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OHOTMU:Bibliography-Spider-Man 2007

OHOTMU:Bibliography-Spider-Man 2007

OHotMU: Spider-Man #1 (2007) Bibliography

Last Updated: 4/14/07


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Cover by Aaron Lopresti


First Appearance and Origin: Amazing Fantasy #15 (1962)
Significant Issues: NOTE: Precise chronology of Spider-Man bibliography pending.

Alongside Black Cat, freed Norman Osborn, vs Sinister Twelve, convinced Jameson that his son John was Spider-Man (Marvel Knights: Spider-Man #10-12, 2005); revealed secret identity to Fantastic Four (Spider-Man/Human Torch #5, 2005); prison break at Raft (New Avengers #1, 2005); alongside Wolverine, vs Paul Patterson (Marvel Team-Up #1-2, 2005); alongside others, vs Raft escapees, Carnage seemingly killed by Sentry (New Avengers #2, 2005); alongside others, vs Raft escapees, invited by Captain America to join Avengers, accepted (New Avengers #3, 2005); with Avengers, vs Electro, in Savage Land, sought whereabouts of Karl Lykos (New Avengers #4, 2005); with Avengers, in Savage Land vs Lykos & Savage Land Mutates (New Avengers #5, 2005); vs Cardiac, alongside X-23, vs Iron Maniac & Paul Patterson (Marvel Team-Up #5-6, 2005); alongside Mary Jane & Aunt May, moved into Stark Tower (Amazing Spider-Man #519, 2005); alongside Ethan Edwards & Fantastic Four, vs Absorbing Man (Marvel Knights: Spider-Man #13-18, 2005); with Avengers, in Savage Land, vs S.H.I.E.L.D. (New Avengers #6, 2005); alongside Moon Knight, vs Constrictor & Ringmaster (Marvel Team-Up #7, 2005); vs Ringmaster (Marvel Team-Up #10, 2005); with Avengers, vs Raft escapees U-Foes & Crossfire's Crew (Spider-Man: Breakout #1-5 2005); with Avengers, vs Hydra forces Hammer, Tactical Force, Militant & Bowman (Amazing Spider-Man #520, 2005); with Avengers, vs Wrecker (New Avengers #7-8, 2005); investigated Hydra, Mary Jane photographed by paparazzi Vincent Chambliss, accused of affair with Tony Stark in tabloid (Amazing Spider-Man #521, 2005); threw Wolverine out window of Stark Tower for insulting Mary Jane, infiltrated Hydra base (Amazing Spider-Man #522, 2005); with Avengers, alongside other heroes, vs Void (New Avengers #9-10, 2005); with Avengers, vs Hydra super soldiers, stopped Hydra rocket (Amazing Spider-Man #523, 2005); alongside heroes, in Japan, vs Titannus (Marvel Team-Up #11-13, 2005); saved by Iron Man, anomaly in health detected, randomly blacked out (Amazing Spider-Man #524, 2005); with Avengers, in Japan, vs Hand ninjas & Madame Hydra (New Avengers #11-13, 2005); vs Tracer, Morlun returned (Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #1, 2005); vs Tracer (Marvel Knights: Spider-Man #19, 2005); encountered Morlun, vs Tracer (Amazing Spider-Man #525, 2005); diagnosed with curse causing cellualar degeneration, alongside Iron Man, Mr Fantastic, Yellowjacket & Goliath/Hank Pym, vs Hulk, alongside Black Panther & Daredevil, vs Ox/Ronald Bloch (Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #2, 2006); in Latveria, visited past (Marvel Knights: Spider-Man #20, 2006); vs Morlun, eye gouged out & consumed by Morlun (Amazing Spider-Man #526, 2006); hospitalized, vs Morlun after attack on Mary Jane, killed Morlun with new stingers, died (Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #3, 2006); reborn, entered cocoon (Marvel Knights: Spider-Man #21, 2006); confronted Great Weaver, accepted spider aspect "the Other," emerged from cocoon (Amazing Spider-Man #527, 2006); examined by heroes, spiders consumed old Parker corpse, Flash Thompson recovered from injury with residual memory loss & returned to Midtown High as coach (Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #4, 2006); confronted by Great Weaver (Marvel Knights: Spider-Man #22, 2006); discovered new powers while rescuing girl in collapsing building (Amazing Spider-Man #528, 2006); alternate universe Spider-Man killed (Marvel Team-Up #15, 2006); alongside Invincible, vs Doctor Octopus (Marvel Team-Up #14, 2006); presented new Avengers team before public at press conference, betrayed by J. Jonah Jameson in deal to stop Daily Bugle from slandering Spider-Man (New Avengers #15, 2006); given new costume by Tony Stark, tested abilities (Amazing Spider-Man #529, 2006); alongside Black Cat & Puma, vs Stegron, stopped effects of Rock of Life (Sensational Spider-Man #23-27, 2006); in new costume from Tony Stark, with Avengers, in Detroit, performed "impact super-hero" work combing streets for criminals, vs Collective (New Avengers #17, 2006); Jameson realized son John was not Spider-Man, vs El Muerto (Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #6, 2006); with Avengers, vs Collective, on S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier, discerned Collective's true identity (New Avengers #18, 2006); brain scanned for House of M information by S.H.I.E.L.D. psychics as ordered by Maria Hill (New Avengers #19, 2006); vs El Dorado, Earth-6078 Ben Parker first seen (Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #7, 2006); alongside other heroes, vs Titannus (Marvel Team-Up #25, 2006); received upgraded costume with arms, alongside Tony Stark, went to Washington D.C., vs Titanium Man (Amazing Spider-Man #530-531, 2006); gathered with heroes at Baxter Building after Stamford incident (Civil War #1, 2006); alongside Tony Stark, in Washington D.C., discussed with family about revealing secret identity (Amazing Spider-Man #532, 2006); Earth-6078 Spider-Man first seen, encountered Earth-6078 Ben Parker & Earth-9500 Hobgoblin (Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #8, 2006); alongside Earth-9500 Spider-Man, vs Earth-9500 Hobgoblin (Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #9-10, 2006); revealed secret identity to public (Civil War #2/Amazing Spider-Man #533, 2006); aftermath of revealing secret identity to public (Civil War #3, 2006); alongside Jordan Harrison, vs Doctor Octopus (Sensational Spider-Man #28, 2006); vs Falcon & Captain America (Amazing Spider-Man #534, 2006); vs Chameleon's Exterminators, aided by Black Cat & Madame Web (Sensational Spider-Man #29-31, 2006); vs anti-registration act heroes, witnessed death of Goliath/Bill Foster, began to doubt side in "civil war" (Civil War #4, 2006); visited Negative Zone prison, decided to switch sides in "civil war," left Stark Tower, vs Iron Man, fled into sewers, nearly killed by Jack O'Lantern/Levins & Jester/Putt, saved by Punisher (Amazing Spider-Man #535/Civil War #5-6, 2006); hid at P.S. 106 & motel, broadcasted message on live TV opposing registration act (Amazing Spider-Man #536, 2006); badly beaten by Rhino, nursed back to health by Mary Jane & Aunt May (Sensational Spider-Man #32-33, 2007); alongside Wolverine, vs Iron Maniac (Marvel Team-Up #23, 2006); defended Midtown High against Mysterio.Klum & 2 other Mysterios (Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #11-13, 2006); Black Cat vs Rhino (Sensational Spider-Man #34, 2007); with anti-Registration underground heroes, back in red & blue costume, planned & initiated Negative Zone prison break (Civil War #6, 2006); inpired by Captain America, firmed resolve on decision to switch sides in "civil war," Kingpin planned assassination of Parkers (Amazing Spider-Man #537, 2006); vs pro-registration heroes, "civil war" ended after surrender of Captain America (Civil War #7, 2007); Aunt May shot by Kingpin's sniper (Amazing Spider-Man #538, 2007); impersonated Punisher & Wolverine, used holographic disguise to impersonate Ben Reilly & took job at Midtown High as Flash's assistant gym coach (Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #14, 2007); sought aid for Aunt May (Amazing Spider-Man #539, 2007); vs Vulture at Deb Whitman's book signing (Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #15-16, 2007); vs Mr Hyde, faced series of Spider-Man imposters (Sensational Spider-Man #35-36, 2007); with Avengers, vs Elektra & Hand ninjas, rescued Ronin/Maya Lopez (New Avengers #27-28, 2006); back in black costume, vs police, confronted by Sandman asking for help (Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #17, 2007); alongside Sandman, investigated murder of homeless man to exonerate Floyd Baker (Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #18, 2007); alongside Sandman, vs Earth-6078 Chameleon (Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #19, 2007)


First Appearance: Amazing Spider-Man #344 (1991)
Origin: Amazing Spider-Man #360 (1992); Amazing Spider-Man #376 (1993)
Significant Issues: Targeted Sapirdyne Chemicals, vs Spider-Man, Boomerang & Rhino (Amazing Spider-Man #344-345, 1991); targeted Stane International, vs Spider-Man (Amazing Spider-Man #359-360, 1992); targeted William Gant, vs Styx & Stone (Amazing Spider-Man #376-377, 1993); targeted Steven Polk, vs Code: Blue (Spider-Man Unlimited #1, 1993); targeted Child, Inc., aided by Vengeance & John Blaze (Ghost Rider & Blaze: Spirits of Vengeance #22, 1994); targeted Morelle Pharmaceuticals, vs Black Cat (Felicia Hardy: Black Cat #1-3, 1994); reunited with Kevin Trench, vs Cardiaxe (Nightwatch #6-7, 1994); targeted James Kapoztas (Spider-Man Unlimited #7, 1994); learned Trench was Nightwatch (Nightwatch #12, 1995); alongside Spider-Man, vs Great Game contestants (Spider-Man Unlimited #14, 1996); vs mind-controlled Wolverine (Wolverine #134, 1999); alongside Solo, accepted Wolverine's explanation (Wolverine #140, 1999); targeted Drugco, vs Spider-Man (Marvel Team-Up #5, 2005)


First Appearance: Spider-Man #49 (1994)
Significant Issues: Stole armor, pursued Spider-Man & Hobgoblin/Jason Macendale, let Spider-Man live after child he saved pleaded with her to spare him (Spider-Man #49, 1994)


First Appearance: Untold Tales of Spider-Man #9 (1996)
Significant Issues: Went on crime spree, vs Spider-Man (Untold Tales of Spider-Man #9-10, 1996)


First Appearance: Spectacular Spider-Man #257 (1998)
Significant Issues: Kidnapped Tabriaz Chaliz in attempt to obtain Hand of Mumthazi ruby, confronted by Jack O’Lantern, attacked by Spider-Man, defeated, placed in police custody (Spectacular Spider-Man #257-258, 1998)

