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OHOTMU:Data Corrections Wolverine 2004

OHOTMU:Data Corrections Wolverine 2004

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Cover by Salvador Larroca & Chris Sotomayor


Wolverine 2004

Alpha Flight

  • Originally, at the time this Handbook was written, we considered Wyre an associate of the team, rather than a member. However, under further consideration done for the Alpha Flight entry for the TEAMS 2005 Handbook, we decided that Wyre's recruitment by Shaman, combined with his involvement with the main team, qualified him as an official member. Thus he should have been listed as a member in this Handbook too.
  • Manikin should have been listed as a member…Thanks to Robbert Graner for highlighting this omission.
  • Persuasion should have been listed as a Former Member.


  • There have been conflicting stories which suggest Deadpool is really either Wade Wilson or a guy called Jack, and those stories each make out that Deadpool was mistaken to think he was actually the other person. The Handbook writers sought to weigh up the evidence for each identity, as well as asking for an official ruling on the subject from our editors at Marvel: the decision went with him being Jack, and Wade being the fake identity. The first thirty odd issues of his series built up to the revelation of him being Jack, with explanations why that was the case, versus a four issue arc which contradicted this with little by way of evidence to back up this rebuttal. So he's Jack, not Wade.

    Matsu'o Tsurayaba

  • While his name has been spelt both with the apostrophe (in X-MEN #23 for instance) and without, both spellings can be considered equally correct (or equally wrong) as either is simply an anglicization of the Japanese ideograms which would be the true spelling of his name.


  • His Group Affiliations should have included "formerly X-Men", as he was a member of the ad-hoc Phalanx Covenant team…Thanks to Hervé Cousin for highlighting this omission.

    Silver Fox

  • Group Affiliations should have listed Silver Fox as a former member of Weapon XThanks to Hervé Cousin for highlighting this omission.