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1980s: Ulysses Solomon Archer to Zxaxz

Last Updated: 11/7/06


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Cover by Sal Buscema

Archer, Ulysses Solomon

First Appearance and Origin: U.S. 1 #1 (1983)
Significant Issues: Assaulted by Highwayman (U.S. 1 #1, 1983); attacked by Midnight (U.S. 1 #2, 1983); again vs Highwayman (U.S. 1 #3, 1983); raced Baron von Blimp & Taryn O’Connell, beat von Blimp but lost to Taryn (U.S. 1 #4, 1983); re-match with Taryn, delayed by tests of Al the Alien who then helped him win (U.S. 1 #5, 1983); defeated Iron Mike (U.S. 1 #6, 1983); again defeated Midnight (U.S. 1 #7, 1983); mistook Taryn for Midnight, confronted by real Midnight (U.S. 1 #8, 1983); battled & defeated Midnight & Baron von Blimp (U.S. 1 #9, 1984); Highwayman revealed identity as brother Jefferson (U.S. 1 #10, 1984); Aliens revealed their intent (U.S. 1 #11, 1984); defeated Highwayman in Aliens’ contest, became space-trucker, Short Stop became Star Stop (U.S. 1 #12, 1984); marriage with & pregnancy of Mary McGrill revealed, Star Rig/rebuilt US1 hijacked by Xemnu & crashed into Star Stop, Aliens defeated Xemnu (Sensational She-Hulk #6-7, 1989)
Where Are They Now? Star Stop assaulted by mentally controlled “Stone Clones” of Spragg the Living Hill, assisted by She-Hulk, used Star Rig to wrap Spragg in a metal net, neutralizing his mental powers (Sensational She-Hulk #39-42, 1992); faced released Xemnu (Sensational She-Hulk #42-43, 1992); took She-Hulk & Louise Mason to rescue Razorback & Taryn from Asparagus People/D’bari, captured by Skrulls, Star Rig enabled U.S. & allies including Rocket Raccoon to escape petrifaction effect unleashed by D’bari Vuk after his alliance with shape-changing Xartans who were posing as D’bari to escape the Skrulls who wished to kill the Xartans for infringing on their franchise, was exposed (Sensational She-Hulk #44-46, 1992)


First Appearance and Origin: Avengers #1 (1963)
Significant Issues: Defeated Grey Gargoyle, vindicated by senate committee hearing, full privileges & clearances restored & autonomy greatly enhanced (Avengers #191, 1980); vs rampaging Inferno (Avengers #192-193, 1980); Wonder Man promoted to fully active membership, Falcon resigned (Avengers #194, 1980); alongside new Ant-Man Scott Lang, vs Taskmaster, Jocasta played key role in victory (Avengers #195-196, 1980); Jocasta promised full membership, Captain America convinced by Iron Man to stay on as chairman indefinitely, giant Red Ronin robot stolen by Dr. Earl Cowan, Ms. Marvel revealed to be pregnant (Avengers #197, 1980); fought & subdued Red Ronin, welcomed Hawkeye back temporarily (Avengers #198-199, 1980); Ms. Marvel gave birth to & seemingly fell in love with rapidly-aging Marcus Immortus who had impregnated Ms. Marvel with himself so that he might be reborn on Earth & used mind control technology to win her affections, Ms. Marvel resigned to accompany Marcus back to Limbo when his rebirth ultimately failed (Avengers #200, 1980); Bronx bully Bruiser routed by Avengers butler Jarvis & friends (Avengers #201, 1980); vs reactivated Ultron, trapped him in molten Adamantium (Avengers #201-202, 1980); Beast & Wonder Man encountered Crawlers & their friend Huge Lopez, failed to prevent seeming destruction of Lopez & Crawlers by a mob (Avengers #203, 1981); aided Dazzler against Enchantress (Dazzler #1-2, 1981); departure of Hawkeye, vs Yellow Claw (Avengers #204-205, 1981); vs Pyron the Thermal Man (Avengers #206, 1981); mistakenly battled & killed benevolent superhuman Shadow Lord, defeated Shadow Lord’s foe Berserker with aid of Rachel Palmer (Avengers #207-208, 1981); played poker with Thing, alongside him, vs Super-Adaptoid & forces of Annihilus & Blastaar (Marvel Two-in-One #75, 1981); tried to save Beast’s girlfriend Vera Cantor after Skrull poisoned her, procured Resurrection Stone for the Skrull but destroyed it before he could use it, recovered Vera & stabilized her in suspended animation with aid of Mr. Fantastic (Avengers #209, 1981); vs rogue sentient satellite Samarobyrn & its mind-controlled Weathermen (Avengers #210, 1981); alongside Spider-Woman/Jessica Drew, vs Mystique’s Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, reunited with & rejected by former Ms. Marvel Carol Danvers (Avengers Annual #10, 1981); set new six-member roster limit, staged membership drive under mental influence of Moondragon, drove away Moondragon, recruited Tigra, welcomed Yellowjacket back to active status, turned down by Angel, Dazzler, Iceman, Moon Knight & various past Avengers, Beast, Wonder Man, Vision, Scarlet Witch & Jocasta all departed (Avengers #211, 1981); attended deathbed of cancer-stricken Captain Marvel/Mar-Vell (Marvel Graphic Novel #1, 1982); vs grief-crazed Linnea the Elf-Queen, witnessed growing marital tension between Wasp & increasingly unstable Yellowjacket (Avengers #212, 1981); court-martialled Yellowjacket for misconduct during Elf-Queen battle, Yellowjacket suffered full nervous breakdown & abused Wasp, Yellowjacket built Salvation-1 robot to attack his court martial in hopes of redeeming himself by “saving” Avengers, Yellowjacket nearly killed by his own robot, Yellowjacket rescued by Wasp & left Avengers in disgrace (Avengers #213, 1981); alongside Angel, vs Ghost Rider, Tigra traumatized by Ghost Rider, Yellowjacket divorced & thrown out by Wasp (Avengers #214, 1981); alongside Silver Surfer, vs Molecule Man, Surfer declined membership offer, secret identities of Iron Man & Thor shared with Captain America & Tigra, Tigra resigned (Avengers #215-216, 1982); elected Wasp as Avengers chair, captured Yellowjacket after Egghead secretly framed him for treason, Pym jailed, would-be villain Fabian Stankowicz defeated by Iron Man (Avengers #217, 1982); vs Morgan MacNeil Hardy (Avengers #218, 1982); mentally manipulated into aiding Moondragon’s “benevolent” conquest of Ba-Bani, alongside Drax, vs Moondragon, Drax slain, turned Moondragon over to Asgardian custody (Avengers #219-220, 1982); alongside Defenders, manipulated into fighting each other as pawns of Nebulon & Supernalia (Avengers Annual #11, 1982); staged membership drive, recruited Hawkeye & She-Hulk, membership offers turned down by Black Widow, Dazzler, Invisible Girl, Spider-Man & Spider-Woman, Fabian Stankowicz defeated by Wasp (Avengers #221, 1982); vs Egghead’s Masters of Evil (Avengers #222, 1982); took Taskmaster’s men into custody after Hawkeye & Ant-Man shut down Taskmaster’s Carson Carnival operation (Avengers #223, 1982); brief romance between Tony Stark & Wasp (Avengers #224, 1982); alongside Doctor Druid & Black Knight, defended Avalon from Fomor, helped make possible Black Knight’s return to present day (Avengers #225-226, 1982); participated in Grandmaster’s “Contest of Champions” (Marvel Super Hero Contest of Champions #1-3, 1982); among heroes who participated in seeking amnesty for the Hulk & celebrating same (Incredible Hulk #278-279, 1982-1983); among heroes who watched Thing & others battle Champion of the Universe in a series of exhibition matches, among heroes who defended hospitalized Thing from a horde of villains (Marvel Two-in-One Annual #7/Marvel Two-in-One #96, 1982-1983); met new Captain Marvel/Monica Rambeau (Amazing Spider-Man Annual #16, 1982); recruited new Captain Marvel/Monica Rambeau, ex-Yellowjacket Hank Pym’s life story told (Avengers #227, 1983); vs Egghead’s Masters of Evil, failed to prevent their abduction of Henry Pym from his trial, Pym framed as Masters’ supposed leader, Avengers proved Pym’s innocence, Pym single-handedly defeated Masters, Egghead accidentally killed by Hawkeye, Hawkeye cleared of any wrongdoing, Pym retired from costumed heroics (Avengers #228-230, 1983); alongside Hulk, vs forces of the Leader, invited Hulk to rejoin, offer refused (Incredible Hulk #281-285, 1983); held funeral for Jocasta, learned of Iron Man’s resignation from Avengers, saved President from Plantman with assistance of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Eros, Hawkeye’s leg broken (Avengers #231, 1983); recruited Eros as Starfox, captured Plantman, Captain America & Wasp learned that Tony Stark had succumbed to alcoholism & that someone else was acting as Iron Man (Avengers #232, 1983); undertook United Nations fact-finding mission to Attilan, alongside Royal Family of the Inhumans, vs Maximus & Enclave (Avengers Annual #12, 1983); neutralized Annihilus’s null-field, return of Vision & Scarlet Witch, Vision struck down by null-field (Avengers #233, 1983); Hawkeye began using sky cycle, Starfox romanced She-Hulk, Scarlet Witch’s life story told (Avengers #234, 1983); captured Wizard (Avengers #235, 1983); alongside Spider-Man, helped Michael O’Brien & his Project: PEGASUS security staff make peace with Lava Men, defended Project from Blackout, Electro, Moonstone & Rhino, offered Spider-Man membership, offer vetoed by NSC official Raymond Sikorski (Avengers #236-237, 1983); Vision regained consciousness, linked with artificial sentience ISAAC & Avengers computers, began interacting with others as hologram, helped Avengers track & battle Moonstone & Blackout (Avengers #238, 1983); Hawkeye moved back into Avengers Mansion with new wife Mockingbird, newlyweds & Avengers reservists defeated Fabian Stankowicz during an appearance on the David Letterman television talk show (Avengers #239, 1984); alongside Tigra, Shroud, Hank Pym & Doctor Strange, defeated Morgan Le Fay & revived ex-Spider-Woman Jessica Drew (Avengers #240-241, 1984); celebrated Hawkeye’s marriage & Vision’s restoration to mobility, most of team abducted by Beyonder (Avengers #242, 1984); offered Black Cat membership, offer declined (Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man #90, 1984); fought in the Beyonder’s "Secret Wars" alongside new Iron Man/Jim Rhodes & other heroes (Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars #1-12, 1984-1985); Vision assumed command of remaining Avengers in Wasp’s absence & conferred with ISAAC, Gyrich & Sikorski, Gyrich replaced as government liaison by Sikorski, missing members returned from "Secret Wars," She-Hulk transferred to Fantastic Four, Vision established “detached service” status for semi-active members, Wasp turned over chairmanship to Vision, Vision announced formation of additional west coast Avengers roster to be led by Hawkeye (Avengers #243, 1984); hired Bill Foster to help procure west coast base, vs Dire Wraiths (Avengers #244-245, 1984); protected Northwind Observatory from Fixer & Arnim Zola (Avengers Annual #13, 1984); vs Living Monolith (Marvel Graphic Novel #17, 1985); purchased & began renovating west coast Avengers Compound, befriended Sersi & other Eternals of Earth, aided Eternals against Maelstrom, saw most Eternals depart Earth (Avengers #246-248, 1984); west coast roster formed by Hawkeye, Mockingbird, Wonder Man, Tigra & Iron Man/Jim Rhodes, opened Avengers Compound, Shroud declined membership offer (West Coast Avengers #1, 1984); vs the Blank (West Coast Avengers #2, 1984); captured new Goliath/Erik Josten (Iron Man Annual #7, 1984); alongside Fantastic Four, Storm, Asgardians, Hercules & Beta Ray Bill, vs forces of Surtur (Avengers #249/Thor #350-353, 1984-1985); cleared California snowfall caused by Casket of Ancient Winters, captured looters, alongside Shroud, vs Blank & Graviton, defeated Graviton, west coast roster learned current Iron Man was Jim Rhodes, held first annual Avengers barbecue (West Coast Avengers #3-4, 1984); came together to support now-elderly Captain America & rejuvenated him (Captain America #301, 1985); east & west coast Avengers rosters joined forces to defeat Maelstrom, Starfox’s pleasure powers revealed (Avengers #250, 1984); Vision secretly conspired to become benevolent global ruler, Wasp began romance with Paladin, alongside him, defeated Baron Brimstone (Avengers #251, 1985); Doc Samson declined membership offer, Vision & Wanda’s house burned down by anti-mutant bigots, Avengers defeated Blood Brothers, return of Black Knight, secret global coup begun by Vision (Avengers #252, 1985); drug runners captured by Mockingbird, world’s computer systems taken over by Vision, east & west coast Avengers united to oppose him, Vision gave up his world takeover scheme (Avengers #253-254, 1985); combined Avengers rosters helped Rom & others defeat Dire Wraiths (Rom #65-66, 1985); resignation of Vision & Scarlet Witch, Captain Marvel shanghaied into deep space by Nebula’s pirates, chairmanship restored to Wasp, team defeated Terminus but failed to prevent his destruction of Savage Land (Avengers #255-257, 1985); Fantastic Four moved into Avengers Mansion after destruction of Baxter Building (Fantastic Four #280, 1985); Avengers’ priority clearance suspended by NSC due to Vision’s actions, Firelord left in Avengers custody by Spider-Man, alongside Firelord, followed Captain Marvel into space & became embroiled in Skrull civil war, vs Nebula’s forces, allied with Skrull general Zedrao, encountered Beyonder & Fantastic Four, aided Skrull dissident Prince Dezan (Avengers #258-260/Avengers Annual #14, 1985); defeated Doctor Demonicus, convinced Tony Stark to build new Iron Man armor (Iron Man #193-196, 1985); Starfox left team to pursue Nebula alongside Firelord, Avengers returned to Earth, rights to store & launch quinjets within city limits revoked, vs Beyonder, Beyonder declined membership offer (Avengers #261, 1985); Tony Stark back on active duty as Iron Man, Avengers vs A.I.M. (Iron Man #200-201, 1985); along with the rest of the world, east & west coast teams mind-controlled by Doctor Doom, teamed with Namor the Sub-Mariner to free Earth from Doom & Purple Man (Marvel Graphic Novel #27, 1987); alongside Vision, Scarlet Witch & Hank Pym, west coast Avengers defeated Grim Reaper’s Lethal Legion, Reaper killed, new sense of brotherhood established between Vision & Wonder Man (West Coast Avengers #1-2/Vision and The Scarlet Witch #1-2, 1985); began leasing space on artificial island Hydrobase to store & operate east coast quinjet fleet, met Hydrobase owners Stingray/Walter Newell & Diane Arliss Newell, recruited Sub-Mariner (Avengers #262, 1985); imprisoned Goliath, hired Hank Pym as manager of Avengers Compound, captured Kraven, tried to recruit Thing (West Coast Avengers #3, 1985); began ongoing association with membership prospects Thing & Firebird, vs Master Pandemonium, Wonder Man revealed criminal past on television (West Coast Avengers #4, 1986); combined rosters attacked Beyonder (Secret Wars II #5, 1986); retrieved Jean Grey’s stasis cocoon, revived Grey with Fantastic Four’s aid (Avengers #263/Fantastic Four #286, 1986); vs Werewolf by Night, Pym & Wonder Man both romanced by Tigra (West Coast Avengers #5, 1986); new criminal Yellowjacket/Rita DeMara captured by Wasp (Avengers #264, 1986); encountered Cat People during quest to heal Tigra, Tigra secretly agreed to kill Master Pandemonium for Cat People, Ultron-12 reconciled with Pym, Ultron-12 died saving Pym from Ultron-11, Ultron-11 destroyed by Wonder Man (West Coast Avengers #6-7, 1986); combined rosters vs rogue Beyonder, witnessed his seeming destruction (Avengers #265/Secret Wars II #9, 1986); alongside Fantastic Four, Silver Surfer, Volcana & Molecule Man, helped repair cataclysmic damage done to Earth by Beyonder (Avengers #266, 1986); helped Eternals vs Ghaur (Eternals #12, 1986); fought & recaptured escaping Goliath (Iron Man #206, 1986); vs Rangers while they were under control of the demon Riglevio, defeated Riglevio, vs Riglevio’s employer Master Pandemonium, Pandemonium escaped due to Tigra’s covert attempts to kill him, Thing finally accepted full membership, Firebird left team after being passed over in favour of Thing for full membership, Thing resigned & went into hiding after he began to mutate into more hideous form, team vs Headlok & Griffin (West Coast Avengers #8-10, 1986); embroiled in conflict between divergent Kang counterparts & Immortus (Avengers #267-269, 1986); combined rosters fought & subdued rogue Hulk, Hulk re-merged with Bruce Banner by Vision (Incredible Hulk #320-323, 1986); Armadillo, Crossfire & Death Throws captured by Captain America, Hawkeye & Mockingbird (Captain America #316-317, 1986); team’s offers of assistance spurned by S.H.I.E.L.D., vs Razorfist, Shockwave & Zaran (West Coast Avengers #11, 1986); vs Moonstone, Namor sued for past crimes, new Masters of Evil began to form (Avengers #270, 1986); vs Graviton, Quantum, Halflife & Zzzax, Tigra romantically rejected by Wonder Man & Iron Man, Tigra resolved to overcome her darker impulses & played key role in defeating Graviton (West Coast Avengers #12-13, 1986); alongside Paladin, vs small contingent of Baron Helmut Zemo’s new Masters of Evil, captured Grey Gargoyle & Screaming Mimi (Avengers #271, 1986); alongside Alpha Flight, vs Attuma’s Atlantean forces to rescue Marrina, Namor resigned from active duty to aid Marrina (Avengers #272, 1986); played first annual east vs west coast Avengers softball game, framed for treason by insane Quicksilver, captured by Freedom Force & imprisoned in Vault, freed by new Spider-Woman/Julia Carpenter, defeated Quicksilver & his android Zodiac allies, cleared their names, shamed Quicksilver into relenting (Avengers Annual #15/West Coast Avengers Annual #1, 1986); alongside Hellcat & Hellstorm, vs Allatou, Master Pandemonium & Cat People, helped Tigra finally achieve mental stability (West Coast Avengers #14-15, 1986); learned Spider-Woman was responsible for freeing them from Vault (Iron Man #214, 1987); Avengers Mansion invaded & occupied by Baron Helmut Zemo’s Masters of Evil, Jarvis tortured & Hercules beaten into a coma, alongside Ant-Man, Shroud & Doctor Druid, Avengers defeated Masters & liberated Mansion (Avengers #273-277, 1986-1987); escaped Masters Tiger Shark & Whirlwind captured by Hellcat, Tigra & Pym, Pym demoralized by encounter with Whirlwind & end of his romance with Tigra (West Coast Avengers #16, 1987); tried to recruit Firebird, vs Dominus & his minions, Avengers “Lost in Space-Time” after Dominus sent them into past, Firebird became Espirita, Pym’s attempted suicide interrupted by Espirita, Pym given new hope & new lease on life by Espirita’s counsel, Pym shared brief romance with Espirita, alongside Two-Gun Kid & Rawhide Kid, Avengers vs Old West villains, Mockingbird abducted & violated by Phantom Rider, Mockingbird freed by Two-Gun Kid, Phantom Rider died battling Mockingbird, Avengers returned to own time with aid of Khonshu, Pym, Espirita, Moon Knight & Fantastic Four, Two-Gun declined offer to rejoin, Mockingbird concealed Phantom Rider’s fate from team, Pym rejoined Avengers as scientific adventurer Doctor Pym, Moon Knight became probationary recruit, team defeated Dominus & his minions, Wonder Man’s growing ego became problem for group (West Coast Avengers #17-24, 1987); helped Thor escape Mephisto (Mephisto vs #4, 1987); vs Tyrak, rented temporary office space in Four Freedoms Plaza, She-Hulk rejoined, Wasp stepped down to reserve status, Doctor Druid joined, Captain Marvel elected new leader (Avengers #278-279, 1987); second annual east vs west coast Avengers softball game, Avengers & Silver Surfer manipulated by Collector & Grandmaster, vs Grandmaster’s Legion of the Unliving for the fate of the universe, defeated Grandmaster, entire roster except unofficial member Espirita slain & resurrected (West Coast Avengers Annual #2/Avengers Annual #16, 1987); recovering Jarvis decided to remain in Avengers’ employ (Avengers #280, 1987); conflict with Olympian gods, rejoined by Namor, aided by Venus & other sympathetic gods, made peace with Olympians, Hercules revived from his coma & took up residence on Olympus (Avengers #281-285, 1987); Wonder Man humbled, departure of Espirita (West Coast Avengers #25, 1987); Zodiac crime cartel slaughtered by their android counterparts, Zodiac survivor Taurus/Cornelius Van Lunt helped Avengers vs android Zodiac, Hawkeye & Tigra briefly replaced by android duplicates, android Zodiac rendered inert (West Coast Avengers #26-28, 1987-1988); defeated Defiler (West Coast Avengers #38, 1988); Van Lunt died trying to escape Moon Knight (West Coast Avengers #29, 1988); learned Super-Adaptoid had been posing as Fixer since Masters’ attack on Mansion, rescued Fixer & Mentallo from Adaptoid’s captivity, defeated Super-Adaptoid & his Heavy Metal gang with aid from Machine Man, Marrina, Stingray, Kubik & Captain America as the Captain (Avengers #286-290, 1987-1988); defeated alien Sligs’ Examiner & scared off would-be Slig invasion force (West Coast Avengers #30, 1988); departure of Iron Man, Wonder Man vs Arkon, Mockingbird secretly harassed by Phantom Rider’s ghost (West Coast Avengers #31, 1988); expelled Iron Man for his rogue conduct during “Armor Wars” (Iron Man #229, 1988); rejoined by Wasp, Mockingbird secretly unleashed Yetrigar to distract team from her covert assault on Phantom Rider’s host body Hamilton Slade, team defeated Yetrigar, Mockingbird pulled off Slade by Moon Knight (West Coast Avengers #32, 1988); Doctor Druid mentally manipulated by Terminatrix, Marrina mutated into monstrous Leviathan, Marrina slain by Namor using Black Knight’s ebony blade, Black Knight physically & mentally deteriorated under influence of blade’s blood curse, Captain Marvel rendered powerless & emaciated, Druid mind-controlled team into electing him leader, Terminatrix & Druid mind-controlled Avengers into granting her membership & assisting her search for an ultimate weapon at the heart of the Time Bubble, Druid & Termaintrix lost in time, She-Hulk terribly demoralized, east coast roster disbanded (Avengers #291-297, 1988); Moon Knight awarded full membership, team investigated report of Pym’s first wife Maria still being alive in Hungary, vs People’s Defense Force & their ally Quicksilver, clashed with Kristoff Vernard, Hawkeye estranged from Mockingbird upon learning truth about Phantom Rider’s death, Avengers compelled to hunt Pym by the Voice, Pym found “Maria” seemingly alive, “Maria” neutralized Voice & their other foes, Pym left Avengers to work on curing “Maria” (West Coast Avengers #33-36, 1988); Wasp left Avengers, Moon Knight & Tigra joined Mockingbird in forming a protest splinter group in reaction to Avengers’ ban against killing, Mantis rejoined main western roster (West Coast Avengers #37, 1988); Yellowjacket escaped prison but abandoned plans of revenge against Wasp, developed crush on Black Knight, helped Black Knight defeat her jealous admirer Fixer (Solo Avengers #12, 1988); helped Black Panther defend Wakanda from High Evolutionary’s Sensors while Mockingbird’s group teamed with Giant-Man/Bill Foster to battle High Evolutionary (West Coast Avengers Annual #3, 1988); vs Cotati Swordsman. helped Mantis regain her memory, Mantis left team, Mockingbird’s group parted company with Giant-Man & battled Phantom Rider (West Coast Avengers #39, 1988); Jarvis called in the Captain to help deal with demonic invasion of Manhattan (Avengers #298, 1988); Captain teamed with reservists, inactive members & Yellowjacket to foil High Evolutionary’s attempted mutation of Earth (Avengers Annual #17, 1988); Captain recruited Demolition Man into Avengers, Demolition Man lost during his first mission (Captain America #349, 1989); vs Night Shift (West Coast Avengers #40, 1989); Mockingbird’s group disbanded after banishing evil Phantom Rider’s ghost with the aid of Hellstorm & battling the legions of Seth, modern Phantom Rider reborn as a benevolent force (West Coast Avengers #41, 1989); Captain reformed east coast Avengers alongside Thor & new recruits Gilgamesh, Invisible Woman & Mr. Fantastic, team vs demons & Growing Man, expanded civilian staff hired by Captain America as “Avengers Crew” (Avengers #299-300, 1989); learned Pym’s supposed wife “Maria” was A.I.M. super-agent SODAM, foiled A.I.M.’s Project Brain Drain with covert assistance from Mockingbird (Solo Avengers #14-16, 1989); helped Hawkeye defeat Plantman’s drones (Solo Avengers #18, 1989); purchased Hydrobase, moored it in New York Harbor & rechristened it Avengers Island, alongside Quasar, Firelord & Fantastic Four, both rosters vs Supernova, leadership tensions between Captain America & Mr. Fantastic, Quasar recruited into east coast team (Avengers #301-303/Avengers Annual #18, 1989); held membership tryouts for applicants Blue Shield, Gladiatrix, Mechanaut & Speedball (Captain America #352, 1989); Vision dismantled & mind-wiped by international conspirators with semi-unwitting assist from Mockingbird, Vision rebuilt as pale & emotionless shadow of his former self, Scarlet Witch traumatized, Hawkeye’s leadership undermined by Pym & Wasp, Tigra’s mental health eroded again, Hawkeye resigned from west coast roster after government appointed USAgent to serve as their supervisor, Wonder Man refused to help restore Vision’s mind (West Coast Avengers #42-46, 1989); vs Puma & U-Foes over the fate of Charles Little Sky (Avengers #304, 1989); Hawkeye & Mockingbird renewed their partnership & made tentative effort to reconcile, became mentors to unauthorized Midwestern expansion team known as the Great Lakes Avengers (West Coast Avengers #46, 1989); Firebird’s membership made official, most past & present members agreed to serve as part of a bicoastal on-call roster, vs Lava Men, Gilgamesh gravely injured (Avengers #305-307, 1989); called in Sersi to aid Gilgamesh, alongside Warriors Three, saved Eternals from Blastaar, Gilgamesh retired to Olympia to recover (Avengers #308-310, 1989); Scarlet Witch manipulated by That Which Endures, That Which Endures defeated with aid of Great Lakes Avengers, feral Tigra shrunk after attack on Pym (Avengers West Coast #47-49, 1989); learned long-lost secret origin of Swordsman (Avengers Spotlight #22, 1989); watched Vision on Tonight Show (Avengers Spotlight #23, 1989); revived & recruited original Human Torch (Avengers West Coast #47-49, 1989); original Iron Man rejoined as supposedly new Iron Man, team vs Master Pandemonium & Mephisto, Scarlet Witch’s children seemingly destroyed in clash with Mephisto (Avengers West Coast #51-52, 1989); Wasp & She-Hulk rated male teammates according to attractiveness (Avengers Annual #18, 1989); one of High Evolutionary’s stormtroopers belatedly captured by USAgent & Pym (Avengers Annual #18, 1989); invading Atlanteam armies beaten back by Avengers (Avengers Annual #18, 1989); small contingent of invading Atlantean troops routed by Firebird (Avengers Annual #18, 1989); Scarlet Witch among super-women brainwashed into serving Ghaur as one of Seven Brides of Set, helped resurrect Set despite interference from Avengers (Avengers West Coast Annual #4, 1989); “Acts of Vengeance” conspiracy targeted superhero community in general & Avengers in particular, Vault breakout only partially contained by Hawkeye & Iron Man, Avengers Island sunk by Doctor Doom’s robots, Avengers attacked by random adversaries such as U-Foes, Boomerang, Freedom Force & Awesome Android, Scarlet Witch became delusional under stress of her recent traumas, Captain Marvel restored to active duty, Avengers Park wrecked by Freedom Force (Avengers Spotlight #26-27/Avengers #311-312/Avengers West Coast #53, 1989)
Where Are They Now? See Marvel Legacy: The 1990s Handbook and Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Avengers 2004-2005 & Teams 2005 for further details


