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Marvel Legacy Handbook Bibliography

1970s: Avengers to Xorr

Last Updated: 5/31/06


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Cover by Sal Buscema


First Appearance and Origin: Avengers #1 (1963)
Significant Issues: Alongside Rick Jones/Captain Marvel & back-from-the-dead Nick Fury, vs Zodiac (Avengers #72, 1970); vs Sons of the Serpent (Avengers #73-74, 1970); vs Arkon, Yellowjacket & Wasp left, Quicksilver & Scarlet Witch returned, Goliath jilted by Black Widow (Avengers #75-76, 1970); forced to work for Cornelius Van Lunt, vs Kronus & Split-Second Squad (Avengers #77, 1970); vs Grim Reaper's Lethal Legion, Vision resigned (Avengers #78-79, 1970); Vision rejoined, aided Red Wolf vs Van Lunt, thwarted Zodiac conquest of Manhattan alongside Daredevil, first hints of Vision & Scarlet Witch romance (Avengers #80-82, 1970); vs Lady Liberators (Avengers #83, 1970); vs Arkon & Enchantress (Avengers #84, 1971); met, battled & then allied with Squadron Supreme (Avengers #85-86, 1971); origin & resignation of Black Panther (Avengers #87, 1971); alongside Falcon, vs Psyklop in attempt to rescue Hulk (Avengers #88, 1971); Kree-Skrull War (Avengers #89-97, 1971-1972); Hawkeye returned, entire roster assembled to oppose Ares & Enchantress (Avengers #98-100, 1972); faced cosmic menace of Leonard Tippit (Avengers #101, 1972); vs Sentinels, Vision tempted by Grim Reaper, Quicksilver lost in action (Avengers #102-104, 1972); Black Panther returned, vs Savage Land Mutates/Beast Brood (Avengers #105, 1972); teamed with Rick Jones/Captain Marvel to defeat Hydra faction led by Grim Reaper & Space Phantom, Grim Reaper rejected by Vision, beginning of Vision & Scarlet Witch romance (Avengers #106-108, 1972-1973); vs Imus Champion, Hawkeye resigned (Avengers #109, 1973); alongside X-Men, Black Widow & Daredevil, vs Magneto, offered membership to Daredevil & Black Widow, recruited Black Widow, learned Quicksilver had relocated to Attilan, Vision & Scarlet Witch romance condemned by Quicksilver (Avengers #110-111, 1973); vs Lion God, Black Widow resigned, Hawkeye's departure noted by Mantis & Swordsman (Avengers #112, 1973); vs Living Bombs (Avengers #113, 1973); readmitted Swordsman with Mantis, captured Lion God (Avengers #114, 1973); Avengers/Defenders War (Avengers #115-118/Defenders #7-11, 1973); vs Collector (Avengers #119, 1974); vs Zodiac, learned Libra was Mantis' father (Avengers #120-122, 1974); investigated Mantis' background, vs Monsieur Khruul & Star-Stalker (Avengers #123-124, 1974); helped Captain Marvel and others defeat Thanos (Avengers #125/Captain Marvel #33, 1974); met Whizzer, vs Nuklo (Giant-Size Avengers #1, 1974); vs Klaw & Solarr, Black Panther resigned, Captain America decided to retire (Avengers #126, 1974); vs Ultron, wedding of Quicksilver & Crystal (Avengers #127/Fantastic Four #150, 1974); Scarlet Witch tutored by Agatha Harkness, Swordsman dumped by Mantis, Vision propositioned by Mantis, Harkness & Scarlet Witch vs Necrodamus, Kang arrived in search of Celestial Madonna (Avengers #128, 1974); all but Swordsman captured by Kang, Swordsman attacked by Amenhotep & allied with Rama-Tut (Avengers #129, 1974); Hawkeye returned, Mantis revealed to be Celestial Madonna, Swordsman slain protecting her (Giant-Size Avengers #2, 1974); buried Swordsman, vs Slasher & Titanic Three (Avengers #130, 1974); encountered Nomad, vs Kang's Legion of the Unliving (Avengers #131-132/Giant-Size Avengers #3, 1975); Moondragon arrived, learned true origins of Vision & Mantis, defeated Dormammu, Mantis made Celestial Madonna, Vision & Scarlet Witch married, Mantis & Cotati married, departure of Mantis (Avengers #133-135/Giant-Size Avengers #4, 1975); Yellowjacket & Wasp returned, probationary recruitment of Beast & Moondragon, Hawkeye departed, Wasp rendered comatose, vs Toad (Avengers #137-138, 1975); Beast stalked by Patsy Walker, Charles Matthews exposed as Whirlwind & defeated, Yellowjacket rescued from size-changing malady by Vision & Beast, Wasp revived (Avengers #139-140, 1975); vs Assassin (Avengers #145-146, 1976); Kang/Serpent Crown conflicts, roster overhaul, Thor & Hawkeye departed, Captain America returned, Yellowjacket & Wasp recovered, Beast, Hellcat, Moondragon & Two-Gun Kid recruited (Avengers #141-144 & 147-151, 1975-1976); vs Black Talon & Living Laser, Whizzer returned, Wonder Man resurrected (Avengers #151-153/Avengers Annual #6, 1976); alongside Whizzer, Wonder Man & Sub-Mariner, vs forces of Attuma & Doctor Doom (Avengers #154-156, 1976-1977); vs Ghost of Stone (Avengers #157, 1977); vs Graviton, tension between Vision & Wonder Man (Avengers #158-159, 1977); Wonder Man & Vision placed on trial by Grim Reaper (Avengers #160, 1977); Pym's ongoing emotional problems revealed, Pym driven mad & enslaved by Ultron as Ant-Man, Pym turned against Avengers, Jocasta created by Ultron, Jocasta self-deactivated to save Wasp (Avengers #161-162, 1977); alongside Champions, vs Typhon (Avengers #163, 1977); vs Count Nefaria's Lethal Legion & newly-godlike Nefaria himself, monitored by Agent Gyrich (Avengers #164-166, 1977); alongside Captain Marvel, Adam Warlock, Spider-Man & Thing, defeated Thanos (Avengers Annual #7/Marvel Two-In-One Annual #2, 1977); saved Earth from Eternity Man (Avengers #169, 1978); Korvac Saga (Avengers #167-168 & 170-177, 1978); Beast put through baffling ordeal by Manipulator & others (Avengers #178, 1978); alongside Ms. Marvel, vs Doctor Spectrum & Squadron Sinister, encountered Doctor Strange & Thundra (Avengers Annual #8, 1978); vs Stinger & Bloodhawk, made peace with Bloodhawk, alongside Bloodhawk, vs Monolith, Bloodhawk slain while helping defeat Stinger (Avengers #179-180, 1979); membership curtailed by Gyrich, vs Django Maximoff (Avengers #181-182, 1979); vs Absorbing Man, recruited Ms. Marvel & Falcon (Avengers #183-184, 1979); during "Yesterday Quest" for Quicksilver's & Scarlet Witch's origins, vs Chthon (Avengers #185-187, 1979); vs Elements of Doom, returned Quicksilver to Attilan, learned Crystal was pregnant (Avengers #188, 1979); vs Arsenal & Mistress (Avengers Annual #9, 1979); Hawkeye hired as security chief by Cross Technological Enterprises, Deathbird captured by Hawkeye (Avengers #189, 1979); Avengers taken to court by Gyrich, defended by Emerson Bale/Jeryn Hogarth/Matt Murdock, alongside Daredevil, vs Grey Gargoyle (Avengers #190, 1979)
Where Are They Now? See Marvel Legacy: The 1980s Handbook and Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Avengers 2005 for further details

Black Brother

First Appearance: Savage Tales #1 (1971)
Significant Issues: Opposed government, nearly killed (Savage Tales #1, 1971)
Where Are They Now? No further data available

Black Lama

First Appearance: Iron Man #53 (1972)
Origin: Iron Man #80 (1975)
Significant Issues: Introduction of Kingdom of Grand Rapids, Jerald assumed crown upon abdication of his predecessor, fled dimension with golden globe (Iron Man #80, 1975); Lama taught in Northern India (Iron Man #74, 1975); Iron Man vs Raga Son of Fire (Iron Man #52-53, 1972); Lama pitted Mandarin against Yellow Claw, Mandarin apparently killed, Iron Man forced Yellow Claw to flee (Iron Man #69-71, 1974); Death Squad vs Iron Man (Iron Man #72, 1975); Mad Thinker & Firebrand escaped prison, M.O.D.O.K. vs Iron Man (Iron Man #74, 1975); M.O.D.O.K. apparently killed Thinker, M.O.D.O.K. apparently killed by Yellow Claw (Iron Man #75, 1975); Iron Man defeated Thinker & Yellow Claw, Firebrand defeated Iron Man, awarded globe by Lama (Iron Man #77, 1975); Lama, Firebrand, & Iron Man arrived at Kingdom of Grand Rapids, King Jerald regained sanity, recruited Iron Man to his cause (Iron Man #80, 1975); Iron Man defeated Firebrand, restored Jerald to his throne (Iron Man #81, 1975)
Where Are They Now? King Jerald's dimension revealed as Earth-7511 (Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Alternate Universes 2005)


