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1990s: Annex to X-Treme

Last Updated: 2/18/07


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Cover by Ron Lim


First Appearance and Origin: Amazing Spider-Man Annual #27 (1993)
Significant Issues: Served in army, lost leg, equipped with Annex unit by Hillman Barto & Adarco, vs Abner Dunson (Amazing Spider-Man #27, 1993); vs Ren-Tech (Spider-Man Unlimited #3, 1993); alongside Vengeance, vs Big Game Posse (Marvel Comics Presents #153-155, 1994); received new armor, vs Brace & Platoon, Barto killed (Annex #1-4, 1994)
Where Are They Now? No further data available


First Appearance and Origin: Avengers #1 (1963)
Significant Issues: Moved into Avengers Mansion, team’s formation publicized, used military jet-copter, vs Doctor Doom aboard his flying fortress, rescued Major Bowman, Pym’s first Avengers mission as Giant-Man (Avengers # 1 & ½, 1999); with Bill Foster’s aid, arranged to purchase Palos Verdes estate of film star Moira Brandon as west coast headquarters, foiled assault by Crossfire with Brandon’s aid, awarded Brandon honorary Avengers membership (Avengers West Coast #100, 1993); Captain America & original Human Torch reunited during Atlantean invasion (Avengers West Coast #56, 1990); watched over hospitalized Hawkeye after he was shot by Stone Perfs, followed progress of Hawkeye’s war with Perfs (Avengers Spotlight #30-34 & 36, 1990); Human Torch & Ann Raymond secretly aided by Namor in their investigation of Toro’s death (Avengers West Coast #65, 1990); searched for Pym’s misplaced hyperatomic anti-proton cannon, cannon accidentally destroyed by Wonder Man (Avengers West Coast Annual #5, 1990); "Acts of Vengeance" conspiracy targeted superhero community in general & Avengers in particular, Avengers vs Assembly of Evil, Angar, Screaming Mimi, Gargantua, Klaw, Mole Man, Mandarin, Wizard & others, Avengers salvaged assorted materials from sunken Avengers Island with aid of Stingray, Avengers bolstered public opposition to Super-Powers Registration Act with secret assist from Mad Thinker, Avengers toured America seeking out Vault escapees & other menaces, Avengers Park further wrecked by Mandarin & Wizard, Avengers exposed Loki as mastermind behind conspiracy & defeated him, Wizard captured, many Vault escapees reimprisoned under supervision of Avengers & Fantastic Four, new escape attempt by Klaw & Wizard foiled by Iron Man & Guardsman Frank Ensign, conspiracy and its aftermath analysed by Avengers (Avengers Spotlight #28-29/Avengers #313/Avengers West Coast #54-55/Avengers Annual #19, 1990); began construction of new eastern Avengers headquarters, recruited Sersi, alongside Spider-Man & Stranger, vs Nebula, awarded Spider-Man membership during mission, Spider-Man resigned from active duty after mission (Avengers #314-318, 1990); vs insane Scarlet Witch, failed to prevent her falling under influence of Magneto, secretly aided by Quicksilver, defeated by Magneto & Scarlet Witch, Magneto’s alliance infiltrated by Quicksilver (Avengers West Coast #55-57, 1990); defeated Vibro, helped Los Angeles cope with Vibro-spawned earthquake (Avengers West Coast #58, 1990); alternate reality in which Hydro-Man killed Doctor Pym, Hawkeye & Wonder Man unmade by Immortus (Avengers West Coast #59, 1990); alongside Agatha Harkness & Lockjaw, helped free Scarlet Witch from influence of Magneto & Immortus, restored her to sanity, vs Legion of the Unliving & Tempus in process of defeating Immortus, encountered Time-Keepers, welcomed Hawkeye, Quicksilver & Scarlet Witch back to active duty (Avengers West Coast #60-62, 1990); alongside Machine Man & GLA, vs Terminus (Avengers West Coast Annual #5/Avengers Annual #19, 1990); saved Marine World from S.U.R.F. (Avengers West Coast Annual #5, 1990); performed at Second Annual West Coast Invitational Monster Truck Show as featured guests, saved show from Doctor Goodwrench (Avengers West Coast Annual #5, 1990); defeated Lucas Green’s Sons of the Serpent in Iowa with aid of Green’s kid brother Hubie (Avengers Annual #19, 1990); toured near-complete Avengers Headquarters with foreman Jack Bale, attempted assaults on building by Plantman, Water Wizard, Stilt-Man & Wrecker covertly thwarted by Francis Barnum, Percy Stevens & other construction workers (Avengers Annual #19, 1990); vs Living Lightning, recuperating Scarlet Witch treated by Doctor Sanford (Avengers West Coast #63, 1990); recruited Stingray for mission to stop Peace Corpse, vs People’s Protectorate & Atlanteans, teamed with Protectorate, Atlanteans & Alpha Flight against Peace Corpse & Combine (Avengers #319-324, 1990); Avengers Crew brainwashed by Skeleton Crew into bugging Avengers Headquarters & trying to assassinate Sersi’s party guests, Skeleton Crew exposed & defeated (Avengers #319-325, 1990); Doctor Druid freed from influence of Terminatrix, returned to reality, rejuvenated (Avengers Spotlight #37, 1990); thwarted ruthless little boy Stevie’s attempted theft of Captain America’s shield despite misguided interference of GLA (Avengers West Coast #64, 1990); continued construction of Avengers Headquarters, rejected abrasive membership applicant Rage, learned U.S. government had cancelled Avengers charter as part of an international arms treaty, subdued rampaging Surge with aid from Rage & Captain Galina Ivanovna Zhukova, alongside Rage, Ramskov & Zhukova, vs Ngh the Unspeakable’s forces, tricked into helping Ngh’s pawn Xa bring Ngh’s forces to Earth, Zhukova sacrificed herself to save Ramskov from Russian assassin, Diamondback visited team, Rage attacked by LD 50, origin of Rage revealed (Avengers #326-328, 1990); Tigra restored to normal by Agatha Harkness, defeated Tabur (Avengers Spotlight #38, 1990); Grim Reaper resurrected as zombie, Reaper slew Nekra, Mandrill & others, Grim Reaper & Ultron defeated by Avengers, Tigra returned to active duty, team met Doctor Jenny Falk at UCLA during investigation (Avengers West Coast #65-68, 1990-1991); Black Knight returned to action & defeated Crusader (Avengers Spotlight #39, 1990); Vision gained new human brain patterns from late Alex Lipton, befriended Miles & Laura Lipton, adopted Victor Shade civilian identity (Avengers Spotlight #40, 1991); held general membership meeting, adopted new charter as United Nations peacekeeping force at the invitation of U.N. official Deri Bannerjee, elected Captain America, Thor, Vision, Black Widow, She-Hulk, Quasar & Sersi as new eastern active roster with Cap as chairman, elected Hercules, Black Knight, Falcon, Captain Marvel, Spider-Man, Rage & Sandman as new eastern reserve substitute roster, inducted Rage & Sandman, vs Tetrarchs of Entropy, forces of Ngh the Unspeakable & LD 50, helped defeat Tetrachs & merge Ngh & his counterpart Ahh into a more benign cosmic being (Avengers #329-331, 1991); elected Iron Man, Doctor Pym, Wasp, Hawkeye, Scarlet Witch, Wonder Man & Tigra as new western active roster with Pym & Wasp as co-chairs, elected Quicksilver, Mockingbird, USAgent, Human Torch & Machine Man as new western reserve substitute roster, Scarlet Witch rebuffed Wonder Man’s romantic advances, Pym & Wasp announced end of their romance, USAgent expelled after savagely beating Hawkeye, Taifu captured by Pacific Overlords (Avengers West Coast #69, 1991); hosted grand opening of new Avengers Headquarters attended by Fantastic Four, New Warriors, Doctor Strange, Nick Fury, Wolverine & others, party crashed by Doctor Doom’s robots, robots neutralized (Avengers #332-333, 1991); parted with Quicksilver, alongside Spider-Woman/Julia Carpenter, Living Lightning, USAgent & Sunfire, vs Pacific Overlords, recruited Spider-Woman, Living Lightning & USAgent into active roster when Pym, Wasp & Tigra stepped down to reserves, Iron Man shared his true dual identity with his teammates again, team failed to prevent Pacific Overlords’ creation of their own island nation Demonica (Avengers West Coast #70-74, 1991); became embroiled in Subterranea’s war between Brutus-led Deviants & forces of Mole Man, Tyrannus & Grotesk, helped cause downfall of Brutus, saved world from Grotesk (Avengers Annual #20/Avengers West Coast Annual #6, 1991); saved world from opposing menaces of Brethren & Collector, recruited Crystal as probationary member during crisis (Avengers #334-339, 1991); alongside Fantastic Four, drawn into conflict between kingdoms of Arkon & Thundra until warring leaders forged romantic alliance, Rachel Carpenter learned mother was Spider-Woman (Avengers West Coast #75, 1991); attended dedication ceremony of world’s first superhero medical research & treatment facility, captured mad weapons manufacturer Itzhak Berditchev & his henchman Bulwark, thwarted Berditchev’s nuclear blackmail ambitions, freed Berditchev’s children from his control (Avengers #340, 1991); elected Iron Man new western chairman, vs Hangman & Night Shift, thwarted plans of Satannish & Hangman with aid of Doctor Strange (Avengers West Coast #76-79, 1991-1992); alongside New Warriors, vs Hate-Monger’s Sons of the Serpent, removed Rage from active duty after learning he was a minor (Avengers #341-342, 1991); inducted new recruits Crystal & Thor/Eric Masterson, moved Crystal, her daughter Luna & Luna’s nanny Marilla into Avengers Headquarters, targeted by Gatherers, attacked by Swordsman/Philip Jarvert & Magdalene (Avengers #343-344, 1992); became embroiled in interstellar war between Shi’ar & Kree empires, undertook "Operation: Galactic Storm" mission to protect Earth during Kree-Shi’ar conflict, Hawkeye resumed Goliath identity during mission, Avengers vs Kree & Shi’ar forces, eventually allied with Shi’ar after saving their leader Lilandra, failed to prevent Skrull-commandeered Shi’ar nega-bomb from slaughtering most of Kree empire’s inhabitants, learned Kree’s own Supreme Intelligence had secretly engineered atrocity in hopes of jump-starting long-stagnant Kree evolution, rogue Avengers members Iron Man, Hercules, Vision, Black Knight, Wonder Man, Sersi & Thor tried to execute Supreme Intelligence for its crimes despite opposition from team leader Captain America & majority of membership, disillusioned Captain America resigned from active duty after majority of team decided not to punish rogue members & failed to attend his subsequent ethics lecture, Quasar left active duty to concentrate on his role as Protector of the Universe, long-lost Demolition Man found alive (Captain America #398-401/Avengers West Coast #80-82/Quasar #32-34/Wonder Man #7-9/Avengers #345-347/Iron Man #278-279/Thor #445-446, 1992); western reservists thwarted Hyena’s mass murder plot (Avengers West Coast #83, 1992); hosted recovering Binary, Vision comforted dying Miles Lipton & mourning Laura Lipton (Avengers #348, 1992); vs Deathweb & Manipulator, captured Deathweb but failed to prevent murders of Michael Galvan & Larry Carepenter (Avengers West Coast #84-86, 1992); alongside Darkhawk, vs Professor Power’s forces, Kearson DeWitt & A.I.M. (Avengers West Coast Annual #7/Iron Man Annual #13, 1992); debated who top ten western foes were (Avengers West Coast Annual #7, 1992); alongside Fantastic Four & Doctor Druid, vs Kang’s Anachronauts, accidentally rendered Kang comatose, Kang’s kingdom taken over by Terminatrix (Avengers Annual #21, 1992); vs training simulations of leading foes (Avengers Annual #21, 1992); met Taylor Madison, defeated Ares-controlled Thor, confronted Ares & Hera (Avengers #349, 1992); met with X-Men & X-Factor to discuss safety of Luna, clashed with Starjammers after Kree officer Galen Kor manipulated Starjammers members Raza & Hepzibah into attempted murder of Black Knight, peace made between two teams by recovered Binary, love triangle between Sersi, Black Knight & Crystal began to form (Avengers #350-351, 1992); quarrel between Jarvis & Marilla (Avengers #350, 1992); vs mystically empowered Grim Reaper & his Legion of the Unliving (Avengers #352-354, 1992); alongside Wolverine, vs Bogatyri, western chairmanship taken over by Hawkeye after seeming demise of Iron Man, Mockingbird returned to active western duty, Living Lightning stepped down to reserve status (Avengers West Coast #87-88, 1992); vs Gatherers, captured & interrogated Swordsman, hosted dinner party, visited by Watcher (Avengers #355-357, 1992); vs Ultron & his new robotic bride Alkhema, Compound damaged & staffer Carlos killed by Ultron, long-estranged Hawkeye & Mockingbird fully reconciled (Avengers West Coast #89-91, 1992-1993); helped Arkon & Thundra save Polemachus, failed to prevent human sacrifice of Astra by Anskar, Anskar slain by Sersi (Avengers #358-359, 1993); attended Carlos’ funeral, subdued criminal Goliath/Erik Josten, opposed demon Raksasa’s takeover of Demonica, recruited Darkhawk into western reserves, vs Klaw & Zvezda Dennista, learned Iron Man was still alive, estranged from Iron Man, recruited War Machine, teamed with Klaw & Zvezda Dennista against Raksasa-controlled Pacific Overlords, failed to prevent Demonica from sinking & taking Overlords with it, Compound further damaged by Goliath & others (Avengers West Coast #92-95, 1993); Vision secretly replaced by duplicate from Gatherers, Captain America restored to active duty but not chairmanship, Swordsman began acting as ally to Avengers, Avengers learned Sersi was going mad, false Vision exposed after nearly killing Swordsman, fallen Swordsman saved by Hank Pym & Bill Foster, true Vision rescued but stuck in impersonator’s body, Gatherers temporarily defeated, Magdalene & Deathcry allied with Avengers, Avengers targeted by Galen Kor’s Kree forces (Avengers #360-364, 1993); vs Mongu, Maha Yogi, Le Sabre, Chandu the Alchemist & Blood Wraith (Avengers Annual #22, 1993); among many heroes battling for & against Goddess, vs Quantum, Power Platoon & Wundarr, Goliath resumed Hawkeye identity (Infinity Crusade #1-6/Avengers West Coast #96-97, 1993); defeated Galen Kor’s Kree forces despite Kor’s alliance with Collector, saved Earth from Kor’s nega-bomb (Avengers #365-366, 1993); Black Knight vs Blood Wraith vs Deadpool, Victoria Bentley accidentally slain by Blood Wraith (Avengers #366, 1993); alongside Raptor, vs Alkhema & Ultron (Avengers West Coast Annual #8, 1993); elected Scarlet Witch as western chair after Hawkeye stepped down, vs Hangman’s Lethal Legion as part of conflict between arch-demons Mephisto & Satannish, Mockingbird slain by Mephisto (Avengers West Coast #98-100, 1993); Vision struggled to rediscover his capacity for emotion, Luna abducted by Acolytes (Avengers #367, 1993); ordered by government to stay out of Genoshan civil war, learned Fabian Cortez had abducted Luna to Genosha, alongside X-Men, intervened in Genoshan conflict, vs Cortez, Exodus & others, rescued Luna, reunited with Quicksilver, renounced United Nations authority (Avengers #368/X-Men #26/Avengers West Coast #101/Uncanny X-Men #307/Avengers #369, 1993); Hawkeye departed to mourn Mockingbird, eastern Avengers led vote to disband short-handed western operation, Iron Man returned to participate in vote, War Machine quit due to Iron Man’s interference, Scarlet Witch, USAgent & Spider-Woman resigned after team voted to disband western roster with Iron Man casting deciding vote (Avengers West Coast #102, 1994); alongside Delta Force, vs Lord Ghaur’s Deviant forces (Avengers #370-371, 1994); Crystal aided Sporr against Janissary & Terrigene (Avengers #376, 1994); Sersi framed for crimes by Proctor, Avengers Headquarters damaged by mad Sersi, Avengers defeated Gatherers, aided by Eternals, Sersi’s name cleared, Proctor slain by Sersi, Black Knight renounced romantic link with Crystal, Black Knight & Sersi departed together for another dimension, Avengers Mansion re-created by Ute the Watcher (Avengers #372-375, 1994); vs Typhon & his allies (Avengers Annual #23, 1994); unwittingly neutralized hostile artificial intelligence Gliitch (Avengers Annual #23, 1994); Quicksilver clashed with Circle of Pavane (Avengers #377, 1994); inspected offline Isle of Crail monitoring station, found its dying caretaker James Campbell, allied with T’Kyll Alabar in defeating Mephisitoid & his allies Galen Kor’s Kree, Alabar slain by Mephisitoid, Mephisitoid slain in turn by Deathcry, liberated village Ailsa (Avengers #378-379, 1994); Crystal & Quicksilver teamed with High Evolutionary & New Men to protect Bova from Exodus' Acolyte Rakkus (Avengers #380-382, 1994-1995); investigated new Avengers Mansion, found mysterious sealed door in basement (Avengers #382, 1995); helped oppose Kosmosian invasion (Avengers #379-382, 1994-1995); alongside Fantastic Force, vs Arides (Avengers #383, 1995); vs Hera, learned Taylor Madison was mystical construct Zeus had created to help trap Hera, Taylor ceased to exist, Hercules stripped of immortality & exiled from Olympus (Avengers #384, 1995); vs Red Skull & A.I.M., aided by Free Spirit, Jack Flag, Adaptoid & Snapdragon/Rachel Leighton, learned Captain America was dying of degenerative condition, Superia slain by Red Skull, M.O.D.O.K. re-created, Cosmic Cube disaster averted (Avengers #385-388/Captain America #440-441, 1995); confronted Gyrich, refused to turn Deathcry over to government (Avengers #389, 1995); met fortune-teller Tuc (Avengers #390, 1995); subjected to elaborate & dangerous "Crossing" hoax by Immortus & Space Phantoms disguised as Kang, Mantis & others, allied with Force Works & War Machine, reunited with Hawkeye, failed to prevent brainwashing of Iron Man, mutation of Wasp & apparent deaths of Yellowjacket/DeMara, Marilla, Gilgamesh, Amanda Chaney & Iron Man/Stark, allied with Whitney Frost’s bio-duplicate Masque, recruited teenage alternate-timeline Iron Man (Avengers: The Crossing #1/Avengers #391-395/Iron Man #322-325/Force Works #16-19/War Machine #20-22/Avengers: Timeslide/Age of Innocence: The Rebirth of Iron Man, 1995-1996); thwarted attempted takeover of Manhattan by new Libra's Zodiac faction, Hawkeye & Scarlet Witch attacked en route to rejoining Avengers (Avengers #396, 1996); monitored Thor's battle with Hulk & Hulk's seeming demise in nuclear blast (Incredible Hulk #440, 1996); alongside Hotshot & Jailbait of Freehold, thwarted bombing plot of Omnibus, vs rogue U.S. soldiers possibly compromised by Omnibus (Avengers #397, 1996); teamed with Spider-Man/Ben Reilly to neutralize rogue Spider-Man robot (Spider-Man Team-Up #4, 1996); vs cyborg Benedict, Masque denounced by Black Widow & abducted by Benedict, near-romance between Hercules & Deathcry, Deathcry returned to Shi'ar space alongside fellow exile Za'Ken, Wasp estranged from Pym by his secret surveillance of her (Avengers #398-399, 1996); vs Loki (Avengers #400, 1996); vs Blood Wraith in his alternate form as Black Wraith (Avengers Unplugged #6, 1996); allied with X-Men & others vs Onslaught, mistakenly clashed with Rogue & Joseph, defeated Holocaust & Post, most active Avengers seemingly sacrificed their lives alongside Fantastic Four & others to defeat Onslaught (Avengers #401-402/Uncanny X-Men #335-336/X-Men #55-56/Fantastic Four #415-416/Incredible Hulk #445/Onslaught: Marvel Universe, 1996); tried in vain to recruit Archangel, Beast, Iceman, Ant-Man, She-Hulk, Moondragon & War Machine, Quicksilver resigned, Hercules turned to alcohol, motion filed by opportunistic congressmen to annul Avengers charter in response to Onslaught disaster, Black Widow demoralized, team disbanded & staff laid off (Avengers '99 Annual, 1999); members lost during Onslaught disaster survived within alternate Earth created by Franklin Richards, functioned as this alternate Earth's Avengers team, regained memories of their true world, returned to their own Earth alongside Fantastic Four (Avengers #1-13/Heroes Reborn: The Return #1-4, 1996-1997); reopened Avengers Mansion, rehired Jarvis & reassembled Avengers to oppose Morgan Le Fay & her minions alongside Firestar & Justice, temporarily transformed into Morgan's mind-controlled warriors as Queen's Vengeance, rebellion against Morgan led by Captain America, Hawkeye, Wasp, Photon, Quasar & Justice, resurrected Wonder Man as ionic energy wraith, defeated Morgan, Vision's lower body destroyed (Avengers #1-3, 1998); teamed with Fantastic Four & Thunderbolts to thwart Baron Zemo's world domination scheme (Thunderbolts #11-12, 1998); witnessed Captain America testing new shield (Captain America #3, 1998); formally reorganized team with active roster of chairman Captain America, Thor, Iron Man, Hawkeye, Scarlet Witch, Vision & Warbird, recruited Firestar & Justice as reservists, began working with new national security liaison Duane Jerome Freeman (Avengers #4, 1998); helped Captain America cope with "Capmania", vs Hydra, stemmed Skrull panic (Captain America #4-7, 1998); vs Destroyer robot animated by Colonel Preston Case, Thor bound to Jake Olson (Thor #1-2, 1998); vs Albino, Taskmaster, Oddball & Batroc's Brigade (Hawkeye: Earth's Mightiest Markman #1, 1998); vs Corruptor's mind-controlled pawns Squadron Supreme & Blue Shield, exposed & defeated Corruptor unaware Corruptor was himself a pawn of Imus Champion (Avengers #5-6, 1998); thwarted plot by Galen Kor's Lunatic Legion to mutate humanity, court-martialled alcoholic Warbird for misconduct & spurred her to quit team, upgraded Firestar & Justice to active status (Iron Man #7/Captain America #8/Quicksilver #10/Avengers #7, 1998); helped Squadron Supreme defeat Imus Champion & return to their native world, Swordsman & Magdalane left in search of new alternate Earth to call home (Marvel Comics Annual 1998 Starring Avengers & Squadron Supreme, 1998); alongside new allies Triathlon & Silverclaw, vs Moses Magnum (Avengers #8-9, 1998); alongside Winter Guard, opposed Mandarin's invasion of Russia (Iron Man #9-10, 1998); recruited Giant-Man & Wasp as reservists, participated in Avengers Day parade, vs Grim Reaper's Legion of the Unliving consisting of mind-controlled dead Avengers Captain Marvel/Mar-Vell, Doctor Druid, Hellcat, Mockingbird, Swordsman, Thunderstrike & Wonder Man, teamed with Legion against Reaper after they threw off his control with aid of Scarlet Witch, most of Legion returned to their assorted afterlives, Reaper defeated, Wonder Man & ghostly Grim Reaper both mystically resurrected in full, romance between Wonder Man & Scarlet Witch (Avengers #10-11, 1998); Vision fully repaired, Firestar's health problems cured, Avengers teamed with Thunderbolts to save world from Dominex, Hawkeye quit Avengers to serve as leader of Thunderbolts (Avengers #12, 1999); Rick Jones, Giant-Man, Wasp & Avengers taken from various past & future time periods drawn into cosmic "Destiny War" & allied with Kang, Libra & Supreme Intelligence against Immortus & his masters the Time-Keepers in time-spanning battle to determine future of humanity (Avengers Forever #1-12, 1998-2000); designated Scarlet Witch as new deputy leader, teamed with New Warriors to shut down A.I.M. operation despite Lord Templar's interference (Avengers #13, 1999); forbidden by government to share information with Fantastic Four (Fantastic Four #13, 1999); visited by Beast, discussed how Wonder Man felt unworthy of Avengers membership, vs Pagan (Avengers #14, 1999); placed Scarlet Witch in charge of morale, training & member relations, failed to convince Wonder Man to rejoin formally, estranged from ally Triathlon after tracing Lord Templar to headquarters of Triune Understanding spiritual movement, alongside Triathlon, vs Pagan until Lord Templar spirited Pagan away, subtly accused of persecuting Triunes by Triune leader Jonathan Tremont, secretly targeted for further smear campaign by Tremont (Avengers #15, 1999); helped Black Panther thwart Achebe's bombing plot & defuse riot, learned Panther had initially joined Avengers to investigate group from within (Black Panther #7-8, 1999); rescued Carnelian Prime Minister from Ultimator, vs rogue Protectorate robots created by emotionally unstable former Avengers employee Fabian Stankowicz, deactivated robots with aid of Fabian & Edwin Jarvis (Avengers '99 Annual, 1999); vs Doomsday Man & Wrecking Crew, defeated Doomsday Man alongside Warbird, helped Arkon & Thundra defeat Wrecking Crew after they usurped Arkon's throne in Polemachus (Avengers #16-18, 1999); suffered bad press orchestrated by Triune Understanding leaders, defeated Firebrand & Flaming Sword (Avengers #0, 1999); embarked on time travel quest for segments of golden apple in response to threat of Harbingers of Everlasting Winter (Domination Factor: Avengers #1.2-4.8, 1999-2000); vs Alkhema, destroyed Ultron after he conquered Slorenia & slaughtered its populace, learned Ultron's mind was based on Hank Pym's brain patterns, Justice finally overcame his self-confidence issues (Avengers #19-22, 1999); alongside Fantastic Four, Silver Surfer & Alicia Masters, opposed Galactus (Galactus the Devourer #1-6, 1999-2000); vs rogue Machine Man (X-51 #4-5, 1999); suffered increasing Triune-spawned bad press, falsely accused of discriminating against minorities, Vision departed after major confrontation with Wonder Man (Avengers #23, 1999)
Where Are They Now? See Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Avengers 2004-2005 & Teams 2005 for further details

