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Marvel Universe 

OHOTMU:Bibliography-Mystic Arcana 2007

OHOTMU:Bibliography-Mystic Arcana 2007

OHotMU: Mystic Arcana - Book of Marvel Magic #1 Bibliography

Last Updated: 7/15/07


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Cover by Marko Djurdjevic

Alhazred, Abdul

First Appearance: Tarzan #15 (1978)
Significant Issues: Vs Tarzan in Pellucidar (Tarzan #15-23, 1978-1979); agents kidnapped Tyger Tiger & Corrigan, defeated by Wolverine (Marvel Comics Presents #62-63, 1990); again kidnapped Tyger Tiger & Corrigan, banished to extradimensional demon realm in battle with Wolverine (Marvel Comics Presents #152-155, 1994)


First Appearance: New Mutants #32 (1985)

Bible John

First Appearance: Blade: The Vampire Hunter #1 (1994)
Origin: Blade: The Vampire Hunter #2 (1994)
Significant Issues: Saw vision of Blade, escaped mental institution (Blade: The Vampire Hunter #1, 1994); alongside Blade, attacked Dracula's vampire thralls (Blade: The Vampire Hunter #2, 1994); almost slain by Dracula, saved by Blade (Blade: The Vampire Hunter #3, 1994); attacked by Trinity Cabranes & taken to Marie LaVeau (Blade: The Vampire Hunter #4, 1994); alongside Blade, escaped (Blade: The Vampire Hunter #5, 1994); captured & beaten by “Deacon Frost” (Blade: The Vampire Hunter #7, 1995); re-institutionalized, began to see visions of Hannibal King & Frank Drake, helped stop “Frost” (Blade: The Vampire Hunter #8, 1995); busted out of hospital by Blade, attacked by Vampz (Blade: The Vampire Hunter #9, 1995); recovered under care of Michael Morbius (Blade: The Vampire Hunter #10, 1995)

Black Crow

First Appearance: (In Crow form) Captain America #290 (1984); (as Black Crow) Captain America #292 (1984)
Origin: Captain America #292 (1984)
Significant Issues: In crow form, monitored Captain America (Captain America #290, 1984); vs Captain America, became his blood brother (Captain America #292, 1984); helped save Captain America from Red Skull's poisoning (Captain America #299-300, 1984); monitored Daredevil (Daredevil #225, 1988); recruited Hawkeye against Tormentor (Marvel Fanfare #39, 1988); alongside Red Wolf & Doctor Strange, opposed Cheyenne gods (Doctor Strange: Sorceror Supreme #25, 1991); sensed Maelstrom's activities (Quasar #23, 1991); tested Spider-Man/Peter Parker & Puma (Spectacular Spider-Man #191-193, 1992); learned of his double identity, vs D'Spayre (Spectacular Spider-Man Annual #13, 1993); as Jesse, visited by Falcon (Captain America #440, 1995); warned Captain America of his death (Captain America #443, 1995); arrested by S.H.I.E.L.D. for opposing Superhuman Registration Act (Civil War: War Crimes #1, 2007); escaped Negative Zone prison (Civil War #6-7, 2007)

Black Talon

First Appearance: (Drew) Strange Tales #173 (1973); (Barone) Avengers #152 (1976); (Boudreaux) Howard the Duck #9 (1980)
Significant Issues: Drew tried to abduct Loralee Tate, confronted and captured Brother Voodoo (Strange Tales #173, 1973); Drew beaten to death by his own cultists (Tales of the Zombie #6, 1974); Barone revived Wonder Man for Grim Reaper, posted him to Avengers mansion, Scarlet Witch led Avengers back to Black Talon, vs Avengers, defeated (Avengers #152, 1976); Boudreaux tried to sacrifice Howard the Duck to Duck Deity, killed by Duck Deity (Howard the Duck #9, 1980); Barone worked with Nekra for Grim Reaper, sent zombies to kidnap Vision, zombies instead kidnapped Scarlet Witch, vs Vision, Barone & Nekra feld (Vision and the Scarlet Witch #1, 1985); Barone intended to transplant blended Vision & Wonder Man memories into specially prepared zombie, angered by Reaper’s blatant racism, deserted alongside Man-Ape when West Coast Avengers attacked (West Coast Avengers #2/Vision and the Scarlet Witch #2, 1985); Barone raised X-Humed, vs She-Hulk (Sensational She-Hulk #34-35, 1991-1992); Barone attended A.I.M.’s Weapons Expo on Boca Caliente (Captain America #410-414, 1993); Barone served Mephisto in war against Blackheart, enlisted Man-Ape & Goliath/Erik Josten, vs Wonder Man & Grim Reaper (Wonder Man #24-25, 1993); Barone coveted zombie Mercedes, vs Deadpool (Deadpool #29, 1999)