First Appearance: (As Richards) Marvel Premiere #2 (1972); (as Brute) Warlock #6 (1973)
Origin: Warlock #6 (1973)
Significant Issues: Reed Richards became the Brute, vs Warlock on the Golden Gate Bridge (Warlock #6, 1973); Brute absorbed geothermal energy, Doctor Doom died saving Counter-Earth (Warlock #7, 1973); Richards subjected to cosmic rays again, became evil, stowed away on Fantastic Four's spaceship (Fantastic Four #178, 1977); Brute joined Frightful Four (Fantastic Four #177, 1976); Brute placed Mr. Fantastic in Negative Zone, took his place (Fantastic Four #178, 1977); Thing & Human Torch tricked into Negative Zone, Sue vs Brute (Fantastic Four #182, 1977); cosmic control rod turned Brute back to normal, Counter-Earth Reed sacrificed himself in Negative Zone (Fantastic Four #183, 1978)
Where Are They Now? Brute reverted to evil, took over the Tyannans, stopped by Fantastic Four (Fantastic Four Unlimited #3, 1993); Brute arrived on Earth-1123, killed Reed Richards, became President of the United States (Paradise X: Heralds #1-2, 2001-2002); Brute killed by Abraxas, presumably revived by Ultimate Nullifier (Fantastic Four #49, 2002)

Captain Marvel

First Appearance: Marvel Super-Heroes #12 (1967)
Significant Issues: Went to Bruce Banner for help in unmerging them, vs Hulk instead (Captain Marvel #20-21, 1970); aided the Avengers to save Earth from both Kree & Skrull armadas, Marvel molecularly bonded to Rick Jones to save his life (Avengers #89-97, 1971-1972); first met Titans Eros & Mentor, gained Cosmic Awareness, stopped Thanos (Captain Marvel #25-34, 1972-1974); vs Lunatic Legion, attended Uatu the Watcher’s trial (Captain Marvel #35-39, 1974-1975); Supreme Intelligence’s plot to use Millenia Bloom to absorb Marvel & Rick Jones (Captain Marvel #40-46, 1975-1976); vs insane Ronan & his agents Cheetah & Sentry #459 (Captain Marvel #47-49, 1976-1977); vs Super-Adaptoid, permanently separated from Rick Jones (Captain Marvel #50, 1977); met Dr. Minerva, stopped War of Three Galaxies (Captain Marvel #51-53, 1977); aided Adam Warlock, Avengers, Thing, & Spider-Man to stop Thanos’s plot to give Death all the stars in the universe (Avengers Annual #7/Marvel Two-in-One Annual #2, 1977); first met Carol Danver’s alter-ego Ms. Marvel (Ms. Marvel #19, 1978); aided Avengers & Guardians of the Galaxy vs Michael Korvac (Avengers #172-177, 1978); gained temporary job at Colorado Observatory, vs Deathgrip (Captain Marvel #55-56, 1978); returned to Titan to stop Issac-Prime & his creations Stellarax, Lord Gaea, Chaos, & Dionysus, first met and fell in love with Elysius, received warning from Eon (Captain Marvel #58-62/Marvel Spotlight #1-3, 1978-1979)
Where Are They Now? See Marvel Legacy: The 1990s Handbook and Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Book of the Dead 2004 for further details


First Appearance and Origin: X-Men #31 (1967)
Significant Issues: First became Cobalt-Man, sought to best Iron Man, opposed by X-Men (X-Men #31, 1967); kidnapped by Tyrannus, rescued by X-Men (X-Men #34, 1967); irradiated in cobalt explosion, embarked on insane plan to destroy a major city (Incredible Hulk #174, 1974); further mutated by H-Bomb explosion, vs Hulk, seemingly killed (Incredible Hulk #173-174, 1974); survived, found & revived by Egghead, vs Defenders, seemingly killed Egghead & himself (Defenders #42-43, 1976)
Where Are They Now? Returned, vs Hulk, defeated (Incredible Hulk: Nightmerica #1, 2003); escaped from the Raft with other super-criminals, found in Stamford, Connecticut by New Warriors, defeated by Microbe, seemingly killed in explosion caused by Nitro (Civil War #1, 2006)


First Appearance: Werewolf by Night #10 (1973)
Significant Issues: Behind the scenes, ordered Max Grant to kill Laura Russell (Marvel Spotlight #2, 1972); behind the scenes, sought to extort more money from Philip Russell (Werewolf by Night #3, 1973; Werewolf by Night #8, 1973); recruited Sarnak to capture the Werewolf, abducted Philip Russell (Werewolf by Night #9-10, 1973); tortured Philip Russell (Werewolf by Night #11-12, 1973); tracked Werewolf (Werewolf by Night #14, 1974); sent Behemoth & Ma Mayhem after Werewolf (Werewolf by Night #17-18, 1974); Baron Thunder vs Werewolf (Werewolf by Night #20, 1974); recruited Moon Knight to capture Werewolf, decimated by Werewolf & Moon Knight (Werewolf by Night #32-33, 1975)
Where Are They Now? No further data available


First Appearance: (Mentioned) Rampaging Hulk #1 (1977); (seen as group) Rampaging Hulk #4 (1977); (identities revealed) Rampaging Hulk #8 (1978)
Significant Issues: Origin of Exo-Mind, bloodgem (Rampaging Hulk #4, 1977); Ullux'yl Kwan Tae Syn introduced (Marvel Presents #1, 1975); pre-historic hunter became Bloodstone (Marvel Presents #2, 1975); Centurius introduced (Nick Fury: Agent of SHIELD #2, 1968); Kaballa introduced (Strange Tales #176, 1974); Conspiracy first mentioned, Goram & Killer Shrike introduced (Rampaging Hulk #1, 1977); Centurius killed Ullux'yl (Rampaging Hulk #3, 1977); Domino introduced (Rampaging Hulk #4, 1977); Sharzan captured Bloodstone (Rampaging Hulk #6, 1977); Conspiracy revealed, Atlan, Dr. Juden Bardham, Bubbles O'Day introduced, Bloodstone killed, gem destroyed, all Conspiracy members apparently killed (Rampaging Hulk #8, 1978)
Where Are They Now? Modular Man's origin revealed, allied with Killer Shrike, destroyed by Spider-Man & Beast (Marvel Team-Up #90, 1980); Domino introduced as Scourge agent (Captain America #320, 1986); Domino apparently killed (U.S. Agent #4, 1993); Captain America discovered bodies of Conspiracy members (Captain America #358, 1989); Hellfire Helix took over Baron Zemo's corpse, stopped by Crossbones (Captain America #362, 1989); Centurious appeared in riot at the Raft (New Avengers #1, 2005)


First Appearance: Deadly Hands of Kung Fu #22 (1976)
Significant Issues: Active in New York, vs White Tiger, Jack of Hearts & others, Filippo Ayala revealed as member, most committed suicide (Deadly Hands of Kung Fu #22-24, 26-27 & 29-31, 1976); Constrictor vs Hulk (Incredible Hulk #212, 1977); Night Flyer vs Captain America (Captain America #213-214, 1977); Rocketeers vs Torpedo (Marvel Premiere #39-40, 1978); Hemlock vs Jack of Hearts (Marvel Premiere #44, 1978); infiltrated Super-Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (Captain America #217, 1978); Jackson attempted to claim Machine Man (Machine Man #7-9, 1978); Machinesmith vs Thing & Jack of Hearts (Marvel Two-In-One #47-48, 1979); Moonstone vs Hulk (Incredible Hulk #228-229, 1978); east & west Corporations merged, vs Hulk & Captain America, Kligger killed (Captain America #228-231/Incredible Hulk #230-233, 1978-79); Jackson forced battle between Hulk & Machine Man, captured (Incredible Hulk #234-237, 1979)
Where Are They Now? Corporation reformed under direction of Dr. Karl Malus, brought down by Cage & the Agent (Cage #13-14, 1993)


First Appearance: Invaders #14 (1976)
Significant Issues: Encountered Invaders, learned of Alfie's duplicity (Invaders #14-15, 1976)

Deadly Dozen

First Appearance: Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos #98 (1972)
Significant Issues: Formed under Dugan's command (Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos #98, 1972); command turned over to Combat Kelly, destroyed Luftwaffe jet (Combat Kelly and the Deadly Dozen #1, 1972); freed concentration camp prisoners (Combat Kelly and the Deadly Dozen #2, 1972); career of Combat Kelly revealed (Combat Kelly and the Deadly Dozen #3, 1972); with Howling Commandos, endured command of Captain Conner (Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos #104/Combat Kelly and the Deadly Dozen #4, 1972); Livingston, Shigeta & Watson's pasts revealed (Combat Kelly and the Deadly Dozen #5, 1973); Martin joined squad (Combat Kelly and the Deadly Dozen #6, 1973); encountered Sister Angelique (Combat Kelly and the Deadly Dozen #7, 1973); vs Doctor Sweikert, squadron massacred (Combat Kelly and the Deadly Dozen #8-9, 1973)
Where Are They Now? No further data available