Black Tarantula

First Appearance: Amazing Spider-Man #419 (1997)
Origin: Amazing Spider-Man #436 (1998)
Significant Issues: Ordered El Uno to attack Rose's organization (Amazing Spider-Man #419, 1997); received head of El Uno after he was killed by Delilah (Amazing Spider-Man #420, 1997); ordered Madame Qwa to defeat Spider-Man & frame murder of Joe Robertson on Rose (Amazing Spider-Man #421-424, 1997); Master Zei hired by Rose to resurrect Doctor Octopus (Amazing Spider-Man #425, 1997); resurrection of Doctor Octopus, Master Zei killed, Chesbro located Marina Caches (Amazing Spider-Man #426-427, 1997); responded to Master Zei's death by breaking Delilah's neck, subsequently healed her (Amazing Spider-Man #428, 1997); personally invaded Don Fortunato's mansion, attacked Spider-Man, took his mask but spared his life (Amazing Spider-Man #432, 1998); Chesbro spied on Mary Jane (Amazing Spider-Man #432, 1998); Roughouse & Bloodscream revealed to be his agents (Wolverine #123, 1998); discussed business with Fortunato & Rose, Chesbro took more surveillance of Marina (Amazing Spider-Man #434, 1998); Fortunato shared his belief of Black Tarantula's origin, agents Bloodscream & Roughouse failed to kidnap Marina Caches (Amazing Spider-Man #435, 1998); confronted Marina to take back Fabian, vs Spider-Man, left to return another day (Amazing Spider-Man #436, 1998); arranged for kidnapping of Doctor Marla Madison to work on his Bolivian jungle property for Roxxon empowering superhuman criminal agents, fled after raid by Spider-Man & U.S. federal authorities (Spider-Man Unlimited #22, 1998)
Where Are They Now? Alongside Daredevil/Matt Murdock, Kingpin/Wilson Fisk, Hammerhead & Punisher/Frank Castle, incarcerated & depowered in Ryker's prison, nearly killed by Bullseye (Daredevil #82 & 85-86, 2006)

Blackwulf and the Underground Legion

First Appearance: (Blackwulf) Thunderstrike #6 (1994); (Underground Legion) Blackwulf #1 (1994)
Significant Issues: Pelops captured Pandara (Thunderstrike #6, 1994); Pelops killed by Tantalus, Lucian became Blackwulf (Blackwulf #1, 1994); Lucian joined Underground Legion, vs Scorch (Blackwulf #2-4, 1994); vs Ultron (Blackwulf #5, 1994); reprogrammed Sentry #459 (Blackwulf #6, 1994); met Deathlok (Daredevil #337-338, 1995); vs Tantalus on Armechadon, Tantalus slain (Blackwulf #7-10, 1994-1995); Doctor Broadhurst said to be deceased (X-51 #1, 1999)
Where Are They Now? No further data available

Bluebird (Sally Avril)

First Appearance: (As Avril) Amazing Fantasy #15 (1962); (as Bluebird) Untold Tales of Spider-Man #11 (1996)
Significant Issues: Rejected Peter Parker’s request for a date, opting instead for "dreamboat" Eugene "Flash" Thompson (Amazing Fantasy #15, 1962); continued to show lack of sympathy for Peter Parker even after death of his Uncle Ben (Amazing Fantasy #18/Untold Tales of Spider-Man #1-6, 1996/1995-1996); helped Spider-Man defeat Electro (Untold Tales of Spider-Man #7, 1996); schemed to become super-hero in her own right (Untold Tales of Spider-Man #9, 1996); discovered Peter Parker was secretly Spider-Man’s photographer (Untold Tales of Spider-Man #10, 1996); as Bluebird, unsuccessfully attempted to blackmail Peter Parker into becoming her photographer; attempted to assist Spider-Man in his battle against Electro & Eel (Untold Tales of Spider-Man #11, 1996); attempted to assist Spider-Man in his battle against Scarlet Beetle (Untold Tales of Spider-Man #12, 1996); gave up Bluebird identity after being punched by one of Black Knight’s minions, killed in automobile accident while trying to photograph Spider-Man’s battle against Black Knight (Untold Tales of Spider-Man #13, 1996)
Where Are They Now? No further data available

Brandon, Moira

First Appearance and Origin: Avengers West Coast #100 (1993)
Significant Issues: Agreed to sell her Palos Verdes estate to Avengers, forced by Crossfire to lure Hawkeye & Mockingbird into trap, helped them capture Crossfire, awarded honorary Avengers membership, died happy years later (Avengers West Coast #100, 1993)
Where Are They Now? Portrait displayed in Avengers headquarters (JLA/Avengers #3, 2003)

Captain Marvel (Genis-Vell)

First Appearance: (As Legacy) Silver Surfer Annual #6 (1993); (as Captain Marvel) Captain Marvel #4 (1996)
Origin: Silver Surfer Annual #6 (1993)
Significant Issues: First given a set of Nega-Bands, told of true heritage (Silver Surfer Annual #6, 1993); given ‘attitude adjustment’ by Silver Surfer (Silver Surfer #89-90, 1994); first met Nitro (Secret Defenders #14, 1994); took Nitro prisoner, alongside Jack of Hearts & Ganymede, vs Thanos, Terrax, & Tyrant (Cosmic Powers #4-6, 1994); had guidance talk with Silver Surfer; (Silver Surfer Annual #7, 1994); confronted people whose lives had been saved years earlier by Captain Mar-Vell (Silver Surfer Annual #7, 1994); mistakenly rescued alien actress Conchetta B’day from her fan club (Silver Surfer #105, 1995); first met & fled from alien shape-shifter Baby Driver (Silver Surfer #106-107, 1995); saved Silver Surfer’s life in battle against one of Doctor Doom’s Doombots (Silver Surfer #108, 1995); attempted to help Surfer stop battle between Galactus & Tyrant (Silver Surfer #109, 1995); brought Surfer to party planet Sylloquonia, vs Nebula, made peace with Baby Driver (Silver Surfer #110, 1995); tricked into destroying Shi’ar spacestation Link 313 (Captain Marvel #1, 1995); first met Rick & Marlo Jones, appeared on Jones’ talk show (Captain Marvel #2, 1996); first met Terran Captain Marvel Monica Rambeau (Avengers Unplugged #5, 1996); vs X-Treme, teamed up with him to oppose Eric the Red (Captain Marvel #3, 1996); vs Kree cyborg Zey-Rogg, cleared his name (Captain Marvel #4, 1996); confronted minor Celestial God-Stalker over fate of ‘god’ Veeda Leebre, confronted Leebre over final fate of his worshippers (Captain Marvel #5-6, 1996); witnessed bizarre illusion of death of planet Zenn-La (Silver Surfer #122, 1996); had Nega-Bands stripped from him, alongside Adam Warlock, vs Lord Syphonn, reclaimed bands (Warlock #1-4, 1998-1999)
Where Are They Now? See Photon profile in All-New Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A-Z #8 for further details


First Appearance: Force Works #1 (1994)


First Appearance and Origin: Darkhawk #1 (1991)
Significant Issues: Found amulet, became Darkhawk (Darkhawk #1, 1991); alongside Spider-Man, vs Hobgoblin (Darkhawk #2-3, 1991); vs Savage Steel (Darkhawk #4, 1991); met Portal (Darkhawk #5, 1991); met Daredevil & Captain America, vs U-Foes (Darkhawk #6, 1991); met New Warriors (New Warriors #14, 1991); defended New York during Infinity Gauntlet crisis (Quasar #27, ?); alongside Spider-Man, Nova, Night Thrasher, Punisher & Moon Knight, vs Secret Empire (Amazing Spider-Man #353-354 & 357-358, 1991 & 1992); vs Lodestone (Darkhawk #7-8, 1991); alongside Punisher, vs Savage Steel (Darkhawk #9, 1991); lost amulet to Tombstone, vs Venom, witnessed seeming death of Bazin & father, regained amulet (Darkhawk #10-15, 1991-1992); joined New Warriors, vs Folding Circle (New Warriors #22-25, 1992); vs Peristrike Force (Darkhawk #16-18, 1992); alongside Spider-Man & Sleepwalker, vs Brotherhood of Evil Mutants (Darkhawk #19-20/Sleepwalker #17, 1992); participated in Infinity War (Infinity War #2-4); met Avengers, vs Professor Power (Darkhawk Annual #1/Avengers West Coast Annual #7/Iron Man Annual #13, 1992); met Ghost Rider, vs Evilhawk, met Ocsh, learned origins of amulet (Darkhawk #21-25, 1992-1993); alongside New Warriors, vs Darkling (New Warriors #33-34/New Warriors Annual #3, 1993); briefly joined Secret Defenders (Secret Defenders #1-3, 1993); joined Avengers, vs Pacific Overlords (Avengers West Coast #93-95, 1993); alongside New Warriors, vs Zarrko (Darkhawk #26-29, 1993); vs Dreamkiller (Darkhawk Annual #2, 1993); vs Pureheart (Darkhawk #30, 1993); allied with Savage Steel against Latverian terrorists (Darkhawk #32, 1993); vs Cuda (Darkhawk #33-34, 1993); alongside Venom, vs Seekers (Darkhawk #35-37, 1994); gained new armor, armored form split from Chris (Darkhawk #38-41, 1994); encountered Damek (Darkhawk Annual #3, 1994); alongside New Warriors, vs Sphinx (New Warriors #48-50, 1994); alongside Spider-Man, Speedball & Nova, encountered Metahumes (Spider-Man: Friends & Enemies #1-4, 1995); Darkhawk & Chris remerged, defeated Overhawk (Darkhawk #48-50, 1995); alongside New Warriors & others, vs Elements of Doom (Thunderbolts #8, 1997); alongside Avengers, opposed Morgan Le Fay (Avengers #1-3, 1998); vs mind-controlled Wolverine (Wolverine #134, 1999); rejected offer to rejoin New Warriors (New Warriors #1, 1999)
Where Are They Now? Captured by Kang's forces during Kang's occupation of Earth (Avengers #51, 2002); assembled with other heroes to oppose Thanos (Marvel Universe: The End #5-6, 2003); gathered with Avengers during Scarlet Witch crisis (Avengers #501-503, 2004); attended funeral for fallen Avengers (Hercules #1, 2005); with Excelsior, encountered Runaways, defeated Ultron (Runaways #1-6, 2005)

