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OHOTMU:Data Corrections Spider-Man 2007

OHOTMU:Data Corrections Spider-Man 2007

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Cover by Aaron Lopresti


Spider-Man: Back in Black 2007

Daily Bugle

  • Lance Bannon listed as a reporter instead of a photographer.
  • Laurie Lynton is incorrectly listed as being deceased…Thanks to Rob London for pointing this out.
  • The first appearance of Ralfie Markarian (reporter) was incorrectly listed as X-MAN #28 (1997), it should have been listed as X-MAN #26 (1997).
  • Peter Parker is listed as AMAZING FANTASY #17 (1963) instead of AMAZING FANTASY #15 (1962).

    Fredrick Foswell

  • First Appearance was ommitted, it should be AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #10.


  • Silvermane’s group affiliation should have included New World order due to his involvement with the Red Skull group from INCREDIBLE HULK #404 (1993).


  • Spider-Man and Peter Parker should have been listed as aliases…Thanks to Wezqu for pointing this out.

    Stacy Twins

  • Under Known Relatives Norman Harold "Normie" Osborn (newphew), Elizabeth "Liz" Allan Osborn (sister-in-law), and Mark Raxton (brother-in-law) should have been listed.


  • Due to various colors used for the Tracer’s hair in comics, it was listed as blond. However it was pointed out that it looks more brown than blond in his appearances. To balance the variations in colors out, we've decided it should have been listed as “dirty blond”…Thanks to s05bf0d4 for pointing this out.