First Appearance and Origin: Marvel Feature #1 (1971)
Significant Issues: Undying Ones first opposed by Doctor Strange (Doctor Strange #183, 1969); Strange & Namor allied vs Undying Ones (Sub-Mariner #22, 1970); Strange & Hulk allied vs Undying Ones, aided by Barbara Norriss (Incredible Hulk #126, 1970); Namor, Hulk & Silver Surfer temporarily allied as Titans Three (Sub-Mariner #34-35, 1971); Defenders formed by Strange, Namor & Hulk, saved world from Yandroth (Marvel Feature #1, 1971); aided by Clea & Wong, thwarted Dormammu's attempted invasion of Earth (Marvel Feature #2, 1972); defeated Xemnu (Marvel Feature #3, 1972); defeated Undying Ones' agent Necrodamus (Defenders #1, 1972); with Silver Surfer, defeated Undying Ones' agent Calizuma & his Warrior Wizards (Defenders #2, 1972); vs Nameless One, freed Barbara Norriss only to see her go mad (Defenders #3, 1972); alongside Enchantress & Black Knight, vs Casiolena & Executioner, Barbara transformed into new Defenders recruit Valkyrie, Black Knight turned to stone by Enchantress (Defenders #4, 1973); bested minions of Cyrus Black, alongside Namorita, saved Earth from Omegatron (Defenders #5, 1973); defeated Cyrus Black (Defenders #6, 1973); with Hawkeye, defeated Attuma & Red Ghost (Defenders #7-8, 1973); embarked on quest to restore Black Knight, tricked into fighting Avengers/Defenders War, teamed with Avengers to defeat Dormammu & Loki, discovered Black Knight had been reborn in the 12th century Crusades, aided Black Knight against Modred's forces, Hawkeye, Hulk, Namor & Silver Surfer all left (Defenders #8-11/Avengers #115-118, 1973); reunited with Hulk, defeated Xemnu (Defenders #12, 1974); battled a spell unwittingly conjured by Clea from the pasts of the Defenders' founders (Giant-Size Defenders #1, 1974); vs Nebulon & Squadron Sinister, recruited Nighthawk, estranged from Namor (Defenders #13-14, 1974); aided Professor X vs Magneto's Brotherhood of Evil Mutants & Alpha the Ultimate Mutant (Defenders #15-16, 1974); with Son of Satan, vs Asmodeus (Giant-Size Defenders #2, 1974); adopted Long Island headquarters, alongside Luke Cage, vs Wrecking Crew, departure of Valkyrie to investigate her past (Defenders #17-19, 1974); allied with Thing, guided random bystanders touched by the personification of Destiny, clashed with Enchantress & Executioner over cosmic harmonica, thwarted efforts of Van Nyborg's cult to bring Nameless Ones to Earth, Barbara's parents died (Marvel Two-In-One #6-7/Defenders #20, 1975); with Daredevil, saved Earth from Prime Mover by acting as pawns of Grandmaster, then tricked Grandmaster out of claiming Earth himself (Giant-Size Defenders #3, 1975); unwittingly exposed early schemes of Headmen (Defenders #21, 1975); Egghead maimed Trish Starr, Egghead apprehended by Yellowjacket, Squadron Sinister defeated by Defenders with Yellowjacket's aid (Giant-Size Defenders #4, 1975); vs Sons of the Serpent, began association with Jack Norriss, Sons' backer exposed as Nighthawk's employee Pennysworth, Elf with a Gun killing spree began (Defenders #22-25, 1975); allied with Guardians of the Galaxy, helped liberate Guardians' future Earth (Giant-Size Defenders #5/Defenders #26-29, 1975); vs Tapping Tommy (Defenders #30, 1975); with Howard the Duck, vs Band of the Bland (Marvel Treasury Edition #12, 1976); vs Headmen & Nebulon, Nighthawk's brain removed by Headmen (Defenders #31-34, 1976); recruited Red Guardian, restored Nighthawk's brain, vs Plantman, Eel & Porcupine, placed Power Man on retainer, continued conflicts with Nebulon & Headmen, freed jailed Valkyrie, clashed with extremist Committee for Free Emigration (Defenders #35-40, 1976); finally thwarted world conquest schemes of Nebulon & Headmen (Defenders Annual #1, 1976); vs Shazanna (Defenders #41 ,1976); fought & then comforted grief-crazed Hulk after death of Jarella (Incredible Hulk #206-207, 1976-1977); vs Egghead's Emissaries of Evil, Doctor Strange enslaved by Star of Capistan & transformed into Red Rajah (Defenders #42-43, 1976-1977); with Hellcat, vs Red Rajah, restored Doctor Strange, learned Strange was quitting (Defenders #44-45, 1977); parted with Strange, Power Man & Red Guardian, moved to riding academy, vs Scorpio, Elf with a Gun killed (Defenders #46, 1977); allied with Moon Knight, skirmished with Wonder Man (Defenders #47, 1977); vs Scorpio & his android Zodiac (Defenders #48-50, 1977); Nighthawk vs Ringer, Valkyrie befriended by Dollar Bill & Ledge during first day at college, Jack encouraged to move on (Defenders #51, 1977); with Namor, vs radioactive Presence, freed Red Guardian from his mind control, Red Guardian transformed into radioactive super-being & detained in Russia, Valkyrie vs Lunatik (Defenders #52-56, 1977-1978); with Ms. Marvel, vs A.I.M. (Defenders #57, 1978); with Devil-Slayer, thwarted Xenogenesis demon holocaust plotted by Vera Gemini (Defenders #58-60, 1978); with Spider-Man, vs Lunatik (Defenders #61, 1978); Defenders for a Day (Defenders #62-64, 1978); radioactive amoeba destroyed by newly reconciled Presence & Red Guardian (Defenders #65, 1978); learned of Valkyrie's Asgardian background, intervened in power struggle between Hela & Ollerus, mad Barbara's spirit revealed to be inhabiting Valkyre's original body, Barbara condemned to underworld (Defenders #66-68, 1978-1979); learned secrets of Lunatik & how he was a collection of fragmentary beings formed from Arisen Tyrk, defeated restored Tyrk in Tunnelworld with the aid of wizard Xhoohx despite opposition from the Unnameable (Defenders #69-73, 1979); vs Foolkiller, headquarters wrecked, resignation of Nighthawk, Defenders declared disbanded by Nighthawk (Defenders #74-75, 1979); with Wasp & Moondragon, investigated fate of alien artificial beings James-Michael Starling & Omega, witnessed Starling's demise (Defenders #76-77, 1979); founders returned to Tunnelworld to oppose Unnameable with guidance of Aeroika while Hellcat, Valkyrie, Yellowjacket & Wasp fought Mutant Force & Femforce (Defenders #78, 1979)
Where Are They Now? See Marvel Legacy: The 1980s Handbook and Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Teams 2005 for further details


First Appearance: Vampire Tales #2 (1973)
Significant Issues: Poison-Lark, Katabolik, Arachne, & San Francisco sect destroyed by Morbius & Amanda Saint (Vampire Tales #2-3, 1973-1974); Blood-Tide, Sister Saint, Oliver, & Malevolence, Maine sect destroyed by Morbius, Amanda Saint, & Brock Kilbride (Vampire Tales #4-5, 1974); Apocalypse, Death-Flame, Reaper, Rigor, Phineas T. Coroner, Griffins, & Gallow's Bend, Nevada sect destroyed by Morbius, Amanda Saint, Howie Rivers, & Sagebrush Robbins (Vampire Tales #7-8, 1974)
Where Are They Now? No further data available

Devil's Heart

First Appearance and Origin: Giant-Size Dracula #4 (1975)
Significant Issues: Possessed Paul Carpenter, built up power, succeeded in causing own death despite Dracula's interference (Giant-Size Dracula #4, 1975)
Where Are They Now? No further data available

Doctor Glitternight

First Appearance: Werewolf By Night #27 (1975)
Origin: Werewolf By Night #40 (1976)
Significant Issues: defied the Five Who Are All, absorbed Fire-Eyes, banished by Three Who Are All (Werewolf By Night #40, 1976); tutored Taboo (Werewolf By Night #27, 1975); introduction of Topaz (Werewolf By Night #13, 1974); Taboo crushed by statue (Werewolf By Night #14, 1974); animated Taboo's spirit (Werewolf By Night #28, 1975); Werewolf destroyed creature created from Topaz's soul (Werewolf By Night #27, 1975); Lissa became were-demon (Werewolf By Night #28, 1975); stopped by Buck (Werewolf By Night #29, 1975); Taboo sacrificed himself to cure Lissa, Glitternight apparently destroyed (Werewolf By Night #30, 1975); discovered at Devil's Grotto (Werewolf By Night #39, 1976); Fire-Eyes released, battled Glitternight, both apparently destroyed (Werewolf By Night #41, 1976)
Where Are They Now? No further data available

Dragon Circle

First Appearance: Jungle Action #19 (1976)
Significant Issues: Soul Strangler murdered Caleb Lynne (Jungle Action #22, 1976); revealed that Angela Lynne contacted Kevin Trublood about land deal & the Klan (Jungle Action #20, 1976); Leroy witnessed Angela's murder (Jungle Action #24, 1976); Dragon Circle vs Monica Lynne & Black Panther, Dragon Circle & Klan vs Lynne home (Jungle Action #19, 1976); Monica attacked in supermarket, Black Panther captured & tied to flaming cross (Jungle Action #20, 1976); Black Panther escaped, hospitalized for two weeks (Jungle Action #21, 1976); Wind Eagle vs Black Panther (Jungle Action #24, 1976); Black Panther began adventure of King Solomon's Frog (Black Panther #1, 1977); Monica, Kevin, & Wind Eagle came to New York & Wakandan consulate (Black Panther #14-15, 1979); Wind Eagle murdered by sniper (Marvel Premiere #51, 1979)
Where Are They Now? Wind Eagle revealed as Hector Santiago Ruiz, Reverend revealed as Addison Blackburn, Spiritual Light Society revealed as possible precursor to Dragon Circle, Reverend's land manipulation deal revealed (Marvel Premiere #52, 1980); Black Panther's brainwashing revealed (Marvel Premiere #53, 1980); Black Panther, Monica & Kevin ambushed by Klan & Dragon Circle, Soul Strangler vs Panther at New York Klan meeting (Marvel Premiere #52, 1980); Leroy Ames taken into custody, Lloyd Lynne revealed as Circle member, ghost of Caleb Lynne appeared, Panther defeated Soul Strangler, Blackburn indicted for Angela's murder (Marvel Premiere #53, 1980)

Faceless One

First Appearance: Astonishing Tales #2 (1970)
Significant Issues: Faceless One allied with Rudolfo, recruited Doomsman (Astonishing Tales #2, 1970); Faceless One battled Doom, revealed his true body, used Doom's weapons, forced to flee from earthquake (Astonishing Tales #3, 1970); Luke Cage battled robots in New York (Hero For Hire #8, 1973); Luke Cage joined Faceless One, battled Doom, prevented Faceless One from shooting Doom (Hero For Hire #9, 1973); Faceless One used Salia Petrie to kidnap Carol Danvers, battled Vance Astro & Ms. Marvel, fled for a third time (Ms. Marvel #23, 1979)
Where Are They Now? Thor vs aliens from Faceless One's species (Thor #334, 1983)