Doctor Octopus (Carolyn Trainer)

First Appearance: (Tentacles only) Amazing Spider-Man #405 (1995); (fully) Amazing Spider-Man #406 (1995)
Origin: Spider-Man Unlimited #18 (1997)
Significant Issues: Raised to revere scientific research above human life (Amazing Spider-Man #406, 1995); felt that Seward was never a father to her & resented his refusal to reveal his scientific secrets (Spider-Man #63, 1995); taken to Otto Octavius lecture by Seward, met Otto afterward, became smitten, followed him on dates, while in college learned of Otto’s accident, visited him frequently in prison, became expert in virtual reality interfaces (Spider-Man Unlimited #18, 1997); approached by Otto to create virtual duplicate of him, downloaded Otto’s thoughts & memories into task wizard called Master Programmer (Amazing Spider-Man #427/Spider-Man Unlimited #18, 1997); tested equipment by creating Stunner (Amazing Spider-Man #426/Spider-Man Unlimited #18, 1997); became Doctor Octopus after Otto was killed by Kaine (Spider-Man Unlimited #18, 1997); attacked Seward, destroyed his lab & Vermont cabin, downloaded his files, captured Scarlet Spider who later freed himself & Seward, used Seward’s files to create VR bomb that brought Jurassic Age to Fifth Avenue, came to Seward’s lab to force access codes from him, vs Spider-Man & Scarlet Spider, fled without codes (Amazing Spider-Man #405-406/Spider-Man #62-63, 1995); tapped Seward’s phone learning of antidote for Mary Jane’s radiation poisoning, stole antidote to swap for Seward, learned access codes, thrown through wall of underwater headquarters by Spider-Man & swept into the river (Spectacular Spider-Man #229, 1995); sent "Octo-punks" to steal cyberneural inductors but scooped by Mr. Tso, stole chips from police after Scarlet Spider broke up robbery (Web of Scarlet Spider #1, 1995); blew up lab to prevent Mr. Tso’s men from gaining VR visor but lost inductor chips to them, recruited Looter, created Aura & Override, hired Pro, her VR-37 contributed to stranding Seward’s mind in cyberspace, plans thwarted by Scarlet Spider (Amazing Scarlet Spider #1/Scarlet Spider #1/Spectacular Scarlet Spider #1, 1995); arranged meeting at Children’s Zoo with Mr. Tso which was broken up by Scarlet Spider resulting in arrest of Looter, Aura & Override (Web of Scarlet Spider #2, 1995); captured Joe Wade, created VR Scarlet Spider (Scarlet Spider #2, 1995); attacked Tso, vs Smythe’s cyber-slayers instead, seized Smythe’s visor as Pro assassinated Tso, plugged into it to create hyper-reality that brought Master Programmer to life until Scarlet Spider inserted VR virus chip he gained from Seward into visor destroying VR/reality merge, nearly electrocuted by feedback (Spectacular Scarlet Spider #2, 1995); attempted to steal Seward’s body, defeated by Spider-Man & jailed (Amazing Spider-Man #409/Spectacular Spider-Man #232, 1996); out of prison, discovered that Otto’s body had been stolen, recreated Stunner, located site of planned resurrection of Otto, vs Delilah, alongside Rose & Hand, vs Spider-Man, used handheld Master Programmer interface on Otto at moment that Stunner transferred her life essence into him, turned arms over to resurrected Otto, attacked Spider-Man with a stick, became Otto’s assistant (Amazing Spider-Man #425-429, 1997)
Where Are They Now? No further data available


First Appearance: X-Factor #92 (1993)
Origin: Black Knight: Exodus (1996)
Significant Issues: Observed X-Factor (X-Factor #92, 1993); brought X-Force to Avalon (X-Force #25, 1993); took Acolytes from Fabian Cortez (Uncanny X-Men #304, 1993); prevented from defending Magneto against X-Men (X-Men #25, 1993); in Genosha, killed Cortez, vs X-Men & Avengers (Avengers #369, 1993); oversaw trial of Neophyte (Uncanny X-Men #315, 1994); vs Holocaust, lost Acolytes (X-Men #42-43, 1995); attempted to feed off Nate Grey, vs him & Cable (Cable #30/X-Man #14, 1996); opposed Joseph's bid for leadership of Acolytes (Magneto #1-4, 1996-1997); led Acolytes in invasion of Mount Wundagore (Quicksilver #1, 1997); vs Thena at Mount Wundagore (Heroes For Hire #8-9, 1998); made alliance with Man-Beast, vs Quicksilver & Heroes For Hire, beaten by Black Knight (Quicksilver #11-12/Heroes For Hire #16-17/Marvel Comics 1998 Annual Starring Heroes For Hire & Quicksilver, 1998); attempted to bring peace to Genosha, failed (Uncanny X-Men '99 Annual, 1999)
Where Are They Now? Led Brotherhood of Mutants against X-Men, pulled into black hole within Shen Xorn's head (X-Men #161-164, 2004)


First Appearance: Uncanny X-Men #283 (1991)
Significant Issues: Recruited by Selene to arbitrate Upstarts’ games (Uncanny X-Men #299 & 283, 1993 & 1991); approved Siena Blaze for membership in the Upstarts (Uncanny X-Men #299, 1993); removed all points Fabian Cortez had earned for supposedly killing Magneto (Uncanny X-Men #300, 1993); monitored Siena Blaze’s attempt to kill Cyclops, Storm & Xavier (X-Men Unlimited #1, 1993); denied Shinobi Shaw the right to kill Psylocke in lieu of Matsu’o Tsurayaba’s existing plan (X-Men #22, 1993); agreed to Trevor Fitzroy’s request for meeting of all Upstarts, held meeting within his own mind, chose Forge as Upstarts’ next target (Uncanny X-Men #301, 1993); tasked by Mr. Sinister with obtaining Proteus’ DNA from Moira MacTaggert, sent Siena Blaze to steal it & kill Moira (Excalibur #72-74, 1993-1994); warned Shinobi of complacency in Upstarts’ game, tasked him with securing Justice’s services as vassal (New Warriors #43, 1994); set Upstarts’ next target as surviving New Mutants & Hellions members in "Younghunt," learned of Shinobi’s intended betrayal, mind-controlled captured mutants & set them against their would-be rescuers X-Force & New Warriors, confronted by Paige Guthrie, agreed to her challenge of competing against Xavier & his ilk to find & guide next generation of mutants (New Warriors #44/X-Force #32/New Warriors #45/X-Force #33/New Warriors #46, 1994); usurped control of Weisman Institute For The Criminally Insane by mentally enslaving Doctor Weisman & young inmate Jeremy Stevens, had Siryn imprisoned within after she arrived to investigate, captured Deadpool after he rescued Siryn, mentally compelled Siryn to return home & report all was well at Institute (X-Force #46-47, 1995); confronted Shatterstar about his supposed true identity of Benjamin Russell, confronted by Siryn, relinquished control over Institute (X-Force #56, 1996); watched Shatterstar’s soul being bonded to Benjamin Russell (X-Force #61, 1996); sought to test X-Men, captured Jean Grey, attempted to entice Joseph, confronted by Jean, escaped (X-Men ’97 Annual, 1997)
Where Are They Now? No further data available

Generation X

First Appearance: Generation X #1 (1994)
Origin: Uncanny X-Men #316-317/X-Men #36-37 (1994)
Significant Issues: Kidnapped by Phalanx (Uncanny X-Men #316-317/X-Men #36-37, 1994); Xavier opened new branch of Institute in Massachusetts (X-Men #38, 1994); Chamber joined, Penance arrived, team vs Emplate (Generation X #1, 1994); rescued Artie & Leech from Gene Nation (Generation X #5-6, 1995); Wolverine drove Token from Biosphere (Wolverine #91, 1995); restored Cassidy Keep (Generation X #8-9, 1995); Mondo joined (Generation X '95 Annual, 1995); Synch infected by Emplate (Generation X #12-16, 1996); Franklin Richards joined school (Generation X #20, 1996); Chamber & Skin visited L.A. (Generation X #20-21, 1996); captured by Black Tom (Generation X #25, 1997); Jubilee imprisoned by Bastion, others chased by Zero Tolerance (Generation X #26-31, 1997); alongside Spider-Man, vs Major Love (Marvel Team-Up #1, 1997); met Santa (Generation X Holiday Special, 1998); vs M-Plate (Generation X #35-39, 1998); Monet freed from Penance form (Generation X #40, 1998); vs Asgardian Trolls (X-Men Unlimited #20, 1998); Gaia joined (Generation X #42, 1998); Biosphere vanished (Generation X #44, 1998); Adrienne Frost joined school, Maggott considered joining, human students admitted (Generation X #49-50, 1999); vs Rising Sons (Generation X #53-54, 1999); Adrienne forced Hellion imagery on team, exposed (Generation X #55-56, 1999); vs Emplate (Generation X #57-58, 1999); Jubilee discovered Hunter Brawn had her parents killed (Generation X '99 Annual, 1999); M left school (Generation X Annual 1999)
Where Are They Now? Mondo revealed to be alive (Generation X #60, 2000); Synch killed by Adrienne (Generation X #70, 2000); Chamber joined X-Men, school closed (Generation X #75, 2001)

Ghost Rider 2099

First Appearance: Ghost Rider 2099 #1 (1994)
Origin: Ghost Rider 2099 #1 (1994); Ghost Rider 2099 #25 (1996)
Significant Issues: Attacked Artificial Kidz, dismembered Jeter Warlord, learned D/MONIX hired them, battled Central Security Systems & Warewolf, rescued Kylie & Dr. Neon from D/MONIX, destroyed Zero Cochrane’s body (Ghost Rider 2099 #1-5, 1994); saved Kylie from Mnemo-methylene intoxication, vs Spider-Man, entered Max Synergy’s debt, learned Ghostworks entities had programmed him to prevent his revealing their existence (Ghost Rider 2099 #6-7, 1994); accessed Kylie’s mind, helped her cope with loss of Zero (Ghost Rider 2099 #8, 1994); decapitated Jeter Warlord, learned his friend Pak had been slain by a Predator (Ghost Rider 2099 #9, 1995); ambushed by Predators, destroyed Diana Matlin’s predator, feedback drove Matlin insane & she slew other operators while Ghost Rider destroyed other Predators (Ghost Rider 2099 #10-11, 1995); located Diana Matlin, criticized for acting as judge, jury, & executioner by Mainline Media’s Willis Adams, left Adams with psychopathic Matlin & Adams was forced to kill her to survive, Coda attacked & destroyed Ghost Rider, Doom accessed Ghostworks, arranged control over Ghost Rider (Ghost Rider 2099 #12, 1995); Ghost Rider repaired by nanotech (Ghost Rider 2099 #13, 1995); Ghostworks entity sent Ghost Rider to retrieve a jar containing resurrection-powered fossil for Doom, encountered Halloween Jack & Meanstreak, alongside them, opposed Theatre of Pain, encountered Spider-Man, Punisher & Hulk, returned empty jar to Ghostworks (2099 A.D. #1, 1995); reprogrammed by Doom, appointed federal marshal of Transverse City (Ghost Rider 2099 #14, 1995); vs Anarquistadores, followed trail of White Heat drug to Max Synergy, vs Heartbreaker, had Synergy arrested, Zero 1.0 impeded Ghost Rider’s efforts & spread word of his betrayal of Synergy (Ghost Rider 2099 #15-16, 1995); Ghost Rider met with Harrison Cochrane, Zero 1.0 unwittingly released L-Cypher (Ghost Rider 2099 #17, 1995); vs L-Cypher, Archfiends, & Cyberus (Ghost Rider 2099 #18-20, 1995); vs Vengeance, quit job as marshal (Ghost Rider 2099 #21-22, 1996); weakened from battles, sought aid from Drs. Sandoz & Neon, captured by Neon & Zero 1.0 (Ghost Rider 2099 #23-24, 1996); Zero 1.0 replaced Zero 2.0 in Ghost Rider, Zero 1.0 took down D/MONIX & left town, Zero 2.0 escaped containment, enslaved Ghostworks entity, plotted to save world his way (Ghost Rider 2099 #25, 1996); Zero 2.0 worked behind the scenes for the betterment of humanity, released Ghostworks entities in 3099 A.D. (2099: Manifest Destiny, 1998)
Where Are They Now? Reality designated as Earth-928 (Marvel Encyclopedia Vol. 6: Fantastic Four, 2004)


First Appearance: Infinity War #2 (1992); (identified) Infinity Crusade #1 (1993)
Origin: Infinity War #2 (1992); Warlock Chronicles #5 (1993)
Significant Issues: Stole Magus’ Cosmic Containment Units (Infinity War #5-6, 1992); spread influence across Earth, recruited followers, created Paradise Omega, spread power across universe uniting sentient minds into one will to unlock Cosmic Containment Units’ safety limits, goal prematurely revealed by Warlock, universal will dissolved, control of Cosmic Egg usurped by Warlock, imprisoned in Soul Gem (Infinity Crusade #1-6/Warlock and the Infinity Watch #18-22/Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme #54-56/Thor #463-467/Warlock Chronicles #1-5/Alpha Flight #122-124/Avengers West Coast #96-97/Terror, Inc. #13/Iron Man #294-295/Cage #17/Darkhawk #30-31/Silver Surfer #83-85/Web of Spider-Man #104-106/Silver Sable and the Wild Pack #16-17/Deathlok #28-29/Marc Spector: Moon Knight #56-57, 1993)
Where Are They Now? No further data available

Great One

First Appearance and Origin: Marvel Graphic Novel: Silver Surfer - Homecoming (1991)
Significant Issues: Silver Surfer traveled to Great One’s mindscape, reunited with Shalla Bal, Great One’s paranoia over his invasion resulted in battle that destroyed mindscape & slew Great One (Marvel Graphic Novel: Silver Surfer – Homecoming, 1991)
Where Are They Now? No further data available

Green Goblin (Phil Urich)

First Appearance: (As Urich) Web of Spider-Man #125 (1995); (as Green Goblin) Green Goblin #1 (1995)
Origin: Green Goblin #1 (1995)
Significant Issues: Read draft copy of his uncle's book about Green Goblins, Dynasty of Evil (Spider-Man: Legacy of Evil, 1996); discovered hidden room in Harry Osborn's secret hideout, crashed into vat of chemicals, became Green Goblin (Green Goblin #1, 1995); helped rescue football star Johnny Dare during sting operation, vs Rhino (Green Goblin #2, 1995); tangled with Scarlet Spider/Peter Parker & clones Warren & Gwen Miles (Web of Spider-Man #125, 1995); mistaken for homeless people killer Firefist, alongside Spider-Man, helped stop Firefist (Spectacular Spider-Man # 225, 1995); antagonized reporter Ken Ellis in Daily Bugle (Spider-Man: Final Adventure #1, 1995); encountered Joystick, rescued Ken Ellis from injury in Great Game battle between Joystick & Scarlet Spider/Ben Reilly (Amazing Scarlet Spider #2, 1995); alongside Scarlet Spider, vs Joystick & el Toro Negro, saved Joystick's life (Green Goblin #3, 1995); alongside Thing, vs Hobgoblin/Jason Macendale to protect Lynn Walsh (Green Goblin #4, 1996); pondered motivation for becoming Green Goblin, Ben Urich beaten for pursuing story on corrupt Judge Tomb (Green Goblin #5, 1996); alongside Daredevil, vs Purge & Judge Tomb (Green Goblin #6, 1996); stopped thievery of Steel Slammer (Green Goblin #7, 1996); rescued Liz & Normie Osborn from Angel Face, burned face of Angel Face, receives Liz’s approval (Green Goblin #8, 1996); vs Jonathan Gatesworth at gaming expo (Green Goblin #9, 1996); seen at Daily Bugle (Spectacular Spider-Man # 235, 1996); escaped Arcade’s Murderworld with "Ricko the Sicko" (Green Goblin #10, 1996); met Peter Parker at Daily Bugle (Amazing Spider-Man #413, 1996); kidnapped by Angel Face, defeated Angel Face again (Green Goblin #11, 1996); vs Onslaught’s Sentinels, sacrificed glider, mask damaged (Green Goblin #12/Amazing Spider-Man #415, 1996); attempted to continue heroics without mask & powers, quit Green Goblin persona (Green Goblin #13, 1996); at Empire State University (Amazing Spider-Man #422 & 425, 1997); at Joe Robertson's goodbye party, hooded sweatshirt borrowed by Peter Parker to conceal his identity while battling Mr Hyde (Amazing Spider-Man #433, 1998)
Where Are They Now? Graduated from ESU with degree in journalism, under Rick Jones, he & other former heroes formed Loners (Runaways #1-6, 2005)


