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OHOTMU:Data Corrections All-New A-Z 2006 11

OHOTMU:Data Corrections All-New A-Z 2006 11

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Cover by Keu Cha


All-New A-Z 2006 #11


  • Da Costa: In the prior places where its been listed, it's always been "Da Costa." In following the capital D we follow that. While we considered changing this before it went into print, following established usage is not an error. In Brazilian culture, the common capitalization of the last name is "da Costa"; despite this Marvel has always used "Da Costa." This could be simple unawareness of the traditional spelling, but also could mean the Da Costas have chosen to use an anglicized version of their name. In either case, the Handbooks followed the established Marvel capitalization.

    Swordsman (Strucker)

  • Swordsman’s Group Affiliation should have included Hydra