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OHOTMU:Data Corrections New Avengers: Most Wanted Files

OHOTMU:Data Corrections New Avengers: Most Wanted Files

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Cover by David Finch


New Avengers: Most Wanted Files

Tiger Shark

  • His stats should be Height: 6' 1"; Weight: 450 lbs.; Eyes; Grey; Hair: Brown

    Prison Facilities

    Due to limited space some facilities were omitted, which in itself is not an error, we just couldn‘t fit them all in. So it was decided to list the entire listing in this area. Also some facilities have been introduced since the publication of NEW AVENGERS: MOST WANTED FILES and those in turn have been added as well.

  • Alcatraz - Island prison off of California, established 1859, held superhuman criminals in 1940s, closed in 1963. MARVEL MYSTERY COMICS #25 (1941)
  • Almagordo - Nuclear testing facility in New Mexico, held Armageddon Man and perhaps other mutants in suspended animation. X-FORCE #88 (1999)
  • Anvil - Alien penal colony on planet Annoval XIV, site of attempted breakout by Nebula. SILVER SURFER #74 (1993)
  • Area 52 - Utah facility, used to contain "the mysteries of America," including superhuman-related technology, allegedly replaced Nevada's Area 51. UNCANNY X-MEN #363 (1999)
  • Area 102 - Government facility designed to prepare for and contain superhuman threats, used by "Thunderbolt" Ross as a Hulkbuster base. INCREDIBLE HULK #462 (1998)
  • Big House - New York prison, housed superhuman criminals shrunken in size by Yellowjacket‘s Pym particles. SHE-HULK #5 (2004)
  • Black Hole - Government Research Facility #24601, experimented on occult superhumans, directed by Spook. GHOST RIDER #62 (1995)
  • Brainstorm Ward - Mental institution, a.k.a. the Mad Dog Ward, secretly funded by Kingpin, used to create superhuman assassins, exposed by Spider-Man. WEB OF SPIDER-MAN #33 (1987)
  • Cage - Island prison for superhumans, built over French prison called Prison de la Morte, dampened all superhuman powers regardless of source, plagued by corrupt personnel. WOLVERINE #164 (2001)
  • Citadel - Centuries-old French prison, used to hold sorcerers. FANTASTIC FOUR Annual 1999 (1999)
  • Cold Iron - Military base in Adirondacks, attempted to find scientific basis for supernatural beings, illegally studied corpses of John Blaze's allies. SPIRITS OF VENGEANCE #20 (1994)
  • Cube - Prison for hundreds of psychopathic superhumans, declared "the capital of the new Kree Empire" by Noh-Varr (a.k.a. Marvel Boy), fate unrevealed. MARVEL BOY #6 (2001)
  • Damnation City - Intergalactic alien prison, possibly destroyed in aftermath of invasion by Deadpool to rescue Dirty Wolff. DEADPOOL #41 (2000)
  • Desecration Annex - Space station designed by the Celestials to hold beings of cosmic-level power. CAPTAIN MARVEL #5 (1996)
  • Folding Castle Detention Quadrant - Holding facility in Baron Helmut Zemo’s Folding Castle for super-villain prisoners captured by the Thunderbolts. THUNDERBOLTS #103 (2006)
  • Dorkham Asylum - Insane asylum in Visigoth, MA, housed several superhumans, many of them mutated by Jack Serious. SENSATIONAL SHE-HULK #19 (1990)
  • Fantasy Island - a superhuman prison in the Negative Zone. CIVIL WAR: FRONTLINE #5 (2006)
  • Feng-Tu - Chinese underground prison designed to hold mutants. X-MEN Annual 2001 (2001)
  • Fort Cheer - Federal prison, maximum security, unjustly held espionage operative Susan Jacobson, broken into by Hulk and Pantheon. INCREDIBLE HULK #410 (1993)
  • Fortress - Superhuman research facility, created sleeper agents for U.S. government and others, trained New Genix in simulated future environment. MARVEL COMICS PRESENTS #112 (1992)
  • Gamma Base (a.k.a. Hulkbuster Base) - Originally New Mexico base dedicated to Hulk 's capture, held other gamma-powered superhumans, relocated to Nevada, later acquired by Operation: Zero Tolerance. INCREDIBLE HULK #145 (1971)
  • Hangar 18 - Extraterrestrial-oriented research facility, allegedly located at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, studied Skrulls captured in 1947. BLACKWULF #2 (1994)
  • House of Correction - Inhumane prison for rebellious teenagers (mutant and otherwise), site of forced cybernetic transformation by Warden Coffin. GENERATION-X #64 (2000)
  • Ice Box - Canadian maximum security prison, held crime lord Ivan the Terrible. MAVERICK #8 (1998)
  • Iron Rock - Facility to hold advanced technology confiscated from super-villains. SENSATIONAL SPIDER-MAN #8 (1996)
  • Kyln - Intergalactic alien prison, supposedly located near universe's edge, holds the universe's deadliest criminals. THANOS #7 (2004)
  • Monster Island - Island in Bermuda Triangle, connected to Subterranea, former site of Deviant mutate breeding, ruled by Mole Man, occasionally used as dumping ground for gigantic creatures by U.S. government and possibly by Japanese government as well. FANTASTIC FOUR #1 (1961)
  • Muir Island - Mutant research facility off Scottish coast, partially sponsored by Professor X, held mutant criminals as needed. X-MEN #104 (1977)
  • Neverland - Weapon X detention facility, supposedly designed to hold mutant terrorists, actually served as mutant concentration camp. WEAPON-X #5 (2003)
  • New Jersey Youth Correctional Facility - Youth detention facility that holds young superhumans, held Young Avengers Speed. YOUNG AVENGERS #10 (2006)
  • Project: PEGASUS - NY-based government facility, investigated alternate power sources, studied various superhumans (willing or otherwise), served as de facto prison for years. MARVEL TWO-IN-ONE #42 (1978)
  • Province 13 - Russian research base and prison, collected and studied mutants. X-MEN: LIBERATTORS #1 (1998)
  • Ravencroft Institute for the Criminally Insane - Asylum established by Dr. Ashley Kafka to treat insane superhumans, site of several breakouts SPIDER-MAN UNLIMITED #1 (1993)
  • Riker's Island - Maximum security prison off NYC coast, included special wing to hold superhuman criminals, subject to many breakouts. AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #213 (1981)
  • Salamanca High-security prison for superhuman criminals, patrolled by flying armored guards. DAREDEVIL VS PUNISHER #4 (2005)
  • Sauerbraten Mental Health Facility - Ohio institution used as front by Doctor Reich, briefly held Howard the Duck and Winda Wester. HOWARD THE DUCK #12 (1977)
  • Seagate Prison - Maximum security prison off Georgia coast, formerly held Luke Cage, later added wing for superhuman criminals. HERO FOR HIRE #1 (1972)
  • Skraggmore Penitentiary - Illinois prison, formerly held the Zaniac. THOR #371 (1986)
  • Solomon Institute for the Criminally Insane - Institute used as a front by Taskmaster. AVENGERS #194-196 (1980)
  • Sunshine City - Government facility, site of procedures by Puppet Master to control criminally insane in order to rehabilitate them. FANTASTIC FOUR #45 (2001)
  • Vault - Immense facility for holding superhuman criminals, located in Colorado Rocky Mountains, contained special wing for extraterrestrial prisoners. AVENGERS Annual #15 (1986)
  • Wormwall - New York prison, held Doctor Angst for years. SENSATIONAL SHE-HULK #14 (1990)