First Appearance: Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars #1 (1984)
Significant Issues: "Secret Wars" (Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars #1-12, 1984-1985); Thing remained on Battleworld (Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars #12, 1985); Battleworld destroyed (Thing #22, 1985); full origin of Beyonder revealed (Fantastic Four #319, 1988)
Where Are They Now? No further data available


First Appearance and Origin: West Coast Avengers #2 (1984)
Significant Issues: Vs Avengers (West Coast Avengers #2, 1984); allied with Graviton, thrown into ocean (West Coast Avengers #3, 1984); no trace of body found (West Coast Avengers #4, 1984)
Where Are They Now? No further data available

Captain Hero

First Appearance and Origin: Power Man and Iron Fist #111 (1984)
Significant Issues: Tried to join Heroes for Hire, origin recounted, agreed to be sent to Project: PEGASUS in hopes of curing terminal condition (Power Man and Iron Fist #111, 1984); left for PEGASUS after bonding with Iron Fist & annoying Cage (Power Man and Iron Fist #112, 1984); controlled by Bres, vs Iron Fist, reactivated power supply to Bres’ cell (Power Man and Iron Fist #113, 1985); overheard he would die within three months, fled to New York, found Power Man & Iron Fist dealing with the Beyonder, checked into hospital (Power Man and Iron Fist #121, 1986); illness became critical, Iron Fist tried to heal him & Pym tried to stabilize him, awoke in agony & unintentionally killed Iron Fist, disintegrated in front of Power Man (Power Man and Iron Fist #125, 1986)
Where Are They Now? Revealed to have been Super Skrull (Namor: The Sub-Mariner #25, 1992)

Captain Marvel

First Appearance and Origin: Amazing Spider-Man Annual #16 (1982)
Significant Issues: Became Avengers trainee (Avengers #227, 1983); gained full Avengers status (Avengers #232, 1983); took out small business loan, pacified Lava Men, vs Blackout & Moonstone, test-drove boat (Avengers #236-238, 1983); with Avengers, fought in Beyonder’s Secret Wars (Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars #1-12, 1984-1985); revealed secret identity to her parents (Avengers #246-247, 1984); vs Maelstrom, made peace with Starfox (Avengers #250, 1984); with Avengers, shanghaied into space by Nebula (Avengers #255-260/Avengers Annual #14, 1985); met FBI agent Derek Freeman (Avengers #263, 1986); helped father fight fire in new Orleans (Avengers #264, 1986); shared secret identity with Captain America (Avengers #267, 1986); asked out by Freeman, tested powers with Black Knight (Avengers #271, 1986); with Avengers, vs Zemo’s Masters of Evil (Avengers #274-277, 1986-1987); subdued madman Joshua Lanning, helped Captain America rescue people from Kozak’s Cavern cave-in, became Avengers chair (Avengers #279, 1987); with Avengers, vs Olympians (Avengers #281-285, 1987); rematch with Picaro (Solo Avengers #2, 1988); aided Marie LaVeau (Marvel Fanfare #42, 1989); forced into retirement by injuries (Avengers #293-294, 1988); recovered, joined shipping company, powers regained & altered (Captain Marvel #1, 1989)
Where Are They Now? See Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Avengers 2005 for further details

Chase, O.Z.

First Appearance: Dazzler #38 (1985)
Significant Issues: Captured Wesley Long for armed robbery, hired by Dust to capture Dazzler (Dazzler #38, 1985); captured Dazzler following her fight with Deathgrip (Dazzler #39, 1985); alongside Dazzler, vs Outriders sent by Dust (Dazzler #40, 1985); alongside Dazzler, vs Dust (Dazzler #41, 1986); alongside Beast, rescued Dazzler (Dazzler #42, 1986); framed by Vladimir Zaitsev, freed by Wolverine, assisted Dazzler & Wolverine in pursuit of Zaitsev, learned of X-Men's apparent deaths, mourned Dazzler (Uncanny X-Men #228, 1988)
Where Are They Now? No further data available

Crimson Mage

First Appearance: Ghost Rider #43 (1980)
Origin: Ghost Rider #44 (1980)
Significant Issues: Separated Blaze from Ghost Rider (Ghost Rider #43, 1980); globe shattered by Blaze, died (Ghost Rider #44, 1980); alternate reality Azaziah possessed Ghost Rider & assaulted Vatican, slain by Blaze wielding Sword of Ra-Mon-Beth (What If..? #28, 1981)
Where Are They Now? No further data available


First Appearance: Incredible Hulk #300 (1984)
Significant Issues: Doctor Strange sent Hulk to Crossroads (Incredible Hulk #300, 1984); Hulk encountered Puffball Collective, visited underwater realm & Demolition City (Incredible Hulk #301, 1984); Hulk visited symbiont world (Incredible Hulk Annual #13, 1984); Hulk traveled to Nalee's world, captured by Iron Knights, Nalee destroyed knights, Hulk returned to Crossroads (Incredible Hulk #302-303, 1984-1985); Hulk traveled to Zgorian's world of exile, befriended Zgorian, returned to Crossroads after Zgorian executed to find U-Foes waiting (Incredible Hulk #304, 1985); Hulk trapped U-Foes in hostile worlds (Incredible Hulk #305, 1985); Hulk joined crew of Andromeda pursuing Klaatu across dimensions (Incredible Hulk #306-307, 1985); Puffball Collective tricked Hulk into breaking bonds blocking entry to its homeworld, left Hulk to be killed by N'Garai, Hulk escaped to Crossroads with aid of Goblin, Glow & Guardian, resealed portal (Incredible Hulk #308, 1985); Hulk traveled to Decyst's world (Incredible Hulk #309-311, 1985); Beyonder traveled through Crossroads, diverted energy line from Alpha Flight to snare Hulk (Incredible Hulk #312, 1985); Hulk left Crossroads & returned to Earth, Walter Langkowski's spirit left in Crossroads (Incredible Hulk #313/Alpha Flight #28, 1985); Langowski's mind returned to Earth in Smart Alec's body via Shaman's medicine bag (Alpha Flight #44, 1987); Portal returned U-Foes to Earth (Avengers #304, 1989)
Where Are They Now? Doctor Strange, Aurora & Northstar transited Crossroads en route to Shining Realms (Alpha Flight #86, 1990); Doctor Strange, Northstar, Sersi & Vision used Crossroads' portals to hunt for missing Aurora (Alpha Flight #101, 1991)