Daily Bugle Staff


First Appearance: Amazing Spider-Man #414 (1996)
Significant Issues: Slew Don Vito Torrancio, sent to harass Detective Garon Lewis so he would go after Hammerhead, encountered Spider-Man (Amazing Spider-Man #414, 1996); present when Scrier tried to enlist Rose (Amazing Spider-Man #416, 1996); present when Rose turned Scrier down (Amazing Spider-Man #417, 1996); vs el Uno, lost (Amazing Spider-Man #419, 1997); sought rematch, killed el Uno (Amazing Spider-Man #420, 1997); tasked by Rose to deal with True Believer ninjas’ attacks on Rose’s shipments (Amazing Spider-Man #421, 1997); helped Electro regain his powers (Amazing Spider-Man #422, 1997); faced off against Elektra (Amazing Spider-Man #424, 1997); sent to rob armored car with Electro, chided him for destroying the money, helped set Electro up for heroes to capture him (Amazing Spider-Man #425, 1997); vs Stunner & Doctor Octopus/Carolyn Trainer when they came looking for stolen corpse of Otto Octavius, watched True Believers siphon off Spider-Man’s lifeforce to revive Octavius (Amazing Spider-Man #426, 1997); defeated by Spider-Man (Amazing Spider-Man #427, 1997); defeated & mortally injured by Black Tarantula, healed by same (Amazing Spider-Man #428 1997); enlisted Ricochet/Peter Parker in fight against Black Tarantula, defeated by Bloodscream (Amazing Spider-Man #434-435, 1998); alongside Man-Killer, Axum & Scorpion, plotted revenge on Spider-Man (Thunderbolts #80, 2003); alongside Scorpion, attacked Spider-Man, defeated & left webbed up for police (Thunderbolts #81, 2003)


First Appearance and Origin: Marvel Team-Up #31 (1975)
Significant Issues: Switched in time with his aged body replacing his infant body minutes after birth, spent forty-five years using machines he created in order to survive, induced street thug to attack Iron Fist to siphon energy of their fight, manipulated Spider-Man & Iron Fist into battle, created four-armed sand creature to attack Iron Fist, defeated Spider-Man with chronal gun, attached Spider-Man to metabolic disrupter but Spider-Man saved by Iron Fist, de-aged into nothingness after Iron Fist & Spider-Man smashed special mirror over his head, ceased to exist & forgotten (Marvel Team-Up #31, 1975); man identified as Drom frequented Bar with No Name but only spoke sentences backwards rather than words (Marvel: Year in Review, 1992)


First Appearance: (Shadowed) Peter Parker, the Spectacular Spider-Man #6 (1977); (full) Peter Parker, the Spectacular Spider-Man #8 (1977)
Origin: Peter Parker, the Spectacular Spider-Man #8 (1977)
Significant Issues: Empathoid created by other-dimensional race as empathic servant, became dependant on stronger emotions, exhausted & outlived his creators, lay dormant under sand of his barren world until Morbius arrived, merged with Morbius (Peter Parker, the Spectacular Spider-Man #8, 1977); Morbius & Empathoid arrived in New York City via dimensionizers, Empathoid forced Morbius to smash dimensionizers then search for prey, felt rush of emotion when Morbius saw picture of Spider-Man & forced Morbius to search for him, Morbius went to Daily Bugle & kidnapped Glory Grant to draw Spider-Man out, Spider-Man struck by truck leaving him vulnerable to Morbius’ attack but Empathoid desired more emotions from the battle & refused to let Morbius finish it (Peter Parker, the Spectacular Spider-Man #7, 1977); Morbius defeated by Spider-Man due to weakened state from lack of blood-feeding, Empathoid merged with Spider-Man instead, forced rematch, Spider-Man took Empathoid to college football game where emotions of fans caused overdose which shut him off, Spider-Man took Empathoid’s body to Fantastic Four for safekeeping (Peter Parker, the Spectacular Spider-Man #8, 1977)


First Appearance: (Enforcers) Amazing Spider-Man #10 (1964); (New Enforcers) Web of Spider-Man #98 (1993)
Significant Issues: Employed by Norman Osborn to shut down Malone’s Flophouse in order to seize land, vs amnesiac Sub-Mariner, beat up his friend John Mahoney (Tales of the Marvels: Inner Demons, 1995); alongside Big Man, waged New York crime wave including Operation Hi-Lift which made fool of Spider-Man, induced all non-Maggia crooks to join them, shook down Betty Brant for money & pushed Peter Parker around, Peter mouthed off about Big Man’s identity, picked up by Enforcers, defeated them as Spider-Man, summoned police who discovered Big Man was Frederick Foswell (Amazing Spider-Man #10, 1964); escaped jail, vs Spider-Man at Benson’s Department Store, saved by Headsman who sent them to Osborn Chemicals building where Spider-Man defeated them (Untold Tales of Spider-Man #8, 1996); met in sleazy hotel room with Green Goblin who promised them revenge on Spider-Man, went to Hollywood to ostensibly make Spider-Man film for movie producer B.J. Cosmos, revealed they were real Enforcers on location in New Mexico when they attacked Spider-Man but followed him into cave & were picked off one by one (Amazing Spider-Man #14, 1964); teamed with Sandman to finish off every crime-fighter in the area after learning that Spider-Man had quit, captured Human Torch & placed him in glass cage, Fancy Dan trailed by Spider-Man but Enforcers escaped, set trap for Spider-Man in warehouse across from Clancy’s Gym but Spider-Man freed Torch & defeated them (Amazing Spider-Man #19, 1964); Ox paroled, picked up at prison gates by Mister Fear/Zoltan Drago & Eel/Leopold Stryke, joined them as Fellowship of Fear, revealed that Ox wore cheap hair tonic, Ox injured Foggy Nelson, threatened to return to Enforcers, defeated by Daredevil (Daredevil #6, 1965); Ox escaped prison with cellmate Doctor Karl Stragg who promised to make him smarter but actually swapped bodies, Stragg in Ox’s body began losing intelligence & fell from 20 story building to his death while fighting Daredevil, Ox in Stragg’s body gained intelligence & returned to prison (Daredevil #15, 1966); "Stragg" volunteered to be guinea pig in pharmaceutical isotope experiment, poisoned by radiation, given one month to live & released on parole, radiation mutated him into Ox’s body, vs Daredevil, radiation apparently blew him up (Daredevil #86, 1972); revealed that Ox regained original body, survived, & was found by Kingpin’s men (Peter Parker: Spider-Man #94, 1998); Fancy Dan & Montana joined Big Man/Janice Foswell for revenge on Spider-Man, captured Human Torch to auction him to highest mob bidder, Torch rescued by Spider-Man, Crime-Master/Nick Lewis Jr & Sandman arrived, joined with Enforcers & Big Man to defeat heroes who were rescued by Sons of the Tiger, villains later captured Sons but Spider-Man rescued them, Montana & Fancy Dan knocked out, Crime-Master killed Big Man (Marvel Team-Up #39-40, 1975); Lightmaster arrived at Montana & Fancy Dan’s hideout with new Ox - twin brother of original, hired Enforcers to gain vengeance on Spider-Man, sent them to Coffee Bean to flush out Spider-Man hoping to kill him himself, Enforcers held students hostage, demanded Spider-Man’s presence, lost to him when he arrived, tried to break out of custody but stopped by knockout gas used by police (Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man #19-20, 1978); sprung from Ryker’s Island prison by Techmaster, hired to kill music promoter Harry S. Osgood, burst into Osgood’s recording studio & trashed it, tracked Osgood to Dazzler’s apartment, snatched him & brought him to Food Dimension supermarket in Queens, defeated there by Dazzler (Dazzler #7-8, 1981); Kingpin’s man Arranger hired Enforcers to manage Brooklyn Extortion business, added "Hammer" Harrison & "Snake" Marston to group, Enforcers beat up Sandman's landlord Roberto Cassada, captured Spider-Man, attacked by angered Sandman who released Spider-Man & helped defeat them (Marvel Team-Up #138, 1984); "Snake" Marston revealed as Eel (Daredevil #356, 1996); New Enforcers formed with secret inner circle hiding behind outer circle, attempted to fill power vacuum, hired Foreigner to kill Blood Rose, destroyed Foreigner’s computer system to hide their involvement when assassination failed, outer circle defeated by Spider-Man, Blood Rose, Gauntlet, & Nightwatch, inner circle apparently dissolved (Web of Spider-Man #98-100, 1993); Mr Hyde attempted to enlist Enforcers against Eel but Eel was in attendance at meeting as Marston, Eel murdered Angela Parish & pinned it on Mr Hyde, Daredevil tracked path of Angela Parish’s killer to Enforcers, zapped by Eel from behind who revealed to group he was Marston, Enforcers tortured Daredevil who coerced Eel into admitting he was manipulating Enforcers who overheard, Eel defeated other Enforcers in battle but defeated by Daredevil, Enforcers proved willing to testify against him unless he confessed to murder which allowed Hyde to go free (Daredevil #356-357, 1996); Raymond Bloch worked for Kingpin to help reinstall him as crime boss, kidnapped Jill Stacy but stopped by Spider-Man (Peter Parker: Spider-Man #94-95, 1998); original Enforcers together again, attacked Jimmy-6 & family with guns on behalf of Kingpin, created war zone that attracted Spider-Man, shot Spider-Man in arm but decided not to finish him off, later defeated by Spider-Man (Amazing Spider-Man #28, 2001); Ronald Bloch teamed with Boomerang to sell illegal guns to kids, stopped by Young Avengers, hired Goodman, Leiber, Kurtzberg, & Holliway as attorneys, gained compromise where they were released but with guns confiscated (She-Hulk #1, 2005); Ronald worked as muscle for Fat Teddy, encountered Spider-Man who hallucinated that Ox was Morlun & nearly beat him to death until stopped by Daredevil (Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #2, 2006); Ronald drafted into Thunderbolts after arrest, trained at Desert Flats, New Mexico (Thunderbolts #104, 2006); in jail acting as Kingpin’s muscle, switched sides to Hammerhead after Kingpin began giving evidence to federal authorities, tried to whack him in shower but beaten up by him instead, switched back to being Kingpin’s muscle after defeat of Hammerhead (Civil War: War Crimes #1, 2007)

Gaxton, Blackie

First Appearance: Amazing Spider-Man #11 (1964)
Significant Issues: Revealed how Bennett Brant became his pawn (Untold Tales of Spider-Man #12, 1996); made alliance with Doctor Octopus, killed Bennett (Amazing Spider-Man #11, 1964)

Grim Hunter

First Appearance: Spider-Man #47 (1994)
Significant Issues: Hunted in the woods of Maine by his father disguised as the "Grim Hunter" (Spider-Man #50, 1994); bargained with Macendale for his father's journal in exchange for power (Spider-Man #47, 1994); given father's journal, prepared to receive father's legacy (Spider-Man #48, 1994); purified Sergei's jungle formula, superhumanly augmented (Spider-Man #49, 1994); first battle against Spider-Man, sent to prison with Gregor (Spider-Man #50, 1994); used wealth to escape custody (Spider-Man #53, 1994); followed Ben Reilly's scent, thinking it was Spider-Man (Web of Spider-Man #120, 1995); vs. Scarlet Spider (Ben Reilly), realized mistake and fled (Spider-Man #54, 1995); located Spider-Man (Web of Spider-Man #121, 1995); killed by Kaine (Spider-Man #55, 1994)


