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Welcome to the official online Data Corrections page for the Official Handbooks of the Marvel Universe. Herein we will publish official corrections and clarifications for entries in the Deluxe Edition, Update ‘89, Master Edition and the current incarnation of the OHOTMU. You will be able to find the listing of corrections on the Data Corrections Listing below.

Data Corrections

In spite of everyone's best efforts, sometimes mistakes do still slip through. Often we spot these mistakes ourselves once a book comes out (and then we kick ourselves), other times someone points it out. We will give credit for spotting mistakes, when we are contacted directly or through Marvel, and when we know the identity of the eagle-eyed reader; however credit will only be given to the first person to bring the mistake to our attention. In addition, we also list below clarifications for things which are not necessarily mistakes, but which are regularly and erroneously thought be mistakes by some readers.

If you would like to keep us posted about any and all errors and oversights accidentally printed, please contact Please mention which character you are submitting, which issue the character is in and a brief explanation in the subject area. For example "Spider-Man 2004: Spider-Man's relatives", "Book of the Dead: Thor's battle with Surtur" or "Women of Marvel 2005: Scarlet Witch's powers". This will help group each e-mail together for a specific error with a character.


The House of M reality is simply a name for the unique state of existence created by the Scarlet Witch. It is indeed an altered reality (specifically, an altered Earth-616) - not an alternate reality. It is so altered that events that occurred in Earth-616-normal did not affect those in House of M or vice-versa. Reality-58163 is a core continuum designation for the unique altered reality and the events that occurred within that altered reality.

General Power Grids

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Power Grid image

Though sometimes helpful in defining a character's abilities, Power Grids are not an exact science. Any specific instances of confusion will be listed specifically in this section of the site, but in general it's worth noting the following:

  • Strength - the grid levels cover a wide range: level 4 for instance is anyone who can lift more than 800 lbs but not more than 25 tons. This doesn't mean everyone with Strength level 4 is equally strong, just that they fall within that wide range.
  • Speed - this gauges ability to travel from one place to another in a given time. As such people who can teleport and thus move from one point to another instantaneously can have what appears to be a disproportionately high speed, especially if they can teleport interstellar or inter-dimensional distances. So when Clea, for example, is listed with a Speed of 7, it does not mean she can run faster than Quicksilver.
  • Fighting Ability - things get tricky when getting to the top levels of fighting ability as defined by the grids. 5, 6, and 7 all pertain to "masters" of fighting, but "master" is a somewhat vague definition. The Punisher is a master of various styles of martial arts in as much as he is a black belt in many of them, and could easily outfight the average person in hand-to-hand combat. He is also an expert with guns, knives, and other combat weapons. As such he is graded 7, master of all forms of combat. Iron Fist is a master of various martial art styles to an uncanny degree, but has no expertise with guns or similar weapons; as such, he is graded 6, master of several forms of combat. His expertise in martial arts is far superior than that of the Punisher, though both are still counted as masters; the Punisher gets a higher grade not because he is the better fighter (which of them would win in a fight would depend on the circumstances and weapons they had available to them), but because he has a wider range of fighting skills.

    Data Correction Listing

    Here are Data Correction links by title to each OFFICIAL HANDBOOK OF THE MARVEL UNIVERSE, ranging from 1995 - Current.

  • [NOTE] - The Deluxe Edition and Update '89 are currently works in progress.


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