First Appearance and Origin: Saga of Crystar: Crystal Warrior #1 (1983)
Significant Issues: Vs Moltar (Saga of Crystar: Crystal Warrior #1, 1983); Ika led Companions to Earth (Saga of Crystar: Crystal Warrior #2-3, 1983); stalemate continued (Saga of Crystar: Crystal Warrior #4-5, 1983); Nightcrawler arrived (Saga of Crystar: Crystal Warrior #6, 1983); Malachon became warrior of Malachite (Saga of Crystar: Crystal Warrior #7, 1984); visited Council of Mages (Saga of Crystar: Crystal Warrior #8-10, 1984); alongside Alpha Flight, Moltar lost powers, Zardeth slain (Saga of Crystar: Crystal Warrior #11, 1984)
Where Are They Now? No further data available

Dark Crawler

First Appearance and Origin: Incredible Hulk #126 (1970)
Significant Issues: Vs Hulk, Dark Dimension destroyed (Incredible Hulk #126, 1970); attempted invasion of Earth (Marvel Fanfare #8, 1983); joined Hulk/Horror-Hunters, vs Galaxy Master (Incredible Hulk #269-270, 1982)
Where Are They Now? Briefly summoned by Yandroth to Earth (Defenders #2, 2001)

Deadly Ernest

First Appearance: Alpha Flight #7 (1984)
Origin: Alpha Flight #8 (1984); Alpha Flight #31 (1986)
Significant Issues: Killed Raymonde Belmonde, kidnapped Aurora, opposed by Northstar, seemingly killed by Nemesis (Alpha Flight #7-8, 1984); corpse reassembled & reanimated by Scramble, opposed by Alpha Flight & Nemesis, seemingly killed by Puck wielding Nemesis’ sword (Alpha Flight #30-31, 1986); Nemesis seemingly returned (Alpha Flight #76, 1989)
Where Are They Now? No further data available


First Appearance and Origin: Marvel Feature #1 (1971)
Significant Issues: Defeated reborn Yandroth (Defenders #119, 1983); liberation of Tunnelworld (Defenders #78-83, 1979-1980); alongside Wasp & Yellowjacket, vs Mandrill & Mutant Force, Nighthawk back in action with new costume (Defenders #78-80, 1979-1980); Nighthawk arrested (Defenders #81, 1980); Hellcat & Valkyrie foiled bank robbery (Defenders #83, 1980); Clea, Hellcat & Valkyrie invited Strange to join them in reforming Defenders, clash between Namor & Black Panther brought Atlantis & Wakanda to brink of war (Defenders #84, 1980); alongside Black Panther, shut down Mandrill’s Wakandan smuggling operation, recovered Wakandan sound absorber (Defenders #85-86, 1980); vs apparently government-backed Mutant Force, investigated by Tribunal, defended at Tribunal hearing by Jack Norriss (Defenders #87, 1980); Kyle regained legal right to operate as Nighthawk, foiled airliner hijacking only to learn he was being indicted for numerous fiscal crimes, Hulk attacked whalers, Hellcat & Valkyrie helped make peace between whalers & Hulk (Defenders #88, 1980); kicked out of Nighthawk’s apartment after authorities seized his assets, attended funeral of Patsy’s mother Dorothy Walker, moved into Walker residence, met Walker residence housekeeper Dolly Donahue, Daredevil captured by Mandrill (Defenders #89, 1980); freed Daredevil, Mandrill turned judge in Kyle’s case against Nighthawk & Defenders, alongside Daredevil, defeated Mandrill with aid from Mandrill’s own parents (Defenders #90-91, 1980-1981); reunited with Son of Satan, helped reintegrate missing pieces of Eternity (Defenders #92, 1981); vs Nebulon, Nighthawk paralyzed (Defenders #93, 1981); vs forces of Six-Fingered Hand, Walker residence destroyed, Hellcat demonically possessed, Gargoyle joined team, Nighthawk regained mobility at night, team briefly allied with Dracula & Ghost Rider, rejoined by Devil-Slayer, encountered Man-Thing, learned Six-Fingered Hand were pawns of arch-demons “Satan”, Mephisto, Satannish & Thog, opposed demons’ creation of “hell on Earth”, Earth & Hellcat restored to normal, Son of Satan left for underworld with his father “Satan” in exchange for leaving Earth in peace (Defenders #94-100, 1981); sought spiritual rejuvenation in wake of demonic conflict, Devil-Slayer befriended junkie Ira “Sunshine” Gross (Defenders #101, 1981); captured by Serpent Men, rescued by Spider-Man (Marvel Team-Up #111, 1981); Nighthawk learned psychic ex-girlfriend Mindy was responsible for his partial paralaysis due to side-effects of covert operative August Masters experimenting on her, tried in vain to expose Masters’ operation (Defenders #102, 1981); attended Captain Marvel’s deathbed & funeral (Marvel Graphic Novel #1/Silver Surfer Annual #6, 1982/1993); vs Null the Living Darkness, contacted by Beast, Nighthawk cleared of criminal charges (Defenders #103, 1982); alongside Earth’s superheroes, abducted by Grandmaster & Death to partake in "Contest of Champions" (Marvel Super Hero Contest of Champions #1-3, 1982); alongside Beast & Wonder Man, vs Ian Fate, Sunshine slain by Fate, Nighthawk & several teammates abducted by Secret Empire, Son of Satan cast out of hell, healed Beast’s near-dead girlfriend Vera Cantor with aid of Mr. Fantastic (Defenders #104-105, 1982); alongside Captain America, vs Secret Empire, Nighthawk seemingly died helping psychics destroy Empire’s base (Captain America #268/Defenders #106, 1982); seeming demise of Valkyrie, funeral for Valkyrie & Nighthawk, alongside Spider-Man, vs Enchantress to resurrect Valkyrie in her true Asgardian form, Earth-712 Nighthawk appeared claiming to be Defenders’ Nighthawk back from the dead (Defenders #107-109, 1982); tricked into battling Avengers by Nebulon & Supernalia (Avengers Annual #11, 1982); Devil-Slayer talked out of his self-destruction by ex-wife Cory & Sunshine's ghost, decided to turn himself in to face punishment for his past crimes (Defenders #110, 1982); Hellcat reunited with her long-lost father, learned she was unrelated to Satan (Defenders #111, 1982); alongside Vision & Scarlet Witch, helped Squadron Supreme of Earth-712 free their world from Null the Living Darkness & its pawn Over-Mind, Over-Mind’s brain taken over by disembodied collective consciousness of the Secret Empire psychics, Nighthawk revealed to be Earth-712 Nighthawk, Defenders returned to Earth, several Defenders temporarily stranded in an absurd realm where they helped end a war between the lands of “Here” & “There” (Defenders #112-115, 1982-1983); explored various personal relationships within their ranks, notably potential romance between Namor & Valkyrie which Namor cut short (Defenders #116, 1983); helped Over-Mind make peace with past lives of his collective consciousness, welcomed Over-Mind into their ranks, friendship restored between Hellcat & Valkyrie (Defenders #117, 1983); among observers when Hulk sought & was granted amnesty (Incredible Hulk #278-279, 1982-1983); Son of Satan clashed with demonic impersonator of himself (Defenders #118, 1983); Son of Satan’s demonic “darksoul” & powers usurped by Miracle Man, Miracle Man defeated by Defenders, “darksoul” cast into a serpent (Defenders #120-121, 1983); romance began between Daimon Hellstrom & Hellcat, Beast adopted Sassafras, Hellcat & Hellstrom left Defenders to get married, founders & Silver Surfer abducted by Elf with a Gun, Iceman joined, Beast began planning to make Defenders more official team (Defenders #122, 1983); alongside Vision & Scarlet Witch, vs Secret Empire agents Cloud, Harridan & Seraph, founders & Surfer taken on a tour of timelines by Elf (Defenders #123, 1983); membership offer turned down by Vision & Scarlet Witch, founders & Surfer informed by Tribunal that they are fated to cause end of world if they remain together (Defenders #124, 1983); founders & Surfer convinced by Tribunal to disband rather than risk causing apocalypse, Angel & Moondragon joined, team defeated Mad Dog & Mutant Force at wedding of Hellcat & Hellstrom, new Defenders formed by Angel, Beast, Gargoyle, Iceman, Moondragon & Valkyrie (New Defenders #125, 1983); argued over team leadership, defeated Leviathan/Edward Cobert (New Defenders #126, 1983); tried to shelter Cloud when she defected from Secret Empire, Cloud abducted by Empire troops, brownstone wrecked during battle (New Defenders #127, 1984); moved into New Mexico headquarters, captured by Secret Empire, defeated Secret Empire with aid of Cloud & Seraph, recruited Cloud, planned renovation of new headquarters, awarded official government clearance (New Defenders #128-130, 1984); alongside Frog-Man, vs Walrus (New Defenders #131, 1984); vs exotic plant spores (New Defenders #132, 1984); helped Cutlass & Typhoon solve a client’s murder (New Defenders #133, 1984); vs Manslaughter, captured him (New Defenders #134, 1984); vs Blowtorch Brand (New Defenders #135, 1984); vs mystic-controlled Gargoyle, freed him (New Defenders #136-137, 1984); installed new holographic security system & high-tech infirmary, appointed Candy Southern team leader (New Defenders #138, 1984); alongside Red Wolf, vs Asgardian trolls, Moondragon freed of her power-dampening headband (New Defenders #139, 1985); encountered controversial mind/spirit manipulator Danny Shepard (New Defenders #140, 1985); Chris Larmouth infected by exotic spores, growth halted by Defenders (New Defenders #141, 1985); alongside Cutlass & Typhoon, Rufus Hackstabber, Hellcat & Daimon Hellstrom, foiled Minerva Bannister’s criminal scheme (New Defenders #148, 1985); vs Adrian Castorp, Moondragon taken over by Dragon of the Moon, team vs Moondragon, Angel blinded, Cloud injured, Moondragon defeated (New Defenders #142-144, 1985); visited by Johnny Blaze & Roxanne Simpson, offered Blaze job as mechanic, Blaze turned it down (New Defenders #145, 1985); defeated Hotspur with aid of Andromeda, confronted by Seraph (New Defenders #146-147, 1985); recruited Andromeda, alongside Seraph, helped restore Cloud’s memories, alongside Seraph & former Cosmic Cube, vs Star Thief (New Defenders #149-150, 1985); menaced by would-be member Manslaughter, subdued Manslaughter with aid of Interloper, recruited Interloper & Manslaughter for final battle with Moondragon/Dragon of the Moon, Beyonder gave Moondragin further power, Angel’s sight restored, Moondragon freed from Dragon’s influence, Dragon seemingly destroyed, Moondragon, Valkyrie, Gargoyle, Andromeda, Interloper & Manslaughter seemingly slain (New Defenders #151-152, 1986)
Where Are They Now? See Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Teams 2005 for further details


First Appearance: Nick Fury Vs. S.H.I.E.L.D. #1 (1988)
Origin: Nick Fury Vs. S.H.I.E.L.D. #6 (1988)
Significant Issues: Used Fury Life Model Decoy in attempt to steal Stark's Iron Man armor (Iron Man #174-175, 1983); ordered apprehension of She-Hulk (Marvel Graphic Novel #16, 1985); began Quartermain's assignment to capture Hulk (Incredible Hulk #315, 1986); sent Shockwave, Zaran & Razor-Fist after Avengers (West Coast Avengers #11, 1986); revealed to be replacing agents, manipulated S.H.I.E.L.D., Hydra, A.I.M. & Roxxon, destroyed (Nick Fury Vs. S.H.I.E.L.D. #1-6, 1988)
Where Are They Now? Claimed to be deception engineered by Baron Strucker (Fury #1, 1994)


First Appearance and Origin: DP7 #1 (1986)
Significant Issues: Met at Clinic, went on the run (DP7 #1, 1986); vs Clinic's bounty hunters (DP7 #2-3, 1986-1987); Dave suspected as Wompus (DP7 #4, 1987); vs Kickers, Inc. (Kickers, Inc. #5, 1987); visited exorcist (DP7 #5, 1987); all but Dave captured by Clinic (DP7 #6-9, 1987); Dave met Woodsman, ESPeople (DP7 #10-11, 1987); Voigt defeated (DP7 #12, 1987); new management at Clinic, factions formed, riot averted (DP7 #13-17, 1987-1988); investigated Pitt, met Jenny Swensen (DP7 #18-20, 1988); Clinic shut down (DP7 #21, 1988); Landers, O'Brien & Walters drafted (DP7 #22, 1988); encountered Psi-Force (DP7 #23, 1988); Dave attempted suicide (DP7 #24, 1988); Fenzel killed on C.I.A. mission (DP7 #26, 1988); Landers & O'Brien went AWOL (DP7 #27, 1989); Voigt ran for president (DP7 #28, 1989); attacked by Deadweight (DP7 #29, 1989); met Captain Manhattan (DP7 #30, 1989); Scuzz revealed to be White Eventist (DP7 #31, 1989); Mullaney, Scuzz & Sorenson cured (DP7 #32, 1989)
Where Are They Now? Met Quasar (Quasar #31, 1992); Swensen & Captain Manhattan defended their world against Starblasters (Quasar #56-57/Starblast #4, 1994)

Ember, Holly-Ann

First Appearance: Marvel Graphic Novel #16 (1985)
Significant Issues: Town sealed by A.I.M., summoned She-Hulk, Storm, Tigra & Wasp, learned she had powers (Marvel Graphic Novel #16, 1985)
Where Are They Now? No further data available

Fantastic Four

First Appearance and Origin: Fantastic Four #1 (1961)
Significant Issues: Dr. Sun's takeover of Baxter Building thwarted (Fantastic Four #217, 1980); overcame Doctor Doom in Liddleville (Fantastic Four #236, 1981); helped Inhumans move Attilan (Fantastic Four #240, 1982); vs Galactus, lost Frankie Raye to him as his new herald (Fantastic Four #242-244, 1982); forced to help Doom reclaim Latveria (Fantastic Four #246-247, 1982); lost in Negative Zone (Fantastic Four #251-256, 1983); Reed tried by Shi'ar (Fantastic Four #261-262, 1983-1984); Thing remained on Battleworld, replaced by She-Hulk (Marvel Super-Heroes Secret Wars #12, 1985); Susan miscarried second child (Fantastic Four #267, 1984); discovered Nathaniel Richards on Other-Earth (Fantastic Four #272-273, 1984); Baxter Building destroyed by Kristoff Vernard (Fantastic Four #278-279, 1985); Sue became Malice, had revenge on Psycho-Man (Fantastic Four #280-283, 1985); investigated Central City (Fantastic Four #293-295, 1986); Thing returned to team (Fantastic Four #296, 1986); wedding of Human Torch & Alicia Masters (Fantastic Four #300, 1987); Thing made leader, recruited Crystal & Ms. Marvel/Sharon Ventura (Fantastic Four #306, 1987); Thing & Ms. Marvel mutated (Fantastic Four #310-311, 1988); Thing lost powers (Fantastic Four #326, 1989)
Where Are They Now? See Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Fantastic Four 2005 & Teams 2005 for further details

Followers of the Light

First Appearance and Origin: Shogun Warriors #1 (1979)
Significant Issues: Recruited Carson, Odashu & Savage, had trio pilot Raydeen into battle with Rok-Korr (Shogun Warriors #1, 1979); assigned Raydeen to Carson, Combatra to Odashu & Dangard Ace to Savage, Shoguns battled & destroyed Rok-Korr (Shogun Warriors #2-3, 1979); agents bonded with each other, Savage’s background revealed, weeks of further training for agents, mechanical Mech-Monster created by Maur-Kon’s techno-mages & accidentally transformed into living sorcerous creature after Magar tried to destroy it, Mech-Monster attacked city of Metrox, Mech-Monster vs Shoguns, Genji captured by Myndai & Combatra commandeered by Maur-Kon, Mech-Monster destroyed by Shoguns, Maur-Kon vs Shoguns, Myndai defeated & base destroyed, Combatra recovered, Shogun training complete, Deena James troubled by Carson’s disappearance (Shogun Warriors #4-6, 1979); Agents outfitted with communications pendants & allowed to return to their civilian lives, Carson reunited with Deena James, Savage reunited with Judith Johns & other colleagues at the Oceanography Research Center, Odashu returned plane & reunited with friend & Japan Airlines coworker Kosei Ono, Odashu under suspicion because of disappearing with prototype plane, Carson shared secret of Shoguns with James, Carson/Raydeen & James vs Cerberus, Odashu arrested, romance between Savage & Johns, Savage/Dangard Ace & Johns vs Starchild, Odashu refused to explain her disappearance at formal hearing, Carson & James harassed by Drones posing as “men in black”, Odashu’s hearing interrupted by attacking Hand of Five, Savage dissuaded mob of angry locals from wrecking his center, Odashu/Combatra vs Hand of Five, Odashu left Japan & said goodbye to Ono (Shogun Warriors #7-11, 1979); homeless Odashu unwittingly made James jealous by moving in with Carson, Shoguns smashed meteor menacing Earth, Shoguns defeated forces of Doctor Demonicus & delivered him into S.H.I.E.L.D. custody (Shogun Warriors #12-14, 1980); Sanctuary attacked by Yakuza, Shoguns & Followers defeated & mind-wiped Yakuza (Shogun Warriors #15, 1980); Agents & James attacked & stripped of pendants by “men in black” drones, drones routed by Carson/Raydeen, Followers slain & Sanctuary destroyed by alien representing forces determined to strip Earth of advanced technology, alien destroyed by Shoguns (Shogun Warriors #16, 1980); Dangard Ace now based in underwater cavern near Savage’s center, Raydeen based in hills near Carson’s house, Combatra based in modified abandoned building in San Francisco, Combatra accidentally activated by young Enrique Velez & driven wild, Combatra subdued by Raydeen & Enrique safely returned to his parents (Shogun Warriors #17, 1980); Dangard Ace scuttled illegal whaling vessel, Raydeen & Dangard Ace defeated Primal One's agent Megatron (Shogun Warriors #18, 1980); Primal One aided reluctantly by Captain Cymell of Starcruiser Nightwind, Shoguns & Fantastic Four teamed up to save Manhattan from Gigantauron robot animated by Primal One (Shogun Warriors #19, 1980); alongside Fantastic Four, Agents defeated Primal One & exposed him as Maur-Kon, Maur-Kon’s Drones freed from his control, Maur-Kon taken into custody by Cymell (Shogun Warriors #20, 1980); Sanctuary raided by explorer who used its spare parts to create giant Samurai Destroyer robot, Shogun robots wrecked by Samurai Destroyer, Samurai Destroyer’s crime spree opposed by Agents of the Light & Fantastic Four, explorer captured & Samurai Destroyer wrecked, Agents disbanded to resume their civilian lives (Fantastic Four #226, 1981); Odashu reportedly hired by Avengers as one of Avengers Crew pilots (Avengers #300, 1989)
Where Are They Now? Samurai Destroyer pilot identified as Bill McLaughlin (Marvel Encyclopedia Vol. 6: Fantastic Four, 2004)