First Appearance: Amazing Spider-Man #139 (1974)
Origin: Amazing Spider-Man #140 (1975)
Significant Issues: Pro-wrestling career ruined by campaign orchestrated by J. Jonah Jameson, given exo-skeleton by Jackal, sought revenge on Jameson, attacked Daily Bugle, vs Spider-Man, defeated when exo-skeleton destroyed (Amazing Spider-Man #139-140, 1974-1975); sought re-match against Spider-Man, hero let him win to raise his self-esteem (Web of Spider-Man #58, 1989); alongside Kangaroo, Gibbon & Spot, formed Spider-Man Revenge Squad, had second thoughts about hurting Spider-Man, with Gibbon stopped other two villains hurting the captured Spider-Man, decided to become super hero (Peter Parker, the Spectacular Spider-Man #244-246, 1997); crashed Bearmobile into river (Peter Parker, the Spectacular Spider-Man #252, 1997); ran into White Rabbit Gang, captured, held for ransom, escaped & captured White Rabbit, became media darlings for a short time (Peter Parker, the Spectacular Spider-Man #253 & 256, 1998); beaten up in super villain bar by Alyosha Kravinoff (Spider-Man: Get Kraven #1, 2002); on parole, unwittingly accepted internet date with Rhino (Spider-Man's Tangled Web #19, 2002); arrested while trying to stop White Rabbit, interrogated by S.H.I.E.L.D., revealed Tinkerer was gathering advanced technology (Secret War: From the Files of Nick Fury, 2005); vs Power Pack, accused of robbery, sought legal council, assaulted by Starfox (She-Hulk #6, 2006); underwent revamp following Consultant’s advice, became enforcer for Owl, shot by Jackie Dio (Underworld #3-4, 2006)


First Appearance: Untold Tales of Spider-Man #8 (1996)
Origin: Untold Tales of Spider-Man #8 (1996); Untold Tales of Spider-Man #18 (1997)
Significant Issues: Alongside Enforcers, vs Spider-Man, axe disabled by Spider-Man, escaped (Untold Tales of Spider-Man #8, 1996); sought to kill Spider-Man, sought position with Lucky Lobo gang, vs Spider-Man, defeated & equipment destroyed by Green Goblin (Untold Tales of Spider-Man #18, 1997)

Hobgoblin (2211 A.D.)

First Appearance and Origin: Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #9 (2006)
Significant Issues: Arrested by father, released by Lar Nyven, driven insane & physically enhanced (Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #9, 2006); alongside Spider-Man/Max Borne, attacked Spider-Man/Peter Parker & Spider-Man/Miguel O’Hara (Spider-Man 2099 Meets Spider-Man, 1995); memory of encounter with her & awareness of his importance to future generations inspired unconscious Spider-Man/Parker to revive (Spider-Man #½, 1998); universe "track-jumped" Ben Parker from Earth-6078 to Earth-616 (Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #8, 2006); on Earth-616, attacked Spider-Man/Parker, infected Spider-Man’s armor with biospores (Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #9, 2006); vs Spider-Man/Parker & Spider-Man/Borne, hit by own Retcon Bomb, removed from existence & thereby utterly forgotten (Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #10, 2006)


First Appearance: Peter Parker, the Spectacular Spider-Man #32 (1979)
Origin: Peter Parker, the Spectacular Spider-Man #33 (1979)
Significant Issues: Mutated into human form after Doctor Curt Connors used enervator in experiment employing marine iguana which triggered his Lizard transformation but transferred powers & memories into iguana, hypnotized Connors & prowled at night (Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man #33, 1979); ripped up ESU biology lab, attacked security guard, brought by Connors on field trip to Bronx Zoo, became humanoid in House of Darkness (Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man #32, 1979); commanded other reptiles to escape, stopped by Spider-Man who turned on lights, attacked Connors’ wife & son, confronted by Lizard (Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man #33, 1979); alongside Lizard, vs Spider-Man, overloaded by portable enervator, exploded leaving small marine iguana in his place (Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man #34, 1979)


First Appearance and Origin: Spider-Man #70 (1996)
Significant Issues: Saved Ben Reilly from drive-by shooting, saved from assassination attempt by Spider-Man/Reilly, accepted Reilly’s offer of assistance (Spider-Man #70, 1996); accepted Reilly’s offer to stay at his apartment (Spider-Man #71, 1996); alongside girlfriend Harleen, bathed in Reilly’s apartment (Sensational Spider-Man #9, 1996); met Reilly’s "cousin" Peter Parker, went to warn Don Fortunato after learning that Tombstone had assembled alliance of rival organized crime leaders to kill Fortunato (Spider-Man #74, 1996); pressured to kill innocent captives by Fortunato after Fortunato’s new Hydra allies captured rival crimelords conspiring against him, turned against Fortunato, helped Spider-Man/Reilly & Daredevil defeat Fortunato’s Hydra allies & free captive crimelords (Spider-Man #75, 1996); cornered on rooftop in Woodhaven, Queens by rivals of Fortunato crime cartel, escaped only to be caught in gas tank explosion ignited by father’s enemies, traveled to Parker residence for refuge (Peter Parker: Spider-Man #86, 1997); treated for wounds by Mary-Jane Watson-Parker, stopped assassin sent by Norman Osborn before leaving Parker residence (Peter Parker: Spider-Man #87, 1998); saved Spider-Man/Parker from vigilantes attempting to collect $5 million bounty placed on his head for supposed murder of street thug Joey Z (Peter Parker: Spider-Man #89, 1998); unsuccessfully attempted to kill Green Goblin, rescued from bounty-hunting vigilantes by Punisher & Shotgun (Spectacular Spider-Man #255, 1998); returned to Fortunato crime cartel & took his injured father’s place, challenged Kingpin’s return to power (Peter Parker: Spider-Man #7, 1999); formed temporary truce with Kingpin, assisted Kingpin in obtaining trunk containing Morbius, refused to turn over Parker to Kingpin after he was caught photographing one of their meetings (Peter Parker: Spider-Man #8, 1999); alongside Spider-Man, vs Kingpin’s Enforcers (Amazing Spider-Man #28, 2001)

Kraven the Hunter

First Appearance: Amazing Spider-Man #15 (1964)
Significant Issues: Early years (Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe #6/Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Deluxe Edition #6, 1983/1986); came to America to first hunt Spider-Man, alongside Chameleon, defeated & deported (Amazing Spider-Man #15/Sensational Spider-Man '96 Annual, 1964/1996); alongside Chameleon, while being deported, bribed way off boat, returned to Long Island; captured by Iron Man & Captain America (Tales of Suspense #58, 1964); joined Sinister Six, defeated by Spider-Man & incarcerated (Amazing Spider-Man Annual #1, 1964); commented on J. Jonah Jameson's broadcast (Amazing Spider-Man #18, 1964); disguised as Spider-Man as lure, used jungle-scent to numb Spider-Man's spider-sense, defeated by Spider-Man (Amazing Spider-Man #34, 1966); sought Osborn for payment, kidnapped Harry Osborn, vs Spider-Man (Amazing Spider-Man #47, 1967); vs Vulture/Blackie Drago & Spider-Man (Amazing Spider-Man #49, 1967); infiltrated X-Men's mansion, poisoned Aria, forced Beast to be his prey (X-Men: The Hidden Years #16-17, 2001); captured Zabu, brought him to New York, vs Ka-Zar (Astonishing Tales #1-2, 1970); aided Maggia drug trafficking operation of hallucinogen ZMB, busted by Human Torch (Spider-Man/Human Torch #2, 2005); in Savage Land, kidnapped Gwen Stacy, alongside Gog, vs Ka-Zar & Spider-Man (Amazing Spider-Man #103-104, 1971); alongside Gibbon, vs Spider-Man (Amazing Spider-Man #110-111, 1972); hired by Kerwin J. Broderick to defeat Daredevil, vs Daredevil & Black Widow in San Francisco, threw Daredevil off cliff but Daredevil teleported to safety by Moon Dragon (Daredevil #104-105, 1973); hired by Lunatik/Arisen Tyrk to capture Man-Wolf & kill J. Jonah Jameson & Kristine Saunders, pitted Jameson & Saunders vs Man-Wolf, vs Man-Wolf & Simon Stroud; captured (Creatures On The Loose #32-33, 1974); kidnapped Doctor Malraux to increase reaction time, vs Tigra, shredded by Tigra & left for police (Marvel Chillers #4, 1976); alongside Tarantula/Anton Rodriguez, vs Spider-Man (Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man #2, 1977); alongside controlled Tigra, vs Spider-Man (Marvel Team-Up #67, 1978); goaded into resuming hunt for Spider-Man by Calypso, vs Spider-Man at Museum of Natural History, arrested (Amazing Spider-Man #209, 1980); alongside Calypso, broke out of jail, continued hunt for Spider-Man, Calypso secretly used hallucinogens on Spider-Man making fight unfair, allowed self to be arrested (Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man #65, 1982); freed from prison by secret A.I.M. operative Ramona "Courtland" Starr, nearly killed Ka-Zar, knocked off building, landed in spider-web, allowed to go free (Ka-Zar the Savage #19-21, 1983); in Los Angeles, defeated Tigra twice, captured by Hawkeye & Mockingbird (West Coast Avengers #3, 1985); vs Beyonder (Secret Wars II #7, 1986); final hunt of Spider-Man, tranquilized, buried, & replaced Spider-Man, defeated Vermin, killed self (Web of Spider-Man #31-32/Amazing Spider-Man #293-294/Spectacular Spider-Man #131-132, 1987); ghost stuck on earthly plane, freed by Spider-Man (Amazing Spider-Man: Soul of the Hunter, 1992); alongside Pitiful One, left Hell & returned to Earth, opposed by Doctor Strange, Dead Girl & others, sent deeper into Hell (X-Statix Presents: Dead Girl #1-5, 2006)