Fantastic Four

First Appearance: Fantastic Four #1 (1961)
Significant Issues: Named Franklin, hired Agatha Harkness (Fantastic Four #94, 1970); vs Magneto & Namor (Fantastic Four #102-104, 1970); Crystal ill, left team (Fantastic Four #105, 1970); Thing "cured," became unstable (Fantastic Four #107-112, 1971); vs Over-Mind (Fantastic Four #113-116, 1971); vs Gabriel, Galactus (Fantastic Four #120-123, 1972); Sue left Reed & team (Fantastic Four #130, 1973); Medusa joined (Fantastic Four #132, 1973); Franklin put into coma (Fantastic Four #140-141, 1973); Namor & Medusa plotted to bring Reed & Sue back together (Fantastic Four #147-149, 1974); wedding of Crystal & Quicksilver, Franklin restored (Avengers #127 / Fantastic Four #150, 1974); Sue rejoined, Medusa left (Fantastic Four #159, 1975); Arkon's multi-dimensional war (Fantastic Four #160-163, 1975); Power Man hired (Fantastic Four #168-170, 1976); Thing exoskeleton debuted (Fantastic Four #169, 1976); battled Invaders & Liberty Legion (Fantastic Four Annual #11/Marvel Two-in-One Annual #1, 1976); alongside High Evolutionary, vs Galactus (Fantastic Four #171-175, 1976); Thing exoskeleton debuted (Fantastic Four #175, 1976); aided Namor vs Doom (Super-Villain Team-Up #5-7, 1976); charity snowball fight (Marvel Treasury Edition #13, 1976); vs Frightful Four & Brute (Fantastic Four #177-179 & 181-183, 1976-1977); Reed regained stretching powers, vs Doom & Doom's clone (Fantastic Four #196-200, 1978); vs Godzilla (Godzilla #22-24, 1979); Thing at Project:P.E.G.A.S.U.S. (Marvel Two-in-One #53-58, 1979); vs Skrulls, Sphinx, & Galactus (Fantastic Four #204-213, 1979)
Where Are They Now? See Marvel Legacy: The 1980s Handbook and Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Fantastic Four 2005 for further details

Father Darklyte

First Appearance: Marvel Spotlight #23 (1975)
Significant Issues: Legion of Nihilists stood vigil over four thousand holes which later summoned the magical dragon Kometes (Marvel Spotlight #16, 1974); Son of Satan taken to Nihilists’ mansion, vs Legion (Marvel Spotlight #20-21, 1975); Father Darklyte summoned Trog, killed & restored Katherine Reynolds, sent angel/demon after Son of Satan, all but one Legion members killed by Son of Satan, Father Darklyte disappeared, possibly turned into bugs (Marvel Spotlight #23, 1975)
Where Are They Now? No further data available


First Appearance: (As Foster) Avengers #32 (1966); (as Black Goliath) Power Man #24 (1975); (as Giant-Man) Marvel Two-In-One #55 (1979)
Origin: Black Goliath #1 (1976), Power Man #24 (1975)
Significant Issues: Helped Hank Pym regain normal stature when Pym was trapped at giant size, became Pym’s lab assistant (Avengers #32-35, 1966); helped examine Dragon Man, vs Diablo (Avengers #41, 1967); vs Radioactive Man when Masters of Evil raided Avengers Mansion (Avengers #54, 1968); left with Pym & Wasp on Alaskan expedition (Avengers #75, 1970); investigated supposed demise of Pym & Wasp (Marvel Feature #9, 1973); became Black Goliath, tried in vain to win back Claire Temple, vs Luke Cage, teamed with Cage to capture Circus of Crime (Power Man #24-25, 1975); became head of Stark West & supervisor of the Whiz Kids, began fighting crime in Los Angeles as Black Goliath, battled & irradiated by Atom-Smasher, romanced Celia Jackson, witnessed Atom-Smasher’s murder, vs Vulcan & Stilt-Man, stranded on alien world Kirgar with Celia & her nephew Keith, befriended extraterrestrial explorer Derath who sacrificed his life to help them get home (Black Goliath #1-5, 1976); alongside Thing, vs Hijacker (Marvel Two-In-One #24, 1977); served as technical advisor to Champions, captured Stilt-Man, helped battle null-life bomb (Champions #11-13, 1977); joined & quit Defenders alongside many other heroes, vs Whirlwind & other villains (Defenders #62-65, 1978); met Jerry Hunt (Spider-Woman #4, 1978); began working at Project: PEGASUS, befriended Thing & Quasar, adopted new identity as Giant-Man, revealed he was dying of radiation poisoning, helped defend Project from Nuklo, Grapplers, Klaw, Solarr & Nth Man (Marvel Two-In-One #54-58, 1979)
Where Are They Now? Alongside Spider-Man, vs Meteor Man (Peter Parker the Spectacular Spider-Man #41, 1980); alongside Thing & Iceman, vs Circus of Crime (Marvel Two-In-One #76, 1981); own health worsened, helped seek cure for Thing’s radiation poisoning, alongside Thing & Captain America, vs A.I.M. & M.O.D.O.K., used A.I.M. device to cure Thing rather than himself, examined by Mr. Fantastic & Walter Langkowski, went back to Los Angeles to put his affairs in order, reunited with Celia & Whiz Kids, alongside Thing & Spider-Woman, defeated new Atom-Smasher, cured by a blood transfusion from Spider-Woman, lost size-changing power (Marvel Two-In-One #81-85, 1981-1982); growth formula stolen by Daddy Longlegs (Spider-Woman #47, 1982); with Celia, visited ailing Thing (Marvel Two-In-One #96, 1983); helped locate & outfit new western headquarters for Avengers (Avengers West Coast #100/Avengers #246, 1993/1984); infiltrated High Evolutionary’s research team, regained & enhanced growth powers, resumed Giant-Man guise, alongside Mockingbird, Moon Knight & Tigra, vs High Evolutionary (West Coast Avengers Annual #3, 1988); parted company with Mockingbird, Moon Knight & Tigra (West Coast Avengers #39, 1988); evaluated levitation theories of Arlo Samuelson, subdued out-of-control Samuelson, offered Samuelson job with Stark West (Marvel Super-Heroes #11, 1992); helped Dr. Edward Hawkins prevent criminal exploitation of his Mass Acquisition Unit by Doctor Nemesis & Erik Josten/Goliath (Marvel Comics Presents #113-118, 1992); with Pym, stabilized wounded Swordsman (Avengers #363, 1993); partnered with Pym in B.I.G. project, resumed Black Goliath guise, shrank uncontrollably when Kosmosian invaders affected Earth’s size-changers, restored to normal (Avengers #379-382, 1994-1995); as Black Goliath, aided Black Panther, Falcon, Luke Cage & Iron Fist against criminals (Black Panther #17, 2000); aided Avengers during Red Zone crisis (Avengers #66, 2003); asked Thing to consider investing in his experimental dimensional wave inducer, aided by Thing in foiling attempted theft of prototype by Cauldron the Scalding Man (Thing #1, 2006); consulted by Spider-Man (Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #2, 2006)


First Appearance: Incredible Hulk #134 (1970)
Origin: Strange Tales #174 (1974)
Significant Issues: Rediscovered by Abraham Adamson, brought back to life (Strange Tales #174, 1974); exported to America, first fought Kaballa's demons (Strange Tales #176, 1974); studied at St. Pedro University, fought Kaballa's forces again (Strange Tales #177, 1974); controlled by Kaballa, fought Thing (Marvel Two-in-One #11, 1975)
Where Are They Now? Revealed to be member of Howling Commandos (Nick Fury's Howling Commandos #2, 2006)


First Appearance and Origin: Giant-Size Man-Thing #5 (1975)
Significant Issues: Bitten by Dracula, became Hellcow, apparently destroyed by Howard the Duck (Giant-Size Man-Thing #5, 1975)
Where Are They Now? No further data available


First Appearance: Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man #24 (1978)
Significant Issues: Failed attempt to rob discotheque (Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man #24, 1978)
Where Are They Now? Lost five-minute battle with Spider-Man (Spider-Man: Secret of the Sinister Six, 2002); imprisoned in the Cage (Spider-Man's Tangled Web #16-17, 2002); first name revealed as Antoine, reformed after joining Villains Anonymous & hearing inspirational speech by Big Wheel (Spider-Man Unlimited #14, 2005)


First Appearance: (Cameo) Tomb of Dracula #51 (1976); (fully seen) Tomb of Dracula #52 (1977)
Origin: Tomb of Dracula #61 (1977)
Significant Issues: Golden Angel confronted Dracula in 17th & 19th centuries (Tomb of Dracula #52, 1977); invisibly stalked Dracula (Tomb of Dracula #51, 1976); vs Dracula, revealed to be "agent of Heaven" (Tomb of Dracula #52, 1977); infant Janus born to Domini & Dracula (Tomb of Dracula #54, 1977); Janus present when Dracula was betrayed by Lupeski, inadvertently slain by silver bullet meant for Dracula (Tomb of Dracula #59, 1977); Janus resurrected by Domini, merged with Golden Angel (Tomb of Dracula #61, 1977); vs Dracula (Tomb of Dracula #62, 1978); accompanied Dracula, Frank Drake, & Topaz into "Hell," alongside Dracula, vs tentacled demon, vs Dracula, departed before Dracula was returned to mortal form (Tomb of Dracula #63, 1978); informed Harker's vampire hunters of Dracula's fate (Tomb of Dracula #65, 1978); discussed Dracula with Domini (Tomb of Dracula #67, 1978); confronted Dracula, teleported him & Harker's vampire hunters to Castle Dracula (Tomb of Dracula #68, 1979); watched Dracula regain leadership of Earth's vampires, appeared to Domini after Dracula's death, transformed to normal infant when Golden Angel departed (Tomb of Dracula #70, 1979)


