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OHOTMU:Data Corrections Marvel Knights 2005

OHOTMU:Data Corrections Marvel Knights 2005

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Cover by Pat Lee & Chris Sotomayor


Marvel Knights 2005


  • In the fourth to the last paragraph the phrase "guardians of an ancient mystical library" should read as "guardian of an ancient mystical library" as it's referring to Bible John.
  • Known Relatives should have stated "Vanessa Brooks (mother, deceased)" instead of "unnamed mother (deceased)".

    Dr. Strange

  • Data Corrections is also a place to explain why questioned issues are not actual corrections..
    Doctor Strange’s date of birth:
    Strange is confirmed in the MARVEL: LOST GENERATION series to have been active for many years before the modern era.
    The 1990s Tales from the Book of the Vishanti (from DR. STRANGE: SORCERER SUPREME) said that "decades" passed between 1943 and Strange's accident. The accident was set in 1963 (since 1973 would not have allowed a long enough timespan between the DS/Black Fox/Pixie story in LOST GENERATION and Strange's first meeting with the Fox prior to that).
    Strange's birthdate was set in 1930 because that makes him 33 when he had his fall from grace, making him (as we've always been told he was) sort of a wunderkind to have become such a world-renowned surgeon at such a comparatively young age.
    As a sorcerer who has been referred to as having slowed aging a number of times, Strange's birthdate can stay fixed in time no matter how much time passes.

    Iron Fist

  • Some of the information from this profile was adapted from information from the 1980s OHofMU Iron Fist entry, which contained a number of elements at odds with previous and/or subsequent stories
      * Shou-Lou has been shown to have been a dragon from the start. He apparently posed as a mortal when he seduced the daughter of the Dragon King. (See the Master Khan entry (or the Appendix Shou-Lao entry) for the full story)
      * "Yu-Ti" is not a proper name, it is a title for the ruler of K'un-Lun; the ruler is also referred to as the "August Personage in Jade".
      * As shown in POWER MAN & IRON FIST #75, Shakari was killed by the H'ylthri, not by Yu-Ti's men.
      * The people of K'un-Lun are of alien origin to K'un-Lun, but it they "may have" originated from Earth.
      * Wendell Rand'Kai is an original native of K'un-Lun, and is the elder son of Tuan...making Daniel Rand'Kai (Iron Fist) the rightful ruler of K'un-Lun. The current Yu-Ti has told deceptive stories to the contrary to maintain his power. This is discussed in detail here: Wendell Rand'Kai ...Thanks to Donald Campbell for pointing the above out

    Nick Fury

  • The image of Nick is reversed, resulting in his eyepatch being on the wrong eye and his name badge being the wrong way round...Thanks to Stacy J. Ricco for pointing this out.
  • Not a mistake in the text of his entry, but a mistake related to Nick nonetheless. Two fans on the Gold/Silver/Bronze Message Board provided one of our writers with pieces of information which (after confirming the information was correct) were used in the Nick Fury entry. However we failed to thank them in the Handbook...Thanks to "Rip Jagger" and "Man With No Face" for pointing this out.


  • His Group Affiliations should include "X-Men (Muir Island team)"…Thanks to Hervé Cousin for highlighting this omission.


  • Man-Thing’s bibliography under Significant Issues, "opposed Thog’s Nightmare Box plot (MAN-THING #11, 1981)" should have followed the Captain Fate entry, and it should reference (MAN-THING #19-22, 1975)


  • Frank Castle has a middle name with the initial G.
  • A tour with the marines is 13 months, not 12 like in the army.