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OHOTMU:Data Corrections Women of Marvel 2005

OHOTMU:Data Corrections Women of Marvel 2005

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Cover by Greg Land & Justin Ponsor


Women of Marvel 2005


  • She is a college graduate, not just a high-school one.
  • Aliases should have included Disco Dazzler…Thanks to Rayeye for highlighting this omission.


  • Firestar’s height was incorrectly listed as 5’ 2" it should have been listed as 5’ 1"


  • Aliases should have included Bright Lady…Thanks to John McDonagh for pointing this out.

    Millie the Model

  • A few of her relatives were missed out. A fuller listing would be as follows:
    • KNOWN RELATIVES: George Henry P. Collins (father), Nancy (mother), Michael Spencer (brother), Evelyn (aunt), Misty (niece), Lily (cousin), Flo (cousin), Dee-Dee (cousin), Cornpone (cousin), Tulip (cousin), Lilybelle (cousin), Snobbia "Snobly" Goldmine (cousin), Sam Suave (cousin-in-law), Henry Bunky (cousin-in-law), Pongi (foster child)


  • Her weight is listed as 120 lbs. (variable). However, Mystique cannot change her weight when she shapeshifts, she merely rearranges it. As such, her weight is no more variable than any person; she gains and loses it through eating, dieting and exercising. Thus, her weight is not variable.


  • Spider-Girl's eye color should be blue. Both brown and blue have been seen, but blue has been the predominant color.

    Spider-Woman (Jessica Drew)

  • S.H.I.E.L.D. agent should have been listed as an occupation after Avenger.


  • This entry described Vantage of the Thunderbolts as being the grand-daughter of Paulette Brazee, lover of the wartime Citizen V (John Watkins). This is based on information supplied in CAPTAIN AMERICA/CITIZEN V 1998 Annual, where it is revealed that after the death of Citizen V, Paulette Brazee found a new love, and married him. Then in THUNDERBOLTS #42, we learn that Riordan's grandfather was a member of the post-WW II V-Battalion who died in action, that her father was Jimmy Riordan, and that Dallas was given the mantle of Citizen V by V-Battalion head Roger Aubrey, who describes it as her "grandfather's inheritance". All of this leads to the conclusion based on available information that Dallas' grandmother was Brazee. There was nothing definite printed to contradict it. Though THUNDERBOLTS writer Fabian Nicieza has since stated when asked that he intended it to be read otherwise, the Handbooks went with the information available to them at that time. However, given the author's strong statements, should this be referenced in future handbooks, Vantage will not be listed as being the grand-daughter of Paulette Brazee.