First Appearance and Origin: Secret Defenders #16 (1994)
Significant Issues: Transformed into Cadaver by Agamotto (Secret Defenders #16, 1994); vs Malachi, confronted Strange (Secret Defenders #17, 1994); with Secret Defenders, vs Swarm (Secret Defenders #18-19, 1994); inadvertently caused father's heart attack (Secret Defenders #20, 1994); alongside USAgent, vs Slaymaker's agents (Secret Defenders #21, 1994); with Secret Defenders, vs original Defenders, alongside them, vs Slorioth, betrayed by Doctor Druid, Secret Defenders disbanded (Secret Defenders #22-25, 1994-1995)

Chondu the Mystic

First Appearance and Origin: Tales of Suspense #9 (1960)
Significant Issues: Taught crowd, banished Joe Parker (Tales of Suspense #9, 1960); worked at carnival (X-Force #-1, 1997); joined Headmen, utilized black rain (Defenders #21, 1975); with Headmen, vs Defenders, in Nighthawk’s body (Defenders #31-32, 1976); mind transferred into “Bambi’s” body (Defenders #33, 1976); captured by Nebulon & Ludberdites (Defenders #34, 1976); with Headmen, mind transferred into composite body, vs Defenders (Defenders #35, 1976); with Headmen, vs Defenders, arrested (Defenders Annual #1, 1976); with Headmen, vs She-Hulk, head briefly put on clone of She-Hulk (Sensational She-Hulk #1-3, 1989); with Headmen, vs Spider-Man (Web of Spider-Man #73, 1991); plotted with Headmen (Marvel Comics Presents #97, 1992); with Headmen, alongside A.I.M., controlled Orrgo, vs Defenders (Defenders #5, 8-10, 2001); with Headmen, manipulated Doombot, head briefly put on Humbug’s body, vs Heroes for Hire (Heroes for Hire #6-8, 2007)


First Appearance: Secret Defenders #19 (1994)
Significant Issues: Joshua Pryce & Al hitchhiked towards Boston (Secret Defenders #19-20, 1994); Joshua & Al arrived at Doctor Druid's home (Secret Defenders #22, 1994); Joshua & Al summoned past versions of original Defenders to confront Secret Defenders (Secret Defenders #23, 1995); confronted corrupted Doctor Druid (Secret Defenders #24, 1995); vs Doctor Druid & Slorioth, revealed Steadbaur infant was Cognoscenti (Secret Defenders #25, 1995); Joshua among Howling Commandos who participated in assault on Merlin (Nick Fury's Howling Commandos #6, 2006)


First Appearance: Doctor Strange #19 (1976)
Significant Issues: Alongside Xander, caused Ancient One to strip Doctor Strange of Sorcerer Supreme title (Doctor Strange #19, 1976); recalled Xander after his defeat by Strange (Doctor Strange #20, 1976); awakened Visimajoris, vs Apalla & Strange (Doctor Strange #24, 1977); switched forms with celestial stars (Doctor Strange #25, 1977); cast Ancient One into human form again (Doctor Strange #26, 1977); Strange vs Stygyro (Doctor Strange #27, 1978); changes undone by Strange (Doctor Strange #28, 1978)

Dark Rider

First Appearance: Marvel Team-Up #42 (1976)
Origin: Marvel Team-Up #44 (1976)
Significant Issues: Alongside Cotton Mather, encountered & vs time-displaced Vision, Scarlet Witch, Moondragon, Doctor Doom, & Spider-Man, defeated by them (Marvel Team-Up #42, 1976)


First Appearance: Warlock Chronicles #1 (1993)
Significant Issues: Encountered Warlock & Soul Gem (Warlock Chronicles #1, 1993); alongside Infinity Watch, vs Count Abyss, married Maya (Warlock and the Infinity Watch #29 & 31-34, 1994)


First Appearance: (Mentioned) Darkhold: Pages From the Book of Sins #8 (1993); (seen) Darkhold #9: Pages From the Book of Sins (1993)
Significant Issues: Killed mother, drove father insane, learned secrets of Vickie Montesi, confronted Louise Hastings (Darkhold: Pages From the Book of Sins #8-10, 12 & 14, 1994); tried to make Michael Badolino her new father, vs his alter ego Vengeance (Marvel Comics Presents #160-163, 1994); framed Badolino for murder of Rebecca Taylor (Marvel Comics Presents #172-173, 1995)

Drake, Divinity

First Appearance: Tomb of Dracula #1 (2004)
Significant Issues: Met Blade, alongside others, sought to stop Dracula, revealed self to be Aamshed, defeated Dracula (Tomb of Dracula #1-4, 2004-2005)

