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OHOTMU:Bibliography-IronMan 2008

OHOTMU:Bibliography-IronMan 2008


All-New Iron Manual Bibliography

Last Updated: 05/22/08


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Cover by Greg Land

Arbogast, Bambi

First Appearance: Iron Man #118 (1979)
Origin: Iron Man Annual #11 (1990)
Significant Issues: Aided Iron Man vs Whirlwind, hired (Iron Man Annual #11, 1990); brainwashed by Tattoo (Iron Man #162, 1982); confronted Melter (Iron Man #166, 1983); caught in fight between Machine Man & Iron Man (Iron Man #168, 1983); turned in resignation to Obadiah Stane (Iron Man #174, 1983); tried to convince Stark to join Alcoholics Anonymous (Iron Man #178, 1984); held prisoner by Stane, saved by Iron Man (Iron Man #200-201, 1985); joined Stark Enterprises staff (Iron Man #222, 1987); held hostage by Mandarin (Iron Man #241-242, 1989); hired by Oracle Inc. (Heroes for Hire #8, 1998); brought Brother Voodoo to save Iron Fist (Heroes for Hire #13, 1998); Oracle Inc. sold, team dissolved (Heroes for Hire #19, 1999)

Cabe, Bethany

First Appearance: Iron Man #117 (1978)

Crimson Dynamo

First Appearance: (Anton Vanko/Mark I) Tales of Suspense #46 (1963); (Boris Turgenov) Tales of Suspense #52 (1964); (Alex Nevsky) Iron Man #15 (1969); (Mark III) Iron Man #21 (1970); (Yuri Petrovich) Champions #7 (1976); (Dimitri Bukharin) Iron Man #109 (1978); (Mark IV-X) X-Factor Annual #1 (1986); (Mark IV) X-Men vs the Avengers #1 (1987); (Valentin Shatalov) Iron Man #255 (1990); (Airstrike) Soviet Super Soldiers: Special Edition #1 (1992); (Mark V) Iron Man #316 (1995); (Gennady Gavrilov/Mark II) Crimson Dynamo #1 (2003)
Significant Issues: Built by Vanko (Tales of Suspense #46, 1963); Turgenov wore armor, Turgenov & Vanko both killed, Mark I destroyed (Tales of Suspense #52, 1964); Vanko revealed to have built Unicorn horn (Tales of Suspense #56, 1964); Nevsky built Mark III armor (Iron Man #15, 17-19 & 21-22, 1969-1970); Nevsky with Titanic Three (Avengers #130/Giant-Size Avengers #3, 1974-1975); Nevsky arrested by Vietnamese (Iron Man #73-74, 1975); Petrovich wore Mark III, vs Champions (Champions #7-10, 1976-1977); Bukharin wore Mark III to Moon with Soviet Super-Soldiers (Iron Man #109-112, 1978); with Soviet Super-Soldiers, vs Spider-Man & Hulk (Marvel Team-Up Annual #2, 1979); with Soviet Super-Soldiers, pursued Silver Surfer (Incredible Hulk #250, 1980); with Soviet Super-Soldiers, vs Professor Phobos & Presence (Incredible Hulk #258-259, 1981); with Soviet Super-Soldiers, vs Red Ghost (Marvel Super Hero Contest of Champions #1, 1982); Bukharin vs Human Torch & Black Panther (Marvel Team-Up Annual #7, 1984); Gremlin wore Mark IV-X to guard mutant containment facility (X-Factor Annual #1, 1986); Gremlin wore Mark IV, with Soviet Super-Soldiers, vs Magneto, expelled by Soviet Super-Soldiers (X-Men vs the Avengers #1-3, 1987); Iron Man’s Negator Pack damaged Mark IV (Iron Man #229, 1988); with Supreme Soviets, sent after Soviet Super-Soldiers (Captain America #352-353, 1989); Shatalov staked claim to Mark IV armor, Bukharin became Airstrike (Soviet Super Soldiers Special Edition #1, 1992); with People's Protectorate, Bukharin wore Mark IV vs Peace Corpse & Atlanteans (Avengers #319-324, 1990); Shatalov switched minds with Stark (Iron Man #255, 1990); Bukharin wore Mark IV-X vs Hulk (Incredible Hulk #393, 1992); Stark wore Mark V against Titanium Man, Shatalov forced to give up armor (Iron Man #316-317, 1995); Captain America faced Mark IV-X (Captain America #42-43, 2001); von Bardas modified Mark IV-X (Secret War #3-5, 2004-2005); Mark II found by Gavrilov (Crimson Dynamo #1-6, 2003); unidentified wearer robbed New York bank, stopped by Iron Man (Iron Man #7, 2006)

Dugan, Dum Dum

First Appearance: Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos #1 (1963)
Origin: Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos #34 (1966)
Significant Issues: n 1938, met Dominic Fortune & Sabbath Raven (Marvel Premiere #56, 1980); met Fury & Sawyer, joined First Attack Squad (Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos #34, 1966); first mission with Howling Commandos (Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos #44, 1967); met “Man-Mountain” McCoy (Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos #83-84, 1971); given command of Deadly Dozen (Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos #98, 1972); returned to Howling Commandos (Combat Kelly and the Deadly Dozen #1, 1972); with Howling Commandos, fought in Korean War (Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos Annual #1, 1965); joined SHIELD (Strange Tales #137, 1965); with Howling Commandos, sent on mission to Southeast Asia (Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos Annual #3, 1967); witnessed near-death of “Reb” Ralston (Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos #100, 1972); hunted Godzilla (Godzilla #1-24, 1977-1979); with Howling Commandos, witnessed death of General Sawyer (Captain Ameica #273-274, 1982); suffered heart attack, promoted to deputy director of SHIELD (Captain America #282-284, 1983); opposed the Deltite, witnessed end of SHIELD (Nick Fury vs SHIELD #1-6, 1988); seemingly killed by Death's Head Commandos (Nick Fury: Agent of SHIELD #1, 1989); revealed to be alive, returned to Fury by Yellow Claw, joined revived SHIELD (Nick Fury: Agent of SHIELD #14, 1990); named director of SHIELD by Fury (Nick Fury: Agent of SHIELD #35, 1992); relinquished command to Fury (Nick Fury: Agent of SHIELD #47, 1993); stabbed by Daken (Wolverine: Origins #10, 2007); replaced by Skrull (Secret Invasion Prologue, 2008); accepted Stark as new director of SHIELD (Iron Man #15-18, 2007); led SHIELD in Stark's absence (Iron Man #19-20, 2007); aided Stark against Mandarin (Iron Man #21-28, 2007-2008); revealed to have been replaced by Skrull (Secret Invasion #1, 2008)


First Appearance: (Mentioned) Iron Man #226 (1988); (fully) Iron Man #230 (1988)


First Appearance: Sub-Mariner #66 (1973); (as Force) Sub-Mariner #68 (1973)


First Appearance: Iron Man #53 (2002)
Significant Issues: Analyzed “Sleeping Dragon” drug for Stark (Iron Man #53, 2002); helped Stark track Ayisha (Iron Man #54, 2002); aided Happy Hogan in tracking weather patterns around Iron Man (Iron Man #55, 2002); alerted Stark to jet being attacked by anti-satellite missile (Iron Man #56, 2002); helped Stark track influence of Tiberius Stone's Dreamvision (Iron Man #57, 2002); oversaw Iron Man's time travel mission (Iron Man #59-61, 2002-2003); alerted Stark to men trapped in sunken Navy destroyer (Iron Man #62, 2003); uploaded into Doctor Doom's computers to eradicate data from his entertainment center (Avengers #63, 2003); investigated attack on Chinese embassy by apparent Stark technology (Iron Man #65, 2003); prepared Stark's holdings for his attempt to become Secretary of Defense (Iron Man #74, 2004); attended board meeting during reactions to Stark running for Secretary of Defense (Iron Man #75, 2004)

Fujikawa, Rumiko

First Appearance and Origin: Iron Man #4 (1998)
Significant Issues: Met Tony Stark, aided him against Firebrand & Flaming Sword (Iron Man #4-5, 1998); began romance with Stark (Iron Man #13, 1999); used Ultimo for Stark-Fujikawa vessel, menaced when it was awakened (Iron Man #23-25, 1999-2000); punched out man who broke Tony's nose (Iron Man #26, 2000); threatened by sentient armor (Iron Man #28-29, 2000); received Stark's apology for sentient armor's behavior (Iron Man #31, 2000); briefly made superhuman by Max Power (Iron Man #33-34, 2000); became involved with Tiberius Stone (Iron Man #37-38, 2001); ended relationship with Stone (Iron Man 2001 Annual, 2001); learned Tony was Iron Man (Iron Man #55, 2002); allowed Tony to have controlling interest in his company (Iron Man #56, 2002); killed by Clarence Ward (Iron Man #87, 2004); funeral held in Kyoto (Iron Man #89, 2004)


