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X-Men: Messiah Complex - Mutant Files Bibliography

Last Updated: 12/29/07


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Cover by Scott Kolins


First Appearance: New Mutants #2 (2003); (first name revealed) New Mutants #7 (2004); (surname revealed) New Mutants #8 (2004); (as Anole) New X-Men: Academy X Yearbook Special #1 (2005)
Origin: X-Men: The 198 Files (2006)
Significant Issues: Attended Xavier Institute (New Mutants #2, 2003); chose Karma as his student advisor (New Mutants #7, 2004); played Frisbee with other students, attended Parents Week reception, introduced parents to Karma (New Mutants #8, 2004); with other students, resided in temporary accommodation following destruction of Institute (New Mutants #13, 2004); assigned to Northstar’s Alpha Squadron (New X-Men: Academy X #2, 2004); played basketball with Elixir (New X-Men: Academy X #4, 2004); with other students, alongside X-Men, celebrated Christmas at Institute (X-Men #165, 2005); with other students, learned of Northstar’s death, dealt with feelings with help from Karma, attended memorial service for Northstar (New X-Men: Academy X #13, 2005); with Alpha Squadron, trained against Paragons, with other students, attended Spring Dance at Institute (New X-Men: Academy X #14, 2005); with other students, attended annual Prizegiving ceremony, witnessed Blob’s attack on Institute (New X-Men: Academy X #15, 2005); with Alpha Squadron, alongside other students, featured in Yearbook (New X-Men: Academy X Yearbook Special #1, 2005); retained mutant nature post “M-Day” (New X-Men #20-21/X-Men: The 198 Files, 2006); with other students, participated in combat training session to determine who would join New X-Men, failed to be selected, witnessed deaths of numerous students at hands of Stryker’s Purifiers, alongside X-Men & Forge, attended mass funeral (New X-Men #23-24, 2006); with other students, trained with Wolverine (Astonishing X-Men #13, 2006); with other students, witnessed New X-Men’s training with Colossus (New X-Men #25, 2006); with other students, witnessed Stryker’s Purifiers’ attack on Institute (New X-Men #27, 2006); reunited with Northstar, defeated by him (X-Men #190, 2006); interrogated by O*N*E as to whereabouts of New X-Men after they left to oppose Nimrod (New X-Men #30, 2006); with other students, alongside X-Men & Ms Marvel/Carol Danvers, attended funeral for students killed by Stryker’s Purifiers (New X-Men #32, 2007); with other students, witnessed X-Men’s & Hisako’s abduction by S.W.O.R.D. (Astonishing X-Men #18, 2006); with other students, watched news report on Young Avengers, discussed potential Rockslide vs Hulkling fight with Loa (New X-Men #34, 2007); discussed Elixir’s medical research with him (New X-Men #35, 2007); with other students, witnessed Hulk’s attack on X-Men (World War Hulk: X-Men #2, 2007); with other students, kidnapped to Limbo by Belasco, vs demons, lost arm, encountered Darkchild aspect of Illyana Rasputin & N’astirh, witnessed Darkchild’s taking of Pixie’s soul, regenerated arm, saved Pixie from Darkchild, alongside Darkchild, vs Belasco, witnessed his defeat by Darkchild, returned to Earth by Darkchild, joined New X-Men (New X-Men #37-41, 2007); vs Rockslide after being insulted, with New X-Men & other students, witnessed Surge kissing Hellion (New X-Men #42, 2007); with New X-Men & other students, witnessed Blindfold’s seeming suicide at Elixir’s hands, frozen in time by Tempo during Acolytes invasion of Institute (X-Men #201-202, 1997); with New X-Men, alongside Armor, vs Purifiers, vs Lady Deathstrike & Reavers, teleported away by Pixie (New X-Men #44/X-Men #205, 2007)


First Appearance: Astonishing X-Men #4 (2004); (surname revealed) X-Men: The 198 Files (2006); (as Armor) Astonishing X-Men #20 (2007)
Significant Issues: Alongside Wing, encountered Ord, failed to prevent Ord stripping Wing of his mutant flight powers & dropping him from up high, saved Wing from falling to his death (Astonishing X-Men #4-5, 2004); discussed loss of powers with Wing (Astonishing X-Men #7, 2005); found Wing’s body, alongside other students & Kitty Pryde, trapped in Danger Room by Danger (Astonishing X-Men #8-9, 2005); revealed to have retained mutant nature post “M-Day” (X-Men: The 198 Files, 2006); alongside other students, participated in mock combat to determine who would join New X-Men, failed to be selected, witnessed deaths of numerous students at hands of Stryker’s Purifiers, alongside X-Men & Forge, attended mass funeral (New X-Men #23-24, 2006); alongside other students, witnessed New X-Men’s training in Danger Room with Colossus (New X-Men #25, 2006); alongside other students, X-Men & Ms Marvel/Carol Danvers, attended funeral for students killed by Stryker’s Purifiers (New X-Men #32, 2007); alongside other students, underwent combat training in Danger Room with Wolverine, was last student standing (Astonishing X-Men #13, 2006); alongside students, kidnapped to Limbo by Belasco (New X-Men #37-41, 2007); saved Blindfold & frightened Wolverine from feral Beast (Astonishing X-Men #15-16, 2006); alongside Wolverine, opposed Ord & Danger, injured after thrown onto Wolverine’s claws by Danger (Astonishing X-Men #17-18, 2006-2007); alongside X-Men, Ord & Danger, kidnapped by S.W.O.R.D. & taken to Breakworld (Astonishing X-Men #18-19, 2007); alongside X-Men & S.W.O.R.D., attacked en route to Breakworld, abandoned ship, alongside Wolverine, crashed onto planet, learned Wolverine had chosen her to be an X-Man, chose codename Armor, alongside Wolverine, sought to save Breakworlders from execution, allowed themselves to be captured & taken to Kruun, escaped after Cyclops put his plan into action (Astonishing X-Men #20-24, 2007); alongside New X-Men, Kitty Pryde & Colossus, vs Acolytes, defeated by Unuscione (X-Men #202, 2007); alongside New X-Men, vs Purifiers, vs Lady Deathstrike & Reavers, teleported out by Pixie (New X-Men #44/X-Men #205, 2007)


First Appearance: (Partial) Wolverine: Origins #5 (2006); (shadowed) Wolverine: Origins #10 (2007); (full, identified) Wolverine: Origins #11 (2007)
Significant Issues: Emma Frost's vision of Daken revealed to Wolverine (Wolverine: Origins #5, 2006); disguised as a SHIELD agent, stabbed "Dum-Dum" Dugan, disemboweled a prone captive Wolverine (Wolverine: Origins #10, 2007); killed stranger for his passport, emotionally tormented his girlfriend before drugging and killing her (Wolverine: Origins #11, 2007); in Potsdam, killed master's messenger, traveled to Brussels to confront Wolverine (Wolverine: Origins #12, 2007); in Brussels, vs Wolverine in bank vault, defeated Wolverine (Wolverine: Origins #13, 2007); vs Cyber, fled (Wolverine: Origins #14, 2007); whipped for insubordination to master (Wolverine: Origins #15, 2007)


First Appearance and Origin: X-Men: Deadly Genesis #2 (2006)
Significant Issues: Father left when he was only 4, mother resented him for it, displayed genius level IQ when he was 8, enrolled in Biltmore Academy, bullied by other students for years until he fought back when he was 15, saved mother from burning house, tested by Biltmore’s senior scientist for a year, paper on his mutation published in science journal, mother rejected him, attempted suicide but mutation saved him, approached by Moira MacTaggart (X-Men: Deadly Genesis #2, 2006); taken in by Moira, trained in use of powers, joined by other young mutants, with teammates, recruited by Xavier to rescue other X-Men from Krakoa (X-Men: Deadly Genesis #4, 2006) with teammates, rescued Cyclops from Krakoa, went back to rescue other X-Men, attacked by Krakoa, saved by Sway & Petra’s dying acts, entombed in Krakoa after X-Men hurled it into space, instinctively converted himself into pure energy & merged with Kid Vulcan to help them both survive (X-Men: Deadly Genesis #6, 2006); Kid Vulcan awakened by “M-Day” event, Darwin’s consciousness inside him also awakened, Vulcan returned to Earth (X-Men: Deadly Genesis #1, 2006); Darwin bore silent witness to Vulcan’s assault on the X-Men and his confrontation with Xavier (X-Men: Deadly Genesis #2-5, 2006); separated from Vulcan by Marvel Girl/Rachel Summers, mutation rebuilt his physical form, recuperated at Xavier Institute (X-Men: Deadly Genesis #6, 2006); recruited by Xavier to help locate Vulcan, with X-Men, investigated Shi’ar base on Earth, vs cybernetically-enhanced Shi’ar slaves, appropriated starship & headed for Shi’ar space, learned Vulcan had destroyed stargates (Uncanny X-Men #476, 2006); with X-Men, arrived at Shi’ar facility, attacked by Warskrulls, blown into open space, survived thanks to reactive mutation, resumed journey (Uncanny X-Men #478, 2006); with X-Men, en route to Shi’ar space, failed to prevent Shi’ar from kidnapping Xavier, clandestinely followed them (Uncanny X-Men #479, 2006); arrived at Shi’ar High Council Starways, attempted to rescue Xavier, witnessed D’ken’s return, captured & imprisoned, confronted Vulcan, learned of Vulcan’s intent to marry Deathbird & execute Xavier, taken to M’kraan Crystal, witnessed attack on Shi’ar by X-Men, Lilandra & Starjammers, failed to prevent Vulcan throwing Xavier into Crystal, dove into Crystal after him, saved Xavier & emerged from Crystal unscathed, retreated back to ship which Lilandra programmed to return them to Earth (Uncanny X-Men #481-482 & 484-486, 2007); with X-Men, alongside X-Factor Investigations, opposed Hulk, power created gamma siphons out of fingers, struck by Hulk, power teleported him away as best defense against Hulk (World War Hulk: X-Men #2-3, 2007)