Dream Weaver

First Appearance: Doctor Strange #32 (1978)
Significant Issues: Transformed by Dweller-in-Darkness to battle Doctor Strange (Doctor Strange #32-33, 1978)

Dredmund the Druid

First Appearance: Strange Tales #144 (1966)
Significant Issues: Vs Nick Fury (Strange Tales #144-145, 1966); vs Captain America (Captain America #187-188, 1975); vs Captain America in Greymoor Castle (Captain America #256, 1981); recreated Moongem, turned residents of Stakesboro into werewolves, vs Captain America & others (Captain America #402-408, 1992)


First Appearance: (As Moss) Wolverine #179 (2002); (as Earthmover) Wolverine #180 (2002)
Origin: Wolverine #179-180 (2002)
Significant Issues: Became Shaman’s protégé, targeted by demon, trained by Wolverine, discovered totem was earthworm (Wolverine #179-180, 2002); with Alpha Flight, sought to remove children from Xavier’s School, opposed by X-Men, vs Juggernaut (Uncanny X-Men #421-422, 2003); with Alpha Flight, captured by Plodex, rescued by new Alpha Flight team, left Earth to return Plodex eggs to their homeworld (Alpha Flight #1-2 & 4-6, 2004)

Eye Killers

First Appearance: Doctor Strange #38 (1979)

Gemini, Vera

First Appearance: Defenders #58 (1978)
Origin: Defenders #59 (1978)
Significant Issues: Behind-the-scenes, sent demons after Devil-Slayer (Marvel Spotlight #33, 1977); initiated Xenogenesis, summoned Belathauzer & demon race to Earth, conquered demon overlords, trapped in extradimensional realm by Hellcat using Shadow Cloak (Defenders #58-60, 1978)

Ghost Dancer

First Appearance: Dances With Demons #1 (1993)
Origin: Dances With Demons #1-4 (1993)
Significant Issues: Nathaniel vs Curtis Edwards & Clown demon (Marvel Frontier Comics Special #1, 1994); Nathaniel slain, James trained as his successor, defeated Manitou demon (Dances With Demons #1-4, 1993)

Harkness, Agatha

First Appearance: Fantastic Four #94 (1970)
Significant Issues: Met Scrier circa 18,000 BC (Silver Surfer #135, 1998); in Salem in 1692, chose to lead her people into isolation (Nova #6-7, 1994); Abigail Harkness fled Salem (X-Men: The Hellfire Club #1, 2000); became Franklin Richards’ nanny, defeated Frightful Four (Fantastic Four #94, 1970); revealed powers to Fantastic Four (Fantastic Four #110, 1971); aided Fantastic Four against Over-Mind (Fantastic Four #114, 116, 1971); let Reed Richards communicate with entire Earth (Fantastic Four #123, 1972); forced to aid Annihilus (Fantastic Four #140-141, 1973); left Fantastic Four's service, met & began training Scarlet Witch (Avengers #127-128/Fantastic Four #150, 1974); left Wanda (Avengers #137, 1975), alongside Fantastic Four, vs Scratch & Salem’s Seven (Fantastic Four #181-182 & 185-187, 1977); yearly return to New Salem (Fantastic Four Annual #14, 1979); opposed Scratch when he possessed Franklin, remained in New Salem (Fantastic Four #222-223, 1980); apparent burning at stake (Vision & the Scarlet Witch #3, 1985); helped Wanda against Samhain (Vision & the Scarlet Witch #3, 1986); watched Wanda’s children & altered Scarlet Witch’s memory after children’s’ apparent dissolution (Avengers West Coast #50-52, 1989); restored Wanda’s memories, defeated Immortus (Avengers West Coast #61-62, 1990); restored Tigra (Avengers Spotlight #38, 1990); returned as Franklin’s governess (Fantastic Four #368, 1992); opposed Necromancer (Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme #47-48, 1992); alongside Strange, aided Scarlet Witch in opposing Chthonic energies (Darkhold: Pages From the Book of Sins #4-7, 1993); aided in sending Franklin to future (Fantastic Four #376-377, 1993); helped Scarlet Witch vs Lore (Scarlet Witch #1 & 3-4, 1994); reconciled with Susan Richards (Fantastic Four #416, 1996); freed Silver Surfer of his soul virus (Silver Surfer #135-137, 1998); counseled Wanda on her powers (Avengers #10-11, 1998); after Wanda insane, attempted to help her, apparent corpse was found (Avengers #503, 2004); “Aunt Agatha” attended amnesiac Wanda (New Avengers #26, 2007)


