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OHOTMU:Data Corrections All-New A-Z 2006 7

OHOTMU:Data Corrections All-New A-Z 2006 7

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Cover by Keu Cha


All-New A-Z 2006 #7


  • As per the GENERATION X limited series, Marrow's current status is that she has been depowered, while retaining the physical attributes of her previously mutated state.

    Mastermind (Martinique)

  • Group Affiliations should also list Brotherhood of Mutants as a former group since she was a member during the Dream’s End arc.


  • The note at the end of the entry should read as follows:
    • Namor once experienced a vision of Merlin's origins where Merlin was a solar priest under the father of Igraine circa 10, 000 BS. Since this seems to be at odds with most accounts, the vision was presumably a delusion, fabrication or possibly the origins of an aspect of Merlin other than the Otherworld or 616 versions." …Thanks to John McDonagh for pointing this out.


  • The world Moto should have been included under Dominant Lifeforms.


  • Marilou, Strygor, Tobe and Skitter are missing in the membership lists.

    Special Thanks

  • William Uchtman should have been listed in the credits under the Special Thanks area. We apologize to William for missing this and thank you for your help.