building during which the Hulk was briefly turned to stone by Alpha before being restored upon Alpha’s departure (Defenders #15-16, 1974); battled NYPD, destroyed Mechanoid; w/ Defenders, caught in spell of Asmodeus/Charles Benton, assaulted by Banners; aided by Son of Satan/Daimon Hellstrom, delayed Asmodeus until after midnight at which point Satannish reclaimed Benton’s soul (Giant-Size Defenders #2, 1974); traveled to Nighthawk/Kyle Richmond’s Long Island riding academy, angrily departed when Valkyrie left the team (Defenders #17, 1974); in Manhattan, duped by Chameleon into freeing inmate Joe Cord, briefly fought Spider-Man before teaming up with him to against Chameleon (Marvel Team-Up #27, 1974); returned to Defenders, helped defeat Wrecking Crew, crushed Thunderball’s wrecking ball; Banner defused Wrecking Crew’s gamma bomb (Defenders #18-19, 1974-1975); In Westhaven, Connecticut, played with children, fled after destroying a house after being attacked by a parent; driven into rampage by Headmen’s black rain (Defenders #21, 1975); w/ Defenders, served as Grandmaster’s pawns against Prime Mover’s agents, defeated Grott the Man-Slayer (Giant-Size Defenders #3, 1975); Rampaged in San Diego, stowed away on Ralph Roberts’ ship, vs. Cobalt Man; Banner trapped in sinking ship (Incredible Hulk #173, 1974); rescued, vs. Cobalt Man in Sydney, Australia; cast across the planet by explosion in atmosphere (Incredible Hulk #174, 1974); landed near Attilan, vs. Inhumans, sent on missile to High Evolutionary’s Counter-Earth (Incredible Hulk #175, 1974); captured by Man-Beast’s New Men (Incredible Hulk #176, 1974); implanted with tracer and allowed to escape and form an alliance with Adam Warlock’s New Men, leading the Man-Beast’s forces to them; captured with Warlock, witnessed Warlock’s execution (Incredible Hulk #177, 1974); rampaged over Warlock’s death, defeated Man-Beast, stopped from killing him by resurrected Warlock (Incredible Hulk #178, 1974); returned to Earth, landed in Lucifer Falls, West Virginia, Banner befriended Bickford family, recognized their ward Lincoln as the Missing Link, Hulk forced Link to realize he was giving the townspeople radiation poisoning; Link dispersed radiation in battle with Hulk and remained with Bickfords (Incredible Hulk #179, 1974); traveled North through New York into Canada (Incredible Hulk #180, 1974); unwittingly restored energy to Mimic while passing nearby (Marvel Comics Present #59, 1990); summoned to Quebec by Marie Cartier who attempted to transfer the Wendigo curse into Hulk, vs. Wendigo/Paul Cartier, confronted by Wolverine (Incredible Hulk #180, 1974); w/ Wolverine defeated Wendigo, then attacked by Wolverine; both were mystically rendered unconscious by Marie, but then Georges Baptiste transferred the curse into himself to spare Banner (Incredible Hulk #181, 1974); escaped Canadian military, returned to New York, befriended "Crackajack" Jackson who taught him to write before Crackajack was killed by Hammer & Anvil; Hulk defeated Hammer & Anvil, buried Crackajack (Incredible Hulk #182, 1974); smashed a train, saved passengers, traveled to Chicago; Banner hired as janitor at Soul-Star Research Ltd, aided scientists there in unwittingly creating Zzzax; Hulk vs. Zzzax (Incredible Hulk #183, 1975); rode supply convoy out of Chicago into Tulsa, vs. military police, shadow possessed by Warlord Kaa until dispersed by light (Incredible Hulk #184, 1975); wandered into Desert Marathon Survival Race, manipulated by demon Inferno into attacking Ghost Rider/John Blaze/Zarathos, passed out from lack of oxygen from Ghost Rider’s flames (Ghost Rider #11, 1975); Banner returned to Hulkbuster Base, shot with tranquilizer by Jack Armbruster (Incredible Hulk #184, 1975); POTUS visited Hulkbuster Base, Hulk broke free, defeated by Ross operating HS-1000 robot (Incredible Hulk #185, 1975); broke free when Devastator (Kirkov Petrovna) attacked Hulkbuster Base; Devastator died in battle with Hulk (Incredible Hulk #186, 1975); Banner stowed away on SHIELD mission to free Glenn Talbot from Gremlin’s Bitterfrost base in Siberia, subdued by Super-Troopers (Incredible Hulk #187, 1975); freed by Ross & SHIELD, vs. Droog, trapped in collapsing Bitterfrost (Incredible Hulk #188, 1975); wandered Siberia, befriended blind Katrina Palkov & family, vs. Mole Man & Moloids, obtained chemical that restored Katrina’s sight (Incredible Hulk #189, 1975); vs. Russian troops, encountered Glorian, given illusion of being reunited with Jarella & Crackajack, captured by Tribbitites (Incredible Hulk #190, 1975); brought to "Toadworld," convinced to try to usurp Shaper of World’s power for Tribbitites; Tribbitites captured Shaper via bomb, Hulk rampaged upon learning Jarella & Crackajack were illusions, defeated Toad Man & Tribbitites, returned to Earth by Shaper (Incredible Hulk #191, 1975); landed in Scotland’s Loch Fear, befriended Angus & Sarah MacTavish, captured by Black Jamie Macawber, broke free, battled Loch Fear monster; Hulk’s radiation combined with explosion from harpoon bomb to turn both Macawber & Loch Fear monster into stone (Incredible Hulk #192, 1975); Banner took ship back to USA, Hulk vs. men dumping radioactive canisters into ocean, sank ship; Hulk swam to Manhattan waterline, vs. NYPD, SHIELD robot helicopter, Doc Samson (Incredible Hulk #193, 1975); Briefly imprisoned in force field by Loki while in San Francisco (Thor #233, 1975); Unconsciously summoned to New York by Dr. Strange, w/ Defenders vs. Squadron Sinister, defeated Hyperion (Giant-Size Defenders #4, 1975); w/ Defenders, vs. Sons of the Serpent (Defenders #22-25, 1975); w/ Defenders & Guardians of the Galaxy, vs. Eelar (Giant-Size Defenders #5, 1975); w/ Defenders & Guardians, traveled to 3015 AD Earth-691 (Defenders #26, 1975); Hulk & Yondu sent to drunkards’ world, captured by robot Zinnia for Emperor Goozot (Defenders #27, 1975); forced to fight in Super-Death Stakes (Defenders #28, 1975); defended native girl from robot insects, rebelled against contest, transported to Earth, aided Guardians & Defenders against Badoon before returning home to Nighthawk’s academy (Defenders #29, 1975); Summoned from desert to aid Defenders against Tapping Tommy (Defenders #30, 1975); In Strange’s sanctum, w/ Defenders & Howard the Duck vs. Dr. Angst & Band of the Bland (Marvel Treasury Edition #12, 1976); saved city from Mad Magician ("Hulk vs. the Green Frog," 1976); In American Midwest, befriended Bob & Carol Hickman, vs. Locust (Incredible Hulk #194, 1975); in Nebraska, defeated by Fantastic Four, drained of gamma radiation by Reed Richards using Psi-Amplifier; device shattered by deranged Thing after military treated Banner hostilely, Hulk restored, teamed up with Thing (Fantastic Four #166, 1976); w/ Thing, vs. Fantastic Four, US military; escaped, flown by Thing to St. Louis, Missouri, vs. FF, departed after Thing turned human (Fantastic Four #167, 1976); In Missouri Ozarks, drove off hunters, befriended orphaned deer "Bambi," traveled to Strange’s sanctum; w/ Defenders vs. Nighthawk w/ Chondu the Mystic’s brain (Defenders #31, 1976); w/ Defenders, traveled to Westbury <or Westhaven?>, Connecticut, captured by Headmen (Defenders #32, 1976); w/ Defenders, broke free, fought Headmen (Defenders #33, 1976); w/ Defenders, transported to Strange’s sanctum, vs. Nebulon & Chondu (Defenders #34, 1976); approached deer in zoo mistaking it for Bambi, attacked by NYPD, stunned by Valkyrie then left angrily (Defenders #35, 1976); Banner assaulted by homeless people while sleeping in alley in New York City, Hulk rampaged, fought by Omega, zapped by Electro who abducted Omega (Omega the Unknown #2, 1976); protected Jack Norriss & Aragorn from gun-wielding landlord, refused Strange’s summons (Defenders #36, 1976); attacked by NYPD en route to ASPCA rampaged, angrily departed (Defenders #37, 1976); traveled across American Southwest, stopped to break up riot over movie "Waste" (Defenders #40, 1976); summoned to Norman, Oklahoma by Strange, w/ Defenders defeated Headmen & Nebulon (Defenders Annual #1, 1976); In Fort Carson, Colorado; vs. Army, Xemnu the Titan, and duplicates of Diablo, Taboo, Groot, Goom, & Blip (Incredible Hulk Annual #5, 1976); leapt across New Mexico desert (Marvel Team-Up #51, 1976); hitched ride on train, befriended orphan Ricky Anderson, fought railway workers, traveled w/ Ricky to Florida’s Wonderland amusement park, attacked by Abomination – controlled by Ross via bomb in his brain; bomb destroyed during fight, Abomination duped Hulk into allying with him (Incredible Hulk #195, 1976); w/ Abomination, attacked Kennedy Space Center; Betty convinced Hulk to turn against Abomination, both caught in sub-orbital explosion of Auto-Star One rocket (Incredible Hulk #196, 1976); in Everglades, befriended human form of Glob/Joe Timms, captured by Man-Thing & Glob under control of Collector (Incredible Hulk #197, 1976); Hulk added to Collector’s collection, broke free and freed other prisoners who perished – except Glob & Man-Thing – due to rapid aging (Incredible Hulk #198, 1976); rampaged in Citrusville, Florida; vs. Doc Samson & Hulkbusters, captured in gas attack (Incredible Hulk #199, 1976); brought to Gamma Base, used encephalo-helmet to retain Banner’s brain in Hulk’s body, shrunk with Hank Pym’s micron-cannon and sent into Talbot’s brain, helmet destroyed in battle with Talbot’s memories – in forms of Hulk’s foes – to destroy the portion of his brain blocking his memory; began to grow, shrunk out of reality by second blast from micron-cannon (Incredible Hulk #200, 1976); arrived in Terragonia, aided sorcerer Shamu-Shan in overthrowing tyrant Kronak & evil warlock Dragonus, shrank again (Incredible Hulk #201, 1976); arrived on Jarella’s world, saved Jarella, defeated "Mountain God" robot, stunned by Psyklop (Incredible Hulk #202, 1976); freed by Jarella’s people, defeated Psyklop, brought back to Earth/Gamma Base with Jarella via micron-cannon, damaged slide containing portal to Jarella’s world (Incredible Hulk #203, 1976); Banner sought cure via time travel, instead diverged Reality-20476 in which Kronus reigned supreme; traveled back in time and restored to Reality-616 (Incredible Hulk #204, 1976); in Santa Fe, New Mexico with Jarella, attacked by and destroyed Crypto-Man, but Jarella killed saving young boy from collapsing wall (Incredible Hulk #205, 1976); traveled across New Mexico desert, vs. Air Force, arrived in Manhattan, tore off Statue of Liberty’s torch while fighting NYPD, rampaged, sought Dr. Strange, confronted by Defenders (Incredible Hulk #206, 1976); vs. Defenders until calmed by them, forced to accept Jarella’s death by Strange, departed Sanctum (Incredible Hulk #207, 1977); In Manhattan, fought NYPD; Banner befriended by Peter Parker who gave him his only $5 to help get back on his feet (Marvel Team-Up #126, 1983); in Strange’s sanctum, w/ Defenders, summoned to Nevada’s "Dune People" commune, vs. Shazana & her warriors (Defenders #41, 1976); w/ Defenders, decided not to interfere with adventures of newly-empowered members of KISS (Marvel Comics Super Special #1, 1977); in Strange’s sanctum, Hulk rampaged over image of Ms. Marvel/Carol Danvers emanating from Orb of Agamotto (Defenders #57, 1978); in Strange’s sanctum, w/ Defenders vs. Egghead & his Emissaries of Evil (Defenders #42-43, 1976-1977); w/ Defenders, vs. Red Rajah/Star of Capistan-possessed Dr. Strange, briefly controlled by Rajah (Defenders #44-45, 1977); in Strange’s sanctum, followed Strange’s summons to the Beehive/Citadel of Science, vs. NATO soldiers on unidentified beach, vs. cosmonauts in Russia, worshipped by unidentified natives in tropical region, joined Strange vs. Paragon, returned to sanctum (Incredible Hulk Annual #6, 1977; w/ Defenders, vs. Scorpio/Jake Fury (Defenders #46, 1977); angrily left Nighthawk’s ranch (Defenders #47, 1977); wandered through wooded area in Manhattan, possibly Central Park (Defenders #48, 1977); attempted to relax in Central Park, provoked into conflict by Defenders, rampaged in Manhattan, led to New Jersey hideout of Scorpio & LMD Zodiac (Defenders #49, 1977); w/ Defenders, vs. LMD Zodiac (Defenders #50, 1977); departed Scorpio’s base, took hot dogs from vendor (Defenders #51, 1977); wandered Manhattan, crashed into by super-tank used in jailbreak, defeated criminals, conflict freed Absorbing Man – who was prepped for battle against Hulk by They Who Wield Power; Banner rented apartment from April Sommers (Incredible Hulk #208, 1977); Banner hired as construction worker, attacked by, defeated Absorbing Man (Incredible Hulk #209, 1977); recruited by Dr. Druid vs. Maha Yogi & Mongu in New Jersey Palisades, collapsed under psychic assault (Incredible Hulk #210, 1977); Hulk & Druid defeated Mongu & Maha Yogi by crushing Bloodgem fragment (Incredible Hulk #211, 1977); captured by Toad Men under Torkon, freed by loyalist to Toadius V, helped dethrone Torkon ("Friends," 1976); in Chicago, got a job, lived in boarding house, came across muggers, drove them off as Hulk who then gave $5 to the broke old man in remembrance of what Parker had done for him (Marvel Team-Up #126, 1983); employed as janitor at Brand Corporation facility in a suburb of Chicago, reprogrammed Gamma Accelerator in effort to cure self, became stuck partially transformed into Hulk, sedated & captured by Gamma Base forces, taken to Gamma Base, selves warred with each other for dominance threatening to cause him to burn out, recovered when Banner accepted the Hulk as part of himself, broke free and escaped into desert (Rampaging Hulk #1, 1998); threatened high school bully Brad Bedford who called himself the Hulk (Rampaging Hulk #1, 1998); saved university from Absent-Minded Mac and his Forget-Me-Net (???, 1977) sought peace in Liberty, New Mexico, encountered & initially battled Woodgod before teaming up against Spider-Man (Marvel Team-Up #53, 1977); w/ Woodgod & Spider-Man & Trinity/Vertigo base troops, captured by gas attack, freed by Spider-Man, unable to stop missile being launched with Spider-Man aboard (Marvel Team-Up #54-55, 1977); traveled to Desert State University, met with Prof. Geoffrey Crawford in hopes of his helping obtain a cure, found Crawford suffering from physically disabling disease; Crawford planned to use telepod system to filter out his gamma mutations, instead used it to reconfigure his own genetic structure to match Banner’s, transformed into monstrous Ravage – retaining intelligence but becoming savage; Ravage attacked and defeated Hulk for Banner’s trying to stop his mutation (Rampaging Hulk #2, 1998); Banner found normal Crawford on the streets of Navapo at sunrise, took him back to his house; to prevent Banner from trying to cure him, Crawford turned Banner over to Ross & Talbot, who sedated & captured him; Banner held at Gamma Base but convinced Ross to take him to DSU when Ravage rampaged that night, attempted to prepare pods to reverse the changes, but Ravage showed up and trashed them; Hulk vs. Ravage, Ravage captured with Cryo-Inducer, Hulk crushed Cryo-Inducer and escaped (Rampaging Hulk #3, 1998); sought peace in Colorado Rockies, unwittingly caused avalanche; Banner arrived in snow-covered cabin of Mitch & Danny Bennett, warmed by them, traveled up with them through Hulk created tunnel, but Danny fell close to the top knocking himself and Banner back down; Hulk leapt with Danny through snow, Banner returned him to Mitch who was then arrested for kidnapping Danny from his ex-wife (Rampaging Hulk #4, 1998); Banner arrived in Crystal Falls, Colorado, befriended waitress Abby Davis, tracked via Gamma Tracer by Fantastic Four, turned into Hulk, fought them, escaped (Rampaging Hulk #5, 1998); in New Mexico desert, Hulk encountered Kisani tribe, shaman Threetrees, Puma; briefly fought Puma, led on vision with Threetrees, Banner shot by agent of Major Reeves – a military agent reviewing Gamma Base’s effectiveness – but accepted relationship with Hulk and turned into Hulk, healing his wounds; Reeves’ involvement with Gamma Base terminated (Rampaging Hulk #6, 1998); summoned to White House by holographic projection of Dr. Doom, manipulated by Doom via his neuro-gas, vs. Magneto & Champions of Los Angeles until Doom forced to inhale own gas, ending his control, angrily departed (Champions #16, 1977); fought then befriended Rock People (???, 1977); while employed in Manhattan, Banner turned into Hulk as Inhuman Royal Family fought NYPD, fought police then Inhumans when they tried to stop him from hurting the police, eventually fighting was resolved amicably (Inhumans #12, 1977); back in Manhattan, met up with Jim Wilson, saved him from Constrictor (Incredible Hulk #212, 1977); w/ Jim, vs. NYPD, Quintronic Man (Incredible Hulk #213, 1977); w/ Jim, met magician Kropotkin the Great; vs. Jack of Hearts, demolished abandoned freighter (Incredible Hulk #214, 1977); transported aboard SHIELD Helicarrier by Gaffer, Quartermain & Gen. Ross to oppose new Bi-Beast (Incredible Hulk #215, 1977); vs. Bi-Beast, fell from Helicarrier (Incredible Hulk #216, 1977); awakened on East Coast shore, befriended by Circus of Lost Souls, captured by Circus of Crime, broke free, helped defeat Circus of Crime, returned the nymph Meriam to the sea (Incredible Hulk #217, 1977); snagged by shore fishermen (Incredible Hulk #218, 1977); from East Coast shore, Banner hired as ship deckhand on DMB Rotterdam, vs. Captain Barracuda & crew, ship sank, swam to tropical island, befriended "Robinson Cruesoe"/David Purvis – who called him "Friday" – and his dog Bernie (Incredible Hulk #219, 1978); w/ Crusoe, vs. Barracuda & crew, exposed to gamma radiation blasts, followed their submarine into Barracuda’s sub-sea cavern, Banner & Bernie returned to surface by Crusoe (Incredible Hulk #220, 1978); w/ Bernie, recovered by Walter Newell, posed as "Bruce Roberts", returned w/ Bernie to apartment; vs. Stingray, left angrily (Incredible Hulk #221, 1978); in Manhattan, pushed aside by Namor leading to a fight until broken up by Hellcat & Nighthawk, learned of radiation emanating from Russia and affecting Atlantis (Defenders #52, 1977); w/ Defenders, traveled to Atlantis, investigated radiation in ship, flooded by nuclear explosion in Russia (Defenders #53, 1977); helped others reach surface, confronted by radiation-mutated Presence and Red Guardian (Defenders #54, 1977); w/ Defenders, easily overpowered by Presence, defeated Behemoth from Below unwittingly summoned by Nighthawk with Proteus Horn, turned back into Banner by Presence (Defenders #55, 1978); Banner had other Defenders brought to research base near Moscow, treated them for Radiation poisoning, took flight w/ them back to USA (Defenders #56, 1978); in Dr. Strange’s sanctum, defeated & captured by AIM, rescued by Defenders & Ms. Marvel (Defenders #57, 1978); encountered Dandale parade (???, 1978); rampaged through park, befriended by David Potter who gave him cupcakes ("Hulk changes his mind, 1978); vs. Plant Lady/Cousin Betsy & mutated plants Artie Choke, Rhoda Dendron, & Mari Gold (Ms. Marvel #1, 1977); in upstate New York, vs. army, knocked out by gas, found by Donny & Marie, brought into cavern by their mutate-cannibal brother Billy; vs. Billy, left in collapsing cavern (Incredible Hulk #222, 1978); w/ Valkyrie, unwittingly attacked Devil-Slayer, transported extradimensionally by his shadow cloak (Defenders #58, 1978); vs. Ort-Beast, returned to Earth by Devil-Slayer, joined Valkyrie and recruiting Nighthawk & Hellcat but Strange was seemingly slain in their absence by Vera Gemini (Defenders #59, 1978); w/ Defenders, traveled to Mexico, vs. Vera Gemini and Cult of the Harvester of Eyes (Defenders #60, 1978); at Richmond Riding Academy w/ Defenders, became enraged when Hellcat nearly pulled the Ort-Beast from her new shadow cloak; later refused to participate in plan to trap Lunatik (Defenders #61, 1978); at Richmond Riding Academy, annoyed by the arrival of the "Defenders for a Day," ambushed several of them trying to capture him (Defenders #62, 1978); fought attacking "DfaD" until fight broken up by Hercules; left angrily (Defenders #63, 1978); Hulk captured by Gamma Base, Banner escaped and traveled to Crater Falls to rescue Rick, Hulk destroyed the Sephlod Sh’mballah (Incredible Hulk: Stalker from the Stars, 1978); In Nevada desert town, enraged by idea of Hulk television show, Hulk traveled to Hollywood, confronted director Joseph L. Jusko, battled Thing, unwittingly helped stop kidnappers, departed after warning Jusko not to make him look stupid (Marvel Two-In-One #46, 1978); in Los Angeles, Banner rushed cousin Jen to hospital to treat her ruptured appendix, turned into Hulk when confronted by Champions who feared he was there to harm the US President, fighting resolved when Champions realized what Hulk he was trying to do (Giant-Size Hulk #1, 2006); on the West Coast, passed through Redwood forest, befriended & romanced by undercover Daily Bugle reporter Dawn Michaels, employed at Gideon Wolman’s mine, worked with Dawn to expose their sale of nuclear materials to South American terrorists; Dawn killed, Hulk destroyed Wolman’s operations (HULK #10, 1978); defeated by Abomination & Wendigo, befriended by kids (Adventures into Fear #31, 1975); in Kansas, vs. police, befriended young runaway Jody Broyles, saved her from being hit by train, sent her back to her parents (HULK! #10, 1978); in American Midwest, Hulk wandered into Frank Torrance’s carnival, accidentally started fire; Banner befriended young Todd Gregory who had been blamed for starting the fire and was beaten by his father; employed at carnival, turned into Hulk after Torrance nearly hit Todd, attacked by carnival folks who then plotted to capture Hulk for show, rescued Todd and convinced his father to get treatment so he could be a better father (HULK #11, 1978); in Chicago, befriended by unidentified janitor; attacked by Bruno the Strongman – a vengeance-seeking former employee of Torrance’s carnival given superhuman strength at the Life Sciences Institute via an exo-skeleton and neuro-feed impulse stimulation; Hulk overpowered Bruno and destroyed his exoskeleton but turned back into Banner in mid-fight; police shot Bruno to death to stop him from killing Banner (HULK #12, 1978); learned of Dr. Hans Feldstadt, flew by plane to Zurich to obtain his aid, befriended elderly Mildred Shaw; plane assaulted by hijackers; Hulk broke out of plane, cushioned its crash; Banner treated survivors, turned into Hulk after a hijacker slew Ms. Shaw, defeated hijackers, cleared trees to rescuers could find the survivors (HULK #13, 1979); arrived in Zurich, tracked Feldstadt to Jungfrau, befriended Katrina Euler, tried to stop Feldstadt’s use of gamma radiation in medical treatments; Hulk rampaged through village causing villagers to attack Feldstat’s castle; Fedlstadt mutated by gamma rays in explosion, transformed into monster, defeated by Hulk who sealed off gamma leak; Feldstadt reported dead, Banner sent Katrina for free treatment under physicians who owed him a favor (HULK #14, 1979); returned to Desert Lab, used salvaged page of Feldstadt’s notes to design equipment in effort to cure self, device failed; Hulk rampaged through desert, assaulted troops of New Hope Installation who used gas to capture him for study; Banner escaped, knocked out and replaced psychiatrist Dr. Jurgen, posed as "Dr. Smith," learned of the Cybortrons; Hulk destroyed a Cybortron, unwittingly killing its mind-linked controller, destroyed New Hope (HULK #15, 1979); in New Orleans shortly after Mardi Gras, offered money by agents of Drago for research, accompanied Jannar & Valerie on plane to Drago’s south Florida base; Drago took sample of Banner’s blood to prepare serum allegedly to make Hulk more controllable while he would be sent to recover sunken treasure, actually intended to kill Hulk and use his mutated blood to design improved lifeforms; Hulk destroyed Drago’s mutated pet squid, destroyed Drago’s lab, killing him (HULK #16, 1979); traveled with Valerie to Africa in hopes of obtaining experimental sedative to control himself, instead hunted by Jason Strack; Hulk defeated Strack who was then trampled by the animals he had captured for others to hunt; Banner wounded and taken to hospital (HULK #17, 1979); Hulk broke out of hospital, rampaged through village, vs. soldiers, traveled to Paradise Island; Banner be its only resident, Thaddeus Hatcher, helped him build a nice dwelling, turned into Hulk during a storm and destroyed the dwelling; helped him rebuild, fought off drug smugglers, moved island closer to mainland (HULK #18, 1979); destroyed Ultimate Weapon when it ran amok (Dr. Strange #37, 1979); passed through Central Texas, seemingly exhausted gamma radiation and turned back into Banner, paid Spad McCracken to take him to Gamma Base only to find the base under the Leader’s control (Incredible Hulk #223, 1978); Banner imprisoned, broke free with Doc Samson’s aid, used gamma control harness to send Hulk robot after Leader, nearly killed when Leader destroyed the robot (Incredible Hulk #224, 1978); saved by Samson via gamma ray projector, turned back into Hulk; w/ Samson vs. Leader, Humanoids, & mind-controlled Gamma Base staff; Leader defeated, seemingly disintegrated; Hulk turned against Samson (Incredible Hulk #225, 1978); vs. Samson & army, traveled to Desert Base University, confronted by Dr. Josiah Weller & Jim Wilson, subdued by statue of Socrates with etching "Know Thyself"; Banner convinced to return to Gamma Base by Doc Samson (Incredible Hulk #226, 1978); Banner given dose of gamma-epinephrine & Hulk psycho-analyzed by Samson, accidental overdose left him trapped as Hulk for a week (Incredible Hulk #227, 1978); Banner kept calm with aid of Jim Wilson; attacked Master Mold/Steven Lang program after it entered the base following Angel/Warren Worthington, pursued Mold to orbiting base and demolished him, returned to Earth & headed back to Gamma Base (Incredible Hulk Annual#7, 1978); 48 hours after overdose; kept calm by Jim, pushed into savage rage by Moonstone/Karla Sofen who then posed as an innocent victim (Incredible Hulk #228, 1978); sent into rampage by Moonstone, vs. Samson & Moonstone, departed in rage (Incredible Hulk #229, 1978); in Oregon woods, attacked by soldiers, died suddenly, arrived in Valhalla (Defenders #67, 1979); w/ Defenders, duped by Barbara Norriss into allying with Ollerus against Hela and the forces of Hel, recognized duplicity, smashed Ollerus’ mountain-weapon, returned to Earth (Defenders #68, 1979); Banner discovered stowing away on train, Hulk fled into Harlansville, Missouri, captured by Gamma Base, escaped & traveled to Crater Falls, North Carolina, Hulk saved Rick and residents from the Sephlod Sh’mballah (Hulk: Stalker from the Stars, 1978); In American Midwest, fought sheriff & farmers who tried to capture him after he fed on their crops, captured by Grivido of Sm’ggani ("Harvester from Beyond"_, turned back into Banner by sedation ray; Harvester obtained secrets to re-fertilize his planet from soil under Hulk’s fingernails before returning him to Earth (Incredible Hulk #230, 1978); In Hadleyville, Rhode Island vs. US military, demolished town in battle (Incredible Hulk #293, 1984); Rampaged through town of Arbory after being struck by lightning, stopped criminals Tommy Henry & Leroy Jones (Hulk Comic #1, 1979); Banner arrived in city Retribution, cab driven off the road by Leroy & Billy, Hulk destroyed Leroy’s car, got cab driver Jody to the hospital, Banner moved on (Hulk Comic #2, 1979); Rampaged in Joyeux, Mississippi’s Riverside Bar, vs. police, saved Frankie Carson from alligator, slew gator (Hulk Comic #3, 1979); Worked as dishwasher on cruise ship Paradise off Florida coastline, discovered Lt. Queeg had kidnapped Jimmy Cobb to ransom him off, thrown into ocean, Hulk rescued Jimmy (Hulk Comic #4, 1979); Hitched a ride on truck through Louisiana, pursued by military seeking a escaped rampaging android from Lake Charles Research Station, sank into quicksand, Hulk fought off military, Banner attacked by android (Hulk Comic #5, 1979); Hulk destroyed android (Hulk Comic #6, 1979); Attempted to ride freight train out of town, turned into Hulk after being assaulted by criminal stowaways, delivered them to guards, leapt atop passing train and escaped (Hulk Comic #9, 1979); Hulk escaped capture from guards at train station near Beaver Mountain, Utah, leapt into river, fell over waterfall; Banner confronted by angry mother bear (Hulk Comic #10, 1979); Hulk fought off bear, mistaken for Bigfoot and targeted by hunters, caught in bear trap (Hulk Comic #11, 1979); Hulk drove off hunters, met medicine man Passing Cloud, attacked by "Susquatch" (Hulk Comic #12, 1979); vs. Susquatch, fight ended when Passing Cloud’s music calmed Susquatch; Hulk befriended Passing Cloud & promised to help him & Susquatch (Hulk Comic #13, 1979); hunters shot & killed Susquatch, Hulk subdued hunters, Passing Cloud passed away (Hulk Comic #14, 1979); In woods, captured by Felix & Fanger, flown to island of Dr. Scarabeus (Hulk Comic #15, 1979); Hulk vs. Scarabeus’ men, fled deeper into island (Hulk Comic #16, 1979); Hulk vs. Scarabeus’ men; Banner surrendered to Scarabeus who ordered Banner’s death after Tisha Scarabeus told him about Scarabeus’ experiments, turned into Hulk again (Hulk Comic #17, 1979); vs. Scarabeus, Anti-Men/Manimal animal men, and the monstrous Gograth; took Tisha to safety then returned to confront Scarabeus (Hulk Comic #18, 1979); vs. Scarabeus, men, & Anti-Men, led Gograth and other "First Ones" failures to rebel against Scarabeus (Hulk Comic #19, 1979); led First Ones to rampage through Scarabeus’ facility, threw Scarabeus on a deserted island; Banner escaped in helicopter with Tisha Scarabeus (Hulk Comic #20, 1979); Banner hitched ride into wooded area, observed landing of extradimensional invaders from Quarrn, captured and taken through interdimensional space, turned into Hulk when beaten for information on Earth (Hulk Comic #26, 1979); vs. Quarrnoids, smashed interdimensional stabilizer sending the ship through a number of realms (Hulk Comic #27, 1979); rampaged through engine room, as ship approached a black hole, time reversed itself and their ship was repaired; Quarrnoids abandoned ship in escape capsule, sent Hulk back to Earth (Hulk Comic #28, 1979); with Spider-Man, foiled plot to use cannibalized US satellite as killer satellite (Incredible Hulk: Murdermoon, 1979); Wandered streets of Gilbert, California, befriended Fred Sloan whose girlfriend Ilsa called the police, fled with Fred, fought through police roadblock (Incredible Hulk #231, 1979)/summoned to future by students of ISBISA to fight She-Hulk, instead briefly battled gray Hulk/Fixit before being sent back to own time (Sensational She-Hulk #29, 1991); Banner & Fred captured by Corporation, Banner controlled via Electro-sleep Harness, freed by Marvel Man/Wendell Vaughn, attacked Corporation at Jim’s behest, knocked out Marvel Man and Captain America when they tried to control him, blasted unconscious by Vamp/Animus & Moonstone (Captain America #230, 1979); revived in Alcatraz, vs. Moonstone & Animus & Corporation, shattered Animus’ club, forced Curtiss Jackson to flee, pursued him (Incredible Hulk #232, 1979); pursued Jackson who escaped with aid of Corporation agents, briefly fought Marvel Man/Wendell Vaughn, rescued Fred Sloan who brought him to Berkeley, California & Trish Starr (Incredible Hulk #233, 1979); stayed at Trish’s commune, reported by member Danny to Corporation agent O’Connor; Corporation agents gassed Hulk & kidnapped Trish while one of them posed as Machine Man; recovered and swore to smash Machine Man (Incredible Hulk #234, 1979); w/ Fred Sloan, confronted & attacked Machine Man (Incredible Hulk #235, 1979); vs. Machine Man, caught in gas explosion (Incredible Hulk #236, 1979); flown to safety by Machine Man, tracked down Jackson, defeated him with Machine Man’s aid; mesmerized by Machine Man and sent flying north (Incredible Hulk #237, 1979); landed in British Columbia, befriended Maureen Friesen, provoked into battle by Sasquatch/Walter Langkowsi, fled after seeing struggled terrified Maureen (Incredible Hulk Annual #8, 1979); Wandered through wheatfields of Saskatchewan, man slammed a truck into him while fearing for his daughter, Bridget, who convinced Hulk not to hurt him; returned to USA, slept atop Mount Rushmore, South Dakota (Incredible Hulk #238, 1979); vs. soldiers, duped into serving as power source by Goldbug, freed by They, defeated Goldbug, ship crashed near South America’s el Dorado, welcomed by Tulak (Incredible Hulk #239, 1979); entered el Dorado, driven into rage by Des/Tyrannus by knowledge that Jarella’s body was being held at Gamma Base, taunted with helplessness until reverted into Banner, captured by They (Incredible Hulk #240, 1979); allowed to turn partially into Hulk while power being sapped into the Cobalt Flame, broke free with Goldbug’s aid, vs. Tyrannus – who had absorbed the life forces of Prince Rey & the Keeper of the Flame (Incredible Hulk #241, 1979); vs. Cobalt Flame-powered Tyrannus, defeated, again freed by Goldbug, shattered flame pits (Incredible Hulk #242, 1979); drove Flame-powered Tyrannus into space, w/ Goldbug, teleported to New York City sewers (Incredible Hulk #243, 1980); Mentally enslaved by Yandroth-possessed Stephanie Donal, used to help Yandroth enslaved other Defenders until Yandroth overwhelmed by their collective wills (Defenders #119, 1983); Worked as waiter at bar in Castle Rock, Montana, enlisted by Alexei Vazhin to prevent Gen. Nikolai Kutzov from using anti-matter bomb to destroy USA, traveled to continental divide, w/ Spider-Man Hulk fought Soviet Super-Soldiers, Hulk hurled bomb into deep space (Marvel Team-Up Annual #2, 1979); w/ Defenders & Avenger in unspecified mission, upon returning to Manhattan/Avengers Mansion witnessed Purple Man-controlled Jewel ambush & punch out Scarlet Witch before regaining her mind and fleeing; pursued Jewel who was taken to safety by Ms. Marvel/Carol Danvers (Alias #25-26, 2003); with radiation specialist Dr. Maxwell Wittenborn and daughter Rosanne, abducted by African General who coerced Dr. Wittenborn to perfect gamma treatment to send subjects into savage rage; destroyed device and General in plane crash (Incredible Hulk: Cry of the Beast, 1979); Followed Dr. Strange’s summoning to New Hampshire coast, to contain Jeff Colt who had tapped into the Omegatron’s power, nearly pushed Colt into reactivating Omegatron, turned back to Banner by Strange to prevent this; Colt left alone until his power levels reduced to almost zero at which point Strange could neutralize his connection (Defenders #69, 1979); later that night in Dr. Strange’s sanctum, journeyed with Strange to investigate danger of Unnameable in Tunnelword (Defenders #70, 1979); in Tunnelworld, aided other Defenders against Arisen Tyrk fragments/Lunatiks & Nilffim Riders (Defenders #71, 1979); w/ Defenders, vs. Tyrk fragments, traveled across Tunnelworld (Defenders #72, 1979); w/ Defenders, vs. Unnameable-controlled Ixhoohxi, Arisen Tyrk, returned to Richmond Riding Academy (Defenders #73, 1979); scared off young men stealing a horse from Academy, left to avoid other Defenders, demolished Long Island train and railroad that disturbed him, leapt away (Defenders #74, 1979); enjoyed solitude on Long Island beach, returned beached whale to the ocean, returned to Richmond Academy in aftermath of destructive battle with Foolkiller/Greg Salinger after Nighthawk had thrown out and disbanded Defenders, fought NYPD, left angrily (Defenders #75, 1979); Leapt along Virginia seaboard, assaulted & assimilated by amorphous "silverthing"/agent of the Unnameable, sent to Dr. Strange (Defenders #76-77, 1979); arrived at Strange’s sanctum, joined Strange & Namor in traveling to Tunnelworld, mets Sputs & Aeroika (Defenders #78, 1979); w/ Strange, Namor, & Aeroika, learned of Ytitnedeon (Defenders #79, 1980); assaulted by Ytitnedeon’s forces, drove them off (Defenders #80, 1980); w/ Defenders & Aeroika, sneaked into Ogeon; Hulk succumbed to Unnameable’s power (Defenders #81, 1980); followed Ytitnedeon’s commands, donned costume of Nilffim Rider, led assault against Defenders & Aeroika, trapped in mystic sphere by Strange (Defenders #82, 1980); broke Strange’s containment, mind-entered by Strange, Namor, & Aeroika; Unnameable summoned all of its power to oppose them, weakened by Strange’s Eye of Agamotto, trapped within Hulk’s memory by Strange (Defenders #83, 1980); Banner/Hulk recovered in Atlantis, revived by Black Panther/T’Challa, goaded into battling Atlanteans & Namor by Panther to aid his escape, saved from drowning by Namor, returned to surface (Defenders #84, 1980); transported to Dr. Strange’s sanctum by Namor, aided Defenders & Black Panther vs. Mandrill (Defenders #85, 1980); Banner relaxed at sanctum, Hulk later goaded by Panther into generating sufficient noise to overload Sound Absorber, left angrily (Defenders #86, 1980); "a few days later," attacked while resting in New Jersey meadowlands by National Guard, vs. Mutant Force, turned into Banner and saved from falling death by Hellcat (Defenders #87, 1980); Banner drove rental car from American Southwest to New York City, Hulk fought Gotham Game Club (Incredible Hulk Annual #9, 1980); visited Manhattan’s Museum of Natural History, encountered Tymok, sent into distant past, befriended cavewoman Tanna and others, led revolt against Tymok, sent his dinosaurs back to the past and destroyed Tymok’s time-control gloves (Hulk: Lost in Time, 1980); in Manhattan, Hulk confronted by Matt Murdock, calmed by him, turned back into Banner, befriended and given a place to stay for the night; while trying to leave Manhattan became angry on subway, turned back into Hulk, vs. NYPD & Daredevil, left after hurting Daredevil (Daredevil #163, 1980); ate fruit from overturned truck on Long Island freeway, vs. NYPD, SWAT, Iron Man, played with young Ricky, turned back into Banner, requested Iron Man’s help in preventing him from becoming the Hulk, taken to Stark’s penthouse, worked with Stark to design miniaturized nuclear-powered pulse regulator to prevent transformations into Hulk, surgically implanted by Dr. Erica Sondheim; device malfunctioned via near miss from police-hurled concussion grenade, Hulk’s mind awakened in Banner’s body (Iron Man #131, 1980); Banner’s mind restored via soothing sound waves but device began to gain power from Banner’s radiation, producing gradual transition into Hulk who rampaged at Stark International; Hulk subdued via Learjet explosion followed by full-powered Iron Man punch (Iron Man #132, 1980); pulse regulator removed by Sondheim via laser, Banner flown out west by Jim Rhodes (Iron Man #133, 1980); stopped noise pollution of the "Roller Disco Devils" (Avengers #198, 1980); In Los Angeles, California, vs. LAPD, It the Living Colossus, shattered Dr. Vault-possessed It into powder (Incredible Hulk #244, 1980); In Los Angeles, Bruce sought out cousin Jen seeking someone to confide in, saved her life with blood transfusion after she was shot by agents of Nick Trask, departed after the LAPD arrived to investigate (Savage She-Hulk #1, 1980); in Manhattan, worked with psychologist Dr. Sheila Marks to try to cure personality disorder, wore device that allowed changing of personae without changing form, Banner with Hulk’s mind ran amok through city until calmed and device removed by Sheila (HULK #19, 1980); Hulk rampaged through Manhattan (HULK #19, 1980); assaulted in Lake Placid via Lava Men serving Kala using Diamond of Doom, calmed by Kala and fed food containing mind-controlling drug, participated in contest of champions w/ technologically enhanced Winter Olympians against Mole Man’s Outcasts & Spider-Man until mind control broken when Kala’s youth faded with exposure to surface air, departed (Marvel Treasury Edition #25, 1980); vs. Absorbing Man, Bi-Beast, Rhino, given soda by Homecomers baseball team (Incredible Hulk Annual #17, 1991); In Manhattan, met with old associate Ronald Jenkins, visited Mohegan Point nuclear reactor which was at risk for meltdown, turned into Hulk during public panic, entered plant, manipulated via reverse psychology into preventing the meltdown (HULK #20, 1980); in Manhattan, apparently hypnotized by unidentified "mistress of Hypnos…a guardian of the mind and imagination"; seemingly sent to "Myth-Realm," encountered gnome Nimbi, benevolent sorcerer Saraband, princess Morgaina, evil wizard Darkshorn; Hulk defeated Darkshorn (HULK #21, 1980); Banner hired at bank as David Bannon, Hulk stopped bankrobbers, gangleader Mr. Durrant sent the Mechadroid to rob the bank, but the Hulk destroyed this, too; Durrant then hired the Exterminator who confronted him in Briggsville (WI or AR?) and was then brought back to a city by him; Hulk attacked by but easily overpowered Exterminator and buried him up to his neck (Hulk Annual, 1980); Banner befriended Arthur Colgrave, visited his coal mine which was then collapsed by gunfire from bankrobber Tommy Moran who had been hiding there; Hulk helped Colgrave & Bill Deacon escape (Hulk Annual, 1980); Hulk’s transformation observed by criminal Vance Kennett who then tried to coerce Bannner and trick Hulk into making Hulk help him rob a bank; ultimately Hulk defeated Kennett and left him for the police (Hulk Annual, 1980); Took vacation to Bermuda with Sheila Marks who tried to help Banner & Hulk except that they were the same person; Sheila, Banner, and others pulled out to sea by tidal wave, captured and taken to Hydropolis to become part of Rypel’s New World; escaped thwarted Rypel’s plan to destroy the surface world, fought Rypel’s mutated brother Jeremy until Jeremy turned on Rypel; helped Marks and others escape to surface (HULK #22, 1980); Investigated new research at Manhattan’s Empire State University, saved self from sexual assault at YMCA by revealing that he could turn into the Hulk; Hulk rampaged through city, befriended hippy Clear Marks, drove off abusive boyfriend, True; befriended & romanced Alice Steinfeld as "Bruce Davidson," given job as dishwasher at her brother’s restaurant; turned into Hulk & rampaged after learned Alice’s mother was trying to take her son away from her, unwittingly collapsed building on Clear; Alice committed suicide, left Bruce $1000, and he gave it to Clear to start a new life (HULK #23, 1980); at US post office, stopped attack by Revolutionary Government/"Phoomie Goones" (What If #30, 1981); Returned to Gamma Base seeking Jarella’s remains, fought military, Talbot-operated Super-Mandroid, & Captain Mar-Vell (Incredible Hulk #245, 1980); vs. Mar-Vell who used the micron-cannon to transport Hulk & Jarella to Jarella’s world after learning Hulk’s