First Appearance: Darkhold: Pages From the Book of Sins #9 (1993)
Significant Issues: Met Victoria Montesi & Sam Buchanan, attended mother's funeral, attempted to resurrect mother, incapacitated by Sam Buchanan (Darkhold: Pages From the Book of Sins #9, 1993); infiltrated Interpol/Darkholder base, freed Victoria Montesi, turned Darkhold page loose on guards (Darkhold: Pages From the Book of Sins #10, 1993); met Modred the Mystic (Darkhold: Pages From the Book of Sins #11, 1993); spoke to Sam about Louise Hastings' use of Darkhold page (Darkhold: Pages From the Book of Sins #12, 1993); with Darkhold Redeemers, witnessed Frank Walsh struggling against Troids (Midnight Sons Unlimited #2, 1993); observed Sam's workout, attacked by Monstrosity (Darkhold: Pages From the Book of Sins #13, 1993); healed by Victoria Montesi, became Modred's apprentice, received telephone call from John Blaze (Darkhold: Pages From the Book of Sins #14, 1993); alongside Victoria Montesi & others, vs Spider-X, Zzzax, & Paralyzer (Midnight Sons Unlimited #3, 1993); alongside Midnight Sons, vs Lilin, rescued from Spitfire by Modred, magnified Modred's power against Lilin, briefly believed Modred guilty of Louise's murder, immobilized Modred & himself (Darkhold: Pages From the Book of Sins #15, 1993); magnified Modred's power in attack on Zarathos (Marvel Comics Presents #144, 1993); accompanied Midnight Sons to fight Fallen in South America, sent to Vatican City to be protected by Vittorio Montesi (Darkhold: Pages From the Book of Sins #16, 1994)

Kaliph, Rama

First Appearance: Strange Tales #136 (1965)
Significant Issues: Rendered comatose by Baron Mordo (Strange Tales #136, 1965); came to Doctor Strange's aid, remained at Sanctum Sanctorum for several weeks (Doctor Strange #7, 9-11 & 15-17, 1975-1976); killed by Silver Dagger (Over the Edge #2, 1995)


First Appearance: Alpha Flight #71 (1989)
Origin: Alpha Flight #83 (1990)
Significant Issues: Vs Tribe of the Moon, defeated by Talisman/Nahita (Alpha Flight #83, 1990); manipulated Dexter Rayne into performing blood sacrifice, manifested in Earth dimension (Alpha Flight #71, 1989); brought Alpha Flight into Non-Zone dimension, vs them, provoked Talisman/Elizabeth Twoyoungmen into attacking him, left Alpha Flight stranded in Non-Zone (Alpha Flight #72-73, 1989); used demon-possessed child vs Gamma Flight & Alpha Flight, sent message to Talisman (Alpha Flight #76, 1989); awoke Master of the World (Alpha Flight #78, 1989); manipulated American super-villains into fighting Alpha Flight, used energy from their battles to unlock Gateway of Night (Alpha Flight #79-80, 1989-1990); gained power from worship by Dark Elves (Alpha Flight #82, 1990); vs Talisman, taunted her (Alpha Flight #83, 1990); fomented battle between Alpha Flight & Gamma Flight, used energy from their battle to open Gateway of Night (Alpha Flight #84, 1990); unleashed Forces of Darkness on Alpha Flight & others, captured Talisman (Alpha Flight #85, 1990); defeated when Talisman & Doctor Strange unleashed Forces of Light, inflicted curse on Alpha Flight prior to banishment (Alpha Flight #86, 1990)


First Appearance: Journey into Mystery #61 (1960)
Significant Issues: Reduced Iquitos tribe to miniature size (Journey into Mystery #60, 1960)

McNee, Ian

First Appearance: Marvel Fanfare #6 (1983)
Significant Issues: Attempted to usurp Doctor Strange as Sorcerer Supreme, shown dangers of being such (Marvel Fanfare #6, 1983)


First Appearance: Fantastic Four '99 Annual (1999)
Significant Issues: Aided Fantastic Four & Hellstorm against Selene & Blackheart (Fantastic Four '99 Annual, 1999); alongside other mystics, attempted to oppose Ego the Living Planet (Maximum Security #3, 2001)

Modred the Mystic

First Appearance: Marvel Chillers #1 (1975)

Mordo, Astrid

First Appearance: (Shadowed) Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme #86 (1996); (fully) Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme #87 (1996)
Significant Issues: Transferred Baron Mordo's cancer into Doctor Strange, vs. Strange, defeated by Baron Mordo (Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme #86-87, 1996)