First Appearance: X-Men #130 (1980)
Origin: Dazzler #21 (1982); Dazzler #1 (1981)
Significant Issues: Born to Carter and Katherine Blaire, abandoned by Katherine as a toddler, raised by her father and her grandmother Bella (Dazzler #21, 1982); aspired to become a musical entertainer while she was in junior high, sang at parties and in glee club, dreams discouraged by her father in favor of his plans for her to study law, suffered migraines, forbidden to participate in a talent contest at the Gardendale High Spring Spectacular, comforted by her grandmother, given permission to go to the dance by her grandmother, unwittingly created a spectacular light show when her mutant powers manifested while she was performing, instinctively used powers to stun the Blazing Lords street gang after they invaded the dance but also temporarily blinded everyone else present, regarded herself as a freak and resolved never to use her power again, divided her time between intensive academic studies and performing with various bands for years, gradually and reluctantly gained more control over her light powers through secret practice, graduated magna cum laude from prestigious pre-law program, estranged from her father after she chose to pursue music fulltime rather than go to law school, developed a costumed stage persona as the Dazzler (Dazzler #1, 1981); made her debut at a run-down lower Manhattan disco club on Delano Street owned by Marty Jacobi, fought Hellfire Club agents alongside X-Men, learned she was a mutant and that the Hellfire Club had targeted her for this reason, tagged along with the X-Men for protection when they departed (X-Men #130, 1980); helped the X-Men rescue their teammates from Hellfire Club captivity in Chicago, declined an offer of X-Men membership, departed (X-Men #131, 1980); performed at L’Amour’s for Disco Night, scared a carload of underage drinkers, socialized with Andy Criswell, Arrogant Cur and Harry O’Henry at the Nighthawk Diner every Friday night, debated with her friends as to whether she should use her powers to become a super hero (Classic X-Men #37, 1989); terrorized by a fear-obsessed filmmaker/part-time elevator operator until she turned the tables on him (Classic X-Men #38, 1989); opened for a rock band, gave a performance that made Arthur Allan Smith her obsessive fan and unwittingly activated his latent mutant powers (Dazzler #42, 1986); possessed by Lightmaster, freed by Spider-Man (Amazing Spider-Man #203, 1980); performed at Studio Infinity, befriended Fantastic Four member Johnny Storm a.k.a. Human Torch (Fantastic Four #217, 1980); lived in sixth floor walkup on East 61st Street, struggled to make it as a singer, rejected corrupt manager’s unfair contract offer, defeated manager’s thugs with the aid of Spider-Man, contacted X-Men and nearly reversed her refusal to join their group, tipped off by Beast regarding job opening at elite disco Numero Uno, auditioned for Numero Uno manager Stevie Wildfire alongside rival applicant Amora the Enchantress, won the audition despite Amora’s supernaturally seductive powers, earned Amora’s enmity (Dazzler #1, 1981); performed at Numero Uno before an audience including many New York super heroes, attacked by Enchantress, fought Enchantress alongside Avengers, Fantastic Four, X-Men and Spider-Man, thwarted Amora’s bid for cosmic power, met music publisher Joseph R. Ercoli who referred her to agent Harry S. Osgood, met Osgood’s receptionist Cassandra Ferlenghetti, granted an audition with Osgood thanks in part to her persuasive super hero friends, impressed Osgood with her singing, hired by Osgood (Dazzler #2, 1981); tested her powers with the aid of the Fantastic Four, met Osgood’s field rep Lancelot Steele, visited grandmother and father, tried to reconcile with father, rejected by father, booked to sing at a UNICEF benefit concert, rescued Steele from thugs trying to steal Latveria’s royal jewels for Dr. Arturo Frazen, tried in vain to prevent Dr. Doom from stealing the Merlin Stone, defeated and abducted by Doom (Dazzler #3, 1981); sent on interdimensional quest by Doom to seek a second Merlin Stone, defeated Nightmare to obtain it, destroyed Doom’s Merlin Stones, defeated by Doom, rescued by Human Torch (Dazzler #4, 1981); taken to the hospital by Human Torch, met Dr. Paul Janson and Nurse Collins, shared a hospital room with Anita Cartelli, landed multiple gigs due in part to publicity boost from UNICEF incident, researched Bo Barrigan’s mob with Beast’s aid, helped Blue Shield capture Barrigan and his mob, reunited Blue Shield with his mother Cartelli, began dating Janson (Dazzler #5, 1981); performed at Infinity, met Jessica Drew and Stevie Hunter, aided X-Men and Spider-Woman [Drew] against Caliban (X-Men #148, 1981); began working with Beefer, Phil “Hunch” Panasci and Marx as her backup band, saved an old man from Satan’s Creeps street gang, menaced by anti-mutant mob as a result, tried to befriend her band’s temporary roadie Bruce Banner, performed country music at Gordon University, interrupted by rampaging Hulk, held off Hulk long enough for everyone else to evacuate, tried to halt Hulk’s rampage, made peace with Hulk and helped him escape the military (Dazzler #6-7, 1981); among adventurers mentally compelled by Moondragon to attend an Avengers membership drive, demonstrated her powers, allowed to depart once Moondragon was convinced that Dazzler only wanted to use her powers as an entertainer (Avengers #211, 1981); helped Spider-Man and Paladin capture Thermo and Mark Hamilton’s satanic cult (Marvel Team-Up #108-109, 1981); rescued Osgood from Techmaster’s agents the Enforcers, revealed her powers to Osgood in the process, met PEGASUS agent Mr. Meeker (Dazzler #8, 1981); pressured and manipulated into serving as a test subject at Project: PEGASUS, became friendly with Project security director Quasar despite her circumstances, tricked into helping Klaw escape his cell, accidentally absorbed Klaw, powers boosted to uncontrollable levels by Klaw’s energy, went on destructive rampage due to power boost and her distress over having “killed” Klaw (Dazzler #9, 1981); detected and abducted by Galactus, prepared for his service by Drone R-11, lost a gig at the Flash Club due to her week-long disappearance, light powers boosted to cosmic levels after Galactus subjected her to vast amounts of sonic energy, sent to retrieve Galactus’ rogue herald Terrax from a black hole, succeeded and survived with Drone R-11’s aid, recommended that Galactus show Terrax mercy, returned to Earth in exhausted and delirious state, father and friends mistakenly assumed her condition resulted from a week-long partying binge (Dazzler #10-11, 1981-1982); resorted to accepting minor jobs from Sid Sterling, Starmaker after her prolonged absence sabotaged her career, performed at a Burger Clown opening, kidnapped by Techmaster when he assumed her transduction powers were mechanical and sought to obtain her technological secrets, saved Osgood from Techmaster (Dazzler #12, 1982); claimed her mother’s brooch, worked for Sensational Singing Telegrams, dumped by Paul after he decided he needed a more stable and normal girlfriend, arrested for “murdering” Klaw, represented by court-appointed attorney Kenneth Barnett, held overnight at women’s wing of Ryker’s Island before her trial, terrorized by the Grapplers and other inmates, defeated Grapplers, tried for murder, condemned by PEGASUS witnesses except for supportive Quasar, found not guilty, celebrated with Ken and Quasar (Dazzler #13, 1982); toured with her band as opening act for conceited star Bruce Harris, thwarted rival hitman Lafarge’s assassination attempt on Joe Cartelli, teamed with Blue Shield to defeat west coast mob faction trying to kill Cartelli, freed mind-controlled She-Hulk from mob’s power, befriended She-Hulk, offered a contract as a headliner by music promoter Mr. Minton (Dazzler #14, 1982); performed at San Francisco’s Cow Palace, hired Jessica Drew to help track down her mother, stumbled into SHIELD’s Operation Winged Heart training facility alongside Spider-Woman and narrowly escaped, quarreled with Spider-Woman (Dazzler #15, 1982); fired by Harris for outshining him, performed final set at the Kingdome in Seattle, began romance with Ken Barnett, abducted to Asgard and tortured by Amora the Enchantress, pitted against Amora in trial by combat by order of the Lord Vizier, rescued by Odin, pitted against Amora in singing contest, won the singing contest, awarded an Asgardian lyre and sent home (Dazzler #16, 1982); attended the Wasp’s Avengers recruiting brunch alongside Spider-Woman, Black Widow and Invisible Girl, bickered with Spider-Woman, helped Wasp and others defeat the Mechano-Marauder, declined Avengers membership (Avengers #221, 1982); saved herself and Ken from muggers, sung background vocals alongside Vanessa Tooks at Pacifica Recording Studios for a Bruce Harris record, courted by the Angel, kissed him during a flight over New York, performed on the Frank Joelin show, went on a date with Angel interrupted by Dr. Octopus, reluctantly helped Angel subdue Dr. Octopus, told Angel she couldn’t see him anymore (Dazzler #17, 1982); visited the Fantastic Four, given a radio/cassette player specially modified by Mr. Fantastic to produce sonic power equivalent to five thousand police sirens, performed at the Spearmint Lounge on West 45th Street, targeted by Absorbing Man, defeated Absorbing Man with the aid of Black Bolt and Angel (Dazzler #18-19, 1982); first appearance of Vanessa’s vocal coach Barbara London (Dazzler #19, 1982); subdued a 15-year-old mugger who tried to steal her brooch, resolved to use her powers only for entertaining, visited the Panasci family, saved the Panasci family and her band from Johnny Guitar and Doctor Sax (Dazzler #20, 1982); helped bring her father out of a borderline catatonic state after a mental breakdown, learned about her mother’s shady past, continued to juggle affections of Ken and Angel, met sleazy concert promoter Les Mitchell, agreed to perform a charity benefit for Riverside Hospital at Carnegie Hall attended by her superhero friends in exchange for Mitchell getting a percentage of the proceeds, reconciled with her father, briefly considered giving up her music career due to unsavory side of show business, gave Carnegie Hall performance attended by Avengers, Fantastic Four and other heroes, reunited with her mother, partied with Avengers, other heroes, her band, her grandmother, Ken and Angel (Dazzler #21, 1982); recorded a demo for Paradeen Records with her band at Electronic Oz under the demanding supervision of producer L.B. Holman, troubled by Ken neglecting her for his work, sought Angel’s advice regarding how best to use her mutant powers, fought Brotherhood of Evil Mutants alongside Angel, met her half-sister Lois London (Dazzler #22, 1982); apartment building set afire by arsonist Flame, revealed her powers to Lois while escaping the blaze, helped Mrs Shaugnessy and her bird to safety, employed Heroes for Hire as bodyguards while performing for cable television, survived Flame’s attempt on her life with the Heroes’ aid, discovered her landlord Crowley had hired Flame as part of an insurance scam, defeated Flame and took him into custody with the Heroes’ aid (Dazzler #23, 1983); did retakes with Holman, visited Lois, fought off Rogue with aid of Heroes for Hire, Brotherhood’s vendetta against Angel & Dazzler abandoned (Dazzler #24, 1983); performed at a fashionable Soho rock club for an audience including Hellcat & Valkyrie, forced to attend Grandmaster’s Contest of Champions alongside the rest of Earth’s heroes (Marvel Super Hero Contest of Champions #1, 1982); befriended obsessed fan Karl Fredericks, captured him for the police after he tried to kill his boss and her father (Dazzler #25, 1983); saved employer Mr. Leland while thwarting an attempted robbery of her latest show’s receipts, went underground as “Sandy Blossom” with her sister Lois after Lois developed lethal mutant powers and became a fugitive, aided by Angel and Ken in foiling a corrupt detective’s plot to blackmail Lois, helped reunite Lois with her father Nick Brown, who was now a wealthy agent representing performers like Roman Nekoboh (Dazzler #26-28, 1983); first record began playing on radio, defeated Rogue in a one-on-one grudge match (Dazzler #28, 1983); met and courted by aging multimedia superstar Roman Nekoboh, flew in private plane with Roman and his pilot Harvey “Hack” Hathaway, shot down anti-mutant military fighter plane that attacked their jet, helped her companions parachute to safety (Dazzler #29-30, 1983); quarreled with Lois and Nick over Nick’s amoral business ethics, left Brown’s estate alone, befriended comic book editor Ralph Macchio, targeted by anti-mutant military faction led by Crespi at the San Diego comic convention, held off rampaging fellow mutant Zalme after Crespi’s device over-stimulated their powers (Dazzler #30, 1984); met stuntman Bill Remington, found apartment in Los Angeles with the McCorkles as landlords, found new job as a dance exercise teacher at Los Angeles Health and Racquet Club, dropped as a client by Osgood due to her relocation, briefly dated Remington, helped Remington come to terms with his self-destructive streak, secretly saved Remington’s house from a tsunami by boiling off much of the wave with a laser (Dazzler #31, 1984); befriended dancer Janet McEntee, helped Inhuman Royal Family defeat Blackout and Moonstone (Dazzler #32, 1984); attended a high-society party with Roman as her agent/manager, offered a job in a Teddy Lingard music video by director Bob Benson, exposed Benson’s fraudulent staging of “accidents” for publicity after he tried to arrange her accidental death (Dazzler #33, 1984); joined Millie’s Models agency, appeared in Douglas Scruggs fashion show, abducted by disgruntled designer Tom Devine alongside fellow models and Millie’s rival Chilie Storm, led models and Storm in escaping and defeating Devine, quit Millie’s Models, told Roman to leave her alone (Dazzler #34, 1984); snubbed wealthy admirer Eric Beale, befriended Fred Stanachek, ignored warnings from the X-Men about the dangers of openly using her powers on her own, sang in a Los Angeles lounge alongside pianist Claude Rubio, repeatedly rejected Roman’s professional and romantic overtures, eventually agreed to star in Roman’s new movie and began a romance with him, shared the secret of her mutant powers with Roman, realized high living with Roman was gradually corrupting her lifestyle, outed as a mutant by Roman as a publicity stunt, gave a public demonstration of her powers backed by a set of jet engines and a roaring crowd, developed increased ability to store sonic energy as a result of this incident, remained committed to her romance with Roman and went ahead with the movie in hopes of advancing the cause of mutant rights, became a focus of anti-mutant hysteria, learned that film’s financial backer Beale was burying the movie, that Roman had just signed a new contract with Beale forbidding him to continue his relationship with Dazzler, and that Roman had orchestrated Dazzler’s outing and the film debacle as a means of gaining control of Roman, refused Beale’s offer to salvage her career and destroyed seemingly the only remaining copy of her film, reconciled with Roman when he joined her in rejecting Beale, decided to break up with Roman for the sake of his career and to prove she could find success on her own (Marvel Graphic Novel #12: Dazzler the Movie, 1984); fell under the influence of mutant manipulator Alexander Flynn and joined the Gladiators in his Underground Mutant Theatre under the supervision of Hugo Longride, reputation and morals declined further under Flynn’s influence, lost control of her powers due to drugs Flynn was secretly using on her, found shelter at Heartbreak Hotel, befriended Kate, Poltergeist, Link, Lucy and other hotel residents, befriended and romanced by Beast as he sought to turn her life around, nearly killed during bout with Horns, bonded with fellow Gladiators such as Ivich and Max Rocker, rebelled against her bosses when they tried to make her kill Beast in a death match, fought Gladiators and Flynn alongside Beast, Max, Link and Poltergeist, overthrew Flynn’s leadership and replaced him with Max, left the Gladiators, amicably parted company with Beast (Beauty and the Beast #1-4, 1984-1985); returned to her apartment, reached an understanding with landlords Mr. & Mrs. McCorkle, rejected by many potential employers, hired as a waitress at the Femmes club under the alias Alison Brown, befriended coworker Barb “Spoonsize” Spooner, left the job after a brawl with the Racine Ramjets roller derby team (Dazzler #35, 1985); aided in job search by Janet McEntee, hired by Rick Conti as a singer at Reilly’s Ace of Clubs, accompanied on piano by former movie star Julia Walker, befriended Julia, attacked by and defeated Tatterdemalion, exposed him as Julia’s old show biz partner and brought them back together (Dazzler #36, 1985); tried to help childhood friend Diana Simon after Simon was transformed into a computerized killer in the service Revenge Incorporated, reluctantly teamed with Revenge agent and Diana’s ex-lover Peter Koestler, saw Diana kill herself (Dazzler #37, 1985); trained with X-Men to hone her powers further, opted to remain solo since her public profile would undermine the secrecy of the X-Men’s operations, scorned by Wolverine as a dilettante, challenged Wolverine to test her in combat at a time of his choosing, adopted power-enhancing costume supplied by Xavier, performed at Harborsite Motel’s lounge in San Diego, quit when her employer tried to pressure her into socializing with the motel’s mob backers, attacked by Wolverine and Colossus, held her own against them until Cyclops broke up the fight (Dazzler #38, 1985); alongside X-Men, tried to capture Arcade (Wolverine, Nick Fury: the Scorpio Connection, 1989); joined Lila Cheney’s band as a session singer, aided Lila and the New Mutants in trying to liberate Sunspot and Magma from the Gladiators, tempted to rejoin the Gladiators, blew her cover to rescue Ivich during a fight (New Mutants #29, 1985); tracked Beyonder and fought Thundersword alongside Magneto, Lila, X-Men and New Mutants, sent to Limbo alongside Shadowcat, Rachel Summers and New Mutants due to Beyonder’s actions (Secret Wars II #1, 1985); returned to Earth alongside her allies, rejoined the Gladiators to help rescue Magma and Sunspot, overcame the allure of her old life, helped the New Mutants, Shadowcat and Rachel shut down the Gladiators, let Ivich go free (New Mutants #30-31, 1985); rescued young children from a highway accident, performed at Sweet Sue’s roadhouse in Arizona alongside Sweet Sue’s Stampede band, attacked by Dr. Rowden Piper who blamed her for his daughter Melissa’s mental breakdown, Piper suffered a mental breakdown himself after exposure to Dazzler’s full power, Dazzler taken into custody by bounty hunter OZ Chase and his partner Cerberus (Dazzler #39, 1985); courted by the Beyonder, rejected his offers of power, success and love when she realized they didn’t truly love each other, briefly mind-controlled into loving Beyonder until he repented and released her (Secret Wars II #4, 1985); fought Outriders alongside O.Z. Chase and Beyonder, parted amicably with Beyonder (Dazzler #40, 1985); tracked the Outriders, fought the Devil’s Deacons motorcycle gang in Denver seeking information, learned that the warrant for her arrest was fraudulent and was part of a scheme by Dust and Silence to have her empower their “New Wave” of latent superhumans such as the Outriders, defeated New Wave’s Jared/Mover, seemingly destroyed Dust with aid of OZ Chase after Dust killed Carter Blaire (Dazzler #41, 1986); defeated the New Wave, rescued her mother and killed Silence with the aid of OZ Chase, Beast and devoted fan Arthur Allan Smith, who saved Dazzler by killing Dust and helped her fake her death (Dazzler #41, 1986); rejoined Lila Cheney’s band in disguise, provided the band’s lighting effects, caught in a place crash with Lila and Conal Duran, helped Cannonball and Josh Guthrie rescue her fellow passengers, helped patch up a romantic quarrel between Lila and Cannonball (New Mutants #42, 1986); possessed by Malice (Uncanny X-Men #210, 1986); under Malice’s influence, abandoned her disguise and appeared openly as Dazzler (Uncanny X-Men #213, 1987); performed alongside Lila’s band at Raven Theater in Denver, stole the show under Malice’s influence and fell out with Lila, openly used her powers at Jayroam’s, attacked X-Men, freed from Malice, helped defeat Malice, joined X-Men (Uncanny X-Men #214, 1987); confronted Mephisto alongside X-Men (Mephisto vs. … #3-4, 1987); alongside X-Men, evacuated injured teammates to Muir Island (Uncanny X-Men #215-216, 1987); trained under Banshee’s guidance alongside X-Men, held grudge against Rogue, taunted by Callisto, agonized over whether she should stay with the X-Men, left to blow off steam, sang and danced at Black Ned’s pub in Ullapool, spotted Juggernaut and tried to apprehend him single-handedly, learned he was a fan, fought him until she seemingly died from the strain, buried alive, rescued by X-Men, helped X-Men defeat Juggernaut, began to develop self-confidence and gel as a team with her partners (Uncanny X-Men #217-218, 1987); fought Russian super-criminal Vladimir Semyanovitch Zaitsev alongside Wolverine, OZ Chase and Cerberus, foiled amoral federal official Henry Gyrich’s plans for Zaitsev when Cerberus killed Zaitsev (Uncanny X-Men #228, 1988); sang at the club where she first met the X-Men, reunited with old friend and star musician PJ James, met Makoto Suzuki, foiled attempted kidnapping of PJ alongside Rogue (Marvel Fanfare #38, 1988); tried to satisfy Darkforce-powered Cloak’s craving for light (Strange Tales #9, 1987); helped X-Men battle and then recruit Havok (Uncanny X-Men #219, 1987); helped Longshot rescue a fisherman at sea which turned out to be Dr. Doom’s Scanbot in disguise, objected when X-Men entered an alliance with Dr. Doom to save Shadowcat, fought Doom’s robots alongside X-Men, fought Fantastic Four alongside X-Men to determine Shadowcat’s fate (Fantastic Four vs. the X-Men #1-4, 1987); fought Avengers and Soviet Super-Soldiers alongside X-Men to determine the fate of Magneto, taken into federal custody alongside X-Men and escaped, supported Magneto during his trial (X-Men vs. the Avengers #1-4, 1987); fought Horde alongside X-Men, Captain Britain and Meggan (Uncanny X-Men Annual #11, 1987); feuded with Rogue, fought Marauders alongside X-Men to rescue Madelyne Pryor, made peace with Rogue during the battle and saved her life (Uncanny X-Men #221-222, 1987); alongside X-Men, practiced combat while temporarily based in Alcatraz (Uncanny X-Men #223, 1987); performed at Club DV8, resolved to face prophecy of doom in Dallas alongside X-Men (Uncanny X-Men #224, 1987); headed for Dallas alongside X-Men (Incredible Hulk #340, 1988); fought Freedom Force alongside X-Men, teamed with Roma, Freedom Force and Forge to save world from Adversary, X-Men sacrificed their lives to defeat Adversary and were resurrected in secret by Roma (Uncanny X-Men #225-227, 1988); alongside X-Men, defeated Reavers and took over their Australian outback base, rendered undetectable “legends” by Roma (Uncanny X-Men #229, 1988); alongside X-Men, helped return Reavers’ loot to victims they had robbed around the world, given a motorcycle from the loot by her teammates as a Christmas present (Uncanny X-Men #230, 1988); helped convince Storm to let Colossus visit his sister (Uncanny X-Men #231, 1988); fought Brood alongside X-Men (Uncanny X-Men #232-234, 1988); alongside X-Men, fought Terminus-possessed Garokk in the Savage Land and helped High Evolutionary restore Savage Land (Uncanny X-Men Annual #12, 1988); alongside X-Men, followed coverage of Alpha Flight’s legal troubles (Alpha Flight #61, 1988); alongside X-Men, clashed with the government of Genosha (Uncanny X-Men #235-238, 1988); spent a night on the town with the X-Men (Marvel Comics Presents #16, 1989); sang at the Out Back Pub on a date with Longshot (Uncanny X-Men #239, 1988); fought with Rogue over Longshot’s affections, temporarily estranged from Longshot as a result, defeated Marauders alongside X-Men, corrupted by the sorcery pervading Manhattan during the demonic “Inferno” invasion of Manhattan, fought X-Factor alongside X-Men, helped X-Factor and X-Men defeat N’astirh, Madelyne Pryor, remaining Marauders and Mister Sinister (Uncanny X-Men #240-243 & X-Factor #38-39, 1989); visited Hollywood Mall alongside fellow female X-Men, rescued Jubilee from M Squad (Uncanny X-Men #244, 1989); returned to Australia, played baseball with teammates (Uncanny X-Men Annual #13, 1989); realized her powers were increasing, helped Colossus prepare for a night out (Uncanny X-Men #245, 1989); temporarily switched bodies with Diamondback, fought Serpent Society alongside X-Men, forced to aid Mr. Jip, conned by Sidewinder and Diamondback (Uncanny X-Men Annual #13, 1989); viewed her potential lives through the Siege Perilous crystal, saw herself killed over and over again in these lives, haunted by image of Death that referred to her as its beloved handmaiden, showed off her powers to teammates (Uncanny X-Men #246, 1989); fought Master Mold alongside X-Men, sent Master Mold and Rogue through Siege Perilous (Uncanny X-Men #247, 1989); fought Nanny & Orphan-Maker alongside X-Men, departure of Longshot and seeming demise of Storm (Uncanny X-Men #248, 1989); alongside X-Men, buried Storm, laser-inscribed her tombstone (Uncanny X-Men #249, 1989); alongside X-Men, sought Wolverine (Wolverine #21, 1989); fought Savage Land Mutates and Zaladane alongside X-Men, Ka-Zar & Shanna (Uncanny X-Men #249-250, 1989); alongside X-Men, manipulated by Psylocke into entering the Siege Perilous rather than face seemingly certain doom at the hands of the Reavers (Uncanny X-Men #251, 1989); bankrupt Beale Productions bought out by Freddy Stanachek and copy of Dazzler movie discovered among the assets, Stanachek began trying to get the film finished, released and promoted, and he sought backing from Baron-Fox Studios, turned down by Ginger Baron on the grounds that the project had no present-day hook since Dazzler supposedly died long ago (Uncanny X-Men #259, 1990); amnesiac Dazzler washed up on Lila Cheney’s private beach in Malibu, found by Guido Carosella and stayed at Lila’s beach house, reviewed accounts of her past life, renewed her friendship with Fred Stanachek, began referring to herself as the late Alison Blaire’s evil twin Skippy, performed with Fred at Hoel’s bistro, resurrection reported by the media, targeted by Eric Beale (Uncanny X-Men #259, 1990); expressed relative indifference to Fred’s plans for the Dazzler movie, survived assassination attempts by Beale thanks in part to Fred’s aid, agreed to help Fred release the movie since it might flush out her would-be killer and got it released through Baron-Fox Studios, abducted by Beale during her film’s world premiere, used mood-altering light to pacify Beale’s violent hatred and save herself (Uncanny X-Men #260, 1990); Dazzler movie became a cult hit (X-Men Unlimited #32, 2002); stayed with Lila Cheney while trying to regain her memory, reunited with Longshot, joined Longshot’s rebellion against Mojo in the Mojoverse, renewed her romance with Longshot, was among the few who escaped when Mojo crushed their rebellion (X-Men #5-7, 1992); regained most of her memories, brought the X-Men into the rebellion, fought Mojo’s forces alongside X-Men, formed alliance with Mojo II – the Sequel, helped X-Men and others overthrow and destroy Mojo, learned she and Longshot were expecting a child, told Mojo II to act as ruler since she and Longshot were going to be busy parenting, stayed behind in the Mojoverse to start her new life with Longshot (X-Men #10-11, 1992); regarded by some as royalty within the new entertainment-free Mojoverse regime despite her reluctance to accept such status, visited Earth to save the X-Babies from overzealous Mojoverse agents Gog and Ma’Gog, sent Gog and Ma’Gog back to the Mojoverse, declared that she and Longshot would act as guardians to the X-Babies since anti-Mojo sentiment in their world would continue to threaten the X-Babies until Longshot is officially elected new world leader, revealed to be no longer pregnant with Longshot’s child, returned to Mojoverse with X-Babies (X-Men #47, 1995); rebelled against Mojo II’s increasingly oppressive rule alongside Longshot and other rebels, helped rescue the original Mojo’s former aide Major Domo from execution and recruit him into the rebellion, betrayed by traitor Brahams and captured by Mojo II alongside Quark, Mojo II defeated by Longshot, Major Domo and other rebels with Spiral’s aid (Marvel Fanfare #4-5, 1996-1997); opposed Mojo’s bloody new rise to power alongside Longshot and other rebels, aided by X-Force (X-Force #60-61, 1996); sang for her fellow rebels in Longshot's absence, visited by X-Babies seeking aid in restoring Psychilde, directed the X-Babies to the Textbook Sisters for assistance (X-Babies Reborn #1, 2000); profiled in a “Beyond the Music” television special, featured in boxed sets of her old recordings, life story made into the “Dazzled!” musical, imitated by tribute bands, cared for the X-Babies (X-Men Unlimited #32, 2002); Mojoverse devastated by baby versions of “Age of Apocalypse” villains created by Mojo, Longshot presumed dead, Dazzler fled to Earth (Uncanny X-Men #393, 2001); sought X-Men’s aid, joined an ad hoc X-Men roster assembled by Jean Grey to invade Genosha, helped rescue Professor X from Magneto (Uncanny X-Men #392-393, & X-Men #112-113, 2001); returned to live performing in a show at the Empire Theatre with the aid of manager Cruise Minor, threatened by an anti-disco fanatic, saved from fanatic by bodyguard Deadpool and smitten fan Rhino during her concert, thanked Rhino for his help (Deadpool #67, 2002); performed in her classic Dazzler outfit for a largely unappreciative crowd at a London dance club, zapped the owner after he got fresh with her, seemingly killed by Shadow-X while trying to help their quarry Roger MacEwan escape, revived with the aid of several X-Men associates, helped her allies defeat and capture Shadow-X, rejected Pete Wisdom’s efforts to recruit her and others for a new Excalibur team (New Excalibur #1-3, 2006); befriended Nocturne, thrilled to discover that Nocturne had decades of alternate-reality Beatles recordings, shopped for a new motorcycle at Mike’s Motors, fought Warwolves alongside Nocturne & Juggernaut, aided in pursuing Captain Britain’s foes Albion & Lionheart, became part of new Excalibur team proposed by Captain Britain (New Excalibur #4-5, 2006); alongside Excalibur, joined cleanup operations after Scarlet Knight blew up Shepherd’s Cross Railway Station, fatally electrocuted by Black Tom Cassidy, revived again, fought Black Air agents Cassidy and Scicluna (New Excalibur #6-7, 2006); sang at an upscale venue for a change, invited to record a demo by Vestal Music executive Gareth Edwards, replied that she’s now only interested in performing rather than fame and fortune, fought Shadow King alongside Excalibur (New Excalibur #8, 2006); alongside Excalibur, offers of aid rejected by Chamber (New Excalibur #9, 2006); alongside Excalibur and Black Knight, helped save Camelot from Makluan dragons (New Excalibur #10-12, 2006); alongside Excalibur, fought Wrecking Crew (New Excalibur #13, 2007); feuded and fought with Nocturne, fought Cyttorak’s minions alongside Excalibur, learned of how Juggernaut slaughtered a Korean village during his criminal days (New Excalibur #14-15, 2007); alongside Excalibur, foiled a bank robbery, shot dead during fight, revived again, saw Nocturne have a stroke, assisted and supported Nocturne during her recovery (New Excalibur #16-17, 2007); confronted Earth-A counterpart at Goodman, Lieber, Kurtzberg & Book (She-Hulk #21, 2007); alongside Excalibur, studied and discussed Albion (New Excalibur #18, 2007); trained with Juggernaut, fought Shadow-X and Lionheart alongside Excalibur (New Excalibur #19-20, 2007); opposed Albion and his Shadow Captains alongside Excalibur and Shadow-X (New Excalibur #21-23, 2007); shared moment of passion with Pete Wisdom, fought James Jaspers and Fury alongside Excalibur and Exiles, reunited with Longshot (X-Men: Die By The Sword #1-5, 2007)