First Appearance: Amazing Spider-Man #208 (1980)
Significant Issues: Born when Pinky Fusser merged with brother Hubert saving him from particle accelerator, controlled by Hubert & sought greater power, vs Spider-Man, with Spider-Man’s help, Pinky forced separation knocking both brothers unconscious (Amazing Spider-Man #208, 1980); studied at Project: PEGASUS (Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Deluxe Edition #10, 1985)
Where Are They Now? Revealed to be prisoner on Stranger’s world, freed by Over-Mind (Quasar #14, 1990); alongside other prisoners, vs Quasar & Squadron Supreme (Quasar #16, 1990); alongside other prisoners, escaped Stranger’s world, guided by Quasar to landing in Siberia (Quasar #20, 1991)

Generic Super-Hero

First Appearance: Generic Comic #1 (1984)
Significant Issues: Super-villain fight, healthy dose of daily angst (Generic Comic #1, 1984)
Where Are They Now? No further data available


First Appearance: (Mentioned) Beauty and the Beast #1 (1984); (seen) Beauty and the Beast #2 (1985)
Significant Issues: Alexander Flynn & Hugo Longride convinced Dazzler to join the Gladiators, Beast successfully freed her from their control (Beauty and the Beast #1-4, 1984-1985); Shadow King took over Gladiators & forced Sunspot & Magma to join them (New Mutants #28-31, 1985); Shadow King used enslaved New Mutants to kill several Gladiator guards (New Mutants #32, 1985)
Where Are They Now? Axe incarcerated in superprison the Cage, joined Brothers gang (Wolverine #164-165, 2001)

Hercules of the 24th Century

First Appearance: Hercules: Prince of Power #1 (1982)
Significant Issues: Banished from Olympus by Zeus, traveled into space, given Recorder by Colonizers of Rigel, visited Starharbor, rescued passengers of crashed Pedalo Crest (Hercules: Prince of Power #1, 1982); scammed by Clide & Alpo, rescued Layana Sweetwater (Hercules: Prince of Power #2, 1982); stopped Kawa from sacrificing Ciegrim-7 to Galactus (Hercules: Prince of Power #3, 1982); convinced Galactus to spare Ciegrim-7 (Hercules: Prince of Power #4, 1982); Layana gave birth to Arimathes, raised him to conquer Wilameans system (Marvel Graphic Novel: Hercules - Full Circle, 1988); after death of Commander Malin, left Omacron Star Cavalry, visited Deniciere, met Skyppi, Zeus began killing Olympians (Hercules: Prince of Power #1, 1984); alongside Skyppi & Recorder, encountered Red Wolf on Philord station, Zeus withdrew immortality from surviving Olympians (Hercules: Prince of Power #2, 1984); en route to Earth, stopped at Titan to bid dying Apollo farewell, vs Last Disciple of Thanos (Hercules: Prince of Power #3, 1984); vs Zeus on Mount Olympus, proved worthy, chose to found new race of gods (Hercules: Prince of Power #4, 1984); helped Skyppi scam Bomv Crater Café patrons (Marvel Tales #197, 1987); discovered his son by Layana, reconciled with Arimathes, taught him humility (Marvel Graphic Novel: Hercules - Full Circle, 1988)
Where Are They Now? Targeted for assassination by Layana (Marvel Comics Presents #39-41, 1990)

Heroes For Hire

First Appearance: (Hero for Hire) Luke Cage: Hero for Hire #1 (1972); (Heroes for Hire, Inc.) Power Man and Iron Fist #54 (1978)
Significant Issues: Hero for Hire founded by Luke Cage, vs Diamondback (Luke Cage: Hero for Hire #1-2, 1972); vs Gideon Mace (Luke Cage: Hero for Hire #3, 1972); vs Phantom of 42nd Street (Luke Cage: Hero for Hire #4, 1972); vs Black Mariah (Luke Cage: Hero for Hire #5, 1973); vs Robert Forsythe's robots (Luke Cage: Hero for Hire #6, 1973); vs unidentified ex-government operative (Luke Cage: Hero for Hire #7, 1973); observed confrontation between Fantastic Four & Thundra (Fantastic Four #133, 1973); vs robot rebels for Doctor Doom, pursued Doom to Latveria for fee (Luke Cage: Hero for Hire #8-9, 1973); vs Senor Suerte (Luke Cage: Hero for Hire #10-11, 1973); vs Spider-Man on behalf of J. Jonah Jameson (Amazing Spider-Man #123, 1973); vs Chemistro (Luke Cage: Hero for Hire #12, 1973); vs Lionfang (Luke Cage: Hero for Hire #12, 1973); met Big Ben Donovan (Luke Cage: Hero for Hire #13, 1973); vs mystic forces unleashed by Dormammu (Avengers #118, 1973); vs Shades & Comanche (Luke Cage: Hero for Hire #14, 1973); vs Chemistro (Luke Cage: Hero for Hire #15, 1973); vs Stiletto (Luke Cage: Hero for Hire #16, 1973); turned down job offer from Kinji Obatu (Iron Man #65, 1973); manipulated into fighting Iron Man, took name of Power Man (Luke Cage: Power Man #17, 1974); vs Steeplejack (Luke Cage: Power Man #18, 1974); vs Cottonmouth (Luke Cage: Power Man #19-20, 1974); vs criminal user of Power Man name (Luke Cage: Power Man #21, 1974); vs Stiletto & Discus (Luke Cage: Power Man #22, 1974); with Defenders, vs Wrecking Crew (Defenders #17-19, 1974-1975); vs Gideon Mace in California (Luke Cage: Power Man #23, 1975); alongside Black Goliath, vs Circus of Crime (Luke Cage: Power Man #24-25, 1975); with Defenders, vs Sons of the Serpent (Defenders #24-25, 1975); manipulated into fighting Janos Trevorik (Luke Cage: Power Man #26, 1975); vs X the Marvel (Luke Cage: Power Man #27, 1975); vs "Cockroach" Hamilton (Luke Cage: Power Man #28, 1975); vs Mister Fish (Luke Cage: Power Man #29, 1976); vs "Piranha" Jones (Luke Cage: Power Man #30-31, 1976); alongside Thing, vs Braggadoom (Marvel Two-in-One #13, 1976); replaced Thing as member of Fantastic Four, with Fantastic Four, vs Puppet Master (Fantastic Four #168-170, 1976); vs Wildfire (Luke Cage: Power Man #32, 1976); vs Spear & Mangler (Luke Cage: Power Man #33-35, 1976); with Defenders, vs Plantman (Defenders #37, 1976); with Defenders, vs Nebulon (Defenders #38, 1976); with Defenders, vs possessed Clea (Defenders #39, 1976); with Defenders, vs Assassin (Defenders #40, 1976); with Defenders, vs Headmen (Defenders Annual #1, 1976); with Defenders, vs Egghead's Emissaries of Evil (Defenders #42-43, 1976-1977); with Defenders, vs Red Rajah (Defenders #44-45, 1977); left Defenders (Defenders #46, 1977); vs Moses Magnum (Luke Cage: Power Man Annual #1, 1976); vs second Chemistro (Luke Cage: Power Man #36-38, 1976); vs Baron & Big Brother (Luke Cage: Power Man #39-40, 1977); alongside Thunderbolt, vs Goldbug (Luke Cage: Power Man #41-42, 1977); vs Gideon Mace (Luke Cage: Power Man #43-46, 1977); vs Zzzax (Luke Cage: Power Man #47, 1977); extorted into working for Bushmaster, teamed with Iron Fist, acquired proof of innocence (Luke Cage: Power Man #48-49, 1977-1978); found innocent of charges, vs Stiletto & Discus, took job with Nightwing Restorations (Power Man and Iron Fist #50, 1978); alongside Iron Fist, vs Nightshade's robots (Power Man and Iron Fist #51-53, 1978); helped Spider-Man rescue fire victims (Marvel Team-Up #75, 1978); alongside Iron Fist, vs Incinerator, became partners with Iron Fist in Heroes for Hire (Power Man and Iron Fist #54, 1978); vs Bull's gang (Power Man and Iron Fist #55, 1979); telephoned Misty Knight in Japan (X-Men #118, 1979); alongside X-Men, vs Living Monolith (Power Man and Iron Fist #56-57, 1979); alongside Misty Knight, aided Storm against drug users (X-Men #122, 1979); encountered el Aguila (Power Man and Iron Fist #58, 1979); investigated bombing by Halwani expatriates (Power Man and Iron Fist #59-60, 1979); took Goldbug into custody (Incredible Hulk #243, 1980); alongside Thunderbolt, vs Caesar Cicero's Maggia forces (Power Man and Iron Fist #61-62, 1980); visited Daredevil in hospital (Daredevil #164, 1980); vs Senor Suerte (Power Man and Iron Fist #63-64, 1980); alongside Hulk & Machine Man, vs Nightshade (Marvel Team-Up Annual #3, 1980); investigated thefts at Jeryn Hogarth's Aerie, encountered el Aguila (Power Man and Iron Fist #65, 1980); vs Sabretooth & Constrictor (Power Man and Iron Fist #66, 1980); rescued Bursteins from Bushmaster, Power Man temporarily lost powers, vs Arthur Nagan (Power Man and Iron Fist #67-68, 1981); vs Colonel Eschat (Power Man and Iron Fist #69, 1981); vs Hulk, stopped fashion thieves (Marvel Team-Up #105, 1981); vs el Supremo (Power Man and Iron Fist #70, 1981); vs Montenegro (Power Man and Iron Fist #71, 1981); vs Chaka & Golden Tigers (Power Man and Iron Fist #72, 1981); alongside Spider-Man, Moon Knight, & Daredevil, vs Purple Man (Marvel Team-Up Annual #4, 1981); encountered Rom, vs Dire Wraiths (Power Man and Iron Fist #73/Rom #23, 1981); vs Ninja, traveled to K'un-Lun (Power Man and Iron Fist #74-75, 1981); separately vs Warhawk & unidentified vampire (Power Man and Iron Fist #76, 1981); hired by Foggy Nelson, encountered Boris & Ninotchka (Daredevil #178/Power Man and Iron Fist #77, 1982); alongside el Aguila, vs Sabretooth & Constrictor (Power Man and Iron Fist #78, 1982); vs Dredlox with aid from Professor Gamble (Power Man and Iron Fist #79, 1982); vs Montenegro (Power Man and Iron Fist #80, 1982); intervened in conflict between Halwan & Murkatesh (Power Man and Iron Fist #81-82, 1982); visited Captain Marvel's deathbed (Marvel Graphic Novel #1, 1982); alongside Spider-Man & Storm, Power Man vs Smokescreen (Spider-Man, Storm and Power Man, 1982); alongside other heroes, Power Man vs Enchantress (Defenders #107, 1982); attended Dazzler’s live concert (Dazzler #21, 1982); hired by Dazzler, vs Flame (Dazzler #23-24, 1983); vs Warhawk (Power Man and Iron Fist #83, 1982); abducted by Grandmaster for "contest of champions" with Death (Marvel Super Hero Contest of Champions #1-3, 1982); supported Hulk's amnesty (Incredible Hulk #278-279, 1982-1983); vs Sabretooth & Constrictor (Power Man and Iron Fist #84, 1982); vs Mole Man (Power Man and Iron Fist #85, 1982); vs Goldeneye (Power Man and Iron Fist #86, 1982); vs Commodore Planet, rescued Moon Knight (Power Man and Iron Fist #87, 1982); alongside Thing, helped Jeff Mann (Marvel Two-in-One #94, 1982); vs Scimitar & Black Mariah (Power Man and Iron Fist #88, 1982); vs Major Hosiah Hawkins' mercenaries (Power Man and Iron Fist #89, 1983); vs Unus (Power Man and Iron Fist #90, 1983); vs Stoneface, manipulated by Vienna (Power Man and Iron Fist #91, 1983); alongside Son of Satan, Power Man vs Sons of Satannish (Marvel Team-Up #126, 1983); guarded Hammerhead during prison transfer (Power Man and Iron Fist #92, 1983); vs third Chemistro (Power Man and Iron Fist #93-96, 1983); vs Master Khan's forces (Power Man and Iron Fist #97-100, 1983); vs Impasse (Power Man and Iron Fist #101, 1984); alongside Vision & Scarlet Witch, vs Cult of Zor (Power Man and Iron Fist #102, 1984); forwarded assignment to Iron Man/James Rhodes (Iron Man #177, 1983); took evening walk (Daredevil #207, 1984); vs Doombringer (Power Man and Iron Fist #103-104, 1984); stopped bombing of Madison Square Garden despite Crime-Buster's interference (Power Man and Iron Fist #105, 1984); vs Whirlwind (Power Man and Iron Fist #106, 1984); vs Hammer of Judgment (Power Man and Iron Fist #107, 1984); vs Firebolt (Power Man and Iron Fist #108, 1984); vs Reaper (Power Man and Iron Fist #109, 1984); alongside other heroes, vs Hulk (Incredible Hulk #300, 1984); vs Nightshade's forces while escorting Millie Hogarth (Power Man and Iron Fist #110, 1984); first encountered Captain Hero (Power Man and Iron Fist #111, 1984); Power Man vs Control 7 on behalf of S.M.I.L.E. (Power Man and Iron Fist #112, 1984); Iron Fist vs Bres at Project: PEGASUS (Power Man and Iron Fist #113, 1985); tricked by S.M.I.L.E. into taking contract with CCI (Power Man and Iron Fist #114, 1985); pulled forward in time by Beyonder (Secret Wars II #2, 1985); encountered Stanley Lumus (Power Man and Iron Fist #115-116, 1985); vs John Lumus, Iron Fist lost protection from radiation poisoning (Power Man and Iron Fist #117, 1985); alongside other heroes, Power Man vs Purple Man & Doctor Doom (Marvel Graphic Novel #27, 1987); traveled to K'un-Lun to heal Iron Fist (Power Man and Iron Fist #118-120, 1985); encountered Beyonder & Captain Hero (Power Man and Iron Fist #121, 1986); Power Man confronted Tyrone King over relationship with Misty Knight (Power Man and Iron Fist #122, 1986); alongside other heroes, confronted Beyonder (Secret Wars II #9, 1986); alongside Vision, Scarlet Witch, & Quicksilver, Power Man vs Cult of Zor (Vision and The Scarlet Witch #8, 1986); alongside Falcon & Tyrone King, Power Man vs Glowworm (Power Man and Iron Fist #123, 1986); Power Man arranged meeting with false sensei in effort to help Iron Fist (Power Man and Iron Fist #124, 1986); dissolved partnership, vs John Lumus, Iron Fist seemingly slain, Power Man on run (Power Man and Iron Fist #125, 1986)
Where Are They Now? See Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Teams 2005 & Marvel Knights 2005 for further details

Iron Man

First Appearance and Origin: Tales of Suspense #39 (1963)
Significant Issues: Succumbed to alcoholism, allowed Rhodes to assume Iron Man identity (Iron Man #169-170, 1983); lost Stark International to Obadiah Stane (Iron Man #173, 1983); death of Gretl Anders, resolved to repair his life (Iron Man #182, 1984); resumed Iron Man identity, defeated Stane (Iron Man #200, 1985); waged “Armor Wars,” expelled from Avengers, faked his death (Iron Man #225-230, 1987-1988); designed new Iron Man armor (Iron Man #231, 1988); shot by Kathy Dare (Iron Man #242, 1989); returned to Avengers (Avengers West Coast #51, 1989); received chip implant (Iron Man #248, 1989)
Where Are They Now? See Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Avengers 2004 for further details

Lady Daemon

First Appearance and Origin: Bizarre Adventures #25 (1981)
Significant Issues: With Ian, opposed sister Alisabeth’s plot to summon demons of Outer Dark aboard Hindenburg (Bizarre Adventures #25, 1981)
Where Are They Now? No further data available

