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OHOTMU:Data Corrections Ultimate Spider-Man/Fantastic Four 2005

OHOTMU:Data Corrections Ultimate Spider-Man/Fantastic Four 2005

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Cover by Mark Bagley & Morry Hollowell


Ultimate Spider-Man/Fantastic Four 2005


  • Dillon's first name is Max.

    Ben Parker

  • As mentioned in ULTIMATE X-MEN, Ben Parker worked in a printing plant, so his occupation should reflect that.


  • One part of his history is slightly out of order - he first fought Iron Fist after meeting Geldoff.


  • Sue and Johnny Storm's father is named William Storm in a number of spots throughout various profiles, but is Franklin Storm in other areas and in ULTIMATE FANTASTIC FOUR #19. This mistake arose because the advanced scripts for ULTIMATE FANTASTIC FOUR #19 listed him as William, but the name changed to Franklin before the issue went to print; the correction was not universally made throughout the Handbook. In all cases, his name should be Franklin…Thanks to the various people on the Ultimate Central Forums for the above corrections.