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OHOTMU:Data Corrections All-New A-Z 2006 9

OHOTMU:Data Corrections All-New A-Z 2006 9

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Cover by Keu Cha


All-New A-Z 2006 #9


  • Radius’s Power Grid stats should have been Intelligence: 2, Strength: 2, Speed: 2, Durability: 6, Energy Projection: 2, Fighting Skills: 3


  • Given Roxxon's immense history, we were forced to heavily limit who we included in the membership lists. Roxxon employees not included for space reasons: Blair (agent), Carson (security operative), Chester (floating oil refinery worker), Davis (scientist, assistant to Jonas Harrow), Gail (secretary to Carrington Pax), Jake (security guard, Denver), Joe (floating oil refinery worker), Juan (executive asst. to Hale in San Francisco), Ms. Loring (scientist under Hale, Nuform project), Mischa (biochemist), Missy (agent), Moyer (agent), Duncan O'Neill (mole within MI-5: British Secret Agent 003), Riki (boardroom chair, One Roxxon Plaza), Dr. Gerald Roth, Miss Simpkins (secretary, Hydropolis), Walter (executive assistant to President Gamelin), Yuri (biochemist). Also intentionally not included were a number of one-time hirelings, contract employees, or unwilling participants: Thomas Agar, Firebolt, Fixer, Flag-Smasher (mind-controlled operative), the Ghost, Seth Hanks (child savant), Dr. Jonas Harrow (scientist, Rye Research Facility), Hellrazor, Mycroft, Omega Flight (Jerome Jaxon's Omega Flight), Spymaster, the Voice, Jennifer Walters (attorney). The last class of intentionally unincluded is employees of Roxxon associates. A select few of these were included due to their importance, but for the most part we did not list employees of the Black Hoods, Brand, Cybertek, Metrobank, the Nth Command, WYDY Television, or other Roxxon subsidiaries, nor those of Kronas, which now owns Roxxon.


  • In the final paragraph of the Santerians entry, Eleggua is incorrectly spelled "Eleggia" and "Elleggua."


  • Group Affiliations should have included Beta Flight and Gamma Flight as previously shown in OHotMU MASTER EDITION…Thanks to Robbert Graner for highlighting this omission.