First Appearance: (O’Brien as Guardsman) Iron Man #43 (1971); Guardsmen units (Avengers Annual #15, 1986)
Origin: Iron Man #43 (1971)
Significant Issues: O’Brien donned new Guardsman armor to save Stark (Iron Man #43, 1971); Stark approved use of Guardsman armor for Vault, Guardsmen utilized to keep Avengers captive, Spider-Woman freed Avengers (Avengers Annual #15, 1986); apprehended Man-Bull (She-Hulk #10, 2005); trained against Captain America/John Walker & Bucky/Lemar Hoskins (Captain America #334, 1987); Guardsmen attacked & disabled by Iron Man & Jim Rhodes, Captain America helped capture escapees (Iron Man #227/Captain America #340, 1988); several Guardsmen killed by Resistants in order to free Mentallo (Captain America #346, 1988); Guardsmen captured Battlestar at Fort G. Meade (Captain America #355, 1989); new Guardsman Prime Frank Ensign led others in containing mass Vault breakout (Avengers Spotlight #26 & 29, 1989); Guardsmen found Venom seemingly dead in his cell (Amazing Spider-Man #330, 1990); several Guardsmen killed while transporting Carrion/Malcolm McBride (Spectacular Spider-Man #162, 1990); Guardsmen took custody of Halflife from Quasar (Quasar #10, 1990); SHIELD investigated Madame Hydra’s escape from Vault (Nick Fury: Agent of SHIELD #12, 1990); Guardsmen monitored Tiger Shark on Hydro-Base (Marvel Comics Presents #53-54, 1990); Ultron-13 escaped Vault (Amazing Spider-Man Annual #25, 1990); several Guardsmen killed during mass breakout (Avengers: Deathtrap - The Vault, 1991); Guardsmen arrested Serpent Society (Captain America #382, 1991); Guardsmen supervised Boomerang’s court trial, attacked by Sinister Syndicate (Deadly Foes of Spider-Man #2, 1991); Guardsmen rearrested Cobra when Sidewinder tried helping him escape (Captain America Annual #10, 1991); Guardsmen watched over captive Portal (Darkhawk #5-6, 1991); Guardsmen watched over captive Mad Thinker (Fantastic Four #357, 1991); Mainframe escaped Vault (Darkhawk #8, 1992); New Warriors visited arrested Marvel Boy (New Warriors #21, 1992); Guardsmen transported Venom to Vault (Amazing Spider-Man #363, 1992); Guardsmen picked up captive Angler (Quasar #35, 1992); Marvel Boy trained with Guardsmen while being transported, briefly attacked by New Warriors (New Warriors #26, 1992); Guardsmen trying to capture Portal were attacked by Brotherhood of Evil Mutants (Darkhawk #19, 1992); Guardsmen arrested Dredmund Druid & Nightshade (Captain America #408, 1992); Guardsmen supervised visit between captive Harry Osborn & his wife Liz (Amazing Spider-Man #369, 1992); several Guardsmen killed by Ultron during escape (Avengers West Coast #89, 1992); Guardsmen Pascal Tyler killed Cinder & another Guardsman on transport, Tyler framed Rhino & later Luke Cage for these & other crimes until Tyler’s plot exposed (Cage #9-10, 1993); Guardsmen escorted Lizard to Vault (Amazing Spider-Man Annual #27, 1993); Marvel Boy helped quell prisoner riot at Vault (New Warriors #36, 1993); Guardsmen tried apprehending escaped Doctor Octopus & Answer (Lethal Foes of Spider-Man #1-3, 1993); Guardsmen transported Angler (Quasar #51, 1993); Marvel Boy released from prison (New Warriors #43, 1994); Calypso mesmerized Guardsmen into releasing Lizard (Web of Spider-Man #109, 1994); Guardsmen supervised extra-terrestrial wing at Vault (Force Works #2, 12 & 15, 1994); Guardsmen watched over Mad Thinker in his cell (Fantastic Four #395, 1994); Guardsmen arrested Solo (Solo #3-4, 1995); Avengers helped apprehend escaped Nefarius in Vault (Avengers Unplugged #1, 1995); Thunderbolts helped quell Vault breakout (Thunderbolts '97 Annual, 1997); Heroes for Hire failed to stop mass Vault breakout (Heroes for Hire #1, 1997); Vault employee manipulated several prisoners (Spider-Man: Breakout #1, 2005); Guardsmen arrested Skrull (Fantastic Four #37, 2001); Guardsmen acted as security for Commission on Superhuman Activities (Thunderbolts #50, 2001); Guardsmen Chris Fallon was accidentally killed by Plantman (Thunderbolts #60-61, 2002); Guardsmen manipulated by Senso into fighting Inhumans & Fantastic Four (Fantastic Four #51-54, 2002); two Guardsmen checked in on probationary Southpaw (She-Hulk #8, 2004); Guardsmen on site for mass breakout of failed Negative Zone Vault (Fantastic Four: Foes #5-6, 2005); Guardsmen apprehended Bushwacker, supervised during trial of Starfox (She-Hulk #5-7, 2006); armored Guardsmen patrolled CSA building (Thunderbolts #103 & 107, 2006); Guardsmen supervised visit for Hydra agent Eliot Kohl (She-Hulk #10, 2006); men in modified Guardsmen armor worked at Damage Control (Wolverine #46, 2006); Guardsmen helped apprehend Earth-A criminals (She-Hulk #21, 2007)

Hammer, Justin

First Appearance: Iron Man #120 (1979)
Significant Issues: Began testing his control over Iron Man's armor (Iron Man #118, 120 & 123, 1979); used Iron Man to kill Sergei Kotznin, superhuman army beaten by Iron Man (Iron Man #124-127, 1979); used Force to hijack yachts, vs Iron Man (Iron Man #140-141, 1980); had lookalike Smithers attempt to strand Tony Stark on island (Marvel Super-Heroes #13, 1993); sent Adap-Tor to attack Stark Enterprises (Iron Man #217, 1987); sent Blizzard, Blacklash & Beetle to recapture Force from Iron Man (Iron Man #223-224, 1987); revealed to have sold Iron Man armor components to clients (Iron Man #225, 1987); data smuggling operation tracked by Prowler (Amazing Spider-Man #305, 1988); had Rhino break Blizzard out of prison, sent Blizzard, Blacklash & Boomerang against Ghost (Iron Man #238-240, 1989); learned Tony Stark had been shot (Iron Man #243, 1989); redesigned Scorpion's tail, sent Blacklash & Rhino after him when he betrayed Hammer (Amazing Spider-Man #318-319, 1989); arranged murders of construction workers to force buy-out (Spectacular Spider-Man Annual #9, 1989); sent Boomerang to raid Stark Enterprises security office (Avengers Spotlight #27, 1989); hired Taskmaster to train Spymaster (Iron Man #254, 1990); developed new costume for Rhino (Deadly Foes of Spider-Man #4, 1991); resold Scorpion his tail via Chameleon (Amazing Spider-Man #342, 1990); sent Rhino & Boomerang after Cardiac (Amazing Spider-Man #344-345, 1991); sent Barrier, Ringer & Blacklash to recruit Thunderbolt (Incredible Hulk Annual #17, 1991); attended Las Vegas divvying of Kingpin's empire (Daredevil #307-309/Nomad #4-5, 1992); allied with Life Foundation, Brand Corporation, Roxxon Oil & Stane International in capturing superhumans for analysis (Amazing Spider-Man Annual #26/Spectacular Spider-Man Annual #12/Web of Spider-Man Annual #8/New Warriors Annual #2, 1992); tricked Masters of Silence into attacking Stark Enterprises, forced to sell Stane International back to Tony Stark (Iron Man #281-283, 1992); took control of 1400 Club (Spectacular Spider-Man #209-210, 1994); remnants of 1400 Club destroyed by Foreigner (Spectacular Spider-Man Annual #14, 1994); sent superhuman army against Wild Pack (Silver Sable and the Wild Pack #21-22, 1994); revealed to be behind Great Game, killed El Toro Negro (Spider-Man Unlimited #14, 1996); contacted Abe Jenkins in prison (Thunderbolts #26, 1999); briefly captured by Beetle for Commission (Thunderbolts #35-37, 2000); sent Espionage Elite after Tony Stark (Iron Man #8, 1998); sent Constrictor to kill Gambit (Gambit #16, 2000); dying of cancer, attempted to control Tony Stark, blown into space, frozen (Iron Man: Bad Blood #1-4, 2000); revealed to have developed weapon to kill his former superhuman agents (Thunderbolts #69, 2002)

Hansen, Maya

First Appearance and Origin: Iron Man #1 (2005)
Significant Issues: Developed working relationship with Tony Stark & Sal Kennedy (Iron Man #1, 2005); created Extremis, ran out of funding, sold it to terrorists & planned to use it against Iron Man, sought help from Stark, saw him get Extremis enhancement before she was exposed & arrested (Iron Man #1-6, 2005-2006); released from prison, scarred in prison fight, helped Stark & Kennedy take down Son of Yinsen’s execute program (Iron Man #10-12, 2006); started working for SHIELD, began relationship with Stark, saw Kennedy killed by biological weapon (Iron Man #15-18, 2007); faked death, recruited to design Extremis, learned Mandarin was behind attack, saw Stark defeat Mandarin (Iron Man #23-28, 2008)