First Appearance: New Excalibur #5 (2006)
Origin: New Excalibur #1-5 (2006)


First Appearance: Exiles #1 (2001)
Origin: Blink #4 (2001); Exiles #1 (2001)


First Appearance: (Behind the scenes) Generation M #1 (2006); (voice) Generation M #3 (2006); (full) Generation M #5 (2006)
Significant Issues: Began killing depowered mutants, sent pictures to reporter Sally Floyd (Generation M #1-2, 2006); first spoke to Floyd in person, tossed dead mutant on Floyd’s car (Generation M #3, 2006); sent Floyd flowers & more pictures of his victims (Generation M #4, 2006); attacked Floyd when he learned of her mutant child, vs X-Men, seemingly killed by Cyclops (Generation M #5, 2006)

Johnny Dee

First Appearance: Son of M #1 (2006)
Significant Issues: Retained powers after M-Day, saved from thugs by Spider-Man & depowered Quicksilver (Son of M #6, 2006); moved to 198 camp, collected samples from mutants, killed Jazz, killed Mr. M for General Lazer (X-Men: 198 #2-5, 2006); arrested by Lazer, manipulated 198, killed Lazer, put in jail (Civil War: X-Men #1-4, 2006)


First Appearance: New X-Men #31 (2006)
Origin: New X-Men #36 (2007)
Significant Issues: Observed X-23's training exercise (X-23: Target X #1, 2007); first met X-23 (X-23: Target X #4, 2007); present when X-23 was forced to kill Tanaka (X-23: Target X #4, 2007); punished X-23 for supposed failure (X-23: Target X #4, 2007); alongside Zander Rice, arranged X-23's employment by Kingpin (X-23: Target X #3, 2007); failed to prevent X-23's escape from the Facility (X-23: Target X #1, 2007); tracked X-23 to San Francisco, terrorized Megan and Debbie Kinney, failed to capture X-23 (X-23: Target X #4-5, 2007); assigned to capture Mercury (New X-Men #31, 2006); vs X-23, captured Mercury (New X-Men #33-34, 2007); observed Facility experimentation upon Mercury (New X-Men #34, 2007); vs X-23 & Hellion (New X-Men #35-36, 2007); attempted to kill X-23, memories telepathically altered by Emma Frost (New X-Men #36, 2007)


First Appearance: Uncanny X-Men #478 (2006)
Origin: Uncanny X-Men #479 (2006)
Significant Issues: Visited by Vice-Chancellor K’tor in orbital prison (Uncanny X-Men #478, 2006); sent on mission to kill Marvel Girl, allied with X-Men instead (Uncanny X-Men #479, 2006); began relationship with Marvel Girl (Uncanny X-Men #481, 2007); alongside X-Men, fixed and helped power their starship to rendezvous with Starjammers (Uncanny X-Men #482, 2007); alongside X-Men & Starjammers, helped free Major-General Ka’ardum from exile (Uncanny X-Men #484, 2007); alongside X-Men & Starjammers, helped free Professor X from death at Vulcan’s hands, joined Starjammers (Uncanny X-Men #485-486, 2007); with Starjammers, participated in supply line attack; later faced threat of Scy’ar Tal (X-Men: Emperor Vulcan #1, 2007)

Lady Mastermind

First Appearance: X-Treme X-Men #6 (2001)
Significant Issues: Murdered Miles Warbeck on behalf of Sebastian Shaw, trapped Sage in illusion in effort to influence her into returning to Shaw’s employ (X-Treme X-Men #6-7, 2001-2002); alongside Shaw, vs Rogue, Gambit & Red Lotus, trapped Rogue in illusion (X-Treme X-Men #7-8, 2002); opposed Lifeguard’s efforts to liberate Sage, defeated by Sage, left in vegetative state, hospitalized (X-Treme X-Men #9, 2002); alongside Karima Shapandar, found by X-Men at Fordyce Clinic in comatose state, liberated by them, taken to Xavier Institute to recuperate (X-Men #188-189, 2006); while still comatose, powers hijacked by Serafina (X-Men #190-191, 2006); possessed by Ev Teel Urizen mummudrai (X-Men #191, 2006); awakened from coma by mummudrai, learned from Beast she had been unconscious for more than a year, recruited into X-Men by Rogue, with X-Men, confronted Children of the Vault (X-Men #192, 2006); with X-Men, vs Children of the Vault (X-Men #193, 2007); with X-Men, investigated Fordyce Clinic, learned of Pandemic, reprimanded by Rogue for her ruthless actions, attacked by Plague Dogs, failed to prevent Rogue’s capture (X-Men #194, 2007); with X-Men, followed Pandemic’s trail to India, confronted Pandemic, defeated & captured (X-Men #195, 2007); liberated by Mystique, alongside her & Omega Sentinel, sought to rescue Rogue from Pandemic, vs Pandemic, trapped depowered Pandemic in illusory maze (X-Men #196, 2007); with X-Men, visited Providence, sought hypnotherapist’s aid in ferreting out intruder in her mind, discovered mummudrai’s presence, abandoned by mummudrai in favor of Mystique, learned from mummudrai of Hecatomb’s imminent arrival on Earth (X-Men #197, 2007); with X-Men, vs Hecatomb (X-Men #198/Cable & Deadpool #40/X-Men #199, 2007); with X-Men, witnessed aftermath of Hecatomb’s rampage (Cable & Deadpool #41, 2007); with X-Men, visited Rogue’s former home in Mississippi, alongside Mystique, betrayed X-Men to Marauders, with Marauders, vs X-Men (X-Men #200-201, 2007); with Marauders, dispatched by Mr. Sinister to recover Destiny’s Diaries, opposed by Cannonball & Iceman, defeated by them, witnessed Sinister’s defeat of them & Gambit’s destruction of Diaries (X-Men #203, 2007); with Marauders, sent by Sinister to recover mutant infant from Alaskan town, vs Purifiers, witnessed deaths of Blockbuster & Prism (X-Men: Messiah CompleX #1, 2007); with Marauders, vs X-Men in Antarctica, repelled their assault, abandoned Antarctic base (New X-Men #44/X-Men #205/Uncanny X-Men #493, 2007)

Lifeguard & Slipstream

First Appearance: (Both) X-Treme X-Men #6 (2001); (Heather as Lifeguard) X-Treme X-Men #7 (2002); (Davis as Slipstream) X-Treme X-Men #11 (2002)
Significant Issues: Father murdered by Lady Mastermind on behalf of Sebastian Shaw in attempt to take over Australian criminal underworld, became targets in ensuing gang war, met X-Men Storm & Thunderbird/Neal Shaara, Davis saved from shark attack by them, attacked by Boxers, Heather forced to publicly reveal mutant nature, helped X-Men defeat them, learned father’s true identity from Storm, sought to help quell gang war, Heather took codename Lifeguard (X-Treme X-Men #5-7, 2001-2002); in Sydney, alongside Storm & Thunderbird, attacked by Lady Mastermind-controlled Rogue, Davis saved from falling by Thunderbird, captured by Lady Mastermind but rescued by Thunderbird (X-Treme X-Men #8, 2002); Heather pulled into catatonic Sage’s mind, confronted by Lady Mastermind, switched astral forms with Sage to defeat Lady Mastermind (X-Treme X-Men #9, 2002); Heather joined X-Men, with them vs Shaitan, alongside Gambit, captured by Shaitan, Davis learned of his own latent mutant nature from Sage who offered to jumpstart it, accepted & gained powers in order to help save Heather, joined X-Men, took them to Madripoor & encountered Viper, Heather failed to prevent Shaitan using Gambit’s power to open dimensional portal to allow Khan’s invasion force access to Earth, Heather rescued by Storm (X-Treme X-Men #10, 2002); with X-Men, alongside Red Lotus, opposed Khan’s invasion force, Davis took codename Slipstream, Heather learned of nature of her powers from Sage, with X-Men, invaded Khan’s base, being in outer space caused royal Shi’ar nature to manifest granting her avian traits, Davis wounded by Vargas & saved by Rogue, Heather saved Sage from Khan then saved Bishop & Storm from drowning, with X-Men, returned to Earth, witnessed destruction of Khan’s ship & portal (X-Treme X-Men #11-16, 2002); Davis learned of Heather’s transformation & rejected her (X-Treme X-Men #17, 2002); Davis’ wounds treated by U.S. Army M*A*S*H, continued to reject Heather much to her dismay, Heather met Jean Grey, Davis met Nightcrawler, failed to be convinced by him to accept his sister’s new appearance, left Heather a note & told Nightcrawler to tell her not to follow him, left (X-Treme X-Men #18, 2002); Heather met other X-Men, alongside Thunderbird, decided to leave to find Davis (X-Treme X-Men #19, 2002); Heather & Thunderbird revealed to have joined X-Corporation’s Mumbai branch, present when branch headquarters bombed, Heather trapped in rubble & freed by Thunderbird with Xavier’s telepathic aid (Excalibur #5, 2004); Heather confirmed to have retained powers post “M-Day” (X-Men: The 198 Files, 2006)


First Appearance: (As Illyana) Giant-Size X-Men #1 (1975); (as Magik) New Mutants #14 (1984)


First Appearance: X-Men #161 (2004)
Significant Issues: With Brotherhood, assaulted Philadelphia, countered by X-Men, defeated by Iceman (X-Men #161, 2004); witnessed Black Tom Cassidy murder Sammy Pare (X-Men #162, 2004); with Brotherhood, assaulted Xavier Institute (X-Men #163, 2004); argued with Exodus, with Brotherhood, alongside Juggernaut & Nocturne, sucked into black hole in Xorn's head (X-Men #164, 2004); revealed to have emerged on Mojoworld, traded Juggernaut & Nocturne to Mojo in exchange for cash & prizes (Uncanny X-Men #460, 2005); alongside Erg & Peepers, rescued from human extremists by X-Men (House of M: The Day After #1, 2006); present when Toad and Mr. M arrived at Xavier Institute (X-Men: The 198 #1, 2006); with 198, involved in skirmish with Sentinels (X-Men: The 198 #2, 2006); with 198, injected with electronic tag by O*N*E, allowed to leave Institute, confronted hecklers, taken down by tag (X-Men: The 198 #3, 2006); with 198, left Institute alongside Mr. M (X-Men: The 198 #4, 2006); returned to Institute after Mr. M's death (X-Men: The 198 #5, 2006); with 198, witnessed Apocalypse's arrival, accepted his blood to sate hunger (X-Men #183, 2006); with 198, liberated by X-Force, escaped Institute (Civil War: X-Men #1, 2006); with 198, hid out in Nevada desert (Civil War: X-Men #2-3, 2006); with 198, allowed to leave Institute for good (Civil War: X-Men #4, 2006); captured by Facility, killed by Predator X (New X-Men #34, 2007)


First Appearance: (Behind-the-scenes) Uncanny X-Men #193 (1985); (shadowed) Uncanny X-Men #210 (1986); (full) X-Factor #10 (1986)
Origin: Uncanny X-Men #350 (1997)
Significant Issues: Recruited by Gambit at behest of Mr. Sinister (Uncanny X-Men #350, 1999); sent to kill Madelyne Pryor, failed (X-Factor #38/Uncanny X-Men #215/Uncanny X-Men #206, 1989/1987/1986); sent to Morlock tunnels, Scalphunter slew Annalee’s children (Uncanny X-Men #350/Uncanny X-Men #193, 1997/1985); hunted Morlock Tommy, slew Hellfire Club mercenary Richard Salmons, Malice sent to possess Dazzler/Alison Blaire (Uncanny X-Men #210, 1986); invaded tunnels, slew Tommy, attacked Morlocks, opposed by Gambit once he learned true nature of their mission, Scalphunter let Gambit escape with young Marrow (Uncanny X-Men #350/Uncanny X-Men #210-211/X-Factor #10/Gambit #7, 1997/1986/1999); Magik/Illyana Rasputin traveled back in time with intent to prevent massacre, realized she could not change past (X-Men Unlimited #14, 2006); continued massacre, opposed by X-Factor & X-Men, Blockbuster & Harpoon injured Angel, Riptide injured Nightcrawler & Colossus, Harpoon injured Shadowcat, Riptide slain by Colossus, Prism shattered by Marvel Girl/Jean Grey (Uncanny X-Men #211/X-Factor #10, 1986); opposed by Power Pack (Power Pack #27, 1986); opposed by Thor (Thor #373, 1986); Sabretooth vs Wolverine, Blockbuster slain by Thor (Uncanny X-Men #212/Thor #374, 1986); Sabretooth attacked Xavier’s School, vs Psylocke & Wolverine (Uncanny X-Men #213, 1987); Malice-possessed Dazzler vs X-Men, Malice possessed Wolverine then Rogue then Storm, defeated by Storm (Uncanny X-Men #214, 1987); Malice possessed Polaris, Marauders attacked Polaris unaware of Malice’s possession, Malice-possessed Polaris defeated Marauders, became team leader (Uncanny X-Men #219, 1987); chastised by Sinister over failure to kill Pryor, sent to finish the job, opposed by X-Men (Uncanny X-Men #221-222, 1987); Malice learned she had become bonded permanently with Polaris (Uncanny X-Men #239, 1988); with cloned Riptide, Prism & Blockbuster, returned to Morlock tunnels to ensure there were no survivors, attacked by X-Men, Blockbuster devoured by demons, surviving Marauders escaped tunnel & witnessed demonic transformation of Manhattan, continued battle against X-Men, Marauders & X-Men attacked by Right soldiers, Prism killed by them, surviving Marauders escaped (Uncanny X-Men #240-241, 1989); Blockbuster returned demonically transformed, vs X-Men, killed by Havok, Sabretooth & Malice-possessed Polaris attacked X-Men & X-Factor at Xavier’s School, defeated, rescued by Sinister (Uncanny X-Men #243, 1989); alongside Sinister, Malice-possessed Polaris vs X-Men & X-Factor, defeated by Archangel, Sabretooth recovered, vs Wolverine, defeated (X-Factor #39, 1989); Malice personality no longer dominant within Polaris, separated from Polaris by Zaladane (Uncanny X-Men #249-250, 1989); Vertigo & Arclight among super-powered women recruited into Femizons by Superia, vs Captain America/Steve Rogers & Paladin (Captain America #387-392, 1991); Malice revealed to have possessed Department head Beatrice Connors, sought to eliminate Polaris without attracting Sinister’s attention, employed Commando & Avalanche to attack Polaris (X-Factor #102, 1994); Malice-possessed Connors followed Havok & Polaris to Hawaii, possessed Havok, attacked Polaris, confronted by Sinister, attacked by Nasty Boys, given ultimatum by Sinister to possess Polaris once more or be destroyed, trapped in mid-transfer by unwilling Havok & Polaris, captured by Sinister & seemingly destroyed (X-Factor #103-105, 1994); Riptide & Sabretooth clones vs X-Men, defeated, part of Sinister’s genetic library destroyed by Threnody costing him Sabretooth’s genetic material (X-Men #34, 1994); with re-cloned Prism & Blockbuster, sent to recover escaped Threnody, vs X-Man, all except Riptide slain by him, Riptide given psychic implant to disguise truth of encounter (X-Man #13, 1996); re-cloned by Sinister, sent after Threnody once more, Vertigo accidentally shot by Scalphunter, life energy drained by Threnody, defeated by Threnody (X-Man #18, 1996); Scalphunter & Arclight tasked with guarding captured Threnody, kissed, gave Threnody opportunity to escape, confronted her, defeated by Abomination (X-Man #19, 1996); disguised as Apocalypse’s Emissaries as part of plot by Sinister to force Cable to realize his limitations, attacked Cable, captured Blaquesmith & Irene Merryweather, defeated by Cable (Cable ’99 Annual, 1999); Scalphunter approached by Gambit regarding whereabouts of Sinister’s base, vs Gambit, Sabretooth discovered by Gambit in weakened state after Adamantium was forcibly removed from his body (Gambit #8, 1999); Sabretooth recruited by Gambit into helping him & Courier/Jacob Gavin break into Sinister’s base, Scalphunter, Riptide & Harpoon attacked them upon entry, slain by Gambit, Sabretooth healed by Sinister (Gambit #8-9, 1999); Sabretooth & Sinister attacked & seemingly killed by Domina (X-Men #102, 2000); re-cloned Scalphunter assisted Sinister during one of his experiments (Weapon X #14, 2003); Gambit & Sunfire recruited by Sinister (X-Men #187, 2006); Exodus & his Acolytes recruited by Sinister (X-Men Annual #1, 2007); Riptide slew Quiet Bill, Malice possessed Omega Sentinel, Scalphunter slew Witness, Harpoon slew Vargas, Blockbuster, Prism & Riptide slew Dark Mother, Arclight destroyed Wohnhaus Strucker building in Dresden, Vertigo & Scalphunter slew Gateway (X-Men #200 & 202, 2007); with new recruits Lady Mastermind & Mystique, attacked X-Men, wounded Iceman, shot Rogue, defeated X-Men (X-Men #200-201, 2007); Gambit & Sunfire attacked Cable on Providence, Senyaka attacked Deadpool, Cable seemingly killed in explosion (Cable & Deadpool #41/X-Men #200/Cable & Deadpool #42, 2007); Sunfire attacked Cannonball & Iceman, defeated (X-Men #201, 2007); Exodus & his Acolytes attacked Xavier Institute seeking to kill Blindfold & retrieve Destiny’s Diaries, found Blindfold seemingly dead, opposed by Kitty Pryde, Colossus & New X-Men, defeated them (X-Men #201-202, 2007); attacked Cannonball & Iceman in effort to prevent them retrieving Diaries, defeated by them, witnessed Sinister’s defeat of them, Iceman crippled by Mystique, Gambit opposed Cannonball’s attempt to retrieve Diaries, wounded Cannonball & destroyed Diaries, witnessed Sinister’s intent to erase Cannonball’s mind & Cannonball’s subsequent liberation by Iceman, Mystique allowed Iceman to escape (X-Men #203, 2007); sent by Sinister to recover mutant infant from Alaskan town, vs Purifiers, Blockbuster & Prism slain (X-Men: Messiah CompleX #1, 2007); Sinister sought to recover information on Destiny’s diaries from Rogue’s mind (X-Men #204, 2007); vs X-Men in Antarctica, repelled their assault, left Antarctic base (New X-Men #44/X-Men #205/Uncanny X-Men #493, 2007)