Macendale, Jason

First Appearance: (As Jack O'Lantern) Machine Man #19 (1981); (as Hobgoblin) Amazing Spider-Man #289 (1987)
Origin: Amazing Spider-Man #279 (1986); Spider-Man: Hobgoblin Lives #1 (1997)
Significant Issues: Dismissed from C.I.A. (Spider-Man: Hobgoblin Lives #1, 1997); vs Machine Man (Machine Man #19, 1981); vs Spider-Man (Spectacular Spider-Man #56, 1981); recovered Hobgoblin's battle-van (Amazing Spider-Man #254, 1984); vs Silver Sable (Amazing Spider-Man #279, 1986); sent Sinister Syndicate to fight Silver Sable & Spider-Man, sought employment from Kingpin & Rose (Amazing Spider-Man #280, 1986); broke Flash Thompson out of prison, vs Hobgoblin (Amazing Spider-Man #281, 1986); attacked bedridden Silvermane on Arranger's behalf (Amazing Spider-Man #284, 1987); worked with Hobgoblin during Gang War (Amazing Spider-Man #285-286, 1987); fired by Kingpin (Amazing Spider-Man #288, 1987); hired Foreigner to kill Hobgoblin/Leeds, took Hobgoblin identity as own, killed Varley & Johnston, attacked Alfredo Morelli, confronted Rose & Kingpin, vs Spider-Man (Amazing Spider-Man #289/Web of Spider-Man #29, 1987); vs Spider-Man (Spider-Man: National Education Association, 1987); as member of Doom's Brigade, vs Spider-Man & Captain America (Amazing Spider-Man & Captain America in Dr. Doom's Revenge!, 1987); interrogated by S.H.I.E.L.D. (Secret War #1, 2004); learned of reputation loss, vs Spider-Man (Web of Spider-Man #38, 1988); spied on Harry Osborn (Amazing Spider-Man #311/Spectacular Spider-Man #146, 1989); searched wreckage of Osborn chemical plant, attacked Osborn family, vs Spider-Man (Web of Spider-Man #47, 1989); vs Spider-Man & Green Goblin/Harry Osborn (Amazing Spider-Man #312, 1989); offered soul to N'astirh, bonded with Demogoblin, vs Spider-Man (Spectacular Spider-Man #147/Web of Spider-Man #48, 1989); vs Doctor Strange (Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme #11, 1989); targeted Robbie Robertson, vs Spider-Man, shot by Tombstone (Spectacular Spider-Man #161, 1990); broke Carrion/MacBride out of prison, alongside him, vs Spider-Man, betrayed by Carrion (Spectacular Spider-Man #162-163, 1990); recruited by Doctor Octopus (Amazing Spider-Man #335, 1990); served in Sinister Six (Amazing Spider-Man #337-339, 1990); overwhelmed by Demogoblin persona, killed several people, vs Spider-Man & Ghost Rider (Spider-Man #6-7, 1991); allied with Phillipe Bazin, vs Darkhawk & Spider-Man (Darkhawk #1-3, 1991); vs Spider-Man, Ghost Rider, & Blaze (Ghost Rider #16-17, 1991); targeted mercenaries, vs Moon Knight & Spider-Man (Marc Spector: Moon Knight #31-33, 1991); again served in Sinister Six (Spider-Man #18-23, 1992); held in police custody, freed by Alfredo Morelli's underlings, manipulated into serving Morelli, separated from Demogoblin (Web of Spider-Man #84-86, 1992); recruited Praetorian Guard, betrayed Morelli, defeated by Spider-Man (Web of Spider-Man #87-89, 1992); pursued Demogoblin (Spider-Man #24, 1992); vs Demogoblin (Marvel Comics Presents #112, 1992); underwent Foreigner's obstacle course, hired to kill Moon Knight & Nick Katzenberg, defeated by Spider-Man & Moon Knight (Web of Spider-Man #93-94, 1992); vs Demogoblin, abducted by Hag & Troll, encountered several other superhumans, rescued by Spider-Man (Web of Spider-Man #95/Ghost Rider & Blaze: Spirits of Vengeance #5/Web of Spider-Man #96/Ghost Rider & Blaze: Spirits of Vengeance #6, 1992); wagered with Eight-Ball, vs Sleepwalker (Sleepwalker #21-22, 1993); attended Brass Bishop's auction (Alpha Flight #121, 1993); vs Deathlok (Deathlok #26, 1993); hired by Dealer, defeated by Spider-Man (Spider-Man #44, 1994); vs Demogoblin (Spider-Man #46, 1994); obtained super-strength from Grim Hunter, vs Spider-Man & Coldheart (Spider-Man #47-49, 1994); attempted to obtain Doctor Octopus's robot arms for Elias Hargrove (Spider-Man: Funeral for an Octopus #1-3, 1995); formed Sinister Seven for protection against Kaine, vs Kaine & Scarlet Spider (Spider-Man Unlimited #9, 1995); targeted ex-wife's fiance, vs Green Goblin/Phil Urich (Green Goblin #4, 1996); Cell-12 sent after Peter Parker (Amazing Spider-Man #411, 1996); gained cyborg abilities, vs Spider-Man/Ben Reilly (Spider-Man #68, 1996); met with Gaunt/Mendel Stromm, vs Spider-Man/Reilly (Spectacular Spider-Man #234, 1996); killed Cell-12 members, tricked into confessing crimes by Spider-Man/Reilly (Spider-Man #69, 1996); found guilty of various crimes, revealed role in Ned Leeds' death, killed by Hobgoblin/Roderick Kingsley (Spider-Man: Hobgoblin Lives #1, 1997)


First Appearance and Origin: Marvel Team-Up #110 (1981)
Significant Issues: Threatened New York City, defeated by Iron Man/Tony Stark & Spider-Man (Marvel Team-Up #110, 1981); assaulted Stark Enterprises, defeated by Stane’s Knight & Iron Man/Jim Rhodes (Iron Man #169-170, 1983); used Seth Hanks to develop Broadcast Power, defeated by Spider-Man (Web of Spider-Man #16-17, 1986); vs Human Torch (Quasar #3, 1989)

Molten Man

First Appearance and Origin: Amazing Spider-Man #28 (1965)
Significant Issues: Skin coated in liquid metal, rampaged, captured by Spider-Man (Amazing Spider-Man #28, 1965); released, robbed jewelry store while disguised, vs Spider-Man, photographed in act, apprehended (Amazing Spider-Man #35, 1966); body began to overheat & melt, escaped secure hospital, sought cure, vs Spider-Man, appeared to die when melting body fell in river (Amazing Spider-Man #132-133, 1974); revealed to have survived, body again melting, tried & failed to stabilize condition, exploded & apparently died (Amazing Spider-Man #171-173, 1977); revived, captured by Spider-Man (Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man #63, 1982); released, reformed, vs Spider-Man, subsequently given job at Osborn Industries (Web of Spider-Man #61-62, 1990); blackmailed by Tombstone, told Spider-Man, vs Tombstone (Web of Spider-Man #66, 1990); comforted step-sister Liz after her husband Harry Osborn went insane (Spectacular Spider-Man #184, 1992); alongside Spider-Man, vs Green Goblin (Spectacular Spider-Man #189, 1992); attended Harry’s funeral (Spider-Man Unlimited #1, 1993); protected friends & family throughout Carnage’s New York rampage (Spider-Man #36/Web of Spider-Man #103/Amazing Spider-Man #380, 1993); attended reading of Harry’s will (Spectacular Spider-Man #204, 1993); helped rescue nephew Normie from Green Goblin’s legacy (Spider-Man: Legacy of Evil, 1996); investigated funds being taken by Multivex, vs Gaunt (Spectacular Spider-Man #234/Sensational Spider-Man #5/Amazing Spider-Man #412, 1996); asked Daredevil to clear him of theft allegations by capturing real criminal (Daredevil #361, 1997); exposed to Mister Fear’s gas, vs Daredevil (Daredevil #365, 1997); mind-controlled by Norman Osborn to kill Alison Mongrain (Amazing Spider-Man #440-441, 1998); blackmailed into helping Chameleon attack Spider-Man (Sensational Spider-Man #29-31, 2006)

Muerto, El

First Appearance and Origin: Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #6 (2006)
Significant Issues: Vs Spider-Man in televised professional wrestling match, inadvertently pierced by one of Spider-Man’s poison stingers (Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #6, 2006); rushed to hospital, assisted Spider-Man in el Dorado’s defeat (Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #7, 2006)


First Appearance: (As Klum) Spider-Man and the Black Cat: The Evil That Men Do #2 (2002); (as Mysterio) Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #11 (2006)
Origin: Spider-Man and the Black Cat: The Evil That Men Do #5 (2006)
Significant Issues: As child, protected by older brother Garrison from bullies in return for sexual favors, learned of his teleportation abilities while trying to escape from his mother’s funeral, later learned he possessed limited mind-control abilities while with prostitute, powers used by Garrison to establish massive heroin empire (Spider-Man and the Black Cat: The Evil That Men Do #5, 2006); assisted Garrison in his illegal heroin-dealing activities resulting in overdose deaths of Donald Philips & Tricia Lane (Spider-Man and the Black Cat: The Evil That Men Do #2-3, 2002); Garrison revealed to have killed mother with teleportation abilities, killed Garrison to save Black Cat from sexual assault (Spider-Man and the Black Cat: The Evil That Men Do #4, 2006); Spider-Man & Daredevil learned from Nightcrawler that Klums’ powers were result of WWII Nazi scientist Josef Mengele who implanted mutant tissue into human recipients creating hybrid species known as Wenig Taktreisenders that passed their teleportation powers down through generations, Francis teleported Black Cat who had been wrongly accused of Garrison’s murder out of Ryker’s & revealed his family history (Spider-Man and the Black Cat: The Evil That Men Do #5, 2006); severely injured after falling from bridge in fight with Spider-Man, purchased Quentin Beck's Mysterio costume from Kingpin (Spider-Man and the Black Cat: The Evil That Men Do #6, 2006); as Mysterio, attempted to attack Peter Parker whom he blamed for Garrison’s death at Midtown High School, challenged by two other Mysterios, stabbed by Miss Arrow before retreating (Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #11-13, 2006)

Parker, Ben (Earth-6078)

First Appearance: Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #7 (2006)
Origin: Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #8 (2006)
Significant Issues: Watched May Parker of Earth-616 from outside window of Chez Martine restaurant as she ate dinner with Ediwn Jarvis (Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #7, 2006); confronted by Spider-Man of Earth-616 just before being attacked by Hobgoblin of 2211 (Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #8, 2006); unsuccessfully attempted to prevent Hobgoblin of 2211 from attacking Spider-Man of Earth-616, came face-to-face with May Parker of Earth-616 (Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #9, 2006); rejected by May Parker of Earth-616, offered gun by homeless man, shot Spider-Man of 2211, left wandering New York City (Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #10, 2006)

Parker, Richard & Mary

First Appearance: Amazing Spider-Man Annual #5 (1968)
Origin: Untold Tales of Spider-Man #-1 (1997)
Significant Issues: As child, Richard accompanied Ben & May on date (Amazing Spider-Man #370, 1992); on leave from army, Richard broke up street fight (Amazing Spider-Man #26, 2001); Richard discharged from army & recruited by Nick Fury (Untold Tales of Spider-Man #-1, 1997); Richard & Mary met (Untold Tales of Spider-Man #-1, 1997); Richard & Mary married (Amazing Spider-Man #370/Untold Tales of Spider-Man #-1, 1992/1997); exposed Deadmaker's double agent status (Amazing Spider-Man '96 Annual, 1996); rescued Agent Ten, clashed with Baron Strucker, learned of Mary's pregnancy (Untold Tales of Spider-Man #-1, 1997); alongside Ben & May, played with infant Peter (Amazing Spider-Man #370, 1992); left Peter in custody of Ben & May (Amazing Spider-Man Annual #5/Amazing Spider-Man: Parallel Lives/Amazing Spider-Man #370, 1968/1989/1992); killed in plane crash, framed by Red Skull/Malik (Amazing Spider-Man Annual #5, 1968); names cleared by Spider-Man/Peter years after their deaths (Amazing Spider-Man Annual #5, 1968)