Mordo's Minions

First Appearance: Strange Tales #125 (1964)
Significant Issues: Unidentified minions vs Doctor Strange (Strange Tales #125, 1964); Demon vs Strange (Strange Tales #128, 1965); Kaecilius, Wraiths, & other minions aided in capturing Kamar-Taj, pursued Strange to Hong Kong (Strange Tales #130-131, 1965); Demon vs Strange (Strange Tales #132, 1965); Wraiths & Mordo vs Strange's astral form (Strange Tales #134, 1965); Baskerville betrayed Strange in England (Strange Tales #135, 1965); minions & Wraiths continued search for Strange (Strange Tales #136, 1965); Wraiths brought Strange to Mordo (Strange Tales #138, 1965); Adria assumed leadership, vs Strange, lost knowledge of magic (Strange Tales #141-143, 1966); Adria, Kaecilius, & Demonicus vs Strange, trapped in Purple Dimension (Doctor Strange: Sorceror Supreme #56, 1982)

Mordred the Evil

First Appearance: Black Knight Comics #1 (1955)


First Appearance: Defenders #7 (2001)
Significant Issues: With Deep Six, vs Defenders (Defenders #7, 2001); with Deep Six, assaulted by Defenders, defeated by Doctor Strange (Defenders #11, 2002); revealed to be part of At'la'tique (New Thunderbolts #3, 2005)


First Appearance and Origin: Defenders #1 (1972)
Significant Issues: Pact with Undying Ones, vs Defenders (Defenders #1-2, 1972); vs Agatha Harkness & Scarlet Witch (Avengers #128, 1974); took over Vision’s form, vs Scarlet Witch, Vision, & Spider-Man (Marvel Team-Up #130, 1983); made pact with N’astirh, vs Mantis, Fantastic Four, & Kang (Fantastic Four #323-324, 1989); joined Legion of the Unliving, vs Avengers (Avengers #353-354, 1992)


First Appearance: Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme #46 (1992)
Origin: Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme #47 (1992)
Significant Issues: Journeyed to Earth-616, allied with Magus, vs Doctor Strange & others, defeated (Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme #46-47, 1993)


First Appearance: Iron Man #22 (1999)
Significant Issues: Valtorr first invoked (Strange Tales #115, 1963); Cyttorak first invoked (Strange Tales #124, 1964); Raggadorr first invoked (Strange Tales #125, 1964); Cain Marko transformed into Juggernaut (X-Men #12, 1965); Watoomb first invoked (Amazing Spider-Man Annual #2, 1965); Ikonn first invoked (Strange Tales #145, 1966); Farallah & Krakkan first invoked (Doctor Strange #45, 1980); Ikonn first seen (Doctor Strange #47, 1981); Balthakk first invoked (Doctor Strange #69, 1985); Cyttorak first seen (Doctor Strange: Sorceror Supreme #44, 1992); Raggadorr, Valtorr, & Watoomb first seen (Doctor Strange: Sorceror Supreme #49, 1993); Samantha McGee transformed into Inferno (Iron Man #21, 1999); Bridget Malone & Olisa Kabaki transformed into Conquest & Bedlam (Thor #17, 1999); Yoshiro Hachiman, Andreas Zorba, & Nicolette Giroux transformed into Decay, Carnivore, & Tempest, history of Wager of Octessence revealed (Iron Man #22, 1999); Utama Sonchart transformed into Stonecutter, all gathered to become Exemplars (Peter Parker: Spider-Man #11, 1999); Exemplars defeated by Juggernaut (Juggernaut: The Eighth Day #1, 1999); Exemplars sought revenge on Juggernaut, defeated by Avengers & others (Avengers #23-25, 1999-2000)


First Appearance: (Shadowed) X-Force #80 (1998); (full) X-Force #85 (1999)
Significant Issues: Took control of Locus (X-Force #80, 1998); took control of X-Force members, banished by Jennifer Kale (X-Force #85, 1999)

Papa Shorty

First Appearance: Tales of the Zombie #5 (1974)
Significant Issues: Vs Zombie/Simon Garth, killed by him (Tales of the Zombie #5, 1974)


