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OHOTMU:Data Corrections Avengers 2004

OHOTMU:Data Corrections Avengers 2004

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Cover by Salvador Larroca & Richard Isanove


Avengers 2004


  • Though the paragraph of information mentioning it was written, somehow Ant-Man (Scott Lang)‘s ability to shrink, a fairly major part of his powers, failed to make it to the final printed page. This was corrected in time for his BOOK OF THE DEAD 2004 Handbook profile, but for the record: "He carries a supply of Pym Particles in his belt, allowing him to shrink in size and grow back to his normal height, an effect he can extend to other people and objects."

    Captain America

  • His weight is incorrectly listed as 220lbs. It should be 240 lbs. as per the original OHotMU series and the OHotMU DELUXE EDITION series. Also the Red Skull (Johann Shmidt) is in a clone body of Captain America (Steve Rogers) and is correctly listed as 240 lbs. in the GOLDEN AGE 2004 Handbook.
  • Known Relatives should have included Red Skull (clone).


  • As of the time this entry was written, Gyrich was the team's liaison to the United Nations and the world's governments, not merely the team's NSC liaison (his original position). Also, the NSC is sometimes mistakenly referred to as the NSA in this entry.


  • According to the latest revision of Hawkeye's origin, Barney didn't angrily abandon Clint because of Clint's refusal to be the Swordsman's accomplice, but left Clint for entirely different reasons and on relatively amicable terms.
  • Hawkeye the Marksman, Seagate Superhuman Cellblock Prisoner 334556, Louis, Br‘er Hawkeye, The Hawkeye Kid should have been added to the Known Aliases. Hawkeye also impersonated Father Time and Constrictor, which were also omitted.


  • Known Relatives should have included Daka (uncle), Stegor, Kamuu, Harran, and Kalen (ancestors)

    Quicksilver & Scarlet Witch

  • Red Lucy Keough, a famed pirate ancestor of Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver, was erroneously omitted from the Known Relatives list.


  • The last paragraph in this profile was erroneously printed twice.


  • Though the entry states he a sense of true brotherhood with Simon Williams after the Grim Reaper trial in fact it didn't really seem to take root until the events of VISION AND THE SCARLET WITCH #2.
  • The entry also states that after he regained his human emotions, the Vision was reluctant to resume his relationship with Wanda. It would be more accurate to say that after his human emotions resurfaced, Vision actually tried to reconcile with Wanda but was rejected by her. He later feigned indifference to her (having decided she was better off without him) and pursued romances with several other women, notably Mantis, while Wanda dated Simon. The Vision/Wanda romance never really resumed before Vision's recent demise, contrary to the profile's final comment.


  • Her entry says she was angry with Hank after he transformed her into a more insect-like form. In point of fact, Wasp was actually weirdly upbeat about her Crossing-era mutation, and didn't turn on Hank until later, when she learned he'd been monitoring her without her knowledge since the transformation. Their romance didn't really resume before Onslaught (though they did share a declaration of love when they thought they were dying during that battle), but they did resume their romance after they returned from the "Franklinverse."


  • No mention was made of Hank's ability to shrink and grow materials other than himself - an ability somewhat limited since he left his Doctor Pym phase, but something he can still do with special preparation.
  • Yellowjacket is shown to have a genius level intellect within the profile itself, but was incorrectly given a Power Grid level of 3 when in fact it should have been listed as a 5...Thanks to Ouchmaker for pointing this out.

    Avengers Roster

  • The "probationary member" line in the Moira Brandon entry is an accidental paste-in. As was correctly stated she became an honorary member as of a story in AVENGERS WEST COAST #100, though it's worth noting that this story falls chronologically just before WEST COAST AVENGERS #1.
  • Spider-Man (Peter Parker) should be slotted between Sersi and Stingray in the Avengers Roster, as it is meant to be in the order that members joined the team.

    Avengers Various

  • Swordsman (Jacques Duquesne) joined in AVENGERS #20 (1965), not #19.
  • Hellcat's probationary status starts in AVENGERS #141 (as Patsy) or #144 (as Hellcat), not #148.
  • The Guardians of the Galaxy image labeled "Starhawk/Stakar and Ogord" should be labeled "Starhawk/Stakar and Aleta Ogord" or "Starhawk and Aleta". Also, the accompanying picture is actually of the Galactic Guardians.
  • The Two-Gun Kid was born Matthew Liebowicz but changed his name to Matthew J. Hawk, the name used in most of his appearances.
  • Moon Knight joined the Avengers in WEST COAST AVENGERS #33 (1988), not AVENGERS #21.
  • AVENGERS #286 (1987) is probably a more accurate starting point for Marrina's honorary membership.
  • Crystal seems to be a probationary member as of AVENGERS #336 before full status in AVENGERS #343.

    Avengers Bibliography

  • Evidence suggests that Lionheart joined in AVENGERS #81, not AVENGERS #82 as listed.
  • Jack of Hearts' first appearance is actually DEADLY HANDS OF KUNG-FU #22.
  • Wendell Vaughn first appeared in CAPTAIN AMERICA #217 as Marvel Boy, though he soon became Marvel Man.
  • Tigra's first appearances lack dates. THE CAT #1 was published in 1972, and GIANT-SIZE CREATURES #1 was in 1974.