Robertson, Randy

First Appearance: Amazing Spider-Man #67 (1968)
Significant Issues: Visited father at Daily Bugle (Amazing Spider-Man #67, 1968); participated in E.S.U. protest, met Peter Parker, attempted to aid Spider-Man in fight with Kingpin (Amazing Spider-Man #68, 1969); held in police custody with other demonstrators (Amazing Spider-Man #69, 1969); learned of victory in dorm issue (Amazing Spider-Man #70, 1969); quarreled with father (Amazing Spider-Man #71, 1969); spoke to father about quitting E.S.U., observed father's confrontation with J. Jonah Jameson (Amazing Spider-Man #73, 1969); encountered Peter at E.S.U. (Amazing Spider-Man #74, 1969); attended Gwen Stacy's birthday party (Amazing Spider-Man #87, 1970); attempted to recruit Peter for protest meeting against air pollution (Amazing Spider-Man #89, 1970); quarreled with Norman Osborn, attended Mary Jane Watson's off-Broadway performance (Amazing Spider-Man #96, 1971); protested Daily Bugle policies, prevented Josh Kittling from attacking Jameson (Amazing Spider-Man #105, 1972); protested police scanners used to spy on citizens (Amazing Spider-Man #106, 1972); reacted to news coverage of Spider-Man (Amazing Spider-Man #107, 1972); found discarded Spider-Man mask (Amazing Spider-Man #113, 1972); met Flash Thompson & Mary Jane at coffee house (Amazing Spider-Man #125, 1973); attended Leeds/Brant wedding (Amazing Spider-Man #156, 1976); attended housewarming party at Peter's apartment (Amazing Spider-Man #163, 1976); attended Christmas party at apartment of Flash & Harry Osborn, formally met Glory Grant (Amazing Spider-Man #166, 1977); recorded E.S.U. graduation (Amazing Spider-Man #185, 1978); discussed father's increased tension with Peter (Amazing Spider-Man #204, 1980); traveled to New York with Mandy (Spectacular Spider-Man #112, 1986); introduced Mandy to father (Spectacular Spider-Man #115, 1986); alongside Mandy & parents, attended dinner at which Mandy saved Robbie from choking (Spectacular Spider-Man #117, 1986); alongside Mandy, introduced to Lance Bannon (Spectacular Spider-Man #118, 1986); alongside Mandy, attended party at Peter's apartment (Spectacular Spider-Man #119, 1986); alongside Mandy, attended Parkers' moving-out party (Web of Spider-Man #38, 1988); alongside Mandy, visited father in hospital (Spectacular Spider-Man #140, 1988); visited father in hospital (Spectacular Spider-Man #141, 1988); accompanied father to physical therapy, alongside Mandy & others, listened to his confession (Spectacular Spider-Man #142, 1988); accompanied father to court, present when he instructed Cynthia Bernhammer to plead him guilty (Spectacular Spider-Man #145, 1988); alongside family, encountered maddened victims of demonic invasion of New York (Spectacular Spider-Man #147, 1989); alongside family, awaited father's verdict in Pennsylvania (Web of Spider-Man #50, 1989); alongside family, heard verdict against father (Spectacular Spider-Man #150, 1989); alongside Martha & Mandy, attended Mary Jane Watson's birthday party (Spectacular Spider-Man Annual #9, 1989); alongside Martha, Mandy, & others, traveled to see father after forced prison escape (Web of Spider-Man #58, 1989); alongside Martha, Mandy & others, heard Stuart McPhee's offer of presidential pardon (Spectacular Spider-Man #158, 1989); alongside family & others, present in court when father received pardon (Spectacular Spider-Man #161, 1990); alongside family & others, rescued from Firebrand by Spider-Man, Cloak & Dagger (Web of Spider-Man #77-78, 1991); alongside family & others, attended apparent funeral of May Parker (Amazing Spider-Man #400, 1995); visited father at Daily Bugle, revealed divorce to Peter (Peter Parker: Spider-Man #17, 2000); revealed acting aspirations to Peter (Amazing Spider-Man #18, 2000); argued with Flash, offered to share apartment with Peter (Peter Parker: Spider-Man #18, 2000); became roommates with Peter (Amazing Spider-Man #19, 2000); held party at apartment, present at "intervention" over Peter's alleged denial of Mary Jane's death (Peter Parker: Spider-Man #19, 2000); asked Peter to recommend him to Glory Grant (Amazing Spider-Man #20, 2000); held party at apartment (Amazing Spider-Man #21, 2000); attempted to advise Peter on recovering from Mary Jane's apparent death (Peter Parker: Spider-Man #21, 2000); alongside Glory, caught Peter in embarrassing situation (Peter Parker: Spider-Man #22, 2000); alongside Glory & Jill Stacy, accompanied Peter to club (Peter Parker: Spider-Man #23, 2000); attended showing of Peter's photographs (Peter Parker: Spider-Man #24, 2000); experienced nightmare from drugged toothpaste (Spider-Man: Revenge of the Green Goblin #3, 2000); dated Glory, attacked by Green Goblin (Amazing Spider-Man #25, 2001); spoke to May about Peter's disappearance (Peter Parker: Spider-Man #25, 2001); reconciled with father (Amazing Spider-Man #26, 2001); woke Peter up (Spider-Man: The Mysterio Manifesto #1, 2001); received Peter's reaction to date with Fallon (Amazing Spider-Man #28, 2001); went shopping with Glory (Peter Parker: Spider-Man #28, 2001); attended Lifeline Tablet reception (Spider-Man: Lifeline #1, 2001); alongside Glory & Jill, helped Peter move out after Mary Jane's return (Amazing Spider-Man Annual 2001, 2001); alongside Peter, Glory & Jill, played trivia game (Peter Parker: Spider-Man #30, 2001); attended carnival with Glory & Jill, fled from attack by William the monk (Peter Parker: Spider-Man #34, 2001); attended neighborhood get-together (Spectacular Spider-Man #1, 2003); participated in softball game (Spectacular Spider-Man #11, 2004); observed S.H.I.E.L.D. reaction to Queen (Spectacular Spider-Man #20, 2004)


First Appearance and Origin: Spider-Man #76 (1997)
Significant Issues: Present when Crown killed Doctor William Fields (Spider-Man #76, 1997); alongside Spider-Man, vs Crown at E.S.U. (Spider-Man #76, 1997); captured by Hydra, freed by Hammerhead, alongside Spider-Man & Morbius, vs Crown & Hydra (Spider-Man #79-80, 1997); studied with Peter Parker (Amazing Spider-Man #423, 1997); aided Spider-Man during Negative Zone incursion (Spider-Man #90, 1998); slain & resurrected by Hand, apparently slain again by Wolverine (Wolverine #26-27, 2005)


First Appearance: (As Override) Spectacular Scarlet Spider #2 (1995), (as Shadrac & Herd) Amazing Spider-Man #2 (1999)
Origin: (Shadrac) Amazing Spider-Man #3 (1999); (Dolman) Spider-Woman #4 (1999)
Significant Issues: Trained with Aura & Looter within Doctor Octopus/Carolyn Trainer's cybernetic research complex, attacked Club Noir to steal cyberneural inductor chips from crimelord Jason Tso (Spectacular Scarlet Spider #2, 1995); sent to attack Spider-Man, attacked by Alistaire Smythe’s Cyber-Slayers, taken into police custody (Web of Scarlet Spider #2, 1995); alongside Aura, attempted to collect $5 million bounty on Spider-Man’s head, humiliated by Spider-Man during their first attempt to capture him, Aura severely injured by rival bounty-hunter (Sensational Spider-Man #25, 1998); again sought to capture Spider-Man so that he could use reward money to pay for Aura’s medical care, instead "rescued" Norman Osborn from Green Goblin doppelganger, received promise from Osborn to pay for Aura’s medical care (Spectacular Spider-Man #255, 1998); as Osborn’s agent, obtained one of five artifacts needed for Gathering of Five, convinced Osborn to let him participate in Gathering so that he could revive Aura with gift of immortality (Sensational Spider-Man #32, 1998); robbed bank so that Aura could be provided for in case Gathering of Five backfired, apprehended by Spider-Man, escaped before police arrived (Sensational Spider-Man #33, 1998); participated in Gathering of Five, received gift of death (Amazing Spider-Man #441, 1998); as Shadrac, attacked Osborn Industries at behest of Gray Dolman, vs Spider-Man/Mattie Franklin (Amazing Spider-Man #2, 1999); ordered by Gray Dolman to abduct Gathering participant Morris Maxwell, stopped by Spider-Man and Iceman (Amazing Spider-Man #3, 1999); attempted to kill Morris Maxwell so Dolman could reacquire stolen Gathering artifact, confronted by Spider-Man & Iceman in tunnels beneath New York, Dolman’s mind permanently merged with Shadrac (Peter Parker: Spider-Man #3, 1999); as Shadrac, Dolman hired Flesh & Bones to obtain Gathering artifact from Morris Maxwell (Spider-Woman #3, 1999); fully transformed into Shadrac, retreated into ground after plans were foiled by Spider-Woman/Mattie Franklin (Spider-Woman #4, 1999); Aura & Override seen together again, both apparently restored to health (Civil War: War Crimes #1, 2006)


First Appearance: Amazing Spider-Man #73 (1969)
Origin: Spectacular Spider-Man Annual #2 (1980); Spectacular Spider-Man #70 (1982)
Significant Issues: Betrayed Dominic Tyrone (Spectacular Spider-Man Annual #2, 1980); stole Lifeline Tablet, forced Curt Connors to decipher it despite Spider-Man's interference, drank serum derived from tablet's instructions, restored to youth, vanished into non-existence (Amazing Spider-Man #73-75, 1969); returned to existence as younger man, recruited to lead Hydra (Daredevil #123, 1975); directed Hydra assault against Foggy Nelson & S.H.I.E.L.D. (Daredevil #120-121, 1975); lured Nick Fury & S.H.I.E.L.D. agents into trap, defeated by Daredevil, Black Widow & S.H.I.E.L.D. (Daredevil #122-123, 1975); granted interview to Ben Urich (Spider-Man: Made Men, 1998); spoke with Jackie Dio about hiring superhuman operatives (Underworld #3, 2006); spoke to Jackie Dio prior to Dio's capture by Spider-Man (Underworld #2, 2006); called meeting of underworld leaders, interrupted by Green Goblin/Hamilton (Amazing Spider-Man #177, 1978); confronted by Spider-Man (Amazing Spider-Man #178, 1978); attacked by Green Goblin/Hamilton, injured in battle with Goblin & Spider-Man (Amazing Spider-Man #179-180, 1978); sent assassin to kill Kingpin (Amazing Spider-Man #197, 1979); attempted to extort Daily Bugle, vs Spider-Man & Rapier (Spectacular Spider-Man Annual #2, 1980); hired Goldbug to steal experimental gold from E.S.U. (Spectacular Spider-Man #62, 1982); almost killed by Cloak & Dagger, revived in cyborg body, vs Spider-Man, Cloak & Dagger (Spectacular Spider-Man #69-70, 1982); comatose body retrieved by Answer on Kingpin's behalf (Spectacular Spider-Man #93, 1984); revived by Kingpin, vs Spider-Man (Spectacular Spider-Man #94, 1984); regained intelligence & escaped after fighting Spider-Man, Cloak & Dagger (Spectacular Spider-Man #95-96, 1984); attacked by Jack O'Lantern (Amazing Spider-Man #284, 1987); sent Silver Squad to abduct Spider-Man, used remote-controlled android duplicate to fight Spider-Man & Black Cat (Web of Spider-Man #79-80, 1991); began new drug-dealing operation, vs Deathlok & Punisher (Deathlok #6-7, 1991-1992); arrived in Las Vegas to crash meeting to divide Kingpin holdings (Daredevil #307, 1992); unloaded robots (Punisher War Journal #45, 1992); crashed Vegas meeting (#308, 1992); killed Praetorians (Punisher War Journal #46, 1992); recruited Caesar Cicero back into his ranks (Spider-Man: The Power of Terror #1, 1996); equipped Scorpia to fight Spider-Man & others (Spider-Man: The Power of Terror #2, 1996); took control of Deathlok's body, betrayed Scorpia, vs Spider-Man, Daredevil & Punisher, mentally evicted by Deathlok (Spider-Man: The Power of Terror #3-4, 1996); joined underworld alliance against Fortunato & Hydra (Spider-Man #73-74, 1996); survived attack by Punisher & Tommy Kavanaugh (Spider-Man: Made Men, 1998); provided Spider-Man with information on Joey Z (Spider-Man #94, 1998); spoke with Blackwing about New Warriors (New Warriors #4, 2000); imprisoned in Cage (Wolverine #164, 2001); in bedridden condition, visited by Jackie Dio (Underworld #1, 2006)


