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OHOTMU:Data Corrections All-New A-Z Update 1

OHOTMU:Data Corrections All-New A-Z Update 1

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Cover by Tom Raney


All-New A-Z 2007 Update #1


  • Arcade should have been listed with red hair and not brown hair…Thanks to John McDonagh for pointing this out.


  • Garko’s weight was incorrectly listed as 63 lbs., it should be listed as 163 lbs.


  • In the In-Betweener’s profile on the 2nd page, in the 4th paragraph on line 17, it should have read “by the new Zodiac Key and made a connections with it, becoming” instead of “by the new Zodiac Keyand made a connections with the it, becoming”.

    Norman Osborn

  • Norman Osborn’s height was incorrectly listed as 5’ 10” when it should be 5’ 11”.


  • Group Affiliations should have included Gamma Flight as previously shown in OHOTMU MASTER EDITION…Thanks to Robbert Graner for highlighting this omission.

    Rebel Ralston

  • The issue number of Rebel Ralston's first appearance is missing from his entry. Ralston first appeared in SGT. FURY AND HIS HOWLING COMMANDOS #1 (1963).