goal; Talbot destroyed the micron-cannon, seemingly stranding Hulk off-Earth (Incredible Hulk #246, 1980); arrived on Jarella’s world, sought to bury her in lush paradise, battled Gardener who tried to keep him out of there, used Gardener’s gem to restore vegetation to the entire world, buried Jarella, returned to Earth by Gardener (Incredible Hulk #247-248, 1980); In Bradbury, Iowa, befriended by Barbra Jean Benson who tried to seduce him until her husband Harvey came home, given shirt clothes by Harvey after learning Banner’s identity (HULK #23, 1980); In American Midwest, befriended Cherokee chief John, fought army, protected sacred burial ground, encountered Puritan-like village forced to evacuate for newly built dam; Hulk stopped governor Carl Carruthers from destroying the dam and flooding the people in its path, exposed Carruthers’ actions (HULK #24, 1980); In Apponneag, Connecticut, employed as "Bruce Baxter" as assistant at Simms School for Special Children, befriended former student Earl Slocum, took part time work at steel shop; Hulk refreshed ability to write with Earl; Hulk forced Guno and others to stop harassing Earl; Earl discovered corruption within the shop and efforts to steal a government contract, exposed them with Hulk’s aid (HULK #25, 1981); Employed at carnival, turned into Hulk after propane explosion, identity discovered and captured by owner Frank Ford and daughter Bonnie, put on display as Hulk, broke free & escaped, Frank killed in generator explosion (HULK #25, 1981); Rampaged in Manhattan, befriended by Ruby Barclay, taken to Baba Shanti’s Ashram for meditation & mantra in Olive, New York; Baba Shanti turned out to be Bruce’s old college roommate Randy Cantor; townspeople set fire to Shanti’s place so it could be replaced with casinos, Hulk helped others escape fire; Shanti helped Hulk & Banner to temporarily accept each other; Hulk rescued Ruby after she was kidnapped by townspeople (HULK #26, 1981); Banner hid out on Kyle Richmond’s yacht off Long Island coast, knocked overboard by whale that brought him to a Russian factory ship mass-slaughtering whales, turned into Hulk and attacked whaling ship, located by Hellcat & Valkyrie, sunk their ship, saved crew, Hellcat, & Valkyrie from giant squid with several whales (Defenders #88, 1980); exhausted Banner brought to Strange’s sanctum, attended funeral of Dorothy Walker, traveled to Patsy’s Montclair, NJ house; Hulk stopped robbers at store and brought home many cans of beans for dinner (Defenders #89, 1980); vs. Mandrill, Fem Force, & Mandrill-controlled female teammates (Defenders #90, 1980); took Hellcat away from Mandrill-controlled judge ordering their capture, returned to Hellcat’s house before aiding Defenders vs. Mandrill, prevented nuclear meltdown at New York’s Arrowshaft nuclear facility (Defenders #91, 1981); Traveled to Meadowlark Hunting Lodge in upstate New York with new friend Suzette Classon, discovered their militia, Hulk fought gunman, took wounded Suzette to hospital (HULK #26, 1981); Caught in flood in wooded area (HULK #26, 1981); Hitched a ride with trucker, taken along with white rat cargo when it was stolen by the Willoughby family, attacked by Milton Lynn, turned into Hulk, defeated Lynn and left, but Banner hitched another ride and met up with the Willoughbys again (HULK #27, 1981); Arrived in Las Vegas, rampaged through city; Banner befriended by singer Jimmy Martin & girlfriend Suzanne, saved Dean from mobsters but Suzanne was shot and killed in the violence (HULK #27, 1981); On snowy mountain, vs. deer hunters, Jack Frost/Gregor Shapanka (Incredible Hulk #249, 1980); Banner hired as farmhand on small farm in Liberty, straddling Colorado-New Mexico line, sought by Silver Surfer in hopes of using his power-enhancing rage to overcome Galactus’ barrier around Earth; traveled to Tranquility Base, used gamma ray infuser on Surfer, driving him to rampage & battle Hulk; Surfer penetrated barrier but returned to save Banner from falling to death (Incredible Hulk #250, 1980); Briefly fought Sheriff Bradley Martin in Jude, New Mexico before departing, Martin informed Dr. W. Lee Benway who captured Hulk via brain pleasure center stimulator that relaxed him and turned him back to Banner, rescued by Spider-Woman/Jessica Drew before Benway could lobotomize him to study his gamma ray-mutated form, Hulk & Spider-Woman defeated Benway and his mutates plus Martin (Marvel Team-Up #97, 1980); in Los Alamos, New Mexico, as "Bruce Jones" befriended Chandler family, battled 3D-Man, convinced to leave to help save Rick Jones from the Changelings (Incredible Hulk #251, 1980); traveled to Colorado Rockies, w/ Doc Samson, vs. Changelings (Incredible Hulk #252-253, 1980); in meadow, duped into serving Nightshade/Tilda Johnson, stole experimental Rand-Meachum circuit for her from Rand-Meachum, defeating Power Man/Luke Cage & Iron Fist in the process; Banner left as trap for investigating Power Man, Iron Fist, & Machine Man, goaded into becoming Hulk by Delmar’s Maggie Jones, fought until convinced Nightshade had tricked him, angrily confronted Nightshade who surrendered (Marvel Team-Up Annual #3, 1980); in Manhattan, picked up a large order of special pants from tailor Del (Power Man & Iron Fist #65, 1980); at Strange’s sanctum, aided Defenders in recovering missing fragments of Eternity to save the universe; w/ Nighthawk in Russia, vs. snow giants created by Ivan/Eternity fragment (Defenders #92, 1981); at sanctum, transported w/ Defenders by Strange to London, England to oppose Namor and Atlanteans who were being manipulated by Nebulon posing as Dorma (Defenders #93, 1981); captured by Leader, escaped, w/ Avengers & Dr. Rikky Keegan, foiled Leader’s plan to mutate residents of New York City via exposure to Banner’s irradiated blood (Incredible Hulk Annual #11, 1982); Hulk returned to gamma bomb’s ground zero at Desert Base, encountered Betty & Gen. Ross only to see them struck down by cosmic ray attack from Stranger, brought them to desert lab for treatment, leading to team-up with Thing whose teammates had been struck down by gamma rays; w/ Thing, coerced into aiding Stranger against Olympian death god Pluto and his demons in a plot to create a nether-hole to destroy all existence; Stranger cured those irradiated (Marvel Two-In-One Annual #5, 1980); In American Southwest, Banner attempted to save Simon Utrecht’s crew from cosmic ray exposure, attacked by U-Foes for diminishing their exposure, Hulk nearly overpowered until the U-Foes’ powers went out of control, defeating them (Incredible Hulk #254, 1980); Smashed giant Thing statue in Utah desert; w/ Thing, summoned to Matriculon by Stamben Malelet to recover scientist Mall Addy to prevent the Big Change from falling into the wrong hands, fought Nasty McBurne & Banger McCrusher, rescued Addy, used up two wishes on food & returning home, resulting in another battle with the Thing (Marvel Graphic Novel: The Big Change, 1987); In American Midwest, Banner ambushed & gassed in sleep, captured by agents of Matrix Eight, imprisoned and kept drugged at their Northern England facility, studied and used to design Gammadroid, freed and goaded into becoming Hulk by Captain America, destroyed Gammadroid, subdued by gas, taken out of facility before its destruction by Cap (Captain America #257, 1981); Six-Fingered Hand duped Clea into summoning Hulk, Namor, & Surfer to Hell where all four were captured by Six-Fingered Hand (Defenders #99, 1981); prisoner of Six-Fingered Hand in Hell (Defenders #98, 1981); freed by Gargoyle/Isaac Christians, confronted by Hell-Lords who revealed Hell on Earth plot (Defenders #99, 1981); futilely opposed Satannish, returned to Earth by Satan/Marduk Kurios after Daimon Hellstrom agreed to remain in Hell (Defenders #100, 1981); angrily departed Strange’s sanctum due to others dejection despite their seeming victory in Hell (Defenders #101, 1981); Traveled to upstate New York for twin funerals of Nighthawk & Valkyrie, participated in séance during which Enchantress appeared and commanded them to obey her to save the Valkyrie (Defenders #107, 1982); w/ Hellcat, Hellstrom, & Namor, sent by Enchantress to Wastelands dimension to retrieve Rose of Purity, encountered and fought Damask & Zaffer before agreeing not to deprive them of the Rose (Defenders #108, 1982); spell of Dr. Strange transported Hulk, Hellstrom, & Namor back to Earth, transported instead to Earth-712/Earth-S by Nighthawk of that world – believing self to be Nighthawk-616; joined by Strange (Defenders #109, 1982); Nighthawk began to explain problem to Defenders (Defenders #111, 1982); Banner used Nighthawk’s transporter aided by Strange to bring other Defenders to Earth-712, learned threat of Over-Mind (Defenders #112, 1982); w/ Defenders & Chorus vs. mind-controlled Squadron Supreme, overcame Tom Thumb’s technological assaults, overpowered by Over-Mind, confronted by Null (Defenders #113, 1982); w/ Defenders & Squadron Supreme, absorbed into Chorus as a collective that destroyed Null, learned Nighthawk-712 was not Nighthawk-616 (Defenders #114, 1982); returned to Earth-616, arrived in Strange’s sanctum (Defenders #115, 1983); w/ Defenders, captured by Serpent Men/Spawn of Set, freed by Spider-Man (Marvel Team-Up #111, 1981); Banner arrived at upstate New York’s Gordon University to look into top-secret genetic research to cure self; unable to get job as janitor due to lack of identification; kept self calm with tranquilizers; hired by Lance Steele to help unload equipment for Dazzler’s band, attempted to sneak into lab, pursued by security, turned into Hulk, rampaged, disrupting Dazzler’s show (Dazzler #6, 1981); rampaged in upstate New York’s Gordon University, vs. Dazzler & US soldiers; aided by Dazzler in freeing laboratory animals who then used calming glow to turn him back to Banner; sneaked out of the city by Dazzler amongst her equipment, given $200 by her (Dazzler #7, 1981); rampaged in New York City, vs. Thor, boarded ship Star of David to Israel (Incredible Hulk #255, 1981); arrived in Tel Aviv, Israel, vs. Israeli military, befriended young Arabian boy Sahad who was soon slain by Arab terrorists, vs. terrorists, Sabra; buried Sahad, berated Sabra over Arab-Israeli prejudice (Incredible Hulk #256, 1981); in Egypt, w/ Arabian Knight/Abdul Qamar vs. de,pms Gog & Magog (Incredible Hulk #257, 1981); arrived in Nuristan province of Afghanistan, vs. Russian military, sent by crashing plane into Khystym’s radioactive Forbidden Zone, encountered Presence & Red Guardian/Tania Belinsky, vs. Soviet Super-Soldiers, turned back into Banner by Presence & Red Guardian after disturbing them (Incredible Hulk #258, 1981); Banner initially allied with Professor Phobos & Soviet Super-Soldiers vs. Presence & Red Guardian until learning Phobos’ intent; restored to Hulk form by Presence, aided in Phobos’ defeat (Incredible Hulk #259, 1981); near Mt. Kuroishi, Japan, attacked by Glen Talbot using War Wagon, saved samurai Sanshiro Sugata from volcanic eruption, while Talbot was killed by his own actions (Incredible Hulk #260, 1981); arrived on Easter Island, vs. Absorbing Man (Incredible Hulk #261, 1981); washed up on Malibu beach, vs. Glazier (Incredible Hulk #262, 1981); in San Francisco, befriended young girl Vera Joern, brought her atop Golden Gate Bridge, convinced to release her to SFPD Captain Taggart, knocked into water by SFPD gunfire; Banner traveled to Salvation Army for clothes & food, met Jack Haggerty who gave him his papers to serve as a crewman aboard a freighter, hired as David Banner, sailed across Pacific for weeks, discovered mission to be an AIM operation, captured by MODOK, ship continued on to Savage Land; MODOK captured dinosaurs, Ka-Zar, & Zabu; Hulk joined Ka-Zar against dinosaurs & MODOK, shattered MODOK’s exo-chair allowing his capture; Hulk leapt away (Marvel Team-Up #104, 1981); traveled to Titan to visit dying Captain Mar-Vell, present as he died (Death of Captain Marvel/Silver Surfer #14, 1982/1988); wandered – McKittrick or LaBrea California? – wilderness, encountered radiation-poisoned waters, hunters, animals fighting him or each other, became trapped in tar pits, helped out by two hunters (Marvel Fanfare #17, 1984); in American Southwest, Hulk attacked passenger plane assuming it was after him; plane crashed, Hulk calmed by former passenger’s Iron Fist’s chi, reverted to Banner; Hulk later punched hole into underground well, granting water to an indigent clan, departed as military arrived (Marvel Team-Up #105, 1981); in American Southwest, vs. Doc Samson, summoned alongside most heroes of Earth by Grandmaster & Unknown/Death, not chosen in their contest of champions, observed Grandmaster accept defeat when teams tied, returned to Earth (Marvel Super Hero Contest of Champions #1,3, 1982); in American Southwest, confronted Spinach who held She-Hulk prisoner, defeated him (Marvel Double Shot #1, 2003); in American wilderness, vs. US Air Force, wandered into town of Jasper, vs. Blob & Unus, temporarily destroyed Unus’ overloading force field (Marvel Fanfare #7, 1983); in Houston, employed as stable hand at rodeo; w/ Spider-Man saved Rex Ryder and rodeo from Enforcers & Rhino (Spider-Man and the Incredible Hulk, 1982); in Colorado, w/ Spider-Man, aided defection of Latverian gamma researcher Dmitri Solzyn (Spider-Man and the Incredible Hulk, 1982); in Colorado desert, vs. National Guard, encountered Chief Examiner, saved rafting crew capsized during the battle, powers analyzed/replicated by Examiner (Questprobe #1, 1984); in Los Angeles, as "Bruce Franklin," hired as research scientist at L.A. Valley Clinic under Dr. Andrew Sarkan, vs. his adopted son, dire wraith Kattan-Tu/Mark Sarkan (Incredible Hulk #262, 1981); in LA, saved LAX airport from Avalanche, reunited with Rick Jones & Betty Ross, departed with them (Incredible Hulk #263, 1981); in Southern California, joined with next generation of the Teen Brigade, targeted by Night Flyer for Corruptor, destroyed Night Flyer, mentally enslaved by Corruptor (Incredible Hulk #264, 1981); controlled by Corruptor vs. Rangers – who received Rick Jones’ distress signal intended for the Avengers; calmed & freed from Corruptor’s control by Rick Jones, Corruptor defeated by Lobo (Incredible Hulk #265, 1981); Rick, Bruce, & Betty drove towards Desert Lab, vs. suicidal High Evolutionary, whom Hulk battered sufficiently that he could devolve himself (Incredible Hulk #266, 1981); in Desert Lab returned to Banner by gamma projector, Hulk vs. Glorian (Incredible Hulk #267, 1982); in Desert Lab, continued using gamma ray projector, vs. Pariah (Incredible Hulk #268, 1982); in Desert Lab, confronted by & battled Hulk-Hunters – Amphibion/Qnax, Dark-Crawler, Torgo – before being convinced by Empress Daydra to aid them vs. Galaxy Master (Incredible Hulk #269, 1982); w/ Sagittarians, Amphibion, Dark-Crawler, & Torgo, vs. Galaxy Master & Abomination, vanished w/ Galaxy Master’s destruction (Incredible Hulk #270, 1982); arrived on Half-World, joined Rocket Raccoon vs. Judson Jake, Black Bunny Brigade, & Killer Clowns; returned to Earth by Uncle Pyko (Incredible Hulk #271, 1982); returned to Earth, arrived in Northern Canada, Banner’s intellect gained control of Hulk’s form; w/ Sasquatch/Walter Langkowski vs. Wendigo/Francois Lartigue (Incredible Hulk #272, 1982); vs. RCMPs, knocked down a forest for lumberjacks, unwittingly drove off the benevolent Klklk/"Locusts from the Stars" (Incredible Hulk #273, 1982); delivered fallen trees to people of St. Clair, accidentally destroyed a train trestle, saved the train, returned to USA despite resistance at the border & US Army (Incredible Hulk #274, 1982); traveled to Gamma Base, learned Rick had exposed self to gamma radiation, met Bereet; vs. Jackdaw-controlled Megalith (Incredible Hulk #275, 1982); drained gamma radiation from Rick, defeated & captured by U-Foes (Incredible Hulk #276, 1982); freed by Bereet’s Techno-Art creations, defeated U-Foes on national television (Incredible Hulk #277, 1982); traveled with Rick & Bereet to Manhattan, met with Fantastic Four, granted amnesty by US president, joined with other heroes to foil Leader’s illusory assault (Incredible Hulk #278, 1982); enjoyed acceptance parade in Manhattan with many heroes (Incredible Hulk #279, 1983); Hulk abducted by Proja to fight Champion of the Universe, participated in training but banished back to Earth after succumbed to savage rage in battle with Champion (Marvel Two-In-One Annual #7, 1982); joined numerous heroes in driving off super-villains gathered to attack hospitalized Thing (Marvel Two-In-One #96, 1983); spent time with Bereet, hounded by news people, assaulted by Leader’s Humanoids, unable to stop them from abducting Rick & Bereet (Incredible Hulk #280, 1983); piloted Avengers Quinjet to Leader’s orbiting Omnivac base, unable to become angry enough to overpower Leader’s Humanoids, dismissed as a threat and returned to Earth with Bereet & Rick(Incredible Hulk #281, 1983); obtained aid of Avengers, w/ She-Hulk vs. Arsenal beta unit (Incredible Hulk #282, 1983); w/ Avengers, traveled to Omnivac, vs. Humanoids, learned of Leader’s plan to travel to dawn of time and mutate early humanity; Avengers minus She-Hulk transported to various past eras by Leader’s trap (Incredible Hulk #283, 1983); w/ She-Hulk, tracked & recovered Avengers from past eras, defeated Leader at dawn of time (Incredible Hulk #284, 1983); revealed to have declined Avengers membership, began construction of Northwind Observatory in New York’s Catskill mountains, vs. Zzzax (Incredible Hulk #285, 1983); encountered the Proselytes of Cygnet VII, helped the priestess K’rel and the greens overthrow the reds only to learn after departing that the greens were as tyrannical as their predecessors (Incredible Hulk Annual #12, 1983); w/ Namor & Surfer, summoned to Strange’s sanctum and captured with him by Elf with a Gun/Time Agent (Defenders #122, 1983); transported through extradimensional vortex, arrived on future of Earth-8394, a wasteland (Defenders #123, 1983); w/ Defenders, brought before Tribunal, shown future of Earth-8394, convinced that they must never team-up again to prevent this reality from occurring (Defenders #124-125, 1983); joined by Recordasphere, encountered time traveling 41st century Hero, brought forward to his timeline, befriended Hero before his death, returned to own time (Incredible Hulk #286, 1983); joined by Kate Waynesboro as assistant at Northwind (Incredible Hulk #287, 1983); saved himself & Kate from car crash after the Recordasphere jealously sabotaged the steering to "save" Bruce from Kate (Incredible Hulk #288, 1983); vs. Abomination – sent by MODOK & Gen. Ross – who destroyed the Recordasphere and abducted Kate when he couldn’t defeat the Hulk, used gamma tracker to pursue Abomination (Incredible Hulk #289, 1983); AIM forced Abomination to surrender Kate to them and they turned her into Ms. MODOK; MODOK disintegrated Abomination, driven off by Hulk; Kate returned to normal (Incredible Hulk #290, 1983); discussed recent events with Ann Nocenti (Incredible Hulk #291, 1984); assisted SHIELD in checking on data-gathering satellite that was being bombarded by gamma rays, assaulted by alien that bonded to his nervous system and took control of him, taken to helicarrier for treatment, broke free, landed in south Bronx, rampaged, fought Spider-Man and SHIELD weapons; alien eventually died after exposed to cold Spider-Man was suffering from, Hulk regained own mind w/ Kate, flew to Universidad de la Ciudad in Mexico City, assisted Prof. Hernandez in using a gammascope to enhance crops; began romance with Kate, attended circus, mesmerized by Circus of Crime, vs. Dragon Man until Ringmaster’s hat smashed (Incredible Hulk #292, 1984); returned from to JFK airport, shot at by former Hadleyville resident Sam Burgh, stayed at Baxter Building, nightmares of savage Hulk began, sensed Beyonder’s energies in Central Park, arranged for charges to be dropped on would-be assassin, rebuilt Hadleyville over a few days (Incredible Hulk #293, 1984); at Northwind, w/ Kate, used gammascope to treat Sirius, a dog with incurable bone disease; Kate abducted by Boomerang for aging gangster Max "Hammer" Stryker to force Bruce to use gammascope to treat Stryker, teleported away to Battleworld by Beyonder’s transport device in Central Park (Incredible Hulk #294, 1984); arrived on Battleworld alongside, charged with destroying their enemies, engaged villains (Marvel Super-Heroes Secret War #1, 1984); fought off villains, established base (Marvel Super-Heroes Secret War #2, 1984); studied alien technology, frustrated as intelligence began to fade, followed Captain America’s orders to retreat when villains ambushed them (Marvel Super-Heroes Secret War #3, 1984); saved heroes when the Molecule Man dropped a mountain on them, taunted to increase his rage & strength by Reed Richards (Marvel Super-Heroes Secret War #4, 1984); punched out by Galactus’ robot (Marvel Super-Heroes Secret War #5, 1984); became anxious during planning against villains & Galactus (Marvel Super-Heroes Secret War #6, 1984); joined heroes in invading villains’ base after She-Hulk fell before them (Marvel Super-Heroes Secret War #7, 1984); during group assault, mesmerized and rendered unconscious by Enchantress (Marvel Super-Heroes Secret War #8, 1984); dejected by inadequate strength and intelligence, assaulted Galactus and his world-devouring machine, struck down by Galactus (Marvel Super-Heroes Secret War #9, 1985); observed as Doom usurped Galactus and then the Beyonder’s power (Marvel Super-Heroes Secret War #10, 1985); briefly possessed by Beyonder before it jumped into Spider-Woman/Rachel Carpenter and then Klaw; group agreed in assault on Doom, struck down by a bolt from the blue by Doom (Marvel Super-Heroes Secret War #11, 1985); healed by Zsaji subconsciously aided by Beyonder-powered Doom, Beyonder reclaimed power from Doom; Hulk’s right leg injured by Ultron, given massive crutch & brace, began further degeneration into anger, returned to Earth (Marvel Super-Heroes Secret War #12, 1985); returned from Battleworld more savage, located & easily overpowered Boomerang, rescuing Kate (Incredible Hulk #295, 1984); Banner consulted on Sue Richards’s pregnancy due to cosmic radiation complications, turned into Hulk when assaulted by Dr. Octopus, fight broken up by Reed Richards (Fantastic Four #266-268, 1984); learned Stryker had been using gammascope to cure various illnesses in his absence, learned Sirius had descended into savagery and had to be shot, Stryker mutated into savage form (Incredible Hulk #295, 1984); vs. Stryker, reverted to savage form, defeated Stryker; Rom the Spaceknight purged radiation from Stryker and all others exposed to gammascope but Hulk proved resistant due to chronic/repeated exposure; unable to retain control of self, struck Kate, fled (Incredible Hulk #296, 1984); savage Hulk rampaged, Nightmare revealed influence on Hulk, directed him to locate Dr. Strange (Incredible Hulk #297, 1984); rampaged in New Jersey, vs. police, SHIELD (Incredible Hulk #298, 1984); rampaged thru Lincoln Tunnel, Manhattan, Central Park, vs. New Jersey state troopers, SHIELD; confronted Dr. Strange, who reached mind of Banner but Banner chose to abandon his current existence and become the Hulk in his own mind to gain vengeance on Nightmare; virtually mindless escaped into city (Incredible Hulk #299, 1984); rampaged through Manhattan, vs. SHIELD, SWAT, Human Torch/John Storm, Power Man/Luke Cage, Iron Fist/Daniel Rand’Kai, Avengers; ultimately banished to the Crossroads dimension by Dr. Strange (Incredible Hulk #300, 1984); Mindless Hulk explored the Crossroads, met the Puffball Collective, traveled through several dimensions including an ocean world, and a world of giants (Incredible Hulk #301, 1984); arrived on Acid Rain World, rapidly humbled by giant dinosaurs, returned to Crossroads, resisted Puffball Collective’s efforts at friendship, traveled to Poisoned World, saved and befriended by symbiont Sym, returned to Crossroads after Sym sacrificed its life to save Hulk (Incredible Hulk Annual #13, 1984); Puffball Collective tried to befriend mindless Hulk, Hulk traveled into dimension of Paradise and the City of Death, where the Iron Knights oppressed the people known as the greens. Defeated and enslaved by the Iron Knight’s leader, Maktu (Incredible Hulk #302, 1984); toiled in his servitude to the Iron Knights, Iron Knights defeated when a Green called Nalee created plants that defeated the Iron Knights, returned to Crossroads (Incredible Hulk #303, 1985); Mindless Hulk traveled to a dimension with strange vegetation and life, found sustenance there, met and befriended Zgorian, returned to Crossroads after Zgorian was killed (Incredible Hulk #304, 1985); vs. U-Foes at the Crossroads, defeated them with the aid of Puffball Collective by leading them into dimensions that negated their powers (Incredible Hulk #305, 1985); nncountered Klaatu at the Crossroads, brought aboard the Andromeda Starship by Xeron and Captain Cybor to pursue Klaatu through various dimensions (Incredible Hulk #306, 1985), pursued Klaatu through many dimensions aboard the Andromeda Starship until ship destroyed, saved Klaatu from Xenon’s harpoon, returned to Crossroads with Puffball Collective (Incredible Hulk #307, 1985); tricked by Puffball Collective into breaking the seal of a portal to Puffball Collective’s home dimension, regained ability to think, becoming savage Hulk once again, betrayed by Puffball Collective and attacked by N’Garai demons, escaped back to the crossroads (Incredible Hulk #308, 1985); Dr. Strange check in on Hulk, noticed spark of Banner’s intellect returning, summoned Hulk – calmed with spell of somnambulance – to sanctum alongside various Defenders, researched spells to cure Hulk, ambushed & captured by Xandu, summoned Thing to aid him; Xandu used Ruby of Domination to enslave minds of everyone in New York City, including Hulk (Marvel Fanfare #20, 1985); controlled by Xandu, briefly returned to savage Hulk persona, battled Thing until Thing destroyed the Ruby of Domination after which Strange restored the Hulk’s virtually mindless persona, exhausted Strange accidentally sent Hulk to Baxter Building and Thing to Utah desert while he regained his strength to send Hulk back to Crossroads (Marvel Fanfare #21, 1985) met the Triad – Goblin, his id & emotions; Guardian, his ego & sense of self preservation; and Glow, his superego & intellect – and continued to re-develop ability to think, regained memories, traveled to a desert dimension, found an oasis after a struggle against the environment (Incredible Hulk #309, 1985); traveled to dimension where Hulk prevented a yellow skinned woman from being sacrificed, defeated by skeletal warriors, reverted back to Bruce Banner and captured (Incredible Hulk #310, 1985); Banner met the master of this dimension, Dr. Daniel Decyst, who cruelly experimented on the natives of this dimension to prolong his own life and planned to do so to Banner as well, turned back into Hulk and escaped this dimension as Decyst was murdered by the yellow woman the Hulk had saved (Incredible Hulk #311, 1985); Bruce Banner sat at Crossroads, bemoaning his fate, observed by the Beyonder (Incredible Hulk #312, 1985); Banner, in an attempt to commit suicide, threw himself from the Crossroads, transformed into the Hulk in mid-fall and returned to the Crossroads, a beam of energy sent by Walter Langkowski lodged itself in the Hulk, tried to escape the energy by traveling through several dimensions, soul of Banner expelled from the Hulk and replaced by that of Langkowski, Langkowski realized the body he took belonged to Banner and returned it to him, pulled back to Earth by the energy line (Incredible Hulk #313/Alpha Flight #28, 1985); savage Hulk attacked Alpha Flight, rampaged through Vancouver then returned to USA (Alpha Flight #29, 1985); savage Hulk captured by agents of Hubert St. Johns, energies used to mutate St. Johns who turned into monstrously obese form that swiftly died; escaped (Incredible Hulk #14, 1985); Hulk encountered, calmed, drugged by Scourge of the Underworld-2 disguised as elderly Native American, attacked by Hammer & Anvil until both were killed by Scourge (Marvel Fanfare #29, 1986); Hulk enslaved along with most of humanity by Dr. Doom using prism amplifying Purple Man’s power, served as one of Doom’s personal guard until his defeat (Marvel Graphic Novel: Emperor Doom – Starring the Mighty Avengers, 1987); Hulk located in American Southwest desert by Beyonder, attacked him, left behind due to more savage nature (Secret Wars II#8, 1986); transported to Colorado Rockies alongside many Earth heroes, vs. Beyonder and his New Mutant pawns (Secret Wars II#9, 1986); Leveled forest west of the Mississippi, confronted by & battled Thor in Lansdale (Thor #385, 1987); savage Hulk returned to the site of the original gamma bomb detonation, found by Doc Samson, the mind of Bruce Banner caused the Hulk to hallucinate, Samson succeeded in knocking the Hulk out and capturing him (Incredible Hulk #314, 1985); Banner and Hulk separated by Doc Samson by sifting their molecules out from one another via a special nutrient bath, Banner left in a coma, the Hulk turned into a truly mindless beast, escaped SHIELD captivity and began rampaging (Incredible Hulk #315, 1986); Banner awakened from coma, Bannerless Hulk fought several members of the Avengers (Incredible Hulk #316, 1986); Banner, operating out of Gamma Base in New Mexico, assembled a new team of Hulkbusters to capture Hulk as the Hulk battled Doc Samson (Incredible Hulk #317, 1986); Banner engaged to Betty Ross (Incredible Hulk #318, 1986); Bruce Banner married Betty Ross, Hulk defeated the Hulkbusters and Doc Samson in New Mexico, (Incredible Hulk #319, 1986); Bruce Banner and Betty left for their honeymoon, Bruce fell ill due to his separation from the Hulk, Hulk defeated Hulkbusters and Samson again (Incredible Hulk #320, 1986); Bruce Banner began to lose molecular cohesion due to separation from the Hulk, Hulk fought Avengers East and West coast groups (Incredible Hulk #321, 1986); Hulk and Banner both began to lose molecular cohesion, Hulk defeated by the Avengers (Incredible Hulk #322, 1986); Hulk and Banner remerged with assistance from the Vision and his density powers when Vision merged his molecules with Banner and then merged Banner and Hulk’s molecules back together, Vision struggled with the Hulk’s personality but overcame it with assistance from Banner (Incredible Hulk #323, 1986); Green Hulk with mind of gray Hulk rampaged during daylight on East Coast of Florida, fought military and Comet Man before departing (Comet Man #3, 1987); Banner brought into captivity by SHIELD at Gamma Base, Banner and Hulk still molecularly unstable, transforming uncontrollably from one to the other, SHIELD forced Hulk back into the nutrient bath in order to re-establish his molecular stability, Rick Jones thrown into the bath as well by General Ross, throwing off the balance of chemicals, gray Hulk re-emerged and then transformed back into Banner, believed the Hulk was gone (Incredible Hulk #324, 1986); Banner remained at Gamma Base to be observed and tested by SHIELD, all tests suggested that the Hulk was gone from Banner, Banner abducted from Gamma Base by the gamma-irradiated Rick Jones Hulk and brought into the desert (Incredible Hulk #325, 1986); in the desert, Banner and Rick Jones set out for Desert Lab in order to find a containment chamber for Rick Jones, at sundown Banner became the Hulk, Hulk fought gamma-irradiated Rick Jones until Zzzax, possessed by General Ross, attacked and turned Hulk back into Banner (Incredible Hulk #326, 1986); Banner observed the battle between Rick Jones Hulk and Zzzax/Ross, Banner convinced Zzzax/Ross that he had become a monster, causing him to flee (Incredible Hulk #327, 1987); while making his way through the desert back to Gamma Base, encountered Fragment, fought Fragment, forced by Fragment to confront his own fears regarding his dual nature, left unsure of whether or not the battle was an hallucination (Incredible Hulk #328, 1987); at Gamma Base, tests were run on Banner and SHIELD still believed that the Hulk is gone from him, went to the old Desert Lab to find Rick Jones, found him among the Outcasts, watched as Jones battled SHIELD (Incredible Hulk #329, 1987); Hulk vs. Tyrannus-possessed Abomination; Banner separated Emil Blonsky’s form from Abomination (Incredible Hulk Annual #15, 1986); taken back to Gamma Base alongside Betty by Rick Jones Hulk, came into conflict with the Nevermind, which possessed Doc Samson and desired to possess the Hulk, tried to protect Betty until Nevermind killed by General Ross, who sacrificed his life (Incredible Hulk #330, 1987); Banner observed the Hulkbusters hunting the Rick Jones Hulk from Gamma Base, realized his marriage was under strain, used a machine to purposely transform himself into the Hulk to help Rick Jones, mistakenly thinking he would retain his own intellect, unaware that the Hulk’s personality was manipulating him, approached by the Leader, who had lost his powers (Incredible Hulk #331, 1987); Hulk agreed to aid the Leader regain his powers in exchange for a promise that Leader would rid Hulk of Banner, led Rick Jones into the Desert Lab, knocked him into a machine that siphoned his gamma radiation into the Leader, leaving Rick Jones back to normal, and the Leader re-powered. (Incredible Hulk #332, 1987); Hulk arrived in a nearby town, drank immense amounts of alcohol to keep Bruce Banner incapacitated during the day, came into conflict with the Sheriff Michael White, humiliated White who was then killed by his wife (Incredible Hulk #333, 1987); Bruce Banner returned to Gamma Base, discovered Betty had left with Ramon, went to a nearby hotel and reconciled with Betty, turned into Hulk as he held her, accidentally injuring her and leaping away, fought Half-Life in the desert, learned the government was still producing gamma bombs, defeated Half-Life (Incredible Hulk #334, 1987); in a small town, Hulk encountered a stalker who was a mental creation of Gil Jeffers, destroyed the stalker, thereby sending Jeffers into a coma (Incredible Hulk #335, 1987); in Sparta, Missouri, Banner used alias "Bruce Ross," reported to X-Factor/X-Terminators as a mutant, fought them as the Hulk, incapacitated by Iceman and brought back to Gamma Base as a captive of SHIELD (Incredible Hulk #336, 1987); freed by X-Factor when they realized SHIELD planned to kill him, fought SHIELD, escaped, Gamma Base destroyed by Clay Quartermain, went with Rick Jones and Clay Quartermain to find the government’s stockpile of gamma bombs and stop their production (Incredible Hulk #337, 1987); as Banner, stopped at a hospital to find Betty, left when she was not there, as Hulk, fought Mercy, agreed to stay with Jones and Quartermain so they could ensure Banner’s safety (Incredible Hulk #338, 1987); in Boulder, Colorado, broke into a SHIELD warehouse with Rick Jones and Clay Quartermain in an unsuccessful attempt to locate of the stockpiled gamma bombs, encountered Ashcan, took sympathy on him after learning of his abusive father (Incredible Hulk #339, 1988); during the Christmas season, fought the Rhino through a mall where he had been working as a mall Santa Claus, ceased fighting when a child began to cry and worked alongside Rhino as one of Santa’s elves (Incredible Hulk #378, 1991); near Dallas, continued in search for the location of gamma bomb, fought Wolverine during a blizzard, fight broken up by Clay Quartermain (Incredible Hulk #340, 1988); went to Kansas in hopes of having Alan Quartermain find the location of the gamma bombs, fought Man-Bull/Savage, who had been eating the cattle of nearby farmers (Incredible Hulk #341, 1988); learned of the location of the gamma bombs from Alan Quartermain, fought Half-Life, who had been sent against Hulk by the Leader, defeated Half-Life after convincing him that he would be miserable if he stole the Hulk’s life-force as his power would wear off (Incredible Hulk #342, 1988); in Arizona, found Betty, who had been planted there to delay Hulk and his allies by the Leader, fought and destroyed three of the Leader’s cyborgs who had kidnapped her (Incredible Hulk #343, 1988); Bruce Banner reunited with Betty, had talk with her about their marriage, as Hulk had a conversation with Betty in which she revealed she was pregnant (Incredible Hulk #344, 1999); in Yuma, Arizona, arrived at military base that was stocking gamma bombs, learned that one bomb had been stolen by the Leader, went to Middletown to prevent its detonation, fought Rock and Redeemer, defeated them, Leader detonated the gamma bomb prematurely, destroying Middletown and killing its 5,000 inhabitants (Incredible Hulk #345, 1988) summoned away just before explosion to Jarella’s world by Wooly, Booly, & Gorsham; enlisted to end the tyranny of Grand Inquisitor/Visuli – who decried him as the "Anti-Hulk"; sent back to Earth with spell to prevent him from turning back to Banner; believed dead in Middletown due to sorcerers’ magic (Incredible Hulk #351-352, 1989); found by Michael Berengetti at Yucca Flats, befriended by him and hired to become his main enforcer at Berengetti’s casino, the Coliseum, took the name "Joe Fixit" while working in Las Vegas (Incredible Hulk #348, 1988) In Las Vegas, caught "Coyote" Cash cheating at the Coliseum Casino (Incredible Hulk #393, 1992), in Las Vegas, rescued Michael Berengetti from Anthony Gold and his henchmen, spent the night with Marlo Chandler (Incredible Hulk #347, 1988); met with Marlo & Mona while bouncing at the Colisseum, pepper sprayed in the eyes by man being thrown out (Captain Marvel #31, 2002); Other Las Vegas casino owners met to discuss losses from increased crime due to decreased crime at Coliseum, sent army of goons after Fixit who easily drove them off; Fixit took Marlo to the Comet casino and shattered their roulette table when Marlo kept losing; casino owners decided to leave Fixit and the Coliseum alone (Marvel Comics Presents #6, 1988); Fixit traveled to Midville, Nevada, inspired young Johnny to name himself the Hulk and begin acting like bully until overpowered by group of kids; Fixit attacked by Slayer/Russ Lovaas, brother of Randy, defeated him with Johnny’s aid (Marvel Comics Presents #95, 1991); fought Absorbing Man when Absorbing Man was hired by Anthony Gold to destroy Berengetti’s business, defeats him at the Hoover Dam, smashing him into pieces (Incredible Hulk #348, 1988); blew off Marlo but then hunted down Warzone after Charlie put Marlo in the hospital (Web of Spider-Man #44, 1988); fought Spider-Man when he got in the way, later helped Spider-Man against Warzone, summoned into desert by Dr. Doom (Incredible Hulk #349, 1988); duped by Doom into attacking Thing – who was now more powerful than ever – and was overpowered, confronted by green/savage Hulk robot (Fantastic Four #320, 1980); escaped while Thing fought Hulk robot, fought the Thing again in New York Central Park, this time defeating him by striking and retreating, tiring him out, recruited by Beast to assist the Avengers against the High Evolutionary (Incredible Hulk #350, 1988); joined ad hoc group of Avengers vs. Evolutionary, traveled to his base beneath the Pacific Ocean, battled HE & agents, transported back to desert outside Las Vegas by HE, others defeated HE and destroyed his bomb (Avengers Annual #17, 1988); sorcerers’ spell broke down, reverted to Banner (Incredible Hulk #351-352, 1989); Bruce Banner re-emerged for the first time in months, contacted Marlo Chandler, introduced himself as "Bruce Bancroft" and learned of what had happened in his absence, as Hulk, rescued Michael Berengetti from several Maggia hit men (Incredible Hulk #353, 1989); Banner spent time with Marlo Chandler at her health club; Hulk, defeated several strength enhanced Maggia members, earning Berengetti, who gambled on his battle, a great deal of money, and costing the Maggia a fortune (Incredible Hulk #354, 1989); Fixit loaned out to one of Berengetti’s old friends, Don Anthony Cicerelli, to investigate operations in Madripoor, took out Chaz & friends when they threatened his driver, Connie, and keyed his car, arrived in Madripoor, fought off attackers, aided & recognized by Wolverine (Wolverine #7, 1989); antagonized by Wolverine, duped by him into helping take down a slavery ring & destroying Prince Baran’s storehouse of refined opium, operations associated with Fixit’s US ally’s associate, General Nguyen Ngoc Coy, instead of taking out Coy’s rival, Tyger Tiger; Banner apparently enjoyed special treatment by Madripoor women; upon learning his true mission, Fixit angrily departed, Wolverine switched signs to trick Fixit into boarding plane to London (Wolverine #8, 1989); Fixit visited Bone Marrow recording artist’s president Jerry Gruska to collect $109, 000 owed to Berengetti, further instructed him to arrange private concert by Brian Newman for Suzy Berengetti, traveled to Santa Monica to confront Newman when he refused, decided to allow Newman to complete his masterpiece in his own time after hearing it (Marvel Comics Presents #38, 1989); Fixit confronted & beat up professional wrester "Hulk" Hogan for using his name (Marvel Comics Presents #45, 1990); Fixit used Dr. M.A. Forrest’s experimental anti-magnetic jet-propelled fortified rocket springs to enhance leaping ability, destroyed immense asteroid launched at Earth by alien Ralfzz children, transported aboard their ship, destroyed security robot; Ralfzz apologized after learning Earth was inhabited, returned Fixit to Earth (Marvel Comics Presents #52, 1990); Transported to near future by students of ISBISA to battle She-Hulk, instead battled similarly transported savage Hulk, reverted to Banner in sunlight, restored to own time (Sensational She-Hulk #29, 1991); Banner attended Las Vegas comic book convention with Marlo; Hulk made to experience his fantasies by Glorian, after coming out of fantasies attacked Glorian, battle witnessed by Marlo Chandler who mistakenly believed Hulk to have killed Glorian, walked out on by Marlo (Incredible Hulk #355, 1989); Hulk led on wild goose chase around Las Vegas looking for a good fight by Bruce Banner’s influence (Incredible Hulk #356, 1989); as Bruce Banner, took a job as a janitor at Yucca Flats radiation testing center as "Bruce Bancroft," as Hulk confronted Marlo Chandler, spurned by her, several of Hulk’s friends including Berengetti and Marlo Chandler caused to mistrust Hulk by Glorian, who was being manipulated by Cloot/Satannish (Incredible Hulk #357, 1989); fought the Ghoul, a servant of Cloot, across Las Vegas, defeating him with a meat hook at the