First Appearance and Origin: Amazing Spider-Man #272 (1986)
Significant Issues: Fired from Beemont, used frictionless coating he had invented to rob banks to get money to start own company, vs Spider-Man, learned Beemont now laundering mob money, did deal with D.A. to expose Beemont’s criminal connections (Amazing Spider-Man #272, 1986); tried to steal more mob money, stopped by Spider-Man (Web of Spider-Man #23, 1987); brother kidnapped to make him repay Maggia money, enlisted aid of Luke Cage in rescuing him (Spider-Man Unlimited #6, 1994); recruited by Crimson Claw for Masters of Evil, with them, vs Thunderbolts, defeated by Hawkeye (Thunderbolts #24-25, 1999); had mid-life crisis, captured by Spider-Man (Spider-Man Unlimited #1, 2004); Matt slain by Elektra, resurrected by Hand, apparently slain again by Wolverine (Wolverine #26-27, 2005); visited offices of Goodman, Lieber, Kurtzberg, & Holliway (She-Hulk #6, 2006); recruited into Thunderbolts army (Thunderbolts #104, 2006); shot in head by Underworld (Civil War: War Crimes #1, 2006)

Smythe, Alistaire

First Appearance and Origin: Amazing Spider-Man Annual #19 (1985)
Significant Issues: Abducted Mary Jane & Anna Watson, manipulated by Mary Jane, vs Spider-Man in flying Spider-Slayer vehicle ((Amazing Spider-Man Annual #19, 1985); vs Spider-Man in New York & Pittsburgh (Amazing Spider-Man #291-292, 1987); Optikoid Spider-Slayers spied on city (Amazing Spider-Man #367, 1992); sent multi-limbed & winged Spider-Slayers after Spider-Man (Amazing Spider-Man #368, 1992); received report on Spider-Man's activities, sent humanoid Spider-Slayer to fight Spider-Man (Amazing Spider-Man #369, 1992); amoeboid Spider-Slayer vs Spider-Man, Black Cat & Scorpion (Amazing Spider-Man #370, 1992); Max Young's humanoid Spider-Slayer vs Spider-Man & Black Cat (Amazing Spider-Man #371, 1992); killed Max Young, sent multiple Spider-Slayers after Spider-Man & Black Cat (Amazing Spider-Man #372, 1993); in Ultimate Spider-Slayer carapace, defeated by Spider-Man (Amazing Spider-Man #373, 1993); communicated with Jason Tso via computer (Amazing Scarlet Spider #1/Scarlet Spider #1/Spectacular Scarlet Spider #1, 1995); sent Cyberslayers after Carolyn Trainer's Cyber-Freaks (Web of Scarlet Spider #2, 1995); sent Cyberslayers after Carolyn Trainer, betrayed by Jason Tso (Spectacular Scarlet Spider #2, 1995); without carapace, sent dozens of Spider-Slayers after Spider-Man, beaten up by J. Jonah Jameson (Amazing Spider-Man #20-21, 2000); allowed Scorpion to use Spider-Slayers in attack against Spider-Man & Jameson (She-Hulk #4, 2004); triggered John Jameson's transformation into Man-Wolf (She-Hulk #10, 2006)


First Appearance: Web of Spider-Man #19 (1986)
Origin: Solo #1 (1994)
Significant Issues: Betrayed by fellow members of Omega Strike (Solo #1, 1994); killed terrorists in Germany (Web of Spider-Man #19, 1986); worked with Spider-Man, Silver Sable & Captain America to uncover Red Skull's "Assassin Nation" plot (Amazing Spider-Man #323-324, 1989); killed Toro Mendoza in Spain (Amazing Spider-Man Annual #24, 1990); vs Tarantula in Delvadia (Marvel Comics Presents #88, 1991); targeted Sinister Six, alongside Spider-Man & others, vs Sinister Six (Spider-Man #20-23, 1992); killed terrorist in Rome (Amazing Spider-Man Annual #26, 1992); revealed to have invaded Red Skull's base (Amazing Spider-Man #366, 1992); targeted Red Skull's operations, alongside Spider-Man, vs Taskmaster's Evil Versions (Amazing Spider-Man #367, 1992); lured into trap by Tarantula, departed believing him to be dead (Marvel Comics Presents #124, 1993); encountered Black Cat during raid of Romulus Exports, vs Deathstorm (Amazing Spider-Man Annual #27, 1993); attacked Viper's forces (Nick Fury: Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. #45, 1993); conducted campaign against A.R.E.S., accidentally killed bystander, arrested (Solo #1-4, 1994); intervened in possessed Wolverine's battle with Black Widow, Falcon & USAgent (Wolverine #134, 1999); attacked Wolverine & Nightcrawler, held back by Cardiac (Wolverine #140, 1999); joined G.W. Bridge's Six Pack, switched to Cable's side, vs X-Men (Cable & Deadpool #7-10, 2004-2005); along with other underground members, granted interview to Sally Floyd (Civil War: Front Line #3, 2006); along with other underground members, captured by S.H.I.E.L.D. (Civil War: Front Line #4, 2006); rejoined Six Pack, with them, participated in black ops mission in Rumekistan, again defeated by Cable (Cable & Deadpool #33-34, 2006)


First Appearance: (As Peter Parker) Spectacular Spider-Man #222 (1995); (as Spidercide) Spider-Man: The Jackal Files #1 (1995)
Origin: Spectacular Spider-Man #222 & 224 (1995); Spider-Man: The Jackal Files #1 (1995)
Significant Issues: Created by Jackal to be what evolution would do to Spider-Man after 10,000 years (Spider-Man: The Jackal Files #1, 1995); Jackal told Spider-Man & Scarlet Spider that both were clones & original Peter Parker was in genetic canister (Amazing Spider-Man #399, 1995); Kaine accidentally opened canister in Jackal’s ruined Catskills lab, third Peter Parker slipped away as Kaine fought Jackal, hitchhiked toward New York City while amnesiac (Spectacular Spider-Man #222, 1995); slept behind dumpsters in New York, used spider-powers to defeat muggers (Web of Spider-Man #123, 1995); wandered for a day, rousted off bench by policeman, used spider-powers to climb wall to get away (Amazing Spider-Man #400, 1995); wandered streets of Peter Parker’s youth, stopped thief, recalled that with great power comes great responsibility (Spider-Man #57, 1995); saw Parker on Daily Bugle front page, memory jarred, watched by Scrier, went to Forest Hills, saw Acme Warehouse, went to cemetery to view Ben & May Parker’s graves, learned Parker was married to Mary Jane Watson, decided to find her & protect her (Spectacular Spider-Man #223, 1995); went to May’s house, encountered Mary Jane fleeing from Kaine (Web of Spider-Man #124, 1995); told Mary Jane he was real Peter locked away for five years, vs Kaine while protecting Mary Jane, beaten by Kaine as Mary Jane fled, put on Spider-Man costume, went to Mary Jane who shot at him, knocked out by Kaine, found by Spider-Man & Scarlet Spider (Amazing Spider-Man #401, 1995); vs Spider-Man, fight broken up by Scarlet Spider, passed out from Kaine’s blow, followed others after regaining consciousness into sewers to find Kaine, rage triggered killing machine genetic engineering (Spider-Man #58, 1995); used abilities to morph in fight with Kaine, Scarlet Spider & Spider-Man, blown up by exploding propane truck (Spectacular Spider-Man #224, 1995); found by Scrier in blob-like state (Spider-Man Unlimited #9, 1995); removal of clone degeneration factor by Scrier mentioned (Spectacular Spider-Man #227, 1995); arrived at Jackal’s lab (Spectacular Spider-Man #225, 1995); allied with Jackal who gave him costume (Spectacular Spider-Man #226, 1995); named Spidercide by Jackal (Spider-Man: The Jackal Files #1, 1995); stole ribonucleic nanocontagium from Genetech Research Complex, eluded New Warriors (New Warriors #61, 1995); opened Carrion virus canister killing almost entire population of Springville, Pennsylvania (Spider-Man: Maximum Clonage - Alpha #1, 1995); vs Scarlet Spider at Jackal’s lab, had hypnotic suggestion triggered by Scrier (Amazing Spider-Man #404, 1995); betrayed Jackal for Scrier, tried to kill Jackal, stopped by Kaine, impaled Kaine apparently killing him, vs Scarlet Spider; freed Helix who was only survivor of Springville (Spectacular Spider-Man #227, 1995); vs Jackal at Daily Bugle, fell through wall with Jackal but sliced Scarlet Spider’s webbing preventing his rescue, pronounced dead & placed in stasis chamber (Spider-Man: Maximum Clonage - Omega #1, 1995)

Spider-Man (2211 A.D.)