Hogan, Happy

First Appearance: Tales of Suspense #45 (1963); (as Freak) Tales of Suspense #74 (1966); (as Iron Man) Tales of Suspense #84 (1966)
Origin: Tales of Suspense #45 (1963); Iron Man #313 (1995); Iron Man #14 (2006)
Significant Issues: Rescued Tony Stark from racetrack explosion, hired as chauffeur/bodyguard, first met Pepper Potts, frozen by Jack Frost/Gregor Shapanka, rescued by Iron Man (Tales of Suspense #45/Iron Man: Age of Innocence #1, 1963/1996); alongside Pepper, reassured Stark following sabotage by Crimson Dynamo/Anton Vanko (Tales of Suspense #46, 1963); shared concerns about Stark's health with Pepper (Tales of Suspense #47, 1963); quarreled with Pepper (Tales of Suspense #48, 1963); accompanied Pepper to Stark employees dance (Tales of Suspense #50, 1964); alongside Stark, encountered Scarecrow/Ebenezer Laughton (Tales of Suspense #51, 1964); spoke with Stark regarding Black Widow/Natasha Romanova (Tales of Suspense #52, 1964); saved Stark's life during experiment (Tales of Suspense #53, 1964); hospitalized by Unicorn/Milos Masaryk (Tales of Suspense #56, 1964); dated Pepper (Tales of Suspense #57, 1964); taken hostage by Black Knight/Nathaniel Garrett, rescued by Iron Man (Tales of Suspense #59, 1964); investigated Iron Man's activities, infiltrated Dogs of War, helped Iron Man defeat Simon Krieger (Iron Man: The Iron Age #2, 1998); with Pepper, assisted Stark regarding treatment of Wonder Man (Avengers #9, 1964); quarreled with Iron Man (Untold Tales of Spider-Man '97 Annual, 1997); expressed suspicions over Stark's disappearance & Iron Man's activities (Tales of Suspense #60, 1964); alongside Pepper, resigned due to suspicions about Iron Man, returned to work after Stark's reappearance (Tales of Suspense #61, 1965); investigated attacks by Phantom/Birch (Tales of Suspense #63, 1965); proposed to Pepper, abducted by Hawkeye/Clint Barton & Black Widow/Romanova, rescued by Iron Man (Tales of Suspense #64, 1965); spoke to Stark regarding Iron Man impersonator Weasel Wills (Tales of Suspense #65, 1965); reacted to developments in Avengers membership (Avengers #16/Marvel: Heroes and Legends, 1965/1997); quarreled with Stark regarding test of one-man sub (Tales of Suspense #66, 1965); traveled to ancestral home in Ireland, convinced by Iron Man & Pepper to return to US (Tales of Suspense #67, 1965); alongside Pepper, expressed concern for Stark's health (Tales of Suspense #68, 1965); dated Pepper, accompanied Pepper & others to Alberia to watch Iron Man battle Titanium Man/Boris Bullski (Tales of Suspense #69, 1965); brought needed mechanism to Iron Man on battlefield, struck down by Titanium Man, revealed deduction of Stark's secret identity to Iron Man (Tales of Suspense #70, 1965); hospitalized for medical treatment (Tales of Suspense #71, 1965); abducted from hospital by Black Knight/Garrett, rescued by Iron Man (Tales of Suspense #73, 1966); received experimental enervator treatment, transformed into Freak, vs Iron Man before returning to normal, became partially amnesiac (Tales of Suspense #74-76, 1966); alongside Pepper, observed battle between Iron Man & Namor (Tales of Suspense #80, 1966); alongside Pepper, traveled to Washington DC for Stark's congressional hearing (Tales of Suspense #82, 1966); recovered full memories (Tales of Suspense #83, 1966); impersonated Iron Man to divert suspicion from Stark, abducted by Mandarin, rescued by Iron Man (Tales of Suspense #84-86, 1967); alongside Pepper, ordered away from potential danger by Stark (Tales of Suspense #87, 1967); alongside Pepper, abducted by the Hooded Boss & Longarm, rescued by Iron Man (Marvel: Shadows and Light #1, 1997); consoled by Pepper following industrial accident (Tales of Suspense #89, 1967); alongside Pepper, revealed elopement & marriage to Stark (Tales of Suspense #91, 1967); assisted Stark in building new Iron Man armor, again transformed into Freak, vs Iron Man before being restored to normal (Iron Man #3-4, 1968); introduced Eddie March to Stark (Iron Man #21, 1970); alongside Pepper, abducted by Collector, rescued by Iron Man (Iron Man #26, 1970); quarreled with Pepper (Iron Man #59, 1973); contemplated quarrel with Pepper (Iron Man #61, 1973); caught Pepper in compromising moment with Stark (Iron Man #63, 1973); alongside Pepper, observed Iron Man's battle with Doctor Spectrum/Kinji Obatu (Iron Man #64, 1973); revealed Stark's secret identity to Pepper (Iron Man #65, 1973); dissuaded by Pepper from assisting Iron Man in battle (Iron Man #66, 1974); took new position at Stark Industries, reconciled with Pepper & Stark (Iron Man #69-71, 1974); alongside Pepper, discussed recent events with Stark (Iron Man #73, 1975); posed as Iron Man to accompany Stark to social event, vs Red Ghost's Super-Apes, failed to prevent Stark's abduction, collapsed after battle (Iron Man #82-83, 1976); treated for injuries with enervator, again transformed into Freak, vs Iron Man prior to being returned to normal (Iron Man #84-85, 1976); hospitalized, visited by Pepper & Stark (Iron Man #86, 1976); attempted to rescue Pepper during Iron Man's battle with Blizzard/Gregor Shapanka (Iron Man #87, 1976); re-hospitalized (Iron Man #88, 1976); alongside Pepper, embarked on new life in Rocky Mountains (Iron Man #112, 1978); alongside Pepper & others, abducted by Obadiah Stane, rescued by Iron Man (Iron Man #199-201, 1985); alongside Pepper & "Jake Jordan," visited Stark in California, learned "Jordan" was Spymaster in disguise, helped Iron Man during battle with Spymaster (Iron Man #210, 1986); alongside Pepper, reacted to news of Stark's supposed death (Iron Man #284, 1992); with "Iron Legion," vs Ultimo (Iron Man #300, 1994); alongside Pepper, attended Force Works party (Force Works #8, 1995); accompanied Stark to Alcoholics Anonymous meeting (Iron Man #313, 1995); attended Wonder Man's funeral (Force Works #10, 1995); drove Stark to airport for trip to Russia (Iron Man #315, 1995); attended meeting of Stark Enterprises employees (Iron Man #318, 1995); attended opening of Starcorp Command (Iron Man #319, 1995); with Pepper, visited ailing Stark following "Crossing" crisis (Iron Man: Age of Innocence #1, 1996); attended reading of Stark's will following Stark's apparent death (Iron Man #327, 1996); attended meeting of Stark Enterprises executives (Iron Man #328, 1996); attended meeting to dissolve Stark Enterprises (Iron Man #329, 1996); underwent multiple family crises (Iron Man #4, 1998); took job at Stark Solutions (Iron Man #2, 1998); assisted Doreen in computer installations (Iron Man #3, 1998); discussed life developments with Stark (Iron Man #4, 1998); quarreled with Pepper (Iron Man #5, 1998); spoke with Doreen & Pepper (Iron Man #6, 1998); discovered listening device of Spymaster/Nathan Lemon (Iron Man #8, 1998); alongside Pepper & James Rhodes, received message from Black Widow/Romanova (Iron Man #9, 1998); alongside Pepper, re-learned Iron Man's secret identity after losing memories of it (Marvel Comics 1998 Annual Starring Iron Man & Captain America, 1998); visited Stark's new home (Iron Man #11, 1998); met Hannah Donleavy (Iron Man #12, 1999); escorted Stark to Basel Stress Clinic (Iron Man #13, 1999); participated in charity work at Beale Street Gym (Iron Man #14, 1999); organized evacuation during attack by Nitro (Iron Man #15, 1999); appointed Liaison for Local Affairs of Maria Stark Foundation (Iron Man #16, 1999); assisted emergency services during attack by Fin Fang Foom (Iron Man #17, 1999); spoke with Stark following battle with War Machine/Parnell Jacobs (Iron Man #20, 1999); accompanied Stark to Metropolitan Museum of Art (Warlock #2, 1999); spoke with Pepper regarding changed plans (Iron Man #23, 1999); reconciled with Pepper (Iron Man #24-25, 2000); spoke at Stark Solutions press conference (Avengers #28, 2000); fired by Stark while Stark was under Justin Hammer's influence (Iron Man: Bad Blood #1, 2000); met with James Rhodes (Iron Man: Bad Blood #3, 2000); rehired by Stark (Iron Man: Bad Blood #4, 2000); dated Pepper (Iron Man #28-29, 2000); planned resignations from Stark Solutions (Iron Man #37, 2001); alongside Pepper, informed Stark of repercussions of death of Whiplash/Marc Scarlotti (Iron Man #38, 2001); alongside Pepper, declined to be released from employee contracts (Iron Man #39, 2001); alongside Pepper, authorized by Stark to redistribute Stark Solutions' resources (Iron Man #41, 2001); spoke with Captain America/Steve Rogers (Iron Man #42, 2001); present when Stark resolved to reacquire Stark Enterprises (Iron Man #45, 2001); informed Stark of activities of Sons of Yinsen (Iron Man #46, 2001); alongside Pepper, treated & questioned Sun-Tao (Iron Man #47, 2001); worked with Pepper & Sun-Tao on Stark project, present during attack by Titanium Man/Bullski (Iron Man #49, 2002); alongside Pepper, attended Stark Enterprises party (Iron Man #50, 2002); alongside Pepper, accompanied Stark to industrial conference (Iron Man #51, 2002); reported to Stark regarding nanite infiltration of Stark Solutions by Black Panther/T'Challa (Black Panther #42, 2002); experienced rift between Pepper & himself (Iron Man #59-60, 2002); arrived at Stark Enterprises during time-travel crisis (Iron Man #61, 2003); quarreled with Pepper at Stark Enterprises party (Iron Man #62, 2003); failed to reconcile with Pepper (Iron Man #63, 2003); quarreled with Stark, shot by Po's operatives, rushed to medical treatment (Iron Man #65-66, 2003); remained hospitalized & comatose, visited by Pepper (Iron Man #67-68, 2003); regained consciousness, reconciled with Pepper & Stark (Iron Man #69, 2003); attended Stark's swearing-in as Secretary of Defense (Iron Man #79, 2004); alongside Pepper, reacted to rampage by Iron Man impostor Clarence Ward (Iron Man #86, 2004); alongside Pepper, questioned by SHIELD (Iron Man #87, 2004); alongside Pepper, accessed Stark's "war room," assisted Stark in defeating Ward (Iron Man #88-89, 2004); chauffeured Stark following clandestine meeting (Iron Man: The Inevitable #1, 2004); acted as chauffeur for Dr Maggie Dillon (Iron Man: The Inevitable #3, 2004); discussed SHRA deadline with Stark (Civil War #2, 2006); accompanied Stark to meeting with X-Men (Civil War #3, 2006); alongside others, attended funeral of Goliath/Bill Foster (Civil War #4, 2006); met with Nighthawk/Kyle Richmond & Stature (Civil War #5, 2006); accompanied Iron Man to meeting with Miriam Sharpe (Civil War #6, 2006); gave pep talk to Stark, injured during fight with Spymaster/Sinclair Abbott (Iron Man #13, 2006); hospitalized with brain damage, seemingly died when life support systems were cut (Iron Man #14, 2006)