First Appearance: (Behind the Scenes) Fantastic Four #381 (1993); (cameo) Fantastic Four #404 (1995); (fully) Fantastic Four #406 (1995)
Origin: Fantastic Four #414 (1996)
Significant Issues: Past encounter with Nathaniel Richards referenced (Fantastic Four #406, 1995); alliance with Zarrko recounted (Fantastic Four #407, 1995); captured Reed Richards & Doctor Doom, banished Reed to Hyborian era, tortured Doom (Fantastic Four #381/Fantastic Four Unlimited #12, 1993/1995); recruited Zarrko to impersonate Boris & spy on Fantastic Four (Fantastic Four #396-404/Fantastic Four: Atlantis Rising #1, 1995); transported Zarrko to his stronghold (Fantastic Four #405, 1995); captured Nathaniel Richards, tracked by Fantastic Four, Lyja, & Kristoff Vernard, captured & banished them back to Hyborian era (Fantastic Four #406, 1995); mocked Nathaniel Richards, Doom transferred mind into Zarrko (Fantastic Four #407, 1995); gloated to Doom-possessed Zarrko (Fantastic Four Unplugged #3, 1996); watched Doom-possessed Zarrko free Nathaniel Richards & wander his fortress (Fantastic Four #407/Fantastic Four Unlimited#12, 1995); Kristoff, Reed, & Fantastic Four returned to Hyperstorm’s era & futilely attacked him (Fantastic Four #408, 1996); survived Doom’s effort to siphon his power, then forced Fantastic Four to flee, healed Thing’s face, sent Fantastic Four & allies back to their world (Fantastic Four #409, 1996); observed Reed Richards’ plot to enlist Galactus, replaced Psi-Lord with younger Franklin Richards (Fantastic Four #413, 1996); attacked by Galactus, faded into dimensional void with him (Fantastic Four #414, 1996)
Where Are They Now? Presumably alternate dimensional Hyperstorm battled Fantastic Five of Earth-982 which created rift in Negative Zone & burned out much of Franklin Richards/Psi-Lord’s powers (Fantastic Five #4, 2000); reality designated as Earth-967 (Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Alternate Universes 2005, 2005)

Infinity Gauntlet

First Appearance: (Soul Gem) Marvel Premiere #1 (1972); (Time Gem/Power Gem) Marvel Team-Up #55 (1977); (Other Gems/Star Gem) Avengers Annual #7 (1977); (Infinity Gauntlet) Silver Surfer #44 (1990); (Ego Gem) Avengers/UltraForce #1 (1995)
Origin: Thanos Quest #2 (1990)
Significant Issues: Soul Gem used to create Counter-Earth, given to Adam Warlock (Marvel Premiere #1, 1972); collected for first time in synthetic 'Star Gem' (Avengers Annual #7, 1977); Gems recovered by Elders of the Universe & In-Betweener, used against Galactus (Silver Surfer #9-10 & 15-18, 1988); Thanos acquired Gems (Thanos Quest #1-2, 1990); Thanos created Infinity Gauntlet (Silver Surfer #44, 1990); Thanos used Gauntlet to wipe out half of universe's population, replaced Eternity, lost Gauntlet to first Nebula then Adam Warlock (Infinity Gauntlet #1-6, 1991); Adam Warlock forced to give up Gauntlet, formed Infinity Watch (Warlock and the Infinity Watch #1-2 1992); Magus reunited five Gems, defeated (Infinity War #1-6, 1992); Rune stole Gems (Rune/Silver Surfer #1, 1995); Loki collected Gems stranded in Ultraverse, Gems reunited with Ego Gem to reform Nemesis, scattered again (Godwheel #3/Lord Pumpkin #1/Hardcase #23/Mantra #22/Lord Pumpkin #4/Night Man #21-23/Curse of Rune #3/Eliminator #3/UltraForce #10/Hardcase #26/ Ultraverse Prelude: UltraForce/Avengers #1 / Avengers/UltraForce #1 / UltraForce/Avengers #1 /Black September #8, 1995); Warlock seen with Soul Gem (Warlock #1, 1998)
Where Are They Now? No further data available

Iron Man (Teen Tony)

First Appearance and Origin: Avengers: Timeslide (1996)
Significant Issues: Critically wounded by elder Tony Stark (Iron Man #325, 1996); elder Tony died, provided technology to save young Tony’s life (Avengers #395, 1996); alongside Avengers, vs Zodiac (Iron Man #326/Avengers #396, 1996); built new armor, vs Frostbite (Iron Man #327-328, 1996); Kris DeGann wounded in fire (Iron Man #329-330, 1996); alongside War Machine, vs Stockpile (Iron Man #331, 1996); alongside Avengers, opposed Onslaught (Avengers #402/Iron Man #332, 1996); sacrificed self to stop Onslaught (Onslaught: Marvel Universe, 1996); adult Tony reborn in pocket universe (Iron Man #1, 1996); adult Iron Man returned to Earth-616 (Heroes Reborn: The Return #1-4, 1997); Immortus’ involvement in Crossing revealed (Avengers Forever #8, 1999)
Where Are They Now? Multiple Tony Starks’ memories resolved (Avengers Annual 2001, 2001)


First Appearance: (In vision) Ghost Rider #28 (1992); (actual) Ghost Rider/Blaze: Spirits of Vengeance #1 (1992)
Significant Issues: Vision of Lilin's arrival witnessed by Dan Ketch's spirit (Ghost Rider #28, 1992); Lilith reborn, recruited Pilgrim, Creed, Blackout, attacked John Blaze & Ghost Rider/Dan Ketch (Ghost Rider/Blaze: Spirits of Vengeance #1, 1992); Nakota & Fang sent to kill Morbius, mutated him instead (Morbius #1, 1992); Lilith & Nakota watched Blaze & Ghost Rider defeat Steel Vengeance (Ghost Rider/Blaze: Spirits of Vengeance #2, 1992); Skinner returned to Lilin, tracked Blaze & Ghost Rider, defeated (Ghost Rider/Blaze: Spirits of Vengeance #3, 1992); formed alliance with Darkhold cult, Fang reshaped them (Darkhold: Pages From The Book of Sins #1, 1992); Lilith & Meatmarket pit Nightstalkers against Blaze & Ghost Rider (Nightstalkers #1, 1992); Assaulted by Midnight Sons/the Nine, most killed, Lilith & Nakota survived, Lilith killed Nakota (Ghost Rider #31, 1992); Lilith prepared to give re-birth to Lilin (Ghost Rider/Blaze: Spirits of Vengeance #13, 1993); Outcast helped Lilith re-birth Lilin, Pilgrim & Blackout attacked Dan Ketch, Centurious formed alliance with Lilin (Ghost Rider #41, 1993); Lilin & Centurious's forces attacked Quentin Carnival, Skinner pursued Blaze (Ghost Rider/Blaze: Spirits of Vengeance #14, 1993); prepared for battle against Ghost Rider (Ghost Rider #42, 1993); Parasite infected body of Martine Bancroft, Bloodthirst began to take over Morbius's body (Morbius #13-15, 1993); assaulted Ghost Rider, Blaze, Caretaker & Vengeance, witnessed Zarathos's resurrection (Ghost Rider #43, 1993); left Centurious & allied with Zarathos, Ghost Rider used Medallion of Power to send them to Shadowside Dimension (Ghost Rider/Blaze: Spirits of Vengeance #16, 1993); Bad Timing led remaining Lilin against Midnight Sons, Lilith returned (Nightstalkers #14, 1993); Lilin, Lilith & Zarathos attacked Midnight Sons, Blackout, Meatmarket & Dark Legion assaulted police station, stopped by Vengeange & Ghost Rider (Ghost Rider #44, 1993); Girth & Skitter revealed traitor in Midnight Sons, Infinks vs Devil-Slayer (Marvel Comics Presents #143, 1993); Pixel defeated by Scarlet Witch in cyberspace, Lilin defeated by Werewolf (Marvel Comics Presents #143-144, 1993); Bad Timing led massive Lilin assault on Midnight Sons on Brooklyn Bridge, Morbius/Bloodthirst slew Louis Hastings (Darkhold: Pages From The Book of Sins #15, 1993); Lilin attacked Doctor Strange's Sanctum Sanctorum (Morbius #16, 1993); Lilin continued assault (Marvel Comics Presents #144, 1993); Scatter & Sister Nil arrived in Sanctum, defeated (Doctor Strange: Sorceror Supreme #60, 1993); most Lilin sent back to Shadowside by Ghost Rider, Vengeance & Blaze using Medallion of Power (Ghost Rider/Blaze: Spirits of Vengeance #17, 1993); fatally injured Lilin child found by Morbius & Hannibal King (Marvel Comics Presents #145, 1994); Parasite driven from Martine's form, killed (Morbius #17, 1994); Lilith promised Zarathos to leave Lilin behind & raise their child (Midnight Sons Unlimited #4, 1994); Sister Nil resurrected (Doctor Strange: Sorceror Supreme #63, 1994); Morbius had transfusion, blood formed into Bloodthirst, killed by Morbius (Morbius #20, 1994); Sister Nil revealed to be held captive by Doctor Strange as servant & scribe (Doctor Strange: Sorceror Supreme Annual #4, 1994); Strange recounted battles with Verdelet to Sister Nil, Nil first learned of Clea (Midnight Sons Unlimited #6, 1994); Sister Nil became jealous of Clea (Doctor Strange: Sorceror Supreme #67, 1994); Blackout gave up Lilin cause, returned to old life (Ghost Rider #53-54, 1994); Sister Nil chided Strange for preferring Clea over herself (Doctor Strange: Sorceror Supreme #71, 1994); Sister Nil witnessed Strange prepare for battle against Salome (Doctor Strange: Sorceror Supreme #72, 1994); Sister Nil tried to divert Salome's attention to help Strange (Doctor Strange: Sorceror Supreme #73, 1995); Sister Nil taunted Salome (Doctor Strange: Sorceror Supreme #74, 1995); Sister Nil helped Strange vanquish Salome, freed from her bonds in return (Doctor Strange: Sorceror Supreme #75, 1995); Sister Nil offered chance to replace Nightmare (Doctor Strange: Sorceror Supreme #79, 1995); Skinner incarcerated in Black Hole, let loose, defeated by Ghost Rider (Ghost Rider #62-64, 1995); Blackout defeated by Ghost Rider (Ghost Rider #66, 1995); Black Hole destroyed, Skinner let loose, defeated again by Blaze & Ghost Rider, taken to Vault (Over The Edge #9, 1996)
Where Are They Now? Lilith sent newborn Lilin to kill Topaz, Jennifer Kale & Satanna, vs Doctor Strange (Witches #1-4, 2004); Blackout escaped during Raft breakout (New Avengers #1-4, 2005)


First Appearance and Origin: Namor: The Sub-Mariner #54 (1994)
Significant Issues: Conceived by Llyra & Leon Mackenzie (Namor: The Sub-Mariner #48, 1994); born, artificially aged, & given copies of minds of Llyra & Vyrra (Namor: The Sub-Mariner #54, 1994); traveled to Atlantis, vs Namor, Tiger Shark, & Tamara Rahn (Namor: The Sub-Mariner #55, 1994); approached United Nations, framed Namor for monsters’ attack (Namor: The Sub-Mariner #56, 1994); proclaimed Atlantis’s ruler, vs Namor, imprisoned Llyra (Namor: The Sub-Mariner #57, 1994); reacted to Atlantis being raised (Namor: The Sub-Mariner #61/Fantastic Four: Atlantis Rising #1/Fantastic Four #402, 1995); revealed plot to create clone army (Fantastic Four Unlimited #11, 1995)
Where Are They Now? With Fathom Five, attacked surface world, vs Thunderbolts (New Thunderbolts #1 & 3-5, 2005); infected by Radioactive Man, spread virus to Atlantis (New Thunderbolts #6 & 9, 2005)

Loss, Stephen

First Appearance: Hellstorm: Prince of Lies #12 (1994)
Origin: Hellstorm: Prince of Lies #20 (1994)
Significant Issues: Directed Ingenuity Lee to bring Gabriel to House of Blue Lights, Gabriel became agent of Asura (Hellstorm: Prince of Lies #12-14, 1994); picked up Patsy Walker’s voice from Hell on his radio (Hellstorm: Prince of Lies #15, 1994); confronted Hellstorm (Hellstorm: Prince of Lies #16, 1994); encountered Hellstorm while observing Tzadqiel (Hellstorm: Prince of Lies #19, 1994); arranged for Gabriel to steal Jaine Cutter’s Breathing Gun (Hellstorm: Prince of Lies #20, 1994); slain by Hellstorm (Hellstorm: Prince of Lies #21, 1994)
Where Are They Now? No further data available


First Appearance: Marvel Comics Presents #172 (1995)
Origin: Lunatik #1 (1995)
Significant Issues: Born on Wy’nkar-7, consumed all life on planet, headed into space (Lunatik #1, 1995); partnered with Skreet, acted as bounty hunter, vs Silver Surfer, murdered children (Marvel Comics Presents #172-175, 1995); bartered for Intergalactic Star Sled (Cosmic Powers Unlimited #3, 1995); traveled to Earth, vs Avengers (Lunatik #1-2, 1995); became pope of Interspel Church of Annoyance (Lunatik #3, 1996)
Where Are They Now? Skreet allied with Thanos (Thanos #11, 2005); alongside allies, vs Drax, slain (Drax the Destroyer #1-4, 2006)


First Appearance: (As Alicia Masters) Fantastic Four #265 (1984); (as Lyja) Fantastic Four #357 (1991); (as Laura Green) Fantastic Four #393 (1994)
Origin: Fantastic Four #358 (1991)
Significant Issues: As Alicia Masters, first met Fantastic Four (Fantastic Four #265, 1984); began relationship with Human Torch (Fantastic Four #270, 1984); revealed to Thing that she & Johnny were lovers (Fantastic Four #277, 1985); married Human Torch (Fantastic Four #300, 1987); true nature revealed to Fantastic Four (Fantastic Four #357, 1991); led Fantastic Four to real Alicia, seemingly killed by Paibok (Fantastic Four #358, 1991); given superhuman powers by Paibok, joined him & Devos in tormenting Human Torch (Fantastic Four #369-372, 1992-1993); alongside Fantastic Four, vs Doctor Doom, became Fantastic Four's ally again (Fantastic Four #374-375, 1993); alongside Fantastic Four & other heroes, vs Fearsome Foursome (Fantastic Four #377-378, 1993); witnessed apparent death of Mr. Fantastic (Fantastic Four #381, 1993); captured by Devos & Skrulls, escaped custody, claimed to be pregnant (Fantastic Four #382-383, 1993); vs Starblasters (Fantastic Four #385-386, 1994); true nature of "pregnancy" revealed, relationship with Johnny again strained (Fantastic Four #389-391, 1994); adopted Laura Green guise (Fantastic Four #393, 1994); as Laura Green, secretly aided Johnny against Raptor the Renegade (Fantastic Four #394, 1994); alongside Fantastic Four & Fantastic Force, vs Aron the Rogue Watcher (Fantastic Four #400, 1995); reunited with Mr. Fantastic, vs Hyperstorm (Fantastic Four #406-409, 1995-1996); after death of Fantastic Four, went to be alone (Tales of the Marvel Universe, 1997)
Where Are They Now? Attacked by Annihilation Wave (Annihilation: Ronan #3, 2006)


First Appearance: (Pictured) Warlock and the Infinity Watch #12 (1993); (actual, identified) Warlock and the Infinity Watch #16 (1993)
Origin: Warlock Chronicles #6 (1993); Warlock and the Infinity Watch #26 (1994); Warlock and the Infinity Watch #41 (1995)
Significant Issues: Gamora had vision of Maxam (Warlock and the Infinity Watch #12, 1993); Eternity vaguely foretold Warlock of future encounter with a being entangled in a web of past & future woes (Warlock and the Infinity Watch #15, 1993); arrived on Monster Island (Warlock and the Infinity Watch #16, 1993); awakened, vs Infinity Watch, attacked Warlock, welcomed to stay in Infinity Watch’s castle (Warlock and the Infinity Watch #17, 1993); powers tested by Infinity Watch (Warlock and the Infinity Watch #18, 1993); with Infinity Watch, alongside others, opposed Goddess (Warlock and the Infinity Watch #19-22/Infinity Crusade#2-6/Warlock Chronicles #2, 1993); with Infinity Watch, alongside others, vs maddened Thor & Valkyrie (Warlock and the Infinity Watch #23-25/Warlock Chronicles #6-8/Thor #468-471/Silver Surfer #86-88, 1993-1994); Infinity Watch failed to resolve his amnesia (Warlock and the Infinity Watch #26, 1994); with Infinity Watch, vs Man-Beast-controlled Avengers (Warlock and the Infinity Watch #27, 1994); remained on Monster Island while Warlock confronted Man-Beast (Warlock and the Infinity Watch #28, 1994); with Infinity Watch, vs Count Abyss (Warlock and the Infinity Watch #29-33, 1994); brushed off Drax leading to Drax’s departure, helped return Drax (Warlock and the Infinity Watch #34-35, 1994); with Infinity Watch, vs Strange (Warlock and the Infinity Watch #36, 1995); with Infinity Watch, vs Zakaius & Lord Domition (Warlock and the Infinity Watch #37-39, 1995); requested guardianship of Mind Gem, attacked by Gamora, given Time Gem after she quit, regained memories (Warlock and the Infinity Watch #40, 1995); ambushed Warlock, subdued by Moondragon & Warlock (Warlock and the Infinity Watch #36, 1995); Infinity Gems stolen by Rune (Rune/Silver Surfer, 1995); broke free, pre-placed psychic program from Moondragon caused Maxam to believe he had successfully slain Warlock, returned to his alternate future timeline (Warlock and the Infinity Watch #42, 1995)
Where Are They Now? No further data available

