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OHOTMU:Data Corrections Spider-Man 2005

OHOTMU:Data Corrections Spider-Man 2005

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Cover by Tom Raney & Morry Hollowell


Spider-Man 2005

Frederick Foswell

  • His first appearance was in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #10 as Big Man.


  • The last paragraph should have commas around the phrase "possibly the Jackal Man".


  • Kaine's profile mentions Detective Jack Raven - however the character's correct name is Jacob. While Jack is an accepted abbreviation of Jacob, the character didn't use that abbreviation.


  • Mysterio (Beck)’s place of birth should have been listed as Riverside, CA instead of New York, New York.

    Spider-Man (Peter Parker)

  • “Black Marvel” was incorrectly listed as an alias...Thanks to Zach Kinkead for bring this to our attention.

    Stacy Twins

  • Known Relatives should include Harold "Normie" Osborn (newphew), Elizabeth "Liz" Allan Osborn (sister-in-law), and Mark Raxton (brother-in-law).