Coliseum, fired by Michael Berengetti (Incredible Hulk #358, 1989); approached by Glorian, who informed Hulk that if he did not become noble and self-sacrificing by midnight then Glorian would lose his soul to Cloot, attacked by Glorian when he would not cooperate, later assisted Glorian against Cloot, saved Glorian’s soul by defeating Cloot in a gamble, assisted by the Shaper of Worlds (Incredible Hulk #359, 1989); In San Diego, Fixit confronted Jonas Marlin, owner of Marlinworld, regarding debt accrued at the Colisseum, offered business interest in Marlinworld, exposed & drove off Atlanteans who caused the killer whale Shandu to go berserk, released Shandu into the ocean (Marvel Comics Presents #26, 1989); while sleeping, the Hulk and Betty Ross Banner were manipulated and tortured by D’Spayre and Nightmare, overcame the two demons when Bruce and Betty found strength in their love for each other (Incredible Hulk #360, 1989); gray Hulk traveled to Los Angeles, hired by AIM & Hydra to capture Madame Masque, succeeded, assaulted by Dreadnoughts; all of his payment destroyed in battle, destroyed Dreadnoughts (Iron Man #247, 1989); as Banner, visited Tony Stark in Los Angeles to ask for assistance in locating Betty, as Hulk worked with Iron Man against the Maggia, AIM and Hydra as well (Incredible Hulk #361, 1989); refused Black Queen/Selene’s offer and coercion to be her consort (Marvel Comics Presents #78, 1991); w/ Avengers, vs. Atlanteans assaulting surface world under Ghaur & Llyra’s orders (Avengers Annual #18, 1989); met Phil Sterns, contacted Marlo, informed her of his location to meet with her again, fought with Werewolf/Jack Russell in Yucca Flats, defeated him, parted with Marlo (Incredible Hulk #362, 1989); confronted about his true identity by Phil Sterns, defeated the Gray Gargoyle in the desert near Yucca Flats, who had been sent to fight the Hulk by Dr. Doom during the "Acts of Vengeance" (Incredible Hulk #363, 1989); in Nevada desert, employed by Sebastian Shaw to travel to Manhattan and battle Spider-Man, defeated & thrown into orbit by Uni-powered Spider-Man, rescued by him (Amazing Spider-Man #328, 1990); in Yucca Flats, poisoned by the Madman in his civilian guise of Phil Sterns; as Hulk, fought Abomination, defeated him with toxic waste, suffered heart attacks due to poison (Incredible Hulk #364, 1989); traveled to Phoenix, Arizona to seek a cure for the poison from Reed Richards, attacked by Ms. Marvel/Sharon Ventura, knocked unconscious after several heart attacks, had conversation with Ben Grimm, informed by Reed Richards that the poison had no cure (Incredible Hulk #365, 1990); transported to Freehold by the Leader, fought the Riot Squad after attacking the Leader, Leader offered to tell Hulk Betty’s location and cure him of the poison if Hulk killed Madman for him (Incredible Hulk #365, 1990); learned of the identity of Madman, sent by the Leader to the Madman’s base, fought Madman, injected Madman with poison and cured himself of the poison (Incredible Hulk #367, 1990); as Banner, soldiers surrounded his rented house near Yucca Flats, escaped onto a train, encountered Mr. Hyde on the train, transformed into Hulk, fought Mr. Hyde, defeated him throwing him from the elevated tracks (Incredible Hulk #368, 1990); in South Carolina, stayed with Lassiter family for a day, as Hulk, fought Freedom Force who had been sent by the government to capture him, defeated them (Incredible Hulk #369, 1990); in South Carolina, Hulk encountered Wolverine (Marvel Comics Presents #54, 1990); vs. Wolverine, made peace, Banner hitched ride w/ Janie & friends, away as Wolverine was mistaken for Mimic (Marvel Comics Presents #55, 1990); Banner arrested, turned into Hulk after Wolverine shot (Marvel Comics Presents #56, 1990); tracked & confronted Mimic in Wolverine form (Marvel Comics Presents #57, 1990); vs. Mimic until he fled, freed his hostages, recognized Mimic (Marvel Comics Presents #58, 1990); learned Mimic’s history, joined by Wolverine (Marvel Comics Presents #59, 1990); broke up fight b/t Mimic & Wolverine, turned back into Banner, all 3 hitched rider w/ Janie and friends to Seattle, Banner got drunk en route then turned into Hulk (Marvel Comics Presents #60, 1990); fought Mimic & Wolverine then brought them to Mimic’s father’s cave, reverted to Banner within cave (Marvel Comics Presents #61, 1990); vs. Mercy & Lifeform/George Prufrock (Incredible Hulk Annual #16, 1990); summoned to Four Freedoms Plaza by Skrull De’lila posing as Sue Richards, duped by her into forming new/substitute Fantastic Four alongside Ghost Rider/Dan Ketch, Spider-Man, & Wolverine after seeming death of the male FF members, sent to allegedly track their killers but were instead tracking the powerful Inorganic Technotroid/ITT (Fantastic Four #347, 1990); new FF saved commercial airliner from Skreeeal over Susquehanna river, followed it to Monster Island, confronted by subterranean Giganto, Mole Man, Moloids, & skrulls, learned of De’lila; then confronted by De’lila & Reed, confused Reed for skrull (Fantastic Four #348, 1991); pursued De’lila into Subterranea, prevented her or Mole Man from gaining control over ITT, which instead imprinted on Giganto male & female (Fantastic Four #349, 1991); in New York City, aided Dr. Strange against Shanzar, as Bruce Banner went with Namor to Dr. Strange’s house to aid him further, possessed by Shanzar, learned that Tribunals’ threat about the Defenders causing Earth’s destruction was a hoax (Incredible Hulk #370, 1990); in New York, fought Namor while possessed by Shanzar, Banner struggled against Shanzar within his consciousness, Shanzar became frightened by the savage Hulk within Banner’s mind, Shanzar banished back to Strange Matter dimension through the efforts of Banner, Namor, and Dr. Strange, informed of Betty’s miscarriage, discovered that she was at a convent (Incredible Hulk #371, 1990); in Darien Connecticut, as Banner, searched for Betty, delayed by Prometheus of the Pantheon, savage Hulk re-emerged, defeated Prometheus, reunited with Betty (Incredible Hulk #372, 1990); went to Betty’s convent to hide from military, fought military and Doc Samson when they surrounded the convent, escaped with Betty (Incredible Hulk #373, 1990); w/ Betty, savage Hulk rampaged in Fairfield county in southwest Connecticut, calmed and went into hiding as Banner w/ Betty, energy sapped by Armand Jones’ biokinetic energy absorber, turned into Hulk, attacked Jones – who died from the injuries – and then arriving Spider-Man who was exposed to the absorber’s energies; Hulk defeated Spider-Man then departed with Betty (Web of Spider-Man #69, 1990); Spider-Man briefly mutated into Spider-Hulk (Web of Spider-Man #70, 1990); traveled to Bunkport, Utah with Betty in search of Rick Jones, Jones kidnapped by Skrulls, Hulk and Betty confronted by Super-Skrull (Incredible Hulk #374, 1990); savage and gray Hulk struggled for dominance in Bruce Banner’s mind, gray Hulk emerged, fought Super-Skrull, defeated him by knocking him into energy core of the Skrull ship, reunited with Rick Jones (Incredible Hulk #375, 1990); traveled with Rick Jones to Jones’ apartment in Reno, Nevada, personalities of gray and savage Hulk began fighting over Banner’s mind and body, Banner began morphing uncontrollably, personality of Banner asserted dominance over the gray Hulk and savage Hulk, fell unconscious (Incredible Hulk #376, 1990); in a Nevada hospital, personalities of Banner, gray Hulk, and savage Hulk apparently merged with the assistance of Doc Samson and the Ringmaster after confronting their past and making peace with each other (Incredible Hulk #377, 1991); in Reno, Nevada, celebrated his new merged persona at a bar with Doc Samson and the Ringmaster, approached by the Pantheon, attacked by Ajax and fought Pantheon, allowed himself to be captured to learn Pantheon’s intentions (Incredible Hulk #379, 1991); brought to the Mount by the Pantheon, fought them until Agamemnon intervened, Agamemnon showed Hulk around the Mount, offered Hulk a place in the Pantheon (Incredible Hulk #381, 1991); explored the Mount, briefly fought Ajax, discovered that his gamma radiation rendered Achilles vulnerable, showed around Mount by Ulysses, agreed to join Pantheon (Incredible Hulk #382, 1991); helped delay Namor in preparation of his birthday part (Namor Annual #1, 1991); realized that Betty was uncomfortable around him in his new merged form, informed by Pantheon that Abomination had resurfaced in New York, witnessed Rick’s disappearance along with half of the universe’s population due to Thanos (Incredible Hulk #383, 1991); initially blamed Abomination for disappearances (Infinity Gauntlet #1, 1991); briefly struggled against Abomination before being transported to Avengers HQ join Earth’s heroes in the struggle against Thanos (Incredible Hulk #383/Infinity Gauntlet #3, 1991); w/ Earth’s heroes, agreed to follow Adam Warlock’s lead (Infinity Gauntlet #3, 1991); w/ Wolverine, instructed by Warlock to slay Thanos if given the chance (Infinity Gauntlet #3, 1991); told Silver Surfer of upcoming battle (Silver Surfer #54, 1991); w/ heroes, traveled to Thanos’ Death Monument, confronted Thanos & Terraxia (Infinity Gauntlet #3, 1991); w/ heroes vs. Thanos – manipulated by Mephisto into only using the Power Gem in battle; Hulk shrunk in size and sent back to Earth (Infinity Gauntlet #4, 1991); shrunk down to mere inches, returned from the battle against Thanos to the New York sewers, convinced the Abomination to let his former wife go on with her life without him (Incredible Hulk #384, 1991); summoned extradimensionally by Dr. Strange, restored to normal size, kept in reserving for upcoming battle (Dr. Strange: Sorcerer Supreme #35, 1991); returned to Strange’s sanctum (Infinity Gauntlet #5, 1991); broke up fight between Surfer & Thanos (Silver Surfer #59, 1991); joined w/ heroes & Thanos vs. Nebula who had usurped the Infinity Gauntlet; part of first wave, captured by Nebula (Infinity Gauntlet #5, 1991); sent back to Earth by Nebula as she reverted things to the way they were before Thanos wiped out half of the universe (Infinity Gauntlet #6, 1991); transported back to New York to find it overrun by angry mobs, battled Gestalt who drew strength from the fear of the people, defeated him when the peoples fear subsided (Incredible Hulk #385, 1991); summoned back to Thanos’ monument to stop Thanos from regaining the Gauntlet after it had been taken from Nebula, witnessed Warlock claiming the Gauntlet, joined Drax in attacking Thanos before his departure, sent back to Earth by Warlock (Infinity Gauntlet #6, 1991); Marvel Age Annual #4 Attended New York Yankees game at Yankee stadium, encouraged to leave before he destroyed everything by Damage Control (Damage Control #1, 1991); observed confrontation between New Warriors & Damage Control, revealed self to be Star Trek fan, observed arrival of Edifice Rex (Damage Control #2, 1991); gathered with other heroes to prepare for confrontation with Edifice Rex, but Rex lost all of his power after Damage Control fired him (Damage Control #4, 1991); in Reno, Nevada, watched Rick Jones’ house for him while he was out of town, attacked their by "Coyote" Cash, quickly defeated Cash and had him arrested (Incredible Hulk #393, 1992); traveled to Israel to prevent Achilles from killing Max Meer, seen by Sabra and presumed to be the one who had made an attempt on Meer’s life, attacked by Sabra, who paralyzed his larynx so he could not explain his actions (Incredible Hulk #386, 1991); battled Sabra across Jerusalem, explained to her that he was trying to protect Meer from Achilles, confronted Achilles with Sabra, returned to the Mount with Achilles after Meer was injured (Incredible Hulk #387, 1991); traveled to Subterranea to rescue Rick & Betty from Tyrannus & Mole Man, vs. Gort, recovered canteen of Fountain of Youth for Tyrannus, dumped it on the ground after recovering Rick & Betty (Incredible Hulk Annual #17, 1991); second story (Incredible Hulk Annual #17, 1991); considered and rejected as a suitable mate by Her due to "physically imperfect" nature (Quasar #28, 1991); fought Speedfreek in Reno, Nevada when Speedfreek attacked an AIDS benefit concert, defeated him and gathered incriminating evidence against his employer, Mr, Lang (Incredible Hulk #388, 1991); approached Spider-Man as he monitored a meeting of the Sinister Six (Spider-Man #18, 1992); w/ Spider-Man, attacked Sinister Six, defeated by Dr. Octopus (Spider-Man #19, 1992); recovered, drove off investigating NYPD officers (Spider-Man #20, 1992); w/ Ghost Rider/Dan Ketch, Sleepwalker, & Spider-Man vs. Sinister Six, stomped on by Gog (Spider-Man #22, 1992); w/ Ghost Rider/Dan Ketch, Spider-Man, Sleepwalker, Deathlok/Michael Collins, Fantastic Four, Nova/Rich Rider, & Solo vs. Sinister Six (Spider-Man #23, 1992); sent to Florida Everglades to investigate a monster and missing kids, encountered Man-Thing, fought the former Pantheon scientist Sumner Beckwith who had been mutated into the Glob, Glob destroyed by touch of the Man-Thing (Incredible Hulk #389, 1992); in the nation of Trans-Sabal, fought alongside the Pantheon against the forces of Farnoq Dahn in an effort to overthrow the tyrannical government (Incredible Hulk #390, 1992); alongside Pantheon and local forces, engaged in a battle against the military of Trans-Sabal, fought X-Factor whom were protecting Trans-Sabal on behalf of the United States Government (Incredible Hulk #391, 1992); snuck into Farnoq Dahn’s stronghold, prevented Dahn from firing missiles with civilian captives tied to them, captured Farnoq Dahn, brought him before his own people, Dahn killed by Rick Jones (Incredible Hulk #392, 1992); at the Mount, refused to speak with Rick regarding his premonition of the Kree/Shi’ar war (Captain America #398, 1992); in New Mexico Desert, kidnapped Igor Drenkov on the anniversary of the original gamma bomb detonation to make him relive that day, confronted by People’s Protectorate trying to reclaim Drenkov, fought them with the aid of the Pantheon, battled ended when Drenkov driven insane (Incredible Hulk #393, 1992); searched for Atlanta in the Himalayas after her ship had been shot down by Trauma, fought Trauma alongside Atlanta (Incredible Hulk #394, 1992); many enemies dropped bomb on Hulk & Thing during arm wrestling match (Incredible Hulk Annual #18, 1992); at the Mount, warned of conflict involving Rhino & Cage in Chicago that could lead to the capture and possibly the death of the world’s outlaw heroes (Cage #9, 1991); arrived in Chicago, sought out & battled Cage – mistakenly believing him to be allied with the Rhino – leading a rogue Guardsman/Pascal to attack them both; w/ Cage took down Pascal and Rhino, turned both over to Guardsmen (Cage #10, 1991); Hulk failed to reach Dr. Strange regarding Magus’ doppelgangers (Infinity War #3, 1992); present with many heroes at Four Freedoms Plaza to discuss threat of the Magus’ doppelgangers, Richards & Iron Man identified as doppelgangers and a fight broke out, at which point Reed Richards doppelganger detonated a gamma bomb to kill them all (Infinity War #2/Fantastic Four #367/Alpha Flight #110/Moon Knight #41/Wonder Man #13, 1992); gamma bomb explosion controlled by Invisible Woman and Thor/Eric Masterson, Magus & Thanos doppelganger escaped with Iron Man & Richards doppelgangers, framing Adam Warlock & true Thanos (Infinity War #3/Fantastic Four #368/Moon Knight #41/Wonder Man #13, 1992); carried Spider-Man to a hospital, yelled at press (Silver Sable and the Wild Pack #4, 1992); provoked Thing to fight, both convinced to relax and square off in a table hockey game (Fantastic Four #368, 1992); heroes regrouped, part of strike force chosen to go after Warlock & Thanos, transported by mystics to dimensional corridor, confronted Thanos & Infinity Watch (Infinity War #3/Wonder Man #13/ Fantastic Four #368/New Warriors #27/Quasar #38/Warlock and the Infinity Watch #8, 1992); w/ strike force vs. Thanos & Infinity Watch, vs. Drax, engaged Thanos directly alongside Thing & Hercules (Infinity War #4/Fantastic Four #369/Wonder Man #14/Quasar #38/Alpha Flight #111, 1992); fight broken up by Galactus who telepathically explained the true threat of the Magus to the strike force, failed to stop Magus from abducting Warlock and non-functional Infinity Gauntlet, briefly considered attacking true Thanos (Infinity War #4/Fantastic Four #369/Wonder Man #14, 1992); smashed across room by Malice-influenced Invisible Woman after mocking her bloodthirsty nature & leadership abilities, came to respect her (Fantastic Four #369, 1992); witnessed Quasar’s departure to obtain Ultimate Nullifier (Infinity War #4-5/Quasar #39, 1992); w/ strike force, Drax, & Pip, assaulted Magus’ fortress, assaulted by numerous doppelgangers (Infinity War #5/Fantastic Four #369/Wonder Man #15, 1992); w/ strike force vs. doppelgangers until Infinity Gauntlet-powered Magus banished them, captured by Magus, caught in reality warp from Magus’ use of Gauntlet, saved by Galactus, restored to Earth w/ Magus’ defeat (Infinity War #6/Fantastic Four #370, 1992); fourth story (Incredible Hulk Annual #18, 1992); in Reno, Nevada, encountered demonized human, accompanied Namor-possessed Rick to see Dr. Strange; saved Betty from demonized Marlo who was cured by lightning strike; w/ Strange & Namor/Rick planned to investigate plot (Incredible Hulk Annual #18, 1992); w/ Strange & Namor/Rick, investigated Pandimensional Publishing, vs. demonized humans, encountered Lucian Aster & Shanzar-possessed Namor, failed to stop Shanzar from abducting Namor/Rick, joined by Surfer (Namor Annual #2, 1992); guided Strange to Delphi who told him of Shanzar’s base, accompanied Strange and Surfer to floor of the Pacific Ocean, fought and slew irrevocably demonized humans unwittingly helping fulfill spell to free the Wild One, pursued Wild One to Hawaii (Silver Surfer Annual #2, 1992); vs. Wild One, Shanzar, & demons; ultimately joined by Aster & Shanzar in defeating Wild One (Dr. Strange: Sorcerer Supreme Annual #4, 1992); from Mount, summoned w/ Ghost Rider/Dan Ketch & Silver Surfer to be part of Dr. Strange’s Secret Defenders, traveled to Dark Dimension, vs. Dormammu, Mindless Ones, G’uranthic Guardian, returned to Earth (Dr. Strange: Sorcerer Supreme #50, 1993); Drax the Destroyer rampaged in Reno, Nevada, mistaken for Hulk, leading Hulk to travel there to confront him (Warlock and the Infinity Watch #12, 1993); vs. Drax, ultimately allowed Drax to think himself victorious to avoid further property damage; Drax started fight anew when Hulk slapped him on the back, rendered unconscious by Moondragon, returned to Mount where he saw a report that Drax stopped the Hulk’s mindless rampage (Warlock and the Infinity Watch #13, 1993); traveled to Las Vegas, Nevada with Ulysses, Paris, and Hector of the Pantheon to avenge the murder of Michael Berengetti by Sam Striker and Frost, had a brief standoff with Frost, came into contact with the Punisher (Incredible Hulk #395, 1992); Defeated Dr. Octopus at a Las Vegas Casino, launched a successful plan with the Punisher to have Sam Striker arrested, battled Frost, detached Frost’s head before Frost disappeared in an explosion of Ice (Incredible Hulk #396, 1992); Returned to the Mount to find it invaded by the U-Foes, battled U-Foes alongside the Pantheon, defeated them with the Pantheon’s aid, Mount then invaded by the Leader and the Riot Squad (Incredible Hulk #397, 1992); Inside the Mount, alongside Pantheon, fought Leader’s Riot Squad and U-Foes until Agamemnon ordered him to stop, informed that Agamemnon had reached an agreement with the Leader (Incredible Hulk #398, 1992); Returned to the site of the original gamma bomb detonation in New Mexico, relived old memories of General Ross and Betty (Incredible Hulk #399, 1992); Reconciled with Betty, returned with her to Reno, Nevada, learned of location of Leader’s base, traveled to Freehold in the arctic, fought Hydra, defeated and seemingly killed the Leader (Incredible Hulk #400, 1992) Vs. U-Foes, left Columbia Ice Fields, returned Rick & Marlo to Reno, Nevada, returned to the Mount, placed in charge of the Pantheon while Agamemnon took a break (Incredible Hulk #401, 1993); in South America’s Amazon rain forest investigating massive deforestation, vs. Juggernaut, confronted by Red Skull (Incredible Hulk #402, 1993); imprisoned by Skull, brainwashed by Mentallo via memories of abuse from Brian Banner (Incredible Hulk #403, 1993); w/ Juggernaut vs. Avengers, threw off control when praised by Juggernaut – something his father would never have done; defeated Juggernaut (Incredible Hulk #404, 1993); followed up with Doc Samson, broke up fight between Ajax & Achilles, calmed Ajax (Incredible Hulk #405, 1993); vs. Captain America & Doc Samson to prevent police from taking comatose Marlo, resolved when Marlo awakened (Incredible Hulk #406, 1993); w/ Pantheon, vs. Juggernaut sent by Dr. Doom who sought Pantheon’s energy secrets (Hulk: Mayhem at the Mount, 1993); in San Francisco, fought Venom then joined him vs. Dr. Bad Vibes who threatened the city with a massive earthquake but turned out to be a harmless crackpot (Incredible Hulk vs. Venom #1, 1994); from apartment in Reno, summoned by Strange alongside Ghost Rider/Dan Ketch, Spider-Man, and Wolverine as Secret Defenders to bring in Human Torch/Johnny Storm after he had caused a fire at Empire State University, vs. Fantastic Four until they were summoned away by Watcher (Fantastic Four #374, 1993); in Los Angeles, confronted "savage" She-Hulk when she rampaged out of control (Sensational She-Hulk #56, 1993); fought "savage" She-Hulk, battled DeVasquez Gamma Tank, gave depowered Jennifer Walters a blood transfusion to restore her to normal She-Hulk form (Sensational She-Hulk #57, 1993); traveled to Avengers HQ to meet with other heroes to discuss heroes transported away by Goddess, theorized on underlying cause (Infinity Crusade #1/Web of Spider-Man #104, 1993); suspected Warlock & allies as culprits (Infinity Crusade #2, 1993); joined by Drax, Maxam, & Pip (Warlock and the Infinity Watch #18, 1993); briefly fought new arrivals, until calmed by Reed Richards (Infinity Crusade #2, 1993); helped force Pip to take a bath (Warlock and the Infinity Watch #19, 1993); learned of Goddess’ threat and her control of various heroes (Infinity Crusade #2, 1993); group discussed Goddess’ motivation and possible beneficial effects, Hulk dismissed it as simple mind control, learned of Goddess’ origins from Pip (Infinity Crusade #3/Web of Spider-Man #105/Dr. Strange: Sorcerer Supreme #56/Warlock Chronicles #2/Darkhawk #30, 1993); suspected Pip would betray them to the Goddess (Warlock and the Infinity Watch #20, 1993); joined group heading to Paradise Omega for direct assault (Infinity Crusade #3, 1993); en route to Paradise Omega confronted by holograms of Thanos & Silver Surfer, formed grudging alliance (Infinity Crusade #4, 1993); with Drax, guided power-loaded Surfer on course to Paradise Omega, fought Thor, propulsion unit damaged, drifted into Paradise Omega’s atmosphere (Infinity Crusade #4/ Warlock and the Infinity Watch #21, 1993); crashed on surface, landed on Sasquatch, both knocked out (Infinity Crusade #5, 1993); Goddess’ plot thwarted by Warlock & Thanos, returned to Earth (Infinity Crusade #6, 1993); at Las Vegas Hilton, had virtual reality exhibition match w/ Thing, broke up fight b/t Ajax & Thing, transported to Subterranea by Mole Man, forced to fight Thing to the death so he could use the power generated by their battle to revive Kala, overloaded his power storage device, battled his Megataur (Fantastic Four Unlimited #4, 1993); in Islamic Republic of Kanem, duped into battling Hulk when both sought to save Agrimax – which potentially could triple the efficiency of irrigation & replenish soil; eventually made peace and agreed to find out whom framed Wonder Man (Wonder Man #26, 1993); w/ Wonder Man, defeated Furor & Plan Master plus corrupt General Bornu, helped rebuild Agrimax (Wonder Man #27, 1993); summoned to Washington, DC by Dr. Strange, helped Northstar & Nova/Rich Rider by destroying Starblaster robot (Secret Defenders #11, 1994); as "Mr. Bergen" – head of McCarthy Industries, a front company for the Pantheon – corresponded with Hunter Technologies’ Jack Cameron; w/ Ulysses investigated sabotage of Hunter Technologies, vs. Lazarus/Todd Hunter (Incredible Hulk Annual #19, 1993); visited town called Hulk – formerly Dustpit – in Arizona, found it already leveled by Hulk enemies who assumed the Hulk would be there (Incredible Hulk Annual #19, 1993); traveled to Loch Ness, Scotland, aided retired Perseus vs. Red Skull’s Piecemeal agent & Madman (Incredible Hulk #407, 1993); nearly drowned in Loch Ness by Madman, broke free & recovered with aid of Loch Ness Monster, defeated Piecemeal, but Madman escaped after killing Perseus (Incredible Hulk #408, 1993); pursued Madman to London, briefly fought then teamed up with Motormouth & Killpower vs. Madman who escaped (Incredible Hulk #409, 1993); returned to US by plane to New York’s Kennedy airport, refused Doc Samson’s invitation to attend a demonstration on Dr. Andrew Pollack’s use of a gamma virus/bacterium to release repressed emotions; demonstration went awry, mutating Samson into savage form that attacked Spider-Man then tracked Hulk to Washington Square Park and fought him; causative agent transferred to Hulk, rendering him savage (Amazing Spider-Man #381, 1993); vs. Doc Samson & Spider-Man until encouraged to burnout pathogen within himself by Spider-Man (Amazing Spider-Man #382, 1993); learned Susan Jacobson was being held in Ft. Cheer, Nebraska; attended Perseus’ funeral; w/ Pantheon, broke into Ft. Cheer, assaulted by SHIELD (Incredible Hulk #410, 1993); w/ Pantheon vs. SHIELD, escaped w/ Susan Jacobson (Incredible Hulk #411, 1993); in Reno, visited She-Hulk, Rick, Marlo, & Betty; w/ She-Hulk vs. Bi-Beast (Incredible Hulk #412, 1993); refused to accept Doc Samson’s warning that he was on the verge of losing control, at the Mount, failed to stop Trauma & Troyjans from abducting Atalanta (Incredible Hulk #413, 1994); w/ Pantheon, flew into space aboard the Argo IV to rescue Atalanta; vs. Trauma, wounded by Troyjan ship’s weapons, rescued by Silver Surfer, Troyjans escaped through warp space (Incredible Hulk #414, 1994); w/ Surfer & Starjammers, located and assaulted Troyjans, surrendered in order to meet with Armageddon (Incredible Hulk #415, 1994); vs. Armageddon & Trauma, slew Trauma, released by Armageddon (Incredible Hulk #416, 1994); transported to the future of Earth-9200 via followers of Rick Jones, confronted by Maestro (Incredible Hulk; Future Imperfect #1, 1992); neck broken by Maestro, healed, possibly impregnated one of the Maestro’s Betties, used time machine to send Maestro to Earth-616 at the time of the gamma bomb explosion, disintegrating him (Incredible Hulk: Future Imperfect #2, 1992); confronted anti-Hulk armor wearing Iron Man at Stane International’s Zephyr Flats, Nevada base over having supplied gamma bombs stockpiled by the government – one of which had been used on Middletown (Iron Man #304, 1994); vs. anti-Hulk Iron Man, eventually agreed to dismantling the plant themselves (Iron Man #305, 1994); investigated energy pulses emanating from Cypress Hills Cemetery and disappearance of Ghost Rider/Dan Ketch, vs. Vengeance until teamed up vs. two armored agents of Hellgate, given explanation by Vengeance (Ghost Rider #49, 1994); discussed w/ Doc Samson fears of ending up like the Maestro, attended Rick Jones’ bachelor party (Incredible Hulk #417, 1994); attended Las Vegas wedding of Rick & Marlo, vs. Mephisto who allowed him to win to amplify his superiority complex (Incredible Hulk #418, 1994); made amends with Betty during wedding reception, fought Talos the Tamed, pretended to beg for mercy to allow Talos to regain his honor (Incredible Hulk #419, 1994); w/ Pantheon vs. Lunatic Legion (Hulk: Pantheon Raid, 1994) rescued beaten Jim Wilson at a protest rally, brought him to the Mount for treatment, refused to give Jim a transfusion of his blood, present for Jim’s death (Incredible Hulk #420, 1994); sent Pantheon agents to Tran-Sabal to meet with Arabian knight/Abdul Qamar regarding gathering of Muslim soldiers (Incredible Hulk Annual#20, 1994); investigated seismic readings in Subterranea, encountered Silver Surfer, Ant-Man/Scott Lang, Human Torch/Johnny Storm, & Thing, located ancient ruins, vs. ghostly security, saved others when chamber collapsed, located "Nova/Frankie Raye" – whole thing later proved to be orchestrated by Mephisto, who was posing as Nova (Silver Surfer #95-96, 1994); w/ Pantheon, sought to prevent destruction of a New York City AIDS research laboratory, unwittingly fought Night Thrasher & Rage who sought the same thing, ultimately Thrasher just paid the lab’s debt (Night Thrasher #15, 2004); sent to Norway by Delphi, w/ Hank Pym & Wasp vs. Mad Viking/Knut Caine (Tales to Astonish #1, 1994); at the Mount, led to Manhattan’s Tempo Building & possessed by Vincent Stevens posing as Dr. Strange, tracked fragment Strange to island on which Rick Jones was honeymooning, attacked Strange (Dr. Strange: Sorcerer Supreme #70, 1994); possessed by Vincent Stevens, vs. Strange; Rick goaded Hulk personality into becoming angry enough to throw off Steven’s control & cast him out (Dr. Strange: Sorcerer Supreme #71, 1994); brought Betty to the Mount, discussed with Pantheon plans for dealing with Agamemnon for his selling them to the Troyjans in exchange for immortality, joined them in tracking him to Boston, fought Jason; transported w/ Agamemnon to Asgard, confronted by Thor/Red Norvell (Incredible Hulk #421, 1994); w/ Pantheon vs. Norvell, joined with Norvell and Warriors Three in tracking Agamemnon to the frost giant Siingard’s castle; w/ Agamemnon, devoured by Hoarfen (Incredible Hulk #422, 1994); w/ Agamemnon, arrived in Hel; fought Hela and her hordes, guided out by Agamemnon, broke Hoarfen’s jaw, allowed Pantheon to capture Agamemnon (Incredible Hulk #423, 1994); participated in Agamemnon’s trial; Agamemnon summoned the Endless Knights (Incredible Hulk #424, 1994); w/ Pantheon vs. Endless Knights; succumbed to overwhelming rage when Betty injured in the fight, transformed into Banner with mind of savage Hulk; Knights destroyed, Agamemnon & Achilles apparently killed (Incredible Hulk #425, 1995); savage Banner treated by Doc Samson, taken into SHIELD custody, Betty guided towards succumbing to death by Mercy, refused in order to stay with Bruce; Betty sent mental message to Bruce, allowing him to regain control and return to Hulk form (Incredible Hulk #426, 1995); employed by Max Christiansen – now working as a mechanic in Sunville, Florida, saved Emma Standish from a burning car, investigated child killer Albert (Incredible Hulk #427, 1995); confronted Albert in the Everglades, vs. Man-Thing, saved young boy Skip; Albert perished in Everglades (Incredible Hulk #428, 1995); saved Kate Shappe from being hit by a truck, assaulted abortion protestors at medical clinic after one of them slew Kate; vs. police chief Largo, fled when anger turned him back to savage Banner, calmed & reverted by Betty (Incredible Hulk #429, 1995); saved the shooter, Larry, from Speedfreek (Incredible Hulk #430, 1995); traveled to Manhattan to free Sandy from Abomination, but Abomination actually had a number of followers including Sandy, though many were slain by NYPD policeman Emery after the police commissioner was instructed to clean out the sewer by criminal Wulf Christopher; Abomination slew Emery (Incredible Hulk #431, 1995); vs. Abomination, aiding in saving Sandy by the Angel/Thomas Halloway’s brother; forced to allow Abomination escape to save others (Incredible Hulk #432, 1995); given information on Wulf Christopher by Angel’s brother, confronted Christopher, left him to Punisher/Frank Castle, protected Castle from SHIELD (Incredible Hulk #433, 1995); attended funeral of Nick Fury – actually an LMD (Incredible Hulk #434, 1995); in New York, encountered Earth-93060’s Prime, fought then joined him vs. Dr. Eugene Wildeman and his gamma mutates (Prime vs. Hulk #0, 1995); in New York, offered to free Thor from clutches of Hela since Thor’s allies had sworn an oath not to try to rescue him (Thor #489, 1995); entered Hel with Balder’s aid, fought Thor; Hela ultimately released Thor to prevent their battle from destroying Hel (Thor #490, 1995); caught in violent dreams of dying man with advanced technology, confronted man, slapped computer screen, bringing more peaceful images to man (Shadows & Light #1, 1998); in Pittsdale, encountered & fought dimension-traveling Pitt (Hulk/Pitt, 1996); went to dinner w/ Betty at Los Angeles’ Planet Hero (War Machine #19, 1995); vanished from Earth (DC vs. Marvel #1, 1996); gathered as an agent of the Marvel Megaverse Brother (Marvel vs. DC #2, 1996); defeated by Superman, realities merged into Amalgam reality (DC vs. Marvel #3, 1996); existed as Skulk, a merger of himself and Solomon Grundy, sent to capture Access, failed (Dr. Strangefate #1, 1996); realities separated, w/ Superman, fought Mole Man & Moloids in Batcave, returned to Earth-616 (Marvel vs. DC #4, 1996); w/ Betty, car broke down off I95 in North Carolina, Hulk carried it to Blackberry, fought Toad Men, drove them off & thwarted their plot to transport human residents to their homeworld despite wishes of residents to comply (Over the Edge #3, 1996); hired to play baseball for Florida Pistols, nicknamed "Mighty Bob," played against Rhino – posing as Emperor’s player "Alex O’Hirn" (Incredible Hulk #435, 1995); convinced Doc Samson to confront Patchwork, refused to go himself due to fear of losing control and turning into Banner (Doc Samson #1, 1996); Major Matt Talbot led soldiers to capture Betty and then shot her in the leg to draw in the Hulk; Talbot used armored Hulkbusters and another shot to Betty’s leg to enrage him to the point of turning back into savage Banner whom they captured (Incredible Hulk #436, 1995); savage Banner imprisoned, examined by Ringmaster using technology to project solid images, turned back into intelligent Hulk, tormented by subconscious fears of Ringmaster, Talbot, himself; turned back to savage Banner when dream image of Betty seemingly slain (Cutting Edge #1, 1995); broken out by Headshop, savage Banner caught in grenade explosion (Incredible Hulk #437, 1996); saved by turning into Hulk, left with shrapnel in head, took on darker – Maestro-like skin tone, became more aggressive & violent; headed to Freehold to use Leader’s technology to remove shrapnel, caught in an explosion caused by the Alliance (Incredible Hulk #438, 1996); arrived in Freehold, vs. Riot Squad, learned of Alliance, decided to pose as the Maestro and the leader of the Alliance in order to focus humanity against him rather than attacking each other; assaulted Mt. Rushmore, confronted by Avengers (Incredible Hulk #439, 1996); vs. Thor, tossed him away as a Talbot-ordered nuclear strike occurred (Incredible Hulk #440, 1996); in the Great White North, vs. Wendigo/Michael Fleet & Wolverine (Marvel Fanfare #2, 1996); In Alaska, put out forest fire, fought bounty-hunter Quarry who targeted the newly arrived Janis Jones of Earth-9200 (Incredible Hulk #443, 1996); w/ Janis, rested at abandoned nuclear power plant, met Elamron – an alien metamorph who was posing as the son of Bruce Banner; vs. Gladiator/Kallark & Imperial Guard when they tried to slay Elamron and attacked Janis; telepathically influenced by Franklin Richards who was having nightmares about a green monster, confronted by Artie Maddicks & Leech in effort to stop nightmares, made peace (Incredible Hulk ’97, 1997); w/ Janis in underground Pantheon safehouse, controlled by Onslaught to attack Cable (Incredible Hulk #444, 1996); merged Hulk, gray Hulk, then savage Hulk vs. Cable & Storm (Cable #34, 1996); vs. Cable & Storm, mind cleared by them (Incredible Hulk #444, 1996); in Manhattan, w/ Avengers, prepared for assault on Onslaught (Incredible Hulk #445, 1996); w/ Avengers, FF, Dr. Doom, & others vs. Onslaught; shattered Onslaught’s physical form while reverted to savage Hulk with aid of Jean Grey, Banner’s essence and a portion of his energy separated from Hulk, transported to Franklin Richard’s Counter-Earth (Onslaught: Marvel Universe, 1996); Banner-less Hulk captured by US military under Col. Cary St. Lawrence, awakened, broke free, began to radiate gamma radiation and painfully mutate, contained within giant block of lead (Incredible Hulk #446, 1996); emerged from lead via explosion, vs. Jason, military; denied knowledge of Betty, departed with Janis (Incredible Hulk #447, 1996); w/ Janis, vs. Pantheon – employed by military; death faked by Pantheon to escape military pursuit; refused to re-join Pantheon, made threat to US military to leave him alone (Incredible Hulk #448, 1996); w/ Janis in Arizona, vs. Thunderbolts; obtained chest wound in battle, distracted them by smashing a hole in a dam and fled, collapsed (Incredible Hulk #449, 1997); leveled Hollywood sign & Universal Studios, vs. Wild Man, inadvertently summoned by Dr. Strange, used to access Franklin Richards’ Counter-Earth, noted to be linked to Counter-Earth (Incredible Hulk #450, 1997); In Hollywood, vs. US military, refused Silver Surfer’s offer of friendship, Surfer tried and failed to turn him back to Banner (Silver Surfer #125, 1997); In Fargo, North Dakota, vs. US military under Col. Cary St. Lawrence, met by Hercules who sought his aid in learning the missing heroes’ fate, fought Hercules savagely in effort to be left alone, transported to Olympus by Zeus after showing defeated Hercules mercy, enjoyed brief respite, joined Hercules in fighting giants of Olympus before returning to Earth (Hulk: Hercules Unleashed #1, 1996); In Manhattan, assaulted Avengers Mansion, sought Banner’s old notes to save himself from dying due to separation, vs. Mandroids & Spider-Man, joined Spider-Man & Aquarian vs. Doombot, learned that all data had been destroyed by a security virus (Spider-Man Team-Up #6, 1996); In American Southwest, ambushed and knocked out by U-Foes who placed Master of the World’s control disc on him, joined them in assaulting UN meeting, disc destroyed by Iron Fist/Danny Rand, aided Iron Fist, Hercules, & White Tiger vs. U-Foes (Heroes for Hire #1, 1997); at Desert Base gamma bomb ground zero, assaulted by Cary St. Lawrence’s forces; traveled to Duck Key, destroyed all roads in or out and claimed it as his own (Incredible Hulk #451, 1997); threw police chief Flannagan in prison after he shot Hulk, named his brother, prisoner Mike Flannagan as new police chief (Incredible Hulk #452, 1997); confronted & fought by Deadpool who obtained a sample of his blood in hopes of restoring his own healing factor (Deadpool #4, 1997); fought various monsters from Monster Isle arriving in Duck Key while fleeing Chtylok, traveled to Monster Isle, vs. Chtylok, fight carried them through Subterranea (Sensational Spider-Man #14, 1997); finally smashed Chtylok as arrived in Savage Land, aided Spider-Man in saving Savage Land from AIM (Sensational Spider-Man #15, 1997); stacked boats and debris to protect island from Hurricane Betty; confronted by Hulk of Earth-9722 & Janis (Incredible Hulk #452, 1997); vs. Hulk-9722, convinced to abandon Duck Key by Col. St. Lawrence, traveled to Antarctic (Incredible Hulk #453, 1997); pursued by St. Lawrence & military, fell into Savage Land, worshipped by Locot tribe, assisted them against their enemies, the Nowek, who were aided by Ka-Zar, Shanna, & Wolverine; overcome by weakness, assaulted by Tyrannosaurus rex, collapsed (Incredible Hulk #454, 1997); recalled father’s death (Incredible Hulk minus 1, 1997); brought to Xavier Institute by Wolverine for examination, recovered & rampaged, vs. X-Men, transported away by Apocalypse (Incredible Hulk #455, 1997); agreed to allow Apocalypse to treat him to remove the shrapnel from his brain in hopes of getting rid of the ghost of his father, transformed into Apocalypse’s Horseman War; transported to Egypt, easily defeated Absorbing Man, confronted by Juggernaut (Incredible Hulk #456, 1997); as War, vs. Juggernaut & Absorbing Man, swatted Rick Jones & broke his spine, haunted by Brian Banner again, tore off War helmet, returned to his senses, fled; stowed away on Pyramid Air plane (Incredible Hulk #457, 1997); aboard plane to New York city, tormented by Mercy, vs. Mr. Hyde; battle tore wing off plane (Incredible Hulk #458, 1997); cushioned plane’s landing, vs. Mercy & Abomination (Incredible Hulk #459, 1997); in Manhattan, pained by energies released as heroes returned from Franklin Richards’ Counter-Earth; Counter-Earth Banner/Hulk vs. Thing & Thor, escaped (Heroes Reborn: The Return #1, 1997); Hulk gave off energies disrupting conventional energy sources, confronted by Doc Samson, Hercules, & Thunderbolts, overwhelmed by deluge; w/ Spider-Man pulled through Franklin’s pocket realm to Counter-Earth’s New York, confronted Counter-Earth Hulk/Banner (Heroes Reborn: The Return #2, 1997); Earth Hulk vs. Counter-Earth Hulk, both captured by Dr. Doom (Heroes Reborn: The Return #3, 1997); w/ others, returned to Earth – Hulk’s remerging with Banner facilitated the other heroes’ return (Heroes Reborn: The Return #4, 1997); Banner returned to Earth, summoned back to reality by image of Betty, re-merged with Hulk at Desert Base ground zero, energy released helped Maestro re-form (Incredible Hulk #460, 1998); Banner met w/ Gen. Ross, attacked by Maestro-possessed Destroyer; Hulk sent spirit into Destroyer, trapped its destructive blast within its visor, collapsed cavern on it and Maestro; Banner surrendered to Ross & military (Incredible Hulk #461, 1998); Banner held in Area 102, Hulk convinced to remain by Betty & Col. St. Lawrence; asked Reed Richards & Tony Stark to treat Rick Jones; visited Rick; confronted by giant Troyjan robots; Hulk refused to come to Banner’s aid (Incredible Hulk #462, 1998); turned into Hulk to save Rick & Betty, vs. giant robots; agreed to help Armageddon (Incredible Hulk #463, 1998); at Freehold, agreed to allow Armageddon to drain his energy to restore Trauma, overloaded and disintegrated Trauma (Incredible Hulk #464, 1998); Attacked by Trolls, refused offer to join with Avengers to investigate the cause (Avengers #1, 1998); in Area 102, Bruce played poker w/ Reed, Tony, Gen. Ross & Doc Samson; reunited with Betty, observed Rick testing his exo-skeleton; Hulk forced takeover of Banner, broke out, convinced to return by Rick; Betty developed radiation poisoning (Incredible Hulk #465, 1998); rushed Betty to infirmary, Bruce worked on trying to cure her, but she apparently died during treatment (Incredible Hulk #466, 