Michaels, Lynn

First Appearance: (As Michaels) Punisher War Zone #7 (1992); (as Punisher) Punisher War Journal #62 (1994)
Significant Issues: Alongside Punisher, tracked serial rapist, vs Stiletto (Punisher War Zone #7-10, 1992); alongside Punisher, Ghost Rider, & Daredevil, vs Sandeen (Punisher War Journal #57-58, 1993); investigated childkiller Clyde Durkin, quit force when evidence ruled inadmissable (Punisher War Journal #59-61, 1993); helped Payback escape V.I.G.I.L. (Punisher #86, 1994); adopted Punisher role, slew Durkin, captured by V.I.G.I.L. (Punisher War Journal #62, 1994); badly beaten by V.I.G.I.L.’s Blackwell, escaped, framed for murder of agent Jessup (Punisher #87, 1994); traveled to Lastekist to help Punisher, vs V.I.G.I.L., Vaduccis & Cullens, injured by Cullens (Punisher War Journal #63-64/Punisher War Zone #25/Punisher #88, 1994); treated by Melinda Brewer, evaded capture by V.I.G.I.L. (Punisher War Journal #64, 68 & 70, 1994); assaulted V.I.G.I.L., befriended Bendix (Punisher War Journal #73, 1994); alongside Bendix, identity publicly exposed, targeted by Mondo Pain, confronted Heathen, acquired & destroyed Punisher's War Journal, reunited with Payback (Punisher War Journal #74-75, 1995); reunited with father, targeted by Blind Joe Death, Heathen, Punishment Squad, & Angela & Alaric, escaped after Heathen slew Angela & Alaric (Punisher War Journal #76-78, 1995); relocated to Michaels farm in Wisconsin (Punisher War Journal #80, 1995)
Where Are They Now? No further data available

Mutant Liberation Front

First Appearance: (Stryfe’s MLF, cameo) New Mutants #86 (1990); (Stryfe’s MLF, fully) New Mutants #87 (1990); (Stryfe’s MLF, Sumo, Kamikaze & Dragoness) New Mutants #93 (1990); (Reignfire’s MLF) X-Force #26 (1993); (New MLF, Deadeye, Trask cameo) Punisher #12 (1996); (New MLF, Blastfurnace & Corpus Derelecti) Punisher #13 (1996); (New MLF, Burnout & Deadeye replacement) Punisher #14 (1996); (New MLF, Blastfurnace replacement, Trask fully, Thermal & Blindspot) Punisher #15 (1997); (New MLF, Burnout & Corpus Derelecti replacements) Punisher #16 (1997); (unidentified employer’s MLF & Selby) Excalibur #104 (1996); (Wildside’s MLF) X-Force #67 (1997)
Significant Issues: MLF bombed government energy research facility near Dark Hole, Wyoming, Stryfe claimed responsibility for it & sought release of Rusty & Skids from government custody (New Mutants #86, 1990); MLF bombed another research facility, sent by Stryfe to liberate Rusty & Skids, opposed by Cable, Strobe convinced Rusty & Skids to accompany them, MLF teleported away by Zero (New Mutants #87, 1990); Stryfe sought to poison world’s water supplies, sent Dragoness, Sumo & Kamikaze to Madripoor to oversee shipping of toxins, MLF opposed by Cable, New Mutants, Wolverine & Sunfire (New Mutants #93-94, 1990); Stryfe sent MLF operatives Forearm, Reaper, Zero & Skids to attack Genosha (New Mutants #100, 1991); MLF attacked at Antarctic base by X-Force, Reaper lost hand in battle with Shatterstar, Stryfe forced to destroy base, MLF teleported out by Zero (X-Force #1, 1991); MLF smuggling operation in Vancouver uncovered by Weapon X/Kane, Forearm, Sumo & Wildside vs Kane, teleported to safehouse by Zero, followed by Kane, Stryfe revealed face to Kane making Kane believe he was Cable, defeated Kane, had Zero teleport him back to Department K (X-Force #7 & 9-10, 1992); MLF sought to liberate Hairbag & Slab from government holding facility, opposed by X-Factor, teleported away by Zero, saved Stryfe from being pulled back through portal by Polaris, sent by Stryfe to destroy Tucker Free Clinic & kill Doctor Tucker to prevent antenatal mutant-detecting tests, Doctor Tucker warned by Tempo, MLF attacked clinic, opposed by X-Factor, teleported away by Zero, Reaper lost lower leg after Zero forced to close portal to prevent being shot by Havok, received bionic replacement (X-Factor #77-78, 1992); Stryfe sent Dragoness, Sumo, Skids & Wildside to L’Museum D’Orsay in Paris to steal ancient Scottish Clan sword, MLF opposed by Cable who shot & killed Sumo, MLF teleported away by Zero, Stryfe sent Reaper, Dragoness, Rusty & Samurai to Museum of Egyptian Antiquities in Cairo to steal ancient hieroglyph, MLF again opposed by Cable who shot Rusty & shot off Reaper’s bionic hand, MLF teleported away by Zero (Cable: Blood & Metal #1, 1992); Stryfe sent MLF operatives to Clan Yashida stronghold in Japan to steal ancient shogun mask unaware that Cable had already replaced it with a fake & planted electromagnetic tracer on it, MLF attacked at temple base by Cable & Kane, Reaper revealed to have bionic scythe in place of hand, Stryfe captured Kane & confronted Cable, defeated by Kane (Cable: Blood & Metal #2, 1992); Stryfe sent Rusty & Skids to Turkey to steal ancient tapestry (X-Men #13, 1992); Stryfe disguised as Cable attempted to assassinate Xavier, sent Reaper, Forearm & Zero to make exchange with Mr Sinister of cannister supposedly containing Summers’ family genetic material for Cyclops & Phoenix themselves, Stryfe confronted Cyclops & Phoenix, MLF & Slab attacked by X-Men, X-Factor, Cannonball & Boomer, Stryfe continued mind games with Cyclops & Phoenix, Kamikaze accidentally killed by Archangel, MLF defeated & captured, Stryfe confronted & defeated Dark Riders & Apocalypse, assumed leadership of Dark Riders, confronted by Cable, pulled into temporal warp, canister given to Sinister opened releasing Legacy Virus (Uncanny X-Men #294/X-Men #14/X-Force #16/Uncanny X-Men #295/X-Factor #85/X-Men #15/X-Force #17/X-Men #16/X-Force #18, 1992/1993); Rusty & Skids moved from Whitman Maximum Security Federal Penitentiary outside Roanoke, Virginia, captured en route by Friends of Humanity, rescued by X-Force (X-Force #24, 1993); Rusty & Skids revealed to have had neural tissue implants to make them loyal to Stryfe, alongside most of X-Force, transported to Avalon by Exodus, implants destroyed by Magneto, joined Acolytes (X-Force #25, 1993); Forearm, Tempo, Reaper & Wildside liberated from Whitman Maximum Security Federal Penitentiary by Reignfire, agreed to join him (X-Force #26, 1993); MLF – including new members Locus & Moonstar - sought to capture NSC Agent Henry Peter Gyrich, vs Hardaway, captured Gyrich & held him as prisoner of war, opposed X-Force’s efforts to liberate Gyrich, Reaper lost other hand to Shatterstar & seemingly killed, Tempo prevented Feral from killing Gyrich & attacked by Reignfire in return, Reignfire convinced Feral to leave X-Force & join MLF, Sunspot intercepted both Locus’ teleport beam & Moonstar’s psionic arrow fired at Gyrich resulting in his powers causing a feedback loop that saw both he & Locus teleported away (X-Force #27-28, 1993); Reignfire captured Sunspot & learned to telepathically manipulate him (X-Force #79, 1998); Tempo briefly resided with X-Force at their Camp Verde, Arizona base, decided to go back to college & left (X-Force #29-30, 1993-1994); Moonstar among former New Mutants & Hellions targeted by Upstarts’ "Younghunt" contest, saved Empath from Fenris, alongside him, sought Karma in Madripoor, alongside her, vs Siena Blaze, allowed Blaze to capture them so as to infiltrate Upstarts, alongside other New Mutants & Hellions, held captive by Gamesmaster, freed by Karma, defeated by Gamesmaster-controlled Blaze, mind-controlled by Gamesmaster into opposing X-Force & New Warriors who sought to rescue them, freed after Gamesmaster agreed to play new game posted to him by Paige Guthrie (X-Force #32/New Warriors #45/X-Force #33/New Warriors #46, 1994); Moonstar confronted by X-Force over her choice to join MLF (X-Force #34, 1994); MLF trained by Moonstar, Reignfire allied MLF with 3Peace to liberate Chinese mutants, Moonstar revealed to have infiltrated group to undermine it, MLF & 3Peace vs China Force, Reignfire killed Rabbit & subsequently betrayed 3Peace to China Force, MLF vs 3Peace, 3Peace allowed to escape by Moonstar (X-Force Annual #3, 1994); Moonstar arranged for X-Force to bring Feral into custody for past crimes (X-Force #40-41, 1994); Locus returned & encountered X-Force, Reignfire forced Sunspot to assume Reignfire identity & attack MLF, Sunspot as Reignfire confronted by X-Force, forced by Reignfire to reveal identity to former teammates before all present caught in Legion’s reality warp (X-Force #43, 1995); Reignfire’s telepathic link with Sunspot severed by Cable (X-Force #44, 1995); MLF sought to test Siena Blaze for potential membership, Blaze only agreed to target MLF for the Upstarts’ contest, Reaper vs Blaze, explosion caused by Blaze transported both her & Reaper to Ultraverse where they joined Exiles (All New Exiles #Infinity, 1995); faux-mutant New MLF formed by Humanity’s Last Stand’s Simon Trask to foster anti-mutant hysteria, sent to kill Reverend Conover, opposed by Punisher, S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent Kymberly Taylor & F.B.I. Agent Carl Denti/X-Cutioner, Conover captured by Burnout, imprisoned by Trask, freed by X-Cutioner, Blindspot shot by Trask after she questioned his order, Trask seemingly killed in explosion, Thermal rescued from explosion by Punisher, hospitalized, later questioned over Punisher’s whereabouts (Punisher #12-17, 1996-1997); MLF reformed by unidentified employer with new member Selby, sought to steal Legacy Virus information from Muir Island computers, vs Excalibur (Excalibur #104-105, 1996-1997); Moonstar recruited by Valkyrior to oppose Malekith in Asgard, alongside X-Force, opposed Malekith (X-Force and Cable ’97 Annual, 1997); Moonstar revealed to be agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. (X-Force #66, 1997); MLF reorganized under Wildside’s leadership, Tempo & Locus rejoined, MLF attacked Wakeman Oncological Research Center to oppose supposed development of variant Legacy Virus, Locus quit after Wildside struck her, MLF opposed by X-Force, Moonstar revealed her true motives to MLF, both teams attacked by Prime Sentinels, majority of X-Force escaped with Moonstar & Forearm, Wildside, Dragoness & Tempo captured, Forearm confronted Moonstar over her betrayal & left (X-Force #67-68, 1997)
Where Are They Now? No further data available


First Appearance: (Mentioned) Excalibur #42 (1991); (seen) Excalibur #45 (1991)
Origin: Excalibur #50 (1992)
Significant Issues: Merlyn described how Necrom originally tried to converge realities into one (Excalibur #50, 1992); having conquered Ee’rath, attacked exiled Queen’s household, massacred/enslaved all but Kylun (Excalibur #46, 1991); rebellion began by Kylun & Sat’neen (Excalibur #42-44, 1991); confronted by Kylun & Sat’neen (Excalibur #45, 1991); slew Sat’neen, wounded by Kylun, escaped through interdimensional doorway (Excalibur #46, 1992); on Earth-616, sent minion to steal druidic artifacts, minion eventually destroyed by Nightcrawler & N-Men (Excalibur #44-45, 1991); summoned & merged with Anti-Phoenix (Excalibur #48, 1992); slaughtered FI6, flew to confront Excalibur (Excalibur #49, 1992); vs Excalibur & allies, convergence thwarted, sought to drain Rachel of life & Phoenix Force, overloaded & exploded (Excalibur #50, 1992)
Where Are They Now? No further data available


First Appearance: Web of Spider-Man #97 (1993)
Origin: Web of Spider-Man #100 (1993)
Significant Issues: Rescued from Camouflage Cadre by future self, failed to rescue plane passengers from A.I.M. terrorists, exiled self to Caribbean island (Web of Spider-Man #100, 1993); rescued Alfredo Morelli from death at sea, helped him recover, betrayed by him (Web of Spider-Man #97-99, 1993); followed Morelli back to New York, resolved to remain (Web of Spider-Man #100, 1993); vs Camouflage (Web of Spider-Man Annual #9, 1993); rescued Black Cat from Carnage's crew (Web of Spider-Man #103, 1993); alongside Morbius, attacked Carnage & company at Statue of Liberty (Amazing Spider-Man #380, 1993); vs Deathgrin (Web of Spider-Man #104-106, 1993); alongside Spider-Man, vs Salvo & Warforce (Nightwatch #1, 1994); vs Flashpoint, learned of parents' death, vs Mechamorph (Nightwatch #2-3, 1994); alongside Warrant, vs Gauntlet (Nightwatch #4, 1994); rescued Sunstreak from Venom, reunited with uncle, alongside Venom, vs Silent Shadows (Nightwatch #5-6, 1994); alongside Cardiac, vs Cardiaxe (Nightwatch #7, 1994); reunited with Ashley Croix, vs Carvers, hijacked Morelle shuttle (Nightwatch #8, 1994); boarded Morelle satellite, vs Camouflage Cadre & Warbringer (Nightwatch #9-10, 1994-1995); prevented Timebomb catastrophe, destroyed Warbringer modifications to battlesuit (Nightwatch #11-12, 1995); alongside Spider-Man, Black Cat, & others, attended Morbius' funeral (Morbius #29, 1995); perished in battle against Polestar & Toro Negro (Spider-Man Unlimited #14, 1996)
Where Are They Now? No further data available

Nth Man

First Appearance: Marvel Comics Presents #25 (1989)
Origin: Nth Man #15 (1990)
Significant Issues: Traveled into past to close timeloop, followed by Novikova, reverted to childhood, handed over to orphanage (Nth Man #16, 1990); raised by abusive Elmore Biggott & Nurse Gooch, witnessed death of Novikova when Alfie had a “could-bes” nightmare, protected Alfie from orphanage bully Huey, Alfie killed Mrs. Parrish’s son so he wouldn’t have to share her (Nth Man #4, 1989); met Doctor Yagyu when he came to tell Mrs. Parrish how her son died (Nth Man #5, 1989); during a “could-bes” witnessed his future self being captured on Russian mission (Marvel Comics Presents #25/Nth Man #8, 1989/1990); after Alfie was adopted, helped Huey & Turtle escape Alfie-possessed Gooch & orphanage fire (Nth Man #8, 1990); adopted by Yagyu (Nth Man #9, 1990); figured out Yagyu had lost a child (Nth Man #13, 1990); Yagyu accepted John as his new son, taught him how to catch & throw (Nth Man #14, 1990); brought to visit Alfie at Skunk Farm, murdered by undead Gooch from future, brought back by Alfie, new self capable of killing, trained by Yagyu to be assassin (Nth Man #15, 1990); sent to slay Colonel Novikova, captured (Marvel Comics Presents #25, 1989); after outbreak of WWIII, broke out of KGB HQ when Yagyu & marines arrived to rescue him (Nth Man #1, 1989); traveled through Russian village devastated by Chinese army (Nth Man #2, 1989); hid in Soviet armored column, returned to Russian village, met Sasha, vs Russian helicopter, encountered Colonel Darling accompanying Chinese military, transported Russian children out from behind Chinese lines (Nth Man #3, 1989); vs Russian naval infantry (Nth Man #4, 1989); hideout stumbled across by Spetsnaz (Nth Man #5, 1989); vs Spetsnaz (Nth Man #6, 1989); discovered & broke into Soviet missile base, transported to Washington D.C. to face Alfie (Nth Man #7, 1989); forced by Alfie to play inside computer game (Nth Man #9, 1990); briefly crossed into Earth-616 (Excalibur #27, 1990); escaped computer game (Nth Man #10, 1990); sent to confront Alfie, witnessed Alfie depart Earth, vs disguised Spetsnaz, captured by KGB Swallows (Nth Man #11, 1990); escaped, helped Yagyu & co. land stolen Soviet plane in Washington D.C. (Nth Man #12, 1990); pursued through Washington by Swallows & U.S. forces (Nth Man #13, 1990); escaped Swallows (Nth Man #14, 1990); spent year fighting Moot Empire, captured Moot leader Huey, witnessed Alfie’s return from space, confronted undead Biggott & Gooch, witnessed arrival of M’Gubgub (Nth Man #15, 1990); given reality-warping powers by Alfie, defeated M’Gubgub, went into past to close timeloop followed by Novikova, reverted to childhood, handed over to orphanage (Nth Man #16, 1990)
Where Are They Now? No further data available