First Appearance: Spider-Man 2099 Meets Spider-Man (1995)
Significant Issues: Aided Spider-Man/Peter Parker & Spider-Man/Miguel O’Hara vs Hobgoblin of 2211 (Spider-Man 2099 Meets Spider-Man, 1995); to help emerge from unconsciousness Spider-Man/Parker recalled Spider-Man of 2211 & his importance to inspire future generations (Spider-Man #½, 1998); in 2211, arrested Robin, Robin became Hobgoblin of 2211, role with T.O.T.E.M. as Timespinner revealed (Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #9, 2006); in modern age of Earth-616, alongside Spider-Man/Parker, vs Hobgoblin of 2211, Robin removed from existence (Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #9-10, 2006)

Stacy Clones

First Appearance: (Miles) Amazing Spider-Man #142 (1975); (other clones) Amazing Spider-Man #399 (1995); (proto-husks) Deadpool #0 (1998)
Origin: (Miles) Amazing Spider-Man #149 (1975), Spider-Man: The Osborn Journal #1 (1997); (other clones) Amazing Spider-Man #399 (1995), Spider-Man #61 (1995); (proto-husks) Deadpool #0 (1998)
Significant Issues: Gwen Stacy’s cell sample taken in Professor Warren’s biology class (Amazing Spider-Man #148, 1975); Warren used cell sample to attempt to clone Gwen while grief-stricken over her murder (Amazing Spider-Man #149, 1975); Warren succeeded with assistance of Norman Osborn through his Scriers (Spider-Man: The Osborn Journal #1, 1997); Gwen clone reeducated by Warren who instilled hypnotic command to obey him (Amazing Spider-Man #149, 1975); Peter Parker clone escaped, Jackal used Gwen clone to retrieve him, both clones remembered their love for each other (Amazing Spider-Man #394, 1994); Peter Parker saw Gwen on Manhattan street but thought she was illusion created by Mysterio (Amazing Spider-Man #142, 1975); Peter saw Gwen entering subway, thought he was going mad (Amazing Spider-Man #143, 1975); May Parker saw Gwen & collapsed, thought she was going mad, Peter returned from Paris & found Gwen at his apartment (Amazing Spider-Man #144, 1975); Peter rejected Gwen, Gwen went to Daily Bugle where her fingerprints proved she was real Gwen except real Gwen’s body was still in her grave (Amazing Spider-Man #145, 1975); Gwen couldn't recall any time since her death, kissed Peter, realized he no longer loved her (Amazing Spider-Man #146, 1975); moved in with Betty Brant (Giant-Size Spider-Man #5, 1975); lab report showed Gwen was clone, Jackal triggered hypnosis, Gwen innocently rode on bus driven by Jackal as Spider-Man fought Tarantula within, Spider-Man pushed off Brooklyn Bridge (Amazing Spider-Man #147, 1975); Jackal, Tarantula, & Gwen escaped Brooklyn Bridge using jet pack concealed in Gwen’s jacket (Amazing Spider-Man #148, 1975); broke hypnotic spell watching Spider-Man battle his clone with Ned Leed’s life in the balance, confronted Jackal - a Warren clone - who released Ned, visited her own grave, said goodbye to Peter, left New York (Amazing Spider-Man #149/Spectacular Spider-Man #217, 1975/1994); moved to Lansing, Michigan, became History teacher at Baxter High School, attacked by High Evolutionary’s Gatherer Team (Spectacular Spider-Man #142, 1988); escaped to Columbus, Ohio, attacked on bus to New York, fled again (Spectacular Spider-Man #143, 1988); arrived at New York pursued by Gatherers, helped by Spider-Man but fled from him, went to Peter Parker, discovered he was Spider-Man & fled again, captured by Gatherers, put in device that High Evolutionary pretended was Gene Tester, falsely revealed by High Evolutionary as Joyce Delaney who was infected with Professor Warren’s genetic virus, transformed by Daydreamer into Joyce (Spectacular Spider-Man Annual #8, 1988); read "Webs" & collapsed, reverted back to Gwen, found by Doctor Warren Miles who nursed her to health & married her, moved to 110 Hickory Road in Ridgefield, New Jersey (Web of Spider-Man #125, 1995); Jackal presented "original" Gwen Stacy to Scarlet Spider & Spider-Man (Amazing Spider-Man #399, 1995); "original" Gwen tried to convince Spider-Man she was real but degenerated into protoplasm while in his arms (Spider-Man #56/Spider-Man: The Clone Journal, 1995); Jackal released five other Gwen clones all of whom degenerated immediately (Spider-Man #61, 1995); Peter discovered Gwen & Warren’s New Jersey home, tasered by Warren who escaped with Gwen but died of clone degeneration in subsequent melee involving Peter & Green Goblin/Phil Urich (Web of Spider-Man #125, 1995); Spider-Man sent by Jackal to bring Gwen to Miles (Spider-Man #61, 1995); Mary Jane used spider-signals to summon Spider-Man to her, Gwen met Mary Jane (Spectacular Spider-Man #227, 1995); Gwen talked Spider-Man into bringing her to Jackal at Daily Bugle, claimed Jackal’s gun intending to gain revenge for death of her husband, could not shoot, fell off Daily Bugle roof, saved by Ben Reilly & Jackal who fell to his death, melted into the crowd afterwards (Spider-Man: Maximum Clonage - Omega #1, 1995); Gwens One Through Four created from pre-formed proto-husks by Arnim Zola to serve as French Maids in Deadpool’s home (Deadpool #0, 1998)

Styx & Stone

First Appearance: Amazing Spider-Man #309 (1988)
Origin: Amazing Spider-Man #333 (1990); Amazing Spider-Man #377 (1993)
Significant Issues: Homeless Jacob Eichorn hired by medical research firm to participate in experiments, subjected to unauthorized mutated cancer compound, developed immunity but became living cancer with deadly touch (Amazing Spider-Man #333, 1990); revealed that Stone was researcher who administered compound, became mercenary with Styx to supervise him & put money toward finding cure (Amazing Spider-Man #377, 1993); hired by Jonathan Caesar to kill Spider-Man, trapped Spider-Man in Central Park but scared off by Mary Jane Watson-Parker shooting at them (Amazing Spider-Man #309, 1988); hired again by Caesar to kill Spider-Man, caught in Spider-Man’s fight with Venom, Styx apparently killed Venom’s symbiote, both captured by Spider-Man (Amazing Spider-Man #332-333, 1990); hired to protect filmmaker William Gant, vs Cardiac who recognized his old colleague Stone, Styx touched Spider-Man but his killing power couldn’t penetrate through Spidey’s mask, Cardiac convinced Stone to bring Styx to research facility for cure but intended to kill him instead, Styx & Stone fled but stopped by Cardiac & returned to prison (Amazing Spider-Man #376-377, 1993); turned down Life Foundation’s offer of "staff thieves", robbed Wall Street firm instead as freelance criminals, quickly defeated by Spider-Man (Spider-Man: The Arachnis Project #1, 1994)


First Appearance: Amazing Fantasy #17 (1996)
Origin: Amazing Fantasy #18 (1996)
Significant Issues: Battlw with Spider-Man televised (Amazing Fantasy #17-18, 1996); as member of Masters of Evil, with them, vs Thunderbolts (Thunderbolts #24-25, 1999)


First Appearance: ("Other") Amazing Spider-Man #252 (1984); (Venom, behind-the-scenes) Web of Spider-Man #18 (1996); (Venom, full) Amazing Spider-Man #299 (1988); (Carnage) Amazing Spider-Man #360 (1992); (Diego) Venom: Lethal Protector #4 (1993); (Diego as Scream) Civil War: Battle Damage Report (2007); (Symbiote race) Amazing Spider-Man Super Special #1 (1995); (Hybrid) Venom: Along Came a Spider #1 (1996); (Toxin) Venom vs Carnage #2 (2004)
Origin: Venom Super Special #1 (1995); Rune vs Venom #1 (1995)
Significant Issues: Symbiotes spanned galaxy since time immemorial leaving 100,000 extinct species in their wake (Rune vs Venom #1, 1995); race of conquerors with no emotions of their own, addicted to emotions of hosts, used them up to get "adrenaline rush", jumped from host to host & world to world, scout ships constantly scoured galaxy for suitable replacements (Venom Super Special #1, 1995); death only through conscious discorporation revealed (Web of Spider-Man Super Special #1, 1995); placed desire for revenge against Silver Surfer into genetic memory after Surfer summoned Galactus to consume one of their dominated planets (Amazing Spider-Man #431, 1998); "Other" judged insane by its race because it wanted to join with host rather than dominate, placed in prison lab which was used by Beyonder on Battleworld (Venom Super Special #1, 1995); inadvertently released by Spider-Man/Peter Parker, used by Spider-Man as new costume (Marvel Super-Hero Secret Wars #8, 1984); provided organic webbing to Spider-Man (Marvel Super-Hero Secret Wars #9, 1985); returned to Earth as Spider-Man’s costume (Amazing Spider-Man #252, 1984); took over Peter’s body while Peter was sleeping, Peter had costume tested by Reed Richards who discovered Other’s nature, forced off Spider-Man by sonic blaster; imprisoned by Fantastic Four (Amazing Spider-Man #258, 1984); escaped from Fantastic Four (Amazing Spider-Man #261, 1985); attempted to bond with Peter, forced off of him by thundering peal of church bells, rescued Peter before departing (Web of Spider-Man #1, 1985); merged with Eddie Brock who prayed for forgiveness before intending suicide, both hated Spider-Man, became Venom (Amazing Spider-Man #299-300, 1988); revealed that Eddie had adrenal cancer providing greater sustenance to Other (Spectacular Spider-Man #5, 2003); Other apparently killed by Styx (Amazing Spider-Man #333, 1990); regenerated & freed Eddie Brock from prison, left spawn behind that bonded with Cletus Kasady (Amazing Spider-Man #345, 1991); Kasady & spawn broke out of jail, became Carnage, defeated by Spider-Man & Venom (Amazing Spider-Man #359-363, 1992); Venom moved to San Francisco, captured by Life Foundation who extracted five seeds, matured them, bonded them with top security personnel, five symbiotes apparently turned to dust when Venom turned maturation process on them (Venom: Lethal Protector #4-5, 1993); five symbiotes regenerated & reattached to hosts who fled Life Foundation & sought help from Venom to control their immature others (Venom: Separation Anxiety #2, 1995); Donna Diego approached Venom but nearly destroyed by him until Scarlet Spider separated Brock from his Other (Spider-Man #52/Web of Spider-Man #119/Spider-Man #53, 1994); Brock kidnapped by five spawn symbiotes still seeking aid, Diego convinced of symbiotes’ evil killed Carl, Leslie, Ramon, & Trevor (Venom: Separation Anxiety #1-4, 1995); reference to symbiotes, Power Skrull & Spider-Man/Ben Reilly (Spider-Man/Human Torch #5, 2005); Brock rejected Other which sent out psychic wail attracting Symbiote scout ship to Earth (Amazing Spider-Man Super Special #1, 1995); Symbiotes built star gate (Spider-Man Super Special #1, 1995); Rune passed through star gate & merged with gate’s protector (Rune vs Venom #1, 1995); Brock, Spider-Man, & Scarlet Spider pushed through gate by Other but failed in their effort to close it (Spider-Man Super Special #1/Venom Super Special #1, 1995); Symbiotes swept Earth, took hosts including Captain America, Carnage began absorbing invaders (Spectacular Spider-Man Super Special #1, 1995); Venom returned to Our Lady of Saints, spiritually merged with Other & generated psychic scream of despair causing most invading symbiotes to discorporate (Web of Spider-Man Super Special #1, 1995); Rune symbiote resisted psychic scream but eaten by Rune (Rune vs Venom #1, 1995); four hostless Venom spawn in Testing Facility #12, felt psychic shriek, bonded together as Hybrid, briefly merged with Guardsman Scott Washington who let them escape & was fired for it, Scott & his brother Derek shot by Easy X gang leaving Derek dead & Scott paralysed, Hybrid found & merged with Scott giving him power to walk, Scott desired revenge but came to his senses when he found Derek’s friend Dwight in Easy X gang just to save himself, Dwight left gang & teamed with Hybrid (Venom: Along Came a Spider #1-4, 1996); Hybrid captured by Jury, convinced them he was on side of good (Venom: The Hunted #1-3, 1996); Diego befriended symbiote hosts Zeena Hodges & George Strickland intending to kill them, alien Xenophage killed & ate brains of Zeena & George, killed by Venom with white phosphorous grenade (Venom: The Hunted #1-3, 1996); Diego found Xenophage’s spaceship & used it to track Venom, eaten by Dirt Nap, disgorged again (Venom: Tooth and Claw #1-3, 1996-1997); Carnage symbiote escaped Ravencroft Institute & possessed John Jameson & Ben Reilly (Sensational Spider-Man #3/Amazing Spider-Man #410/Spider-Man #67/Spectacular Spider-Man #233, 1996); Carnage symbiote sought revenge, merged with Silver Surfer, remerged with Kasady & placed by Surfer in "unbreakable" shell of ethereal energy (Amazing Spider-Man #430-431, 1998); Venom absorbed Carnage symbiote (Peter Parker: Spider-Man #10, 1999); Venom’s Other stolen by Senator Stewart Ward (Amazing Spider-Man #22, 2000); Kasady found new symbiote in Negative Zone (Webspinners: Tales of Spider-Man #14, 2000); Venom tongue procured by Bob who created new symbiote & released it in Arctic (Venom #11-13, 2004); clone skewed by Bob to produce reproductive hormones that would create symbiote army when combined with Other (Venom #17, 2004); clone made way from Arctic, temporarily absorbed Wolverine, finally absorbed Patricia Robertson (Venom #1-10, 2003-2004); Robertson tried to kill Venom, two symbiotes merged instead but Bob’s plan apparently failed (Venom #14-18, 2004); Other claimed pregnancy (Spectacular Spider-Man #5, 2003); Carnage produced spawn which bonded with Patrick Mulligan to become Toxin, Toxin defeated Venom & Carnage then abandoned family to protect his wife (Venom vs Carnage #1-4, 2005); Patrick struggled to control & educate Toxin, defeated Answer, Wrecker & Bulldozer, father killed by Razor-Fist, apprehended Razor-Fist, returned home to family (Toxin #1-6, 2005); Other temporarily abandoned Brock to find other adrenal gland cancer patients (Spectacular Spider-Man #1-5, 2003); Brock auctioned off Other, sold to Don Fortunato who gave it to son Angelo, Other abandoned Angelo in mid-air thus killing him, Brock attempted suicide after cutting his wrists, Other approached Mac Gargan making him new Venom (Marvel Knights: Spider-Man #6-9, 2004-2005); Carnage apparently killed by Sentry (New Avengers #2, 2005); alongside others, Venom/Gargan taken to Battleworld by Stranger (Beyond! #1-6, 2006); Venom/Gargan recruited into new Thunderbolts (Civil War: Choosing Sides, 2006); Diego's codename Scream revealed (Civil War: Battle Damage Report, 2007)