1998); alternate future of Reality-9828 reviewed by that reality’s Rick Jones (Incredible Hulk #467, 1998); Banner considered suicide but refused, accidentally sank own boat, Hulk captured by Attuma & Zantor, given water-breathing elixir, blood used to empower Attuma & Vashti; joined Namor in thwarting Attuma & Zantor; Banner used gamma radiation to purge Atlantis of the harmful bacteria of the lethal Black Tide; newborn Atlantean girl named Banner (Hulk/Sub-Mariner ’98, 1998); accompanied Rick & Marlo to Dallas, TX to research Rick’s condition, became angry upon thinking about Betty, turned into Hulk, traveled to Albuquerque, New Mexico then to Grand Canyon in Arizona, offered alliance w/ Thanosi doppelganger to recover Betty, battled X-Man/Nate Grey, joined him in driving off the Thanosi (X-Men ’98, 1998); Banner observed TV coverage of Avengers parade (Avengers #10, 1998); Hulk traveled to Desert Lab, joined by Rick who convinced him to disguise himself as a janitor and return to Area 102 – now the new Hulkbuster base – to learn cause of Betty’s radiation poisoning; learned it wasn’t his radiation but an injection of the Abomination’s blood; turned into Hulk & rampaged through Area 102, destroying their work before departing (Incredible Hulk #468, 1998); In outskirts of Las Vegas, attacked by Mecha-Rhino (Wizard Hulk #½, 1998); In Las Vegas, Banner’s captured by agents of Devlin DeAngelo who offered to help him find the Abomination in exchange for Banner’s reactivation of the inert Super-Adaptoid; betrayed by Devlin, broke out; Hulk vs. Super-Adaptoid until Banner’s reprogramming kicked in and it went after Devlin; mesmerized by Ringmaster (Incredible Hulk #469, 1998); as "Ross Oppenheimer," checked in to Vegas hotel, met with Marlo, tried to help her out of a criminal situation, coerced into replacing her; Hulk fought Circus of Crime, suffocated by Princess Python’s snake (Incredible Hulk #470, 1998); drugged Banner held prisoner by Circus, turned into Hulk after given adrenaline shot by Hulkbuster Base’s Dr. Sparr working with Marlo, defeated Circus; passed out in desert, confronted by Qnax the Amphibion/Xantarean (Incredible Hulk #471, 1998); joined Qnax in traveling to Watcherworld to obtain the Globe of Ultimate Knowledge, arrived instead on planet Bidocero where Hulk rampaged for a month due to lament emanating from Watcherworld; calmed, given ship to reach Watcherworld (Incredible Hulk #472, 1999); w/ Qnax, arrived on Watcherworld, overcame psionic emanations, confronted Xecu the Watcher, given access to the Ultimate Machine (Incredible Hulk #473, 1999); w/ Qnax, accessed the Ultimate Machine, confronted past, returned to Earth by Xecu, defeated Abomination, came to terms with Gen. Ross (Incredible Hulk #474, 1999); Alternative Reality-9991 glimpsed in which Igor Drenkov was part of a Skrull assault on Earth (Hulk 1999); Took bus to Faulkner, Missouri(?), Hulk mind-controlled by Tyrannus’ control, demolished town, Banner worked with rescue, befriended Sheriff Jonas & Emma Tolliver (Hulk #1/Hulk #4, 1999); continued rampage under Tyrannus’ control, Banner prevented Hulk from harming the Tollivers, turned back into Banner in front of them (Hulk #2, 1999); Banner jailed by Tolliver, abducted by Tyrannoids to Subterranea, powers siphoned into a Tyrannoid who then destroyed a commercial airliner, killing its crew; when the Tyrannoid went out of control, Tyrannus had the power reversed, restoring it to Banner, who broke free and escaped (Hulk #3-4, 1999); rampage in Faulkner recounted with new detail (Hulk #5, 1999); captured along with many Earth heroes by Coterie/Brood & Badoon, manipulated by nannites (Contest of Champions #1, 1999); defeated Mr. Fantastic by inhaling and violently expelling him (Contest of Champions #2, 1999); easily defeated Deadpool (Contest of Champions #4, 1999); powers stolen by Brood Imperiatrix-controlled Rogue, presumably returned to Earth with Coterie’s defeat (Contest of Champions #5, 1999); Hulk arrived in Florida Everglades, Banner encountered Owen Candler and the Union, including Betty Banner simuloid, discovered their true nature, prepared to be fed to giant plant (Hulk #6, 1999); cast into giant plant, rescued by Avengers, simuloids neutralized; Hulk vs. Avengers and Union, Union destroyed; Candler simuloid fled into jungle and incinerated by Man-Thing; Hulk relocated to woodlands area (Hulk #7, 1999); located by SHIELD & skrull Wolverine imposter(Wolverine #144, 1999); confronted by skrull Wolverine imposter (Hulk #7, 1999); vs. skrull Wolverine, began to fall under Tyrannus control again, saved when "Wolverine" led him into a cave where he was knocked out by gas and reverted to Banner (Hulk #8, 1999); vs. Death/Wolverine (Wolverine #145, 1999); Encountered Archer Leopold in Appalachian coal mine, taken to his distillery, confronted by Thing – sent by SHIELD to use teleporter to transport Hulk to them; Arch used teleporter to send away the Thing; Hulk reverted to Banner, with Arch, captured by Tyrannus (Hulk #9, 1999); Hulk broke free, vs. Hulk-powered Tyrannus, drugged, reverted to Banner; Tyrannoids usurped Tyrannus’ Hulk-power and turned on him for his abuse after being encouraged to do so by Arch (Hulk #10, 2000); Banner-like Tyrannoid turned self in to SHIELD – with intent of dying for the Hulk’s crimes and allowing Banner to live freely in secret; Banner-Tyrannoid held in facility beneath the Atlantic Ocean, recaptured by Hulk-powered Tyrannoids; Banner/Hulk revealed the truth to Doc Samson & Arch, re-absorbed all Hulk-power, fled (Hulk #11, 2000); In Isolation, New Mexico, Banner attacked by Clay Bickford for ruining his life, vs. Thunderbolts who sought to bring him in for recent acts of violence (Thunderbolts #34, 2000); Scoffed at TV report announcing threat of Galactus (Galactus the Devourer #2, 1999); Hulk had ultrasonic transmitter planted on shoulder by Erik Killmonger, guided to level New Lots, Brooklyn construction sites, confronted by Black Panther & Brother Voodoo, transmitter knocked off by Everett K. Ross (Black Panther #17, 2000); vs. Black Panther, Hulk calmed by Queen Divine Justice, convinced to leave with her (Black Panther #15, 2000); taken to Chili Burgers and hip hop club w/ QDJ, danced (Black Panther #17, 2000); w/ QDJ, waited in hospital where Niki Adams was being treated after a fall (Black Panther #17, 2000); In Manhattan, vs. Spider-Man, helped him repair train tracks damaged in fight to prevent train from derailing (Peter Parker: Spider-Man #14, 2000); In Canada, ran into Marlo Jones and Lorraine, mistakenly attacked by Captain Marvel/Genis-Vell, calmed by Rick Jones, confronted by Wendigo/Andre Guy (Captain Marvel #2, 2000); w/ Captain Marvel, vs. Wendigo/Guy & Wendigo/Lorenzo Brackett (Captain Marvel #3, 2000); Bruce said goodbye to Rick & Marlo, declined offer to return to LA with them (Captain Marvel #4, 2000); Savage Hulk drawn to She-Hulk by urge to mate with similar being, vs. Avengers (Hulk 2000, 2000); In Roanoke, began to show the signs of ALS, traveled to Virginia’s Institute of Neuromuscular Psychiatry to get aid of Dr. Angela Lipscombe, made peace, underwent diagnostics; via sedation, hypnotic suggestion, and Angela’s technology, confronted aspects of personality in his subconscious, learned of Devil Hulk (Incredible Hulk #12, 2000); made alliance with Fixit, Professor, & savage Hulk personality aspects vs. Devil Hulk, learned of hundreds of other aspects (Incredible Hulk #13, 2000); visited Betty’s grave, tracked by Gen. John Ryker, vs. Ryker’s gamma-irradiated dogs, returned to Angela (Incredible Hulk #14, 2000); Angela’s facility assaulted by Ryker & agents, Fixit escaped with Angela, caught Ryker and his troops on film (Incredible Hulk #15, 2000); Professor Hulk worked w/ Angela & Doc Samson, developed device to prevent his being tracked by his gamma radiation, met w/ Nick Fury who identified Ryker and instructed Hulk to contact Hack; deactivated cloaking device to draw Ryker to him (Incredible Hulk #16, 2000); vs. Flux, Banner made peace with him (Incredible Hulk #17, 2000); brought Flux to Angela & Doc Samson, met Hack, learned of Ryker’s past and of his Groom Lake facility; met w/ Ryker who had located him via Ross’ coerced aid and held Angela, Flux, & Samson + 50 others across the USA hostage (Incredible Hulk #18, 2000); submitted to imprisonment in Groom Lake due to hostages, psychologically tormented, various personalities threatened to be unleashed (Incredible Hulk #19, 2000); Groom Lake assaulted by SHIELD, Professor Hulk freed by Ross, vs. Flux; Ryker forced to flee when Ross & Samson captured his mutate wife (Incredible Hulk #20, 2000); Banner relaxed in Washington, DC; savage Hulk vs. Yandroth-summoned Toadmen; summoned w/ Namor, Strange, & Surfer by spell of Papa Hagg, vs. Yandroth & Ravagers of Creation; four foiled Yandroth’s plot to destroy Earth but cursed by him to be transported alongside each other whenever significant danger presented itself (Defenders #1, 2001); Hulk reunited with Sentry who gave him a token – a measure of Sentry’s essence – to remember him by, learned that the Void was also returning (Sentry #3, 2000); gathered alongside Sentry & other heroes to prepare for the approaching Void (Sentry #5//Sentry/Fantastic Four #1//Sentry/Hulk #1//Sentry/Spider-Man #1//Sentry/X-Men #1, 2001); w/ Sentry and other heroes vs. Void; memory of Sentry erased again (Sentry vs. Void #1, 2001); Fixit met with Hack, brought him to Wright-Patterson Air force Base to investigate alien hybrid, encountered aliens One & Two, vs. alien Ancient; Fixit escaped with the hybrid as the aliens argued, learned it was only a corn hybrid – though a secret wheat hybrid existed as well (Incredible Hulk #21, 2000); Banner helped Reed Richards & Iron man design device to drain Ego’s power from Ronan; punched out by Ronan before could turn completely into Hulk (Maximum Security #3, 2001); Fixit traveled to Chicago, sought money owed him from Delfini family, battled criminal enforcers, learned that Jimmy Delfini Sr. had died some time ago and his agents. Mr. Foster & Nobby Pyles were running his business to prevent his three idiot sons from ruining everything (Incredible Hulk #22, 2001); hired by Foster to take out the Delfini brothers; Nobby killed Foster and sought power for himself, driven off by Fixit via his fear of dogs; Fixit forced Delfini brothers to pay him $10 million to leave them in control (Incredible Hulk #23, 2001); Fixit tracked to Virginia roadhouse by Doc Samson, savage Hulk summoned w/ Defenders to Northern Canada by Yandroth’s spell, vs. Pluto’s forces, struck down by Lorelei-Valkyrie (Defenders #2, 2001); w/ Defenders vs. Pluto’s forces, unwittingly destroyed Zeus’ temple opening a portal to Hades (Defenders #3, 2001); w/ Defenders vs. Pluto’s forces (Defenders #4, 2001); Bruce met with Doc Samson, accepted his explanation that Professor Hulk was only one more personality aspect, informed by Ross of preservation of Betty’s body, transformed into Hulk and goaded into seeking out Abomination (Incredible Hulk #24, 2001); vs. Abomination, shattered dam during battle, savagely beat Abomination, refused to kill him, reverted to Banner, allowed Abomination to be captured by Ross’ troops; tormented Abomination with images of his life with his ex-wife Nadia (Incredible Hulk #25, 2001); Savage Hulk fought US military in Nevada desert, causing Army Lt. Patrick D. Mitchell to flee, smashed plane of Air National Guard’s Major Lucas Parker (Hulk Smash #1, 2001); vs. Mitchell & Parker; latter died, but former refused to back down, earning Hulk’s respect before his departure (Hulk Smash #2, 2001); Savage Hulk hypnotized for therapy session with Samson, summoned w/ Defenders by Yandroth’s spell to Aerie (Defenders #5, 2001); w/ Defenders vs. Red Raven, Avians, & Bi-Beast; punched Strange, giving him a concussion after Strange bound him in the Crimson Bands of Cyttorak; vs. Bloodravens; forced by Strange to turn back into Banner to defuse Bloodraven’s bomb, turned back into Hulk during the effort and the bomb exploded (Defenders #6, 2001); helped drive back Wayfinder to alien realm; traveled w/ Defenders to Atlantis, vs. Attuma’s "Deep Six"; briefly fought Orka before being teleported to Himalayas and punching out Helleyes (Defenders #7, 2001); w/ Namor & Strange, teleported to Trellnax-3 in search of Surfer, fought Toad Men, convinced to aid them vs. Kree/Ruul, Pacifier units, Starwheel; freed Surfer from Kree/Ruul, befriended by Toad Man for saving them; learned other Defenders were under assault by Orrgo (Defenders #8, 2001); returned to Earth, with Defenders vs. Orrgo, AIM, Headmen, various super-villains summoned from the past (Defenders #10, 2001); w/ Defenders, traveled to Atlantis, helped defeat Deep Six & Attuma, battled Orka (Defenders #11, 2002); Hulk expressed sadness over seeming death of Captain America (Captain America #50, 2002); Savage Hulk vs. Fialan, Mandroids, relocated to upstate New York, vs. soldiers, Thor; Thor transported them to another dimension where their battle would not affect other people, Hulk fought monsters & Thor, eventually reverted back to Banner while playing with bird; returned to Earth by Thor, renewed fight, Thor unwittingly caused a flood, Hulk helped saved others from flood (Hulk 2001, 2001); w/ Defenders, summoned to undisclosed location, battled rock creatures, unwittingly stepped on and crushed small man controlling them (Defenders #12, 2002); In Wisconsin, happened upon Killer Shrike who attacked him; Hulk swatted him aside and departed, but Shrike’s girlfriend Nadine was killed in the struggle (Incredible Hulk #26, 2001); w/ Defenders, summoned to extradimensional realm, merged with Namor & Surfer into cube of nothingness (Infinity Abyss #2, 2002); re-separated, situation explained by Strange (Infinity Abyss #6, 2002); w/ Angela, Banner observed plight of Kalkhimthians on TV (Avengers #39, 2001); contacted Avengers, volunteered aid, transporte to Kalkhimthia by Quicksilver, aided Avengers vs. giant Hulk/collective Kalkhimthians; w/ Scarlet Witch’s aid, Professor Hulk merged with collective being, seized control of its communal mind and forced individuals to return to their normal forms (Avengers #40, 2001); Alongside most of Earth’s heroes, helpless suspended in sky by Graviton (Thunderbolts #57-58, 2001-2002); Dreamt of normal life with Betty, tormented by Hulk personality aspects, forced to accept reality (Incredible Hulk #27-28, 2001); Examined by Angela & Samson, all three tormented by Animus until he seemingly drowned in Banner’s hatred (Incredible Hulk #29, 2001); ALS caused further deterioration of Banner who retreated into his subconscious; Professor Hulk followed summoning to Leader’s desert cave base (Incredible Hulk #30, 2001); Banner given temporary respite from ALS via Leader’s helmet, witnessed Leader try to ascend to a higher plane and then explode (Incredible Hulk #31, 2001); Professor Hulk met with Reed Richards, She-Hulk, Angela Lipscombe, Doc Samson; Ant-Man (Scott Lang) shrunken and sent into Banner’s brain, used nucleotides from Brian Banner to restructure Hulk’s DNA and eliminate the ALS (Incredible Hulk #32, 2001); at Strange’s sanctum, w/ Defenders vs. Everett K. Ross – who had traded bodies with Black Dragon/Chiantang and was forced to take the appearance of Mephisto; subdued by true Black Dragon in Ross’ form (Black Panther #35, 2002); w/ Defenders, attempted to help Ross but were drawn away by Yandroth’s curse (Black Panther #38, 2002); w/ Defenders, vs. Chronarch; Hulk, Namor, Strange, Surfer confronted Gaea in effort to force her to reverse the spell that bound them together since her energies powered it, refused and banished to Himalayas, decided to use the spell to their own ends and conquer Earth (Defenders #12, 2002); gray Hulk w/ Namor, Strange, & Surfer as Order, traveled to Murkatesh and forced an end to hostilities; in Norfolk, Virginia, confronted US Naval fleet, gave order to US forces to cease all military activity, battled them and other Defenders until Strange teleported the latter away; savage Hulk revealed to be opposing gray Hulk’s activities (Order #1, 2002); Order confronted United Nations, gray Hulk, overpowered armed troops, gave instructions to Security Council to commit no further hostile actions; vs. Avians, Red Raven, took over Aerie by force, converted it into four sub-sections, one for each of them; savage Hulk found to be mystic prisoner of the Order, allowing gray Hulk free rein (Order #2, 2002); w/ Order, defeated Avengers (Order #3, 2002); w/ Order, gray Hulk took out Locust, imprisoned by rest of members when plotted to take advantage of Avian women in stasis; transformed into savage Hulk to try to better control him, broke free and attacked rest of Order; transformed into Professor Hulk and reached agreement with other members; Papa Hagg cast spell to aid Order using female counterparts of each member, with She-Hulk as Hulk’s counterpart; Order confronted & battled female counterparts & other Defenders before Strange banished their foes extradimensionally (Order #4, 2002); Order brought a halt to telecommunications, oil drilling, military, & nuclear power; confronted by Avengers, Fantastic Four, X-Men, many other heroes; revealed that Yandroth’s spell had driven the Order to violence & corruption to restore him to power (Order #5, 2002); w/ Order vs. other heroes of Earth; violence palliated by Masters of the Mental Arts; spell of violence broken by female counterparts, Order refused to fight Yandroth after he reformed, causing him to dissipate again; Hulk reverted to savage form; Nighthawk given power by Gaea to summon these four again if needed (Order #6, 2002); Following some mission with Defenders, passed through Wakanda, assaulted by Panther robots, visited Queen Divine Justice, convinced to perform a mission on a barrier reef in the Baltic Sea to rescue sunken Russian submarine Dankst, left angrily because QDJ had treated him as stupid (Incredible Hulk #33, 2001); aftermath of Hulk rampage in Michigan witnessed by Superman (JLA/Avengers #1, 2003); Hulk aided the Avengers and JLA against Chronos before being time-displaced (JLA/Avengers #4, 2004); in unidentified straits (Alaska???), located by Wolverine and ghost of Polly "Po" Stazinski, fought Wolverine; Po ultimately led Wolverine & Hulk to the airplane that crashed and killed her and her father, allowing her to gain closure (Wolverine/Hulk #1-4, 2002); Savage Hulk fought Cobalt Man/Ralph Roberts(?), Banner befriended by Chrissie Cutler as "Glenn," turned into Hulk to save her from attacking robot after which she revealed herself to be a fugitive of Wright-Patterson Air Force base Nightmericans super-soldier project (Hulk: Nightmericans #1, 2003); w/ Chrissie, found & buried skeleton of former Nightmerican Manny Joslin, traveled to Paducah, Kentucky, adopted alias of Glenn Summers, traveled to Effingham, Illinois, met with and joined by Deadbird, continued on to Lerna, IL, then St. Louis, Missouri (Hulk: Nightmericans #2, 2003); met with and joined by Manifest Destiny, opposed by those wishing to continue to make a profit off of him; Hulk defeated attackers but then Banner nearly suffocated with MD’s body (Hulk: Nightmericans #3, 2003); Banner saved by Chrissie, group headed for Tryon, Nebraska, Banner had affair w/ Chrissie; group recruited Mrs. Gray from the New Church of Consecrated Light, confronted by Stealth; Hulk wounded by but drove off Stealth (Hulk: Nightmericans #4, 2003); continued travels to St. Petersburg, Missouri, arrived at Nightmerica base, reunited with Intergalactic, used morphogenetic field generator to heal Deadbird and cure Banner of turning into Hulk (Hulk: Nightmericans #5, 2004); w/ Nightmericans, vs. Stealth, Mohamed Simensky, & armed troops; Banner reverted to Hulk following destruction of field generator, demolished Stealth’s armor, assaulted Chrissie after learning she was a cyborg, departed angrily (Hulk: Nightmericans #6, 2004); Bruce discussed early days of being the Hulk – and relationship with Betty & General Ross – with Doc Samson (Hulk: Gray #1-6, 2003-2004); Reportedly killed young Ricky Myers during a Chicago rampage (Incredible Hulk #34, 2002); Practiced yoga techniques to control self, corresponded with "Mr. Blue" – secretly Betty Banner; in St. Louis, Missouri, befriended young Jerome; Hulk beat up several gangstas to make them leave Jerome alone; departed (Incredible Hulk #34, 2002); Shot with tranquilizer dart & captured by government agents(?), used yoga techniques to regain control, turn into Hulk & escape (Incredible Hulk #35, 2002); warned of pursuit by Mr. Green, hitchhiked away (Incredible Hulk #36, 2002); continued hitchhiking across Kansas, driver Rick’s car wrecked into a river, Banner forced to turn into Hulk to save him, narrowly avoided Home Base agents Sandra Verdugo & Jink Slater (Incredible Hulk #37, 2002); met at Kansas Diner by Verdugo, Slater, Samson, Mr. Blue & another Home Base agent; goaded into becoming Hulk to escape, communications laptop claimed by Verdugo (Incredible Hulk #38, 2002); Hulk calmed by Verdugo who informed Banner that Ricky Meyers was alive and her son via Samson, asked to rescue Ricky; assaulted by Slater, turned into Hulk as Verdugo blew up some pre-placed explosives (Incredible Hulk #39, 2002); w/ Defenders, Captain Marvel/Genis-Vell, & Thanos, tracked Akhenaten’s power to the interstellar Cosmic Order, fought them; Thanos usurped the power of their Heart of the Infinite, altered reality/past to prevent Akhenaten’s existence; Defenders returned to Earth (Marvel Universe: The End #1-4, 2003); w/ many heroes and cosmic beings vs. all-powerful Thanos, entire reality wiped out then restored with subtle changes by Thanos (Marvel Universe: The End #5-6, 2003); In Miser, Colorado, present as disgruntled employee Harry held up a convenience store, acted as hostage, worked with negotiator Sally Riker; negotiations interrupted by Home Base agent Pratt – posing as FBI – who ID’d Banner (Incredible Hulk #40, 2002); Pratt sent Riker in to negotiate directly with Harry, Banner recognized Pratt’s duplicity & plans to kill everyone else present in the store; Banner tried to help Harry & Riker escape, Harry shot dead, Banner shot knocking Riker out of the line of fire (Incredible Hulk #41, 2002); Banner turned into Hulk, vs. Pratt & police; Pratt took out Hulk w/ knockout dart, took a sample of his blood, abducted him (Incredible Hulk #42, 2002); in Miser State Park, tracked by Riker who tried to shoot Pratt but missed; distraction allowed Banner to turn into Hulk; Pratt took Riker hostage but she injected him with the Hulk’s blood and he apparently exploded; Hulk saved Riker (Incredible Hulk #43, 2002); In American desert, contacted by Samson, met in Dry Gultch in western Colorado; Samson misdirected Home Base agents tracking him to Motherload (Incredible Hulk #44, 2002); In Clarksville City, Colorado, received concussion after being hit by Laurie Masters’ car, taken up to her apartment (Incredible Hulk #47, 2003); Awakened in Laurie Masters’ apartment, framed as George Copeland for murder of "sister" Alice, confronted by Pratt – actually revived by blood transfusion from Verdugo who also placed the fake IDs and posed as the corpse of Alice (Incredible Hulk #45/47, 2002); abducted by Pratt, taken to Clarksville City morgue rescued by Verdugo (Incredible Hulk #46, 2002); fled with Verdugo, pursued by Home Base agents, Banner demonstrated super strength in driving off pursuers (Incredible Hulk #47, 2003); forced to confront Pratt who held Ricky Myers hostage (Incredible Hulk #48, 2003); Banner turned into Hulk and tore Pratt to pieces; "Ricky" revealed as robot (Incredible Hulk #49, 2003); Banner arrived at desert supply store in New Mexico, defended Nadia Dornova/Blonsky from ruffians at desert supply store, romanced her; captured on film by Home Base agents, used to get Abomination to seek vengeance on Banner (Incredible Hulk #50, 2003); drugged by Nadia, communicated with Home Base, confronted by Hulk (Incredible Hulk #51, 2003); Hulk calmed by Nadia who continued communications with Home Base (Incredible Hulk #52, 2003); Nadia revealed to Bruce that she was employed by Home Base and that she was the Abomination’s wife then drugged Bruce while she went to confront the Abomination in Entropy; Banner forced self to resist drugs, Hulk confronted Abomination (Incredible Hulk #53, 2003); vs. Abomination, threw him through Home Base helicopter planning to kill the winner (Incredible Hulk #54, 2003); Banner took flight to Mistassini, Canada, encountered coral snake-bite victim Kyle Hatcher, pilot Margie White, hijackers/cocaine transporters Sid & Whitie, turned into Hulk after attacked by hijacker, fight caused plane crash (Hulk/Wolverine #1, 2003); Banner saved from mountain lion by Wolverine, worked to develop anti-venom (Hulk/Wolverine #2, 2003); w/ Wolverine, confronted Shredder to save Margie & Kyle (Hulk/Wolverine #3, 2003); made a coral snake bite him then gave a blood transfusion to Kyle to save his life, Hulk fought Wolverine (Hulk/Wolverine #4, 2003); In Manhattan, Banner befriended Pam Grayson, defended her from muggers though she was briefly possessed by powers-altered Absorbing Man/Carl Creel (Incredible Hulk #55, 2003); Creel made Pam push Bruce in front of subway train, became the Hulk, smashing the train; Pam ID’d the man possessing her as the Creel; Banner used meditation techniques to avoid Creel’s control, but Creel continued to possess others & attack him until he turned into Hulk & Creel gained control (Incredible Hulk #56, 2003); Creel-controlled Hulk rampaged until regaining control w/ Pam’s aid; framed for murder by Creel-possessed little girl (Incredible Hulk #57, 2003); turned into Hulk after shot at by police; Banner forced to assist Creel-possessed little girl to prevent more violence; joined by Pam (Incredible Hulk #58, 2003); w/ Pam & Creel-possessed girl, broke into Vicksburg facility; vs. Absorbing Man until he was tricked by Pam into transferring his mind into the deceased Dr. Zhan (Incredible Hulk #59, 2003); In New York City, assaulted by unidentified agent (Incredible Hulk #60, 2003); agent informed Banner about Home Base, directed him to New Mexico to meet with Mr. Blue (Incredible Hulk #61, 2003); Banner guided by Home Base agents, Ulk arrived at Nadia’s store, recognized Mr. Blue as Betty (Incredible Hulk #62, 2003); protected Betty & Nadia from Krill, joined by Samson & Berdrugo, one of the Krill escaped with a sample of Hulk’s blood (Incredible Hulk #63, 2004); pursued Krill, vs. Home Base agents, invaded Home Base in search of Ricky who was seemingly destroyed in an energy blast (Incredible Hulk #64, 2004); returned to Nadia’s store and saved her from Bruce Banner clone; Sandra reunited with Ricky as Home Base blown up (Incredible Hulk #65, 2004); buried clone, spent night with Nadia (Incredible Hulk #66, 2004); missing from Nadia’s home as the mutated Banner clone confronted her (Incredible Hulk #67, 2004); w/ Nadia, Samson, & Betty vs. Banner/Hulk clone (Incredible Hulk #68, 2004); slew & eviscerated Hulk clone, left for California, leaving behind some Hulk blood to transfuse Betty to cure her cancer (Incredible Hulk #69, 2004); In Bone, Idaho, encountered savage She-Hulk, talked her down but then shot with arrow by Hawkeye to turn him into Hulk to prevent her from escaping or slaughtering the military (Avengers #74, 2004); vs. savage She-Hulk, Avengers; subdued by Jack of Hearts who brought She-Hulk back to normal; Banner left, allowing the Hulk to be blamed for the destruction (Avengers #75, 2004); Arrived in Simetry, California, confronted by Even Matthews – a clairvoyant employed by the federal government to help bring in the Hulk; captured but then allowed to escape by Matthews, refused to fall for Matthews efforts to make Banner kill him (Incredible Hulk #70, 2004); Arrived in Los Angeles, investigated Stark Industries testing of gamma photons, confronted by Tony Stark, shot in shoulder, turned into Hulk, vs. Iron Man; Banner made peace with Stark, stayed at his mansion; Hulk confronted by assassin Richard Cummings (Incredible Hulk #71, 2004); Stark revealed efforts to design radiation-proof armor with Lisa Cummings, Banner tested armor in combat for him, helped Stark redesign the armor (Incredible Hulk #72, 2004); continued testing with Stark & Jack Rutledge (Incredible Hulk #73, 2004); Stark driven to rampage from radiation exposure during testing; Hulk tackled Iron Man and contained the radiation leak while altering a second bomb to neutralize the radiation altogether; Cummings & Rutledge killed in explosion (Incredible Hulk #74, 2004); Leader sent Hulk/Banner on a sleepwalking mission – allegedly to go back in time and prevent his ever being mutated – to stop a modern nuclear bomb from being used against him; Betty and Nadia tried to stop the Hulk, Leader caused them to crash their helicopter (Incredible Hulk #75, 2004); Samson and Iron Man joined pursuit of the Hulk; Leader nearly took over the Hulk's body, but Samson smashed the Hulk into destroying the Leader's head's containment chamber; shard of glass from the chamber killed Nadia and an enraged Hulk beat Samson nearly to death, after which Betty cursed the Hulk and made him flee (Incredible Hulk #76, 2004); In LA, transformed back to Banner, knocked out, developed temporary amnesia from head trauma, captured by street gang, drugged, flown to New York, sold to highest bidder; Punisher/Frank Castle killed everyone at auction, took Banner for himself, fed him stew w/ C4 and Immodium™, and micro-detonator mixed in (Punisher #37, 2003); unleashed Hulk on Daredevil, Spider-Man, & Wolverine in Brooklyn to get them to leave him alone, broke neck of Spacker Dave during the struggle; Punisher detonated C4 in Hulk to subdue him (Punisher #34-37, 2002-2003); In American desert, Banner provoked into becoming Hulk by Thing, fought/reminisced with Thing, fought US military (Hulk & Thing: Hard Knocks #1-4, 2004); Battled Abomination, again encountered Mercy; Reality-5901 version of encounter related (Hulk: Destruction #1-4, 2005); In Jackalope, New Mexico, fought off SHIELD helicopter pursuing Amadeus Cho/Mastermind Excello (Amazing Fantasy #15, 2006); Transported to past of Earth-74811 by young Celestials Devron & Gamiel, worshipped by Killer Folk, vs. Devil Dinosaur, learned truth about Killer Folk from Moonboy, vs. Devil Dinosaur enhanced by Celestials, both transported to Celestial ship, broke free and rampaged, sent back to Earth-616, arrived in American southwest (Marvel Monsters: Devil Dinosaur#1, 2005); In New Mexico desert, convinced by Strange to join him & Namor vs. Dormammu & Umar, traveled to Dark Dimension, semi-intelligent green Hulk accidentally trapped inside mystic barrier around the Mindless Ones (Defenders #1, 2005); fought Mindless Ones, turned to stone by Dormammu (Defenders #2, 2005); restored to normal form, seduced by Umar, reverted to Banner (Defenders #3, 2005); failed to turn back into Hulk despite Umar’s demands (Defenders #4, 2005); Banner enslaved by Umar, allied with her, Strange, & Surfer to strip Dormammu of his power, allowing Umar to usurp it instead; personally snuffed Dormammu’s head flame by slapping his hands together around it; Banner returned to Earth w/ Strange, enjoyed a drink w/ Strange sharing tales of his escapades w/ Umar (Defenders #5, 2005); In Manhattan vs. Spider-Man, knocked out when cement mixer fell on him (Spider-Man Unlimited #11, 2005); Rampaged in upstate New York, encountered unconscious Paul Patterson who had materialized there after teleporting away when Wolverine stabbed him (Marvel Team-Up #3, 2005); vs. Paul Patterson & "Iron Maniac" of Reality-5012 who escaped (Marvel Team-Up #4, 2005); Rampaged at AIM Christmas party (Marvel Holiday Special, 2007); In Orchard Road, Singapore, encountered Captain America & Damocles Rivas/Saint/MODOK who teleported there in pursuit of original MODOk (Captain America & the Falcon #11, 2005); vs. Captain America & Damocles Rivas/Saint/MODOK until regained Banner’s mind via brain-blast, accompanied them in breaking into Federal Health Plaza and designing a means to neutralize the "MODOK virus"; reverted to savagery upon being attacked by police; Falcon destroyed Banner’s concoction to prevent its use before it could be tested further (Captain America & the Falcon #12, 2005); Hulk pulled to Nightmare Island, encountered Mindless Ones in various illusory forms – including giant squid, "bicephalous" gray Hulk, Fin Fang Foom, Gen. Ross, Project: SMASH, Prof. Stephen Yarish, Cerberus, Wolverine, Kang; allied w/ Daydream/Gwen & Ripley vs. Nightmare, illusion exposed, Nightmare driven off (Incredible Hulk #77-81, 2005); In London, Bruce met & briefly befriended the sorceress Patricia Freeman, helped her spirit track down her killer, Tom Perkins, before she faded from existence (Incredible Hulk #82, 2005); Transported to Dr. Strange’s sanctum, w/ other heroes, transported to Tokyo to oppose Titannus, turned into Hulk, easily defeated (Marvel Team-Up #11, 2005); w/ others, heard Titannus’ falsified origin, refused to aid him (Marvel Team-Up #12, 2005); w/ other heroes vs. Titannus who ultimately blew his own head off (Marvel Team-Up #13, 2005); In altered "House of M" reality, Hulk/Banner dwelled with True People tribe of Aborigines in Australia; as "Two Minds," learned his totem was the snake, opposed Unus and forces serving Exodus’ mutant dictatorship who were rounding up humans for slaughter, united with AIM, Monica Rappaccini & Scorpion/Carmilla Black/Thasanee Rappaccini (Incredible Hulk #83, 2005); Hulk guided AIM craft to Sydney under blue whale, distributed leaflets across city arranging peace talks; Banner assaulted by Exodus, turned into Hulk via distraction from Adam Isaacs, Hulk overpowered Exodus (Incredible Hulk #84, 2005); became ruler of Australia, had relationship with Monica and learned she was Nicky from college, learned Monica and Dr. Isaacs had been secretly capturing and transforming unwilling participants into cyborgs under their control to form an army against mutants (Incredible Hulk #85, 2005); Monica used post-hypnotic suggestion to make Hulk sleep and turn back to Banner, ordered cyborgs to destroy him, Hulk proved immune, defeated cyborgs and giant cyborg warrior; Monica framed Dr. Lazlo for the program, killed Lazlo; Banner assigned Monica to restoring the cyborg’s humanity, banished Scorpion and Professor & Adam Isaacs, refused Magneto’s instruction to restore Exodus to power (Incredible Hulk #86, 2005); "House of M" reality faded, Bruce woke up in bed with Monica, vaguely remembered "House of M" reality, confronted by police, Hulk broke free, followed summons of Aborigine Old Man; Banner considered staying with Aborigines, drugged unconscious by Scorpion; Hulk fought off poison, Monica recovered by AIM, Hulk burned down forest in attack on Scorpion; Banner realized he could not stay with Aborigines, he & Scorpion departed peacefully (Incredible Hulk #87, 2005); In cave in Cascade mountains along Canadian border, reunited with Sentry, traveled to Negative Zone with him, shattered Vendor/Tommy Vermillion android, fought General’s agents, including Danny Boy & Blastaar; every bone broken by Void, taken to Watchtower to heal (Sentry II#3, 2006); continued healing, slept on Watchtower floor (Sentry II#6, 2006); mostly healed, relaxed at Watchtower (Sentry II#3, 2006); Summoned to courtroom in Null-Time Zone, spoke in defense of She-Hulk to prevent her being erased from time (She-Hulk #3, 2006); Recruited by SHIELD to travel to desert outside Las Vegas and take out a Hydra weapon that proved to be a gamma bomb, which exploded, leaving him deluded and in a savage gray form during daylight, rampaged, confronted by Thing & Human Torch (Fantastic Four #533, 2006); delusional, vs. Human Torch & Thing, rampaged through Vegas, ultimately returned to sanity by Torch’s nova flame; Hulk departed with military transport (Fantastic Four #534-535, 2006); Hid out in northern wilderness, bonded with by Uni-Power, convinced to return to Manhattan to seek aid of Dr. Gilbert Wiles; as "Bruce Barnes" met with Giles, attacked by AIM, Uni-powered Hulk drove off AIM; Wiles blamed for death of AIM agent David Garrett, Banner called Matt Murdock to defend him before heading north again (Captain Universe/Hulk#1, 2006); Banner relocated to northwestern Alaska, lived solitary existence fishing, invited into town by supplier – secretly SHIELD agent – Mark, attended party, stopped locals from raping a drunken woman; Mark put Banner into contact with Nick Fury LMD(?) (Incredible Hulk #88, 2006); Banner met with Fury, convinced to send Hulk into space in a small pod to be collected by Hydra space station to disable Godseye weapon; confronted by weapon, learned it was SHIELD design (Incredible Hulk #89, 2006); vs. satellite, captured & taken into satellite; Banner confronted by Godseye who assimilated his gamma power (Incredible Hulk #90, 2006); vs. Godseye, pushed it to overload & melt down; Hulk banished through space warp by Illuminati – Black Bolt, Dr. Strange, Iron Man, Mr. Fantastic (Incredible Hulk #91-92, 2006); unexpectedly arrived through wormhole/Great Portal on Sakaar, powers drained, subdued & enslaved, auctioned; in gladiatorial combat slaughtered Cavaranthus mazori/Great Devil Corkers, attempted to attack Red King, blasted down by bodyguard Caiera the Oldstrong; faced armored Red King, wounded him, subdued by Death’s Head Warguards; alongside survivor Miek, sent to the Maw (Incredible Hulk #92, 2006); implanted with obedience slug, trained under Primus Vand, fought other gladiators, seven survivors – Hulk, Miek, brood, Korg, Hiroim, Lavin Skee, Elloe Kaifi – made into a team; defeated brain-altered Kronans, Eggbreaker & Wildebots; invited to join Sakaar Democratic Insurgency (Incredible Hulk #93, 2006); refused to join Insurgency who were then slaughtered by Death’s Heads; Elloe sided with Insurgency & was captured; Hulk refused to allow Caiera to buy him to take him out of combat; saved teammates when Red King had a bomb dropped on them in combat, joined them against Death’s Heads; Skee perished in battle; remaining warriors shared their pasts and joined together as Warbound (Incredible Hulk #94, 2006); Eleha’al vine grew from Hulk’s blood, adding to his legend; vs. Silver Savage – obedience slug-implanted Silver Surfer; freed Surfer from control, beat him savagely; Warbound offered freedom for surviving three gladiatorial contests if they slew the rebel Elloe, refused & rejoined by Elloe; Surfer destroyed the control disks of everyone present, and they escaped the arena (Incredible Hulk #95, 2006); Hulk had dreams of being tormented by super-powerful Banner (Giant-Size Hulk #1, 2006); Hulk led traitorous imperial to guide Caiera and her forces to bomb wrong location; Miek led Warbound to a camp of imperials, earned temporary peace by saving them from Wildebots; found Miek’s hive-brethren imprisoned there, freed & joined by them; leveled the village (Incredible Hulk #96, 2006); rebels gathered to follow Hulk; Warbound liberated the trainees at the Maw and took it as their base, defeated imperial forces & Death’s Heads; Hulk considered leaving the group due to fears of causing the world’s destruction; Miek evolved into powerful king form (Incredible Hulk #97, 2006); Hulk convinced to stay with Warbound, fought Caiera in single combat, Red King unleashed Spikes rebels; (Incredible Hulk #98, 2006); Warbound vs. Spikes, Hulk resisted Spike infection, joined forces with Caiera and imperials trapped by Spikes (Incredible Hulk #99, 2006); w/ rebels, Warbound, & Caiera, fought imperials, Spikes; journeyed to meet the Shadow Elders (Incredible Hulk #100, 2007); met with, denied by Shadow Elders due to his inherent rage, claimed their stone starship as his own, used it – piloted by Arch-E – with Warbound & Caiera to fight off Spikes; made alliance with ruling Spikes, confronted Red King outside Crown City (Incredible Hulk #101-102, 2007); vs. Red King, prevented him from destroying Sakaar; Red King beaten, slain by Wildebots; Hulk fed the Spikes to keep them from others, became king of Sakaar (Incredible Hulk #102, 2007); continued to feed Spikes, enforced peace between the imperials and the hive, chose Caiera as his queen, revealed Banner to her (Incredible Hulk #103, 2007); shown Illuminati banishment recording by Miek, convinced by Caiera of how good he was for Sakaar, learned she was pregnant with his child; helped repair devastated town, sent Arch-E to negotiate peace with the Wildebots, and Hiroim & Korg to negotiate with the Fillians; sent Spikes back into space as they desired; warp core from Illuminati ship exploded (Incredible Hulk #104, 2007); Sakaar destroyed by warp core breach, Caiera slain, only Hulk, Warbound, & Arch-E survived; Hulk empowered further by explosion; Arch-E plotted course in stone starship to gain vengeance on Illuminati (Incredible Hulk #105, 2007); Hiroim helped Hulk focus his rage to not lose himself (World War Hulk Prologue: Worldbreaker #1, 2007); assaulted & defeated Black Bolt (World War Hulk #1, 2007); made warning to Manhattan and the Illuminati (World War Hulk #1/Incredible Hulk #107, 2007); Iron Man launched numerous armors against stone starship, all defeated (Iron Man #19, 2007); sought out Xavier, battled New X-Men, X-Men, X-Factor, Juggernaut (World War Hulk: X-Men #1-2, 2007); defeated Iron Man, futilely assaulted by Ant-Man/Eric O’Grady, destroyed Stark Tower (World War Hulk #1/Iron Man #19/Irredeemable Ant-Man #10, 2007); vs. Ghost Rider/John Blaze (Ghost Rider #12-13, 2007); with Warbound, defeated Mighty & New Avengers (World War Hulk #2/World War Hulk: Front Line#2, 2007); with Warbound, encountered Initiative trainees (Avengers: The Initiative #4-5, 2007); with Warbound, defeated Fantastic Four (World War Hulk #2/World War Hulk: Front Line#2, 2007); appealed to by Rick Jones, fought off psychic communication with Dr. Strange (World War Hulk #2, 2007); confronted and offered an alliance by Angel, Amadeus Cho, Hercules, Namora, & other followers; initially fought them (Incredible Hulk #107-108/World War Hulk#2, 2007); with Warbound, defeated US military, confronted on astral plane by Dr. Strange, broke Strange’s hands (World War Hulk #3/Incredible Hulk #109, 2007); refused Renegades’ offer (Incredible Hulk #109, 2007); took prisoners to Madison Square Garden, established it as a gladiatorial arena (World War Hulk #3/Incredible Hulk #109, 2007); traveled to SHIELD Helicarrier seeking Fury, left upon learning they didn’t know his location (Iron Man #20, 2007); encountered Cho and Scorpion as they infiltrated Madison Square Garden (Incredible Hulk #109, 2007)