First Appearance: (As Strange) Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme #61 (1994); (as Progenitor) Midnight Sons Unlimited #8 (1995); (as Nobel/Paradox) Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme #75 (1995)
Origin: Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme Annual #4 (1994); Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme #75 (1995)
Significant Issues: Created by Doctor Strange, vs Salomé (Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme #61, 1994); accompanied Midnight Sons to confrontation with Zarathos (Ghost Rider/Blaze: Spirits of Vengeance #18, 1994); alongside Midnight Sons, defeated Fallen, bound to Midnight Sons in Rite of the Dagger (Midnight Sons Unlimited #4, 1994); vs Nathaniel Richards, obtained Oculus Oroboros (Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme #62, 1994); acquired power from Song of the Blood Opal (Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme #63, 1994); observed Doctor Strange forcibly recruit Doctor Druid (Secret Defenders #15, 1994); attempted to steal Moebius Stone from Secret Defenders (Secret Defenders #17, 1994); attempted to steal Coral Crab, vs Namor & Vengeance (Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme #64-65, 1994); observed Wong & Imei abduct Vincent Stevens (Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme #66, 1994); learned true nature, vs Salomé, sought alliance with Vincent Stevens (Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme Annual #4, 1994); killed would-be assassin of Vincent Stevens (Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme #67, 1994); sought to merge with Vincent Stevens, killed Azopardi (Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme #68, 1994); sought to merge with Polaris (Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme #69, 1994); attempted to steal Infinity Gems from Infinity Watch (Warlock and the Infinity Watch #36, 1995); sought to merge with Rick Jones, vs Stevens-possessed Hulk (Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme #70-71, 1994); alongside Modred the Mystic & Scarlet Witch, abducted by Clave, driven mad by Clave's experiments, calmed by Man-Thing, returned Clave ship to future timeline (Midnight Sons Unlimited #8, 1995); alongside Vincent Stevens, vs Doctor Strange, sent to Dark Dimension, merged with Nobel (Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme #72-75, 1994-1995); alongside Clea, parlayed with Dormammu's advisor Kronik (Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme #78, 1995); continued to fight alongside Clea's rebels (Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme #83, 1995)
Where Are They Now? No further data available


First Appearance: (Prototypes) Uncanny X-Men #305 (1993); (Earth Phalanx) Uncanny X-Men #306 (1993); ("Pure") Starjammers #4 (1996)
Origin: X-Factor #106 (1994)
Significant Issues: Prototypes tested (Uncanny X-Men #305, 1993); Hodge & Southern attacked Archangel & Jean Grey (Uncanny X-Men #306, 1993); voluntary Phalanx recruited (Uncanny X-Men #308, 1994); Phalanx vs Storm, Yukio & Gambit (Uncanny X-Men #311-313, 1994); Douglock freed by Zero (Excalibur #77-80, 1994); Phalanx kidnapped young mutants (Uncanny X-Men #316-317/X-Men #36-37, 1994); Phalanx attacked Muir Island (X-Factor #106/Wolverine #85, 1994); Babel Spire destroyed (X-Force #38/Excalibur #82, 1994); Mt. Everest womb destroyed (Cable #16, 1994); Phalanx vs Shi’ar (Starjammers #4/Uncanny X-Men #341-344, 1996-1997)


First Appearance: X-Men #50 (1996)
Origin: Cable #72 (1999); Cable #33 (1996)
Significant Issues: As government agent, sent to kill Mandarin, captured (Cable #72, 1999); experimented on by Mandarin, rescued by Cable & Bridge, received blood transfusion from Cable, taken back to America, met Xavier, recruited by Onslaught (Cable #33 & 72, 1996 & 1999); as Post, tested Cyclops, Storm, Iceman & Wolverine for Onslaught (X-Men #50, 1996); sent to attack Cable by Onslaught (Cable #31, 1996); observed Cable, blew up Blaquesmith’s freighter base (Cable #32, 1996); attacked Cable, defeated him (Cable #33, 1996); alongside Onslaught’s other thralls, vs X-Factor (X-Factor #125, 1996); alongside Holocaust, vs Avengers, defeated by them (Avengers #402, 1996); with Brotherhood of Mutants, sought to safeguard Xavier from Cerebro, vs X-Men, alongside them, vs Cerebrite Beta, defeated by it (Uncanny X-Men #363/X-Men #83/Uncanny X-Men #364, 1999); with Brotherhood, recruited by Mystique to capture head of X-51 android, vs X-51, defeated by him (X-51 #1-2, 1999); fled into Morlock tunnels, contacted Cable, confronted him, offered second chance by him (Cable #72, 1999)
Where Are They Now? With Brotherhood, briefly depowered by High Evolutionary’s device (Uncanny X-Men #379, 2000); with Brotherhood, sought to assassinate Senator Kelly, opposed by X-Men, seemingly killed by Pyro (Cable #87, 2001)

Prey, Solomon

First Appearance and Origin: Black Panther: Panther’s Prey #1 (1991)
Significant Issues: Received wings & claws, initiated attack & complicated plot on Black Panther, caught up in Tanzika's desire for revenge, killed by pteranodon (Black Panther: Panther's Prey #1-4, 1991)
Where Are They Now? No further data available


First Appearance: X-Factor #88 (1993)
Origin: X-Factor #126 (1996)
Significant Issues: Allied with Dark Beast after powers developed (X-Factor #126, 1996); as bounty hunter, vs X-Patriots, met X-Factor (X-Factor #88, 1993); alongside X-Factor, vs Acolytes (X-Factor #92, 1993); vs Polaris (X-Factor #94-95, 1993); attacked by government agents (X-Factor #96, 1993); alongside X-Factor, vs Haven (X-Factor #97-101, 1994); alongside X-Factor, vs Professor Power (X-Factor Annual #9, 1994); recalled by Dark Beast (X-Factor #112, 1995); kidnapped Havok for Dark Beast (X-Factor #115-118, 1995); caught in battle between X-Factor, Dark Beast, & Sentinels, true allegiance exposed (X-Factor #124-126, 1996); turned on Dark Beast, stayed with Mary Stewart & Ever to watch over infected humans (X-Factor #144, 1998); alongside Exodus’ minions, vs Knights of Wundagore (Quicksilver #8-9, 1998)
Where Are They Now? Joined Magneto's army in Genosha (X-Men #112, 2001); seen as captive in Neverland (Weapon X #5, 2003)

Schutz Heiliggruppe

First Appearance: Captain America #389 (1991)
Significant Issues: Captured Red Skull & Skeleton Crew (Captain America #387-391, 1991); Red Skull escaped, Hauptmann Deutschland vs Captain America in Washington (Captain America #393, 1991); Blitzkrieger murdered by Zeitgeist, avenged by Vormund (Captain America #442, 1995)
Where Are They Now? No further data available

Scorpio (Mikel Fury)

First Appearance and Origin: Wolverine & Nick Fury: The Scorpio Connection (1989)
Significant Issues: Assaulted S.H.I.E.L.D. facilities, captured by Nick Fury & Wolverine (Wolverine & Nick Fury: The Scorpio Connection, 1989); foiled Hydra-backed insurrection in Carpasia, became Carpasian president (Wolverine & Nick Fury: Scorpio Rising, 1994); joined S.H.I.E.L.D., opposed Hydra, Kraus, & Drake (Fury of S.H.I.E.L.D. #1-3, 1995); alongside Nick Fury, opposed Spanier & Firefox (Fury of S.H.I.E.L.D. #4, 1995); vs brainwashed Punisher, failed to stop him from killing Nick Fury LMD (Double Edge: Alpha/Daredevil #344/Ghost Rider #65/Double Edge: Omega, 1995); attended Nick Fury’s funeral (Incredible Hulk #434, 1995); attended apparent execution of Punisher (Punisher #1, 1995); led S.H.I.E.L.D. squad in attempt to kill Punisher, expulsed from S.H.I.E.L.D. (Punisher #7, 1996); unidentified Scorpio seen as member of Ecliptic’s Zodiac, vs Alpha Flight (Alpha Flight #1, 7 & 12; 1997 & 1998); "Scorpio Key" used in H’ylthri plot to revive their race (Iron Fist #1-3, 1998)
Where Are They Now? Scorpio Key held by Hydra-backed Iraqi leader Saddam Abed Dasam, stolen by Elektra who entrusted it to a man with whom she shared secret bond (Elektra #1-5, 2001-2002); Ecliptic’s Zodiac killed by Weapon X (Weapon X #1, 2002); original Zodiac Key disintegrated, new one constructed for another Scorpio who used it during plot to transport world capitols to Ankh dimension, opposed by Avengers (Avengers #57-60, 2002-2003)

Secret Defenders

First Appearance: Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme #50 (1993)
Significant Issues: Doctor Strange assembled Hulk, Ghost Rider, & Silver Surfer to oppose Dormammu (Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme #50, 1993); Strange assembled Wolverine, Spider-Man, Hulk, & Ghost Rider to capture Human Torch, opposed by Fantastic Four (Fantastic Four #374, 1993); Strange assembled Nomad, Darkhawk, Wolverine, & Spider-Woman to oppose viral swarm (Secret Defenders #1-3, 1993); Strange assembled Namorita, Sleepwalker, & Punisher to oppose Roadkill (Secret Defenders #4-5, 1993); Strange assembled Captain America, Spider-Man, & Scarlet Witch to oppose Xandu (Secret Defenders #6-8, 1993); War Machine, Silver Surfer, & Thunderstrike vs Nebula (Secret Defenders #9-10, 1993); Northstar, Nova, & Hulk vs Starblasters' robot (Secret Defenders #11, 1994); Doctor Druid made leader, recruited Shadowoman & Cadaver as permanent members, assembled them alongside Luke Cage & Deadpool to oppose Malachi & Strange construct (Secret Defenders #15-17, 1994); Druid tricked Iron Fist, Giant-Man, Iceman, & Archangel to help oppose Swarm (Secret Defenders #18-19, 1994); Druid forced Spider-Woman & U.S.Agent to help oppose Slaymaker (Secret Defenders #20-21, 1994); Druid assembled Dagger, Drax, & Deathlok to oppose Slorioth, Druid corrupted by Slorioth, opposed by Secret Defenders & original Defenders, Secret Defenders disbanded by Cadaver & Shadowoman (Secret Defenders #22-25, 1994-1995)
Where Are They Now? No further data available


First Appearance: Uncanny X-Men #314 (1994)
Origin: Uncanny X-Men '96 Annual (1996); X.S.E. #1-4 (1996)
Significant Issues: Rescued from Exhumes by X.S.E. (X.S.E. #1, 1996); raised by grandmother & Hancock (X.S.E. #1, 1996); attended grandmother's deathbed (X.S.E. #1, 1996); remained as Hancock's ward, clashed with rival gangs (Uncanny X-Men '96 Annual, 1996); recruited by X.S.E. after Hancock's death (X.S.E. #1, 1996); went on first X.S.E. training mission (X.S.E. #1-2, 1996); became romantically involved with Trevor Fitzroy (X.S.E. #3/X-Factor #140, 1997); with fellow X.S.E. members, vs Gangers (Uncanny X-Men '96 Annual, 1996); with fellow X.S.E. members, defeated Rook & Fanatix (Bishop: X.S.E. #1-3, 1998); captured Mountjoy, received promotion (X.S.E. #3, 1997); tested holographic replica program (X.S.E. #3, 1997); with fellow X.S.E. members, pursued Trevor Fitzroy (X.S.E. #3, 1997); recruited by X.U.E. (X-Factor #140-141, 1997-1998); transformed into Emplate, brainwaves transferred to holographic replica (X.S.E. #3-4, 1997); holographic replica activated by Bishop (Uncanny X-Men #314, 1994); holographic replica upgraded by Forge (Bishop #1-2, 1995); alongside Bishop, vs Mountjoy (Bishop #4, 1995); brought to X-Factor Headquarters at Fall's Edge, greeted Mystique & Wild Child (X-Factor #116, 1995); conversed with Wild Child (X-Factor #117, 1995); accompanied Wild Child on joyride, confronted Friends of Humanity members (X-Factor #119, 1996); accompanied Wild Child on reconnaissance mission (X-Factor #120, 1996); drove off intruders at Fall's Edge (X-Factor #123, 1996); materialized in virtual reality training simulation (X-Factor #124, 1996); with X-Factor, vs Brotherhood (X-Factor #125-126, 1996); reunited with Bishop, captured by Area 51, seemingly dissipated, re-created as photon-based lifeform (Uncanny X-Men '96 Annual, 1996); met with Bishop, discussed past activities (X.S.E. #1-4, 1996-1997); with X-Factor, retrieved Sabretooth after his defeat by Cage & Iron Fist (Marvel Fanfare #6, 1997); with X-Factor, apprehended Multiple Man (X-Factor #128, 1996); alongside Wildchild, escorted Multiple Man to safety (X-Factor #129, 1996); established rapport with Multiple Man in hope of gaining information on Brotherhood (X-Factor #132, 1997); planned to re-organize X-Factor to be similar to X.S.E. (X-Factor #133, 1997); with X-Factor, encountered Trevor Chase (X-Factor #134, 1997); with X-Factor, rescued Strong Guy (X-Factor #135, 1997); trained with Polaris, depixelated by Sabretooth (X-Factor #136, 1997); re-lived experiences with X.U.E., inadvertently acted as anchor to bring X.U.E. from future (X-Factor #140-141, 1997-1998); intervened in battle between X.U.E. & Brotherhood (X-Factor #143-144, 1998); met with Forge & Havok (X-Factor #145, 1998); arrived during Archer's battle with Genoshans (X-Factor #146, 1998); attacked by mutant-hating high school students (X-Factor #147, 1998); witnessed apparent deaths of Greystone & Havok (X-Factor #149, 1998); reunited with Bishop, alongside him, pulled into alternate future by Chronomancer/Trevor Fitzroy, imprisoned by Chronomancer (Bishop: The Last X-Man #1-2, 1999)
Where Are They Now? Kept as Chronomancer's prisoner (Bishop: The Last X-Man #7, 2000); received reconciliation attempt from Chronomancer (Bishop: The Last X-Man #9, 2000); prevented from receiving Bantam's help to escape (Bishop: The Last X-Man #10, 2000); persuaded to ally with Chronomancer, began regaining material form (Bishop: The Last X-Man #11-12, 2000); approached by Link during siege (Bishop: The Last X-Man #13, 2000); severed arm to escape, apparently sacrificed life in attempt to help Bishop defeat Chronomancer (Bishop: The Last X-Man #14, 2000)


First Appearance: Spider-Man Unlimited #1 (1993)
Origin: Web of Spider-Man #101 (1993)
Significant Issues: As obese child, humiliated by mother (Amazing Spider-Man #392, 1994); revealed that her life was so full of horrible abuse that she could barely remember it (Spectacular Spider-Man #203, 1993); revealed that she tried to be good so her parents would love her only to receive more abuse (Spider-Man #37, 1993); hid in church (Amazing Spider-Man #393, 1994); real name revealed (Amazing Spider-Man #379, 1993); revealed as rock & roll groupie (Amazing Spider-Man #378, 1993); revealed as drug dealer manifesting sonic powers when engulfed in dark dimension by Cloak which drove her mad, later sought to refine insanity into an art (Web of Spider-Man #101, 1993); became mass murderer, captured, kept in padded cell at Ravencroft, asked to be freed by escaping Carnage, freed by him, bonded to him immediately as "wife", discovered Doppelganger, adopted him as a "son", saved by Doppelganger from capture by Spider-Man (Spider-Man Unlimited #1, 1993); alongside Doppelganger, tracked Spider-Man to church, vs Cloak & Dagger, apparently disintegrated Dagger, assaulted by Carnage for trying to kill Spider-Man without him (Web of Spider-Man #101, 1993); Dagger revealed to be still alive (Spider-Man #37, 1993); revealed that Shriek’s attack caused Dagger’s light powers to feed back, transferring her to light forcing her to take refuge in Cloak’s dark dimension to pull herself back together (Spectacular Spider-Man #203, 1993); sought pure chaos for its own sake (Web of Spider-Man #101, 1993); alongside Carnage & Doppelganger, began killing spree, attacked by Venom, soundly defeated him (Amazing Spider-Man #378, 1993); led Carnage & Doppelganger to rock & roll props warehouse, joined by Demogoblin, vs Black Cat, alongside Demogoblin, dropped warehouse roof on Cat (Spider-Man #35, 1993); broke up fight between Carnage & Demogoblin, psychotic vibes began affecting New Yorkers (Spectacular Spider-Man #201, 1993); stole limo, arrived at The Deep (Web of Spider-Man #102, 1993); attacked Metropolitan Museum, joined by Carrion, nearly electrocuted Deathlok (Amazing Spider-Man #379, 1993); used Carnage’s Brooklyn Orphanage home as hideout, slapped & slashed cowering Carnage drawing blood & regenerating symbiote (Spider-Man #36, 1993); defeated Venom with sonic blasts, took him prisoner (Spectacular Spider-Man #202, 1993); rampaged through Lower Manhattan, helped torture Venom at Statue of Liberty (Web of Spider-Man #103, 1993); alone outside Guggenheim Museum, sent out amplified madness, knocked out by Captain America’s shield, webbed by Spider-Man to a lamppost, freed by Demogoblin & Doppelganger, cranked up power to engulf whole city (Amazing Spider-Man #380, 1993); psychic virus spread through five boroughs (Spider-Man #37, 1993); pierced by Dagger’s light of forgiveness but fought it off, struck by alpha magni-illuminizor which caused light to flow out of her curing Carrion & forcing Carnage & Demogoblin to flee, felt redemption before passing out (Spectacular Spider-Man #203, 1993); returned to Ravencroft, escaped, released Gale, Mayhem, Pyromania, & Webber, all defeated by Spider-Man & John Jameson, felt Spider-Man’s anguish & wanted more, thought of him as her boy toy (Web of Spider-Man Annual #10, 1994); shown Malcolm McBride by Dr Ashley Kafka, injured Kafka & escaped with Malcolm, wanted Spider-Man as new father of the "family," used power to grab shadow self of Malcolm to change him into Carrion, saved Spider-Man from Carrion, took Carrion to kill Beatrice McBride so she could be unchallenged "mother" but Carrion turned his power on himself rather than choose between the two, saved Malcolm by drawing Carrion virus out of him into herself, hospitalized (Amazing Spider-Man #390-393, 1994); in Ravencroft, visited by Judas Traveller (Web of Spider-Man #117); went completely mad, played with crayons, prepared for onset of Carrion virus’ manifestation by treating it like a child growing within her, virus removed by Jackal (Spectacular Spider-Man #223, 1995); on jury during Traveller’s trial of Peter Parker, forced to forget by Traveller (Amazing Spider-Man #403, 1995)
Where Are They Now? No further data available