First Appearance: (Cameo) Spider-Man: The Final Adventure #1 (1995); (full) Spider-Man: The Final Adventure #2 (1995)
Significant Issues: Mutated, broke free, went on rampage, captured, disintegrated while resisting attempt to cure him (Spider-Man: The Final Adventure #1-4, 1995-1996)


First Appearance and Origin: Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #1 (2005)
Significant Issues: Robbed Bank of New York (Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #1, 2005); threatened to detonate bomb if New York didn't pay him large sum of money, vs Spider-Man & Iron Man (Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #2, 2005); caused machinery to run amok around New York, infiltrated Avengers Tower to kill Spider-Man, refused to fight after determining that Spider-Man was in poor physical condition (Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #3, 2005)


First Appearance: Spider-Man Family: Amazing Friends (2006)
Significant Issues: Rampage stopped by Spider-Man & Iceman, destroyed, returned, vs Spider-Man, Iceman & Firestar, destroyed again (Spider-Man Family: Amazing Friends, 2006)


First Appearance: Amazing Spider-Man #127 (1973)
Origin: Amazing Spider-Man #128 (1973)
Significant Issues: Taught organic mutation at E.S.U., trustees cut course (Amazing Spider-Man #127, 1973); alongside Christine Murrow, worked on bio-mutation project, obtained Vulture’s wings, donned wings & used mutation device which grafted wings to his body also giving him talons & sharp teeth, decided to kill Christine to keep his secret but accidentally killed Christine’s roommate instead (Amazing Spider-Man #128, 1974); murder witnessed by Mary Jane Watson who became his next target, abducted Mary Jane from Flash Thompson’s car & attempted to abduct Christine but both women saved by Spider-Man (Amazing Spider-Man #127, 1973); required chemicals to transform back from Vulture, attempted to steal them from supply at Pier 20 which made Spider-Man realize truth, had antidote force-fed to him by Spider-Man, changed back but in near-catatonic state (Amazing Spider-Man #128, 1974)


First Appearance and Origin: Defenders #131 (1984)
Significant Issues: Empowered by uncle, vs Iceman, Angel, Beast & Frog-Man, defeated (Defenders #131, 1984); partnered with White Rabbit as Terrible Two, vs Spider-Man, Leapfrog & Frog-Man, defeated (Spectacular Spider-Man #185, 1992); seen in strip bar with Mister Fish's brother (Daughters of the Dragon #4, 2006)

White Dragon

First Appearance: Amazing Spider-Man #184 (1978)
Significant Issues: United several Chinatown gangs, tried to recruit Phillip Chang, vs Spider-Man, apprehended (Amazing Spider-Man #184-185, 1978); released by Kingpin, secretly worked for him to bring Chinatown under his control, vs Spider-Man & Moon Knight, allegiance exposed & captured again (Marvel Team-Up #144, 1984); hired to drive homeless people out of derelict buildings to allow for redevelopment, vs Abe Brown & Prowler, defeated, escaped (Spectacular Spider-Man Annual #12, 1992)

Whitman, Debra

First Appearance: Amazing Spider-Man #196 (1979)
Origin: Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man #74 (1983)
Significant Issues: Born & raised in Midwest, attended Midwestern university, met Biff Rifkin there, married Mark Whitman, quit school, physically abused regularly by husband, saved by Biff who took her to hospital, offered E.S.U. job by Doctor Morris Sloan after her release Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man #74, 1983); first known meeting with Peter Parker (Amazing Spider-Man #196, 1979); showed Peter to his teaching assistant cubicle (Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man #36, 1979); first time Peter abandoned her to become Spider-Man (Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man #42, 1980); forced to open Biophysics department supply room by Belladonna’s henchmen, bought Peter’s groceries (Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man #43, 1980); stood up by Peter as he battled Mesmero (Amazing Spider-Man #207, 1980); dated Peter at Wesner’s Pub (Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man #46-47, 1980); visited Peter at his apartment (Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man #48, 1980); worried about uncle (Amazing Spider-Man #209, 1980); ditched by Peter twice (Amazing Spider-Man Annual #14, 1980); told Peter she was visiting Madame Web (Amazing Spider-Man #210, 1980); joined Peter to celebrate engagement of May Parker & Nathan Lubensky, attacked by Mysterio’s "aliens", surprised at how strong Peter was, abducted by "aliens" & taken to Mysterio, hit Mysterio with movie prop & cracked his helmet, called police, freed Peter (Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man #50-51, 1980); persuaded Peter as Spidey to help her uncle where he fought Sub-Mariner (Amazing Spider-Man #211, 1980); taken by Peter to meet J. Jonah Jameson (Amazing Spider-Man #212, 1981); kissed by Peter after he was attracted to new neighbor (Amazing Spider-Man #213, 1981); let Peter sleep on her couch, gave him medical treatment & breakfast which he didn’t eat (Amazing Spider-Man #215, 1981); dated Biff Rifkin (Amazing Spider-Man #216-217, 1981); apologized to by Peter for his thoughtlessness (Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man #55, 1981); unnoticed by Peter again (Marvel Team-Up #106, 1981); argued that trust is essential to relationship as Peter argued for importance of secrets (Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man #56, 1981); turned Peter’s date down to go out with Biff (Amazing Spider-Man #218, 1981); attended charity show with Peter which was disrupted by Purple Man (Marvel Team-Up Annual #4, 1981); told by Peter he just wants to be friends (Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man #58, 1981); at Mickey’s Country & Western club with Biff when Lonesome Pinky played (Amazing Spider-Man #221, 1981); alongside Biff, learned Peter saved Marcy Kane’s life (Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man #61, 1981); covered in gold dust by Gold Bug, saved from asphyxiation by Spider-Man (Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man #62, 1982); called "fool" by Foolkiller (Amazing Spider-Man #225, 1982); worried about Peter’s academic troubles (Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man #65, 1982); at work (Amazing Spider-Man #227, 1982); seen with Biff (Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man #66, 1982); dumped by Peter again (Amazing Spider-Man #228, 1982); witnessed Peter smash steel locker with one hand, ran off crying when he told her to stop "hovering over me like a den mother" (Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man #67, 1982); watched as Biff was casually knocked aside by Peter while trying to defend her honor, followed Peter to roof, saw Spider-Man swing away (Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man #68, 1982); came to believe Peter was Spider-Man, feared for his safety (Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man #69-70, 1982); attended Renaissance Festival with Peter (Marvel Two-in-One #90, 1982); worried at office about Peter (Amazing Spider-Man #231-232, 1982); told Doctor Bailey Kuklin either Peter is Spider-Man or she has gone insane (Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man #72, 1982); Doctor Kuklin told Peter to dress as Spider-Man to shock her to reality, Peter revealed identity, didn’t believe him but shocked back to her senses, decided to return to Midwest, divorced husband, started new life (Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man #74, 1983); back home, mother fell sick resulting in large hospital bills, out of work & in debt, approached by Jameson’s men to write book blasting Peter, agreed, went on book tour to New York, felt like traitor after seeing Betty Brant, Flash Thompson & then Spider-Man fighting Vulture, confessed troubles to Betty who arranged expose in Daily Globe that allowed her to keep book earnings (Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #15-16, 2007)

Will o' the Wisp

First Appearance: Amazing Spider-Man #167 (1977)
Origin: Amazing Spider-Man #235 (1982)
Significant Issues: Mutated in accident (Amazing Spider-Man #235, 1982); forced into crime by Jonas Harrow, vs Spider-Man, discorporated after rebelling against Harrow (Amazing Spider-Man #167-168, 1977); possessed Killer Shrike's battle-suit, restored to corporeal form (Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man #57, 1981); targeted Brand Corporation, vs Spider-Man, abandoned grudge, mesmerized James Melvin (Amazing Spider-Man #234-236, 1982); pursued Spider-Man, recruited by Silver Sable (Web of Spider-Man #50, 1989); joined Outlaws (Amazing Spider-Man Annual #25/Spectacular Spider-Man Annual #11/Web of Spider-Man Annual #7, 1991); again enslaved by Jonas Harrow, freed Dragon Man, aided by Spider-Man/Ben Reilly (Spectacular Spider-Man #235-236, 1996); joined Chameleon's Exterminators, vs Spider-Man & Black Cat, defeated by Spider-Man (Sensational Spider-Man #29-31, 2006)

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