First Appearance: (Adventure Into) Fear #19 (1973)
Origin: Giant-Size Man-Thing #3 (1975)
Significant Issues: Katharta revealed, Korrek destined for Godhood (Giant-Size Man-Thing #3, 1975); Korrek at Land Between Night and Day, attacked Jennifer, emerged from peanut butter, met Howard the Duck (Fear #19, 1973); Korrek joined Dakimh's band, Howard lost while dimension-hopping, Overmaster defeated, Gods revealed as dogs (Man-Thing #1, 1974); Kartharta seized by Mortak the Usurper & Klonus the Wizard, Korrek's father killed, Korrek in the dungeon for a year, Mortak & Klonus defeated, Dakimh died (Giant-Size Man-Thing #3, 1975); revealed that Dakimh's spirit ascended to Therea (Man-Thing #22, 1975); alongside Jennifer, Dakimh's ghost, Man-Thing & Howard the Duck, vs Bzzk-Joh (Howard the Duck #22, 1978); Bzzk-Joh defeated by the Farce (Howard the Duck #23, 1978); Korrek & Jennifer departed in dimensional craft (Howard the Duck #24, 1978)
Where Are They Now? Korrek joined group trying to sort fiction from reality (Howard the Duck #1, unpublished/1985)

Kowalski, John

First Appearance and Origin: War is Hell #9 (1974)
Significant Issues: Fathered child with Tsuin Hanneford in 1924 (War is Hell #12, 1975); tried for treason, citizenship revoked, sent back to Poland, died on first day of WWII, ghost cursed by Death to possess the recently dead (War is Hell #9, 1974); in body of Simon Bock, assisted Bock’s family out of Poland (War is Hell #10, 1974); in body of Major Jan Fieran, delayed Russian army as they invaded Finland, saved men in his command from dying in freezing conditions (War is Hell #11, 1975); in body of Colonel Sessue Takeda, saved Tsuin & his son from Japanese by helping them evacuate to America (War is Hell #12, 1975); in body of Squadron Leader John Brabham, showed young Keith Mannering true horror of Dunkirk (War is Hell #13, 1975); in body of Wehrmacht Paratrooper Captain David Mueller, helped Norwegian Jews escape Nazi occupying forces (War is Hell #14, 1975); in body of Sergeant Lucien Dax, took part in assault on Bir Hagelah munitions dump (War is Hell #15, 1975)
Where Are They Now? Assisted Man-Thing against Thog (Man-Thing #10-11, 1981); fell in love with Melinda, faced Scarlet Witch, informed by Death his time was passed (Solo Avengers #5, 1988)

Lady Liberators

First Appearance and Origin: Avengers #83 (1970)
Significant Issues: Formed all-female super-team, helped Avengers vs Masters of Evil, turned against Avengers, leader Valkyrie exposed as disguised villain Enchantress & seemingly destroyed, Liberators disbanded (Avengers #83, 1970)
Where Are They Now? No further data available

Liberty Legion

First Appearance: Marvel Premiere #29 (1976)
Significant Issues: Gathered by Bucky (Marvel Premiere #29, 1976); vs Invaders & Red Skull (Invaders #6/Marvel Premiere #30, 1976); teamed up with the Thing (Marvel Two-In-One Annual#1/Marvel Two-In-One #20, 1976); alongside Invaders, vs Iron Cross (Invaders #35-37, 1978-1979)
Where Are They Now? Blue Diamond met Shanga, journeyed into space with her (Marvel Two-In-One #79, 1981); death of Whizzer (Vision and the Scarlet Witch #2, 1982); death of Patriot (Captain America #285, 1983); Thin Man revealed as alive (Marvel Comics Presents #34, 1989); Jack Frost revealed as alive (Captain America #384, 1991)


First Appearance: Strange Tales #178 (1975)
Origin: Warlock #9 (1975)
Significant Issues: Warlock entered In-Betweener’s realm, sent mad, emerged as the Magus & created Universal Church (Warlock #9, 1975); the Magus began his plan to lure Warlock to their pre-destined confrontation (Strange Tales #178, 1975); Magus irradiated Warlock, summoning the In-Betweener (Warlock #9, 1975); vs Thanos, timeline destroyed, faded from existence (Warlock #10, 1975)
Where Are They Now? Revealed to have been relegated to the depths of Warlock’s mind, reborn as physical entity, sought to conquer universe with Infinity Gauntlet (Infinity War #1-6, 1993); plagued Genis-Vell (Captain Marvel #32-34, 2002)


First Appearance: Fantastic Four #151 (1974)
Significant Issues: Traveled back in time, abducted Thundra, captured time-traveling Fantastic Four, exploded in combat (Fantastic Four #151-153, 1974)
Where Are They Now? Possessed form of man of Earth-4712, plotted to use Gender Bomb, shot by Cupid's arrow, defeated by She-Hulk & Thing (Sensational She-Hulk #34 & 38-39, 1991-1992); summoned by Puppet Master (Fantastic Four: Foes #1, 2005); released from Vault, recaptured (Fantastic Four: Foes #5-6, 2005)


First Appearance: Legion of Monsters #1 (1975)
Significant Issues: Manphibian escaped oil well, confronted alien, Aaron Fox (Legion of Monsters #1, 1975)
Where Are They Now? Recruited into Howling Commandos (Nick Fury's Howling Commandos #2, 2006)


First Appearance: (As Jameson) Amazing Spider-Man #1 (1963); (as Man-Wolf) Amazing Spider-Man #124 (1973)
Origin: Amazing Spider-Man #125 (1973); Creatures on the Loose #32 (1974); Marvel Premiere #45 (1978)
Significant Issues: Story of Stargod & Other Realm revealed (Marvel Premiere #45, 1978); John Jameson found godstone on moon, made pendant, turned into Man-Wolf (Amazing Spider-Man #125, 1973); Man-Wolf attacked J. Jonah Jameson (Amazing Spider-Man #124, 1973); Man-Wolf attacked Kristine Saunders, Spider-Man tore pendant from Man-Wolf's neck (Amazing Spider-Man #125, 1973); John needed total blood transfusion (Amazing Spider-Man #126, 1973); Morbius reattached moonstone (Giant-Size Super-Heroes #1, 1974); Simon Stroud put on Man-Wolf case (Creatures on the Loose #30, 1974); Man-Wolf vs Kraven the Hunter, Stroud arrested John (Creatures on the Loose #32-33, 1974-1975); John evaded Stroud, headed south (Creatures on the Loose #34, 1975); Man-Wolf vs Hate-Monger, S.H.I.E.L.D. intervened (Creatures on the Loose #35, 1975); Man-Wolf encountered Garth, Lambert, & Garjoon on space station (Creatures on the Loose #36-37, 1975); John became Stargod, defeated Arisen Tyrk, rescued Kristine (Marvel Premiere #45-46, 1978-1979); Man-Wolf, Spider-Man, & Frankenstein Monster vs Baron von Shtupf (Marvel Team-Up #36-37, 1975); John learned godstone was poisoning him (Amazing Spider-Man #190, 1979); John in cryogenic suspended animation (Amazing Spider-Man #184, 1978); John's body stolen, Man-Wolf used by Professor Smythe to attack Spider-Man & Jonah, John disappeared while falling off Brooklyn Bridge (Amazing Spider-Man #188-190, 1979)
Where Are They Now? Godstone transported Stargod to alien world, She-Hulk & Hellcat helped Stargod save Other Realm (Savage She-Hulk #13-14, 1981); John cured by Spider-Man & Curt Connors (Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man Annual #3, 1981); Demon Druid stole gem dust, recreated godstone, became Starwolf, defeated by Capwolf/Captain America & Cable, John turned to werewolf with Nightshade's formula, later cured (Captain America #402-408, 1992); John became Man-Wolf briefly due to Doctor Kafka's hypnosis therapy (Spectacular Spider-Man #249-250, 1997)

Martian Masters

First Appearance: Amazing Adventures #18 (1973)
Significant Issues: Earth invasion (Amazing Adventures #18, 1973); High Overlord battles Killraven (Amazing Adventures #23-24, 1974); Deathbirth destroyed (Amazing Adventures #28-29, 1975); Forum seen (Amazing Adventures #30, 1975); Georgia Crèche destroyed (Amazing Adventures #36, 1976); future defeat of Martians revealed (Marvel Presents #4, 1976)
Where Are They Now? High Overlord killed (Marvel Graphic Novel #7, 1983); future-history of Martians revealed (Guardians of the Galaxy #55, 1994); Immortus involvement exposed (Avengers Forever #10, 1999)


First Appearance and Origin: Daredevil #5 (1964)
Significant Issues: Began crime wave in New York, caught public fascination, defeated by Daredevil (Daredevil #5, 1964); joined Electro's Emissaries of Evil, vs Daredevil alone & with teammates, defeated (Daredevil Annual #1, 1975); recruited Man-Bull for theft, betrayed by him (Daredevil #129, 1976)
Where Are They Now? revealed to have attacked FBI Agent Guida's niece & been defeated by Daredevil (Daredevil: Father #5, 2006); revealed to have retired from crime, targeted by Scourge (USAgent #1, 1993); hired by Ringmaster (Daredevil #23, 2001); seen in Bar with No Name (Spider-Man's Tangled Web #13, 2002)

Missing Link

First Appearance: Incredible Hulk #105 (1968)
Origin: Incredible Hulk #105-106 (1968)
Significant Issues: Buried in lava, awoken in modern day, vs Hulk, captured by Yuri Brevlov, exploded (Incredible Hulk #105-106, 1968); revealed to have reformed & moved in with Brickfords, vs Hulk again (Incredible Hulk #179, 1974)
Where Are They Now? Cured of excess radiation by Rom (Rom #29, 1982); Brickfords revealed as having handed Link over to authorities (Thunderbolts #34, 2000)

