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Marvel Universe 

OHOTMU:Data Corrections Update '89 1

OHOTMU:Data Corrections Update '89 1


OHotMU Update ’89 #1

Alraune, Marlene

  • There is a cross reference to an nonexistent entry for KhonshuThanks to Dennis R. Osborn for pointing this out.
      * NOTE: Khonshu was dropped for lack of space.

    Apocalypse’s Horsemen

  • It was Famine who was teleported to the Midwest, not PestilenceThanks to Dean Alford and Joe O’Brian for pointing this out.


  • Archangel now has blue skin.


  • Arclight’s real name is Philippa Sontag…Thanks to Jason Johannes for pointing this out.


  • Buchwacker first appeared in DAREDEVIL #248, not #249...Thanks to Sean C. Jackson for pointing this out.

    Captain Britain

  • Captain Britain is 6’ 6” and weighs roughly 18 stone (252lbs) according to the CAPTAIN BRITAIN trade paperback…Thanks to Peter Garcia for pointing this out.