Merryweather, Irene

First Appearance: Cable #48 (1997)
Significant Issues: As reporter for Inquiring Eye, assigned to cover Sebastian Shaw, found only one source willing to talk, later found that source as well as fellow staff members dead, attacked by Hellfire Club mercenaries, saved by Cable (Cable #48, 1997); learned Cable sought her as a chronicler of his life, learned of Hellfire Club from him, began writing chronicle, accompanied him to Donald Pierce’s home in Boston, learned of Hellfire Club’s plan to harness Apocalypse’s power (Cable #49, 1997); insisted on accompanying Cable to Switzerland, met Madelyne Pryor, changed destination to London, learned of Cable’s encounter with Apocalypse’s Harbinger (Cable #50, 1998); accompanied Cable to Switzerland, attacked by Hellfire Club mercenaries, saved by Wilhelm Lohmer, learned of Cable’s telepathy, learned Lohmer was Master Man (Cable #51, 1998); confronted Lohmer over his past, telepathically sent into deep sleep by Cable to keep her out of harm’s way (Cable #52, 1998); continued writing Cable’s chronicle (Cable #53, 1998); returned to New York, witnessed Blaquesmith hologram (Cable #54-55, 1998); reunited with Cable, met Stacey, confronted Cable over his actions in Switzerland, learned his real name, informed him of Blaquesmith hologram (Cable #55, 1998); asked by Cable to watch over hospitalized Domino, continued writing chronicle, met Domino after she awoke (Cable #56, 1998); met Blaquesmith (Cable #57, 1998); continued writing chronicle, learned of Cable’s loss of psychic powers & his techno-organic virus infection, accompanied him to Greece, witnessed his clash with Ch’vayre’s disciples (Cable #58, 1998); witnessed Cable training with psimitar, continued writing chronicle, learned of his worsening state of health (Cable #59, 1998); alongside Blaquesmith, sought to help Cable, learned of Cable’s involvement with Six Pack, met G.W. Bridge, learned from him that Cable had been abducted by S.H.I.E.L.D. (Cable #60-61, 1998); alongside Bridge, took S.H.I.E.L.D. expose story to J. Jonah Jameson at Daily Bugle, wrote story for Bugle (Cable #62, 1998); offered job at Daily Bugle by Jameson (Cable #63, 1999); interviewed Cable for chronicle, learned his origin, turned down Jameson’s offer in lieu of remaining Cable’s chronicler (Cable #64, 1999); learned of Cable’s encounter with Acidroid (Cable #65, 1999); alongside Blaquesmith, ambushed by Mr Sinister, saved by Cable, captured by disguised Marauders, rescued by Cable, defeated depowered Arclight with single punch, witnessed Cable’s confrontation with Sinister (Cable ’99 Annual, 1999); learned of Cable’s intent to oppose Harbinger (Cable #66, 1999); met Ozymandias, alongside Blaquesmith, learned of Cable’s apparent sacrifice to stop Harbinger (Cable #68, 1999); alongside Blaquesmith & Stacey, witnessed Cable’s return (Cable #69-70, 1999); discussed Cable’s latest disappearance with Stacey (Cable #76, 2000); reunited with Cable, witnessed his reunion with Stacey, accompanied her for coffee & a chat (Cable #78, 2000); traveled to Salem, Massachusetts for research on Sebastian Shaw, learned about Reverend Hiram Shaw and his involvement in the Salem witch trials from priest, cautioned against writing story by him (X-Men: The Hellfire Club #1, 2000); traveled to Philadelphia to meet Professor Thornton Fieldish, met Archangel, learned about Elizabeth Shaw and her relationship with Wallace Worthington during the American Revolution from him, learned Fieldish had been murdered (X-Men: The Hellfire Club #2, 2000); traveled to London, targeted by assassins, saved by Union Jack, met Lady Jacqueline Crichton, learned about Cornelius & his sons Esau & Jacob Shaw from her (X-Men: The Hellfire Club #3, 2000); met Tessa, learned Sebastian Shaw’s origin from her, met Shaw, invited to join Hellfire Club by him, rejected invitation, contacted Jameson regarding story on Shaw (X-Men: The Hellfire Club #4, 2000); found Cable with techno-virus out of control (Cable #78, 2000); investigated Undying for Cable, introduced him to Clarity, alongside Cable, attacked by Aentaros-possessed Blockade & Ranshi soldiers, witnessed Cable’s battle with Aentaros & its killing of Blockade, learned of Undying from Clarity, investigated Randall Shire for Cable, shown concern for safety by Cable, possessed by Aentaros, freed after Cable telekinetically induced cardiac arrest in her, saved by ambulance workers Cable had telepathically called minutes earlier, recovered in hospital, visited by Cable, recalled Undying’s memories (Cable #80-82, 2000); again visited in hospital by Cable, learned of his defeat of Undying (Cable #84, 2000); returned home, visited by Alecto, referred to as “the Chronicler” by her, learned more of Cable’s past from her, learned Cable sought to rescue Rachel Summers from Gaunt, asked by Cable to investigate Shin (Cable #85, 2000); began investigating Cable’s past, witnessed his return with Rachel (Cable #86, 2000); took Cable to see “Streets of Fire” at movies, secretly monitored by Dark Mother, watched “Soldier” on video with Cable (Cable #88, 2001); learned of Dark Sisterhood from Cable, taken by Cable to meet Beast/Hank McCoy, learned more of Cable’s past from him, learned she & Cable were being followed, learned of Blaquesmith’s involvement with Dark Sisterhood (Cable #89, 2001); alongside Blaquesmith, sent to safety by Cable before attack by Dark Sisterhood, met Sister Bonita, learned more of Sisterhood from her, encountered Dark Mother, witnessed her killing of Bonita (Cable #90, 2001); alongside Blaquesmith, sought to escape Sisterhood, ambushed by them, allowed them to believe she had been killed in car crash, sought to go underground (Cable #91, 2001); saved by Clean-Up Crew, learned she had been declared legally dead, given new holographic identity of insurance investigator Margaret Brundage (Cable #92, 2001); as Margaret Brundage, harassed by police (Cable #93, 2001); as Brundage, sought Cable’s whereabouts, encountered Alecto, learned of Cable’s role as nexus of time and space & Alecto & her sister’s efforts to influence his actions to ensure stability in the multiverse, thought patterns scrambled by Alecto to prevent telepaths learning truth, reunited with Cable, learned history of Dark Sisterhood from him & their plans to establish global matriarchy (Cable #94, 2001); alongside Cable & Rachel Summers, sought to oppose Dark Sisterhood, witnessed military attack on Sisterhood, infiltrated Sisterhood’s headquarters, helped Cable against Dark Mother, witnessed his defeat of her (Cable #95, 2001); lost contact with Cable, took job at Daily Bugle, sought Cable’s whereabouts for 2 years, approached by S.H.I.E.L.D. for information on Cable, saved from attempted kidnapping by sumo wrestler bearing CD-ROM from Cable, learned he was traveling the world seeking a new purpose in life, took Cable’s CD to S.H.I.E.L.D. (Soldier X #1-6, 2002-2003); after Cable’s return to the U.S., contacted by him for information on Sunic Pharmacopoeia (Cable & Deadpool #1, 2004); contacted by Cable for information on Spammers, spoke to Deadpool as he shot Cable in head (Cable & Deadpool #2, 2004); spoke to Cable telepathically after his recovery, asked by Cable to pressure Sunic (Cable & Deadpool #3, 2004); called Sunic, asked them about Façade Virus & Spammers, received “no comment” response (Cable & Deadpool #4, 2004); called Hammer/Eisenhower Canty regarding Cable, contacted Cable regarding Anton Kruch (Cable & Deadpool #5, 2004); called Hammer for assistance in opposing Cable’s control of Façade Virus, contacted by Cable in attempt to dissuade her from her course of action, convinced him to talk, witnessed his arrival by teleportation merged with Deadpool, witnessed his defeat of Deadpool & his shutting down of Façade Virus, debriefed by S.H.I.E.L.D. (Cable & Deadpool #6, 2004); fired from Bugle, interviewed Cable regarding his efforts to show the world the way to a better future, learned he was willing to sacrifice himself in order to see his plan to fruition, posted interview online, informed S.H.I.E.L.D. & X-Men of his being lobotomized (Cable & Deadpool #7-10, 2004-2005); took over running of Providence in Cable’s stead (Cable & Deadpool #11, 2005); on Providence, reunited with Cable (Cable & Deadpool #12, 2005); on Providence, alongside Prester John & Deadpool, investigated murder of terrorist Haji Bin Barat, learned Deadpool was murderer, witnessed Prester John’s battle with Deadpool, called in Cable to end it (Cable & Deadpool #13-14, 2005); on Providence, informed Deadpool of Cable’s apparent sacrifice to defeat the Skornn, with aid of Forge, Cannonball & Siryn, sent Deadpool on interdimensional quest to recover Cable (Cable & Deadpool #15, 2005); on Providence, alongside Forge, witnessed Deadpool’s return with infant Cable, learned Black Box had brainwashed Deadpool into killing Cable, witnessed Cable’s rapid re-aging & his sacrificing his powers to repair Deadpool’s mind (Cable & Deadpool #18, 2005); on Providence, discussed Providence business with Cable (Cable & Deadpool #20, 2005); on Providence, learned of Cable’s plan to confront Black Box (Cable & Deadpool #22, 2006); on Providence, learned of Cable’s hiring Black Box & his intent to use Infonet to replace lost telepathy (Cable & Deadpool #23, 2006); on Providence, sent to Manhattan by Cable to deliver information on Project: Cone of Silence to Deadpool, hit on by Deadpool, returned to Providence, learned of Cable’s intent to use Cone of Silence technology to replace lost telekinesis (Cable & Deadpool #24, 2006); accompanied Cable to China to finalize refugee relocation program, sent to Washington D.C. by Cable to confirm existence of surveillance systems in Avengers Tower planted by Commission on Superhuman Activities (Cable & Deadpool #25, 2006); on Providence, alongside Prester John, Deadpool, Johann Kriek & Black Box, sought Cable’s whereabouts, alongside Deadpool, followed Cable’s trail to Akkaba, Egypt, attacked by Dark Riders, found Cable meeting with Ozymandias, learned of Cable’s plan to allow Apocalypse’s resurrection in belief that it would help him to save world, learned Cable was responsible for En Sabah Nur becoming Apocalypse, witnessed Apocalypse’s rebirth & his confrontation with Cable, returned to Providence (Cable & Deadpool #26-27, 2006); on Providence, monitored Cable’s efforts to liberate people of Rumekistan from Flag-Smasher’s rule, learned of people’s reactions to Cable from reporter Ken Ellis, gave Ellis information on Superhuman Registration Act (Cable & Deadpool #28, 2006); on Providence, sought information on Citizen V, asked Black Box to monitor world’s reaction to Cable’s actions (Cable & Deadpool #29, 2006); on Providence, alongside Black Box, witnessed world’s reaction to Cable’s confrontation with US President (Cable & Deadpool #32, 2006); on Providence, reacted to explosion at waste fusion facility, alongside Prester John, attended scene, saved from subsequent explosion by Cable, learned from Black Box that explosion was caused by sabotage, alongside Prester John & Black Box, learned from Kriek that saboteur was Deadpool (Cable & Deadpool #33, 2006); on Providence, alongside Black Box, learned of blackout in Rumekistan & international condemnation of Cable, witnessed Cable’s regaining of former good international status after defeat & exposure of Deadpool & Six Pack, learned of Domino’s siding with Cable & upset by it (Cable & Deadpool #34, 2007); on Providence, discussed Providence business with Cable as he sparred with Domino, made no secret of her dislike for Domino (Cable & Deadpool #35, 2007); on Providence, met with Cable after his return to the X-Men (X-Men #197, 2007); on Providence, learned from Black Box that more countries sought for Cable to liberate them as he did Rumekistan, commented on superhuman civil war & Cable’s recent actions (Cable & Deadpool #39, 2007); on Providence, alongside Black Box, monitored X-Men’s battle against Hecatomb, discussed evacuation scenarios with Kriek, witnessed Cable’s efforts to save Providence (Cable & Deadpool #40, 2007); on Providence, alongside Black Box, trapped in Infonet chamber after blackout on island, encountered Sabretooth, traumatized after witnessing his killing of Black Box, held hostage by him as they exited Infonet chamber escorted by Domino, saved from Sabretooth by Deadpool & Domino, escorted to evacuation point by Domino, reunited with Cable, admitted her feelings for him, escorted onto ferry by Prester John, left Providence (Cable & Deadpool #41, 2007); on ferry, recorded notes on Providence’s last hours for possible future article (Cable & Deadpool #42, 2007); in New York six weeks after leaving Providence, contemplated accepting book deal to publish Cable’s story (Cable & Deadpool #43, 2007)

New X-Men

First Appearance and Origin: New X-Men #20 (2005)

Nova, Cassandra

First Appearance: (As Cassandra Nova) New X-Men #114 (2001); (in true form) New X-Men #122 (2002)
Origin: (Mummudrai) X-Men #198 (2007); (Cassandra Nova) New X-Men #121-122 & 126 (2002)
Significant Issues: Copied Charles Xavier’s DNA, created physical form in-utero, attacked in-utero by unborn infant Xavier (New X-Men #121-122, 2002); revealed to have been stillborn, survived as cellular matter, rebuilt physical form over decades (New X-Men #126, 2002); used Donald Trask III’s DNA to usurp control of “wild” Sentinels, telepathically confronted Charles (New X-Men #114, 2001); sent Sentinels to decimate Genosha, allowed herself to be captured by X-Men (New X-Men #115, 2001); escaped, vs X-Men, switched minds with Charles, publicly outed him as a mutant (New X-Men #116, 2001); mind switch discovered by Beast, telepathically coerced Beak to bludgeon Beast, left Earth with Shi’ar (New X-Men #117, 2001); mentally enslaved Lilandra, coerced her into sending Imperial Guard to attack X-Men (New X-Men #122-124, 2002); returned to Earth, vs Imperial Guard & X-Men, forced out of Charles’ body, tricked by Emma Frost into possessing Stuff’s synthetic form which had been pre-programmed to re-educate it (New X-Men #125-126, 2002); Cyclops & Beast searched mansion ruins for Cassandra, attacked by malfunctioning robot before they could ascertain Cassandra’s status (New X-Men #155-156, 2004); revealed to have planted suggestion in Frost’s mind that fed off her guilt, suggestion began growing over time (Astonishing X-Men #18, 2006); suggestion began to form psychic delusions in Frost’s mind (Astonishing X-Men #6 & 8, 2004 & 2005); suggestion caused Frost to believe she had been recruited by Cassandra, compelled Frost to leave X-Men’s battle against Mega-Sentinel in Genosha (Astonishing X-Men #13, 2006); suggestion compelled Frost to psychically manipulate X-Men (Astonishing X-Men #14-16, 2006); suggestion compelled Frost to attempt to free Stuff from lockbox, had Frost trap Kitty Pryde in illusory reality designed to compel her to free Stuff, once free intended to use Pryde as host body, chose alternate host after Pryde’s mind proved too resistant (Astonishing X-Men #17-18, 2006); S.W.O.R.D. psychic Sydren detected no trace of Cassandra in Frost’s mind (Astonishing X-Men #19, 2007)


First Appearance: (Mentioned) X-Men #188 (2006); (full) X-Men #194 (2007)
Origin: X-Men #195-196 (2007)
Significant Issues: Consulted by Charles Xavier regarding Rogue’s condition shortly after she joined X-Men (X-Men #194, 2007); excited by potential he saw in Rogue’s ability, sought to become immortal, took sample of her DNA (X-Men #196, 2007); subsequently sampled DNA of other mutants, spliced DNA into viral agents & infected himself thus gaining their powers (X-Men #195, 2007); Lady Mastermind & Karima Shapandar rescued from Fordyce Clinic by X-Men (X-Men #188, 2006); sent Plague Dogs to capture Rogue (X-Men #194, 2007); confronted X-Men after they sought to rescue Rogue (X-Men #195, 2007); used Rogue as test subject for Strain 88, vs X-Men, defeated after unwittingly absorbing Sabretooth’s healing factor cancelled out viral agents empowering him, mind trapped in illusionary maze by Lady Mastermind (X-Men #196, 2007); alongside M.O.D.O.K., Sugar-Man, Mr Sinister, High Evolutionary, Doctor Doom & others, contacted by Beast in his search for a means to reverse the suppression of the mutant gene in new births, refused to help him (X-Men #200, 2007)


First Appearance and Origin: X-Men: Deadly Genesis #1 (2006)
Significant Issues: Orphaned after death of parents, placed in foster care, ran away after foster father tried to abuse her, lived on streets, arrested by police (X-Men: Deadly Genesis #1, 2006); taken in by Moira MacTaggart, trained in use of powers, joined by other young mutants, with teammates, recruited by Xavier to rescue other X-Men from Krakoa (X-Men: Deadly Genesis #4, 2006) with teammates, rescued Cyclops from Krakoa, went back to rescue other X-Men, attacked & killed by Krakoa, as dying act pulled teammates into underground cavern (X-Men: Deadly Genesis #6, 2006)