Mr. Kline

First Appearance: Daredevil #79 (1971)
Origin: Daredevil #84 (1972)
Significant Issues: Spoke with Professor regarding Man-Bull, blackmailed Foggy Nelson (Daredevil #79, 1971); sent Slasher & Demetrius on sabotage mission (Iron Man #41, 1971); hired Owl, arranged for Daredevil to be rescued by Black Widow (Daredevil #80-81, 1971); sent Mikas to capture Iron Man (Iron Man #42-43, 1971); tracked by Final Sons of Man (Sub-Mariner #42, 1971); used Scorpion android to frame Black Widow for murder (Daredevil #82, 1971); sent Night Phantom android after Iron Man (Iron Man #44-45, 1971); used Black Widow trial to discredit Nelson, sought to arrange cure for Daredevil's blindness, destroyed by Final Sons of Man (Daredevil #83-84, 1972)
Where Are They Now? No further data available

Mr. Zodiac

First Appearance and Origin: Spider-Man Zaps Mr. Zodiac (1976)
Significant Issues: Gained powers, came to New York, vs Spider-Man, destroyed (Spider-Man Zaps Mr. Zodiac, 1976)
Where Are They Now? No further data available

Ms. Marvel

First Appearance: (As Danvers) Marvel Super-Heroes #13 (1967); (as Ms. Marvel) Ms. Marvel #1 (1977)
Origin: Ms. Marvel #19 (1978)
Significant Issues: Exposed to Psyche-Magnitron (Captain Marvel #18, 1969); quit Cape Canaveral, joined “Woman” (Ms. Marvel #1, 1977); realized split personality (Ms. Marvel #3, 1977); genetic alteration completed (Ms. Marvel #4, 1977); alongside Spider-Man, vs Super-Skrull (Marvel Team-Up #61-62, 1977); minds merged, Salia Petrie “died” (Ms. Marvel #11-12, 1977); alongside Avengers, vs Ultron (Avengers #171-172, 1978); minds fully integrated (Ms. Marvel #19, 1978); alongside Avengers, vs Korvac (Avengers #175-177, 1978); new costume, vs People (Ms. Marvel #20-21, 1978); Salia Petrie rescued (Ms. Marvel #23, 1978); joined Avengers (Avengers #183, 1979)
Where Are They Now? Determined to be pregnant, left with Marcus (Avengers #199-200, 1980); returned, depowered by Rogue (Avengers Annual #10, 1981); became Binary (Uncanny X-Men #163-164, 1982); rejoined Avengers, became Warbird (Avengers #4, 1998); joined Homeland Security (Avengers #70, 2003); vs Klaw, visited new Avengers (New Avengers #15, 2006); rededicated self to Ms. Marvel identity, vs Brood (Ms. Marvel #1, 2006)


First Appearance and Origin: Captain America #180 (1974)
Significant Issues: Became Nomad, vs Serpent Squad (Captain America #180-181, 1974-75); reunited with Avengers (Avengers #131, 1975); defeated Serpent Squad (Captain America #182, 1975); vs Gamecock, found Roscoe's body, resumed Captain America identity (Captain America #183, 1975)
Where Are They Now? Red Skull had his agent Edward Ferbel assume Nomad identity to draw Captain America out, killed Ferbel to make Captain America seem unable to save him (Captain America #261-263, 1981); Jack Monroe assumed Nomad identity when he became Captain America's sidekick (Captain America #282, 1983)

Power Man

First Appearance and Origin: Luke Cage, Hero for Hire #1 (1972)
Significant Issues: Framed by Willis Stryker, sent to prison, fiancé Riva killed, agreed to Burstein’s experiments, sabotage by racist guard Rackham empowered Cage, escaped, set up Hero for Hire business (Luke Cage: Hero for Hire #1, 1972); met Claire Temple, learned Burstein had also come to New York, moved into Gem Theater offices, befriended DW Griffith, vs Willis/Diamondback, Willis killed (Luke Cage: Hero for Hire #2, 1972); stopped Gideon Mace’s Operation Overpower (Luke Cage: Hero for Hire #3, 1972); exposed fake ghost, encountered reporter Phil Fox (Luke Cage: Hero for Hire #4, 1972); vs Black Mariah’s gang (Luke Cage: Hero for Hire #5, 1973); stopped New York experiencing a nuclear Christmas (Luke Cage: Hero for Hire #7, 1973); hired by Doctor Doom to stop rogue robots, Doom skipped out on bill, Cage borrowed vehicle from Fantastic Four, followed Doom to Latveria to demand payment, became involved with Faceless One’s robot revolt (Luke Cage: Hero for Hire #8-9, 1973); vs Senor Suerte/Muerte, Phil Fox uncovered Cage’s convict past (Luke Cage: Hero for Hire #10-11, 1973); hired to capture Spider-Man (Amazing Spider-Man #123, 1973); vs Chemistro/Curtis Carr, refused to be blackmailed by Fox (Luke Cage: Hero for Hire #12, 1973); vs Lionfang (Luke Cage: Hero for Hire #13, 1973); vs Big Ben Donovan, Rackham returned, killed Fox & kidnaps former client of Cage’s, Luke allied with Shades & Comanche to stop Rackham, situation complicated by Stiletto, Rackham died (Luke Cage: Hero for Hire #14-16, 1973); took Power Man name, vs Iron Man (Luke Cage: Power Man #17, 1974); vs Steeplejack (Luke Cage: Power Man #18, 1974); infiltrated Cottonmouth’s mob, vs Cottonmouth (Luke Cage: Power Man #19-20, 1974); alongside Defenders, vs Wrecking Crew (Defenders #17-19, 1974-1975); vs Erik Josten for Power Man name, won (Luke Cage: Power Man #21, 1974); vs Stiletto & Discus (Luke Cage: Power Man #22, 1974); encountered Gideon Mace in Security City (Luke Cage: Power Man #23, 1975); alongside Goliath, vs Circus of Crime (Luke Cage: Power Man #24-25, 1975); alongside Defenders, vs Sons of the Serpent (Defenders #24-25, 1975); stopped Janos Trevorik being framed as vampire (Luke Cage: Power Man #26, 1975); vs X the Marvel (Luke Cage: Power Man #27, 1975); vs Cockroach Hamilton & Piranha Jones (Luke Cage: Power Man #28 & 30-31, 1975/1976); vs Mr Fish (Luke Cage: Power Man #29, 1976); alongside Thing, vs Braggadoom (Marvel Two-in-One #13, 1976); briefly joined Fantastic Four (Fantastic Four #168-170, 1976); vs Wildfire (Luke Cage: Power Man #32, 1976); vs Spear & Mangler (Luke Cage: Power Man #33-35, 1976); joined Defenders, vs Nebulon’s lackeys, the Assassin, & the Headmen (Defenders #37-40/Defenders Annual #1, 1976); with Defenders, vs Egghead’s Emissaries of Evil, Cobalt Man & possessed Doctor Strange, quit Defenders (Defenders #42-46, 1976-1977); vs Moses Magnum (Power Man Annual #1, 1976); vs new Chemistro, dragged into feud between Big Brother & Baron (Luke Cage: Power Man #37-40, 1976-1977); worked with Thunderbolt to stop Goldbug (Luke Cage: Power Man #41-42, 1977); IRS audit forced Cage on the run, took Mark Lucas identity, vs Gideon Mace in Chicago (Luke Cage: Power Man #43-45, 1977); vs Zzzax (Luke Cage: Power Man #47, 1977); blackmailed by Bushmaster, vs Iron Fist (Power Man #48, 1977); allied with Iron Fist to rescue kidnapped friends, tape found clearing Cage (Power Man #49, 1978); exonerated, alongside Iron Fist, vs Stiletto & Discus (Power Man and Iron Fist #50, 1978); alongside Iron Fist, vs Nightshade & her cybernauts (Power Man and Iron Fist #51-53, 1978); alongside Spider-Man, vs Rat Pack (Marvel Team-Up #75, 1978); founded Heroes for Hire with Iron Fist, vs Incinerator (Power Man and Iron Fist #54, 1978); vs Living Monolith (Power Man and Iron Fist #56-57, 1979); saved Storm from being knived during Harlem visit (Uncanny X-Men #122, 1979); met el Aguila (Power Man and Iron Fist #58, 1979); stopped bombing of Halwani embassy (Power Man and Iron Fist #59-60, 1979)
Where Are They Now? See Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Marvel Knights 2005 for further details

Prime Mover

First Appearance: Strange Tales #167 (1968)
Significant Issues: Revealed to be behind conflict between Nick Fury & Yellow Claw robot (Strange Tales #167, 1968); played game with Gamesmaster (Giant-Size Defenders #3, 1975); played game against Shang-Chi (Master of Kung Fu #59-60, 1978-1979)
Where Are They Now? Played game with Kristoff Vernard while he ruled Latveria (Fantastic Four Annual #21, 1988); used by Dr. Doom to rewrite reality, destroyed by Fantastic Four (Fantastic Four: 1234 #2-4, 2001-2002)


First Appearance: Avengers #88 (1971)
Significant Issues: Psyklop kidnapped Hulk, Avengers interceded, Hulk shrunk to near nothingness (Avengers #88, 1971); Hulk arrived on K'ai and met Jarella, Psyklop snatched Hulk back to Earth, Psyklop seized by Dark Gods (Incredible Hulk #140, 1971); Psyklop exiled to K'ai, built Mountain God (Incredible Hulk #203, 1976); Hulk knocked K'ai out of orbit, causing earthquakes (Incredible Hulk #156, 1972); Psyklop created dreadnought drill to continue quakes & essence urn to contain life-forces (Incredible Hulk #203, 1976); Hulk defeated Mountain God (Incredible Hulk #202, 1976); essence urn cracked, life-forces apparently destroy Psyklop (Incredible Hulk #203, 1976)
Where Are They Now? Name of South Pacific island revealed (Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Master Edition #26, 1990)


