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Marvel Universe 

OHOTMU:Data Corrections Update '89 3

OHOTMU:Data Corrections Update '89 3


OHotMU Update ’89 #3


  • The second Earthman to wear the quantum bands was William Wesley (as seen in QUASAR #1). Wendell Vaughn was the third…Thanks to Peter Garcia for pointing this out.


  • Widget first appeared in EXCALIBUR #1, but has not “officially” joined Excalibur.

    Fin Fan Foom

  • Fin Fan Foom appeared to be roughly 30 feet tall in his encounter with It, the Living Colossus…Thanks to Peter Garcia for pointing this out.

    Frightful Four

  • Hydro-man, Klaw, and Titania were all active members of the Frightful Four as of FANTASTIC FOUR #336, not 236 (another typo)…Thanks to Shawn Laing and Lazoros T. Volikas for pointing this out.


  • Gateway has proved able to teleport Colossus into LimboThanks to James Durant Jr., Shawn Laing, and Travis Seay for pointing this out.
  • Gateway has demonstrated he can speak by talking to JubileeThanks to Matt Walton for pointing this out.
  • Skullcrusher’s name should be SkullbusterThanks to Bryon K. Silk for pointing this out.


  • Jennifer Ransoome first appeared in X-MEN #235, not 236...Thanks to Keith Bores and Dennis Osborn for pointing this out.

    Great Beasts

  • Months after Alpha Flight battled the Great Beasts in the Beast’s own dimension, Pestilence took control of the Great Beasts and sent them to battle Alpha Flight. This battle took place before the last battle between Alpha Flight and the Beasts mentioned in the Beasts entry.

    Grog The God-Crusher

  • Grog is more properly called the “God-Crusher”, not the “God-Slayer”…Thanks to Jason Van Burenfor pointing this out.

    Hulk (Bruce Banner)

  • According to TALES TO ASTONISH #92, Bruce Banner is 5’ 11 ½” tall and weighs 180lbs. Also, the entry should have mentioned that Banner’s influence over the Hulk varies according to the phases of the moon; Banner’s influence is strongest under a full moon…Thanks to Peter Garcia for pointing this out.