First Appearance: (As Marvel Girl) X-Men #1 (1963); (as Phoenix) Adventures of Cyclops and Phoenix #4 (1994)
Origin: Bizarre Adventures #27 (1981); Classic X-Men #43 (1990)
Significant Issues: Mutant nature manifested, met Xavier (Bizarre Adventures #27/Classic X-Men #43, 1981/1990); introduced to Cerebro by Xavier (Uncanny X-Men #273, 1991); encountered young Cyclops on astral plane (Classic X-Men #42, 1989); used powers to save Xavier (Classic X-Men #43, 1990); with family prior to joining Xavier’s school (Uncanny X-Men #322, 1995); joined X-Men, met Cyclops in person, developed crush on him (X-Men #1/Uncanny X-Men #308, 1963/1994); with X-Men, first vs Magneto (X-Men #1, 1963); with X-Men, vs Vanisher (X-Men #2, 1963); with X-Men, first vs Blob (X-Men #3, 1964); with X-Men, vs Magneto & Brotherhood (X-Men #4-5, 1964); with X-Men, vs Fantastic Four, teamed with them vs Mad Thinker & Awesome Android (Fantastic Four #28, 1964); with X-Men, vs Sub-Mariner, Magneto & Brotherhood (X-Men #6, 1964); with X-Men, saved construction worked from falling, confronted by angry mob (Marvels #2, 1994); with X-Men, captured by Sidestep, sent to battle Shadowcat during time of King Arthur, defeated by Shadowcat, transported to future by Sidestep, vs Excalibur, returned to own time after Sidestep defeated (Excalibur: XX Crossing, 1992); graduated from Xavier Institute (X-Men #7, 1964); with X-Men, alongside Spider-Man, vs Menace & his Mutantmen (Untold Tales of Spider-Man #21, 1997); with X-Men, vs time-displaced villains, met alternate universe teenage titans & league of heroes, briefly physically merged with alternate universe heroes by Access to become X-League, vs Brotherhood of Evil Gods (Unlimited Access #3-4, 1998); fell in love with Cyclops (X-Men #8-9, 1964-1965); with X-Men, vs Avengers (X-Men #9, 1965); with X-Men, attended engagement party for Mr Fantastic & Invisible Girl (Fantastic Four #36, 1965); with X-Men, first visited Savage Land, captured by Swamp Men, rescued by X-Men & Ka-Zar (X-Men #10, 1965); with X-Men, vs Brotherhood (X-Men #11/X-Men Forever #3, 1965/2001); with X-Men, vs Juggernaut (X-Men #12-13/X-Men Forever #3, 1965/2001); with X-Men, met Sonny Baredo/Humus Sapien (Thunderbolts #55, 2001); with X-Men, vs Batroc, Executioner, Grogoom, & Awesome Android (Heroes & Legends, 1996); with X-Men, vs Mole Man, attended wedding of Mr Fantastic & Invisible Girl (Fantastic Four Annual #3, 1965); with X-Men, vs Sentinels (X-Men #14-16, 1965-1966); with X-Men, vs Magneto (X-Men #17-18, 1966); with X-Men, vs Mimic (X-Men #19, 1966); with X-Men, vs Lucifer (X-Men #21, 1966); with X-Men, vs Count Nefaria’s agents (X-Men #22-23, 1966); parents withdrew her from Xavier’s, sent her to Metro College, met Ted Roberts, with X-Men, vs Locust (X-Men #23-24, 1966); with X-Men, vs Puppet Master (X-Men #27, 1966); with X-Men, vs Ogre & Banshee (X-Men #28, 1967); with X-Men, vs Super-Adaptoid (X-Men #29, 1967); with X-Men, vs Warlock (X-Men #30, 1967); with X-Men, vs Cobalt-Man (X-Men #31, 1967); with X-Men, vs Juggernaut (X-Men #32-33, 1967); with X-Men, vs Mole Man & Tyrannus (X-Men #34, 1967); with X-Men, vs Mekano (X-Men #36, 1967); with X-Men, vs Factor Three (X-Men #37-39, 1967); designed new costumes for team (X-Men #39, 1967); with X-Men, vs Frankenstein’s Monster android (X-Men #40, 1968); secretly aided Xavier’s preparation to oppose Z’Nox invasion, witnessed faux Xavier’s death (X-Men #41-42 & 65, 1968/1970); with X-Men, attended faux Xavier’s funeral, vs Magneto, defeated & captured, mentally coerced by Magneto into opposing Avengers, defeated (X-Men #43-45/Avengers #53, 1968); attended reading of Xavier’s Will by Foggy Nelson, struggled with need to keep truth secret, with X-Men, vs Juggernaut, team disbanded (X-Men #46, 1968); worked as fashion model, began dating Cyclops, alongside Cyclops, vs Quasimodo’s Cybertron Hive (X-Men #48, 1968); X-Men reformed, vs Mesmero & his Demi-Men (X-Men #49-52, 1968-1969); with X-Men, vs Blastaar (X-Men #53, 1969); with X-Men, vs Living Pharaoh/Living Monolith (X-Men #54-56, 1969); with X-Men, vs Sentinels (X-Men #59, 1969); with X-Men, vs Sauron (X-Men #61, 1969); with X-Men, vs Magneto & Savage Land Mutates (X-Men #62-63, 1969); with X-Men, vs Sunfire (X-Men #64, 1970); truth behind Xavier’s duplicity revealed, with X-Men, repelled Z’Nox invasion (X-Men #65/X-Men: The Hidden Years #8, 1970/2000); with X-Men, vs Hulk (X-Men #66/X-Men: The Hidden Years #1, 1970/1999); with X-Men, in Savage Land, vs Magneto (X-Men: The Hidden Years #1-4, 1999-2000); with X-Men, first met Storm, vs Deluge (X-Men: The Hidden Years #6-7, 2000); with X-Men, alongside Fantastic Four, vs Z’Nox, scanned by Phoenix Force (X-Men: The Hidden Years #8-9, 2000); with Cyclops, Angel & Candy Southern, vs Krueger & Blob’s Brotherhood (X-Men: The Hidden Years #10-14, 2000-2001); with X-Men, vs Dazzler/Burt Worthington (X-Men: The Hidden Years #14-15, 2001); with X-Men, vs Yeti, met Pixie & Inhumans (X-Men: The Hidden Years #16, 2001); with X-Men, vs Kraven (X-Men: The Hidden Years #16-17, 2001); with X-Men, vs the Promise (X-Men: The Hidden Years #18, 2001); with X-Men, vs Mole Man (X-Men: The Hidden Years #19-22, 2001); with X-Men, celebrated Beast’s birthday (X-Men: The Hidden Years #22, 2001); said farewell to Beast as he left X-Men (Amazing Adventures #11, 1971); with X-Men, alongside Spider-Man, vs Morbius (Marvel Team-Up #4, 1972); with X-Men, vs Magneto, defeated & mentally controlled by Magneto, freed after Magneto defeated by Avengers & Daredevil (Avengers #110-111, 1972); alongside Cyclops & Xavier, vs Juggernaut following his defeat by the Hulk (Incredible Hulk #172, 1973); alongside Cyclops, Xavier, Captain America & Falcon, vs Secret Empire (Captain America #172-175, 1974); with X-Men, broke up fight between Iceman & Human Torch (Marvel Team-Up #23, 1974); with X-Men, sent to investigate Krakoa, captured, rescued by new X-Men team (Giant-Size X-Men #1/Classic X-Men #1/X-Men: The Wedding Album, 1975/1986/1994); attracted to Wolverine, left X-Men (Classic X-Men #1/X-Men #94, 1986/1975); befriended Storm (Classic X-Men #2, 1986); alongside X-Men, attended Thunderbird’s funeral (Classic X-Men #3, 1986); alongside X-Men, vs brainwashed Havok & Polaris (X-Men #97, 1976); first kissed Cyclops, alongside Banshee & Wolverine, captured by Sentinels, rescued by teammates, sought to escape in shuttle, opted to pilot it despite lack of radiation shielding, began dying of radiation exposure, saved by Phoenix Force, placed in suspended animation cocoon, impersonated by Phoenix Force (X-Men #98-101/Classic X-Men #6 & 8/X-Men Forever #3/Fantastic Four #286/Excalibur #52/X-Factor #38, 1976/1987/2001/1986/1992/1989); Phoenix Force sacrificed its mortal shell, sought to return portion of Jean’s consciousness to her but tainted memories rejected by Jean, Force instead found & awoke Madelyne Pryor (X-Men #137/X-Factor #38, 1980/1989); cocoon recovered by Avengers, revived by Reed Richards (Avengers #263/Fantastic Four #286, 1986); reunited with former teammates, co-founded X-Factor (X-Factor #1, 1986); alongside Cyclops, helped train Rusty Collins, with X-Factor, vs Tower (X-Factor #2, 1986); with X-Factor, rescued Beast from Carl Maddicks (X-Factor #3, 1986); with X-Factor, vs Alliance of Evil (X-Factor #4-6, 1986); with X-Factor, vs Doppelganger & Crimson Dynamo (X-Factor Annual #1, 1986); learned of Cyclops’ marriage to Madelyne Pryor, with X-Factor, vs Freedom Force (X-Factor #7-9, 1986); with X-Factor, alongside Iron Man, vs Willie Evans & Grunt (Iron Man Annual #8, 1986); with X-Factor, hired by J. Jonah Jameson to capture Spider-Man (Amazing Spider-Man #282, 1986); with X-Factor, opposed Marauder’s attack on Morlocks, seemingly killed Prism (Uncanny X-Men #210/X-Factor #10/Power Pack #27/Thor #374/X-Factor #11, 1986); sought whereabouts of sister Sara (X-Factor #12, 1987); with X-Factor, encountered Mephisto, made deal with Mephisto to free Cyclops of guilt, soul relinquished by Mephisto (Mephisto vs… #2-3, 1987); accepted Cyclops’ marriage proposal (X-Factor #13, 1987); consoled Angel after amputation of his wings, witnessed his apparent suicide (X-Factor #15, 1987); with X-Factor, attended memorial service for Angel, rescued Rictor from the Right (X-Factor #17, 1987); confronted Cyclops over his feelings for Phoenix (X-Factor #18-19, 1987); with X-Factor, vs Horsemen of Apocalypse (X-Factor #19, 1987); with X-Factor, vs Hulk, alongside Hulk, vs S.H.I.E.L.D. (Incredible Hulk #336-337, 1987); with X-Factor, alongside Inhumans, vs Maximus & Quicksilver, reconciled with Cyclops over Phoenix, with Cyclops, went to site of Phoenix’s death on Moon (X-Factor Annual #2, 1987); with X-Factor, confronted Cameron Hodge over his anti-mutant sentiments, attended reading of Angel’s will, attacked by the Right (X-Factor #21, 1987); with X-Factor, vs the Right, learned Hodge was the Right’s leader (X-Factor #23, 1987); with X-Factor, vs Apocalypse & Horsemen, learned Angel was alive & had become Horseman Death (X-Factor #24-25/Power Pack #35, 1988); reconciled with Cyclops, renewed relationship with him (X-Factor #26, 1988); with X-Factor, alongside Fantastic Four, Black Panther & Doctor Doom, vs Latverian Stormtroopers (Fantastic Four #312, 1988); witnessed apparent death of X-Men, relationship with Cyclops strained, reunited with parents, celebrated Christmas with X-Factor (X-Factor #27, 1988); with X-Factor, vs Ship (X-Factor #28, 1988); with X-Factor, alongside Cloak & Dagger, vs Night (Strange Tales #18/Mutant Misadventures of Cloak & Dagger #1-2, 1988); with X-Factor, vs Purifiers (X-Factor Annual #3, 1988); with X-Factor, vs Infectia’s Anti-Bodies (X-Factor #29, 1988); alongside Cyclops, sought information from Freedom Force as to whereabouts of baby Nathan (X-Factor #30-31, 1988); with X-Factor, vs Xartans impersonating Avengers (X-Factor #32, 1988); with X-Factor, vs Alliance of Evil, signed Mutant Registration Act (X-Factor #33, 1988); took Artie & Leech to attend St. Simons boarding school (X-Terminators #1, 1988); alongside Cyclops, searched for baby Nathan, found him in Nebraska orphanage, vs Nanny & Orphan-Maker, discovered nephew & niece as members of Nanny’s Lost Boys (and Girls), failed to prevent demons kidnapping Cyclops’ son (X-Factor #34-35, 1988); with X-Factor, vs demons, reunited with X-Men, kissed by Wolverine, confronted by Madelyne as Goblyn Queen, reclaimed essence from dying Madelyne, memories attacked by Mr. Sinister, Sinister seemingly killed by Cyclops (X-Factor #36-37/Uncanny X-Men #242/X-Factor #38/Uncanny X-Men #243/X-Factor #39, 1989); encountered astral form of deceased Morlock Lightning Bug (Marvel Comics Presents #15, 1989); began bonding with baby Nathan, observed by Rachel (Excalibur #8, 1989); with X-Factor, attended Madelyne’s funeral, vs Nanny & Orphan-Maker, rescued Joey & Gailyn (X-Factor #40, 1989); with X-Factor, first met New Mutants (New Mutants #76, 1989); with X-Factor, oversaw training of New Mutants, vs Troll Associates, met Alchemy (X-Factor #41-42, 1989); influenced by Ghaur, briefly became one of the Brides of Set, freed from Ghaur’s influence (X-Factor Annual #4/Avengers West Coast Annual #4/Thor Annual #14/Fantastic Four Annual #22, 1989); struggled with Phoenix’s memories, with X-Factor, transported to alien world, opposed Celestials, purged herself of Phoenix’s & Madelyne’s remaining power (X-Factor #43-46 & 48-50, 1989-1990); with X-Factor, vs Locust (X-Factor #52, 1990); proposed to by Cyclops, turned him down, briefly left X-Factor to find her own identity once more (X-Factor #53-54, 1990); captured by Masque’s Morlocks, rescued by Forge & Banshee (Uncanny X-Men #261-263, 1990); returned to X-Factor, with Beast, alongside Banshee, vs Genoshan Press Gang (X-Factor #56/Uncanny X-Men #264, 1990); with X-Factor, vs the Right, alongside Forge & Banshee, rescued Archangel from Ravens (X-Factor #57-58, 1990); visited Phoenix’s grave (X-Factor Annual #5, 1990); met Rachel, with X-Factor, alongside Fantastic Four, X-Men & New Mutants, vs Ahab (X-Factor Annual #5/Uncanny X-Men Annual #14, 1990); reconciled with Cyclops over rejected marriage proposal (X-Factor #59, 1990); trained with de-aged Storm, renewed friendship with her (Uncanny X-Men #270, 1990); with X-Factor, alongside X-Men & New Mutants, vs Genoshans, imprisoned with Wolverine, kissed by him, escaped & aided in downfall of Genoshan government (New Mutants #95/X-Factor #60/New Mutants #96/X-Factor #61/Uncanny X-Men #272/New Mutants #97/X-Factor #62, 1990-1991); with X-Factor, vs H.E.A.R.T. (Ghost Rider #9, 1991); used Cerebro, attacked by Shadow King on Astral Plane, saved by Psylocke (Uncanny X-Men #273, 1991); alongside Iceman, opposed Cyber-Samurai (X-Factor #63-64, 1991); alongside Cyclops, visited Artie & Leech (New Mutants Annual #7, 1991); with X-Factor, confronted merged Proteus/Piecemeal, alongside Muir Island X-Men, New Mutants & New Warriors, defeated Proteus (X-Factor Annual #6, 1991); with X-Factor, vs Dark Riders, telepathy inadvertently restored by Psynapse, alongside Inhumans, vs Apocalypse & Dark Riders, witnessed Cyclops sending Nathan to future (X-Factor #65-68, 1991); with X-Factor, alongside Earth’s heroes, opposed Edifice Rex (Damage Control #4, 1991); with X-Factor, reunited with Xavier, alongside X-Men, vs Shadow King (X-Factor #69/Uncanny X-Men #280, 1991); with X-Factor, rejoined X-Men (X-Factor #70, 1991); assigned to X-Men’s Gold Team (X-Men #1, 1991); with X-Men, vs mind-controlled Cyclops & his team (X-Men #2-3, 1991); alongside Xavier, aided Wolverine in effort to learn more of his past (Wolverine #49-50, 1991-1992); with X-Men, sent to Hellfire Club, attacked by Sentinels, seemingly killed, survived by projecting psyche into Emma Frost’s comatose body, restored to own body with Xavier’s help (X-Men #5/Uncanny X-Men #281-283, 1992/1991); with X-Men, rescued Mikhail Rasputin from dimensional void (Uncanny X-Men #284-286, 1992); witnessed Psylocke’s flirtation with Cyclops (X-Men #8, 1992); met with Phoenix Force, learned its origins (Excalibur #52, 1992); discussed with Forge his relationship with Storm (Uncanny X-Men #290, 1992); with X-Men, alongside Earth’s heroes, vs Magus & dopplegangers (Infinity War #1/Fantastic Four #367/Infinity War #2/Marc Spector: Moon Knight #41/Infinity War #3/Fantastic Four #368/New Warriors #27/Quasar #38/Wonder Man #13/Warlock and The Infinity Watch #8/Infinity War #4/Wonder Man #14/Quasar #39/Sleepwalker #18/Infinity War #5/Doctor Strange: Sorceror Supreme #46/Quasar #40/Fantastic Four #369-370/Infinity War #6, 1992); with X-Men, vs Morlocks, forced to telepathically turn off MeMe’s mind (Uncanny X-Men #291-293, 1992); on date with Cyclops, caught him thinking about Psylocke, attacked & captured by Death/Caliban, turned over to Mr Sinister who traded them to Stryfe, vs Dark Riders, confronted by Stryfe (Uncanny X-Men #294/X-Factor #84/X-Men #14/X-Force #16/Uncanny X-Men #295/X-Men #15/X-Force #17/Uncanny X-Men #296/X-Factor #86/X-Men #16/X-Force #18, 1992/1993); with X-Men, alongside Spider-Man, vs Professor Power (Spectacular Spider-Man #198-199, 1993); alongside many of Earth’s heroes, chosen to serve Goddess, opposed rest of Earth’s heroes, freed from Goddess’ influence (Infinity Crusade #1-2/Doctor Strange: Sorceror Supreme #55/Web of Spider-Man #106/Infinity Crusade #6, 1993); with X-Men, vs Acolytes (Uncanny X-Men #298, 1993); attended televised debate between Xavier, Senator Kelly & Graydon Creed (Uncanny X-Men #299, 1993); with X-Men, vs Acolytes (Uncanny X-Men #300, 1993); confronted Psylocke over her intentions regarding Cyclops (X-Men #20, 1993); with X-Men, visited dying Mastermind/Jason Wyngarde on Muir Island (Uncanny X-Men Annual #17, 1993); consoled Jubilee after death of Illyana Rasputin (Uncanny X-Men #303, 1993); reconciled with & committed to Cyclops (X-Men #24, 1993); with X-Men, alongside X-Factor & X-Force, attended Illyana’s funeral, vs Magneto (Uncanny X-Men #304, 1993); with Archangel, vs Phalanx (Uncanny X-Men #306, 1993); with X-Men, alongside Quicksilver, vs Magneto, witnessed Magneto’s extraction of Wolverine’s Adamantium & Xavier’s subsequent mindwiping of Magneto (X-Men #25, 1993); alongside Xavier, helped Wolverine survive Adamantium loss (Wolverine #75, 1993); alongside Xavier, Cyclops & Excalibur, sought to cure Colossus, reconciled with Rachel, informed her of plan to marry Cyclops (Excalibur #71, 1993); with X-Men, alongside Quicksilver & Avengers, opposed Fabian Cortez’s Genoshan revolution, vs Exodus (Avengers #368/X-Men #26/Avengers West Coast #101/Uncanny X-Men #307/Avengers #369, 1993); alongside Cyclops, learned truth about Cable & Stryfe (Cable #6-8, 1993-1994); proposed to Cyclops (Uncanny X-Men #308, 1994); confronted Sabretooth (X-Men #28, 1994); promised Xavier to always love Cyclops (Uncanny X-Men #309, 1994); married Cyclops, embarked on honeymoon (X-Men #30/X-Men: The Wedding Album, 1994); alongside Cyclops, psyches pulled into future of Earth-4935, spent 12 years raising Nathan, returned home by Rachel, encountered Sunset Grace (Adventures of Cyclops and Phoenix #1-2/Marvel Valentine Special #1/Adventures of Cyclops and Phoenix #3-4/X-Men #35/Uncanny X-Men #316, 1994/1997/1994); learned that Sara had been absorbed by Phalanx (X-Men #36, 1994); alongside Cyclops, Wolverine & Cable, vs Phalanx (Wolverine #85/Cable #16, 1994); alongside Cyclops, Havok & Polaris, vs Sauron & Savage Land Mutates (X-Men Unlimited #6, 1994); alongside Storm & Gambit, vs Candra (X-Men Unlimited #7, 1994); sparred with Psylocke, accepted her apology for flirting with Cyclops (X-Men #38, 1994); met X-Treme after he rescued Philip Summers, mindlinked him & Philip (X-Men #39, 1994); with X-Men, vs Legion, reconciled with Cable before reality was altered (Uncanny X-Men #320/X-Men #40/Uncanny X-Men #321/X-Men #41/Cable #20, 1995); alongside Cyclops, summoned to help Acolytes vs Holocaust, survived fall of Avalon space station (X-Men #42-44, 1995); alongside Beast, vs Dark Riders, involved in Genesis’ efforts to find Mr Sinister’s weakness (X-Men ’95, 1995); with X-Men, alongside Generation X, played baseball (Uncanny X-Men #325, 1995); with X-Men, met & befriended Chris Bradley, helped train him in the use of his powers (X-Men Unlimited #8, 1995); alongside Xavier, sought whereabouts of Juggernaut (All New Exiles vs X-Men #0, 1995); with X-Men, met X-Babies, vs Gog & Magog, reunited with Dazzler/Alison Blaire (X-Men #46-47, 1995); with X-Men, alongside Spider-Man, vs Hellfire Club (Spider-Man Team-Up #1, 1995); with X-Men, vs Sabretooth (Sabretooth: In The Red Zone #1, 1996); alongside Wolverine, investigated Landau, Luckman & Lake (Wolverine #97-98, 1996); alongside Psylocke, sought to locate Archangel (Archangel: Phantom Wings #1, 1996); alongside Cyclops, Storm, Xavier & Moira MacTaggert, met with Cable & Blaquesmith to discuss X-Man, memory of meeting altered by Blaquesmith (Cable #29, 1996); telepathically affected by Cable’s battle with X-Man (Cable #31, 1996); with X-Men, vs Brood (X-Men/Brood: Day of Wrath #1-2, 1996); with X-Men, encountered manifestation of Onslaught (X-Men #50, 1996); alongside Cyclops, sent back in time to 1859 to oppose Apocalypse’s attempted assassination of Queen Victoria, witnessed transformation of Essex into Sinister (Further Adventures of Cyclops and Phoenix #1-4, 1996); with X-Men, vs Ozymandias (Uncanny X-Men #332/Wolverine #101, 1996); alongside Gambit, investigated Operation: Zero Tolerance, saved by Onslaught (Uncanny X-Men #333, 1996); alongside Cable & X-Force, helped rescue Cyclops from S.H.I.E.L.D. (X-Force #55, 1996); encountered Onslaught, shown Xavier’s repressed memories, rejected offer to join Onslaught (X-Men #53, 1996); approached by Juggernaut for help in unlocking repressed memory of Onslaught’s true identity (Uncanny X-Men #334/X-Men #54, 1996); with X-Men, alongside Earth’s heroes, opposed Onslaught (Onslaught: X-Men/Uncanny X-Men #335/Excalibur #100/X-Men #55/Uncanny X-Men #336/X-Men #56/Onslaught: Marvel Universe, 1996); with X-Men, argued against Xavier being taken into protective custody by U.S. Government (X-Men #57, 1996); psionically affected by discorporation of Swarm (Sensational Spider-Man #10, 1996); alongside Cable, instigated mind-meld between X-Men, X-Force & Generation X (X-Men ’96, 1996); alongside Cyclops & Cable, celebrated Christmas (Marvel Holiday Special, 1996); with X-Men, met Spider-Man/Ben Reilly (Uncanny X-Men #339, 1996); with X-Men, alongside Binary & Silver Surfer, opposed Inciters (X-Men Unlimited #13, 1996); with X-Men, vs league of heroes from alternate reality, teamed with them to oppose Doctor Strangefate, briefly merged with alternate reality hero as Martian Manhuntress, restored by Access (DC/Marvel: All Access #3-4, 1997); alongside Cyclops, celebrated Valentine’s Day (Marvel Valentine Special #1, 1997); with X-Men, attended farewell party for Iceman (Wolverine #111, 1997); captured by Gamesmaster, rescued by X-Men (X-Men ’97 Annual, 1997); alongside X-Man, vs Red Queen posing as Madelyne Pryor (X-Man #25, 1997); with X-Men, alongside Cable & Forge, vs Hulk (Incredible Hulk #455, 1997); with X-Men, alongside Brotherhood & Gene Nation, vs Humanity’s Last Stand (Uncanny X-Men ’97 Annual, 1997); alongside Storm & Wolverine, vs Ogun (Wolverine #113-114, 1997); with X-Men, alongside Shang-Chi, sought to prevent both Sebastian Shaw & Kingpin obtaining Elixir Vitae, vs Cyber-Ninjas (X-Men #62-64, 1997); with X-Men, attacked & captured by Operation: Zero Tolerance, escaped, evaded recapture, discovered nanotech bomb implanted within Cyclops, psychically prevented it from spreading until removed by Cecilia Reyes (X-Men #64-66/Wolverine #115-118/Uncanny X-Men #350/X-Men #70, 1997); psionically felt effects of battle between Odin & Seth (Journey Into Mystery #513, 1997); alongside Cyclops, took extended vacation from the X-Men (Cable #50/Uncanny X-Men #376/X-Men #71, 1997/2000/1997); en route to Alaska, encountered Entity, thwarted A.I.M.’s efforts to claim it, queried Department H’s taking custody of it (Uncanny X-Men #351-352, 1998); took to exploring full extent of her powers, adopted Phoenix costume (Uncanny X-Men #353-355, 1998); alongside Psylocke, Rogue & others, enslaved by Viper in effort to exact revenge on Wolverine, freed by Shadowcat, confronted Wolverine over his marriage to Viper (Wolverine #125-126, 1998); alongside Cyclops, Beast, Iceman & Archangel, vs apparent manifestation of Chulyen the Crow God (Uncanny X-Men #356-357, 1998); temporarily lost telepathy as a result of backlash from Psylocke’s battle with Shadow King (Uncanny X-Men #358-359, 1998); psychically heard Franklin Richards’ cry for help after attempted kidnapping by Technet (Fantastic Four #7, 1998); with X-Men, attended Joseph’s funeral (Uncanny X-Men #368, 1999); alongside Cyclops & X-Man, vs Hatchet-9 & Infinites (X-Man #53-54, 1999); alongside Cyclops & X-Man, vs Modt & Jahf (X-Man #55, 1999); alongside Cyclops, returned to X-Men only to see them disbanded by Xavier, formed ad-hoc team to rescue Mannites from Horseman Death (X-Men #92/Gambit #8/Astonishing X-Men #1-3, 1999); alongside other heroes, participated in Coterie’s “Contest of Champions”, defeated Justice & Thing, defeated by Brood Queen-possessed Rogue (Contest of Champions II #3-5, 1999); alongside Cyclops, Storm, Cable & X-Man, aided Xavier in confirming X-Men’s identities in wake of Wolverine imposter (Uncanny X-Men #375, 1999); with X-Men, vs Skrulls & Death, learned Death was Wolverine (X-Men #95, 1999); with X-Men, learned she was one of “the Twelve”, among the Twelve gathered by Skrulls & imprisoned by Apocalypse, escaped, vs Apocalypse, witnessed Cyclops’ apparent sacrifice & subsequent merger with Apocalypse, briefly caught in Apocalypse’s time warps, became determined to find Cyclops (Uncanny X-Men #376/X-Men #96/Uncanny X-Men #377/Cable #76/X-Men #97/X-Men: The Search For Cyclops #1/Uncanny X-Men #378/X-Men #98, 2000); with X-Men, alongside Earth’s other mutants, temporarily stripped of powers by High Evolutionary (Uncanny X-Men #379-380, 2000); with Cable, Beast, Key & Wall, vs Undying (Cable #84, 2000); alongside Cable, met Neal Shaara (X-Men Unlimited #27, 2000); revealed to have lost telekinesis, with X-Men, vs Neo Shockwave Riders, Lost Souls, Crimson Pirates, Goth & others (Uncanny X-Men #381-384/X-Men #104/Uncanny X-Men #385, 2000); with X-Men, alongside Darkstar, vs Black Death (X-Men Unlimited #28, 2000); with X-Men, vs Starhammer & renegade Imperial Guardsmen (Uncanny X-Men #387, 2000); alongside Cable, prevented Xavier from dying along with Moira (X-Men #108, 2001); with X-Men, alongside Magik/Amanda Sefton, vs N’Garai, revealed to have switched powers with Psylocke (X-Men: Black Sun #2 & 4-5, 2000-2001); with X-Men, foiled intended assassination of Senator Kelly by Ruckus, alongside Iceman, Mystique, Juggernaut & Toad, enlisted by Prosh to save mankind’s future, vs Stranger, met Eternity (X-Men Forever #1-6, 2001); alongside Cable, embarked on search for Cyclops, separated his essence from Apocalypse’s (X-Men: The Search For Cyclops #1-4, 2000-2001); assembled ad-hoc X-Men team to rescue Xavier from Magneto (Uncanny X-Men #392/X-Men #112/Uncanny X-Men #393/X-Men #113, 2001); began having relationship difficulties with Cyclops, with X-Men, vs Warp Savant, briefly trapped inside Warp Savant’s mind, kissed by Wolverine (Uncanny X-Men #394, 2001); with X-Men, vs Cassandra Nova (New X-Men #116, 2001); with X-Men, alongside Earth’s heroes, briefly held in stasis by Graviton (Thunderbolts #57-58, 2001); telekinetic powers returned, discussed relationship troubles with Wolverine, became acting headmistress of Xavier Institute (New X-Men #117, 2001); became concerned that Cyclops was having an affair with Emma Frost (New X-Men #118, 2001); with students, vs U-Men, manifested Phoenix effect (New X-Men #119-120, 2001-2002); alongside Emma Frost, entered Xavier’s mind to learn truth about Cassandra Nova (New X-Men #121, 2002); attended FBI’s announcement of Mutant Civil Rights Task Force (X-Factor #1, 2002); down time with Storm (X-Treme X-Men #9, 2002); held press conference in wake of Xavier’s outing as a mutant (New X-Men #123, 2002); with X-Men, vs Imperial Guard (New X-Men #124, 2002); took dying Xavier’s mind into her own (New X-Men #125, 2002); used Cerebra to disseminate Xavier’s consciousness into minds of Earth’s mutants to entrap Cassandra Nova (New X-Men #126, 2002); used Cerebra to locate missing Nightcrawler & Chamber (Uncanny X-Men #407, 2002); with X-Men, alongside Earth’s heroes, opposed the Order (The Order #5-6, 2002); alongside Beast, Nightcrawler & Wolverine, aided Storm’s X-Treme X-Men after battle with Khan, invited them to return to Xavier Institute (X-Treme X-Men #18-19, 2002); alongside Cyclops & Xorn, quelled riot in Mutant Town (New X-Men #127, 2002); alongside Xavier, established X-Corporation, manifestation of Phoenix Force within Jean’s psyche discovered by Xavier, encountered Fantomex (X-Treme X-Men #19/New X-Men #128-129, 2002); alongside Xavier & Fantomex, vs Weapon XII, learned Fantomex was Weapon XIII (New X-Men #130, 2002); with X-Men, attended Darkstar’s funeral (New X-Men #131, 2002); with X-Men, alongside X-Corporation, visited ruins of Genosha, found Polaris (New X-Men #132, 2002); with Xavier, visited X-Corporation Mumbai, prevented attempted assassination of Xavier by Lilandra (New X-Men #133, 2002); learned of Cyclops’ psychic affair with Emma Frost, confronted Emma, accessed Phoenix Force to reconstitute her diamond form after failed assassination attempt by Esme of the Stepford Cuckoos (New X-Men #138-141, 2003); with X-Men, discovered allies crucified on Institute grounds, vs Church of Humanity (Uncanny X-Men #423-424, 2003); attended Polaris’ bachelorette party & wedding of Havok & Polaris (Uncanny X-Men #425, 2003); aided Jessica Jones against Purple Man (Alias #28, 2004); went to rescue Wolverine from asteroid unaware that it was a trap set by faux Magneto, trapped on Asteroid M with Wolverine and sent hurtling towards sun, killed by Wolverine to ease her passing, resurrected by Phoenix Force, killed by faux Magneto, Force fragmented (New X-Men #146 & 148-150, 2003-2004); resurrected by Phoenix Force, opposed by X-Men, fully merged with Force, returned to White Hot Room (X-Men: Phoenix – Endsong #1-5, 2005)