Hogan, Pepper

First Appearance: Tales of Suspense #45 (1963); (as Hera) The Order #1 (2007)
Origin: Iron Man: Age of Innocence #1 (1996)
Significant Issues: Revealed how she was hired by Stark (Iron Man: Age of Innocence #1, 1996); helped guide Stark in his early days as president (Iron Man: The Iron Age #1, 1998); met Happy Hogan (Tales of Suspense #45, 1963); realized she loved Happy (Tales of Suspense #70, 1965); menaced by Happy when he was transformed into Freak (Tales of Suspense #74-76, 1966); married Happy, left Stark Industries (Tales of Suspense #91, 1967); captured by Collector, saved by Iron Man (Iron Man #26, 1970); returned to Stark's employ (Iron Man #56, 1973); Happy considered separation from Pepper (Iron Man #61, 1973); caught by Happy while kissing Stark (Iron Man #63, 1973); learned from Happy that Stark was Iron Man (Iron Man #65, 1973); reconciled with Happy (Iron Man #70, 1974); left Stark's employ to care for Happy (Iron Man #88, 1976); revealed to have bought ranch with Happy (Iron Man #112, 1978); revealed to have children (Iron Man #165, 1982); kidnapped by Stane, rescued by Iron Man (Iron Man #199-201, 1985); asked Tony to keep out of her & Happy's lives (Iron Man #210, 1986); reacted to seeming death of Stark (Iron Man #284, 1992); learned Stark was alive (Iron Man #292, 1993); attended Stark's welcome back party (Iron Man #297, 1993); attended reading of Stark's will (Iron Man #327, 1996); reunited with Stark (Iron Man #1, 1998); joined Stark Solutions (Iron Man #2, 1998); revealed how she & Happy had divorced (Iron Man #4, 1998); reconciled with Happy (Iron Man #28-29, 2000); assaulted by Ayisha, miscarried (Iron Man #54, 2002); Happy injured, forced to aid Neil Streich against Iron Man (Iron Man #65-69, 2003); witnessed murders by Clarence Ward (Iron Man #86-89, 2004); death of Happy (Iron Man #14, 2007); established as “Hera” for Order (The Order #1, 2007); alongside Kate Kildare, helped contain Aralune's sex scandal (The Order #5, 2008)


First Appearance and Origin: Iron Man #298 (1993)
Significant Issues: Visited in Armory by Stark (Iron Man #298, 1993); released new suit of armor to Stark (Iron Man #300, 1994); alerted Stark to intrusion of Deathlok (Iron Man #301, 1994); prepared Stark for battle with New Warriors (Iron Man #303, 1994); queried Stark as he prepared to confront Hulk (Iron Man #304, 1994); encountered VOR/TEX (Iron Man #308)

Iron Man

First Appearance and Origin: Tales of Suspense #39
Significant Issues: Childhood related, death of parents (Iron Man #285-288, 1992-1993); injured by shrapnel, donned model 01 armor, vs Wong-Chu (Tales of Suspense #39, 1963); became engaged to Joanna Nivena (Iron Man #244, 1989); repainted model 01 armor gold (Tales of Suspense #40, 1963); helped found Avengers (Avengers #1, 1963); hired Happy Hogan (Tales of Suspense #45, 1963); vs Crimson Dynamo (Tales of Suspense #46, 1963); vs Mr Doll, donned model 02 armor (Tales of Suspense #48, 1963); met Captain America (Avengers #4, 1964); vs Mandarin (Tales of Suspense #50, 1964); vs Black Widow (Tales of Suspense #52, 1964); donned model 03 armor (Tales of Suspense #55, 1964); vs Hawkeye (Tales of Suspense #57, 1964); trapped in armor (Tales of Suspense #59-63, 1964-1965); left Avengers (Avengers #16, 1965); vs Titanium Man (Tales of Suspense #69-71, 1965); Happy turned into Freak (Iron Man #74-76, 1966); allowed Happy to wear armor, saved him from Mandarin with model 04 armor (Tales of Suspense #84-86, 1966-1967); impersonated by LMD (Iron Man #17-18, 1969); received transplant, vs Midas (Iron Man #19, 1969); gave armor to Eddie March (Iron Man #21, 1970); returned to armor, death of Janice Cord (Iron Man #22, 1970); met Kevin O'Brien (Iron Man #31, 1970); gave O'Brien Guardsman armor (Iron Man #43, 1971); accidentally killed Guardsman (Iron Man #46, 1971); witnessed horrors of war (Iron Man #78, 1975); gave Michael O'Brien Guardsman armor, vs Mandarin (Iron Man #96-100, 1977); vs Madame Masque, death of Count Nefaria (Iron Man #115-116, 1978); vs rogue SHIELD agents (Iron Man #117-119, 1979); armor controlled by Justin Hammer, cleared his name (Iron Man #124-127, 1979); suffered first bout of alcoholism (Iron Man #128, 1979); investigated Star Well, donned model 05 space armor (Iron Man #142-144, 1981); donned model 07 stealth armor, vs Living Laser (Iron Man #152-153, 1982); succumbed to alcoholism, gave armor to James Rhodes (Iron Man #169, 1983); lost Stark International (Iron Man #172, 1983); death of Gretl Anders (Iron Man #182, 1984); resumed Iron Man identity, donned model 08 armor (Iron Man #200, 1985); donned model 06 hydro armor to recover poison gas (Iron Man #218, 1987); engaged in "Armor Wars," designed model 09 armor (Iron Man #225-231, 1987-1988); shot by Kathleen Dare (Iron Man #242, 1989); received biochip (Iron Man #248, 1989); nervous system deterioration began (Iron Man #258-266, 1990-1991); vs Mandarin & Fin Fang Foom (Iron Man #270-275, 1991); interceded in war between Shi'ar & Kree, donned model 10 space armor (Iron Man #278-279, 1992); designed model 11 “War Machine” armor, regained old company from Justin Hammer (Iron Man #281-283, 1992); suffered total nervous system collapse, faked death (Iron Man #284, 1992); revealed himself to be alive to Rhodes (Iron Man #289, 1993); donned model 12, NTU-150 unit (Iron Man #290, 1993); founded Force Works (Force Works #1, 1994); designed model 13 armor, vs Ultimo (Iron Man #300, 1994); donned model 14 “Hulkbuster” model to oppose Hulk (Iron Man #304, 1994); donned model 15 arctic armor (Iron Man #318, 1995); donned model 16 armor, fell under Immortus' influence (Iron Man #319, 1995); died battling Immortus (Avengers #395, 1996); restored to life by Franklin Richards (Avengers 2001 Annual, 2001); donned model 17 armor, founded Stark Solutions (Iron Man #1, 1998); met Rumiko Fujikawa (Iron Man #4, 1998); donned temporary model 18 armor (Fantastic Four #15, 1999); donned model 19 outer atmospheric armor, witnessed death of Justin Hammer (Iron Man: Bad Blood #4, 2000); armor became sentient, received artificial heart (Iron Man #26-30, 2000); met Sons of Yinsen (Iron Man #31-32/Iron Man 2000 Annual, 2000); vs Ty Stone in Dreamvision (Iron Man #37-41, 2001); adopted Hogan Potts identity, designed model 20 armor using SKIN technology (Iron Man #42-45, 2001); donned model 21 armor (Iron Man #50, 2002); secret identity made public (Iron Man #55, 2002); regained Stark Industries (Iron Man #56, 2002); temporal doppelganger wore model 22 stealth armor vs Black Panther (Black Panther #44-45, 2002); designed model 23 “Thorbuster” armor, vs Thor (Iron Man #64, 2003); designed model 24 ablative armor (Iron Man #71, 2003); donned model 25 & 26 armors, became Secretary of Defense (Iron Man #73-78, 2003-2004); infiltrated Thunderbolts as Cobalt-Man (Avengers/Thunderbolts #1-6, 2004); donned model 27 anti-radiation armor (Incredible Hulk #71, 2004); donned model 28 hypergravity armor, vs Titanium Man (Iron Man #83, 2004); lost Secretary of Defense title, Avengers dissolved (Avengers #500-503, 2004); Rumiko killed by Ward, "retired" (Iron Man #86-89, 2004); consciousness uploaded in model 29 armor, became Iron Man 2.0 (Iron Man: Hypervelocity #1, 2007); received Extremis virus (Iron Man #1-6, 2005-2006); helped found new Avengers (New Avengers #1-3, 2005); gave Spider-Man armor, hired Titanium Man (Amazing Spider-Man #529-531, 2006); controlled by Yinsen's implant, lost control of models 31-35 specialty armor drones (Iron Man #7-12, 2006); death of Happy Hogan (Iron Man #14, 2007); waged "Civil War" against Captain America & other unregistered heroes, became director of SHIELD (Civil War #1-7, 2006-2007); loaned model 36 hydro armor to Wolverine (Wolverine #45, 2006); confronted captive Captain America, mourned him after his death (Civil War: The Confession #1, 2007); vs bio-attack on Helicarrier (Iron Man #15-18, 2007); donned Model 37 “Hulkbuster” armor, vs Hulk (World War Hulk #1-5, 2007); tried by CSA, halted Mandarin's bioweapon attack (Iron Man #21-28, 2007-2008); began confrontation with Ezekiel Stane (Invincible Iron Man #1, 2008)