First Appearance: Amazing Spider-Man #129 (1974)
Origin: Marvel Preview #2 (1975); Marvel Super Action #1 (1976)
Significant Issues: Tricked by the Jackal into fighting Spider-Man (Amazing Spider-Man #129, 1974); alongside Spider-Man, vs Tarantula (Amazing Spider-Man #134-135, 1974); halted Moses Magnum's biological weapons testing and kidnapping (Giant Size Spider-Man #4, 1974); vs Hitman (Amazing Spider-Man #174-175, 1977)
Where Are They Now? See Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Marvel Knights 2005 for further details

Royalist Forces of America

First Appearance: Captain America #194 (1976)
Significant Issues: Madbomb set off in Harlem (Captain America #193, 1976); South Dakota base raided by Captain America & Falcon (Captain America #194-197, 1976); Harding defected (Captain America #198-199, 1976); "Big Daddy" deactivated, Taurey surrendered (Captain America #200, 1976)
Where Are They Now? Reorganized by Taurey as the Imperial Forces, still continuing with the original goals, responsible for creation of Charcoal (Thunderbolts #19, 30-32 & 53, 1998-1999 & 2001)


First Appearance: Daredevil #128 (1975)
Significant Issues: Climbed Science Pavilion tower, absorbed cosmic energy, formed star-steps for journey, inadvertently intervened in battle between Daredevil & Death-Stalker (Daredevil #128, 1975)
Where Are They Now? Revealed to have been captured by Stranger, commanded by Over-Mind to battle Quasar & others (Quasar #16, 1990)


First Appearance and Origin: Skull the Slayer #4 (1975)
Significant Issues: Confronted Skull the Slayer on the Ancient Egypt level of the Tower of Time, joined forces with a Morgan le Fey robot on the Tower of Time's Camelot level (Skull the Slayer #4, 1975); with Morgan le Fey robot, convinced Skull the Slayer's friends to turn against him (Skull the Slayer #5, 197); killed by Black Knight robot, activated self-destruct mechanism in the Tower of Time (Skull the Slayer #6, 1975)
Where Are They Now? No further data available

Sons of the Tiger

First Appearance and Origin: Deadly Hands of Kung Fu #1 (1974)
Significant Issues: Abe Brown's beating from Skulls revealed (Deadly Hands of Kung Fu #7, 1974); Bob Diamond's childhood, Oscar win revealed (Deadly Hands of Kung Fu #19, 1975); Lin Sun's adoption by Master Kee revealed (Deadly Hands of Kung Fu #1, 1974); Silent Ones revealed (Deadly Hands of Kung Fu #11, 1975); Master Kee murdered, Sons of the Tiger formed, Sui Ti Kama defeated (Deadly Hands of Kung Fu #1, 1974); Lo Chin introduced (Deadly Hands of Kung Fu #3, 1974), Lo Chin killed in plane crash (Deadly Hands of Kung Fu #4, 1974); Sons traveled to New York (Deadly Hands of Kung Fu Special #1, 1974); Sons battled Paan's students (Deadly Hands of Kung Fu #6, 1974); Sons captured by Harrison Budge (Deadly Hands of Kung Fu #7, 1974); Lotus Shinchuko introduced (Deadly Hands of Kung Fu #8, 1975); Sons took New York apartment (Deadly Hands of Kung Fu #9, 1975); Sons transported to stronghold of Silent Ones (Deadly Hands of Kung Fu #10, 1975); Silent Ones destroyed (Deadly Hands of Kung Fu #11, 1975); Abe versus Caxon Oil company (Deadly Hands of Kung Fu #12, 1975); Bob in Chinatown gangster film (Deadly Hands of Kung Fu #13, 1975); Lin met Kanbei Kikuchiyo (Deadly Hands of Kung Fu #14, 1975); Sons at New Troy State prison (Deadly Hands of Kung Fu #16-17, 1975); Sons joined Iron Fist against Snake-Eyes (Deadly Hands of Kung Fu #18, 1975); Sons aided Spider-Man & Human Torch (Marvel Team-Up #40, 1975); Sons broke up, Hector Ayala became White Tiger (Deadly Hands of Kung Fu #19, 1975); Brillalae introduced (Deadly Hands of Kung Fu #20, 1976); Black Tiger costume revealed (Deadly Hands of Kung Fu #21, 1976); Abe landed plane (Deadly Hands of Kung Fu #22, 1976); Abe shot by Mole, faced Mole across snake pit, caught Mole's bullet (Deadly Hands of Kung Fu #23-24 & 26, 1976); Abe became Black Tiger (Deadly Hands of Kung Fu #29, 1976); Black Tiger led Bedouin resistance (Deadly Hands of Kung Fu #30 & 32, 1976 & 1977); Bob caught in avalanche (Deadly Hands of Kung Fu #24, 1976); Lin & Lotus turned down Bob's fortune (Deadly Hands of Kung Fu #30, 1976); Harmony Killdragon attacked Lin & Lotus, Bob returned to New York (Deadly Hands of Kung Fu #32, 1977); Bob became Iron Fist's sparring partner, others ran Kung Fu School (Power Man and Iron Fist #59, 1979)
Where Are They Now? As Black Tiger, Abe shot (Power Man and Iron Fist #82, 1982); Abe awoke in hospital with no memory of Black Tiger, returned to New York (Power Man and Iron Fist #81, 1982); Brillilae became Black Tiger (Power Man and Iron Fist #82, 1982); Abe revealed as Hobie Brown's older brother, Abe became Hobie's martial arts teacher, disguised as White Ninja (Spectacular Spider-Man Annual #10, 1990); revealed that "Tiger" Brown was killed in Cambodia (Spectacular Spider-Man Annual #12, 1992); Abe & Lin lent amulets to Prowler to fight Killer Shrike (Spectacular Spider-Man Annual #13, 1993); Bob became involved with Colleen Wing (Power Man and Iron Fist #73, 1981); Bob acted in "Day of the Dredlox" (Power Man and Iron Fist #79, 1982); Bob hired as movie director (Fantastic Four #37, 2001); Bob worked on filming of "Blazing Star" (Fantastic Four #51, 2002); Sons wore duplicate amulets (Power Man and Iron Fist #64-65, 1980); school called Sons of the Tiger Kung Fu (Power Man and Iron Fist #74, 1981); White Tiger retired (Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man #52, 1981); amulets stolen by Master Khan, used to created portal (Power Man and Iron Fist #74, 1981); Hector arrested, convicted, killed while escaping (Daredevil #38-40, 2002-2003); Angela Del Toro became White Tiger (Daredevil #68-70/Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Marvel Knights 2005, 2005)

Star Thief

First Appearance and Origin: Warlock #13 (1976)
Significant Issues: Began extinguishing stars, vs Adam Warlock, shot dead by Tom Vocson (Warlock #13-14, 1976)
Where Are They Now? No further data available

Steel Serpent

First Appearance and Origin: Deadly Hands of Kung Fu #10 (1975)
Significant Issues: Tried to obtain immortality & wealth from K’un-Lun, twice failed, vs Iron Fist, exposed to own Delayed Death Touch (Deadly Hands of Kung Fu #10 (1975)
Where Are They Now? No further data available


First Appearance and Origin: Daredevil #58 (1969)
Significant Issues: Stunt-Master attacked Daredevil at United Fund parade (Daredevil #58, 1969); Stunt-Master duped by Ellis, helped by Daredevil, signed to his own TV series (Daredevil #64, 1970); Stunt-Master impersonated by Stilt-Man (Daredevil #67, 1970); Stunt-Master's ribs broken by Aquarius (Ghost Rider #7, 1974); Stunt-Master offered Johnny Blaze stuntman job (Ghost Rider #8, 1974); Trapster kidnapped Karen (Ghost Rider #13, 1975); Orb kidnapped Karen (Ghost Rider #14-15, 1975); Stunt-Master stole Karen's records, kidnapped Karen (Ghost Rider #18-19, 1976); Death-Stalker stopped (Daredevil #138/Ghost Rider #20, 1976); Stunt-Master took leave from show (Ghost Rider #20, 1976); Stunt-Master returned to show (Ghost Rider #22, 1977)
Where Are They Now? Co-hosted TV coverage of Avengers Day Parade, failed to penetrate barrier with his motorcycle (Avengers #10-11, 1998)


First Appearance: Daredevil #72 (1971)
Significant Issues: Came to Earth in pursuit of Quothar, mistaken for a thief, vs Daredevil, allied with Daredevil, Opar seemingly slain, captured Quothar with Daredevil’s aid, returned to home dimension (Daredevil #72, 1971); seen in Daredevil’s Angar-generated hallucinations (Daredevil #100, 1973); saw Dollar Bill’s Defenders documentary, joined Defenders alongside many other heroes, supported nomination of Hercules for Defenders leadership, participated in assault on Hulk, patrolled New York with squad of Defenders led by Nighthawk, felt awkward being the only member of the squad who could not fly, helped capture the same juvenile petty criminal twice, wearied of Nighthawk’s abrasive attitude & quit Defenders (Defenders #62-64, 1978)
Where Are They Now? No further data available