Predator X

First Appearance: (Face only) New X-Men #34 (2007); (full, identified) New X-Men #35 (2007)
Origin: New X-Men #35 (2007)
Significant Issues: Facility created Predator X’s on behalf of Reverend William Stryker (New X-Men #35, 2007); one Predator X tested against kidnapped Mammomax, stripped his bones clean (New X-Men #34, 2007); Predator X’s given liquid mercury skin from sample forcibly obtained from Mercury (New X-Men #35, 2007); Predator X’s attacked Hellion & X-23 when they sought to liberate Mercury, one wounded Hellion, another slain by X-23, second slain by Megaton Sentinel after arrival of X-Men & other New X-Men, remaining Predator X fled (New X-Men #36, 2007); discovered by Purifiers to be hunting & eating mutants, lured into hunting Dust by Purifiers, sensed birth of mutant child and changed course for Alaska (New X-Men #42-43, 2007); arrived in Alaska following battle between Marauders & Purifiers, devoured corpses of Blockbuster & Prism, continued hunt for child (X-Men: Messiah CompleX #1/Uncanny X-Men #492/New X-Men #44, 2007)

Savage Land Mutates

First Appearance and Origin: X-Men #62 (1969)
Significant Issues: Created by Magneto, vs X-Men, defeated (X-Men #62-63, 1969); as Beast Brood, defeated by Avengers, Black Panther & Sif (Avengers #105, 1972); allied with Sauron & Zaladane, created Vertigo, vs Spider-Man, Angel & Ka-Zar (Marvel Fanfare #1-4, 1982); taken over by Zaladane (Uncanny X-Men Annual #12, 1988); with Zaladane, created Whiteout & Worm, took power in Savage Land, defeated by X-Men (Uncanny X-Men #249-250, 1989); with Zaladane, defeated by Magneto, Rogue, Ka-Zar & SHIELD (Uncanny X-Men #274-275, 1991); led by Sauron, defeated by Rogue, Jubilee & Wolverine (Wolverine #69-71, 1993); with Sauron, vs Havok, Polaris, Cyclops & Jean Grey (X-Men Unlimited #6, 1994); led by Brainchild, Lupa & Leash created, manipulated X-Men & Saurians, briefly mutated Storm (X-Treme X-Men: Savage Land #1-4, 2002); alongside X-Men & Ka-Zar, vs Hauk’ka, betrayed X-Men, defeated (Uncanny X-Men #457-459, 2005); hired Electro to liberate Sauron, vs New Avengers, defeated (New Avengers #1-6, 2006); mutated Tyrannosaurs, vs Sentinel Squad O*N*E, defeated (Sentinel Squad O*N*E #1-4, 2006)


First Appearance: New Mutants #9 (1983)
Origin: New Mutants #9-11 (1983)
Significant Issues: Settled in Nova Roma, lived hundreds of years, married Marcus Gallio, killed Magma’s mother, tried defeating New Mutants, thrown into lava, Gallio killed (New Mutants #9-11, 1983); in New York, tried draining Juggernaut, attempted to make Phoenix/Rachel Summers her slave, escaped from X-Men (Uncanny X-Men #183-184, 1984); recruited Freidrich von Roehm, joined Hellfire Club (New Mutants #22, 1984); vs Phoenix & Magma, defeated by Nightcrawler (Uncanny X-Men #189, 1985); officially welcomed into Hellfire Club (New Mutants #23, 1985); manipulated X-Men & Morlocks after Kulan Gath’s spell, killed but revived when spell was cancelled (Uncanny X-Men #190-191, 1985); manipulated Shaw (Firestar #3-4, 1986); nearly killed by Phoenix, with Hellfire Club vs X-Men, temporary alliance with X-Men vs Nimrod (Uncanny X-Men #207-210, 1986); with Hellfire Club, attended various Club events (New Mutants #51, 53-54 & 61, 1987); with Hellfire Club, vs Purifiers (New Mutants Annual #4, 1988); with Hellfire Club, responded to Inferno, saw Shaw ousted (New Mutants #70-71 & 73-75, 1988); vs Hulk (Marvel Comics Presents #78, 1990); vs Captain America, Diamondback & Skeleton Crew (Captain America #368-369, 1990); vs Spitfire (Marvel Comics Presents #89, 1991); alongside Gamesmaster, formed Upstarts (Uncanny X-Men #283, 1991); imprisoned in spooling chamber by Fitzroy (Uncanny X-Men #301, 1993); freed by Amanda Sefton (Excalibur Annual #2, 1994); took in Madelyne Pryor (X-Man #7 & 13, 1996); killed Externals (X-Force #52-54, 1996); captured Fitzroy, presented he & Madelyne to Hellfire Club (X-Man #16-17, 20-23 & 28, 1997); tried using Asgardian Runestaff, vs X-Force, accidentally awakened Colossal Man (X-Force #75, 1998); alongside Blackheart, vs Fantastic Four, Margali Szardos & Mechamage (Fantastic Four ’99 Annual, 1999); manipulated Sunspot, vs X-Force & Damocles Foundation, defeated after obtaining Gatherer robot (X-Force #94 & 96-99, 2000); alongside Emma Frost, fought over Chet Andrews (X-Men Unlimited #33, 2001); sensed Hellphyr (Witches #1, 2004); at Hong Kong Hellfire Club, vs Marvel Girl/Rachel Grey with new shadow powers (Uncanny X-Men #452-454, 2005); went on killing spree, had Wither join her (New X-Men #32, 2007)