First Appearance: New Avengers #7 (2005)
Origin: New Avengers: Illuminati #1 (2006)
Significant Issues: Met in Wakanda following Kree/Skrull war, decided to form secret alliance, Black Panther opposed to idea & left, discussed Krakoa (New Avengers: Illuminati #1, 2006); confronted Skrulls, warned them not to attempt invasion of Earth again, captured & tortured, escaped (New Avengers: Illuminati #1, 2007); met to discuss Infinity Gauntlet & Gems, learned Reed already had possession of Gauntlet & three Gems, retrieved remaining Gems, Uatu the Watcher arrived to warn Reed against reuniting them, group witnessed Reed’s temptation by & ultimate resistance to Gauntlet, Gems distributed among members for safekeeping (New Avengers: Illuminati #2, 2007); Xavier called meeting to discuss Beyonder, located him on planetoid Ceres, discovered he had recreated Manhattan there, tempted by him, denied him & demanded he leave universe (New Avengers: Illuminati #3, 2007); met to discuss Marvel Boy/Noh-Varr’s declaration of war against Earth, sought means to convince him otherwise, confronted him in his cell in the Cube (New Avengers: Illuminati #4, 2007); met to discuss Iron Man’s reformation of Avengers, mass breakout of Raft, & Sentry (New Avengers #7 & 9, 2005); met again after battle against Void to discuss Sentry (New Avengers #10, 2005); met to discuss threat of Hulk, decision made to send Hulk into space, Namor disagreed & clashed with Iron Man before quitting group, Hulk sent into space (New Avengers: Illuminati #1/Incredible Hulk #91-92, 2006); Hulk crash-landed on Sakaar (Incredible Hulk #92, 2006); Richards left meeting after receiving phone call from Nurse Christine Palmer (4 #28, 2006); Iron Man called meeting – including Namor - to discuss Superhuman Registration Act, suggested group support Act, all except Mr Fantastic disagreed & quit group (New Avengers: Illuminati #1/Amazing Spider-Man #530/Fantastic Four #536, 2006); Namor began discussing Hulk situation with Reed, Reed reminded him not to discuss group matters outside of scheduled meetings (4 #30, 2006); Amadeus Cho learned truth behind Hulk’s banishment, confronted Richards with knowledge, Richards learned Hulk was not at intended destination, informed Iron Man (Incredible Hulk #100, 2007); on Sakaar, warp core of Hulk’s shuttle exploded, killing many Sakaarians as well as his wife & unborn child, sought revenge on those who banished him, alongside allies, began journey back to Earth (Incredible Hulk #105/World War Hulk Prologue: World Breaker #1, 2007); Hulk & allies arrived on Moon, Hulk vs Black Bolt, defeated & captured him, revealed to world truth behind banishment, arrived in Manhattan, Hulk vs Iron Man, defeated & captured him (World War Hulk #1/Incredible Hulk #107/Iron Man #19, 2007); Hulk confronted Fantastic Four, defeated them & captured Richards, Strange sought to enter Hulk’s mind (World War Hulk #2, 2007); Richards & Iron Man revealed to be prisoners in Hulk’s arena (Incredible Hulk #109-110/Iron Man #20, 2007); Hulk defeated Strange on astral plane, Strange imbibed power-enhancing elixir to confront Hulk physically (World War Hulk #3, 2007)