Skrull Kill Krew

First Appearance: Skrull Kill Krew #1 (1996)
Origin: Fantastic Four # 2 (1962); Skrull Kill Krew #2 (1996)
Significant Issues: Skrull impersonating H. Warren Craddock & others opposed Avengers (Avengers #92-95 & 97, 1971-1972); King’s Crossing "Lactoskrulls" discovered & cured (Fantastic Four Annual #17, 1983); Ryder & Moonstomp slew "Mrs. O’Shea," recruited Dice & Riot (Skrull Kill Krew #1, 1996); recruited Catwalk, opposed Hydra (Skrull Kill Krew #2-3, 1996); slew Skrulls impersonating Fantastic Four (Skrull Kill Krew #4, 1996); took out "Skrullville" (Skrull Kill Krew #5, 1997)
Where Are They Now? Corporation scientists began implanting Skrull organs into others to grant superhuman power (Heroes For Hire #1-5, 2006-2007)


First Appearance and Origin: Slapstick #1 (1992)
Significant Issues: Entered Dimension X, rescued by Scientist Supreme, empowered (Slapstick #1, 1992); alongside Spider-Man, vs Overkiller (Slapstick #2, 1992); targeted by Doctor Denton, vs "Teddy" (Slapstick #3, 1993); alongside other heroes, encountered Neutron Bum, defeated him (Slapstick #3, 1993); alongside New Warriors, opposed Doctor Yesterday, encountered Devil Dinosaur, Moon Boy, & Impossible Man (Marvel Comic Presents #159-163, 1994)
Where Are They Now? With New Warriors, alongside She-Hulk, opposed anti-New Warriors Website (She-Hulk #8, 2006)


First Appearance: Sleepwalker #1 (1991)
Origin: Sleepwalker #3 (1991)
Significant Issues: Appeared in Rick’s dream, lost imaginator in process, emerged from Rick’s mind for first time (Sleepwalker #1, 1991); investigated earthly crime, encountered 8-Ball & his gang (Sleepwlker #2, 1991); explained his origins to Rick in the form of a movie within his dreams (Sleepwalker #3, 1991); vs Bookworm, captured him (Sleepwalker #4, 1991); alongside Spider-Man, vs Crimewave, captured, escaped & defeated Crimewave (Sleepwalker #5-6, 1991); involved in Infinity Gauntlet crisis (Sleepwalker #7, 1991), alongside other heroes, fought to contain Eon’s dead body (Quasar #27, 1991); alongside Deathlok, vs Mr FX (Sleepwalker #8, 1992); vs Mr Jyn (Sleepwalker Holiday Special #1, 1993); forced to participate in robberies by Lullaby in order to free Rick from her control, turned her over to the authorities once Rick was safe (Sleepwalker #9, 1992); surrendered to the O.I.E. (Sleepwalker #10, 1992); rescued by Ghost Rider (Sleepwalker #11, 1992); alongside Ghost Rider, Hulk & Spider-Man, vs Sinister Six (Spider-Man #22, 1992); vs Nightmare (Sleepwalker #12, 1992); became intoxicated by light of Dr Fong’s synthetic diamond, witnessed Selena Slate’s transformation into Spectra (Sleepwalker #13, 1992); vs Spectra, became increasingly dependant on synthetic diamonds light, accidentally sent Rick into coma by forcing an exit from his mind (Sleepwalker #14, 1992); vs Thought Police (Sleepwalker #15, 1992); overcame addiction, forced Thought Police to retreat, helped Rick out of coma (Sleepwalker #16, 1992); encountered Darkhawk & Spider-Man whilst tracking Portal (Darkhawk #19, 1992); Portal captured by Brotherhood of Evil Mutants & made to banish Spider-Man to Dark Dimension, Sleepwalker followed them to their hideout (Darkhawk #20, 1992); alongside Darkhawk, freed Portal, arranged to have Spider-Man returned safely (Sleepwalker #17, 1992); witnessed people of Earth as they went into trance induced by Magus (Infinity War #5, 1992); vs Magus’s evil doppelgangers of Beast, Daredevil & Firestar, agreed to help break Magus’s hold over Earth (Sleepwalker #18, 1992); encountered Doctor Strange, Doctor Druid, Agatha Harkness, Scarlet Witch & Shaman (Doctor Strange: Sorceror Supreme #46, 1992); recruited by Goddess (Infinity Crusade #1, 1993); alongside many of Earth’s other heroes, witnessed Goddess' creation of Paradise Omega (Infinity Crusade #2, 1993); witnessed Thor’s arrival at Paradise Omega (Thor #464, 1993); drawn away from Paradise Omega & back into Rick’s mind (Infinity Crusade #3, 1993); returned to Paradise Omega upon being released from Rick’s mind (Infinity Crusade #4, 1993); helped defend Paradise Omega from attack by various Earth heroes who opposed Goddess (Web of Spider-Man #106/Infinity Crusade # 5, 1993); realized Goddess’s true goals, returned to Earth (Infinity Crusade #6, 1993); encountered malignant energy being from Mindscape, empowered comatose mind of Eddie Cicala (Sleepwalker #30, 1993); summoned by Doctor Strange to investigate serial killings, alongside Doctor Strange, Namorita & Punisher, vs Roadkill (Secret Defenders #4-5, 1993); captured by 8-Ball, merged with Rick whilst confronting Chain Gang (Sleepwalker #19, 1992); forced Chain Gang to retreat, attempted to undo merger but instead found himself in Rick’s body (Sleepwalker #20, 1993); whilst still trapped in Rick’s body, attacked by mind-controlled Alyssa Conover (Sleepwalker #21, 1993); prompted Alyssa to fight Chain Gang’s mental control by claiming that he/Rick loved her (Sleepwalker #22, 1993); almost stabbed by Alyssa, saved by Rick (Sleepwalker #23, 1993); defeated Chain Gang, arranged for himself & Rick to be returned to their own bodies (Sleepwalker #24, 1993); encountered Mindspawn, pretended to kill Rick using one of their Mindrake’s (Sleepwalker #25, 1993); confronted N’ogskak, claimed leadership of Mindspawn, Mindspawn's invasion attracted Avengers' attention (Sleepwalker #26, 1993); freed Mindspawn’s human prisoners, accused of Rick Sheridan’s murder (Sleepwalker #27, 1993); befriended vagrant Pike, confronted Psyko (Sleepwalker #28, 1993); attacked by Spectra, Psyko escaped (Sleepwalker #29, 1993); convinced Spectra of his good intentions (Sleepwalker #31, 1993); defeated Psyko thus taking back Mindrake needed to save Rick (Sleepwalker #32, 1994); defeated Cobweb, saved Rick (Sleepwalker #33, 1994); detected waves of discord that threatened to inundate subconscious minds of people on Earth, unable to investigate (Secret Defenders #25, 1995)
Where Are They Now? Revealed to have been temporarily transported to Battleworld alongside Deathlok/Michael Collins, Captain Marvel/Monica Rambeau, Wonder Man, Darkhawk, Dracula, Terror, & Coldblood (Beyond #3, 2006); another member of Sleepwalker’s race mentally bonded with student David Daily under mysterious circumstances (Epic Anthology #1, 2004); refused GLA membership (GLA #2, 2005); encountered Black Cat, distracted by explosion caused by Ringmaster, investigated scene of explosion (Marvel Team-Up #9-10, 2005); Sleepwalker of Earth-6215 survived Lord Chronok’s assault, alongside Darkhawk, Speedball, Dagger, X-23, Gravity & Terror, traveled to future of Earth-2992, became League of Losers, encountered Mutant 2099 (Marvel Team-Up #16, 2006); with help of Reed Richards & Mutant 2099, League of Losers prepared themselves for inevitable battle with Chronok (Marvel Team-Up #17, 2006); having defeated Chronok, League of Losers convinced by Reed Richards to remain in future (Marvel Team-Up #18, 2006); Speedball mistook barometer for time stream monitor, alerted League of Losers to what he thought was imminent collapse of Earth-6215’s reality (Marvel Team-Up #25, 2006)

Spider-Man (Peter Parker)

First Appearance and Origin: Amazing Fantasy #15 (1962)
Where Are They Now? See Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Spider-Man 2004-2005 and upcoming Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Spider-Man - Back in Black

Star Thief

First Appearance: New Warriors #5 (1990)
Origin: New Warriors #6 (1990)
Significant Issues: Attacked Stane Launch, fired into space alongside Firestar, Namorita & Marvel Boy/Vance Astrovik (New Warriors #5, 1990); teleported to Attilan, underwent epiphany, helped destroy rocket targeting Attilan, elected to remain there (New Warriors #6, 1990); alongside Inhuman Royal Family, vs Nova & Nova 0:0, captured them (Nova #12, 1994); realized they had been duped by Nova’s enemies into attacking him, petitioned Inhumans to release Nova (Nova #13, 1995)
Where Are They Now? No further data available


First Appearance: Avengers #346 (1992)
Origin: Captain America #399 (1992); Quasar #33 (1992); Avengers #346 (1992)
Significant Issues: Korath, Shatterax, Supremor & Ultimus assembled (Captain America #399, 1992); Captain Atlas recruited (Quasar #33, 1992); full team gathered, arrested Avengers & Deathbird (Avengers #346, 1992); vs Avengers & Imperial Guard (Thor #446, 1992); placed in Deathbird's charge (Avengers #347, 1992); rejected Quasar's offer of aid (Quasar #35, 1992); vs Galen-Kor (Silver Surfer: Breakout, 1994); alongside Underground Legion, vs Tantalus (Blackwulf #7-10, 1994-1995)
Where Are They Now? Fate after Kree retook empire revealed (Annihilation: Ronan #1, 2006)


First Appearance: Amazing Spider-Man #397 (1995)
Origin: Amazing Spider-Man #427 (1997); Spider-Man Unlimited #18 (1997)
Significant Issues: Revealed that, as child, wanted to play like boys but prevented by father (Amazing Spider-Man #397, 1997); abuse & ridicule revealed (Amazing Spider-Man #427/Spider-Man Unlimited #18, 1997); felt trapped & suffocated, frightened & sad, unloved (Amazing Spider-Man #398/Amazing Spider-Man #403, 1995); attempted dieting (Spider-Man Unlimited #18, 1997); secretary to Doctor Trainer, enamored of Doctor Octavius (Spider-Man Unlimited #18, 1997); dated Octavius, presented with virtual reality matrix, agreed to months of rigorous & painful tests strapped into life support & VR devices with implants directly into her cerebral cortex which eventually created Stunner (Scarlet Spider #2/Spectacular Scarlet Spider #2/Amazing Spider-Man #427/Spider-Man Unlimited #18, 1995/1997); destroyed Lucky’s Bar, bar owner reimbursed by Doctor Octopus, faded away for first time, attacked & defeated dying Spider-Man who was unmasked by Octavius (Amazing Spider-Man #397, 1995); sent by Octavius to buy flowers for hospitalized Aunt May, watched by Kaine, struck by feverish Spider-Man (Spectacular Spider-Man #220, 1995); romped in Central Park, warned by Kaine to stay away from Octavius (Amazing Spider-Man #398, 1995); tasked by Octavius with calling police to arrest Spider-Man, knocked out by Kaine before she could rescue Octavius, found Octavius’ dead body (Spectacular Spider-Man #221, 1995); alongside Jacob Raven, sought whereabouts of Kaine in order to exact revenge (Web of Spider-Man #124, 1995); demolished "Tough" Tony Prescott's bodyguards (Spider-Man Unlimited #9, 1995); missed opportunity to attack Kaine after he was spirited away by Judas Traveller (Web of Spider-Man #126, 1995); vanished in front of Raven, returned to last location of Spider-Man & Kaine, attacked them, accidentally destroyed support column & brought entire building down, vanished before Spider-Man could save her (Amazing Spider-Man #403/Spider-Man #60, 1995); after long sleep, loaded in cyberspace by Carolyn Trainer where she met Master Programmer (Amazing Scarlet Spider #2, 1995); contacted fellow VR "prisoner" Joe Wade (Scarlet Spider #2, 1995); attempted to coach Wade but was erased by VR virus which destroyed VR wave generator (Spectacular Scarlet Spider #2, 1995); worked at video store, contacted by Carolyn Trainer who learned Octavius’ body had been stolen for resurrection attempt, hooked up to new stable data transfer to become Stunner again, tracked Octavius’ body to meat-packing plant, vs True Believers & Delilah, alongside them & Rose, helped capture Spider-Man for vital essence for resurrection ceremony, offered herself after Spider-Man escaped, VR body reacted explosively, killed Master Zei, melted Stunner form, & imploded VR matrix, went into coma (Amazing Spider-Man #426-428, 1997); visited by Octavius at least once a day (Spider-Man Unlimited #18, 1997)
Where Are They Now? No further data available

Time Bubble

First Appearance: (Mentioned) Thor #372 (1986); (seen) Avengers #296 (1988)
Origin: Fantastic Four #338 & 340 (1990)
Significant Issues: Kang-Nebula manipulated Avengers to gain access to Time Bubble, Kang-Nebula, Doctor Druid, & three Cross-Time Kangs lost in temporal vortex (Avengers #291-297, 1988); Fantastic Four, Iron Man, & Thor entered Time Bubble, destroyed Black Celestial, led Galactus to destroy himself & that reality with Ultimate Nullifier, Kang-Nebula again lost in temporal vortex (Fantastic Four #333-341, 1990); Kang-Nebula & Druid returned to existence (Avengers Spotlight #37, 1990)
Where Are They Now? Reality designated as Earth-8810 (Marvel Encyclopedia Vol. 6: Fantastic Four, 2004)


First Appearance: (As Badilino) Ghost Rider #21 (1992); (as Vengeance) Ghost Rider/Blaze: Spirits of Vengeance #9 (1993)
Origin: Ghost Rider/Blaze: Spirits of Vengeance #9 (1993); Ghost Rider #43 (1993); Ghost Rider/Blaze: Spirits of Vengeance #16 (1993)
Significant Issues: Partnered with Jeffrey Piper, shot, recovered (Code of Honor #1-2 & 4, 1997); father driven insane by Ghost Rider/John Blaze, killed family (Ghost Rider/Blaze: Spirits of Vengeance #16, 1993); encountered Ghost Rider/Dan Ketch, shot Snowblind (Ghost Rider #21, 1992); reprimanded Stacy Dolan for allowing Ghost Rider to escape (Ghost Rider #22, 1992); fought off assault by Deathwatch, Hag & Troll on precinct (Ghost Rider #23, 1992); interrupted fight between Ghost Rider & Blackout (Ghost Rider #25, 1992); tried to kill helpless Ghost Rider, thwarted by Caretaker (Ghost Rider #28, 1992); attacked by Heart Attack, escaped, used experimental A.I.M. laser during battle between Ghost Rider, Heart Attack, Suicide & Death Ninja, hit in face again with shovel by Caretaker (Ghost Rider #35, 1993); made deal with Mephisto, transformed into Vengeance (Ghost Rider/Blaze: Spirits of Vengeance #9, 1993); attacked Quentin Carnival, vs Ghost Rider & Blaze (Ghost Rider/Blaze: Spirits of Vengeance #10, 1993); sent by Mephisto to attack Caretaker & retrieve Medallion of Power, defeated by Ghost Rider (Ghost Rider #39, 1993); attacked Ghost Rider & Blaze again, transported away by their ally Quinn (Ghost Rider/Blaze: Spirits of Vengeance #12, 1993); teleported to monastary, returned to fight Ghost Rider & newly-cyborg Blaze, Blaze's hellfire gun turned him back into Badilino, defeated, recruited by Caretaker (Ghost Rider/Blaze: Spirits of Vengeance #15, 1993); learned Caretaker's role in protection of Medallion of Power, learned truth of origins, vs Centurious, witnessed Zarathos' rebirth (Ghost Rider #43, 1993); returned to police force, fought off Lilin attack (Ghost Rider #44, 1993); confronted Girth & Skitter (Marvel Comics Presents #143, 1993); discussed traitor amongst Midnight Sons (Darkhold: Pages From the Book of Sins #15, 1993); defended Doctor Strange's Sanctum Sanctorum from Lilin (Morbius #16/Doctor Strange: Sorceror Supreme #60, 1993); alongside Blaze & Ghost Rider, used Medallion of Power to send Lilin & Zarathos to Shadowside Dimension (Ghost Rider/Blaze: Spirits of Vengeance #17, 1993); vs Ranter of the Fallen (Ghost Rider #45, 1994); witnessed Strange's defeat of Salome (Doctor Strange: Sorceror Supreme #61, 1994); with Midnight Sons, launched assault on Zarathos (Ghost Rider/Blaze: Spirits of Vengeance #18, 1994); with Midnight Sons, defeated Zarathos (Midnight Sons Unlimited #4, 1994); discussed Ghost Rider's death with Blaze (Ghost Rider/Blaze: Spirits of Vengeance #19, 1994); became new Ghost Rider (Ghost Rider #46, 1994); vs Psiphon (Marvel Comics Presents #147-148, 1994); survived assassination attempt by Dread, resumed pursuit of Hellgate (Ghost Rider #47, 1994); caused death of David Johnson, resolved to restrain his powers (Marvel Comics Presents #149, 1994); alongside Wolverine, Daredevil & Typhoid Mary, vs Steel Raven (Marvel Comics Presents #150-151, 1994); alongside Spider-Man, encountered Hellgate (Ghost Rider #48, 1994); vs Big Game Posse (Marvel Comics Presents #152-155, 1994); alongside Blaze, fought then teamed with Cardiac (Ghost Rider/Blaze: Spirits of Vengeance #22, 1994); powers stolen by Phantome (Marvel Comics Presents #156-159, 1994); quit police force, kicked Hulk in groin, fought more of Hellgate's minions (Ghost Rider #49, 1994); with Midnight Sons, sought whereabouts of Doctor Strange (Doctor Strange: Sorceror Supreme #65-66, 1994); alongside Morbius & Werewolf, forced by Modred to combat Salome (Midnight Sons Unlimited #5, 1994); vs Gris-Gris Man (Ghost Rider Annual #2, 1994); encountered Diabolique (Marvel Comics Presents #160-163, 1994); vs Psiphon again (Marvel Comics Presents #164-166, 1994); witnessed Ghost Rider's return, injured & kidnapped by Hellgate (Ghost Rider #50, 1994); rescued by Ghost Rider, joined government team, headed to west coast to pursue Hellgate (Ghost Rider #52, 1994); alongside Venom, vs Stalkers (Venom: Nights of Vengeance #1-4, 1994); encountered Revengers (Marvel Comics Presents #167-169, 1994); encountered Psychobabble (Marvel Comics Presents #170-171); encountered Reverend Nice & Diabolique, Rebecca Taylor killed (Marvel Comics Presents #172-175, 1995); driven insane, began brutally killing again (Ghost Rider #70-71, 1996); located by Stacy Dolan, hunted Hellgate, vs Ghost Rider, committed suicide (Ghost Rider #73-76, 1996); soul tortured by Blackheart in Hell (Ghost Rider #91, 1997); aided Ketch & Kale against Blackheart (Ghost Rider #93, 1998)
Where Are They Now? No further data available