First Appearance: X-Men #97 (1976)
Origin: Starjammers #2 (1995); Rom Annual #4 (1985)
Significant Issues: Culture based on worship of Sharra & K’ythri (Starjammers #2, 1995); Empire forged from joining of various worlds (Rom Annual #4, 1985); warred with Mephitisoids (Uncanny X-Men #156, 1983); T’Kyll Alabar & Butcher placed in stasis (Avengers #378-379, 1994); Rook’shir defeated, Imperial Guard formed (Uncanny X-Men #479, 2006); Shi’ar enslaved Calurnia (Rom Annual #4, 1985); Shi’ar found world of M’kraan Crystal, drove M’kraan away (X-Men: Emperor Vulcan #2, 2007); Raza Longknife's people enslaved or killed, Raza put into slave pits & turned into cyborg (Starjammers #2, 1995); Saurids enslaved, Ch’od put in slave pits (Starjammers #3, 1995); Davan Shakari sent to establish colony on Earth, Empire planned to colonize Earth (X-Men #107/Uncanny X-Men #476, 2006); Deathbird & Imperial Guard briefly aided Captain Mar-Vell & Kree against Brood (Untold Legend of Captain Marvel #1-3, 1997); Deathbird exiled for murdering mother & sister, D’ken granted throne (Uncanny X-Men #156, 1982); Chris & Kate Summers captured, Kate murdered by D’ken, child Gabriel artificially aged & sent to Shakari as slave, Gabriel tended to by Dai’andral but later escaped, Chris sent to slave pits & became Corsair (Classic X-Men #15/X-Men: Deadly Genesis #4, 2005); Corsair, Raza, Ch’od, & Hepzibah escaped slave pits, became Starjammers (Classic X-Men #15, 1985); D’ken sought power of M’kraan Crystal, Lilandra turned against him (X-Men #107, 1977); Lilandra escaped, Pathfinders including Peri killed (Classic X-Men #14, 1987); Shakari vs X-Men, D’ken rendered insane by M’kraan Crystal, X-Men vs Imperial Guard, D’ken defeated & Lilandra ascended to Shi’ar throne (X-Men #107-109, 1977); D’ken secretly retrieved by his followers to be healed (Uncanny X-Men #473, 2006); Lilandra imprisoned Ka’ardum (Uncanny X-Men #484, 2007); Lilandra revoked Shi’ar policy to create synthetic beings for pleasure (Avengers #367, 1993); Shi’ar agents Jubèr & Eluke watched Dark Phoenix wipe out D’bari before being killed themselves (Uncanny X-Men #135, 1980); dealt with threat of Phoenix Force on Earth (X-Men #135-137, 1980); Shi’ar agent D’syndri exposed Shi’ar alliance to Badoon, killed on Earth trying to warn Lilandra (X-Men Annual #5, 1981); Deathbird allied with Brood, usurped throne, Lilandra kidnapped then rescued, Shi’ar Grand Council usurped, Samèdar sent to destroy Earth, Samèdar slew Araki before being defeated by X-Men (Uncanny X-Men #154-157, 1982); Lilandra & X-Men captured by Deathbird, turned over to Brood, escaped (Uncanny X-Men #161-167, 1982); Lilandra & Starjammers formed rebellion against Deathbird (Uncanny X-Men #177, 1984); Imperial Guard vs Liberator, Chakar & Dakari killed in battle (Rom Annual #4, 1985); Deathbird & Imperial Guard attempted to retrieve Phalkon, opposed by Starjammers & Excalibur (X-Men Spotlight on… Starjammers #1-2, 1990); Warskrulls clandestinely took control of Empire & killed P!ndyr, Deathbird allied with X-Men to oppose them, relinquished throne to Lilandra (Uncanny X-Men #275-277, 1991); secretly manipulated by Supreme Intelligence into war with Kree, detonated Nega-Bomb over Hala, Deathbird named Kree Viceroy, cloned Araki first seen & revealed to be Skrull impostor (Captain America #398/Avengers West Coast #80/Quasar #32/Avengers #345/Iron Man #278/Thor #445/Avengers West Coast #81/Quasar #33/Wonder Man #8/Avengers #346/Iron Man #279/Thor #446/Avengers West Coast #82/Quasar #34/Wonder Man #9/Avengers #347, 1993); opposed Kree Resistance Front (X-Men Unlimited #5, 1993); Deathcry dispatched to Earth (Avengers #363, 1993); Supernova attacked Shi’ar space, Syth’kach killed, battle resolved by Nova (New Warriors #41-42, 1993); Alabar & Butcher awakened & killed (Avengers #378-379, 1994); Starjammers sent by Lilandra to assist Hulk against Troyjans (Incredible Hulk #415-416, 1994); Shi’ar agents Shy’tharra, Kre’shje, Fath’raj, & Gladiator tested Nova for Xandar (Nova #1, 1994); Shi’ar agents Ou’zli & Si’ani alerted Imperial Guard to illegal stargate use (Starblast #1, 1994); Lilandra led Intergalactic Council at trial of Reed Richards (Fantastic Four #261-262, 1994); Imperial Guard involved in Earth mission, Shi’ar arrangement with Stranger revealed (Quasar #55-56, 1994); Aris & Starjammers repelled Shi’ar attack (Marvel Comics Presents #149, 1994); Shakari’s Crystal Claws manipulated Adam-X, seemingly slain by him (Captain Marvel #1-4, 1995); young purple-skinned Deathcry raised by K’rin (Avengers #398, 1995); Deathcry sent to Earth to aid Avengers (Avengers #363, 1995); Empire warred with Uncreated, war ended after Starjammers defeated Uncreated, T’cahr arrested, agent D’rehn killed (Starjammers #1-4, 1995); agent K’renn attended meeting with Xandarian Adora (Nova #17, 1995); agent Za’ken sent to Earth to handle Deathcry (Avengers #398-399, 1996); Yahnos Tr’moor pursued Pulse to Earth (Cable & X-Force '96 Annual, 1996); allied with X-Men vs Inciters (X-Men Unlimited #13, 1996); captured Nate Grey (X-Man #62, 2000); with Intergalactic Council, faced threat of Ego the Living Planet, declared Earth intergalactic prison, learned of manipulation by Kree (Maximum Security: Dangerous Planet/Maximum Security #1-3, 2000); sought X-Men’s aid against Phalanx invasion (Uncanny X-Men #342-345, 1997); Imperial Guard briefly dispatched to Earth (Imperial Guard #1-3, 1997) Gladiator vs Elamron the Changeling on Earth (Incredible Hulk '97 Annual, 1997); K’toth & Gladiator pursued Skrull enemy to Earth (Devil Dinosaur: Spring Fling #1, 1997); agent M’kellan killed in battle (Deadpool #24, 1999); alliance with Spartoi cancelled after attempted assassination of Lilandra by Inhumans as part of Kree plot (Inhumans #1-4, 2000); Cassandra Nova manipulated Lilandra & Imperial Guard, sent Imperial Guard against X-Men, defeated (New X-Men #122-126, 2002); insane Lilandra attempted to kill Professor X, her marriage to him annulled by Araki (New X-Men #133, 2003); Gladiator sent to tend to Maker (Thanos #8-12, 2004); rogue Shi’ar attempted to exterminate Phoenix Force (X-Men: Phoenix - Endsong #1-5, 2005); agent Ya’lont aided Imperial Guard in investigating Skornn on Earth (X-Force #5-6, 2005); Gladiator sent to investigate Uni-Power (Captain Universe/Invisible Woman #1 / Captain Universe/Silver Surfer #1, 2006); Death Commandos dispatched to Earth, slew all Grey family except for Rachel Summers (Uncanny X-Men #466-471, 2006); D’ken restored by Vulcan, usurped throne from Lilandra, X-Men & Starjammers allied with Lilandra against D’ken, Ka’ardum liberated by Lilandra, D’ken arranged for Vulcan/Deathbird marriage, murdered by Vulcan, Karanda, K’tor, and N’ruto first seen (Uncanny X-Men #475-486, 2007); Deathcry appointed to Starlord's team to oppose Phalanx, driven mad by battle lust, killed by Captain Universe (Annihilation: Conquest - Starlord #1-2, 2007); Lilandra & Starjammers opposed Vulcan’s rule, encountered Scy'ar Tal (X-Men: Emperor Vulcan #1, 2007); Scy’ar Tal revealed to be M’kraan race, Vulcan & Imperial Guard allied with Starjammers vs Sc'yar Tal (X-Men: Emperor Vulcan #2-5, 2007)


First Appearance: X-Men #104 (1977)
Origin: Classic X-Men #15 (1987)
Significant Issues: Christopher Summers & wife captured by Shi’ar, Christopher opposed Shi’ar, witnessed death of wife at Emperor D’Ken’s hands & his removal of the unborn child she was carrying, imprisoned on mineworld of Alsibar (Uncanny X-Men #144/X-Men #114/X-Factor #115/Uncanny X-Men #154 & 156/Uncanny X-Men #391/X-Men: Deadly Genesis #6/Classic X-Men #15, 1981/1978/1995/1982/2001/2006/1987); on Alsibar, met Hepzibah, Ch’od & Raza, alongside them, opposed guards, lifebonded with Hepzibah, took name Corsair, escaped mine, became Starjammers (Classic X-Men #15/Starjammers #1, 1987/1995); on the run from Shi’ar authorities, hid out on Aquanox, attacked by giant aquatic creatures (Uncanny X-Men #391, 2001); sought to oppose D’Ken’s plan to harness power of M’Kraan Crystal (X-Men #104, 1977); witnessed X-Men’s battle with Imperial Guard, chose to intercede, alongside X-Men, vs Imperial Guard, Phoenix learned Corsair’s identity, heroes failed to prevent D’Ken opening dimensional gateway within Crystal (Classic X-Men #14/X-Men #107, 1987/1977); alongside X-Men, vs Jahf & Modt, Raza threw D’Ken into Crystal causing X-Men & Starjammers to be pulled inside as well, Corsair aided Phoenix in repairing Crystal by letting her absorb his lifeforce & learned from her that Cyclops was Scott, Starjammers witnessed Lilandra’s claiming of Shi’ar throne, Corsair bade Phoenix not reveal his identity to Scott, Starjammers left (X-Men #108/Classic X-Men #15/X-Men #109, 1977/1987/1977); hired to rescue Princess Tallibone of planet Whurl from King Hurlabra of planet Ja, learned that Hurlabra was her father & that she intended to overthrow him & conquer Ja, returned her to her father (X-Men Unlimited #32, 2001); Starjammers learned Lilandra had been kidnapped by Deathbird & that they & Earth were implicated, ambushed by Shi’ar troops, Corsair sought to enlist X-Men’s aid, fled to Earth, attacked en route by Shi’ar Dreadnought, crash-landed near Xavier mansion, rescued by Storm & Cyclops, recuperated in mansion, confronted by Cyclops over his identity, alongside Storm & Cyclops, vs Sidri, alongside X-Men, captured by Shi’ar, agreed to temporary alliance with Shi’ar to rescue Lilandra, alongside X-Men & Tigra, attacked by Deathbird & Brood, made peace with Cyclops, witnessed Deathbird’s kidnapping Xavier & wounding of Colossus (Uncanny X-Men #154-155, 1982); alongside X-Men, Corsair reunited with Starjammers, bade Sikorsky heal Colossus, revealed wife’s fate to Cyclops, with Starjammers, alongside X-Men, captured by Brood, vs them, rescued Xavier & Lilandra, escaped Brood, rescued Storm from space, repaired ship, returned to Earth, witnessed Xavier’s collapse into coma, learned Lord Samédàr was allied with Deathbird, witnessed Lilandra’s arrest of him (Uncanny X-Men #156-157, 1982); Starjammers remained on Earth with X-Men while cure for Xavier was sought, met Carol Danvers & Peter Corbeau, Ch’od, Cr+eee, Hepzibah & Raza sparred with Carol, Corsair reunited with Alex & met Polaris (Uncanny X-Men #158, 1982); Corsair dined with Scott, Alex & Polaris (Uncanny X-Men #159, 1982); Starjammers continued aid in search for cure for Xavier, learned of his recovery, Corsair escorted X-Men & Carol Danvers to farewell banquet for Lilandra onboard Shi’ar Imperial Yacht then returned to Earth (Uncanny X-Men #161, 1982); Starjammers left Earth to rescue X-Men, Lilandra & Carol from Brood (Uncanny X-Men #163, 1982); Starjammers rescued X-Men, Lilandra & Carol from Broodworld before it exploded, learned Carol had become Binary, learned Brood had infected Xavier with Queen embryo (Uncanny X-Men #166, 1983); alongside X-Men, Lilandra & Binary, Starjammers set course for Earth, encountered ailing Sidri ship, Corsair ordered Starjammers & X-Men not to intercept, Sikorsky later learned mutation virus had been jettisoned from medical bay unaware that Nightcrawler & Kitty Pryde had defied Corsair’s order & attempted to help Sidri (Excalibur #116, 1998); alongside X-Men, Lilandra & Binary, Starjammers returned to Earth, learned Xavier had transformed into Brood, alongside Moira MacTaggart, Sikorsky sought to cure Xavier, Starjammers met New Mutants, Corsair revealed to Scott location of his paternal grandparents, granted Gladiator an audience with Lilandra, learned from him that Reed Richards had healed Galactus, allowed Lilandra to access holotechnology to deliver warning to Fantastic Four, Sikorsky cloned new body for Xavier & transplanted his mind into it (Uncanny X-Men #167, 1983); alongside X-Men, New Mutants & Lilandra, Starjammers celebrated Kitty’s birthday (Special Edition X-Men #1, 1983); Corsair took Scott & Alex to Alaska to meet their grandparents, met Madelyne Pryor (Uncanny X-Men #168, 1983); Corsair accompanied Scott & Alex to Wolverine’s wedding (Uncanny X-Men #173, 1983); Corsair gave Madelyne tour of ship, Scott learned of Corsair’s & Hepzibah’s bond, Binary joined Starjammers, Corsair asked Scott to join (Uncanny X-Men #174, 1983); Corsair attended wedding of Scott & Madelyne (Uncanny X-Men #175, 1983); Scott declined Corsair’s offer, Corsair farewelled Scott & Alex, Lilandra joined Starjammers, Starjammers left Earth (Uncanny X-Men #177, 1984); Starjammers detected Warlock & Magus traveling to Earth (New Mutants #19, 1984); Corsair & Lilandra returned to Earth to save Xavier, Starjammers attacked by Shi’ar, Corsair & Lilandra found Xavier, met Magneto, transported Xavier back to ship (Uncanny X-Men #200, 1985); Sikorsky healed Xavier, ship damaged by Shi’ar attack, Starjammers prevented from returning Xavier home due to Shi’ar conflict, Xavier joined Starjammers (Uncanny X-Men #201, 1985); Starjammers encountered Phoenix/Rachel Summers, alongside X-Men, astral forms transported by Phoenix to M’Kraan Crystal, learned of her intent to destroy universe to stop Beyonder, witnessed Phoenix’s change of heart (Uncanny X-Men #203, 1986); Starjammers sought aid in repairing ship, Xavier discovered Magik/Illyana Rasputin as slaver prisoner, rescued her, Starjammers learned from her that Corsair was grandfather to Scott & Madelyne’s baby & learned of Morlock massacre, Magik transported Xavier, Lilandra & Binary to Limbo, vs S’ym, Magik transported Xavier, Lilandra & Binary to alternate futures to rescue present New Mutants, alongside them, returned to Starjammers, attacked by Magus, witnessed Cypher & Warlock’s defeat of him (New Mutants #50, 1987); alongside New Mutants, Starjammers repaired ship, Xavier learned from New Mutants of recent events on Earth, sought to return home with New Mutants, attacked by Shi’ar, Xavier ultimately chose to remain with Starjammers, bade Magik teleport New Mutants home (New Mutants #51, 1987); briefly encountered Excalibur (Excalibur #17, 1989); Starjammer’s ship passed by X-Factor’s ship as it entered hyperspace, Xavier briefly detected X-Factor’s thoughts (X-Factor #50, 1990); Starjammers embarked on quest for Phalkon, Xavier injured during attack on freighter & rendered comatose, Starjammers split up to recover map pods revealing location of Phalkon, though comatose Xavier telepathically merged with Waldo’s consciousness to aid in search, Corsair recovered map pod from alien vampire on Grof moon, Ch’od & Hepzibah recovered map pod from sentient bio-metallic world Tronik, Cr+eee recovered map pod from estranged mate on Lupus & returned with mate & offspring, Binary & Raza located map pod in alien hive on Ch’’rp & recovered it with Xavier/Waldo’s aid, Starjammers betrayed by unwitting Sikorsky & attacked by Shi’ar troops, defeated them, witnessed Deathbird’s kidnapping Lilandra (X-Men Spotlight on… Starjammers #1, 1990); Lilandra escaped Deathbird, Starjammers attacked Deathbird’s forces, Lilandra attacked Deathbird, rescued from Imperial Guard, Starjammers vs Imperial Guard, Binary killed Zenith, Starjammers failed to prevent Deathbird obtaining map to Phalkon, learned Phalkon was on Earth, arrived too late to prevent Deathbird claiming Phalkon for herself, learned Phalkon was actually Phoenix/Rachel Summers, opposed by Excalibur, alongside them, vs Imperial Guard, witnessed Deathbird’s brief transformation into “Death-Phoenix” before her defeat by Lilandra, failed to prevent Imperial Guard escaping with Deathbird, Xavier recovered, Starjammers resumed rebellion against Deathbird’s rule (X-Men Spotlight on… Starjammers #2, 1990); Starjammers attacked Shi’ar Flagship, vs Imperial Guard, rescued X-Men from Deathbird, alongside them, defeated Imperial Guard, witnessed Lilandra’s reclaiming of Shi’ar throne, captured & impersonated by Warskrulls, freed by X-Men & Deathbird, Xavier left Starjammers & returned to Earth with X-Men (Uncanny X-Men #275-277, 1991); Binary & Imperial Guard contingent opposed Quasar/Wendell Vaughn’s efforts to recover Kree nega-bands in Shi’ar possession (Quasar #33, 1992); Starjammers tasked by Lilandra with ferrying massive weapon created from nega-bands to Kree homeworld Hala via Earth stargate, Corsair objected & left, remaining Starjammers opposed Wonder Man & Vision’s attempts to prevent weapon’s delivery, learned from them that weapon was a nega-bomb & jettisoned it before reaching stargate (Wonder Man #8, 1992); Binary sent by Lilandra to recover nega-bomb, opposed by Her, fight interrupted by Quasar, aided Her & Quasar in preventing Earth’s sun from exploding, returned to Earth by Quasar to recuperate (Quasar #34, 1992); Binary recovered at Avengers Mansion (Avengers #348, 1992); Raza & Hepzibah hired by former Kree Admiral Galen Kor to kill Black Knight/Dane Whitman in response for his killing of Supreme Intelligence in exchange for money & whereabouts of Raza’s long-lost son Rion, Raza convinced Corsair to visit Binary on Earth, Starjammers reunited with Binary & met Avengers, Corsair reunited with Cyclops, Raza attacked Black Knight & seriously wounded him, rest of Starjammers briefly clashed with rest of Avengers, Ch’od fled with Raza, found & attacked by Avengers, fight ended by Corsair & Binary, Sikorsky & Inhuman physician Galen helped stabilize Black Knight’s condition, Hepzibah sought to poison Black Knight but discovered by Black Widow & Crystal, Raza made peace with Black Knight, Binary opted to remain on Earth, Starjammers left (Avengers #350-351, 1992); Corsair & Ch’od with Shi’ar troops vs Skrull, affected by Goddess’ psychic emissions, both sides stopped battling & left, on Shi’ar throneworld, Hepzibah & Raza similarly affected (Infinity Crusade #3, 1993); on Shi’ar throneworld, Hepzibah & Raza witnessed illusory Goddess’ rapture (Infinity Crusade #6, 1993); Starjammers dispatched to Earth to recover Shi’ar fugitive Cerise, opposed by Excalibur, Cerise surrendered herself into Starjammers’ custody, took her to Shi’ar processing center, became suspicious about claims against Cerise, alongside Excalibur, sought to learn truth, witnessed Cerise’s killing of Fang, learned truth behind Cerise’s alleged crimes, agreed to escort Cerise back to Shi’ar throneworld (Excalibur #68-70, 1993); Corsair sent message of congratulations to Scott on his marrying Jean Grey (X-Men #30, 1994); Starjammers sent by Lilandra to investigate Troyjan activity, encountered Hulk drifting in space, encountered Silver Surfer, Sikorsky healed Hulk, agreed to aid Hulk in pursuing Trauma/Trow-mah to rescue kidnapped Pantheon members, alongside Hulk & Silver Surfer, vs Troyjans, allowed themselves to be arrested in order to confront Troyjan ruler Armageddon/Arm’chedon, learned of Trauma’s intent to marry Atalanta, witnessed Armageddon’s battle with Silver Surfer & Hulk’s battle with Trauma that resulted in Trauma’s death, left (Incredible Hulk #415-416, 1994); Starjammers aided Arisians against Ghrand Jahr by re-empowering forcefield surrounding planet (Marvel Comics Presents #149, 1994); alongside Lilandra, returned to Earth to celebrate Christmas with X-Men (Marvel Holiday Special 1994, 1994); sought escape from Shi’ar attack, arrived at Clench world Standing Still, given sanctuary by Clench, ship repaired except for Waldo who couldn’t be salvaged, gained new pilot Keeyah (Starjammers #2, 1995); began smuggling Kree refugees to safety, pursued by Shi’ar warship, escaped back to Clench world Standing Still (Starjammers #1, 1995); learned that Shi’ar declared war against Uncreated, encountered Shi’ar strikeforce, hid from them in confluence of nebulae, encountered damaged Uncreated ship in confluence, destroyed it but own ship damaged (Starjammers #2, 1995); repaired ship, found by Shi’ar strikeforce, superheated nebula causing it to expand & allowing them to escape, returned to Standing Still, learned of Uncreated’s origins (Starjammers #3, 1995); learned Shi’ar intended to confront the Uncreated over Standing Still, projected holographic image of Uncreated’s “god” inbetween rival fleets, Uncreated destroyed themselves (Starjammers #4, 1996); revealed to have been captured by Collector & held prisoner on Prison World, learned Prison World was actually refuge for endangered alien races to safeguard them from Galactus, offered Collector their aid in preventing unwitting Wolverine from freeing inhabitants, vs Wolverine, failed to prevent him destroying main power grid & exposing planet’s location to Galactus, sought to rescue inhabitants from Galactus, alongside Wolverine & others, opposed Galactus, returned Wolverine to Earth (Wolverine #135-138, 1999); aided Shi’ar against Silver Surfer, learned Surfer had led Galactus to Shi’ar homeworld in hope that Shi’ar could stop him, witnessed Galactus’ arrival at Shi’ar homeworld, witnessed arrival of Avengers & Fantastic Four, participated in failed mass-assault on Galactus, witnessed Surfer’s defeat of Galactus & Galactus’ transformation into star (Galactus the Devourer #5-6, 2000); found Deadpool stranded in space, offered him a ride home, radioed a passing freighter to pick him up after he declined their offer (Deadpool #43, 2000); raided slave markets of Golden Star (Maximum Security: Dangerous Planet #1, 2000); Corsair agreed to have ship act as Lilandra’s personal flagship, escorted her to rendezvous with Xavier after Earth declared intergalactic prison, confronted Xavier over Cyclops’ apparent death (Uncanny X-Men #387, 2000); Corsair went on camping trip with Cyclops, reconciled their differences (Uncanny X-Men #391, 2001); while Corsair on leave of absence, Starjammers lost in another galaxy, encountered Thorns, agreed to aid them in opposing Anazar Prime & his Committee’s stealing of Thorn seedlings to use as drug hyrax, briefly led by Captain Kalyx & raided Union of Intelligent Races ships to recover hyrax, captured Union Defense Corps cadet Tolo Hawk & ultimately convinced him of Committee’s genocidal acts against Thorns, encountered K-zzat, with his & Tolo’s aid exposed Committee’s actions & their plan to assassinate Princess Sabra, Kalyx took root on Thorn homeworld & became great tree, Starjammers & new member K-zzat left to find way home (Starjammers #1-6, 2004-2005); learned Lilandra had been kidnapped by Araki as part of coup by returned D’ken, reunited with Havok & X-Men, met Korvus, learned from Havok that youngest son had survived & been raised by Shi’ar then became Vulcan, alongside X-Men & Korvus, rescued Lilandra (Uncanny X-Men #482, 2007); alongside X-Men, Korvus & Lilandra, sought to enlist aid against D’Ken’s coup, liberated Major-General Ka’ardum from Shi’ar custody (Uncanny X-Men #484, 2007); alongside X-Men, Korvus, Lilandra & Shi’ar forces loyal to Ka’ardum, sought to oppose D’Ken’s forces, witnessed Vulcan’s marriage to Deathbird, attacked D’Ken’s forces on M’Kraan Crystal world, vs Imperial Guard, witnessed Vulcan throw Xavier into M’Kraan Crystal, his killing of D’Ken & claiming Shi’ar throne, Corsair rescued Lilandra from Vulcan, seemingly killed by him, Hepzibah on X-Men’s ship with Warpath, Nightcrawler, Darwin & Xavier as Lilandra sent it on pre-programmed jump back to Earth, alongside remaining X-Men & Lilandra, witnessed Vulcan, Deathbird & Imperial Guard retreat from battle, buried Corsair, joined by Havok, Polaris, Marvel Girl, Korvus & Lilandra to continue resistance against Vulcan & Deathbird, Hepzibah left stranded on Earth with X-Men (Uncanny X-Men #485-486, 2007); attacked Shi’ar supply line, recruited more Shi'ar into resistance, attacked Feather's Edge, confronted by Vulcan's forces, encountered Scy’ar Tal, briefly allied with Vulcan & Imperial Guard against Sc'yar Tal (X-Men: Emperor Vulcan #1-5, 2007)


