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Marvel Universe 

OHOTMU:Data Corrections Avengers 2005

OHOTMU:Data Corrections Avengers 2005

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Cover by Tom Grummett & Morry Hollowell


Avengers 2005


  • The Spider-Man listing in the "recent recruits" section of the Avengers profile incorrectly cited AVENGERS #329 as his point of membership. Spider-Man actually joined in AVENGERS #316.

    Count Nefaria

  • The Thunderbird who died on Nefaria's plane was John Proudstar, not James…Thanks to Hervé Cousin for highlighting this omission.


  • Mantis’s mother’s full name is Lua Nguyen Brandt.

    Spider-Woman (Julia Carpenter)

  • In SPIDER-WOMAN #4, we see Julia's mother's maiden name was Wesselman. So, under Known Relatives, it should read "Elizabeth Wesselman Cornwall (mother)".


  • Triathlon's education is listed as unrevealed, but there's a line of dialogue where he mentions hustling pool in college, so he did at least some unspecified college studies (and probably finished high school).