Iron Monger

First Appearance: (Hand only) Iron Man #163 (1982); (fully) Iron Man #166 (1982); (as Iron Monger) Iron Man #200 (1985)

Kennedy, Sal

First Appearance: (mentioned) Iron Man #1 (2005); (seen) Iron Man #2 (2005)
Significant Issues: Mentor to Tony Stark & Maya Hansen, sought isolation from outside world (Iron Man #2, 2005); advised Stark & Hansen about Extremis (Iron Man #2, 2005); aided Stark & Hansen against Son of Yinsen’s execute program (Iron Man #10-12, 2006); took position at SHIELD, advised Stark (Iron Man #15-16, 2007); killed by biological weapon (Iron Man #17-18, 2007)


First Appearance: Tales of Suspense #50 (1964)
Origin: Tales of Suspense #62 (1965), Iron Man #274 (1991)
Significant Issues: Ousted from power by communists (Tales of Suspense #62, 1965); took Madam Macabre as student (Tales to Astonish #66, 1965); found Makluan rings (Tales of Suspense #62/Iron Man #274, 1965/1991); brought Temujin to monastery (Iron Man #54, 2002); used Wong-Chu as pawn (Iron Man #267-268, 1990); vs Iron Man (Tales of Suspense #50, 1964); acquired Stark missiles, vs Iron Man (Tales of Suspense #54-55, 1964); launched satellite, attempted to kill Tony Stark, defeated by Iron Man (Tales of Suspense #61-62, 1965); drawn by Doctor Doom to attack Richards/Storm wedding (Fantastic Four Annual #3/Marvel: Heroes and Legends, 1965/1996); sent Swordsman to infiltrate Avengers (Avengers #20, 1965); activated Ultimo, vs Iron Man (Tales of Suspense #76-78, 1966); abducted Happy Hogan, vs Iron Man (Tales of Suspense #84-86, 1966-1967); employed super-villains to steal diamonds, defeated by Avengers (Avengers Annual #1, 1967); attempted to enslave Hulk (Incredible Hulk #107-108, 1968); used Hulk robot against Iron Man, inadvertently killed Mei-Ling (Iron Man #9-11, 1969); recruited Sandman to fight Hulk (Incredible Hulk #114, 1969); abducted Doctor Robert Hoskins, defeated by Captain America (Captain America #125, 1970); sought to increase power, defeated by Inhumans (Amazing Adventures #3-4, 1970-1971); used Unicorn as pawn against Iron Man, inadvertently switched bodies with Unicorn (Iron Man #57-58, 1973); regained own body, vs Iron Man, seemingly destroyed by Yellow Claw robot (Iron Man #68-70, 1974); inhabited new body, sought to use Ultimo to trigger world war, defeated by Iron Man (Iron Man #98-100, 1977); used Killmonger as pawn in Wakanda (Iron Man Annual #5, 1982); used Radioactive Man as pawn, vs Iron Man/James Rhodes (Iron Man #179-181, 1984); as amnesiac Zhang Tong, formed Hand, vs Iron Man (Iron Man #241-242, 1989); approached by Loki to join "Acts of Vengeance" Prime Movers (Avengers Annual #19, 1990); during "Acts," argued with Doctor Doom (Avengers #311, 1989); approached by Matsu'o Tsurayaba, helped reprogram Psylocke (Uncanny X-Men #256, 1989); attended Prime Movers meeting (Captain America #366, 1990); quarreled with other Prime Movers (Avengers #312, 1989); attended meeting of Prime Movers to discuss Spider-Man (Web of Spider-Man #61, 1990); defeated by Psylocke & Wolverine (Uncanny X-Men #258, 1990); alongside Wizard, vs Avengers (Avengers #313, 1990); paralyzed by Loki, escaped (Avengers West Coast #55/Avengers Annual #19, 1990); vs Nick Fury & SHIELD (Nick Fury: Agent of SHIELD #24, 1991); regained memory, became ally of Chen Hsu & Fin Fang Foom, seized partial control of China, vs Iron Man, rebelled against Chen Hsu, hands destroyed, rendered comatose (Iron Man #259-275, 1990-1991); awoke from comatose state, grew reptilian hands, recovered rings, sought Heart of Darkness (Iron Man #306-309, 1994); confronted inner selves, began transformation of China (Marvel Comics Presents #169-170, 1994); set Avatars against Force Works, vs Iron Man & War Machine (War Machine #8-10/Iron Man #310-312/Force Works #6-7, 1994-1995); vs Squirrel Girl (GLX-Mas Special #1, 2006); observed Iron Man's actions from afar (Iron Man #1-3, 1998); attacked Russia with Dragon of Heaven, vs Iron Man (Iron Man #9-10, 1998); discovered by Karim Najeeb, assumed Tem Borjigin guise (Iron Man #15-18, 2007); planned to use Extremis in bioweapon attack, vs Iron Man (Iron Man #21-28, 2007-2008)

Mandarin (Temujin)

First Appearance: Iron Man #53 (2002)
Origin: Iron Man #53-54 (2002)
Significant Issues: Informed of blood debt to father, abducted Iron Man & Ayisha, vs Iron Man (Iron Man #53-55, 2002); with Makluan rings, vs Iron Man, learned of Po's betrayal, claimed Iron Man had discharged blood debt (Iron Man #68-69, 2003); revealed as employer of Clarence Ward (Iron Man #89, 2004); sought Hypernova, clashed with MODOK's operatives (Super-Villain Team-Up: MODOK's 11 #3-5, 2007-2008)