First Appearance: X-Men: Deadly Genesis #3 (2006); (as Sway) X-Men: Deadly Genesis #4 (2006)
Origin: X-Men: Deadly Genesis #3 (2006)
Significant Issues: Orphaned after death of parents, placed in foster care, ran away after foster father tried to abuse her, lived on streets, arrested by police (X-Men: Deadly Genesis #1, 2006); taken in by Moira MacTaggart, trained in use of powers, joined by other young mutants, with teammates, recruited by Xavier to rescue other X-Men from Krakoa (X-Men: Deadly Genesis #4, 2006) with teammates, rescued Cyclops from Krakoa, went back to rescue other X-Men, attacked & killed by Krakoa, as dying act slowed time for teammates to help them escape (X-Men: Deadly Genesis #6, 2006)


First Appearance: Astonishing X-Men #3 (2004)
Significant Issues: Brand observed meeting between Fury & Cyclops (Astonishing X-Men #3, 2004); Brand & SHIELD confronted X-Men at Benetech (Astonishing X-Men #5, 2004); SWORD's involvement with Ord revealed, took Ord into custody (Astonishing X-Men #6, 2004); Brand reprimanded over the Ord affair (Astonishing X-Men #7, 2005); detected the X-Mansion's power down (Astonishing X-Men #8, 2005); monitored X-Men's battle with Danger (Astonishing X-Men #10, 2005); Brand met with Maria Hill (Astonishing X-Men #13, 2006); determined that Colossus was fated to destroy Breakworld (Astonishing X-Men #14, 2006); monitored X-Men's battle with Cassandra Nova (Astonishing X-Men #15, 2006); fought Ord as Danger broke him out of custody, prepared to mobilize against X-Men (Astonishing X-Men #16, 2006); Lockheed revealed to be mole (Astonishing X-Men #17, 2006); kidnapped X-Men, Ord & Danger and transported them to Breakworld (Astonishing X-Men #18, 2006); briefed X-Men en route to Breakworld, journeyed with them to try and prevent prophecies from being fulfilled (Astonishing X-Men #19-22, 2007)

Tilby, Trish

First Appearance: X-Factor #7 (1986)
Significant Issues: Sought to become screenwriter but ended up becoming journalist (Uncanny X-Men #345, 1997); as reporter for W-ARC TV, reported on demonstrations outside X-Factor’s headquarters, interviewed Vera Cantor, interview interrupted by X-Factor, recorded statement from their PR Director Cameron Hodge, later recorded X-Factor’s clash with Bulk & Glow Worm (X-Factor #7, 1986); reported on battle between X-Factor & Freedom Force, interrupted by fleeing Rusty & Skids (X-Factor #8, 1986); sought to interview X-Factor following their battle with Freedom Force (X-Factor #9, 1986); received information from Mystique outing Angel as X-Factor’s financial backer, reported on findings (X-Factor #9-10, 1986); reported on battle between Morlocks and police (X-Factor #11, 1986); sought to interview hospitalized Angel, forcibly removed by hospital staff (X-Factor #14, 1987); reported on Angel’s funeral, sought to interview Cyclops, recorded statement from Hodge (X-Factor #17, 1987); reported on X-Factor’s battle with Horsemen of Apocalypse from helicopter (X-Factor #19-20, 1987); reported on demonstrations outside X-Factor’s headquarters following battle with Horsemen of Apocalypse, interviewed Beast after reading of Angel’s will wherein Hodge named administrator of Angel’s fortune, informed him of Hodge’s clandestine involvement in Angel’s competency hearing, caught in attack by agents of the Right, saved by X-Factor, hospitalized in critical condition (X-Factor #21, 1987); recovered in hospital, checked herself out despite nurse’s objection, met Beast in hospital, learned from Iceman of his intellect-reducing infection from Pestilence, promised an exclusive story by Iceman (X-Factor #26, 1988); interviewed X-Factor, met X-Factor trainees, learned of X-Men’s apparent death in Dallas (X-Factor #27/Uncanny X-Men #232, 1988); attended X-Factor’s press conference, confronted by Archangel over her information on Hodge, witnessed Archangel’s attack on Beast after he sought to save her (X-Factor #28-29, 1988); reported on X-Factor’s battle with Night-controlled Dagger (Mutant Misadventures of Cloak and Dagger #1, 1988); interviewed Reverend Conover after X-Men’s battle with Brood (Uncanny X-Men #234, 1988); reported on demonic manifestations in New York, report hijacked by Alliance of Evil to voice their opposition to Mutant Registration Act, rescued by X-Factor, reported on X-Factor’s battle with Alliance, witnessed Beast’s return to blue furry form, X-Factor’s registering with Act, & Rusty’s refusal to register (X-Factor #33, 1988); continued reporting on demonic manifestations, admitted being unsettled by Beast’s recent transformation, swallowed whole by demonized subway train, saved by Beast & Iceman, stood up for them after they were berated by mutant haters, helped Beast defeat demonized subway train, kissed Beast (X-Factor #36, 1989); reunited with Beast after his return from interstellar adventure, began dating him (X-Factor #51, 1990); accompanied Beast to dinner with Cyclops & Marvel Girl, dinner interrupted by giant cockroaches, photographed X-Factor’s battle with them & their defeat of Locust, went to dine at different location (X-Factor #52, 1990); reported on Archangel’s intervention in drug war, interviewed doctor after Archangel’s decapitation of Raven Azure, confronted by Beast over her reporting methods, suggested they call an end to their relationship if Beast couldn’t accept her being a reporter (X-Factor #56, 1990); continued reporting on Archangel’s vigilantism, witnessed X-Factor’s battle with the Right’s super-soldiers (X-Factor #57, 1990); witnessed Archangel’s rescue of falling reporters & subsequent dropping of them into the water after they hounded him for an interview, reluctantly chose to file story despite it reinforcing Archangel’s vigilante status, discussed situation with ex-husband & news department head Paul Burton, offered special assignment in India in lieu of vacation, witnessed giving Paul thank you kiss on cheek by Beast (X-Factor #59, 1990); reported on strained relations between U.S. and Genosha prior to departing for India (Uncanny X-Men #270, 1990); en route to India (X-Factor #60, 1990); reported on earthquake in Argentina caused by Zaladane’s machinations (Uncanny X-Men #274, 1991); reported live on war in Persian Gulf area (X-Factor #65, 1991); reported on Bishop’s efforts to recapture escaped mutant criminals (Uncanny X-Men #285, 1992); reported on attempted assassination of Professor X by Stryfe disguised as Cable (Uncanny X-Men #294, 1992); reported on X-Men’s battle with Acolytes, interviewed Senator Robert Kelly (Uncanny X-Men #298, 1993); reported on abduction of Rusty & Skids by Friends of Humanity (X-Force #24, 1993); went to interview Doctor Cahill accompanied by Beast, captured by mutant Marvin Umbridge seeking revenge on Cahill, rescued by Beast, exposed Cahill’s misappropriation of hospital funds (X-Men Annual #2, 1993); in Genosha, reported on assassination of Genoshan government, resultant civil war, & X-Men’s relief efforts (Avengers #368/X-Men #26/Avengers #369, 1993); had Thanksgiving dinner with X-Men, present for Cyclops & Jean’s wedding announcement (Uncanny X-Men #308, 1994); reported on Namor’s arrival in New York via iceberg (Namor, the Sub-Mariner #54, 1994); reported live from United Nations on Llyron’s arrival to petition for membership in the U.N. for Atlantis, reported on subsequent attack by giant sea creatures (Namor, the Sub-Mariner #56, 1994); reported on X-Men’s battle with Sabretooth (Sabretooth: In The Red Zone, 1995); as reporter for CBNC, reported on hostage situation involving suspected serial killer Linus Dorfmann & his subsequent arrest, interviewed N.Y.P.D. Chief Eamon X. Reilly & Doctor Sybil (Wolverine #89-90, 1995); reported on death of Sherman Oakes & escape of Carnage from Ravencroft (Venom: Carnage Unleashed #3, 1995); reported live on Fordham Rhodes trial, witnessed Sin-Eater’s execution of Rhodes & his lawyer & his wounding of legal assistant & Eddie Brock’s ex-wife Ann Weying (Venom: Sinner Takes All! #1, 1995); reported on Venom/Eddie Brock’s battle with Sin-Eater, witnessed Venom’s apparent killing of Sin-Eater with rocket launcher, saved from explosion by Chief Reilly, interviewed him (Venom: Sinner Takes All! #4-5, 1995); made information on Legacy Virus public in exposé report (X-Men: Prime, 1995); confronted by Beast over Legacy Virus report (Uncanny X-Men #323, 1995); in Rocky Mountains, reported on Grizzly’s killing spree (Cable #22, 1995); reported on Ann Weying being taken into protective custody by police & her subsequent merger with Venom symbiote to become She-Venom (Venom: Along Came a Spider #1-3, 1996); interviewed Doctor Kafka regarding implication of Venom as being “brain-eating killer” (Venom: The Hunted #1, 1996); as anchorwoman for CBNC News, reported on heroes’ battle with Onslaught & apparent sacrifice of Avengers, Fantastic Four & others (Onslaught: Marvel Universe, 1996); reconciled with Beast (X-Men #57, 1996); hosted own talk show with Presidential candidate Graydon Creed as guest (X-Men #58, 1996); reported on Swarm’s attack on Manhattan (Sensational Spider-Man #10, 1996); reported on Hulk’s takeover of Duck Key (Incredible Hulk ’97 Annual, 1997); reported on disappearance of Lydia Lumet (X-Man: All Saints’ Day, 1997); reported on Devil Dinosaur’s rampage through New York (Ghost Rider #82, 1997); reported on destruction of Humanity’s Last Stand complex in East Buffolk, Oklahoma by Punisher (Punisher #16, 1997); reported on trial of Venom, interviewed Matt Murdock, witnessed Spider-Man’s arrival at courthouse (Venom: On Trial #2, 1997); reported on battle between Spider-Man, Daredevil, Venom & Carnage, interrupted by Special Agent Darryl Smith, witnessed Smith taking Venom into custody (Venom: On Trial #3, 1997); celebrated Christmas with X-Men, alongside them, witnessed Cannonball’s battle with Gladiator, teleported by him to Shi’ar vessel, transported to Shi’ar galaxy via stargate, alongside X-Men, encountered Deathbird & Phalanx, helped X-Men oppose Phalanx invasion of Shi’ar throneworld (Uncanny X-Men #341-344, 1997); alongside X-Men & Shi’ar, celebrated victory over Phalanx, discussed possibility of resuming relationship with Beast, alongside X-Men, escorted back to Earth by Deathbird, ship knocked off course by massive starship, crash-landed on apparent alien world soon revealed to be holographic illusion & that they were in Antarctica, witnessed X-Men’s capture by Nanny robot, freed them by destroying Nanny, witnessed Gambit’s surrender to bounty hunters, sought to liberate him, captured by Magneto posing as Erik the Red, forced to participate in jury during Magneto’s mock trial of Gambit, freed by Rogue (Uncanny X-Men #345 & 347-350, 1997); returned to Xavier Institute with X-Men, encountered Juggernaut, learned of Operation: Zero Tolerance from Wolverine, fled from his berating over her Legacy Virus story (X-Men #70, 1997); gave Beast farewell kiss before returning home to Manhattan (X-Men #71, 1997); as reporter for MNN, reported on Latverian American Day Parade & anti-Doom protestors, sought to interview Venom after his interruption of parade, learned of his involvement with Overreach Committee, interview interrupted by Special Agent Smith, witnessed Venom’s battle with Stentor, approached for interview by Stentor, witnessed Stentor’s defeat by Venom & his rescue by Spider-Man, reported on Spider-Man’s battle with Venom, sought to interview Spider-Man, again interrupted by Smith (Venom: Finale #1-2, 1997); reported on Elektra’s battle with the Hand, interviewed Chief Reilly about his Elektra Task Force (Elektra #19, 1998); attended Roxxon press conference announcing their super-criminal rehabilitation process & their first agent the Scorpion/MacDonald Gargan, witnessed Scorpion’s dealing with bomb threat & Spider-Man’s intervention (Spider-Man Unlimited #22, 1998); reported on Powerhouse’s attack on U.N. (Wolverine #133, 1999); reported on Avengers’ battle with Protectorate (Avengers ’99 Annual, 1999); as reporter for CBNC, reported on Acolytes’ attack on genetic research lab in Minnesota (Uncanny X-Men #366, 1999); reported on Magneto’s unleashing of electromagnetic shockwave across Earth & his sending Ferris to U.N. to negotiate Earth’s terms of surrender (X-Men #87/Uncanny X-Men #368, 1999); in Genosha, reported on Magneto’s being ceded control of nation, interviewed Black Panther, Captain America, Moira MacTaggart & Gabrielle Haller (Magneto Rex #1, 1999); reported on world’s reaction to Magneto’s control of Genosha & Quicksilver’s appointment to his Cabinet (Magneto Rex #3, 1999); celebrated Christmas with X-Men (X-Men #109, 2001); as reporter for SNN, reported on Tiberius Stone’s party (Iron Man #37, 2001); reported on Radioactive Man holding Tiberius Stone hostage, sought to interview Iron Man (Iron Man #38, 2001); reported on reappearance of Baxter Building (Fantastic Four #40, 2001); as reporter for BNBC, in Genosha, reported on Magneto’s preparation for war against humanity & world’s reaction to threat (X-Men #111, 2001); reported on disappearance of Senator Drexel Walsh (Wolverine #162, 2001); in Genosha, reported on Sentinel’s devastation (X-Treme X-Men #5, 2001); in Albania, reported on conflict between Albanians & Serbians (Cable #97, 2001); reported on Graviton’s abduction of world capital cities (Thunderbolts #57, 2001); broke off relationship with Beast after his further mutation began to impact on her career following allegations of bestiality (New X-Men #117, 2001); reported on shootings linked to John Sublime’s book & other mutant-related stories (New X-Men #118, 2001); attended press conference at Xavier Institute, witnessed attack on Institute by Imperial Guard & Cassandra Nova, alongside other reporters, shepherded to safety by Beast, apologized to him, rebuffed by him (New X-Men #123-125, 2002); asked by Beast to spend New Year’s Eve with him (Marvel Holiday Special 2004 #1, 2004); as reporter for CBNC, in Mutant Town, reported on aftermath of “M-Day”, asked Bishop as to Beast’s well-being, learned of terrorist attack on X-Corporation’s Paris headquarters (House of M: The Day After, 2006); reported on abandonment of Mutant Town & on Reverend Stryker’s press conference (New X-Men #21, 2006)


First Appearance: X-Factor #17 (2007)
Significant Issues: Team formed by Cross, launched terrorist attacks against government, pursued by O*N*E, sought Quicksilver’s assistance, repowered by him, vs X-Factor Investigations, Cross exploded, team scattered (X-Factor #17-20, 2007

X-Factor Investigations

First Appearance: (As XXX Investigations) Madrox #1 (2004); (as X-Factor Investigations) Madrox #5 (2005)
Origin: Madrox #1-5 (2004-2005)

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