White Tiger (New Men)

First Appearance: Heroes for Hire #1 (1997)
Origin: Heroes for Hire #12 (1998)
Significant Issues: Created to hunt & destroy Man-Beast, offered Man-Beast’s location by Master & U-Foes in exchange for obtaining item for Master, gave Master the item but booby-trapped it so he could not use it, learned Man-Beast was at the Vault, fled (Heroes for Hire #12, 1998); watched U-Foes cause mass escape at the Vault, sought Luke Cage but found Iron Fist instead, shadowed Iron Fist, teamed with Iron Fist, Hercules & Hulk to rescue captive scientists from U-Foes at United Nations, agreed to join Heroes for Hire, refused to discuss her background, Iron Fist theorized she might be from K’un L’un (Heroes for Hire #1, 1997); with Heroes for Hire, vs Nitro (Heroes for Hire #2-3, 1997); sparred with Iron Fist, revealed her shape-shifting power (Heroes for Hire #3, 1997); with Heroes for Hire, vs Whiplash, Orka, Shockwave, Killer Shrike, Controller & U-Foes (Heroes for Hire #4, 1997); vs practice droids, told Iron Fist she was a tiger who transforms into a woman, alongside Sersi, Thena & Kro’s Kommandos, vs Ghaur’s Deviant forces, offered to guide Thena & her children to Wundagore, revealed she was one of the High Evolutionary’s creations (Heroes for Hire #5-7, 1997-1998); found Wundagore citadel wrecked, alongside Thena & her children, captured by Exodus & Acolytes, allowed to depart alongside her fellow captives after breaking free (Heroes for Hire #8-9, 1998); returned to Heroes for Hire (Heroes for Hire #11, 1998); with Heroes for Hire, vs Master’s Strike Force One, told her teammates of her origins & her quest (Heroes for Hire #12, 1998); mourned near-death of Iron Fist, blamed Cage for the mishap, lent her life force alongside Cage, Misty Knight & Colleen Wing to help Brother Voodoo revive Iron Fist (Heroes for Hire #13, 1998); attacked Misty Knight intending to kill her & replace her as Iron Fist’s girlfriend, talked into departing by Misty (Heroes for Hire #14, 1998); reported back to High Evolutionary, met Knights of Wundagore, romantically rejected by Iron Fist, convinced Heroes for Hire to join her in helping Evolutionary & Knights retake Wundagore, recognized "Lord Anon" as disguised Man-Beast, wounded by Man-Beast, healed with aid of Jane Foster & Iron Fist, with Heroes for Hire, alongside Knights & Quicksilver, vs Man-Beast, Exodus & Acolytes, faced Man-Beast in single combat, vs Iron Fist when he stood between her & Man-Beast, reverted into an ordinary tiger by High Evolutionary at her own request (Heroes for Hire #15-16/Quicksilver #11-12/Marvel Comics 1998 Annual Starring Heroes for Hire & Quicksilver, 1998)
Where Are They Now? No further data available


First Appearance: Thor #491 (1995)
Origin: Thor #494 (1996)
Significant Issues: Discovered by Thor following battle with Scaldings (Thor #491, 1995); rendered Beta Ray Bill comatose (Thor #492Cosmic Powers Unlimited #5, 1995/1996); effects on Thor countered by Enchantress' spell (Thor #493, 1995); halted by Thor (Thor #494, 1996); discovered by Wrecker (Journey Into Mystery #505, 1997); discovered by Lost Gods (Journey Into Mystery #506-507, 1997); destroyed during battle between Asgardians & Seth (Journey Into Mystery #512-513, 1997)
Where Are They Now? No further data available

X-Men 2099

First Appearance: X-Men 2099 #1 (1993)
Origin: X-Men 2099 #1-2 (1993)
Significant Issues: Xi’an’s time with Lawless revealed (X-Men 2099 #32-33, 1996); Cerebra fled from her father, encountered Lokjaw, saved by Ryu Kobolt, fell in love with him, relationship ended by Ryu (X-Men 2099: Oasis, 1996); Xi’an returned to America from Vietnam with newfound conscience & vision, recruited Cerebra to help locate other mutants to join new X-Men team, after six months of recruiting Cerebra invited Tim Fitzgerald to Nuevo Sol (X-Men 2099 #2, 1993); Tim arrived at Nuevo Sol, Xi’an confronted Noah Synge, Krystalin & Meanstreak liberated Bloodhawk from Synge’s Casino, Noah Synge found dead & Xi’an implicated, Xi’an betrayed by Junkpile & almost assassinated but saved by Tim, X-Men attacked by Synge’s Enforcers, Xi’an welcomed Tim to X-Men (X-Men 2099 #1, 1993); X-Men fled Nuevo Sol with injured Xi’an, encountered Synge’s Enforcers, rescued by Bloodhawk, hid out in Hoover Dam, half of team sought evidence to prove Xi’an didn’t kill Noah Synge & encountered Rat Pack while other half safeguarded recuperating Xi’an & opposed turncoat Junkpile (X-Men 2099 #2, 1993); defeated Rat Pack, confronted Junkpile, Serpentina killed, Junkpile defeated by recuperated Xi’an, X-Men allowed to leave Casino, buried Serpentina (X-Men 2099 #3, 1993); Bloodhawk, Meanstreak, Krystalin & Tim captured by La Lunática & imprisoned in Darkroom, tortured by La Lunática, freed after Tim’s powers flared out of control, confronted La Lunática, Tim began developing more erratic personality (X-Men 2099 #4, 1994); Meanstreak, Krystalin, Tim & Bloodhawk arrived in New York, learned of Valhalla sky city, vs Alchemax Shadow Squad, Tim captured as others escaped (X-Men 2099 #5, 1994); alongside Ravage, visited Valhalla sky city, vs false Heimdall, encountered false Loki, alongside Doom, vs false Thor, rescued inhabitants of Valhalla after it began to fall (Ravage 2099 #14-15/X-Men 2099 #5/Doom 2099 #14, 1994); vs Freakshow, Metalhead infected by Contagion, battle ended by Mama Hurricane, Tim adopted codename Skullfire, X-Men & Freakshow vs bioshop Trackers, vs Metalhead healed by Xi’an, Krystalin met Victor Ten Eagles (X-Men 2099 #6-7, 1994); Metalhead left X-Men to join Freakshow, Krystalin & Victor Ten Eagles encountered Zhao’s Chosen, defeated by Zhao (X-Men 2099 #8, 1994); rest of X-Men encountered Zhao, defeated & captured, learned Zhao’s Chosen were genetically unstable, Zhao inadvertently unleashed Xi’an’s dark side, Xi’an defeated Zhao & freed X-Men, Xi’an quit X-Men accompanied by Skullfire, Bloodhawk recruited by Liebowitz to oppose Alchemax’s mining efforts in Savage Land, Skullfire & Xi’an encountered La Lunática, accompanied by her, sought whereabouts of Driver, Xi’an met with Broken Haiku, Skullfire & La Lunática encountered Junkpile, alongside him, encountered Driver (X-Men 2099 #9-12, 1994); Bloodhawk & Liebowitz encountered Doom in Savage Land, alongside him & Zarr, sought to oppose Alchemax, vs Swamp Men, captured, confronted by L’argent, escaped (Doom 2099 #19-22/X-Men 2099 #17, 1994/1995); Xi’an, Skullfire, La Lunática & Junkpile captured by Driver, encountered Brimstone Love, Driver defeated, Xi’an accepted Brimstone Love’s offer to join Theatre of Pain (X-Men 2099 #13, 1994); Skullfire & La Lunática returned to X-Men, Skullfire sought to lead team against Theatre of Pain (X-Men 2099 #14-15, 1994); Krystalin attended funeral for father in Oakland, Meanstreak & La Lunática encountered Boone as Halloween Jack (X-Men 2099 #16, 1995); Meanstreak accompanied Halloween Jack to Las Vegas, confronted Desdemona Synge & defeated Rat Pack, learned Jack intended to take over Vegas, Krystalin encountered Free Radicals in Oakland, Cerebra encountered Xi’an as he stole Zhao’s body & three remaining Chosen, Meanstreak & Jack vs bio-enhanced Lytton Synge (X-Men 2099 #17-19, 1995); Bloodhawk began tracking Monstrobot, Meanstreak & Jack sought alien jar capable of restoring life, encountered Ghost Rider, allied with him to oppose Theatre of Pain, encountered Theatre Controller Septymbre & Polymre, Meanstreak & Ghost Rider captured & imprisoned alongside Hulk, freed by Punisher (2099 A.D. #1, 1995); Bloodhawk encountered Monstrobot, joined Jade Ryuteki in opposing it, Krystalin opposed Free Radicals, X-Men witnessed Doom claim Presidency of United States (X-Men 2099 #20-21, 1995); Meanstreak & Krystalin opposed Jack’s transformation of Las Vegas with unreality projector, witnessed Doom’s confrontation with Jack (X-Men 2099 #21, 1995); Cerebra met with Broken Haiku to discuss Xi’an & Theatre of Pain, Xi’an brainwashed by Brimstone Love into becoming Controller X (X-Men 2099 #22, 1995); Cerebra, Skullfire & La Lunática infiltrated Theatre of Pain, encountered Junkpile as agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. during his efforts to shut down Theatre, Cerebra encountered & defeated by Xi’an (X-Men 2099 #23, 1995); Skullfire & La Lunática vs Norns, Skullfire encountered Junkpile, Krystalin & Meanstreak reunited with Bloodhawk, Cerebra learned of Xi’an’s intent to use Zhao’s comatose body to power emotion-manipulating machine (X-Men 2099 #24, 1995); X-Men reunited to oppose Brimstone Love & Xi’an, witnessed Xi’an’s betrayal of Brimstone Love in attempt to usurp control of Theatre, Xi’an’s personality restored by La Lunática, X-Men offered position as protectors of Halo City by Doom (X-Men 2099 #25, 1995); Bloodhawk captured by Memphis & Pandora, Skullfire, La Lunática & Cerebra encountered Bloodhawk, Memphis & Pandora, met Architect, learned he was Ryu Kobolt & that he planned to "cleanse" humanity with a retrovirus, opposed him, vs Zephyr, Inferno & Kragg, Ryu betrayed by Memphis, defeated by Cerebra (X-Men 2099: Oasis, 1996); Cerebra encountered Sentinel in Siddon (X-Men 2099 Special #1, 1995); joined by Sham, took up position as Protectorate of Halo City under governor Morphine Somers, Xi’an became healer, vs Undead, Skullfire seemingly killed by resurrected Serpentina, Cerebra reunited with father, Skullfire "resurrected" by Graverobber (X-Men 2099 #26-27, 1995); with aid of Static Annie & Driver, Doom clandestinely entered Halo City, contacted Xi’an (Doom 2099 #37, 1996); learned origins of Undead from Zail Haddad, vs Undead, witnessed their defeat by Somers, Skullfire began transformation into energy being (X-Men 2099 #28-29, 1996); Cerebra encountered Doom, X-Men witnessed Somers’ loss in Halo City elections, Cerebra opted to resign from Protectorate to guide young mutants of X-Nation (X-Men 2099 #30/Doom 2099 #38/X-Nation 2099 #1, 1996); Cerebra met Dust, took him to meet X-Nation (2099 A.D.: Genesis #1, 1996); Cerebra experienced backlash of Doom’s ransacking of dataweb (Doom 2099 #39, 1996); Cerebra began teaching X-Nation (X-Nation 2099 #2, 1996); Meanstreak, La Lunática & Skullfire liberated Book from Belize (X-Men 2099 #31, 1996); Xi’an reunited most of Lawless & encountered Foolkiller, X-Men reunited with Metalhead & met Rosa’s baby Joaquim (X-Men 2099 #32, 1996); Xi’an & Lawless vs Foolkiller, aided by Krystalin, Skullfire & La Lunática, Meanstreak abducted by other-dimensional creatures, Metalhead & Sham encountered Vulcann, defeated by him, Vulcann kidnapped Joaquim (X-Men 2099 #33, 1996); Atlantis declared war on surface world, Cerebra aided in search for missing Willow, sought Xi’an’s aid in guiding X-Nation, encountered Exodus, opposed his intent to usurp leadership of X-Nation (X-Nation 2099 #3-4, 1996); X-Men saved innocents from rising flood waters, witnessed arrival of Phalanx, Metalhead & Rosa confronted by Vulcann & now teenage Joaquim as Darkson, La Lunática & Skullfire vs Darkson, Skullfire seemingly killed by Vulcann (X-Men 2099 #34, 1996); Cerebra & Xi’an learned of Nostromo’s connection to Phalanx (X-Nation 2099 #6, 1996); as Halo City flooded, X-Men & Metalhead opposed Vulcann & Darkson, Skullfire learned he had mutated into being of pure energy, X-Men encountered Atlantean Sharktroopers, separated Vulcann from Darkson, Darkson defeated by Skullfire, X-Men sought to relocate flood survivors to Savage Land (X-Men 2099 #35, 1996); alongside Fantastic Four, Spider-Man & others, relocated survivors to Savage Land despite opposition from Atlanteans, Bloodhawk, Willow, La Lunática, Nostromo & others formed survey teams, Metalhead & Strange dug for water, survey teams uncovered Martian probe (Fantastic Four 2099 #8/2099: World of Tomorrow #1, 1996); alongside others, continued to build Great Refuge (2099: World of Tomorrow #2, 1996); survey teams opposed alien-transformed Willow, X-Men confronted angry mob after Fantastic Four’s departure, crowd dispersed by Ten Eagles, Cerebra discovered Franklin robot, injured by psionic backlash from it (2099: World of Tomorrow #3, 1996); Cerebra healed by Xi’an, survey teams witnessed Phalanx’s capture of Nostromo (2099: World of Tomorrow #4-5, 1996-1997); Cerebra revealed to have lost telepathy & become paralyzed, Phalanx began terraforming Earth (2099: World of Tomorrow #5, 1997); survey teams vs Phalanx, Ten Eagles united mutants & humans against Phalanx, Metalhead infected with transmode virus, Cerebra convinced Franklin to oppose Phalanx, Phalanx destroyed (2099: World of Tomorrow #6-7, 1997); alongside others, began rebuilding Great Refuge, Metalhead purged virus from himself, Krystalin & Cerebra reawakened Joaquim (2099: World of Tomorrow #8, 1997); Meanstreak, Metalhead, Bloodhawk & La Lunática, alongside others, learned from Uatu the Watcher about Interdict Barrier, traveled to it with intent to destabilize it, inducted into Avengers by Captain America & attacked Barrier, witnessed Uatu’s death & collapse of Barrier (2099: Manifest Destiny, 1998)
Where Are They Now? Reality designated as Earth-928 (Marvel Encyclopedia Vol. 6: Fantastic Four, 2004)


First Appearance: X-Force Annual #2 (1993)
Origin: Captain Marvel #3 (1996)
Significant Issues: In employ of Martin Henry Strong, sent to retrieve Neurotap, vs X-Force, allied with them against Strong (X-Force Annual #2, 1993); captured by Arcade, forced to fight Shatterstar, learned of Milbury (X-Force #29-30, 1993); search for Milbury led him to Hazard, told by him to find Charles Xavier (X-Men #38, 1994); rescued Philip Summers from plane crash (X-Men #39, 1994); vs Eric the Red (X-Men #41, 1995); brainwashed by Eric, sent by him to kill Legacy, helped Legacy defeat Eric (Captain Marvel #2-3, 1996)
Where Are They Now? No further data available

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