March, Eddie

First Appearance and Origin: Iron Man #21 (1970)
Significant Issues: Defeated Hammer Hasen, learned of his blood clot, reluctantly retired from boxing, reunited with Happy Hogan, met Tony Stark, hired by Stark as new Iron Man, vs smugglers, nearly killed during battle with Crimson Dynamo, rescued by Stark, replaced as Iron Man by Stark, life saved by multiple surgeries (Iron Man #21-22, 1970); hired by Iron Man Foundation to do community-building work in Bay City, befriended social activist Helene Davis, aided in exposing city councilman Lyle Bradshaw as corrupt, helped Iron Man prevent Firebrand from sparking destructive race riot (Iron Man #27, 1970); aided West African Economics Minister Dr Kinji Obatu against masked assailants, accompanied Obatu on trip to Detroit to see Stark, went back into action as Iron Man when original Iron Man was being beaten by Doctor Spectrum, possessed by alien consciousness of Krimonn, vs Thor, Krimonn forced out of March’s body after battle with Thor aggravated March’s medical condition, March left nearly dead, transformed into Freak by Enervator, restored to human form but confined to wheelchair, missing-in-action soldier brother Marty rescued from Asia by Iron Man & Roxie Gilbert (Iron Man #63-67 & 69, 1973-1974); able to walk again after electro-therapy designed by Stark, teamed with Jean DeWolff, Guardsman, Jack-of-Hearts, Madame Masque, Jasper Sitwell & Wraith to help Iron Man thwart Mordecai Midas’ illegal takeover of Stark International, turned to gold by Midas, restored to normal by Jack-of-Hearts & Yellowjacket/Hank Pym (Iron Man #105-106 & 108-109, 1977-1978); alongside brother Marty & others, attended Stark Enterprises party celebrating Stark’s return from his seeming demise (Iron Man #297, 1993); alongside Happy Hogan, Michael O’Brien, Jim Rhodes, Carl Walker & Bethany Cabe, used vintage Iron Man armors to battle Ultimo as “Iron Legion” (Iron Man #300, 1994)

Maria Stark Foundation

First Appearance: Avengers Annual #11 (1982)
Significant Issues: First noted in Avengers charter (Avengers Annual #11, 1982); revealed to be major financier of Damage Control (Damage Control #1, 1989); made benefactor of Stark Solutions (Iron Man #1, 1998); funded Puget Sound Youth Center (Iron Man #15, 1999); Happy Hogan named liaison for local affairs (Iron Man #16, 1999); Hogan promised Foundation funds for fire damages (Iron Man #17, 1999); Chesney confronted Black Widow over federal litigation (Avengers '99 Annual, 1999); Hogan funded van for Seattle Sight Center (Iron Man: Bad Blood #1, 2000); Avengers helped demolish slum for Foundation (Avengers #31, 2000); helped Hellcat reestablish her life (Thunderbolts Annual 2000, 2000); received Stark's personal fortune (Iron Man #41, 2001); Stark reclaimed fortune (Iron Man #45, 2001); Caton & Imperato audited Avengers over Elements of Doom encounter (Avengers #56, 2002); issued cease & desist to Great Lakes Avengers (GLA #4, 2005); turned over Two-Gun Kid's personal effects (She-Hulk #5, 2006)

Midas, Mordecai

First Appearance: Iron Man #17 (1969)
Significant Issues: Alongside Morgan Stark & Madame Masque, first attempted to take control of Stark Industries (Iron Man #17-19, 1969); temporarily seized control of Stark International, rendered catatonic & amnesiac by Marianne Rogers (Iron Man #103-107, 1977-1978); began hijacking Tony Stark's gold suppliers, defeated by Iron Man & stranded at bottom of Saronic Gulf in solid gold form (Marvel Super-Heroes #13, 1990); plotted his eventual revenge against Tony Stark (Iron Man #1, 1998)

O'Brien, Michael

First Appearance and Origin: Iron Man #82 (1976)
Significant Issues: Introduced himself to Tony Stark, accused him of murdering his brother Kevin (Iron Man #82, 1976); conducted investigation into brother's death, interrogated Stark's employees (Iron Man #83-92, 1976); became Guardsman (Iron Man #96, 1977); vs Iron Man (Iron Man #97, 1977); wore Iron Man armor, vs Sunfire, abducted by Mandarin, freed by Iron Man, discovered Iron Man's secret identity (Iron Man #98-100, 1977); alongside Iron Man & aothers, vs Midas (Iron Man #104-109, 1977-1978); viewed “Contest of Champions” in arena (Marvel Super Hero Contest of Champions #1-3, 1982); vs Lava Men (Avengers #236-237, 1983); vs Bres (Power Man & Iron Fist #113, 1985); placed Rhino into custody (Thing #24, 1985); attempted to restrain Scarlet Witch (Vision and the Scarlet Witch #1, 1985); vs X-Factor & Grunt in attempt to save Willie Evans Jr (Iron Man Annual #8, 1985); discussed fate of Captain Hero (Power Man & Iron Fist #121, 1985); joined Avengers crew (Avengers #301, 1989); assisted in Soviet Super-Soldiers attempt to defect (Captain America #352-354, 1989); with Captain America, discussed personal evaluations on Avenger members for future mission assignments (Avengers Annual #18, 1989); oversaw modifications to Cap's quinjet (Captain America #358, 1989); vs Doctor Doom's robots on Avengers Island (Avengers #311, 1989); assisted Quasar & rest of Avengers crew in removal of Avengers Island debris (Quasar #5, 1989); moved Avengers command center to sub-basements from original Avengers Mansion (Captain America #365, 1989); met with Captain America (Captain America #371, 1990); brainwashed by Mother Night (Avengers #324, 1990); ate dinner with Avengers crew (Avengers #319, 1990); had hallucinations of battling brother (Avengers #320, 1990); interrupted party at Avengers Mansion, stopped by Avengers (Avengers #325, 1990); present at Captain America's 50th birthday (Captain America #383, 1991); joked with Peggy Carter about Jarvis being Vision (Avengers #329, 1991); conducted security & background check on Rage (Avengers #330, 1991); assisted Avengers with gathering information on Tetrarchs of Entropy (Avengers #331, 1991); dealt with Doctor Doom's security breach of Avengers Mansion (Avengers #332-333, 1991); informed Captain America about Sons of Serpent activity (Avengers #341, 1991); informed Diamondback she had to officially check Captain America's pints of blood out (Captain America #404-405, 1992); attempted to stop New Warriors from stealing Avengers quinjet (New Warriors #22, 1992); as member of the “Iron Legion”, vs Ultimo (Iron Man #300, 1994); Avengers crew laid off when Black Widow disbanded Avengers (Avengers '99 Annual, 1999)


First Appearance and Origin: Civil War #6 (2006)
Significant Issues: Trained at top secret SHIELD base in deserts of Arizona (Civil War #6, 2006); assisted Iron Man's pro-Registration forces vs Captain America's super-hero resistance movement (Civil War #7, 2007); vs Infernal Man in San Gabriel Mountains, Avona, Corona, Maul & Pierce decommissioned from team, Aralune, Mulholland, Supernaut & Veda promoted to team (The Order #1, 2007); vs long-dormant nuclear-powered Soviet sleeper robots (The Order #2, 2007); formed protective perimeter around Manhattan during Hulk-led Sakaarian invasion (Avengers: The Initiative #5, 2007); vs hordes of zombie hobos created by Ezekiel 'Zeke' Stane (The Order #3-4, 2007); vs gamma-irradiated reptiles & Black Dahlias street gang (The Order #5-6, 2008); involved in stand-off against Sub-Mariner (The Order #7, 2008); vs agents of Ezekiel Stane, Heavy & Mulholland killed (The Order #8-10, 2008)


First Appearance: Force Works #1 (1994)
Significant Issues: Met Force Works, showed them around the Works (Force Works #1, 1994); aided Iron Man in identifying warp energy patterns (Force Works #2, 1994); showed Century his room, noticed that Recorder could mask itself of PLATO's scanners (Force Works #3, 1994); alerted Force Works of situation in Slorenia (Force Works #4, 1994); noticed gaps in memory (Force Works #6, 1994); disguised itself as Iron Man to protect Tony Stark's identity (Force Works #8, 1995); posed as Century to help free Force Works from Broker (Force Works #15, 1995); attempted to locate Force Works, noticed temporal radiation coming from Works' sub-basements (Force Works #17-18, 1995); alerted Force Works to their final mission in Washington (Force Works #20-22, 1996)


First Appearance: Iron Man #145 (1984)
Significant Issues: Vs Iron Man at convention (Iron Man #145, 1984); vs Iron Man during “Armor Wars”, circuits fused by negator pack (Iron Man #226, 1988)

