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OHOTMU:Data Corrections Spider-Man 2004

OHOTMU:Data Corrections Spider-Man 2004

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Cover by Salvador Larroca & Richard Isanove


Spider-Man 2004


  • Although appearing on the cover to this issue, the Rhino was a late withdrawal. He was later profiled in the HULK 2004 Handbook.

    Green Goblin

  • Group Affiliations should include Hellfire Club.


  • Roderick Kingsley renounced his U.S. citizenship. He's currently a citizen of Belize, not the U.S.A.

    May Parker

  • Parker, May was a member of the “Gray Panthers”, not the “Gray Powers”...Thanks to Zach Kinkead for pointing this out.

    Gwen Stacy

  • Gwendolyn Stacy should be spelled Gwendolyne Stacy as per the OHOTMU DELUXE EDITION and OFFICIAL MARVEL INDEX TO THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN, though both spellings have been in print. MARVEL INDEX discusses the misspellings, and makes Gwendolyne the official correct spelling.


  • Power grid level for strength should be shown as a 4 instead of a 5 and the level for fighting skills should be shown as a 4 instead of a 2.


  • Shocker's marital status should have been listed as “divorced”...Thanks to Zach Kinkead for pointing this out.

    Spider-Man (Peter Parker)

  • “Black Marvel” was incorrectly listed as an alias...Thanks to Zach Kinkead for bring this to our attention.


  • Venom’s father was incorrectly listed as “Carol” when it should have been “Carl”…Thanks to Wezqu for pointing this out.