First Appearance: (Face only) Alpha Flight #36 (1986); (fully) Alpha Flight #37 (1986)
Origin: Alpha Flight #37 (1986); Alpha Flight #71 (1989)
Significant Issues: As member of Arctic expedition in 1848, became trapped in pack ice, waited six months for expedition leader to return, set off in search of leader, drank elixir that slowed bodily functions, believed dead by crew & buried (Alpha Flight #37, 1986); over a century later, as Pestilence, spirit detected by Talisman/Elizabeth Twoyoungmen who sought to humble her father & had spirits lead him & Doctor Strange to gravesite, used power over death & decay to disguise true evil nature of gravesite, gravesite selected by Shaman as birthplace for Snowbird’s child (Alpha Flight #36, 1986); as Snowbird gave birth, possessed her child, attacked Alpha Flight, revealed to have become one with decay of the land, confronted by Talisman, defeated her (Alpha Flight #37, 1986); summoned manifestation of Great Beasts to attack Alpha Flight, defeated after Shaman donned Talisman’s tiara & incited Snowbird in sasquatch form to attack him, fled (Alpha Flight #38, 1986); arrived in Burial Butte, slew entire population of town with plague of diseased rats, located by Shaman & Snowbird, sent coal creatures to attack Alpha Flight, controlled Snowbird & ordered her to slay him to release him from child’s body as its pure nature was corrupting him, spirit released from child’s form after Snowbird slew him (Alpha Flight #44, 1987); spirit possessed recently deceased Snowbird, in sasquatch form, attacked Alpha Flight, body slain by Box forcing spirit out, spirit trapped in Shaman’s medicine pouch (Alpha Flight #45, 1987); revealed to have gained mystic powers from impending unique planetary alignment heralding the return of Llan the Sorcerer (Alpha Flight #71, 1989)


First Appearance and Origin: Howard the Duck #1 (1976)
Significant Issues: Descended from mystical slobs, saw world domination in terms of accountancy, sought to collect cosmic dividend (Howard the Duck #1, 1976); tracked jeweled key to Maltesia, killed Prei-Ying Mantis, thwarted by Hemlock Shoals (Howard the Duck #4, 1980); hiring of barbarian weredog mentioned (Howard the Duck #1, 1975); Beverly Switzler’s answering of Pro-Rata’s ad mentioned (Howard the Duck #2, 1976); Howard the Duck accidentally killed barbarian weredog, sent by Pro-Rata with Beverly to retrieve key from Citadel of Sai-Fuur, brought back along with giant bahnd-bird, Pro-Rata apparently killed after falling into flaming Cuyahoga (Howard the Duck #1, 1976); worked as toll taker for Penn Turnpike, mystically placed ad about duck hunting in Cleveland paper to keep Howard in town, became Dino Digitalis’ accountant, used flying cash register to harass Howard, convinced Digitalis to hire Howard for his new film (Howard the Duck #1, 1979); made deal with Astral Auditor to get 24 hours worth of magic powers, created Eggs-Men, financial other-verse, images of Dino Digitalis & employees to coerce Howard into giving up jeweled key which Howard had previously pawned, sought revenge on Howard instead but ran out of time & had his powers repossessed, dragging his other-verse with him & causing depression on cosmic scale (Howard the Duck #2, 1980)


First Appearance: Doctor Strange #80 (1985)

Salem's Seven

First Appearance and Origin: Fantastic Four #186 (1977)
Significant Issues: Guarded imprisoned Fantastic Four, magically transformed to battle escapees, spell disrupted because Mr Fantastic was replicating lost powers artificially, defeated (Fantastic Four #186, 1977); usurped New Salem townsfolks’ combined energies to summon exiled father’s spirit, took Fantastic Four prisoner as intended sacrifice to free father’s physical form, defeated by grandmother Agatha Harkness (Fantastic Four Annual #14, 1979); freed from captivity by father’s spirit, conquered New Salem & defeated Fantastic Four, recaptured after father defeated by combined efforts of Gabriel the Devil Hunter, Agatha, Franklin Richards & Fantastic Four (Fantastic Four #223, 1980); convinced rest of New Salem to follow them, burned Agatha at stake, captured Vision & Scarlet Witch, sacrificed dissenting Gazelle, combined powers with townspeople to battle escaped Vision, lost control & slain by backlash (Vision and the Scarlet Witch #3, 1985); ghosts assisted Samhain vs Scarlet Witch, defeated by Agatha’s ghost (Vision and the Scarlet Witch #5, 1986); Vakume soul fragment assisted Hell’s Angel (Hell’s Angel #2, 1992); restored to life by father, served Russell Daboia, vs Avengers, vanished when Daboia’s magics disrupted (Avengers Annual 2000, 2000); disruption caused by Scarlet Witch’s reality warps revived Seven, duped by father in guise of Agatha into helping summon Shuma-Gorath, switched sides when they realized they were intended as sacrifices, afterwards directionless & taken under Doctor Strange’s wing (4 #25, 2006); visited Baxter Building open house (4 #30, 2006)


First Appearance: Doctor Strange #43 (1980)
Significant Issues: Vs Doctor Strange, apparently died (Doctor Strange #43-44, 1980)