Rodgers, Marianne

First Appearance: Iron Man #36 (1971)
Origin: Iron Man #51 (1972)
Significant Issues: Marianne referred to her “hang-loose days” in Phoenix, Arizona (Iron Man #51, 1972); swore she never wanted to see Tony Stark again (Iron Man #40, 1971); invited out by Stark, abandoned as Iron Man fought Ramrod, abducted by Foreman who revealed his helmet’s power to her, told Iron Man of helmet, shocked by Foreman’s death after removal of helmet (Iron Man #36-37, 1971); had first premonition (Iron Man #40, 1971); in Washington DC, powers bolstered Demitrius but overloaded him when she arrived on scene (Iron Man #41, 1971); entranced by Mikas the Soulfather, became Demon-Queen, overcame enchantment in time to help Iron Man (Iron Man #42-43, 1971); realized Stark was Iron Man, proposed to by Stark & accepted, loved by Kevin O’Brien who fought Iron Man (Iron Man #44-46, 1972); correctly sensed something evil with Hank McCoy’s fiancée Linda Davidson though Hank refused to listen (Amazing Adventures #12, 1972); wondered “why must there be an Iron Man?” (Iron Man #47, 1972); sensed something violently wrenching Stark’s soul (Iron Man #48, 1972); had vision of Iron Man’s apparent death, fled from injured Iron Man lest she cause vision, her actions caused Stark to break engagement & scoff at her when he survived circumstances of vision (Iron Man #49-51, 1972); became computer technician, Black Lama’s arrival brought demonic visions, taken away by nurse (Iron Man #52, 1972); in Milford Sanatorium, lost total control, regressed to childish tantrums (Iron Man #58-59, 1973); used by Black Lama because she reminded him of his daughter (Iron Man #80, 1975); used as conduit by Lama to contact Mad Thinker, linked Lama, Firebrand & Iron Man with herself (Iron Man #74-75, 1975); hallucinations stopped, released from sanatorium after Stark stopped paying bills, mindblasted driver who offered her lift thinking him Stark, inadvertently blasted trainload of passengers, vowed to kiss Stark before killing him, accidentally struck Midas with mindblast while aiming for Iron Man, driven completely insane by psychic energy believing herself Queen Guinevere (Iron Man #103-107, 1977-1978); escaped Stark Center Private Hospital, tracked down Stark, attempted to kill him, stopped by Masque, captured by Stark, placed in Arctic bunker with psionic-baffler on back of neck, regained sanity, helped Masque escape from bunker, freed from baffler, telepathically sensed evil taint in Stark, instructed Avengers to find young untainted Stark, assisted in battle against older Stark (Iron Man #320-325, 1995-1996); telepathically probed young Stark & declared him free of taint (Age of Innocence: The Rebirth of Iron Man, 1996)

SHIELD Helicarrier

First Appearance: Strange Tales #135 (1965)
Origin: Fury #1 (1994)
Significant Issues: First Helicarrier built, destroyed (Fury #1, 1994); 2nd Helicarrier used for council meeting (Iron Man: The Iron Age #2, 1998); used as site for Fury's induction into SHIELD (Strange Tales #135, 1965); 2nd Helicarrier commandeered by Agent 9 for Red Skull, defeated by Captain America & Agent 13 (Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty #1, 1998); 2nd Helicarrier commandeered by Grey Gargoyle, destroyed by SHIELD (Captain America #139-141, 1971); 3rd Helicarrier commandeered by Bi-Beast, driven off by Hulk (Incredible Hulk #213-216, 1977); 3rd Helicarrier infected by Red Skull's Death's Head Satellite, SHIELD agents affected, effects undone by Captain America (Captain America #226-227, 1978); Behemoth launched against Godzilla (Godzilla #6, 1978); 3rd Helicarrier commandeered by Buck Richlen, retaken by Iron Man (Iron Man #118-119, 1979); 3rd Helicarrier commandeered by Viper, retaken by Fury, Spider-Man, Black Widow, Shang-Chi & others (Marvel Team-Up #83-85, 1979); 3rd Helicarrier commandeered by cockroach colony, crashed (Marvel Graphic Novel #18, 1985); Helicarrier power core stolen by Hydra (Nick Fury vs SHIELD #1, 1988); 4th Helicarrier launched to combat Madame Hydra (Nick Fury: Agent of SHIELD #13, 1990); 4th Helicarrier brought down by Sentinels, destroyed by SHIELD to prevent it falling into wrong hands (Punisher #11, 1996); 5th Helicarrier commandeered by Ares & Warhawks, retaken by Hercules (Hercules & the Heart of Chaos #2-3, 1997); 5th Helicarrier commandeered by Red Skull (Uncanny X-Men '99 Annual, 1999); 5th Helicarrier retaken by Captain America & SHIELD (Captain America #45-48, 2001); 5th Helicarrier destroyed by army of brainwashed superhumans serving Hydra (Wolverine #27, 2005); Livewires vs rogue LMDs on patchwork Helicarrier, destroyed (Livewires #4-6, 2005); 6th Helicarrier commandeered by vampires, destroyed by Blade (Blade #1, 2006); Assault Helicarrier “Samuel Sawyer” vs Iron Man 2.0 (Iron Man: Hypervelocity #3-6, 2007); 7th Helicarrier struck by Hydra EMP weapon, crashed (New Avengers #23, 2006); Tony Stark took command of 8th Helicarrier (Civil War #7, 2007); Mini-Carrier #13 given to Ms. Marvel (Ms. Marvel #13, 2007); Tony Stark prepared his personal Helicarrier (Mighty Avengers #1, 2007); Behemoth commandeered by Amadeus Cho & Hercules (Incredible Hercules #115-116, 2008)

Sitwell, Jasper

First Appearance and Origin: Strange Tales #144 (1966)
Significant Issues: Joined SHIELD, met Nick Fury (Strange Tales #144, 1966); with SHIELD, vs Dredmund the Druid (Strange Tales #145, 1966); with SHIELD, vs AIM (Strange Tales #146-149, 1966); with SHIELD, vs Hydra (Strange Tales #150-157, 1967); aided Howling Commandos (Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos Annual #3, 1967); came to Stark Industries (Tales of Suspense #93-94, 1967); aided Iron Man vs Grey Gargoyle (Iron Man #95-96, 1967); met Whitney Frost (Tales of Suspense #98, 1968); rescued Whitney from Crusher (Iron Man #6, 1968); with SHIELD, vs Maggia, failed at capturing Whitney (Iron Man #7-8, 1968); found evidence that Whitney was dead (Iron Man #12, 1969); vs Unicorn (Iron Man #15-16, 1969); reunited with Whitney, discovered she was Madame Masque (Iron Man #24, 1970); alongside Iron Man, vs Controller (Iron Man #28, 1970); vs Spymaster & Espionage Elite, hospitalized (Iron Man #33-35, 1971); recovered from injuries (Iron Man #42, 1971); returned to assignment with Stark, aided Iron Man vs Ultimo (Iron Man #96, 1977); vs Midas (Iron Man #103-107, 1977-1978); left Stark International (Iron Man #113, 1978); witnessed SHIELD turn on Fury (Nick Fury vs SHIELD #1, 1988); agreed to hunt Fury for SHIELD, replaced with LMD by the Deltite (Nick Fury vs SHIELD #2, 1988); brainwashed to serve Hydra, beaten by Fury, put into deprogramming (Nick Fury: Agent of SHIELD #44, 1993); returned to active SHIELD service (Nick Fury: Agent of SHIELD #47, 1993); interrogated Killer Shrike (Secret War #1, 2004); recruited G.W. Bridge to hunt Punisher (Punisher War Journal #1, 2007)

Sons of Yinsen

First Appearance: Iron Man #½ (2000)
Significant Issues: Organized in aftermath of Ho Yinsen's apparent death, undertook self-imposed isolation in New Timbetpal (Iron Man 2000 Annual, 2000); learned of Yinsen's survival as disembodied brain, learned of brain's purchase by Wong-Chu (Iron Man #31, 2000); searched for Wong-Chu in Japan, encountered Iron Man/Tony Stark (Iron Man #½, 2000); searched for Wong-Chu in Malaysia, brought Iron Man aboard New Timbetpal (Iron Man #31, 2000); alongside Iron Man, attacked Wong-Chu's fortress, forced to disarm (Iron Man #32, 2000); escaped with Iron Man's help, focused all-out assault on Wong-Chu's fortress, one member killed by Wong-Chu's booby trap, Wong-Chu killed by Tyger Minn, Yinsen's brain acquired, Tyger Minn inducted into Twelve, located sentient Iron Man armor (Iron Man 2000 Annual, 2000); implanted Yinsen's brain in sentient armor, received instructions from Ultron impersonating Yinsen, Sun-Tao deposed as leader, Tyger Minn made leader (Iron Man #47, 2001); stole ASKEW technology (Iron Man #46, 2001); vs Iron Man & Sun-Tao, escaped Ultron's control, apparently perished when New Timbetpal fell from sky (Iron Man #47, 2001); Sun-Tao defeated by Titanium Man/Boris Bullski (Iron Man #49, 2002)