First Appearance and Origin: Incredible Hulk #149 (1972)
Significant Issues: Returned to Earth, vs Hulk, died (Incredible Hulk #149, 1972)


First Appearance: Civil War #1 (2006); (identified) Civil War #7 (2007)
Origin: Civil War #1-7 (2006-2007)
Significant Issues: New Warriors, several super-criminals & 612 civilians slain in Stamford disaster, government moved to pass SHRA legislation, Miriam Sharpe emerged as leading pro-SHRA activist, Captain America went rogue after refusing to help hunt down anti-SHRA heroes, pro-SHRA heroes Iron Man/Tony Stark, Reed Richards & Yellowjacket/Hank Pym offered their services to federal cabinet (Civil War #1, 2006); reporters Ben Urich & Sally Floyd began tracking SHRA story, Iron Man publicly revealed his secret identity as part of his support for SHRA, New Warriors survivor Speedball found alive & arrested (Civil War: Front Line #1, 2006); Falcon went underground with Captain America, failed to recruit Pym (New Avengers #21, 2006); CSA & pro-SHRA forces recruited Thunderbolts for Operation: Justice Like Lightning to apprehend super-criminals & press them into government service (Thunderbolts #103, 2006); Jessica Jones & Luke Cage refused to register with SHRA, Jones went underground, Cage joined Captain America (New Avengers #22, 2006); various heroes registered, pro-SHRA forces defeated a Doombot, anti-SHRA "Secret Avengers" group formed & led by Captain America, Spider-Man publicly revealed his secret identity as part of his support for SHRA (Civil War #2, 2006); Firestar retired rather than register, Prodigy arrested by Iron Man & S.H.I.E.L.D. for defiance of SHRA, Norman Osborn recruited by pro-SHRA forces, Speedball refused to register (Civil War: Front Line #2, 2006); Stark assembled task force of registered pro-SHRA heroes to hunt down anti-SHRA rebels (Amazing Spider-Man #533, 2006); Silverclaw resisted registration (Fantastic Four #538, 2006); S.H.I.E.L.D. approached X-Factor Investigations regarding registration, M & Rictor agreed to register (X-Factor #8, 2006); pro-SHRA hero Bantam accidentally killed while battling anti-SHRA hero Thunderclap (Civil War: Front Line #3, 2006); Thunderbolts apprehended & recruited more super-criminals, Radioactive Man joined core pro-SHRA scientific research team in developing Negative Zone prison, Thunderbolts leader Baron Zemo secretly offered to aid Captain America’s rebels (Thunderbolts #104, 2006); Doctor Strange went into seclusion, X-Men declared their neutrality (Civil War #3, 2006); Micromax & Sabra worked with SHRA representative Bishop to track missing 198 refugees & their X-Force accomplices, all involved teamed with Iron Man, Ms. Marvel, X-Men & Val Cooper of O*N*E to thwart attempted mass murder of 198 by General Lazer (Civil War: X-Men #1-4, 2006); Misty Knight & Colleen Wing formed new Heroes for Hire mercenary team allied with pro-SHRA forces, Heroes for Hire captured various unregistered villains with covert aid of Vienna (Heroes for Hire #1, 2006); Great Lakes Champions registered, mistakenly attacked by Deadpool, Deadpool hired by CSA as pro-SHRA bounty hunter targeting unregistered heroes, Cable allied with Secret Avengers, Deadpool defeated by Secret Avengers & Cable (Cable & Deadpool #30-31, 2006); Madrox helped anti-SHRA hero Aegis escape S.H.I.E.L.D. troops & announced that X-Factor Investigations would oppose SHRA (X-Factor #9, 2006); pro- & anti-SHRA heroes attended wedding of Black Panther & Storm under temporary truce in Wakanda (Black Panther #18, 2006); Young Avengers teamed with Runaways to escape SHRA forces & defeat SHRA agent Marvel Boy/Noh-Varr, Runaways refused Young Avengers’ offer to join Secret Avengers (Civil War: Young Avengers & Runaways #1-4, 2006); pro-SHRA forces captured part of Typeface’s anti-SHRA resistance group, SHRA agent Norman Osborn terrorized Ben Urich as Green Goblin (Civil War: Front Line #4, 2006); Stark gave President progress report regarding SHRA conflict (Civil War Files, 2006); Typeface, Speedball & other anti-SHRA heroes transferred to Negative Zone prison, Wonder Man promoted SHRA, S.H.I.E.L.D. blackmailed Wonder Man into joining covert investigation of Atlantean spies (Civil War: Front Line #5, 2006); pro-SHRA heroes & S.H.I.E.L.D. ambushed Secret Avengers with aid of cybernetic Thor clone, anti-SHRA hero Goliath slain by Thor cyber-clone, Secret Avengers escaped with aid of Invisible Woman, SHRA support decreased & Secret Avengers recruitment increased in wake of Goliath’s death, Cable left Secret Avengers, Nighthawk & Stature defected from Secret Avengers to pro-SHRA forces (Civil War #3-4, 2006); Iron Man questioned by Ben Urich (Civil War: Front Line #6, 2006); Cable confronted President regarding SHRA, Deadpool vs Cable, Cable manipulated Deadpool into getting himself fired from his SHRA assignment (Cable & Deadpool #31-32, 2006); Invisible Woman & Human Torch defected from pro-SHRA forces to Secret Avengers (Fantastic Four #540/Civil War #4, 2006); Reed Richards explained to Mad Thinker, Invisible Woman & Human Torch that he had sided with SHRA because his "psychohistory" models predicted it was only way to prevent global superhuman catastrophe (Fantastic Four #542, 2007); Yancy Street Gang allied with Secret Avengers, pro-SHRA forces vs Secret Avengers, multiple anti-SHRA detainees freed from pro-SHRA custody, Thing decided to leave country rather than continue participating in conflict on either side (Amazing Spider-Man #534/Fantastic Four #539-540, 2006); Speedball shot by protester, Wonder Man found Atlantean spies, Tony Stark secretly took control of Norman Osborn as his own rogue agent, Stark had Osborn decimate Atlantean spy group despite interference from Wonder Man (Civil War: Front Line #6-7, 2006); Ms. Marvel led apprehension of anti-SHRA hero Prowler, SHRA agent Arachne exposed as traitor aiding anti-SHRA heroes, Arachne & her lover Shroud pursued by pro-SHRA forces, pro-SHRA agents Ms. Marvel & Wonder Man recruited & started training Araña, pro-SHRA forces captured Shroud & Arachne (Ms. Marvel #6-8, 2006); Heroes for Hire confronted Iron Man regarding death of Goliath, attempted to negotiate peaceful resolution with Captain America, Paladin betrayed fellow Heroes for Hire by trying to capture Captain America for pro-SHRA forces, Paladin defeated, Captain America escaped (Heroes for Hire #2-3, 2006); She-Hulk persuaded Hellcat to register, SHRA-registered Two-Gun Kid captured Ruby Thursday, John Jameson registered as Stargod (She-Hulk #10-11, 2006); Baron Zemo made secret alliance with Captain America, Thunderbolts captured Iron Maiden, CSA official Dallas Riordan offered Songbird chance to lead new team of Thunderbolts as Initiative’s representation in Colorado (Thunderbolts #105, 2006); Thunderbolts & others saved world from Grandmaster & Universal Wellspring, Zemo lost during conflict, Thunderbolts reorganized (Thunderbolts #106-109, 2006-2007); Thunderbolts recruited Venom, SHRA operative USAgent sent to Canada as liaison to new Omega Flight team, Howard the Duck’s attempted registration rejected by SHRA authorities (Civil War: Choosing Sides, 2006); pro-SHRA forces ignored Songbird-Riordan plans and assembled new Thunderbolts team to aid in battling Secret Avengers (Civil War #4, 2006); Stilt-Man killed by Punisher while acting in accordance with SHRA, Punisher crippled Tinkerer & formed alliance with Stuart Clarke (Punisher War Journal #1, 2006); Spider-Man decided to defect from pro-SHRA forces to Secret Avengers, vs Iron Man (Amazing Spider-Man #535-536/Civil War #5, 2006); new Thunderbolts activated to pursue Spider-Man, Thunderbolts operatives Jack O’ Lantern & Jester defeated Spider-Man, Punisher killed Jack O’ Lantern & Jester, brought Spider-Man to Secret Avengers, both joined Secret Avengers (Civil War #5/Punisher War Journal #1, 2006); Punisher participated in several small Secret Avengers operations, helped Captain America defeat SHRA agents Molten Man & Scarecrow (Punisher War Journal #2, 2006); Spider-Woman/Jessica Drew escaped custody of pro-SHRA forces, joined Secret Avengers (New Avengers #23, 2006); S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent Sharon Carter secretly helped Captain America escape capture by S.H.I.E.L.D. (Captain America #22, 2006); Iron Man convinced Sentry to aid pro-SHRA forces (New Avengers #24, 2006); Wolverine vs pro-SHRA forces, killed war-profiteering Damage Control CEO Walter Declun (Wolverine #47, 2006); past-era incarnation of Captain Mar-Vell brought into present by space-time anomaly, pro-SHRA forces convinced him to serve as warden of Negative Zone prison (Civil War: The Return #1, 2007); Winter Soldier & Nick Fury plotted against pro-SHRA forces (Captain America #23, 2006); Namor, Black Panther & Storm formed anti-SHRA pact (Black Panther #21, 2006); S.H.I.E.L.D. director Maria Hill saved Tony Stark from disgruntled employee, Hill suggested Stark should take over her job (New Avengers #25, 2006); pro-SHRA heroes defeated Dreadnought robot, Stark’s confidant Happy Hogan gravely injured by Spymaster (Iron Man #13, 2006); Spider-Man went underground with his wife & aunt, publicly denounced SHRA (Amazing Spider-Man #536, 2006); Captain America convinced Spider-Man to return to Secret Avengers (Amazing Spider-Man #537, 2007); pro-SHRA forces apprehended anti-SHRA heroine Cybermancer, S.H.E. acted as intermediaries between Atlantean & American authorities, Atlantean diplomatic delegation attacked by Stark-controlled Norman Osborn (Civil War: Front Line #8, 2006); Black Panther & Storm in conflict with pro-SHRA forces (Black Panther #22, 2006); Sharon Carter continued to aid Captain America (Captain America #24, 2007); Secret Avengers & Kingpin tricked pro-SHRA forces into taking down Hammerhead’s villain army (Civil War: War Crimes #1, 2007); SHRA instructor Batroc trained Stature & Araña, Iron Man vs Secret Avengers, Happy Hogan died (Iron Man #14, 2007); Captain America & Iron Man met privately one last time in futile attempt to work out their differences (Iron Man/Captain America, 2007); Urich discovered Stark had exploited SHRA conflict for profit, Speedball agreed to register, Stark had Norman Osborn released into his custody (Civil War: Front Line #8, 2006); Black Panther & Storm allied with Secret Avengers against pro-SHRA forces (Black Panther #23-24, 2007); new heroes empowered & assembled as Initiative team for California, new Force Works team assigned to Iowa, Mormon heroes assigned to Utah, Spaceknights assigned to Illinois, crime dropped to new lows, Secret Avengers agent Hulkling impersonated & replaced Hank Pym to infiltrate pro-SHRA forces (Civil War #6, 2006); Punisher killed criminals Goldbug & Plunderer when they tried to form an alliance with Secret Avengers, expelled by Captain America from Secret Avengers, went underground with Stuart Clarke, took down Rhino (Punisher War Journal #2-3, 2006-2007); Speedball registered in new identity as Penance (Civil War: Front Line #10, 2006); SHRA agent Morbius helped trap Blade, Blade assigned to capture Wolverine for SHRA forces, Blade refused but agreed to work with Initiative (Blade #5, 2007); Sentry finally officially registered with SHRA (Civil War: The Return #1, 2007); Secret Avengers led mass escape of anti-SHRA heroes from Negative Zone prison, pro- & anti-SHRA forces engaged in massive battle, Typeface among those killed, Captain America surrendered after realizing general public supported SHRA (Civil War #6-7, 2006-2007); Initiative heroes led clean-up & rescue efforts after battle with rebels, Sentry publicly announced his registration, registration rates went up due to Sentry’s influence & widespread fear of war with Atlantis, Skyhawk registered in Washington (Civil War #7/Civil War: Front Line #11, 2007); most anti-SHRA heroes surrendered & registered in exchange for amnesty, Initiative program officially introduced to general public, small band of anti-SHRA rebels went underground as rogue Avengers team led by Luke Cage, Tony Stark appointed director of S.H.I.E.L.D., Rangers reorganized as Initiative’s primary team in Texas (Civil War #7, 2007); Iron Man confronted captive Captain America & smugly declared victory, Captain America denounced Stark as morally compromised & perhaps mentally ill (Civil War: The Confession #1, 2007); Norman Osborn appointed as Thunderbolts administrator, Thunderbolts designated as Initiative’s primary super-team in Colorado while serving as CSA special marshals devoted to capturing unregistered heroes, Songbird demoted & replaced by Moonstone as Thunderbolts field leader, Thunderbolts became heavily merchandised media darlings, brutally arrested anti-SHRA hero Jack Flag (Thunderbolts #110-111, 2007); Captain America assassinated by Red Skull’s brainwashed pawn Sharon Carter while in federal custody (Captain America #25, 2007); Stark privately mourned Captain America’s death, confessed to his corpse that his victory wasn’t worth its price (Civil War: The Confession #1, 2007); Ms. Marvel invited Spider-Woman & Nick Fury to join Initiative, Ms. Marvel planted false information with Spider-Woman regarding supposed survival of Captain America, Stark assembled new pro-SHRA Avengers roster with Ms. Marvel as leader, pro-SHRA Avengers became Initiative’s primary New York team (Civil War: The Initiative #1/Mighty Avengers #1-2/Civil War #7, 2007); Ms. Marvel granted her own personal Operation: Lightning Storm strike team (Ms. Marvel #13, 2007); pro-SHRA Avengers vs Mole Man & Ultron (Mighty Avengers #1-4, 2007); Urich & Floyd became partners in new news operation, confronted Tony Stark, told Stark they knew about his war crimes, assured him they would keep silent since they did not want to jeopardize new Initiative status quo his war had created (Civil War: Front Line #11, 2007); Thunderbolts arrested anti-SHRA hero Hurricane, Michael Pointer interrogated & processed in Initiative custody, transferred to custody of Omega Flight (Civil War: The Initiative #1, 2007); Stark briefed President regarding outcome of SHRA conflict, reported registration of Brother Voodoo, Falcon, Network, Phone Ranger, Rocket Racer, Scorpion, Silverclaw, Skyhawk, Young Avengers & others (Civil War: Battle Damage Report, 2007); Fantastic Four regrouped, Mr. Fantastic & Invisible Woman took leave of absence to rebuild their romance, anti-SHRA activists Black Panther & Storm joined to replace them (Fantastic Four #543-544, 2007); Thunderbolts struggled with internal dissension, targeted anti-SHRA vigilante Steel Spider (Thunderbolts #112-113, 2007); Operation: Lightning Storm tracked down Arachne, reunited her with her daughter & offered her deal to work with Omega Flight in Canada, Arachne accepted (Ms. Marvel #13-14, 2007); Gauntlet recruited from Iraq conflict to serve as Initiative drill sergeant, pro-SHRA Avengers defeated Ultimo with aid of Armory, Camp Hammond opened, new Initiative recruits included Armory, Cloud 9, Hardball, Komodo, MVP, Trauma & many others, MVP slain in training exercise gone wrong, Secretary Gyrich ordered cover-up of incident, Armory stripped of her powers & discharged (Avengers: The Initiative #1, 2007); pro-SHRA Avengers tried & failed to apprehend Cage’s rogue Avengers, Clint Barton joined rogue Avengers as new Ronin (New Avengers #28-31, 2007); Trauma’s powers continued to prove disruptive at Camp Hammond, Danielle Moonstar brought in to help train Trauma, Rangers teamed with Initiative squad to foil Hydra assault on President’s Texas residence, Pym earned presidential medal of honor for his role in Initiative's victory (Avengers: The Initiative #2, 2007)