They Who Wield Power

First Appearance: (Mentioned) Marvel Team-Up #15 (1973); (in shadow) Marvel Team-Up #26 (1974); (revealed) Incredible Hulk #240 (1979)
Significant Issues: Sacred Flame & technology revealed as originating with Deviants (Incredible Hulk #242, 1979); caverns & flame discovered by Incas, El Dorado built (Avengers #31/Incredible Hulk #240, 1966/1979); Lann & Rey battled over Flame's possession, Doctor Franz Anton kidnapped (Avengers #30, 1966); Hawkeye destroyed Sacred Flame (Avengers #31, 1966); Tyrannus' discovery of the Fountain of Youth revealed (Incredible Hulk #5, 1963); Tyrannus apparently blown up in Mole Man's magma-cruiser (Fantastic Four #128, 1972); Tyrannus healed in Fountain minus longevity effect, turned into Old Des (Incredible Hulk #241, 1979); Des joined Rey & Lann as They Who Wield Power (Incredible Hulk #240, 1979); They created Orb (Marvel Team-Up #15, 1973); They provided ark to Stegron (Marvel Team-Up #19, 1974); Stegron defeated by Spider-Man & Black Panther (Marvel Team-Up #20, 1974); They coerced Jinku & Lava Men into attempting worldwide volcanic eruptions (Marvel Team-Up #26, 1974); They provided technology to City Stealers (Marvel Team-Up #28, 1974); Des projected mental essence into Subterranean, new Tyrannus defeated by Nova (Incredible Hulk #241/Nova #5, 1979/1977); They provided costume to Absorbing Man, Absorbing Man defeated by Hulk (Incredible Hulk #208-209, 1977); They provided Moses Magnum with power to create earthquakes (X-Men #119, 1979); They provided Goldbug with plans to create new bug-ship (Incredible Hulk #238, 1979); Hulk & Goldbug arrived in El Dorado, Tulak introduced (Incredible Hulk #239, 1979); They Who Wield Power revealed, They captured Bruce Banner (Incredible Hulk #240, 1979); Des turned Rey & Lann to dust, Des revitalized as Tyrannus, Goldbug freed Hulk (Incredible Hulk #241, 1979); Tyrannus turned Tulak to dust, El Dorado residents fled to caverns, Tyrannus became composed of flame, Hulk destroyed top of tower (Incredible Hulk #242, 1979)
Where Are They Now? Tyrannus' flame form propelled into space, Goldbug captured by Cage (Incredible Hulk #243, 1980); Tyrannus merged with Abomination (Incredible Hulk Annual #15, 1986); revealed that Magnum gained power from Apocalypse (Classic X-Men #25, 1988); Doradians & new Keeper of the Flame thwarted by Namor & Stingray (Namor: The Sub-Mariner Annual #1, 1991)

Turac, Elianne

First Appearance and Origin: Giant-Size Dracula #3 (1974)
Significant Issues: Slew vampire father, sold soul for immortality so she could hunt Dracula, in modern times kidnapped Quincy Harker, vs Dracula, perished (Giant-Size Dracula #3, 1974)
Where Are They Now? No further data available


First Appearance: Astonishing Tales #18 (1973)
Origin: Marvel Two-in-One #43 (1978)
Significant Issues: Controlled A.I.M., sought Super-Soldier serum (Astonishing Tales #19-20, 1973); joined Cult of Entropy, resurrected Jude (Marvel Two-in-One #42-43, 1978)
Where Are They Now? No further data available


First Appearance: (As Virago) Sub-Mariner #64 (1973); (as She-Beast) Sub-Mariner #65 (1973)
Significant Issues: Conquered Zephyrland (Sub-Mariner #64, 1973); as She-Beast, defeated Namor in trial by combat and traveled to Atlantis in hopes of conquering it (Sub-Mariner #65, 1973); forced to retreat after her first attack on Atlantis, joined forces with Orka, led second attack on Atlantis (Sub-Mariner #66, 1973); conquered Atlantis in Namor's absence, but soon succumbed to nerve gas (Sub-Mariner #67, 1973); Virago's forces killed by music in Zephyrland (Sub-Mariner #68, 1973)
Where Are They Now? No further data available


First Appearance: Marvel Team-Up #48 (1976)
Origin: Marvel Team-Up #50 (1976)
Significant Issues: Controlled by father (Marvel Team-Up #48-50, 1976); consciousness restored (Marvel Team-Up #51, 1976); organized group to aid Iron Man vs Midas (Iron Man #105-108, 1977-1978); unbalanced by powers, joined Maggia (Marvel Team-Up #72, 1978)
Where Are They Now? Sister killed (Spectacular Spider-Man #107, 1985); murdered by Scourge (Amazing Spider-Man #278, 1986); jumped to new body, led Vampire's Lair Club against police, killed by Morbius (Morbius #18-19, 1994)


First Appearance and Origin: X-Men #1 (1963)
Significant Issues: Vs Sunfire (X-Men #64, 1970); Xavier back from the dead with new recruits Havok & Polaris, recruitment & demise of Changeling revealed, Z'Nox invasion foiled (X-Men #65, 1970); vs Hulk (X-Men #66, 1970); Iceman manipulated into battling Spider-Man by corrupt politician Sam Bullit, then teamed with Spider-Man to bring down Bullit & rescue Joe Robertson (Amazing Spider-Man #92, 1971); team helped save poisoned Spider-Man, captured Morbius (Marvel Team-Up #4, 1972); Havok quit X-Men after blasting Iceman during a quarrel, Havok convinced by Lorna to return after rescuing her from Hulk (Incredible Hulk #150, 1972); Beast quit X-Men to work with Brand Corporation, cut ties with X-Men after mutating further (Amazing Adventures #11-12, 1972); Beast & Angel vs Griffin, X-Men informed of Beast's situation (Amazing Adventures #15, 1972); team ambushed & mind-controlled by Magneto, freed by Avengers & Daredevil (Avengers #110-111, 1973); interrupted Hulk/Juggernaut battle, subdued Juggernaut (Incredible Hulk #172, 1974); among mutants targeted by Secret Empire, defeated Empire with aid of Captain America, Falcon, Gabe Jones & Peggy Carter (Captain America #172-175, 1974); Iceman mistakenly attacked by Human Torch, team summoned Iceman to participate in an urgent mission, Iceman teamed with Human Torch to defeat Equinox (Marvel Team-Up #23, 1974); team away on secret mission, Professor X allied with Defenders against Magneto's Brotherhood & Alpha the Ultimate Mutant, Alpha turned against Magneto's Brotherhood (Defenders #15-16, 1974); recruited Banshee, Colossus, Nightcrawler, Storm, Sunfire, Thunderbird & Wolverine, new recruits teamed with earlier members to oppose Krakoa the Living Island (Giant-Size X-Men #1, 1975); Angel, Lorna Dane, Havok, Iceman, Marvel Girl, & Sunfire all resigned (X-Men #94, 1975); trained new recruits, vs Count Nefaria & Ani-Men, death of Thunderbird in action (X-Men #94-95, 1975); met Moira MacTaggart, vs demon Kierrok (X-Men #96, 1975); vs Eric the Red & his mind-controlled pawns Havok & Polaris/Lorna Dane (X-Men #97, 1976); team training session, Nightcrawler allied with Spider-Man & Punisher vs Jigsaw (Amazing Spider-Man #161-162, 1976); vs Steven Lang's Sentinels, destroyed them (X-Men #98-100, 1976); vs Black Tom Cassidy & Juggernaut, advent of Phoenix (X-Men #101-103, 1976-1977); teamed with Spider-Man vs Rakks robots & scientists who had been transformed into Agni, Brahma, Kali, Mara, Ratri, Shiva, Vishnu & Yama, helped scientists ascend to another state of being (Marvel Team-Up Annual #1, 1976); clashed with floaters while giving Spider-Man a lift (Marvel Team-Up #53, 1977); visited Muir Island, vs Magneto (X-Men #104, 1977); vs Eric the Red & his dupe Firelord (X-Men #105, 1977); vs evil duplicates of original X-Men unwittingly created by Xavier (X-Men #106, 1977); alongside Starjammers, vs forces of mad Shi'ar emperor D'Ken, vs Shi'ar Imperial Guard, saved universe from D'Ken's abuse of M'Kraan Crystal, sparked D'Ken's removal from throne to be replaced by X-Men's ally Lilandra (X-Men #107-108, 1977); mistakenly battled Iron Fist (Iron Fist #15, 1977); vs Weapon Alpha/James Hudson (X-Men #109, 1978); vs Warhawk (X-Men #110, 1978); enslaved by Mesmero, freed with aid of Beast, vs Magneto, abducted by & subsequently routed Magneto, most of team seemingly killed (X-Men #111-113, 1978); most of team stranded in Savage Land, allied with Ka-Zar, vs Sauron & Garokk (X-Men #114-116, 1978); seagoing X-Men rescued by Japanese ship, flashback to Professor X's origins (X-Men #117, 1979); teamed with Sunfire vs Moses Magnum, Banshee burned out sonic powers saving Japan from Magnum (X-Men #118-119, 1979); vs Alpha Flight (X-Men #120-121, 1979); fought & then befriended Arkon (X-Men Annual #3, 1979); quiet time for individual members (X-Men #122, 1979); vs Arcade (X-Men #123-124, 1979); supposedly deceased X-Men reunited with their teammates, alongside Moira, Havok, Polaris & Madrox, vs Proteus, Colossus seemingly destroyed Proteus (X-Men #125-128, 1979)
Where Are They Now? See Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Teams 2005, X-Men 2004 and X-Men 2005 for further details


First Appearance: (As jewel) Thor #214 (1973); (in humanoid form) Thor #215 (1973)
Origin: Thor #215 (1973)
Significant Issues: Revealed to have imprisoned Sif and Karnilla the Norn-Queen (Thor #214, 1973); transported out of Dark Nebula by Orion Base miners in search of greater energies to absorb (Thor #215, 1973); shattered while feeding on a star going nova; fragments collected by Mercurio the 4-D Man (Thor #216, 1973)
Where Are They Now? No further data available.

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