First Appearance: Strange Tales #133 (1965)
Significant Issues: Globe of power absorbed by Doctor Strange (Strange Tales #133, 1965); observed Dominic Destine (ClanDestine #8, 1995); accessed Earth via Trish Starr, driven off by Strange & Defenders (Defenders #41, 1976); defeated by Necromancer (Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme #47, 1992)

Sister Nil

First Appearance: Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme #60 (1993)
Significant Issues: Infiltrated Sanctum Sanctorum, killed Imei Chang, defeated by Doctor Strange (Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme #60, 1993); revealed herself in new Sanctum (Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme #63, 1994); bound by Strange, led Midnight Sons through Sanctum (Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme #66, 1994); compiled Forge inventory (Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme Annual #4, 1994); became jealous of Clea (Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme #67, 1994); offered to help Strange against Salomé's magic (Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme #71, 1994); ventured to Elsewhere dimension (Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme #72, 1994); lured Salomé through Sanctum (Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme #73-74, 1995); freed from bindings by Strange for her near-self sacrifice (Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme #75, 1995); offered rule over Nightmare Dimension by Nightmare (Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme #79, 1995)

Six-Fingered Hand

First Appearance: Defenders #93 (1981)
Significant Issues: Encountered Gargoyle, made plans to use him in their scheme (Gargoyle #2, 1985); Avarrish possessed Patsy Walker, sent Gargoyle against Defenders (Defenders #93-94, 1981); Puishannt vs Defenders & Dracula (Defenders #95, 1981); Fashima empowered Asmodeus Jones against Defenders & Ghost Rider/Johnny Blaze (Defenders #96, 1981); Hyppokri empowered Kessler against Defenders (Defenders #97, 1981); Unnthinnk possessed Man-Thing, vs Defenders (Defenders #98, 1981); confronted Defenders (Defenders #99, 1981); vs Defenders, Maya revealed as Mephisto, defeated (Defenders #100, 1981)


First Appearance: Man-Thing #3 (1998)
Significant Issues: Present in Atlantis before 18,000 BC when Ellen Brandt & Man-Thing traveled back in time there (Man-Thing #8, 1998); befriended Devil-Slayer, defeated Mr Termineus (Man-Thing #3-5, 1997-1998); alongside Devil-Slayer & Fallen Stars, confronted Termineus (Strange Tales #2, 1998)


First Appearance and Origin: Werewolf by Night #13 (1974)
Significant Issues: Captured Jack & Philip Russell, reanimated Algon, crushed by golden idol (Werewolf by Night #13-14, 1974); soul-form aided Russells & Topaz vs Glitternight, cured Lissa Russell (Werewolf by Night #27-30, 1975)