Jones, Janis

First Appearance and Origin: Incredible Hulk: Future Imperfect #1 (1992)
Significant Issues: Janis protected bystanders from fight between Maestro, Captain Marvel & Spider-Man (Captain Marvel #34, 2002); sent back in time using Doctor Doom’s time machine (Incredible Hulk: Future Imperfect #1, 1992); Janis located Rick Jones in modern day (Incredible Hulk #415, 1994); with Rick’s aid, recruited Hulk to return to her time & oppose Maestro, led rebel forces against Maestro while Hulk battled Maestro, after Maestro’s defeat placed Gramp’s ashes on Captain America’s shield (Incredible Hulk: Future Imperfect #1, 1992); tried to repel Abomination & his mutates, helped other rebels escape into past, captured but freed by sympathetic mutate, fled into past pursued by Quarry (Abominations #1-3, 1996); landed in present day, sought Hulk’s help, he defeated Quarry, Janis accompanied him despite his refusal to help (Incredible Hulk #443, 1996); left in Pantheon safehouse to recover from fever, found by Ajax (Incredible Hulk #444, 1996); given medical treatment by Pantheon, learned of Onslaught’s attack on New York (Incredible Hulk #445, 1996); escaped Pantheon, hooked up with hippies (Incredible Hulk #446, 1996); watched lead-encased Hulk break free, rejoined him (Incredible Hulk #447, 1996); told Hulk she could help him be left alone, vs Pantheon, alongside Hulk when he issued ultimatum to be left alone or cause mass destruction (Incredible Hulk #448, 1996); alongside Hulk when Thunderbolts attacked (Incredible Hulk #449, 1997); alongside Hulk when he destroyed Hollywood sign as retaliation for Thunderbolts attack, tried to help fight Wildman, encountered alternate-universe Hulk (Incredible Hulk #450, 1997); covertly watched watched Rick & Marlo Jones (Incredible Hulk #451, 1997); took alternate-universe Hulk to meet Earth-616 Hulk (Incredible Hulk #452, 1997); vs Hulk’s choice of island sheriff (Incredible Hulk #453, 1997); hooked up with Earth-616 Rick Jones (Incredible Hulk #455, 1997); recruited by Absorbing Man on behalf of New World Order to reason with Hulk after his transformation by Apocalypse into Horseman War (Incredible Hulk #456, 1997); in Cairo, witnessed battle between War/Hulk, Absorbing Man & Juggernaut, saw Hulk injure Rick, berated him which helped break brainwashing (Incredible Hulk #457, 1997); covertly checked on Rick’s progress in hospital (Incredible Hulk #458, 1997)

Jones, Rick

First Appearance: Incredible Hulk #1 (1962)
Origin: Incredible Hulk #268 (1982)
Significant Issues: Met Bruce Banner, became ally of Hulk (Incredible Hulk #1, 1962); held psychic control over Hulk (Incredible Hulk #3, 1962); formed Teen Brigade (Incredible Hulk #6, 1963); involved in formation of Avengers, became ally of them (Avengers #1, 1963); met Captain America (Avengers #4, 1964); left Avengers, returned to Hulk (Avengers #17/Tales to Astonish #69, 1965); revealed Banner was Hulk (Tales to Astonish #77, 1966); rescued from Hulk by Captain America, became Bucky (Captain America #110-116, 1969); parted company with Captain America, became bonded with Captain Marvel/Mar-Vell (Captain Marvel #17, 1969); met Mordecai P. Boggs (Captain Marvel #18, 1969); freed from Negative Zone by Fantastic Four, ended Kree/Skrull War via Destiny Force, again merged with Mar-Vell (Avengers #89-97, 1971-1972); permanently separated from Mar-Vell (Captain Marvel #50-51, 1977); visited Mar-Vell on his deathbed (Marvel Graphic Novel #1, 1982); formed new Teen Brigade, inadvertently caused formation of Rangers (Incredible Hulk #263-265, 1981); attempted to mutate himself via gamma rays (Incredible Hulk #269, 1982); diagnosed with cancer, met Rom (Rom #54-55, 1984); cured of cancer by Beyonder (Rom #72, 1985); served as Banner's best man (Incredible Hulk #319, 1986); transformed into Hulk form, vs Zzzax & Hulkbusters, cured by Leader (Incredible Hulk #324-327 & 329-332, 1986-1987); witnessed Hulk's apparent demise (Incredible Hulk #345-346, 1988); book attracted attention of extraterrestrial bidders (Avengers Spotlight #25, 1989); pursued by Skrulls, rescued by Hulk (Incredible Hulk #374-375, 1990); killed Farnoq Dahn (Incredible Hulk #392, 1992); Marlo killed by Jackie Shorr, turned to Leader for aid (Incredible Hulk #397-400, 1992); married Marlo (Incredible Hulk #418, 1994); accepted offer of own talk show (Incredible Hulk #439, 1996); met Genis-Vell (Captain Marvel #3, 1996); briefly empowered with Destiny Force (Imperial Guard #2-3, 1997); crippled by Hulk (Incredible Hulk #457, 1997); regained use of legs via Destiny Force, sacrificed himself to protect timelines from Time-Keepers, revived by being bonded to Genis (Avengers Forever #1-12, 1999-2000); revealed his & Genis' bond to Marlo (Captain Marvel #8, 2000); prematurely aged by Walker (Captain Marvel #18, 2001); youth restored (Captain Marvel #26, 2002); released from his bond to Genis (Captain Marvel #24, 2004); provided funding to Excelsior support group (Runaways #6, 2005); deputized by Gabe Jones (Incredible Hulk #108, 2007); confronted Hulk during his Manhattan rampage (World War Hulk #2, 2007)


First Appearance and Origin: Incredible Hulk #127 (1970)
Significant Issues: Created by Tyrannus, unaware of robot nature, sent by Tyrannus to Manhattan to make friends with Hulk & convince him to help in war against Mole Man, vs Hulk, convinced him of desire for friendship, teleported with Hulk back to Subterranea, alongside Hulk, built weapons & fortifications for Tyrannus, led army against Mole Man, had arm torn open by heat ray revealing his robot nature, torn apart by betrayed Hulk professing his friendship until reduced to powder (Incredible Hulk #127, 1970)


First Appearance: Incredible Hulk Annual #12 (1983)
Significant Issues: K'rel escaped to Earth, Hulk brought to Cygnet VII, overthrew Proselytes (Incredible Hulk Annual #12, 1983)

Quartermain, Clay

First Appearance: Strange Tales #163 (1967)
Significant Issues: Joined S.H.I.E.L.D., recruited by Contessa de la Fontaine, alongside Nick Fury, raided A.I.M. base (Strange Tales #163, 1967); participated in S.H.I.E.L.D. raid of sanctuary of android Yellow Claw (Strange Tales #167, 1968); alongside Nick Fury & Dum Dum Dugan, greeted Jimmy Woo (Nick Fury: Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. #2, 1968); on S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier, contacted Avengers (Fantastic Four: World's Greatest Comics Magazine! #7, 2001); assigned by Fury to help General Ross & others rescue Major Talbot from Gremlin (Incredible Hulk #187, 1975); alongside Ross & others, captured by Gremlin, led escape while Hulk fought Droog (Incredible Hulk #188, 1975); alongside General Ross & Betty Ross, took Talbot for treatment by Doc Samson (Incredible Hulk #192, 1975); at rebuilt Hulkbuster Base, alongside Ross & Betty, present when Doc Samson treated Talbot (Incredible Hulk #193, 1975); at Hulkbuster Base, quarreled with Doc Samson, accompanied him & Ross to extort Abomination's services (Incredible Hulk #194, 1975); at Hulkbuster Base, alongside Doc Samson & Ross, sent Abomination to fight Hulk (Incredible Hulk #195, 1976); at Hulkbuster Base, alongside Doc Samson & Ross, reacted to Hulk's alliance with Abomination (Incredible Hulk #196, 1976); at Hulkbuster Base, observed conversation between Doc Samson & Betty (Incredible Hulk #197, 1976); assigned as S.H.I.E.L.D. liaison to reorganized Gamma Base (Incredible Hulk #198, 1976); alongside Doc Samson & Ross, led joint Gamma Base/S.H.I.E.L.D. expedition, captured Hulk (Incredible Hulk #199, 1976); at Gamma Base, alongside Ross & Betty, observed Doc Samson's treatment of Hulk & Talbot (Incredible Hulk #200, 1976); at Gamma Base, alongside Doc Samson, discussed Ross' attacks on Hulk (Incredible Hulk #206, 1976); at Gamma Base, present when Doctor Strange attempted to assist Doc Samson in saving Jarella's life (Incredible Hulk #207, 1977); at Gamma Base, alongside Ross & Doc Samson, present when Leader/Samuel Sterns awoke (Incredible Hulk #209, 1977); alongside Doc Samson & others, bade farewell to Talbot (Incredible Hulk #210, 1977); accompanied Ross to S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier to examine salvaged suspended animation capsule (Incredible Hulk #213, 1977); alongside Ross & Sidney Levine, reacted to Bi-Beast's escape from capsule (Incredible Hulk #214-215, 1977); alongside Ross & Levine, helped Hulk defeat Bi-Beast (Incredible Hulk #216, 1977); alongside Ross & Levine on S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier, met with Fury (Incredible Hulk #219, 1978); spoke with Fury (Defenders #54, 1977); returned to Gamma Base, attacked by Leader's forces (Incredible Hulk #224, 1978); at Gamma Base, confined to sickbay by Doc Samson (Incredible Hulk #226, 1978); at Gamma Base, alongside Jim Wilson & others, observed Doc Samson's treatment of Hulk (Incredible Hulk #227, 1978); at Gamma Base, alongside Ross, reacted to aftermath of Hulk's treatment (Incredible Hulk #228, 1978); at Gamma Base, informed Doc Samson of contact by senators (Incredible Hulk #230, 1978); alongside Doc Samson & Doctor Karla Sofen, met with Senator Eugene Stivak & Senator Andrew Hawk (Incredible Hulk #231, 1979); at Gamma Base, met with Doc Samson & Senator Hawk to speak to Jasper Sitwell (Incredible Hulk #233, 1979); at Gamma Base, alongside Senator Hawk, met with Marvel Man/Quasar (Incredible Hulk #234, 1979); spoke with Colonel Simon Kragg (Incredible Hulk #237, 1979); met with Senator Hawk & U.S. President (Incredible Hulk #238, 1979); led Gamma Base forces to South Dakota (Incredible Hulk #239, 1979); at Gamma Base, greeted Betty (Incredible Hulk #240, 1979); alongside other S.H.I.E.L.D. agents, controlled by Viper & Silver Samurai, vs Spider-Man & others (Marvel Team-Up #83-85, 1979); met Jessica Jones (Alias #26, 2003); at Gamma Base, met with Talbot before departing for new assignment (Incredible Hulk #243, 1980); took custody of Hulk following separation of Hulk & Banner, failed to prevent Doc Samson from freeing Hulk (Incredible Hulk #315, 1986); recruited Ross to join S.H.I.E.L.D.'s new Gamma Base operation (Incredible Hulk #321-322, 1986); alongside Ross, arrived at new Gamma Base (Incredible Hulk #323, 1986); at Gamma Base, conducted physical tests on Ross, led S.H.I.E.L.D. agents against Hulk (Incredible Hulk #324, 1986); at Gamma Base, recruited Doc Samson for full-time duty (Incredible Hulk #325, 1986); at Gamma Base, merged Ross with Zzzax (Incredible Hulk #326, 1986); at Gamma Base, discussed Ross' condition with Doc Samson, recruited John Laroquette (Incredible Hulk #327, 1987); at Gamma Base, observed Doc Samson's examination of Banner, organized Hulkbusters (Incredible Hulk #329, 1987); led S.H.I.E.L.D. forces against Tyrannus-possessed Abomination (Incredible Hulk Annual #15, 1986); at Gamma Base, questioned Betty & Banner, present when Rick Jones Hulk vs Nevermind-controlled Doc Samson (Incredible Hulk #330, 1987); at Gamma Base, quarreled with Laroquette (Incredible Hulk #331, 1987); at Gamma Base, allowed Laroquette to depart in pursuit of Rick (Incredible Hulk #332, 1987); at Gamma Base, dined with Rick & others (Incredible Hulk #334, 1987); at Gamma Base, consulted S.H.I.E.L.D. Council, attempted to locate Banner (Incredible Hulk #336, 1987); took Hulk into custody following his defeat by X-Terminators/X-Factor, brought frozen Hulk to Gamma Base (Incredible Hulk #337, 1987); spoke to Fury (Incredible Hulk #346, 1988); rebelled against S.H.I.E.L.D. Council's orders to kill Hulk, destroyed Gamma Base & escaped with Banner & Rick (Incredible Hulk #337, 1987); alongside Hulk & Rick, encountered Mercy (Incredible Hulk #338, 1987); in Colorado, alongside Hulk & Rick, encountered Ashcan (Incredible Hulk #339, 1988); alongside Rick, present at mall when Hulk vs Rhino (Incredible Hulk #378, 1991); en route to Kansas via Texas, alongside Rick, broke up fight between Hulk & Wolverine (Incredible Hulk #340, 1988); alongside Hulk & Rick, arrived in Kansas, called Diane Bellamy with information about gamma bomb coverup, reunited with Alan Quartermain, observed Hulk's fight with Savage/Man-Bull (Incredible Hulk #341, 1988); alongside Alan, uncovered data on gamma bombs, departed with Banner & Rick (Incredible Hulk #342, 1988); alongside Hulk & Rick, retrieved Betty from Leader's robots (Incredible Hulk #343, 1988); alongside Rick, waited while Betty reconciled with Hulk (Incredible Hulk #344, 1988); alongside Banner & others, investigated site of gamma bomb theft in Arizona, traveled to Middletown, warned S.H.I.E.L.D. while Hulk fought Leader, spared from exposure to gamma bomb by Leader's force-field (Incredible Hulk #345, 1988); alongside Rick & Betty, testified before Senate hearing (Incredible Hulk #346, 1988); injured during Hydra attack (Nick Fury vs S.H.I.E.L.D. #1, 1988); placed in stasis by Deltites, replaced by LMD (Nick Fury: Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. #45, 1993); alongside other brainwashed S.H.I.E.L.D. agents, vs Fury (Nick Fury: Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. #42-43, 1992-1993); confined by S.H.I.E.L.D. (Nick Fury: Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. #44, 1993); mentally probed by Network Nina (Nick Fury: Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. #45, 1993); overcame Hydra brainwashing (Nick Fury: Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. #46, 1993); joined current incarnation of S.H.I.E.L.D., participated in attack on Hydra (Nick Fury: Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. #47, 1993); received gift from Fury (Marvel Holiday Special 1994, 1994); with S.H.I.E.L.D., vs Hydra in Somalia (Silver Sable and the Wild Pack #17, 1993); alongside Fury & others, attacked Genesis Coalition & Hydra (Silver Sable and the Wild Pack #25, 1994); attended S.H.I.E.L.D. debriefing on Cable, activated Agent 18 (Cable #58, 1998); worked with Horatio Belgrade to use Cable's techno-organic virus to upgrade Nemesis robots (Cable #61, 1998); alongside Fury & others, vs Nemesis robots (Cable #62, 1998); led S.H.I.E.L.D. forces against Protocide (Captain America Annual 2000, 2000); warned Jessica Jones away from S.H.I.E.L.D. intervention in Steven Keaton's activities (Alias #5, 2002); provided Jessica Jones with information on Spider-Woman/Mattie Franklin (Alias #16, 2003); accompanied Jessica Jones to confront Purple Man in prison (Alias #26-27, 2003); led S.H.I.E.L.D. raid on Hydra base, rescued Jessica Jones (Pulse #8, 2005); led S.H.I.E.L.D. Howling Commandos against forces of "Merlin" (Nick Fury's Howling Commandos #1-6, 2005-2006); took vampirized Spider-Man into custody (Blade #1, 2006); recruited She-Hulk for S.H.I.E.L.D. (She-Hulk #14, 2007); led She-Hulk & Hulkbusters against Abomination, enjoyed romantic liaison with She-Hulk (She-Hulk #15, 2007); in Canada, cordoned off fight between She-Hulk & Wendigo (She-Hulk #16, 2007); led She-Hulk & Hulkbusters against various opponents, vs Zzzax-controlled Helicarrier forces (She-Hulk #17, 2007)


First Appearance and Origin: Incredible Hulk #107 (2007)
Significant Issues: Amadeus Cho discovered who exiled Hulk into space, confronted Mister Fantastic (Incredible Hulk #100, 2007); attempted to recruit She-Hulk (Incredible Hulk #106, 2007); Cho, Angel, Hercules, & Namora formed Renegades (Incredible Hulk #107, 2007); saved civilians from mayhem (World War Hulk #2, 2007); saved civilians from military attack (World War Hulk #3, 2007); opposed Ross' military, deputized by S.H.I.E.L.D., Scorpion joined (Incredible Hulk #108, 2007); vs Hulk & Warbound (Incredible Hulk #109, 2007)

Rock & Redeemer

First Appearance: (As Samuel LaRoquette & Craig Saunders) Incredible Hulk #317 (1986); (as Rock & Redeemer) Incredible Hulk #343 (1988)
Origin: Incredible Hulk #343 (1988)
Significant Issues: Recruited as Hulkbusters (Incredible Hulk #317, 1986); vs Doc Samson, Carolyn Parmenter killed in battle (Incredible Hulk #318, 1986); defeated by virtually mindless Hulk (Incredible Hulk #319-320, 1986); vs Rick Jones Hulk, both injured (Incredible Hulk #331, 1987); LaRoquette attempted to kill Rick (Incredible Hulk #332, 1987); present during destruction of Gamma Base, (Incredible Hulk #337, 1987); given powers (Incredible Hulk #343, 1988); stole Gamma Bomb (Incredible Hulk #344, 1988); vs Hulk in Middle Town, Saunders killed (Incredible Hulk #345, 1988); vs Hulk at Leader’s base (Incredible Hulk #366, 1990); alongside U-Foes, attacked Mount, vs Pantheon (Incredible Hulk #398, 1992); helped defend Freehold from Hydra, Redeemer defeated by Hulk (Incredible Hulk #400, 1992); Ross regained memories of his life as Redeemer upon Rock’s comments (Incredible Hulk #464, 1998)