London, Lois

First Appearance: Dazzler #21 (1982)
Origin: Dazzler #21 (1982); Dazzler #26 (1983)
Significant Issues: Met sister (Dazzler #22, 1982); learned Alison was mutant (Dazzler #23, 1983); alongside Dazzler, attacked by Rogue, met Power Man & Iron Fist (Dazzler #24, 1983); mutant powers surfaced, killed derelict “Ol’ Slimey”, went on run with Alison, accidentally killed cat with powers, Project: Wideawake Mutant-Hunters in pursuit (Dazzler #26, 1983); arrived in L.A., blackmailed by Napier, reunited with father (Dazzler 27, 1983); witnessed Dazzler's clash with Rogue (Dazzler #28, 1983); expressed fears about father (Dazzler #29, 1983); decided to stay with father (Dazzler #30, 1984)
Where Are They Now? No further data available


First Appearance: Longshot #1 (1985)
Origin: Longshot #1-6 (1985)
Significant Issues: Fled from rebel hunters on Earth (Longshot #1, 1985), encountered Ricochet Rita (Longshot #2, 1985); alongside X-Men, de-aged, opposed Mojo (X-Men Annual #10, 1986); having joined X-Men, tended to wounded Morlocks & X-Men during Marauders' massacre of Morlocks (Uncanny X-Men #215, 1987); alongside Dazzler & Psylocke, vs Juggernaut in Edinburgh, Scotland (Uncanny X-Men #218, 1987); with X-Men, opposed Horde (X-Men Annual #11, 1987); with X-Men, vs Marauders in San Francisco (Uncanny X-Men #221, 1987); with X-Men, chose to sacrifice life to banish Adversary in Dallas, subsequently resurrected by Roma (Uncanny X-Men #227, 1988); with X-Men, vs Reavers in outback Australia, adopted Reavers' base as their own (Uncanny X-Men #229, 1988); provided psychometric reading of Reavers’ treasure cave objects, with X-Men, returned stolen goods to owners (Uncanny X-Men #230, 1988); with X-Men, vs Harry Palmer & Brood-transformed mutant gang in Denver (Uncanny X-Men #232-234, 1988); with X-Men, visited Genosha to rescue Wolverine, Rogue & Madelyne Pryor (Uncanny X-Men #237-238, 1988); with X-Men, faced demonic invasion of Manhattan, became tainted by demonic influence (Uncanny X-Men #240-243/X-Factor #38, 1989); stood alone against Mister Sinister, stalled him to enable Cyclops to finish battle (X-Factor #39, 1989); recovered from demonic corruption, helped prevent alien invasion by charming Cosmic Cutie Commandos (Uncanny X-Men #245, 1989); with X-Men, vs Serpent Society (X-Men Annual #13, 1989); with X-Men, vs merged Master Mold/Nimrod, witnessed Rogue pulled into Siege Perilous portal (Uncanny X-Men #247, 1989); felt incomplete being amnesiac, faded away (Uncanny X-Men #248, 1989)
Where Are They Now? Reappeared in Mojoverse, alongside Dazzler, continued slave rebellion (X-Men #5-7, 1992); alongside X-Men & Dazzler, forced to perform in Mojo's "Wizard of Oz" parody (X-Men #10, 1992); seemingly killed Mojo, Xavier announced Dazzler's pregnancy with his baby, Mojo II assumed control of Mojoverse (X-Men #11, 1992); alongside no longer pregnant Dazzler, led new rebellion against Mojo II, successfully overthrew him (Marvel Fanfare #4-5, 1996); future Longshot led X-Force to rescue Cable & Shatterstar (X-Force #60-61, 1996); adventured in Kansas with little girl Betty & Nutt the elf against despairing Thingee creature (Longshot #1, 1997); led another Mojoverse rebellion (Exiles #18-19, 2001); traded to Exiles by Mojo in return for rights to Multiverse broadcasts (Exiles #74, 2006)


First Appearance: (As Harrisyn Turk) Creatures on the Loose #35 (1975); (as Arisen Tyrk) Marvel Premiere #46 (1979); (as Lunatik) Defenders #51 (1977); (as Harrison Turk) Defenders #52 (1977); (as Nilffim Riders) Defenders #71 (1979)
Origin: Creatures on the Loose #35 (1975); Defenders #71 (1979)
Significant Issues: Vs Man-Wolf, sought Godstone (Creatures on the Loose #35-37, 1975); defeated by Man-Wolf (Marvel Premiere #45-46, 1978, 1979); Lunatik first seen, Harrison Turk introduced (Defenders #51-53, 1977); vs Valkyrie (Defenders #55-56, 1978); vs Defenders & Spider-Man (Defenders #61, 1978); Turk interacted with Defenders (Defenders #64-65, 1978); Lunatiks defeated by Defenders (Defenders #70, 1979); aspects reunited in Tunnelworld, reformed, vs Unnameable, left with Xhoohx (Defenders #71-73, 1979)
Where Are They Now? Another Lunatik murdered by cosmic mercenary Lunatik (Lunatik #1, 1995)


First Appearance: Hulk Comic #45 (1980)
Significant Issues: Nethergod involvement with empowering Mordred revealed (Hulk Comic #41, 1979); Nethergod involvement in Reaver’s origins revealed (Hulk Comic #32, 1979); Nethergod involvement in Reaver’s origins revealed (Hulk Comic #34, 1979); sent Ashtoroth to destroy Black Knight (Hulk Comic #45, 1980); appeared as Caradoc to dishearten Camelot’s defenders (Hulk Comic #55, 1980); led assault on Camelot, fought Arthur & Black Knight, killed but took Camelot with him (Hulk Comic #60-63, 1980)
Where Are They Now? No further data available

New Mutants

First Appearance and Origin: Marvel Graphic Novel #4 (1982)
Significant Issues: Met Cloak & Dagger (Marvel Team-Up Annual #6, 1983); Karma presumed killed (New Mutants #6-7, 1983); visited Nova Roma, recruited Amara as Magma (New Mutants #8-12, 1983-1984); met Doug Ramsey & Illyana Rasputin (New Mutants #13-14, 1984); met Micronauts (X-Men and the Micronauts #1-4, 1984); vs Hellions (New Mutants #15-17, 1984); vs Demon Bear, welcomed Warlock to team (New Mutants #18-21, 1984); met Lila Cheney (New Mutants Annual #1, 1984); alongside Rom, vs Hybrid (Rom Annual #3, 1984); opposed Legion (New Mutants #26-28, 1985); vs Shadow King-possessed Karma & Gladiators (New Mutants #29-34, 1985); alongside Storm, kidnapped to Asgard, opposed Loki (New Mutants Special Edition #1/Uncanny X-Men Annual #9, 1985); Magneto appointed by Xavier as new headmaster of school (New Mutants #35, 1986); killed by Beyonder, resurrected & briefly joined Hellions (New Mutants #36-40, 1986); after X-Men de-aged, declared themselves X-Men to oppose Mojo (New Mutants Annual #2/Uncanny X-Men Annual #10, 1986); vs Magus, time-traveled (New Mutants #46-50, 1986-1987); Warlock vs Impossible Man (New Mutants Annual #3, 1987); aided Bird Boy, vs Animus, Cypher killed (New Mutants #55-60, 1987-1988); vs Freedom Force & Forge, Magik’s doom foretold (New Mutants #65-66, 1988); Lila Cheney kidnapped by Spyder, Gosamyr joined (New Mutants #66-70, 1988-1989); vs demons during demonic invasion of Manhattan, Magik reverted to childhood (New Mutants #71-73, 1989); moved in with X-Factor, team merged with X-Terminators (New Mutants #76, 1989); traveled to Asgard (New Mutants #77, 1989)
Where Are They Now? See Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Teams 2005 for further details


First Appearance and Origin: Nightmask #1 (1986)
Significant Issues: 7/22-24/1986: White Event, revived from coma, entered assassin’s dreams, encountered Gnome who narrowly escaped dream (Nightmask #1, 1986); 8/17/1986: discovered secret of why Henry Salinger didn’t want Presidential Lifetime Humanitarian award (Nightmask #2, 1986); 8/28/1986: helped old high school friend Dan Brody overcome drug addiction (Nightmask #3, 1987); 11/20-24/1986: assisted Mr. Steel in realizing he couldn’t control everything in his life, resisted Gnome’s agent Mistress Midnight’s assaults, overwhelmed her with combined dreams of others, Mistress Midnight gained contact with Teddy’s dream (Nightmask #4, 1987); 1/17/1987: reluctantly forced mob accountant Peter Barron to accept his wife & daughter’s deaths & stop living in dreamworld (Nightmask #5, 1987); 2/20/1987: Keith & Teddy helped expose David Greyfox’s drugging of his father, Teddy forced to kill David when he threatened them with a gun (Nightmask #6, 1987); helped Lita’s brother Frank with street gang & illiteracy problems (Nightmask #7, 1987); encountered dreams of drug dealer whose brother had been killed by Justice, stalked in dreams by Justice until came to terms with guilt over parents’ deaths (Nightmask #8, 1987); fantasies about Lita exposed (Nightmask #9, 1987); helped Angie Saltzberg overcome fear of driving, alongside Lucian, Keith & Teddy traveled to New Orleans for conference, Lucian captured & replaced by his voodoo practicing brother Tullius (Nightmask #10, 1987); Martine exposed Tullius’ to Keith, Tullus kidnapped Teddy & brought her to Haiti (Nightmask #11, 1987); Keith confronted & overcame Tullius with help from Mambo Matilda (Nightmask #12, 1987); helped Ken Connell overcome feelings of guilt for being unable to help radiation-poisoned Tad Selby (Star Brand #9, 1987); entered dreams of Justice, caught up in Daedalus Darquill’s “Far Place” false reality, escaped & revealed truth to Justice (Justice #15, 1988); 12/22/1987: destruction of Pittsburgh while within dreams of empath Hilary James, Teddy sent into coma, Nightmask persona destabilized (Star Brand #12/The Pitt/The Draft/Star Brand #17, 1988/1989); January 28, 1988: drafted into U.S. military, forced to psychologically examine other paranormals (The Draft #1, 1988); examined Thomas Boyd/Stalker (Psi-Force #22, 1988); examined Jeff Walters/Blur (DP7 #22, 1988); evaluated Sgt. Haldeman & Harlan Mook (The Draft #1, 1988); 4/21/1988: evaluated Randy O’Brien/Antibody & Dave Landers/Mastodon (DP7 #23, 1988); Nightmask pulled into psychic cube implanted with Dave Landers by ESPeople, Keith vanished (DP7, #24, 1988); Keith physically transported to ESPeople, overwhelmed & then released by them (DP7 #25, 1988); assaulted by Cro Mags gang, used illusion-generating power to drive them off (Justice #25, 1988); pulled into dreams of Nightmare Killer, escaped by discovering his fear of Justice (Star Brand #16, 1988); Keith summoned to identify Nightmare Killer so that he could be lobotomized (Star Brand #18, 1989); controlled Nightmask persona sufficiently to help Teddy recover (Star Brand #17, 1989); learned of Mook’s anti-American terrorist activities, vowed to stop him (The War #1-2, 1989); used waking nightmares to goad Mook into confronting him, shot & killed Mook before he could use his powers (The War #3, 1989)
Where Are They Now? Driven mad by guilt over having initially approved Harlan Mook (The War #4, 1990); having spent over 18 months in a constant dreamstate, Keith recovered sanity, learned of extradimensional threat, awakened, sent out Nightmask to warn others (Quasar #55, 1994); communicated with Star Brand-possessing Kayla Ballantine of Earth-616, learned of threats of Stranger & Skeletron, recruited Psi-Hawk & Overshadow, discovered dimensional breach signified by Kayla unwittingly surrendering the Star Brand to Stranger (Starblast #3, 1994); recruited All-American, Captain Manhattan, Chrome, Metallurge, & Pit Bull, shared extradimensional threat, encountered arriving Kayla (Quasar #56, 1994); encountered Quasar, vs Stranger’s forces, threatened by vortex power of Voyager until used nightmares to drive him off, entire planet transferred into Earth-616 dimension by Stranger (Starblast #4, 1994); transported back to own Earth by Living Tribunal who surrounded it with impenetrable force field to prevent further contamination of Earth-616 dimension with Star Brand energies (Quasar #57, 1994); final battle with & defeat of Gnome (Untold Tales of the New Universe: Nightmask, 2006); Earth-15731 Nightmask assisted Exiles against Earth-58163’s Proteus (Exiles #73-74, 2006)

North, Dakota

First Appearance: Dakota North #1 (1986)
Significant Issues: Brother Ricky came to live with her (Dakota North #1, 1986); chased nerve gas (Dakota North #2-5, 1986-1987); protected Mary Jane Watson from “Slasher” (Web of Spider-Man #37, 1988); alongside Punisher, investigated Jerome Horwitz (Power Pack #46, 1989)
Where Are They Now? Alongside Wasp, vs Kingsize (Marvel Super-Heroes #3, 1990); investigated Cage & his family (Cage #1-10, 1992); protected Monica Lynne (Black Panther #31-33, 2001); assisted Ben Urich in working to liberate imprisoned Matt Murdock (Daredevil #82-85, 2006)


First Appearance: (Mentioned) Daredevil #230 (1986); (seen) Daredevil #232 (1986)
Significant Issues: Sent to Tierra Verde to help President Caridad destroy rebel stronghold (Wolverine #18, 1989); mentioned to be deployed in Nicaragua as Kingpin contemplated recruiting Nuke in his personal war against Daredevil (Daredevil #230, 1986); arrived in New York City, sent by Kingpin to Hell’s Kitchen to get Daredevil’s attention (Daredevil #232, 1986); defeated by Daredevil, taken into custody by Avengers, custody transferred to U.S. Department of Defense, broke free from DoD custody, recaptured by Captain America, gravely injured by U.S. military helicopter, taken to Daily Bugle by Daredevil where he seemingly died (Daredevil #233, 1986)
Where Are They Now? Revealed to have been part of Weapon Plus Program (New X-Men #145, 2003); revealed to have survived his seeming death, taken by U.S. Department of Defense to cement bunker beneath U.S. embassy in Santiago, Chile where he was further outfitted with cybernetic enhancements (Wolverine: Origins #1, 2006); released by U.S. government to oppose Wolverine, history with Wolverine in 1968 Vietnam revealed (Wolverine: Origins #2, 2006); vs Wolverine in modern-day Vietnam, defeated by Wolverine but spared from being destroyed upon Captain America’s arrival, childhood history with Logan in 1953 Dayton, Ohio revealed (Wolverine: Origins #3, 2006); revealed to have been an attempt to recreate Wolverine rather than an attempt to recreate Captain America (Wolverine: Origins #4, 2006); left in custody of X-Men (Wolverine: Origins #5, 2006)


First Appearance: Psi-Force #1 (1986)
Origin: Psi-Force Annual #1 (1987)
Significant Issues: Gathered by Emmett, death of Emmett (Psi-Force #1, 1986); discovered they were forced to remain together (Psi-Force #3, 1987); vs Boyd (Psi-Force #5, 1987); befriended Boyd (Psi-Force #8, 1987); met Emmett's brother & grandmother (Psi-Force #10-11, 1987); Crawley left, Boyd joined (Psi-Force Annual #1, 1987); observed by Medusa Web, Sanctuary destroyed by Rodstvow (Psi-Force #17, 1988); Jessup, Tucker & Falmon fled to Canada (Psi-Force #18, 1988); Boyd, Ling & Inyushin apprehended (Psi-Force #19, 1988); Tucker, Jessup & Falmon vs Jake Travest (Psi-Force #21, 1988); Boyd rescued from military (Psi-Force #23, 1988); group reunited, Inyushin died healing them (Psi-Force #24, 1988); Psi-Hawk destroyed by Rodstvow (Psi-Force #25, 1988); awoke in Siberian Project, met Dehman Doosha, rescued by Medusa Web & Justice (Psi-Force #27-30/Justice #29-30, 1989); joined Medusa Web (Psi-Force #31, 1989); went on mission to Afghanistan, recruited Bakut (Psi-Force #32, 1989)
Where Are They Now? Psi-Hawk aided against Starblasters (Quasar #56-57/Starblast #3-4, 1994)

Rocket Racoon

First Appearance: Marvel Preview #7 (1976)
Significant Issues: Met Hulk, rescued girlfriend Lylla & Loonies’ Gideon Bible from mole Judson Jakes & tortoise Uncle Pyko (Incredible Hulk #271, 1982); sought to stop Toy War to protect his charges the Loonies, had robots devise cure for Loonies thus ending War, left Halfworld with many other animals & robots for parts unknown (Rocket Raccoon #1-4, 1985); met Prince Wayfinder 10,000-15,000 years in future on Witchworld, aided him against Kirke (Marvel Preview #7, 1976)
Where Are They Now? Escaped from Stranger's laboratory world (Quasar #15, 1990); turned to stone by D'bari imitators, rescued by She-Hulk (Sensational She-Hulk #44-46, 1992); alleged hide seen on Troyjan ruler Armegeddon's wall (Incredible Hulk #415, 1994); at law offices of Goodman, Lieber, Kurtzburg, & Holliway (She-Hulk #1, 2005); attended time-trial of She-Hulk (She-Hulk #3, 2006)