First Appearance: (As Twoyoungmen) Alpha Flight #5 (1983); (as Talisman) Alpha Flight #19 (1985)
Origin: Alpha Flight #19 (1985); Alpha Flight #83 (1989)
Significant Issues: Mother died when she was a child, rejected father for failing to save her, taken in by McNeils (Alpha Flight #5, 1983); grew up alongside Heather McNeil (Alpha Flight #79, 1989); as student working on archaeological dig, uncovered skull & released Ranaq the Devourer (Alpha Flight #14, 1984); approached father for help, first time she had seen him in 15 years (Alpha Flight #15, 1984); accompanied father to Lucas Stang residence, vs Stang’s possessed granddaughter (Alpha Flight #18, 1985); drew Coronet from Shaman’s medicine pouch, donned it to become Talisman, traveled back in time to fight Ranark in past (Alpha Flight #19, 1985); tried to remove coronet & reject legacy, angered to find she could not (Alpha Flight #20, 1985); shopping with Heather when Delphine Courtney faked sighting of Heather’s dead husband Guardian/James MacDonald Hudson (Alpha Flight #22, 1985); with Alpha Flight, alongside X-Men, thwarted Loki’s scheme to gain favor of Those Who Sit Above (X-Men and Alpha Flight #1-2, 1985-1986); vs Caliber, witnessed Snowbird kill possessed Sasquatch (Alpha Flight #23, 1985); entered Eye of World to retrieve Sasquatch’s soul (Alpha Flight #24, 1985); vs Caliber, made his armor vanish, met fake Guardian (Alpha Flight #25, 1985); vs Macro System, vs Flashback of Omega Flight, taken down by surprise attack from fake Guardian (Alpha Flight #26, 1985); helped father collapse rift within medicine bag after bag was turned inside out, trapped within (Alpha Flight #27, 1985); rescued from bag by Beyonder (Secret Wars II #4, 1985); angered at father for failing to save her, teleported team away from her (Alpha Flight #28, 1985); directed spirits for father’s spirit test, gave him new mystic apparel (Alpha Flight #35, 1986); losing touch with her humanity, had spirits mislead Shaman when he was looking for suitable spot to deliver Snowbird’s child, directed him to where frozen Captain Crozier could possess infant & become Pestilence, wanted to set father up to fail & then defeat Pestilence herself, misjudged her own control over Pestilence, coronet ripped from her forehead rendering her human again (Alpha Flight #37, 1986); now aware of her own selfishness, recognized her father loved her (Alpha Flight #38, 1986); returned with team to Tamarind Island base (Alpha Flight #39, 1986); felt out of place being with team while lacking powers (Alpha Flight #41, 1986); returned to university, got degree, at Yukon Territory dig, felt mystical power surge (Alpha Flight #62, 1988); discovered skeleton of shaman Nanquato, Dreamqueen controlled her fellow archaeologists to try & force her to touch dream totem which would allow Dreamqueen to access Elizabeth’s dormant powers, powers awoke & destroyed totem, now sensed Dreamqueen had also targeted Alpha Flight, rushed to assist them (Alpha Flight #67, 1989); found father at Eye of World, convinced him to return coronet to her, became Talisman again (Alpha Flight #68, 1989); directed Alpha Flight in battles with Dreamqueen & her pawns, banished Dreamqueen extradimensionally (Alpha Flight #68-70, 1989); sensed Llan’s coming, attacked by him (Alpha Flight #71, 1989); attacked Llan to save Alpha Flight, permitting him to attack Earth in turn, Llan trapped team in other dimension (Alpha Flight #72, 1989); led Alpha Flight through multiple dimensions back to Earth (Alpha Flight #73-75, 1989); began soaking up earth magic in preparation for opening Gateway of Day (Alpha Flight #78, 1989); gathered & directed forces against Llan, rescued Northstar from Asgard (Alpha Flight #79-82, 1990); learned how past incarnation defeated Llan (Alpha Flight #83, 1990); final confrontation with Llan, unleashed armies of Shining Realms against armies of Twisted Realms (Alpha Flight #84-86, 1990); accompanied teammates hunting for missing Puck, vs Master of the World’s remnant men, returned them to normal but suffered brain damage doing so (Alpha Flight #87-90, 1990); placed in Beta Flight while recovering (Alpha Flight #95, 1991); mystic senses reawaken by coming Ska’r (Alpha Flight #109, 1992); vs Ska’r, banished them back through dimensional interface (Alpha Flight #110-112, 1992); hunted for missing Weapon Omega (Alpha Flight #115, 1992); rejoined Alpha Flight in wake of Canadian Superhuman Registration Act (Alpha Flight #120, 1993); with Beta Flight, vs Master & new Omega Flight (Alpha Flight #130, 1994); offered to cure captured Wendigo (She-Hulk #16, 2007); after father's death, became tribal shaman, rejected Sasquatch's offer to join new Omega Flight (Omega Flight #1, 2007); learned of Sasquatch's capture, agreed to help Omega Flight rescue him, refused to work with Michael Pointer whom she blamed for father's death (Omega Flight #2-3, 2007); with Omega Flight, alongside Beta Ray Bill, vs demons & Wrecking Crew, encountered Tanaraq-possessed Sasquatch, helped free Sasquatch from Tanaraq's control, trapped Tanaraq's essence within father's mystic pouch & sealed it, made peace with Pointer & accepted him being Guardian, left team to return to reservation (Omega Flight #4-5, 2007)

Traveler, Sir Warren

First Appearance: Giant-Size Ms. Marvel #1 (2006)
Significant Issues: Vs Captain Marvel/Carol Danvers on Earth-58163, time-travel spell disrupted (Giant-Size Ms Marvel #1, 2006); arrived on Earth-616, vs Ms Marvel/Carol Danvers & Doctor Strange, took Ms Marvel to alternate earth where alien insects devoured planet, returned Ms Marvel to Earth-616 & escaped to parts unknown (Ms Marvel #4-5, 2006)

Tribe of the Moon

First Appearance: Alpha Flight #83 (1990)


First Appearance: (Mentioned) Strange Tales #115 (1963); (seen) Marvel Premiere #5 (1972)

War of the Seven Spheres

First Appearance: Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme #48 (1992)

Witch Woman

First Appearance: Marvel Spotlight #10 (1973)


First Appearance and Origin: Witches #1 (2004)
Significant Issues: Brought together by Doctor Strange to combat Hellphyr (Witches #1, 2004); prepared for Hellphyr (Witches #2, 2004); attacked by Lilin, Jennifer quit (Witches #3, 2004); rescued Jennifer from Hellphyr, destroyed Hellphyr, confiscated Tome of Zhered-Na (Witches #4, 2004)


First Appearance: (Adventures into) Fear #15 (1973)

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