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OHOTMU:Data Corrections All-New A-Z 2006 2

OHOTMU:Data Corrections All-New A-Z 2006 2

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Cover by Keu Cha


All-New A-Z 2006 #2

Bedlam (Jesse Aaronson)

  • Group Affiliations should have included New HellionsThanks to Hervé Cousin for pointing this out.


  • An incorrect image was used for the inset image. The depicted character is, in fact, Erg and not Callisto.


  • Crazy Eight's Power Grid stats where accidentally placed in the Centennial profile. Centennial’s Power Grid stats should read as follows: Intelligence: 3, Strength: 5, Speed: 3, Durability: 6, Energy Projection: 3, Fighting Skills: 4


  • It should have been mentioned that Cerebro was once capable of detecting non-mutants…Thanks to K W for pointing this out.