Stark, Morgan

First Appearance: Tales of Suspense #68 (1965)
Origin: Iron Man #292 (1993)
Significant Issues: Attended parties with cousin Tony, grew apart after Tony became Iron Man (Iron Man: The Iron Age #1, 1998); fell in debt to Count Nefaria, tried to drive Tony mad, encountered Froma (Tales of Suspense #68, 1965); captured Iron Man for Maggia (Tales of Suspense #97, 1968); allied with Mordecai Midas, abandoned when he captured Tony (Iron Man #17-18, 1969); reacted to Tony's seeming death (Iron Man #286, 1992); recruited Marcy Pearson (Iron Man #287, 1992); had Marcy plant damaging evidence against Rhodes (Iron Man #288, 1993); contacted his superiors, reprimanded (Iron Man #289, 1993); confronted by Tony, nearly killed by sniper (Iron Man #292, 1993); led Stockpile to Stark Enterprises, commandeered Iron Man armors, link severed when armors destroyed (Iron Man #330-331, 1996); attended welcome back party for Tony, revealed he was head of Stark-Fujikawa North America operations (Iron Man #1, 1998); visited Isla Suerte, protected from Firebrand by Iron Man (Iron Man #4-5, 1998); oversaw Ultimo's transformation into vessel, attacked by Sapper & Goldenblade (Iron Man #23, 1999); menaced by awakened Ultimo (Iron Man #24-25, 2000)

Stark Industries

First Appearance: Tales of Suspense #39 (1963); (identified) Tales of Suspense #45 (1963)
Significant Issues: 19th century company mentioned (Marvel Holiday Special #1, 1996); laboratories first seen (Tales of Suspense #39, 1963); Long Island plant first seen (Tales of Suspense #45, 1963); became Stark International (Iron Man #73, 1975); gave up munition production (Iron Man #78, 1975); SHIELD hostile takeover thwarted (Iron Man #129, 1979); became Stane International (Iron Man #173, 1983); suicide of Obadiah Stane (Iron Man #200, 1985); Stark Enterprises founded (Iron Man #214, 1987); Stane International sold back to Tony Stark (Iron Man #283, 1992); James Rhodes became CEO (Iron Man #284, 1992); Stark resumed control (Iron Man #292, 1993); became Stark-Fujikawa (Iron Man #328, 1996); Stark Solutions founded (Iron Man #1, 1998); Stark-Fujikawa purchased Oracle & Rand-Meachum (Heroes for Hire #19, 1999); Stark Industries reestablished (Iron Man #56, 2002); assaulted by Clarence Ward (Iron Man #86-89, 2004)

Titanium Man

First Appearance and Origin: Tales of Suspense #69 (1965), Iron Man #317 (1995)
Significant Issues: Challenged Iron Man to personal combat, defeated (Tales of Suspense #69-71, 1965); attacked Iron Man in Washington DC, again defeated (Tales of Suspense #81-83, 1966); revived by Half-Face, vs Iron Man, attacked village, disabled by Half-Face (Tales of Suspense #92-94, 1967); smuggled into US to capture Crimson Dynamo, vs Crimson Dynamo & Iron Man (Iron Man #21-22, 1970); alongside Crimson Dynamo & Radioactive Man as Titanic Three, manipulated into fighting Avengers (Avengers #130, 1974); quarrelled with Crimson Dynamo (Iron Man #73, 1975); alongside Crimson Dynamo & Radioactive Man, defeated by Kang (Giant-Size Avengers #4, 1975); alongside Crimson Dynamo & Radioactive Man, placed under house arrest in Southeast Asia (Iron Man #74, 1975); alongside Crimson Dynamo & others, abducted Black Widow & others, defeated by Champions (Champions #7-10, 1976-1977); decided to regain favor with Russian government (Iron Man #135, 1980); retrieved Unicorn from potential death at sea (Iron Man #115, 1978); sent Unicorn to attack Iron Man, inadvertently activated Arsenal in Avengers Mansion, lost contact with Unicorn (Iron Man #113-115, 1978); observed reports of Bruce Banner receiving treatment from Tony Stark (Iron Man #132, 1980); caused havoc in New York City, defeated by Iron Man (#134-135, 1980); organized Green Liberation Front (Thor #354, 1985); directed Green Liberation Front against Beta Ray Bill & Sif, identity exposed, immobilized by Sergei (Thor #357-358, 1985); version of Titanium Man armor used by Gremlin as member of Soviet Super-Soldiers (X-Men vs The Avengers #1-3, 1987); Gremlin inadvertently slain in battle with Iron Man (Iron Man #229, 1988); Bullski reassembled by Crimson Dynamo, joined Remont-4 (Soviet Super-Soldiers: Special Edition #1, 1992); as member of Thanos' Secret Defenders, vs Monks of H'aarg (Secret Defenders #12-14, 1994); assisted Captain America & Nick Fury against Agent Orange & renegade SHIELD agents (Captain America/Fury: Blood Truce, 1995); escaped imprisonment in Russia (Iron Man #314, 1995); attacked Russia's Stark Enterprises factory, opposed by Iron Man & Black Widow, seemingly slain by Iron Man in Crimson Dynamo armor (Iron Man #315-317, 1995); defeated Sun Tao, attacked Stark space station, left in orbit by Iron Man (Iron Man #49, 2002); attempted to sabotage Iron Man's effort to destroy comet (Iron Man #83, 2004); hired by Tony Stark to fake attack at Senate Building, vs Spider-Man (Amazing Spider-Man #530-531, 2006)


First Appearance: Force Works #18 (1995)
Significant Issues: Aided Iron Man, met Amanda Chaney (Force Works #18, 1995); activated "Siege Perilous" protocols (Force Works #19, 1996); refused to halt protocols for Century, authorized to use lethal force (War Machine #22, 1996); vs Spider-Woman, system reset to zero (Force Works #20, 1996)

War Machine

First Appearance: Iron Man #118 (1978); (as Iron Man) Iron Man #169 (1983); (as War Machine) Avengers West Coast #89 (1993)
Origin: Iron Man #144 (1981)
Significant Issues: Met Iron Man, received job offer from Tony Stark (Iron Man #144, 1981); as Tony's pilot (Iron Man #118, 1979); donned Iron Man armor to fight Magma, became Iron Man (Iron Man #169-170, 1983); joined West Coast Avengers (West Coast Avengers #1, 1984); injured by Obadiah Stane, allowed Tony to resume Iron Man career (Iron Man #199-200, 1985); became Stark Enterprises CEO, donned model 11 “War Machine” armor as Iron Man (Iron Man #284, 1992); learned that Tony was alive, ended their friendship (Iron Man #289-291, 1993); as War Machine, rejoined Avengers West Coast (Avengers West Coast #93, 1993); quit Avengers (Avengers West Coast #102, 1994); joined Worldwatch (War Machine #1-4, 1994); lost War Machine armor (War Machine #17, 1995); gained Eidolon Warwear armor (War Machine #19, 1995); sacrificed Warwear to save Tony's secrets (Tales of the Marvel Universe #1, 1997); revealed to have formed salvage company (Iron Man #1, 1998); faced bankruptcy, investigated sister's death, vs 66 Bridges (The Crew #1-7, 2003-2004); became drill sergeant of O*N*E's Sentinel Squad (Sentinel Squad O*N*E #1, 2006); piloted War Machine Sentinel against Apocalypse (X-Men #185-186, 2006); wounded aiding Tony (Black Panther #22, 2007); as War Machine, became commander of Camp Hammond (Avengers: The Initiative #1, 2007); alongside Komodo, vs Spider-Man (Avengers: The Initiative #3, 2007); vs KIA, revealed to be partly cybernetic (Avengers: The Initiative #11, 2008)


First Appearance: Tales of Suspense #39 (1963)
Significant Issues: Alongside Swordsman/Jacques DuQuesne, led rebellion against French rule of Sin-Cong (Avengers Spotlight #22, 1989); conquered various territories (Tales of Suspense #39, 1963); captured Ho Yinsen (Iron Man #32, 2000); lured Tony Stark to Asia on behalf of Mandarin (Iron Man #267, 1991); captured Tony Stark, defeated by Iron Man (Tales of Suspense #39/Iron Man #267-268/Iron Man #32, 1963/1991/2000); disciplined by Mandarin (Iron Man #268, 1991); confronted by Iron Man/Tony Stark & Sons of Yinsen, extorted them into disarming (Iron Man #32, 2000); abused prisoners, vs Stark & Sons of Yinsen, killed by Tyger Minn (Iron Man 2000 Annual, 2000)

Yinsen, Ho

First Appearance: Tales of Suspense #39 (1963)

Zimmer, Abraham

First Appearance and Origin: Iron Man #219 (1987)
Significant Issues: Lost original company due to Ghost, hired at Accutech, exposed Ghost, became employee of Stark (Iron Man #219, 1987); helped track armor in Justin Hammer’s systems (Iron Man #225-226, 1987); with others, cryogenically froze Stark & implanted neuro-technology that would allow him to walk (Iron Man #284-288, 1992); threw party for Stark, started dating Erica Sondheim (Iron Man #297-298,1993); helped track & mentor hacker Raven/Philip Grant (Iron Man #304-306, 1994); tracked Vor/Tex (Iron Man #307-308, 1994); attended Stark’s funeral, met “teen Tony” (Iron Man #327, 1996); in stealth suit, tried saving Stark technology, killed by Calico & Brass (Iron Man #330, 1996)

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