Schizoid Man

First Appearance: (As Chip Martin) Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man #36 (1979); (as Schizoid Man) Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man #38 (1980)
Origin: Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man #39 (1980)
Significant Issues: Born with drugs in bloodstream, levitated toy & created mallet as baby, created snake-creatures in school, put on medication, institutionalized, taught to use psychotherapy to control “Other” (Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man #39, 1980); attended Empire State University as science teaching assistant, almost lost control when fellow T.A. Steve Hopkins threw paper ball at him (Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man #36, 1979); gave Halloween party at his home, lost control when party-goers were attacked by Morbius, drove away (Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man #38, 1980); as Schizoid Man, attacked ESU, defeated & badly beaten by Spider-Man moments before he became Spider-Lizard (Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man #39, 1980)
Where Are They Now? Father Senator Robert Martin expressed his continuing hatred of Spider-Man (Spider-Man: Hobgoblin Lives #1, 1997); joined Vil-Anon (Spider-Man Unlimited #12, 2006)


First Appearance: Iron Man #194 (1985)
Significant Issues: Domino aided Conspiracy against Ulysses Bloodstone (Rampaging Hulk #5-6, 1977); first Scourge shot & killed Enforcer (Iron Man #194, 1985); murdered Miracle Man (Thing #24, 1985); destroyed Psycho Man’s Hate Monger construct (Secret Wars II #2, 1985); killed Megatak (Thor #358, 1985); shot Phone Ranger (Marvel Age Annual #1, 1985); attempt to kill Constrictor foiled by Captain America, escaped (Captain America #311, 1985); decided to wait to kill Kraven the Hunter (West Coast Avengers #3, 1985); murdered Keegan, murdered Melter while posing as Keegan (Avengers #263, 1986); female Scourge assassinated Titania (Thing #33, 1986); infiltrated Baxter Building, killed Basilisk (Fantastic Four #289, 1986); second male Scourge befriended Hulk, killed Hammer & Anvil (Marvel Fanfare #29, 1986); murdered Fly (Amazing Spider-Man #286, 1986); killed Death Adder & Blue Streak (Captain America #318, 1986); slaughtered 18 supervillains at Bar With No Name (Captain America #319, 1986); second male Scourge failed to kill Flash Thompson, murdered Wraith during escape (Amazing Spider-Man #278, 1986); failed in attempt to kill Diamondback, led into ambush by Captain America, killed by second Scourge (Captain America #320, 1986); Red Skull’s Scourge killed communist Red Skull imposter (Captain America #347, 1988); Red Skull’s Scourge among group ordered to kill Captain America/John Walker, possibly killed by him (Captain America #350, 1989); unidentified Scourge assassinated fake Watchdog member (Captain America #351, 1989); targeted Power Broker, vs USAgent, killed by another Scourge after failing (Captain America #358-362, 1989)
Where Are They Now? Scourge impostor hired by Kingpin tried to scare Shocker (Deadly Foes of Spider-Man #3, 1991); Red Skull faked his, Crossbones & Mother Night’s deaths by having his Scourge agent kill three of Arnim Zola’s constructs (Captain America #393, 1991); Red Skull killed his Scourge agent after numerous failures (Captain America #394, 1991); Priscilla Lyons brought into program, went on run after refusing to kill Matador, asked USAgent for help (USAgent #1, 1993); Scourge agent killed Blowtorch Brand, captured by USAgent, female Scourge Caprice shot USAgent (USAgent #2, 1993); Caprice & Scourge agent Bloodstain tortured USAgent (USAgent #3, 1993); Angel/Tom Halloway revealed as founder of Scourge program, Domino & Bloodstain killed (USAgent #4, 1993); Ringer revealed to have survived Bar With No Name massacre, rebuilt as cyborg Strikeback (Lethal Foes of Spider-Man #3-4, 1993); Wraith revealed to have survived Scourge by transferring mind to another body (Morbius: The Living Vampire #18-19, 1994); Halloway reported to have been released from custody for lack of evidence (Captain America #442, 1995); several of Scourge’s victims’ DNA used by Arnim Zola to create proto-husks (Deadpool #0, 1998)


First Appearance and Origin: Savage She-Hulk #1 (1980)
Significant Issues: Reunited with Bruce Banner, first transformed into She-Hulk (Savage She-Hulk #1, 1980); charged with murder of Jill Ridge (Savage She-Hulk #2, 1980); vs Trask's robot (Savage She-Hulk #3, 1980); manipulated into fighting Morris Walters (Savage She-Hulk #4, 1980); vs Nick Trask's Silver Serpent (Savage She-Hulk #5, 1980); mistakenly fought Iron Man, uncovered corruption at Stark International (Savage She-Hulk #6, 1980); met Richard Rory, visited La Hacienda, encountered Man-Thing (Savage She-Hulk #7-8, 1980); investigated Cult of the Word, vs Ultima (Savage She-Hulk #9-10, 1980); received serum from Morbius (Savage She-Hulk #11, 1980); vs Gemini (Savage She-Hulk #12, 1981); vs Man-Wolf's forces, revealed to contain Man-Wolf's dimension within her necklace (Savage She-Hulk #13-14, 1981); rescued Dahlia (Savage She-Hulk #15, 1981); vs Microwave (Savage She-Hulk #16, 1981); vs Man-Elephant (Savage She-Hulk #17, 1981); vs Grappler (Savage She-Hulk #18, 1981); alongside Spider-Man, vs Man-Killer (Marvel Team-Up #107, 1981); vs Ralphie Hutchins, underwent personal crisis (Savage She-Hulk #19-20, 1981); vs Seeker (Savage She-Hulk #21, 1981); vs Radius (Savage She-Hulk #22, 1981); vs Torque (Savage She-Hulk #23, 1981); confronted Shade & Doc, revealed secret identity to Morris Walters, resolved to retain She-Hulk form (Savage She-Hulk #24-25, 1982); mind-controlled to fight Dazzler (Dazzler #14, 1982); alongside Thing, vs Negator (Marvel Two-in-One #88, 1982); joined Avengers (Avengers #221, 1982); vs Masters of Evil (Avengers #222, 1982); stood by to help Hawkeye if necessary (Avengers #223, 1982); rescued people from collapsing tunnel (Avengers #224, 1982); attended Dazzler’s live concert (Dazzler #21, 1982); vs Fomor (Avengers #225-226, 1982); alongside other heroes, abducted by Grandmaster for "contest of champions" with Death (Marvel Super Hero Contest of Champions #1-3, 1982); alongside other heroes, supported Hulk's amnesty (Incredible Hulk #278-279, 1982); rejected as potential combatant by Champion of the Universe (Marvel Two-in-One Annual #7, 1982); alongside other heroes, protected hospitalized Thing from mass attack (Marvel Two-in-One #96, 1983); alongside Storm, Tigra & Wasp, helped Holly-Ann Ember against A.I.M. (Marvel Graphic Novel #16, 1985); with Avengers, visited Vision in hospital (Vision and The Scarlet Witch #3, 1983); with Avengers, first met Captain Marvel/Monica Rambeau (Amazing Spider-Man Annual #16, 1983); began apartment search (Avengers #227, 1983); observed Hulk confronting the Leader (Incredible Hulk #281, 1983); alongside Hulk, vs Arsenal (Incredible Hulk #282, 1983); vs Leader (Incredible Hulk #283-284, 1983); vs Masters of Evil, temporarily reverted to human form by Radioactive Man, helped to change back by Hawkeye (Avengers #228-229, 1983); attended Hawkeye's trial for killing Egghead (Avengers #230, 1983); vs Plantman (Avengers #231-232, 1983); visited Inhumans, vs Maximus & Enclave (Avengers Annual #12, 1983); attempted to penetrate Annihilus's barrier (Avengers #232-233/Fantastic Four #254 & 256, 1983); dated Starfox, listened to Scarlet Witch's biography (Avengers #234, 1983); present at Avengers Mansion when Thor took Quinjet to confront Possessor (Thor #334, 1983); controlled by Puppet Master, vs Thing (Thing #5, 1983); vs Wizard (Avengers #235, 1983); vs Lava Men & escapees at Project: PEGASUS (Avengers #236-237, 1983); confronted Impossible Man when he stole Wasp's wardrobe (X-Men Annual #7, 1983); confronted Nth Commandos at Avengers Mansion (Captain America #289, 1984); took Thing out for drinks, foiled robbery with him (Thing #8, 1984); vs Blackout & Moonstone (Avengers #238, 1983); vs Morgan le Fay (Avengers #240-241, 1984); attended party for Hawkeye & Mockingbird (Avengers #242, 1984); drawn into Beyonder's stadium (Avengers #242/Captain America #292, 1984); participated in "Secret Wars" on Battleworld, chosen to replace Thing in Fantastic Four (Marvel Super-Heroes Secret Wars #1-12, 1984-1985); returned to Earth (Fantastic Four #265/Avengers #243, 1984); learned about Karisma by Alicia Masters (Fantastic Four #266, 1984); waited at hospital while Mr. Fantastic sought Doctor Octopus (Fantastic Four #267, 1984); vs Doctor Doom's animated faceplate (Fantastic Four #268, 1984); vs Arnim Zola's Hulk-clones (Avengers Annual #13, 1984); alongside other heroes, vs Living Monolith (Marvel Graphic Novel #17, 1985); attended wedding of Black Bolt & Medusa (Fantastic Four Annual #18, 1984); vs Delphan Brothers, left behind at Sersi's party (Avengers #246-247, 1984); vs Terminus (Fantastic Four #269-270, 1984); assisted Mr. Fantastic in laboratory (Amazing Spider-Man #259, 1984); alongside other heroes, vs demons of Muspelheim (Avengers #249/Thor #353, 1984/1985); visited Otherworld (Fantastic Four #271-273, 1984); observed Namor addressing the United Nations (Prince Namor: The Sub-Mariner #3, 1984); had powers analyzed by Chief Examiner (Questprobe #3, 1985); visited Invisible Girl in Connecticut (Fantastic Four #274, 1985); encountered T.J. Vance (Fantastic Four #275, 1985); exercised at Baxter Building (Fantastic Four #276, 1985); prepared to leave Fantastic Four, told that Thing was not returning (Fantastic Four #277, 1985); learned issue of "Naked Truth" had been color-corrected (Fantastic Four #275, 1985); pondered Thing's absence (Thing #25, 1985); pulled into space by Kristoff, witnessed destruction of Baxter Building (Fantastic Four #278-279, 1985); encountered Hate-Monger android, vs Malice (Fantastic Four #280-281/Secret Wars II #2, 1985); journeyed to Sub-Atomica, vs Psycho-Man (Fantastic Four #282-284, 1985); enslaved by Beyonder along with rest of humanity (Secret Wars II #3, 1985); mistakenly fought Longshot (Longshot #4, 1985); captured by S.H.I.E.L.D., vs Cockroaches, exposed to radiation, lost ability to resume human form (Marvel Graphic Novel #18, 1986); dated Wyatt Wingfoot (Avengers #259, 1985); alongside other heroes, confronted Beyonder (Secret Wars II #5, 1985); saw sculpture of herself by Alicia Masters (Fantastic Four #285, 1985); lured into space by Skrulls, briefly manipulated into fighting Avengers, vs Zabyk's forces (Fantastic Four Annual #19/Avengers Annual #14, 1985); returned to Earth (Fantastic Four #286, 1986); vs Doctor Doom (Fantastic Four #287-288, 1986); controlled by Doctor Doom (Marvel Graphic Novel: Emperor Doom, 1987); made medical decisions on Bruce Banner's behalf (Incredible Hulk #316, 1986); helped Sunspot with rescue (New Mutants #37, 1986); alongside other heroes, confronted Beyonder (Secret Wars II #9, 1986); alongside other heroes, confronted Molecule Man & Volcana (Avengers #266, 1986); visited Negative Zone, vs Blastaar & Annihilus (Fantastic Four #289-290, 1986); pulled into Joseph Calhoun's re-creation of 1936 (Fantastic Four #291-292, 1986); encountered duplicates of Mr. Fantastic (Marvel Fanfare #37, 1988); vs Ms. Marvel (Thing #36, 1986); told Wonder Man the Thing had been hospitalized (West Coast Avengers #10, 1986); investigated disappearance of Franklin Richards (Power Pack #23 & 25-26, 1986); vs Snarks (Power Pack #28, 1987); alongside other heroes, vs Hulk (Incredible Hulk #321-323, 1986); pulled into Central City time warp, rescued by Fantastic Four (Fantastic Four #293 & 295, 1986); contacted by Avengers during Quicksilver crisis (West Coast Avengers Annual #1, 1986); vs Mole Man's forces (Fantastic Four #296, 1986); vs Umbra & Jaagur (Fantastic Four #297-298, 1986-1987); mistakenly fought Comet Man (Comet Man #4, 1987); vs Tyrak (Avengers #278, 1986); participated in selecting new leader of Avengers (Avengers #279, 1986); vs Olympian Gods (Avengers #281-285, 1986); investigated shaft created by Mephisto (Mephisto Vs #1, 1987); with Avengers, attempted to rescue Thor from Hela (Mephisto Vs #4/Thor #381, 1987); alongside Fantastic Four, manipulated against X-Men by Doctor Doom (Fantastic Four Versus The X-Men #1-4, 1987); vs Thing (Fantastic Four #299, 1988); attended wedding of Human Torch & Alicia Masters (Fantastic Four #300, 1988); with Avengers, vs X-Men & Soviet Super-Soldiers in pursuit of Magneto (X-Men vs The Avengers #1-4, 1987); alongside Fantastic Four, accompanied Silver Surfer off Earth (Silver Surfer #1, 1987); with Avengers, manipulated into fighting each other, vs Legion of the Unliving (West Coast Avengers Annual #2/Avengers Annual #16, 1987); vs Super-Adaptoid & Heavy Metal (Avengers #286-290, 1987-1988); departed Hydrobase (Thor #390, 1988); called West Coast Avengers regarding Iron Man's behavior (West Coast Avengers #31, 1988); observed Alpha Flight's trial (Alpha Flight #61, 1988); vs Tinkerer's giant robot (Damage Control #1, 1989); vs Leviathan (Avengers #291-293, 1988); searched for Captain Marvel (Avengers #294, 1988); with other Avengers, warned not to aid Nick Fury (Nick Fury Vs. S.H.I.E.L.D. #2, 1988); encountered X-Terminators while being impersonated by Xartans (X-Factor #32, 1988); manipulated by Doctor Druid, vs Nebula, participated in temporary disbanding of Avengers (Avengers #295-297, 1988); alongside Ms. Marvel, vs Dragon Man (Fantastic Four #321, 1988); vs Titania (Solo Avengers #14, 1989); daydreamed about fighting various super-villains (Marvel Comics Presents #18, 1989); vs Circus of Crime (Sensational She-Hulk #1, 1989); vs false Toad-Men (Sensational She-Hulk #2, 1989); alongside Spider-Man, vs Headmen (Sensational She-Hulk #3, 1989); with Fantastic Four, vs Frightful Five (Fantastic Four #328, 1989); got job with Blake Tower's office, met Louise Mason, vs Stilt-Man (Sensational She-Hulk #4, 1989); vs Doctor Bong (Sensational She-Hulk #5, 1989); with Avengers, vs Fantastic Four clones created by Aron (Fantastic Four #333, 1989); alongside Avengers, vs Lava Men (Avengers #305-307, 1989); alongside Avengers, attempted to treat Gilgamesh, vs Blastaar (Avengers #308-310, 1989); possessed by That Which Endures, vs Avengers (Avengers West Coast #47-49, 1989); accompanied Razorback into space, vs Xemnu (Sensational She-Hulk #6-7, 1989); worked with Nick St. Christopher (Sensational She-Hulk #8, 1989); vs Madcap (Sensational She-Hulk #9, 1989); vs Carlton Beatrice & Anung-Ite (She-Hulk: Ceremony #1-2, 1989); alongside others, briefly brainwashed by Ghaur into serving as Bride of Set (Amazing Spider-Man Annual #23/Avengers Annual #18/Avengers West Coast Annual #4/Thor Annual #14/Fantastic Four Annual #22, 1989); alongside Thor & Hercules, vs Doctor Doom (Thor #410, 1989)
Where Are They Now? With Avengers, vs Fenris & others (Mutant Misadventures of Cloak and Dagger #9, 1990); vs renegade Damage Control employee (Damage Control #3, 1990); appeared in Krang's film (Sensational She-Hulk #12, 1990); met Howard the Duck (Sensational She-Hulk #13-17, 1990); vs Dr. Bob Doom (Sensational She-Hulk #18, 1990); with Avengers, vs Terminus (Avengers West Coast Annual #5/Avengers Annual #19, 1990); alongside Spider-Man & others, manipulated by Young God Calculus (Spectacular Spider-Man #168-170, 1990); with Avengers, vs Stellaris (Thor #420-421, 1990); met Nosferata, vs Jack Serious (Sensational She-Hulk #19-20, 1990); vs forces of Dutch Rosenblatt (Sensational She-Hulk #21-23, 1990-1991); with Avengers, vs Surge & Ngh the Unspeakable (Avengers #326-328, 1990-1991); vs Death's-Head (Sensational She-Hulk #24, 1991); alongside Thor & Hercules, vs demons (Sensational She-Hulk #25, 1991); encountered Excalibur (Sensational She-Hulk #26, 1991); with Avengers, vs Ngh the Unspeakable & Tetrarchs of Entropy (Avengers #329-331, 1991); with Avengers, alongside others, vs Apocalypse's forces (X-Factor #66, 1991); with Avengers, alongside Alpha Flight, vs alien invasion (Alpha Flight #98-101, 1991); vs Grey Gargoyle & Dragon Man (Sensational She-Hulk #27, 1991); alongside Earth's heroes, opposed Thanos' efforts to wield Infinity Gauntlet (Infinity Gauntlet #2-4/Silver Surfer #52 & 54, 1991); encountered Mephisto (Sensational She-Hulk #28, 1991); among heroes gathered to fight Edifice Rex (Damage Control #4, 1993); with Avengers, became involved in Subterranean Wars (Avengers Annual #20/Avengers West Coast Annual #6, 1991); vs time-displaced superhumans, encountered Isbisa (Sensational She-Hulk #29-30, 1991); alongside Nosferata, vs Adrenazon (Marvel Comics Presents #123-126, 1993); vs Spragg & Mole Man (Sensational She-Hulk #31-33, 1991); vs Black Talon & X-Humed (Sensational She-Hulk #34-35, 1991-1992); vs Puppet Master & Master Puppet (Sensational She-Hulk #47, 1993); vs Living Eraser (Sensational She-Hulk #37, 1992); with Avengers, participated in Operation: Galactic Storm (Avengers #345/Avengers West Coast #81, 1992); vs Mahkizmo (Sensational She-Hulk #38-39, 1992); vs Spragg (Sensational She-Hulk #40-41, 1992); vs Xemnu (Sensational She-Hulk #42-43, 1992); vs Xartans, switched bodies with Louise Mason (Sensational She-Hulk #44-46 & 48-49, 1992-1993); alongside Earth's heroes, opposed Magus & dopplegangers (Fantastic Four #367/Infinity War #2-6/Marc Spector: Moon Knight #41/Fantastic Four #368-370/New Warriors #27/Quasar #38-40/Wonder Man #13-14/Warlock and the Infinity Watch #8/Alpha Flight #111, 1992); vs War Zone (Sensational She-Hulk #50, 1993); vs Man-Elephant (Sensational She-Hulk #51, 1993); vs Rumbler, underwent afterlife experience, lost control & fought Hulk (Sensational She-Hulk #52-57, 1993); alongside Earth's heroes, opposed Goddess' attempts to "purify" universe (Infinity Crusade #1-3 & 5-6/Web of Spider-Man #104-105/Alpha Flight #127, 1993); visited Hulk, vs Bi-Beast (Incredible Hulk #411-412, 1993); vs Electro (Sensational She-Hulk #58, 1993); participated in Vanisher's trial, vs plaintiffs from Tinkerer's trial (Sensational She-Hulk #59, 1994); vs Scarlet Beetle (Sensational She-Hulk #60, 1994); alongside Thunderstrike & others, vs Loki (Thunderstrike #21, 1995); among heroes caught in interdimensional crisis (DC Versus Marvel Comics #1, 1996); helped Fantastic Force on various missions (Fantastic Force #12-17, 1995-1996); helped Doc Samson & others against Patchwork (Doc Samson #1-4, 1996); alongside Doc Samson, vs Molecule Man (Incredible Hulk #441-442, 1996); with Avengers, vs Loki's forces (Avengers #400, 1996); alongside other heroes, opposed Onslaught, seemingly died (Fantastic Four #416/Onslaught: Marvel Universe, 1996); inexplicably merged with Counter-Earth duplicate, participated in adventures on Counter-Earth (Iron Man #1, 8, & 10-12/Captain America #12, 1996-1997); alongside Fantastic Four & other heroes, returned to Earth (Heroes Reborn: The Return #4, 1997); advised Heroes for Hire (Heroes for Hire #8-9, 1998); with Avengers, vs forces of Morgan le Fay (Avengers #1-3, 1998); helped Heroes for Hire against Master's forces (Heroes for Hire #12-13, 1998); joined Heroes for Hire, vs High Evolutionary (Heroes for Hire #13-16/Quicksilver #12/Marvel Comics Annual 1998 Starring Heroes for Hire and Quicksilver, 1998); dated Luke Cage (Heroes for Hire #17, 1998); present at disbanding of Heroes for Hire (Heroes for Hire #19, 1999); with Fantastic Four, vs Absorbing Man & Titania (Fantastic Four #22, 1999); rejoined Avengers (Avengers #27, 2000); with Avengers, vs Template (Warlock #8, 2000); with Avengers, vs Kulan Gath (Avengers #28-30, 2000); with Avengers, vs Hulk (Incredible Hulk 2000 Annual, 2000); with Avengers, vs Madame Masque's forces (Avengers #32, 2000); with Avengers, alongside Thunderbolts, vs Count Nefaria (Thunderbolts #44/Avengers #34, 2000); among heroes gathered to oppose Ego (Maximum Security #3, 2001); served in back-up Fantastic Four (Fantastic Four #42-44, 2001); alongside Thing, vs Dragon Man & subterranean vampires (Thing/She-Hulk: The Long Night #1, 2002); with Avengers, vs Elements of Doom (Avengers #56, 2002); among heroes gathered to oppose Order & Yandroth (Order #3-6, 2002); with Avengers, vs Scorpio (Avengers #57-61, 2002-2003); with Avengers, investigated Red Zone disaster, irradiated by Jack of Hearts (Avengers #65-68, 2003); lost control, went on rampage until stopped by Avengers & Hulk (Avengers #72-76, 2003-2004); joined Goodman, Leiber, Kurtzberg, & Holloway (She-Hulk #1, 2004); acted as Juggernaut's lawyer during his trial (Uncanny X-Men #435-436, 2004); participated in Spider-Man libel lawsuit against J. Jonah Jameson (She-Hulk #4, 2004); driven mad by Scarlet Witch's reality warp, seemingly killed Vision (Avengers #85-86/Avengers: Finale, 2004); chosen as Magistratus (She-Hulk #7-8, 2004); defended Hercules in lawsuit (She-Hulk #9, 2005); vs Titania (She-Hulk #11-12, 2005); alongside Spider-Man & others, vs Titannus (Marvel Team-Up #11-13, 2005); participated in disaster relief in Bone, Idaho (She-Hulk #4, 2006); participated in time-transcending trial, placed on trial by Time Variance Authority (She-Hulk #1-3, 2005-2006); recruited Two-Gun Kid for law firm (She-Hulk #5, 2006); defended Starfox in lawsuit (She-Hulk #6-7, 2006); represented New Warriors' interests after Stamford disaster (She-Hulk #8, 2006)