First Appearance and Origin: Savage She-Hulk #1 (1980)
Significant Issues: Met cousin Bruce (Marvel Graphic Novel #18, 1985); alongside Bruce, spent summers in Ohio (Avengers Annual #13, 1984); wanted to be dancer, mother driven off road by drunk driver on way to recital (Sensational She-Hulk #53, 1993); was still in high school when Bruce started working on top secret projects (Avengers Annual #13, 1984); father poured himself into work after her mother’s death (Savage She-Hulk #20, 1981); went to Harvard, didn’t socialize, studied hard (She-Hulk #1, 2004); graduated Suma Cum Laude (Savage She-Hulk #25, 1982); learned Trask was behind murder of mother (Savage She-Hulk #2, 1980); while representing Monkton, shot by Trask’s men, life saved by Bruce via blood transfusion, became She-Hulk (Savage She-Hulk #1, 1980); friend Jill killed, wrongly blamed for death (Savage She-Hulk #2, 1980); vs robot being used to frame her for additional murders, Zapper learned her identity as She-Hulk (Savage She-Hulk #3, 1980); Morris manipulated by Trask into attacking her (Savage She-Hulk #4, 1980); vs Silver Serpent, Trask apparently died (Savage She-Hulk #5, 1980); vs Iron Man, cleared name of robot’s murders (Savage She-Hulk #6, 1980); met Richard Rory, visited Florida, met mutates of La Hacienda, vs Man-Thing (Savage She-Hulk #7-8, 1980); vs Ultima & Word (Savage She-Hulk #9-10, 1980); cured of degenerative illness by Morbius, gained ability to change at will (Savage She-Hulk #11, 1980); represented Morbius in court, vs LMD Gemini (Savage She-Hulk #12, 1981); encountered Stargod, helped save Other-Realm (Savage She-Hulk #13-14, 1981); vs microwave-powered villain (Savage She-Hulk #16, 1981); vs Man-Elephant (Savage She-Hulk #17, 1981); vs Grappler (Savage She-Hulk #18, 1981); met Spider-Man, alongside him, vs Man-Killer (Marvel Team-Up #107, 1981); captured by Doc, vs Brute, felt Zapper had betrayed her (Savage She-Hulk #19, 1981); decided to stay as She-Hulk permanently, went on road trip (Savage She-Hulk #20, 1981); vs Seeker (Savage She-Hulk #21, 1981); vs Radius (Savage She-Hulk #22, 1981); vs Torque (Savage She-Hulk #23, 1981); vs Earth-Lord (Savage She-Hulk #24, 1982); defeated Doc & his front man Shade, learned last several foes were all one person, reconciled with father & friends (Savage She-Hulk #25, 1982); vs Grappler, decided she would need to leave town to get out from under father’s shadow (She-Hulk #3, 2006); mind-controlled by local hoods, vs Dazzler (Dazzler #14, 1982); on road, encountered Thing, alongside him, vs Negator (Marvel Two-in-One #88, 1982); joined Avengers (Avengers #221, 1982); with Avengers, vs Masters of Evil (Avengers #222, 1982); with Avengers, attended Dazzler’s Carnegie Hall concert (Dazzler #21, 1982); with Avengers, vs Fomor (Avengers #225-226, 1982); alongside other heroes, attended Hulk’s pardoning & parade (Incredible Hulk #278-279, 1982); alongside other heroes, forced to partake in Grandmaster’s "contest of champions" against Death, vs Sabra & Iron Man (Marvel Super Hero Contest of Champions #1-3, 1982); rejected as potential opponent of Champion due to gender (Marvel Two-in-One Annual #7, 1982); alongside other heroes, defended hospitalized Thing from mass attack (Marvel Two-in-One #96, 1983); alongside Wasp, Tigra & Storm, summoned by Holly-Anne Ember to battle A.I.M. (Marvel Graphic Novel #16, 1985); stopped T’rannikus’ troll army from entering Earth’s dimension (She-Hulk #3, 2006); told Bruce off for apologizing for turning her into She-Hulk, alongside Hulk, vs Arsenal (Incredible Hulk #282, 1983); with Avengers, alongside Hulk, vs Leader (Incredible Hulk #283-284, 1983); with Avengers, at Henry Pym’s trial, vs Masters of Evil, turned back into Jennifer Walters by Radioactive Man, antagonized by Hawkeye until she turned back into She-Hulk (Avengers #228-229, 1983); attended Hawkeye’s trial for his killing Egghead (Avengers #230, 1983); with Avengers, vs Plant Man’s creations (Avengers #231-232, 1983); with Avengers, visited Moon, met Inhumans, helped expose Maximus’ having mind-swapped with Black Bolt, vs Maximus & Enclave (Avengers Annual #12, 1983); dated Starfox, listened to Scarlet Witch's biography (Avengers #234, 1983); mind controlled by Puppet Master, vs Thing (Thing #5, 1983); with Avengers, vs Wizard (Avengers #235, 1983); with Avengers, vs Lava Men in Project P.E.G.A.S.U.S. (Avengers #236, 1983); with Avengers, vs Project P.E.G.A.S.U.S. escapees (Avengers #237, 1983); confronted Impossible Man when he stole the Wasp's wardrobe, vs Rogue & Colossus when X-Men arrived at Avengers Mansion in pursuit of Impossible Man (X-Men Annual #7, 1983); vs Nth Commandos at Avengers Mansion (Captain America #289, 1984); took Thing out for drinks, alongside him, foiled robbery (Thing #8, 1984); with Avengers, vs Blackout & Moonstone (Avengers #238, 1983); with Avengers, vs Morgan Le Fey (Avengers #240-241, 1984); attended party for Hawkeye & Mockingbird (Avengers #242, 1984); alongside others, drawn to Beyonder’s stadium in Central Park, vanished (Avengers #242/Captain America #292, 1984); alongside other heroes, forced to battle villains on Beyonders’ Battleworld, asked to join Fantastic Four to cover for Thing’s absence (Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars #1-12, 1984-1985); returned to Earth (Fantastic Four #265/Avengers #243, 1984); learned about Karisma from Alicia Masters (Fantastic Four #266, 1984); spent first day as member of Fantastic Four in hospital awaiting news on Sue Richards’ pregnancy (Fantastic Four #265-266, 1984); shown round Baxter Building, vs Doctor Doom’s animated mask (Fantastic Four #268, 1984); vs Arnim Zola’s pseudo-Hulks (Avengers Annual #13, 1984); alongside other heroes, vs Living Monolith (Marvel Graphic Novel #17, 1985); with Fantastic Four, attended Black Bolt & Medusa’s wedding (Fantastic Four Annual #18, 1984); attended Sersi’s party, vs Delphan Brothers (Avengers #246-247, 1984); with Fantastic Four, vs Terminus, met Wyatt Wingfoot (Fantastic Four #269-270, 1984); alongside other heroes, vs Surtur’s hordes (Avengers #249/Thor #353, 1984/1985); with Fantastic Four, visited Earth-6311, vs Warlord’s forces (Fantastic Four #271-273, 1984); observed Namor’s addressing United Nations (Prince Namor: The Sub-Mariner #3, 1984); powers analyzed by Chief Examiner (Questprobe #3, 1985); photographed topless, unable to prevent pictures being printed in "The Naked Truth" (Fantastic Four #275, 1985); Thing returned to Earth, prepared to leave Fantastic Four but told he was not returning to team (Fantastic Four #277, 1985); with Fantastic Four, inside Baxter Building when Kristoff launched it into space, witnessed destruction of Baxter Building (Fantastic Four #278-279, 1985); with Fantastic Four, encountered Hate-Monger android, vs Malice (Fantastic Four #280-281/Secret Wars II #2, 1985); with Fantastic Four, pursued Psycho-Man into Microverse, enslaved, escaped (Fantastic Four #282-284, 1985); tried to capture Longshot (Longshot #4, 1985); kidnapped by S.H.I.E.L.D., vs cockroaches, exposed to radiation, lost ability to become Jen (Marvel Graphic Novel #18, 1985); dated Wyatt Wingfoot (Avengers #259, 1985); alongside other heroes, confronted Beyonder (Secret Wars II #5, 1985); saw sculpture of herself by Alicia Masters (Fantastic Four #285, 1985); with Fantastic Four, intervened in Skrull civil war, briefly manipulated into opposing Avengers, vs Zabyk’s forces, returned to Earth (Fantastic Four Annual #19/Avengers Annual #14/Fantastic Four #286, 1985/1986); with Fantastic Four, vs Doctor Doom, encountered Beyonder (Fantastic Four #287-288, 1986); briefly controlled by Doctor Doom (Marvel Graphic Novel: Emperor Doom, 1987); rushed to Bruce’s bedside after he was separated from Hulk, met Betty Ross (Incredible Hulk #316, 1986); helped Sunspot with rescue (New Mutants #37, 1986); alongside other heroes, confronted Beyonder (Secret Wars II #9, 1986); alongside other heroes, confronted Molecule Man & Volcana (Avengers #266, 1986); with Fantastic Four, visited Negative Zone, vs Blastaar & Annihilus (Fantastic Four #289-290, 1986); entered Licorice Calhoun’s time distortion on returning to Earth (Fantastic Four #291-292, 1986); encountered duplicates of Mister Fantastic (Marvel Fanfare #37, 1988); went looking for missing Thing, vs Ms. Marvel/Sharon Ventura (Thing #36, 1986); told Wonder Man Thing had been hospitalized (West Coast Avengers #10, 1986); investigated disappearance of Franklin Richards (Power Pack #23 & 25-26, 1986); alongside Power Pack, vs Snarks (Power Pack #28, 1987); alongside other heroes, helped subdue mindless Hulk (Incredible Hulk #321-323, 1986); with Fantastic Four, investigated missing Central City (Fantastic Four #293-295, 1986); left behind when teammates visited Monster Island looking for Thing (Fantastic Four #296, 1986); with Fantastic Four, stopped Umbra & Jaagur siphoning power from Sol (Fantastic Four #297, 19867); vs combined Umbra/Jaagur (Fantastic Four #298, 1987); mistakenly vs Comet Man (Comet Man #4, 1986); rejoined Avengers, vs Tyrak (Avengers #278, 1987); with Avengers, participated in selecting new leader of Avengers (Avengers #279, 1986); with Avengers, vs Olympians (Avengers #281-285, 1987); investigated shaft created by Mephisto (Mephisto Vs. #1, 1987); with Avengers, attempted to rescue Thor from Hela (Mephisto Vs. #4/Thor #381, 1987); alongside Fantastic Four, manipulated against X-Men by Doctor Doom (Fantastic Four Vs. the X-Men #1-4, 1987); vs Thing (Fantastic Four #299, 1988); attended wedding of Human Torch/Johnny Storm & Alicia Masters imposter Lyja (Fantastic Four #300, 1987); with Avengers, vs X-Men & Soviet Super-Soldiers while in pursuit of Magneto (X-Men Vs. the Avengers #1-4, 1987); alongside Fantastic Four, accompanied Silver Surfer off Earth (Silver Surfer #1, 1987); with Avengers, caught up in Collector & Grandmaster’s plans against Death, vs Legion of the Unliving (West Coast Avengers Annual #2/Avengers Annual #16, 1987); with Avengers, vs Heavy Metal (Avengers #286-290, 1987-1988); vs Tinkerer’s robot (Damage Control #1, 1989); with Avengers, vs mutated Marrina (Avengers #291-293, 1989); with Avengers, warned not to aid Nick Fury (Nick Fury Vs. S.H.I.E.L.D. #2, 1988); impersonated by Xartans (X-Factor #32, 1988); mind-controlled by Doctor Druid, himself mind-controlled by Nebula, left Avengers after being freed (Avengers #295-297, 1989); spoke to transformed Ms. Marvel/She-Thing, alongside her, vs Dragon Man (Fantastic Four #321, 1988); represented Theresa Handel vs Mutant Registration Act, vs Titania (Solo Avengers #14, 1987); daydreamed about fighting various super-villains (Marvel Comics Presents #18, 1989); vs Circus of Crime (Sensational She-Hulk #1, 1989); went to work for Blake Tower, met Louise Mason, vs false Toad Men & Mysterio (Sensational She-Hulk #2, 1989); alongside Spider-Man, vs Headmen (Sensational She-Hulk #3, 1989); alongside Fantastic Four, vs Frightful Five (Fantastic Four #328, 1989); learned Louise Mason was Blonde Phantom, vs Stilt-Man (Sensational She-Hulk #4, 1989); vs Doctor Bong (Sensational She-Hulk #5, 1989); alongside Avengers, vs Fantastic Four clones created by Aron (Fantastic Four #333, 1989); rejoined Avengers, vs Lava Men (Avengers #305-307, 1989); with Avengers, searched for missing Olympia, entered Negative Zone, vs Blastaar (Avengers #308-310, 1989); possessed by That Which Endures, vs GLA, freed (Avengers West Coast #47-49, 1989); accompanied Razorback into space, vs Xemnu (Sensational She-Hulk #6-7, 1989); helped by Nick St. Christopher (Sensational She-Hulk #8, 1989); vs Madcap (Sensational She-Hulk #9, 1989); vs Pseudo-Man (Sensational She-Hulk #10-11, 1990); helped Wyatt Wingfoot vs Carlton Beatrice & Anung-Ite (She-Hulk: Ceremony #1-2, 1989); chosen as Bride of Set, forced to aid in plan to allow Set to return to Earth, opposed by heroes, freed from possession (Amazing Spider-Man Annual #23/Avengers Annual #18/Avengers West Coast Annual #4/Thor Annual #14/Fantastic Four Annual #22, 1989); helped Eric Masterson & Hercules retrieve Mjolnir from Latveria, vs Doctor Doom (Thor #410, 1989); spoke out against proposed Super-Powers Registration Act, with Avengers, vs Fenris, Jester’s Hulk robot & others (Mutant Misadventures of Cloak and Dagger #9, 1989); vs cousin Brawn (Marvel Fanfare #48, 1989); returned sea serpent eggs stolen by Captain Dargent (Marvel Super-Heroes #5, 1991); on set of She-Hulk motion picture (Sensational She-Hulk #12, 1990); vs Pastor Wildmoon (Sensational She-Hulk #13, 1990); stopped Doctor Angst’s cosmic crunch (Sensational She-Hulk #14-17, 1990); vs mad dentist Doctor Bob Doom (Sensational She-Hulk #18, 1990); with Avengers, vs Terminus (Avengers West Coast Annual #5/Avengers Annual #19, 1990); with Avengers, manipulated by Calculus & Space Phantom into battling Spider-Man & Outlaws (Spectacular Spider-Man #168-170, 1990); with Avengers, vs Stellaris (Thor #420-421, 1990); met Nosferata, vs Jack Serious (Sensational She-Hulk #19-20, 1990); vs Abominatrix, Captain Rectitude & All-Winners Squad, thwarted atomic bomb plans of Jasper Keaton (Sensational She-Hulk #21-23, 1990-1991); application to represent captured X-Men turned down by Genoshan Ministry of Justice (Uncanny X-Men #272, 1991); with Avengers, vs Surge (Avengers #326-327, 1990); with Avengers, vs Ngh the Unspeakable (Avengers #328, 1991); met Death’s Head (Sensational She-Hulk #24, 1991); alongside Thor & Hercules, vs demons (Sensational She-Hulk #25, 1991); visited U.K., assisted Excalibur vs trash spirit (Sensational She-Hulk #26, 1991); with Avengers, vs Ngh & Tetrarchs of Entropy (Avengers #329-331, 1991); with Avengers, alongside others, vs Apocalypse's forces (X-Factor #66, 1991); helped protect Manhattan during cold spell caused by Avant Guard (Web of Spider-Man #75, 1991); with Avengers, alongside Alpha Flight, opposed Consortium invasion (Alpha Flight #98-100, 1991); Surge manipulated She-Hulk in attempt to win her as his mate (Sensational She-Hulk #27, 1991); alongside other heroes, opposed Thanos during Infinity Gauntlet crisis (Infinity Gauntlet #2-4, 1991); with Avengers, vs Doombot (Avengers #332-333, 1991); Mephisto’s attempt to purchase She-Hulk’s soul nullified due to moral standards clause being breached by topless paparazzi shots (Sensational She-Hulk #28, 1991); with Avengers, intervened in Subterranean Wars (Avengers Annual #20/Avengers West Coast Annual #6, 1991); vs time-displaced heroes & villains, encountered Isbisa (Sensational She-Hulk #29-30, 1991); alongside Nosferata, vs Adrenazon (Marvel Comics Presents #123-126, 1993); vs Spragg the Living Hill, nearly married Mole Man (Sensational She-Hulk #31-33, 1991); vs Black Talon & X-Humed (Sensational She-Hulk #34-35, 1991-1992); stopped Puppetverse encroaching on reality (Sensational She-Hulk #47, 1993); spent Christmas with father, regained human form briefly (Sensational She-Hulk #36, 1992); vs Living Eraser (Sensational She-Hulk #37, 1992); assigned to Avengers’ "Earth Force" during Operation: Galactic Storm (Avengers #345, 1992); vs Shi’ar Imperial Guard (Avengers West Coast #81, 1992); vs Mahkizmo (Sensational She-Hulk #38-39, 1992); vs Spragg (Sensational She-Hulk #40-42, 1992); vs Xemnu (Sensational She-Hulk #43, 1992); rescued Razorback & others from Xartans, swapped physiques with Weezi (Sensational She-Hulk #44-46, 1992); told Weezi needed to want to change back for She-Hulk to regain powers, attacked by Titania, regained powers in time to defeat her (Sensational She-Hulk #48-49, 1993); alongside other heroes, opposed Magus, vs doppelgangers (Fantastic Four #367-370/Infinity War #2-6/Moon Knight #41/New Warriors #27/Quasar #38-40/Wonder Man #13-14/Warlock and the Infinity Watch #8, 1992); helped Razorback deliver space vaccine (She-Hulk #3, 2006); learned her comic from Marvel was getting new creative team, accidentally killed John Byrne, vs War Zone (Sensational She-Hulk #50, 1993); vs Man-Elephant (Sensational She-Hulk #51, 1993); learned War Zone had poisoned her, went to L.A. for treatment, vs Rumbler, buried alive (Sensational She-Hulk #52, 1993); saw mother in realm of dead (Sensational She-Hulk #53, 1993); revived by Zapper, vs Rumbler, transformation now unstable, alongside Hulk, vs War Zone & DeVasquez, expelled gamma radiation from body & became Jen again, powers restored by blood transfusion from Banner (Sensational She-Hulk #54-57, 1993); alongside other heroes, opposed Goddess & her crusade (Infinity Crusade #1-6/Warlock and the Infinity Watch #18-20/Web of Spider-Man #104-105/Alpha Flight #127, 1993); alongside Hulk, vs Bi-Beast (Incredible Hulk #412, 1993); turned down Tommy the Gopher’s offer to be her sidekick, vs Electro (Sensational She-Hulk #58, 1993); participated in Vanisher's trial, vs plaintiffs from Tinkerer's trial (Sensational She-Hulk #59, 1994); vs Scarlet Beetle (Sensational She-Hulk #60, 1993); attended Marlo Chandler’s bachelorette party (Incredible Hulk #417, 1994); alongside Nova & Thing, vs Armada, Doctor Doom, Dragon Man & Hulk robots (Nova #11, 1994); vs Raptor the Renegade (Fantastic Four #394, 1994); tricked by Seth into attacking Thunderstrike (Thunderstrike #16, 1995); attended Mister Fantastic’s memorial (Fantastic Four #400, 1995); presided over reading of Mister Fantastic’s will (Fantastic Four Unplugged #2, 1995); among heroes caught in interdimensional crisis (DC Vs. Marvel Comics #1, 1996); controlled by Diablo to steal Guardsman of Chthon, vs Fantastic Force, freed, aided them (Fantastic Force #12-13, 1995); represented Vibraxas, vs Vibravore (Fantastic Force #14-15, 1995-1996); tried to assist Doc Samson vs Patchwork, turned back into Jen Walters, powers restored when temper provoked (Doc Samson #1-4, 1996); alongside Doc Samson, vs Molecule Man (Incredible Hulk #442, 1996); attacked Titania & Absorbing Man’s wedding (Avengers Unplugged #4, 1996); with Avengers, vs Loki's forces (Avengers #400, 1996); alongside other heroes, opposed Onslaught, seemingly perished (Fantastic Four #416/Onslaught: Marvel Universe #1, 1996); reborn on Counter-Earth as Jen Walters (Iron Man #1, 1996); on Counter-Earth, turned back into She-Hulk through transfusion from Doc Samson (Iron Man #10, 1997); on Counter-Earth, vs Galactus’ heralds (Iron Man #12, 1997); alongside other heroes, returned to Earth (Heroes Reborn: The Return #4, 1997); alongside Avengers, vs Morgan Le Fay (Avengers #1-3, 1997); alongside Heroes for Hire, vs Strike Force One (Heroes for Hire #12, 1998); fired narrator of Heroes for Hire comic (Heroes for Hire #14, 1998); with Heroes for Hire, vs Man-Beast, Exodus’ Acolytes & High Evolutionary (Heroes for Hire #16/Quicksilver #12/Marvel Comics 1998 Annual Starring Heroes for Hire & Quicksilver, 1998); vs Stonewall Brigade, Titania & Absorbing Man, dated Luke Cage (Heroes for Hire #17, 1999); present at Heroes for Hire’s disbanding (Heroes for Hire #19, 1999); alongside other heroes, forced to participate in Coterie’s "contest of champions" (Contest of Champions II #1-5, 1999); controlled by Titania & Absorbing Man using nanites, vs Marvel Girl/Valeria Von Doom & Invisible Woman (Fantastic Four #22-23, 1999); tried to represent Bruce when he was on death row (Incredible Hulk #11, 2000); rejoined Avengers (Avengers #27, 2000); with Avengers, vs Template (Warlock #8, 2000); with Avengers, vs Kulan Gath (Avengers #28-30, 2000); represented Nova over death of Darren Firestone (New Warriors #10, 2000); with Avengers, sent by United Nations to Genosha to assist anti-Magneto rebels (Magneto: Dark Seduction #2-4, 2000); with Avengers, vs Madame Masque’s Maggia (Avengers #31, 2000); with Avengers, vs Hulk turned down Hulk’s sexual interest (Incredible Hulk Annual 2000, 2000); with Avengers, alongside Thunderbolts, vs Count Nefaria (Thunderbolts #44/Avengers #34, 2000); among heroes gathered to oppose Ego (Maximum Security #3, 2001); joined Human Torch’s temporary Fantastic Four, vs Gideon Trust & Awesome Android (Fantastic Four #42-44, 2001); defended China from Deviants attacking China (Avengers #43-44, 2001); defended France from Kang’s forces (Avengers #46, 2001); alongside other heroes, briefly captured by Graviton (Thunderbolts #57, 2001); alongside Thing, beneath New York, vs Dragon Man & Roxxon (Thing/She-Hulk: Long Night #1, 2002); captured when Kang conquered Earth (Avengers #51, 2002); world freed by Avengers (Avengers #54, 2002); vs Elements of Doom (Avengers #56, 2002); among heroes recruited by Nighthawk to oppose Order (Order #3-6, 2002); with Avengers, vs Scorpio when world’s capital cities stolen (Avengers #57-61, 2002-2003); with Avengers, investigated flesh-eating virus cloud near Mount Rushmore, suit breached, Jack of Hearts accidentally turned her human again, turned savage, fled in search of Bruce (Avengers #65-68, 2003); tracked by Avengers to Bone, destroyed town, vs Hulk, controlled restored by Jack of Hearts (Avengers #72-75, 2003-2004); kicked out of Avengers Mansion, joined Goodman, Lieber, Kurtzberg & Holliway (She-Hulk #1, 2004); represented Juggernaut (Uncanny X-Men #435-436, 2004); represented Danger Man (She-Hulk #2, 2004); represented Bailey Briggs’ ghost (She-Hulk #3, 2004); with Avengers, vs Wrecking Crew & Morgan Le Fay (Avengers #78-81, 2004); with Avengers, vs New Invaders (Avengers #82-84, 2004); participated in Spider-Man libel lawsuit against J. Jonah Jameson, started dating John Jameson (She-Hulk #4, 2004); stopped break out attempt from Big House, put in charge of Southpaw (She-Hulk #5-6, 2004); manipulated by Scarlet Witch into killing Vision, hospitalized Captain Britain/Kelsey Leigh, stopped by Iron Man (Avengers #500-501, 2004); recruited by Magistrati, defeated Champion (She-Hulk #7-8, 2004); defended Hercules in lawsuit (She-Hulk #9, 2005); vs Titania, Timely Plaza destroyed (She-Hulk #11-12, 2005); alongside other heroes, vs Titannus (Marvel Team-Up #11-13, 2005); vs Santron (Marvel Holiday Special, 2006); helped rebuild Bone (She-Hulk #4, 2006); tried to warn time displaced Hawkeye of imminent death, arrested by Time Variance Authority (She-Hulk #1-2, 2005-2006); tried by TVA, put in charge of Two-Gun Kid as punishment (She-Hulk #3, 2006); represented Juggernaut in England (New Excalibur #4, 2006); represented Starfox (She-Hulk #6-7, 2006); alongside other heroes, vs Titannus again (Marvel Team-Up #25, 2006); represented Speedball after Stamford disaster (Civil War: Front Line #3 & 5-8, 2006); represented surviving New Warriors to try & close down hate site, John Jameson proposed (She-Hulk #8, 2006); had Las Vegas wedding, had dinner with father-in-law (She-Hulk #9, 2006); John turned into Man-Wolf, Starfox’s love touch switched off, She-Hulk realized she didn’t want to be married (She-Hulk #10-11, 2006); attended Starfox’s trial on Titan, exposed Thanos’ deceptions (She-Hulk #12-13, 2006); drafted by S.H.I.E.L.D. (She-Hulk #14-17, 2007); learned Hulk had been exiled into space, confronted Iron Man, depowered (She-Hulk #18, 2007); briefly repowered by Amadeus Cho, turned down offer to join Renegades (Incredible Hulk #106, 2007); failed to reason with returned Hulk, vs him, defeated, taken prisoner (World War Hulk #2, 2007)

Toad Men

First Appearance: Incredible Hulk #2 (1962)
Significant Issues: Invasion of Earth defeated by Banner (Incredible Hulk #2, 1962); attempted to enslave Shaper of Worlds, vs Hulk (Incredible Hulk #190-191, 1975); Toadius loyalist freed Hulk (Hostess Fruit Pies advertisement, 19??); actors hired by Mysterio to impersonate Toad Men, vs She-Hulk (Sensational She-Hulk #2, 1989); Helkooky met Genis-Vell on televised talk show (Captain Marvel #2, 1996); infiltrated town of Blackberry, vs Hulk (Over the Edge #3, 1996); ambassadors sent to Intergalactic Council (Maximum Security: Dangerous Planet #1, 2000); ambassadors among Council learned of truth behind Ruul/Kree (Maximum Security #3, 2001); Toad fleet transported to Earth by Yandroth (Defenders #1, 2001); Toadmen aided Defenders against Kree (Defenders #8, 2001); Toad crew captured by S.H.I.E.L.D., exiled from Earth (She-Hulk #17, 2007)


First Appearance: Hulk #4 (1999)
Origin: Hulk #6-7 (1999)
Significant Issues: Created duplicate of Betty Ross Banner to lure Hulk to compound (Hulk #4, 1999); secret discovered by Banner (Hulk #6, 1999); wounded by Hulk, destroyed by Man-Thing (Hulk #7, 1999)


First Appearance: (Korg, unidentified) Journey into Mystery #83 (1962); (Miek) Incredible Hulk #92 (2006); (Arch-E-5912, Brood Creature 2 of 6, Hiroim the Shamed, Lavin Skee, Elloe Kaifi) Incredible Hulk #93 (2006); (as Warbound) Incredible Hulk #94 (2006)
Origin: Incredible Hulk #94 (2006)
Significant Issues: Hulk first arrived on Sakaar, met unhived Native Miek in gladiator arena (Incredible Hulk #92, 2006); Hulk & Miek sent to gladiator training school the Maw, met Brood creature 2 of 6, Hiroim the Shamed, Elloe Kaifi, Korg, & Arch-E-5912 (Incredible Hulk #93, 2006); Elloe captured by Death’s Head squad, Skee killed in rigged Great Arena fight against another Death’s Head squad, 2 of 6, Miek, Korg, Hulk & Hiroim took Warbound oath (Incredible Hulk #94, 2006); vs Silver Surfer in Arena, reunited with Elloe, fled with freed slaves for Twisted Woods (Incredible Hulk #95, 2006); freed Miek’s surviving hive brothers from slavery (Incredible Hulk #96, 2006); arrived at the Maw, vs more Imperial soldiers, freed more slaves, Miek transformed into Native King form (Incredible Hulk #97, 2006); Hulk, Miek & Elloe sought Red King’s army while Hiroim & Korg led refugees to safety, Caiera challenged Hulk to single combat (Incredible Hulk #98, 2006); Caiera defected from Red King’s side & joined Warbound (Incredible Hulk #99, 2006); Hiroim shared his story & led Warbound to Shadow Elders (Incredible Hulk #100, 2007); Hulk stole ancient spaceship from Shadow Elders, made contact with Spike leaders & convinced them to join fight against Red King (Incredible Hulk #101, 2007); final fight against Red King, Spikes told their story to Hulk (Incredible Hulk #102, 2007); Hulk & Caiera married, Miek found shuttle used to exile Hulk from Earth (Incredible Hulk #103, 2007); Warbound helped Hulk take first steps to bring peace to Sakaar, shuttle exploded (Incredible Hulk #104, 2007); Caiera killed, Sakaar all but destroyed, Warbound began trip to Earth for revenge (Incredible Hulk #105, 2007); Hiroim used mediative techniques to calm Hulk’s anger to prevent him from accidentally killing his allies (World War Hulk Prologue: World Breaker #1, 2007); arrived on Earth, announced themselves & their mission, ordered evacuation of New York City, vs Avengers, She-Hulk, Doc Samson & Fantastic Four (Incredible Hulk #107-108/World War Hulk #1-2/Iron Man #19-20, 2007); Miek & Elloe witnessed Hulk’s encounter with Renegades (Incredible Hulk #109, 2007)

Waynesboro, Katherine

First Appearance: Incredible Hulk #287 (1983)
Significant Issues: Became Banner's research assistant (Incredible Hulk #287, 1983); met with Agent Bates during Banner's dental appointment, rescued by Hulk from car crash caused by Recordasphere (Incredible Hulk #288, 1983); confronted by Recordasphere, revealed S.H.I.E.L.D. agent status by attacking Abomination, observed fight between Hulk & Abomination, abducted by Abomination (Incredible Hulk #289, 1983); brought to A.I.M. base by Abomination, mutated into Ms. M.O.D.O.K. by A.I.M., turned against A.I.M. to ally with M.O.D.O.K., rebelled when M.O.D.O.K. seemingly killed Abomination, returned to normal by M.O.D.O.K. (Incredible Hulk #290, 1983); accompanied Banner to Mexico, arrived at Universidad de la Ciudad de Mexico with him to examine results of gammascope experiment, accompanied him to Circus of Crime, observed Banner's forced transformation into Hulk & subsequent fight with Dragon Man (Incredible Hulk #292, 1984); alongside Banner, returned to New York, accompanied him to Baxter Building for scientific research, accompanied Hulk in reconstruction of Hadleyville (Incredible Hulk #293, 1984); alongside Banner, treated Douglas family dog Sirius for mammalian cancer via gammascope, abducted by Boomerang, held hostage while Banner used gammascope to treat Max Stryker (Incredible Hulk #294, 1984); held hostage by Boomerang, freed by Hulk, accompanied Hulk to Northwind Observatory to confront Stryker, learned full effects of gammascope's use (Incredible Hulk #295, 1984); observed battle between Hulk & Stryker, encountered Rom, rejected by Hulk (Incredible Hulk #296, 1984); accompanied Gabriel Jones in searching for Hulk, learned S.H.I.E.L.D. was prepared to kill Hulk if necessary (Incredible Hulk #297, 1984); accompanied Jones' S.H.I.E.L.D. unit in attacking Hulk, struck down by Hulk (Incredible Hulk #298-299, 1984); withdrew from scene of Hulk's rampage (Incredible Hulk #300, 1984); revealed to be working with S.H.I.E.L.D. (Incredible Hulk #100, 2007)

Wild Man

First Appearance: (Mentioned) Incredible Hulk: Future Imperfect #2 (1992); (seen) Incredible Hulk #447 (1996)
Significant Issues: Maestro remarked that rebels should have brought Wild Man to Earth-9200 instead of Hulk (Incredible Hulk: Future Imperfect #2, 1992); took trip to New York to see Onslaught aftermath (Incredible Hulk #446, 1996); met Betty Banner, struck by lightning (Incredible Hulk #447, 1996); escaped asylum (Incredible Hulk #448, 1996); found Hulk, vs him, lost powers (Incredible Hulk #450, 1997)

Wilson, Jim

First Appearance: Incredible Hulk #131 (1970)
Origin: World War Hulk: Gamma Corps #2 (2007)
Significant Issues: Quit school to travel, fought with father, permanently estranged from father, left Harlem for Los Angeles (Gamma Corps #2, 2007); hungry & poverty-stricken in Los Angeles at age 15, lived in burned-out tenement building on Harper Street, tried to convince himself his parents had died in fire there, stole woman’s purse but returned it out of shame, befriended fellow outcast Hulk when he sought refuge in tenement, shared last food with Hulk, agreed to help Hulk ambush Bruce Banner, reconsidered after meeting Banner, persuaded by Banner, Betty Ross, General "Thunderbolt" Ross & Iron Man to help them locate Hulk & to merge Hulk with Banner, lured Hulk into their midst, risked his life trying to convince Hulk to surrender peacefully, Hulk & Banner merged back into single being & captured by military (Incredible Hulk #131, 1970); felt guilty about helping military capture Hulk, argued with General Ross, evaded surveillance by Major Talbot, tricked by Hydra into helping them abduct Hulk, injured during Hulk’s escape from Hydra (Incredible Hulk #132, 1970); turned over to custody of General Ross’s troops by Hulk for emergency medical treatment (Incredible Hulk #133, 1970); recovered in Happyvale private hospital alongside post-breakdown Betty, became good chess player during games with Betty (Incredible Hulk #136, 1971); healed, prepared to leave Happyvale, reunited with Banner, helped Banner visit Betty (Incredible Hulk #138, 1971); aided Hulk against Leader, rendered Leader catatonic by sabotaging Leader’s machinery (Incredible Hulk #139, 1971); alongside General Ross & Major Talbot, captured by Leader while trying to foil Leader’s plot against U.S. President & Vice President (Incredible Hulk #146, 1971); accompanied General Ross while he filled in as liaison officer on aircraft carrier Emerson, witnessed Namor’s rescue of astronauts Calvin Beame & Richmond Wagner, broke up Namor’s violent quarrel with Emerson crew by threatening to call in Hulk, watched Astro-Nuts TV show, suspected show was being used as means of mind control, consulted Doctor Strange, alongside Strange, investigated show, learned Xemnu had possessed Wagner, alongside Defenders, opposed Xemnu’s attempted mass child abduction, saw Beame sacrifice his life to help them defeat Xemnu (Marvel Feature #3, 1972); mistakenly shared in widespread belief that Hulk was dead, invited to upcoming wedding of Betty Ross & Major Talbot, felt wrong about wedding since he believed that Banner & Betty belonged together, left Hulkbuster Base before ceremony, flew to New Jersey, encountered rampaging Hulk on New Jersey turnpike, calmed Hulk, alongside Hulk, confronted Leader-controlled Rhino, unable to dissuade Hulk from pursuing Rhino, warned General Ross of Hulk’s return (Incredible Hulk #157, 1972); tracked down Hulk, helped him revert to Banner form, told Banner of Betty’s mental breakdown after apparent demise of her husband Talbot (Incredible Hulk #167, 1973); dated Talia Green in Newark, borrowed her father’s truck to help Hulk escape military after violent confrontation with Betty, sought to hide Hulk in Greens’ basement, argued with Talia over Hulk, urged by Talia to settle down (Incredible Hulk #168, 1973); alongside Talia, visited Hulkbuster base, helped Hulk & others save base from Abomination & Rhino (Incredible Hulk #171, 1974); alongside Talia, Betty & General Ross, left base after new base commander Colonel Armbruster captured Hulk against their wishes (Incredible Hulk #172, 1974); fought off attackers in Watts ghetto in Los Angeles, learned of Hulk’s presence in New York, started heading across country to reach Hulk (Incredible Hulk #208, 1977); hitch-hiked through Kansas (Incredible Hulk #209, 1977); reached Manhattan with aid of trucker who was secretly working for Constrictor (Incredible Hulk #211, 1977); evaded another of Constrictor’s agents, saved from Constrictor by Hulk (Incredible Hulk #212, 1977); tried to dissuade Hulk from fighting police officers, arrested alongside Hulk, freed Hulk, alongside Hulk, escaped after Hulk defeated Quintronic Man (Incredible Hulk #213, 1977); helped Hulk calm down & revert to Banner form, met stage magician Kropotkin the Great & Banner’s landlady April Sommers, helped Banner slip away when quarrel with Kropotkin & Sommers triggered his transformation into Hulk again (Incredible Hulk #214, 1977); helped calm Hulk & restore him to Banner form again, witnessed Banner’s abduction by S.H.I.E.L.D. (Incredible Hulk #215, 1977); told April that Banner was Hulk after he disappeared, reunited with Banner, alongside Banner/Hulk, vs Stingray, stunned during fight, urged Hulk not to kill Stingray, Hulk stormed off in rage (Incredible Hulk #221, 1978); unable to help April pay for Hulk-related repairs, costs covered by Kropotkin who made business proposition (Incredible Hulk #223, 1978); drove through Texas with Kropotkin (Incredible Hulk #225, 1978); in New Mexico, alongside Kropotkin, sought Hulk (Incredible Hulk #226, 1978); attended Doc Samson’s psychiatric analysis of Hulk (Incredible Hulk #227, 1978); helped Doc Samson keep Hulk calm during Samson’s ongoing attempts to rehabilitate Hulk, rehabilitation project sabotaged by Moonstone (Incredible Hulk Annual #7/Incredible Hulk #228-229, 1978); tracked reports of Hulk’s movements, abducted by Corporation agents Senator Stivak & Moonstone (Incredible Hulk #231, 1979); escaped Corporation with aid of Captain America, Falcon, Hulk & Marvel Man/Wendell Vaughn, learned Falcon was his uncle Sam Wilson (Captain America #230/Incredible Hulk #232, 1979); left with Falcon (Captain America #231, 1979); joined Young Watchers community policing youth group in Harlem, became suspicious when it seemed like Watchers were finding crimes too easily, felt some Watchers did not seem altruistic, alongside friend Manuel, took his concerns to Sam, discovered crime boss Stone-Face was secret organizer behind Watchers, captured by Stone-Face, rescued by Spider-Man & Falcon, resolved to keep Watchers going after Stone-Face & his criminal confederates were purged from group (Marvel Team-Up #114, 1982); shot by liquor store robber Raymond Curtis while trying to apprehend him (Captain America #270, 1982); saved by surgery while Falcon convinced Curtis to turn himself in (Captain America #272, 1982); after Hulk gained Banner’s intellect & received presidential pardon, attended Central Park ceremony honoring Hulk (Incredible Hulk #279, 1983); contracted HIV, abandoned by Talia, became manager of AIDS clinic in Los Angeles that cared for dying AIDS patients, received death threats, invited Hulk & Rick Jones to participate in benefit for clinic, informed Rick of his illness, asked Rick & Hulk to help protect Jefferson Wolfe from agents of crime boss Mr. Lang after Falcon defeated some of Lang’s operatives, seriously wounded by Speedfreek while protecting Wolfe, taken to hospital by Hulk (Incredible Hulk #388, 1991); attended Rick's bachelor party (Incredible Hulk #417, 1994); beaten during AIDS protest rally at Theodore Roosevelt School, rescued by Hulk & taken to Mount for treatment, treated by Doctor Harr, revealed he actually had advanced case of full-blown AIDS, begged Hulk to grant him experimental treatment of gamma-irradiated blood transfusion, died (Incredible Hulk #420, 1994); Hulk anonymously donated enough money to Jim’s AIDS clinic to keep it running for next decade (Incredible Hulk #421, 1994)

Woodgod and the Changelings

First Appearance: Marvel Premiere #31 (1976)
Origin: Marvel Premiere #31 (1976); Marvel Tales #263 (1992)
Significant Issues: Woodgod created, parents killed, vs Del Tremens & Vertigo Base forces (Marvel Premiere #31, 1976); Woodgod encountered Hulk & Spider-Man (Marvel Team-Up #53-54, 1977); Woodgod watched Spider-Man’s ICBM fly into space (Marvel Team-Up #55, 1977); Woodgod retrieved parents’ bodies for burial (Marvel Tales #263, 1992); Woodgod created Changelings (Incredible Hulk #252, 1980); Thunderbolt Ross shot Centauron (Incredible Hulk #248, 1980); Centauron fled into Ross’ cabin (Incredible Hulk #249, 1980); Woodgod came to rescue Centauron, vs Doc Samson (Incredible Hulk #250, 1980); Woodgod took humans hostage, Hulk arrived to rescue them, left believing they didn’t want rescuing, Leoninus poisoned Centauron & revealed own Changelings (Incredible Hulk #252, 1980); Leoninus tried to usurp rule of Changelings, Hulk & Doc Samson arrived to save day, Woodgod abdicated leadership (Incredible Hulk #253, 1980); Woodgod & Changelings heard of closing down of Gamma Base (Incredible Hulk #256, 1981); Woodgod kidnapped by Stranger, spotted by Makkari on lab world, Woodgod’s mind taken over temporarily by Over-Mind (Quasar #14, 1990); Woodgod returned home in convoy pulled by Jack of Hearts, landed in Siberia (Quasar #19-20, 1990); Woodgod stopped Leoninus selling female Changelings to Roxxon (Marvel Comics Presents #76, 1991); Changelings slaughtered (Nick Fury: Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. #37, 1992); Woodgod rescued Namor (Namor: The Sub-Mariner #44, 1993); Woodgod seen to be captive of Department H (Alpha Flight #13, 1998)

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