First Appearance and Origin: Rom #1 (1979)
Significant Issues: Karas saved Rom from drowning (Rom #4, 1980); Dire Wraiths attacked Galadorian fleet, youth of Galador followed Rom’s example & volunteered to become Spaceknights (Rom #1, 1979); Karas volunteered to become Spaceknight & was chosen to wield Living Flame as Firefall (Rom #4, 1980); Ray-Na tried unsuccessfully to convince Rom to forego conversion (Rom #5, 1980); Galadorian youths became Spaceknights (Rom #3, 1980); youth who would become Terminator found as last survivor of Thayri outpost (Rom #16, 1981); Spaceknight line faced Wraith fleet, Firefall was first into battle (Rom #4, 1980); Firefall destroyed Deathwing but was captured (Rom #19, 1981); Rom’s destruction of another Deathwing ended battle for Galador, Wraiths driven off (Rom #1, 1979); memorial for fallen Spaceknights, Prime Director asked remaining Spaceknights to pursue Wraiths & permanently end their threat (Rom #13, 1980); Prime Director tried to animate new armor mentally, accidentally created Mentus (Rom #25, 1981); Spaceknights answered distress call from Angelica, arrived too late to save inhabitants from Wraiths (Rom #8, 1980); Rom, Terminator & Starshine destroyed warfleet in D’Barrian Satellite cluster, followed distress call to Agricon, witnessed Ray-Na murdered by Wraiths (Rom #14, 1980); Rom, Terminator & Starshine saved hospital ship from Wraith attack, Terminator destroyed ship to spare infected passengers from slow death by Wraith plague (Rom #16, 1981); on Thuvria, Terminator slew local lord Archon (Rom #19, 1981); Terminator faced Prime Director’s judgement on Galador, chose execution for his punishment, secretly saved by Mentus, Rom left Galador permanently (Rom #20, 1981); Gloriole made pact with Wraiths to learn sorcery in return for betraying Rom but repented at last instant, freed Rom at cost of his own life (Rom Annual #1, 1982); Rom reached Wraithworld but was trapped by illusions until freed by Spaceknight Squadron consisting of Seeker, Pulsar, Unam, Scanner, Trapper & Breaker (Rom Annual #2, 1983); Mentus had Terminator steal Rom’s frozen humanity (Rom #21-22, 1981); Mentus transformed Terminator into duplicate of Rom, had him take over Galador, began moving Galador slowly through space towards Dark Nebula (Rom #25, 1981); Unam separated from fellow Spaceknights & began ambushing individual Wraiths (Rom #70, 1985); Breaker betrayed oaths, took over Clavius, Trapper arrived to aid local resistance (Rom #71, 1985); Firefall sensed Wraith were finally about to breach armor, used Living Fire to send his mind to Limbo (Rom #19, 1981); Rom arrived on Earth, met Brandy Clark (Rom #1, 1979); criminal Archie Stryker witnessed Rom banish Wraiths, mistakenly believed Rom to be killing humans, swore to stop Rom (Rom #2, 1980); Stryker grafted into Firefall armor, confronted Rom (Rom #3, 1980); Rom vs Stryker as Firefall, defeated him (Rom #4, 1980); Firefall taken into Wraith custody, learned Rom had been telling truth, Rom vs House of Shadows (Rom #5, 1980); Wraiths tortured & analyzed Firefall while Hellhounds fought Rom & bound his Neutralizer in force-sphere, Rom left comatose (Rom #6, 1980); Rom’s Neutralizer stolen while his human allies revived him, Thornoids critically injured Rom’s ally state patrolman Artie Packer (Rom #7, 1980); Rom injured by Deathwing (Rom #8, 1980); Rom vs Serpentyne while his allies Steve Jackson & Brandy Clark arrested when Artie died (Rom #9, 1980); Rom freed allies, unaware Steve had been replaced by Wraith, flew to Washington to retrieve Neutralizer, captured (Rom #10, 1980); Rom & Firefall aided one another in escaping Project Safeguard, Firefall sacrificed himself to release Rom’s Neutralizer (Rom #11, 1980); Rom vs Jack of Hearts & lost, crashed into sea (Rom #12, 1980); washed ashore, Rom vs Plunderer (Rom #13, 1980); Rom vs Mad Thinker’s Awesome Android (Rom #14, 1981); Steve escaped Wraith custody thanks to sacrifice of reporter Ace O’Connor, both he & Rom arrived at Brandy’s wedding to false Steve, real Steve shot fake dead revealing to wedding guests that Wraith threat was genuine (Rom #15, 1981); Rom vs Watchwraith robot in Clairton, townspeople covered for him after reporter Mack Killburn witnessed battle (Rom #16, 1981); Rom vs X-Men & Hybrid, accidentally banished to Limbo by Kitty Pryde when she used his Neutralizer to disperse Hybrid (Rom #17-18, 1981); Rom encountered Karas in Limbo, trapped Wraith taunted Rom with visions of Galador laid waste before Karas returned Rom to Earth (Rom #19, 1981); Mentus arrived on Earth, sent Wraiths disguised as Terminator & Starshine (Rom #20, 1981); Rom spared Wraith Michael Baran from banishment because he had learned human compassion (Rom #25, 1982); Rom vs Torpedo, befriended him (Rom #21, 1981); Rom & Torpedo vs Rocketeers (Rom #22, 1981); Rom traveled to New York, vs Power Man & Iron Fist before convincing them Wraiths were real (Power Man and Iron Fist #73, 1981); with assistance of Power Man & Iron Fist, Rom evaded N.Y.P.D. & reached Fantastic Four, convinced Mr. Fantastic to lend him faster-than-light ship to return to Galador (Rom #23, 1981); Rom discovered Galador had been moved, aided Champions of Xandar in repelling Skrull invasion, teleported to Galador by Xandar’s Protector (Rom #24, 1981); on Galador, Rom freed Prime Director & fellow Spaceknights captured by Terminator & Mentus, Starshine’s pleas convinced Terminator to switch sides back to Spaceknights, Prime Director sacrificed physical form to destroy Mentus then warned of impending arrival of Galactus (Rom #25, 1981); Galactus & Terrax attacked Galador, Terminator & Rainbow slain, Rom struck deal to lead Galactus to Wraithworld in exchange for sparing Galador (Rom #26, 1982); Spaceknights led Galactus to Dark Nebula, after Wraithworld proved too much for Galactus he moved Galador to hide it from the Spaceknights (Rom #27, 1982); Rom & Starshine returned to Earth to discover Clairton’s inhabitants replaced by Wraiths who in turn were being destroyed by Mole Man & his minions, Starshine took fatal Wraith blaster shot to save Rom’s life (Rom #28, 1982); new Spaceknights created on Galador, slaughtered their fellow Galadorians (Rom #74, 1986); Rom released Starshine’s spirit from her armor, vs Missing Link (Rom #29, 1982); Rom vs Metal Master (Rom #30, 1982); Rom vs Mystique's Brotherhood of Evil Mutants (Rom #31, 1982); Rom & Brotherhood’s female members vs Hybrid (Rom #32, 1982); Rom vs Stardust (Rom Annual #1, 1982); Rom left Clairton, on Maine coast stopped Wraiths from using Hellhound spell to transform human child Sybil (Rom #33, 1982); Rom traveled with Sybil to Atlantis, allied with Namor to end Wraith incursion there, Namor transformed Sybil into Atlantean allowing her to stay & identify future Wraith infiltrators (Rom #34-35, 1982); Rom discovered Wraiths planning to transform Welsh children, aided in defeating them by spirit of Knights of Round Table, Brandy had vision of Starshine & dug up her armor (Rom #36-37, 1982); Rom & Shang-Chi fought to save orphans from witch-princess Wraith Kaaris’a, Dr Dredd transformed Brandy into Spaceknight using Starshine armor (Rom #38-39, 1983); Rom vs Dweller on the Threshold to prevent Wraith piper sacrificing children to him, Dredd completed Brandy’s transformation (Rom #40, 1983); Rom & Doctor Strange defeated Dweller, new Starshine attacked Clairton (Rom #41, 1983); in Russia, Rom cloned by Quasimodo who then stole his cyborg form (Rom #42, 1983); Dredd & Starshine caught up with Rom, unwittingly attacking Quasimodo in Rom’s form, Rom’s clone slew Dredd & Starshine regained own mind after driving Quasimodo from Rom’s cyborg form (Rom #43, 1983); Gremlin restored Rom’s cyborg form, Rom & Starshine defeated Devastator & Super-Troopers, Rom’s clone died (Rom #44, 1983); Rom & Starshine fought alongside Soviet Super-Soldiers against Khystym Wraith base (Rom #45-46, 1983); Rom kidnapped to take part in Grandmaster’s "contest of champions" with Death (Marvel Super Hero Contest of Champions #1-3, 1982); Wraiths reanimated Firefall armor, Rom & Thing stopped them (Marvel Two-in-One #99, 1983); Rom & Starshine vs Brynocki, came to terms with their newfound relationship, sorcerous Wraith females became dominant over scientific Wraith males & slaughtered many of Clairton’s key people (Rom #47-48, 1983); Rom & Starshine returned to Clairton, trapped in shadow dimension by Wraiths (Rom #49, 1983); Torpedo killed by Wraiths, Skrulls arrive in Clairton to fight them, Starshine reshaped herself, freed Rom & herself from shadow realm (Rom #50, 1984); at Clairton’s mass funeral, Rom & Starshine told television reporters of Wraiths (Rom #51, 1984); Wraiths began open warfare against U.S. military (Rom #52, 1984); Rom vs Hulk (Hulk #296, 1984); Wraiths attacked S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier, U.S. President informed U.N. of Wraith threat (Rom #53, 1984); Wraiths infected human blood transforming those receiving transfusions into monsters, Rom & Starshine met & befriended cancer patient Rick Jones (Rom #54-55, 1984); with aid of Alpha Flight & Ant-Man, Rom & Starshine stopped Wraith infected water from spreading transformations up food chain (Rom #56-59, 1984); Rom & Starshine learned of Wraith plans to merge Earth with Wraithworld (Rom #60, 1984); Hybrid returned & transformed Starshine back into Brandy Clark, Rom & New Mutant Magik defeated Hybrid (Rom Annual #3, 1984); Pulsar mortally wounded by Deathwing (Rom Annual #4, 1985); with Forge's aid, Rom used orbital booster to increase Neutralizer power & destroy Wraithworld while Earth’s superheroes battled Wraiths (Rom #61-65, 1984-1985); Rom departed Earth in search of fellow Spaceknights & Galador (Rom #65, 1985); in binary system, Rom found world where life flourished for only one hour every millennium (Rom #67, 1985); Rom caught in war between humans & robots (Rom #68, 1985); Seeker & Scanner pursued Wraiths to surface of Ego the Living Planet, all captured to be eaten by Ego until Rom arrived to free his fellow Spaceknights & banish Wraiths (Rom #69, 1985); Spaceknight trio found Unam ruling powerless & terrified Wraiths on jungle world, banished Wraiths (Rom #70, 1985); Spaceknight quartet found Breaker & Trapper on Clavius, Unam died ending Breaker’s tyrannical rule, Seeker, Scanner, Rom & Trapper continued their journey (Rom #71, 1985); dying Pulsar taken on board Shi’ar vessel, vs Imperial Guard before perishing, armor taken by Doctor Tyreseus who bonded himself to it to become new Pulsar, vs Rom’s quartet of Spaceknights, killed by Gladiator, Spaceknights transported to Galador (Rom Annual #4, 1985); Beyonder briefly turned Brandy back into Starshine before restoring her humanity & sending her to Galador (Rom #72, 1985); on Galador, Brandy learned of new Spaceknight’s genocidal campaign, rallied resistance against them, attacked Hall of Science moments before Rom’s quartet teleported in (Rom #73, 1985); Heatwave destroyed Spaceknights’ humanity, Scanner located other 1st Generation Spaceknights, Rom’s quartet broke into enemy base to signal them, Seeker gave his life in assault, Rom confronted Dominor (Rom #74, 1986); Scanner & Trapper died sending signal, Rom vs Dominor, new Spaceknights unwittingly destroyed themselves trying to eradicate Galador, rest of 1st Generation Spaceknights reached Galador, Rom restored to humanity (Rom #75, 1986)
Where Are They Now? Rom & Brandy attended Rick Jones’ wedding (Incredible Hulk #418, 1994); next generation of Spaceknights (Spaceknights #1-5, 2000-2001)


First Appearance: Marvel Tails #1 (1983)
Origin: Peter Porker: The Spectacular Spider-Ham #15 (1987)
Significant Issues: Alongside Captain Americat, investigated Masked Marauder’s sabotaging of super-arcade Video City (Marvel Tails #1, 1983); met Junior Newsboys at Daily Beagle, encountered Ducktor Doom in St. Croix Trapazoid (Peter Porker: The Spectacular Spider-Ham #1, 1985); kept foeman Bullfrog from stealing Walnut Diamond at Broadway premiere (Peter Porker: The Spectacular Spider-Ham #2, 1985); visited legendary Old West city Shang-goo-la (Peter Porker: The Spectacular Spider-Ham #3, 1985); vs Captain Reno (Peter Porker: The Spectacular Spider-Ham #4, 1985); went up against financer Charles Foster ‘Yuppy’ Pupp (Peter Porker: The Spectacular Spider-Ham #5, 1986); rescued experimental serum from Ducktor Doom to cure Aunt May (Peter Porker: The Spectacular Spider-Ham #6, 1986); sent back in time to World War II England by mad scientist’s malfunctioning time machine (Peter Porker: The Spectacular Spider-Ham #7, 1986); vs prehistoric tryannawsinus rex Hogzilla (Peter Porker: The Spectacular Spider-Ham #8, 1986); vs alien tramp B.O. (Peter Porker: The Spectacular Spider-Ham #9, 1986); vs Terrible Terries Gang (Peter Porker: The Spectacular Spider-Ham #10, 1986); vs Dragon-Lassy/Joan Collie (Peter Porker: The Spectacular Spider-Ham #11, 1986); met Sonny Quacker & Ricardo Slug of the Hockawttamie Vice squad (Peter Porker: The Spectacular Spider-Ham #12, 1986); vs Chickenstein’s Monster (Peter Porker: The Spectacular Spider-Ham #13, 1987); went up against mentally controlled Ozzy Ostrich (Peter Porker: The Spectacular Spider-Ham #14, 1987); vs Mandarintail & minions (Peter Porker: The Spectacular Spider-Ham #16, 1987); helped create Fatcats rap group (Peter Porker: The Spectacular Spider-Ham #15, 1987); ended Uncle Scram’s plan to eject ‘foreigners’ from the U.S. (Marvel Tales #201-204, 1987); vs Bookworm (Marvel Tales #205-206, 1987); met Black Catfish (Marvel Tales #207-208, 1988); inadvertently brought Marvel Balls into his universe, helped Croctor Strange to exile them again (Marvel Tales #209-210, 1988); met Forbush Man (Marvel Tales #211, 1988); met Punfisher, alongside him, vs Doctor Octopussycat (Marvel Tales #212-215, 1988); helped Ducktor Doom repair his relationship with ward Kastoff Yurchanz (Marvel Tales #216-217, 1988); helped sailor Seegar rescue Aunt May from Burly (Marvel Tales #218, 1988); vs Raven the Hunter (What Th-?!? #3, 1988); met Marvel Babies (Marvel Tales #219 & 223, 1989); helped put old girlfriend Silver Sow in jail (Marvel Tales #224-226, 1989); vs Flash Tombearstein Bear & mind-controlled Punfisher (Marvel Tales #227-229, 1989); fell under spell of Larval Zombie #1 (Marvel Tales #230, 1989)
Where Are They Now? Freed from Larval Zombie cult by Mary-Jane Waterbuffalo (Marvel Tales #233, 1990); temporarily gained powers of Captain Zooniverse (Marvel Tales #236, 1990); encountered Howard the Duck (Marvel Tales #237, 1990); alongside Bat-Boy, vs Duckster (Marvel Tales #239-240, 1990); performed ‘Street Poet Spider-Ham’ gig to raise sales on his magazine (Marvel Tales #247, 1991); voyaged on Hoagy's Space Arc (What The-?!? #18, 1992); alongside Milk & Cookies, Wolverina, & Forbush Man, opposed Negative Forbush Man's attempt to rule their respective universes via the Infinity Wart (What The--?! #20, 1992); vs Green Gobbler (What Th-?!? #24, 1992); future-era Spider-Ham 15.88 (What Th-?!? #26, 1993)


First Appearance and Origin: Amazing Fantasy #15 (1962)
Significant Issues: Death of Captain Stacy (Amazing Spider-Man #90, 1970); death of Gwen Stacy (Amazing Spider-Man #121, 1973); first appearance of the Gwen Stacy “clone” (Amazing Spider-Man #142, 1975); fired from job at Daily Bugle (Amazing Spider-Man #193, 1979); learned of Aunt May’s supposed death (Amazing Spider-Man #195, 1979); Aunt May revealed to be alive, Burglar died of heart attack (Amazing Spider-Man #200, 1980); Morbius cured (Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man #38, 1980); became "Spider-Lizard", cured (Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man #39-40, 1980); last date with Cissy Ironwood (Marvel Team-Up #90, 1980); death of Cissy’s father & Cissy’s move west revealed (Amazing Spider-Man Annual #16, 1982); seduced by Dawn Starr who sought science test (Amazing Spider-Man #204-205, 1980); new neighbor revealed as Llyra (Amazing Spider-Man #215, 1980); asked Debra Whitman out (Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man #43, 1980); met Lance Bannon & Rupert Dockery (Amazing Spider-Man #208, 1980); Daily Globe suspended publication (Amazing Spider-Man #210, 1980); J. Jonah Jameson’s insanity revealed as caused by Jonas Harrow (Amazing Spider-Man #206, 1980); Aunt May announced her engagement to Nathan Lubensky (Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man #49, 1980); Biff Rifkin introduced (Amazing Spider-Man #216, 1981); Sandman & Hydro-Man became Mud-Thing (Amazing Spider-Man #217, 1981); Harry & Liz Osborn returned as married couple (Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man #63, 1982); encountered Cloak & Dagger (Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man #64, 1982); Black Cat promised to go straight (Amazing Spider-Man #226, 1982); gave up teaching assistantship (Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man #68, 1982); fled Captain Marvel’s deathbed (Marvel Graphic Novel #1, 1982); met new Captain Marvel/Monica Rambeau (Amazing Spider-Man Annual #16, 1982); Aunt May started boarding house (Marvel Team-Up #124, 1982); Deb Whitman revealed as schizophrenic, Peter umasked but Deb believed it a trick, Deb returned to Midwest (Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man #74, 1983); alongside Black Cat, involved in Owl/Octopus war (Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man #75, 1983); Black Cat shot, received amnesty (Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man #76, 1983); encountered Hobgoblin (Amazing Spider-Man #238, 1983); Hobgoblin tested strength formula on Lefty Donovan then killed him (Amazing Spider-Man #245, 1983); Mary Jane returned, Peter quit graduate school (Amazing Spider-Man #243, 1983); revealed identity to Timothy Harrison (Amazing Spider-Man #248, 1984); revealed identity to a horrified Black Cat (Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man #87, 1984); injured in Cobra/Hyde battle, Black Cat blamed herself (Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man #88, 1984); J. Jonah Jameson admitted Scorpion involvement, stepped down at Bugle (Amazing Spider-Man #250, 1984); Hobgoblin apparently drowned (Amazing Spider-Man #251, 1984); Black Cat gained powers from Kingpin (Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man #89, 1984); alongside other super-beings, sent to Battleworld by Beyonder (Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars #1, 1984); found new black costume (Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars #8, 1984); discovered new costume was alien symbiote, had it removed by Mr. Fantastic (Amazing Spider-Man #258, 1984); life saved by symbiote which apparently died (Web of Spider-Man #1, 1985); made cloth black costume by Black Cat (Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man #99, 1985); Mary Jane revealed she knew Peter was Spider-Man (Amazing Spider-Man #257-258/Marvel Graphic Novel: The Amazing Spider-Man - Parallel Lives, 1984/1989); marriage of J. Jonah Jameson & Marla Madison (Amazing Spider-Man Annual #18, 1984); birth of Normie Osborn (Amazing Spider-Man #263, 1985); Beyonder came to Earth (Secret Wars II #1, 1985); vs Firelord, defeated him (Amazing Spider-Man #269-270, 1985); Ned Leeds spied on Flash & Betty (Amazing Spider-Man #273, 1986); Flash framed as Hobgoblin (Amazing Spider-Man #276, 1986); Ned Leeds murdered (Spider-Man Versus Wolverine #1, 1987); Ned revealed as Hobgoblin (Amazing Spider-Man #289, 1987); Jean DeWolff murdered by Sin-Eater (Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man #107, 1986); Doctor Strange removed Black Cat’s bad luck power (Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man #115, 1986); proposed to Mary Jane (Amazing Spider-Man #290, 1987); Mary Jane accepted (Amazing Spider-Man #292, 1987); married to Mary Jane (Amazing Spider-Man Annual #21, 1987); buried by Kraven the Hunter (Web of Spider-Man #31, 1987); Kraven donned black costume (Amazing Spider-Man #293, 1987); Kraven defeated Vermin (Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man #131, 1987); Kraven committed suicide (Amazing Spider-Man #294, 1987); vs Venom (Amazing Spider-Man #300, 1988); alongside Mary Jane, moved into Bedford Towers (Amazing Spider-Man #301, 1988); chose to return to school (Amazing Spider-Man #299, 1988); “Webs” published (Amazing Spider-Man #304, 1988); appeared on Tonight Show (Amazing Spider-Man #305, 1988); Mary Jane kidnapped by Jonathan Caesar (Amazing Spider-Man #307, 1988); alongside Mary Jane, evicted from Bedford Towers (Amazing Spider-Man #314, 1989); Mary Jane’s career sabotaged by Caesar (Amazing Spider-Man #319, 1989); Gwen Stacy not a clone (Spectacular Spider-Man Annual #8, 1988); Hobgoblin became demonically possessed (Spectacular Spider-Man #145, 1989); Kristy Watson arrived (Spectacular Spider-Man #145, 1988); Kristy’s bulimia revealed (Web of Spider-Man #53, 1989); Kristy hospitalized (Spectacular Spider-Man #153, 1989); Joe Robertson found guilty, imprisoned (Spectacular Spider-Man #150-151, 1989); Robbie & Tombstone escaped (Spectacular Spider-Man #155, 1989); Robbie stabbed Tombstone (Spectacular Spider-Man #157, 1989); revealed that Nathan had six months to live (Amazing Spider-Man #321, 1989); Puma became Daily Bugle owner (Spectacular Spider-Man #156, 1989); alongside Mary Jane, moved into SoHo loft, Mary Jane awarded role on soap opera (Amazing Spider-Man #326, 1989); received cosmic powers (Spectacular Spider-Man #158, 1989)
Where Are They Now? See Marvel Legacy: The 1990s Handbook and Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Spider-Man 2004 & 2005 for further details


First Appearance and Origin: Marvel Graphic Novel #22 (1986)
Significant Issues: Alongside Spider-Man, vs Tordenkakerlakk, ended eternal youth spell (Marvel Graphic Novel #22, 1986)
Where Are They Now? No further data available


First Appearance and Origin: Defenders #150 (1985)
Significant Issues: Convinced by Defenders & Kubik to stop stealing stars (Defenders #150, 1985)
Where Are They Now? No further data available


First Appearance: Iron Man Annual #9 (1987)
Significant Issues: Vs Iron Man & Sunturion, destroyed (Iron Man Annual #9, 1987)
Where Are They Now? No further data available

Synn, Micah

First Appearance and Origin: Daredevil #202 (1984)
Significant Issues: Arrived in New York, arrested for assault, Sra hit by car & killed, tried to kill police officer who arrested him, stopped by Daredevil (Daredevil #202, 1984); targeted by Crossbow, saved by Daredevil (Daredevil #204, 1984); offered place in Kingpin’s organization, attacked Murdock’s Christmas party, defeated by Daredevil with Kingpin’s assistance (Daredevil #206, 1984); informed press from hospital bed that he was an innocent victim of Daredevil’s brutal persecution (Daredevil #207, 1984); took out restraining order, freed Crossbow, lured Daredevil into ambush, figured out his dual identity (Daredevil #210, 1984); had Becky Blake & “Vanessa Fisk” kidnapped, “Vanessa” killed (Daredevil #211, 1984); Debbie Nelson had Foggy lie to protect Micah then abandoned Foggy for him only to learn his contempt for her (Daredevil #212, 1984); Professor Piper helped Debbie escape, Micah had him killed, restraining order lifted, Daredevil defeated remaining Kinjorge, Micah fled (Daredevil #213, 1984); pursued by Kingpin’s killers, discovered his excessive lifestyle had weakened him, begged Daredevil for help (Daredevil #214, 1985)
Where Are They Now? No further data available


First Appearance and Origin: Journey into Mystery #83 (1962)
Significant Issues: Encountered Beta Ray Bill, lost Mjolnir to him, fought alongside him against hordes of Surtur (Thor #337-340, 1983-1984); led Asgardians against Surtur, witnessed seeming death of Odin (Thor #350-353, 1984-1985); invaded Hel (Thor #360-362, 1985); endured Hela's curse, body destroyed battling Midgard Serpent, animated Destroyer, had Hela restore his body (Thor #376-382, 1987); vs Celestials on Pangoria (Thor #387-389, 1988); met Eric Masterson (Thor #391, 1988); vs Seth, found Odin in Black Pyramid, defeated Surtur (Thor #397-400, 1988-1989); rescued Hercules from Black Galaxy, bonded with Eric Masterson (Thor #406-408, 1989)
Where Are They Now? See Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Avengers 2004 & Book Of The Dead 2004 for further details


First Appearance and Origin: Secret Wars II #1 (1985)
Significant Issues: Transformed into Thundersword by Beyonder, went on rampage, stopped by Captain America & Iron Man (Secret Wars II #1, 1985); escaped jail, vs Iron Man again, escaped (Iron Man #197, 1985)
Where Are They Now? No further data available


First Appearance: Defenders #71 (1979)
Significant Issues: Tyrk’s aspects enslaved, Unnameable’s influence revealed, Defenders traveled to Tunnelworld (Defenders #71, 1979); Defenders vs Nilffim Riders & Unnameable’s monsters (Defenders #72, 1978); Defenders & Xhoohx reunited Tyrk, defeated him (Defenders #73, 1979); Doctor Strange, Namor, & Hulk met Aeroika (Defenders #78, 1979); Aeroika’s prophecies revealed (Defenders #79, 1979); Xhoohx captured, Defenders traveled to Ogeon (Defenders #80, 1980); Hulk captured, rebellion quashed (Defenders #81, 1980); Xhoohx killed, final battle begun (Defenders #82, 1980); final battle, Unnameable defeated (Defenders #83, 1980)
Where Are They Now? No further data available


First Appearance: Incredible Hulk #180 (1974)
Origin: Alpha Flight #33-34 (1986)
Significant Issues: As agent of Canadian government, vs Hulk (Incredible Hulk #180-181, 1974); recruited into X-Men to help rescue original team from Krakoa (Giant-Size X-Men #1, 1975); vs Dark Phoenix then defended her against Imperial Guard (X-Men #135-137, 1980); fought off Brood infection, helped X-Men destroy Broodworld (Uncanny X-Men #162-166, 1982-83); vs Shingen, engaged to Mariko (Wolverine #1-4, 1982); rejected by Mariko (Uncanny X-Men #173, 1983); vs Marauders in Alley, encountered Sabretooth for first time in years (Uncanny X-Men #210-213, 1986-1987); with X-Men, sacrificed lifeforce to help imprison Adversary, subsequently restored to life by Roma (Uncanny X-Men #227, 1988); with X-Men, opposed Genosha (Uncanny X-Men #235-238, 1988); crucified by Reavers, met Jubilee (Uncanny X-Men #251-252, 1989)
Where Are They Now? See Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Wolverine 2004 & X-Men 2004 for further details


First Appearance: Thor #319 (1982)
Significant Issues: Brad Wolfe became Zaniac, vs Thor, taken to asylum (Thor #319, 1982); released by Thatcher, killed, Thatcher became Zaniac (Thor #371, 1986); Zaniac killed Jane Foster, thwarted by Thor & Justice Peace in past (Thor #372, 1986)
Where Are They Now? Zaniac’s ties to Jack the Ripper revealed, Dormammu created original ripper creature (Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Horror 2005, 2005)


First Appearance: Spellbound #1 (1988)
Significant Issues: Battled Erica Fortune for conversion rings (Spellbound #1-5, 1988); the Other returned (Spellbound #6, 1988)
Where Are They Now? Bound Erica (Marvel Comics Presents #138, 1993); captured Fortune family (Marvel Comics Presents #139, 1993); pulled into black hole (Marvel Comics Presents #140, 1993)

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