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OHOTMU:Data Corrections X-Men 2004

OHOTMU:Data Corrections X-Men 2004

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Cover by Salvador Larroca & Richard Isanove


X-Men 2004


  • The Strength Level of Beast should read that Beast possesses superhuman strength enabling him to lift/press approximately 10 tons under optimal conditions instead of 2 tons.
  • To reflect the Strength Level of the entry itself, which should state Beast can lift 10 tons (as mentioned above) under optimal conditions, the Power Grid level should be a 4 (800lbs - 25 ton range) and not a 5 (25-75 ton range)…Thanks to Dan Ray for pointing this out.


  • The image of Bishop is reversed from the way round it should be, resulting in his "M" tattoo being over his right eye.
  • Gateway is listed as Bishop's great-grandfather despite some comics stating just "grandfather". X-Men writer Chris Claremont has subsequently clarified that Gateway is indeed Bishop's great-grandfather.


  • Gambit’s Fighting Level should be a 4 (experienced fighter) and not a 3 (some training)…Thanks to phil56201 for pointing this out.


  • Defenders should be listed under Havok's former Group Affiliations.


  • Nightcrawler's powers section omitted to mention his ability to stick to walls. Similarly his ability to bend light around himself and thus become invisible in deep shadow, caused by the ever-present portal to the dimension he teleports through, was inaccurately put down as merely being "covered in dark fur" which makes him hard to spot.
  • Nightcrawler's Group Affiliations should include NeyaphimThanks to Rayeye for pointing this out.

    Professor X

  • His degree is in psychology, not psychiatry…Thanks to trey673 for pointing this out.
  • Group Affiliation should have included Brotherhood of Mutants as a former affiliation…Thanks to Robbert Graner for pointing this out.


  • Wolverine's eye color was incorrectly listed as black. This was listed correctly as blue in the WOLVERINE 2004 Handbook.
  • John Howlett Sr. is incorrectly listed as Wolverine's grandfather, John Howlett Jr. is incorrectly listed as his father and Daniel Howlett is incorrectly listed as his brother. His grandfather was not named, his father was John Sr. and his brother is John Jr. These were listed correctly in the WOLVERINE 2004 Handbook.
  • Amongst Wolverine's listed relatives is a son, Erista, his child from a liaison with a Savage Land native in WOLVERINE: THE JUNGLE ADVENTURE. Though some people have raised this believing it to be an error, noting that although a child was depicted bouncing on the knee of the Savage Land woman at the end of the story, there was no official confirmation within the story that the child was Wolverine's, nor has the child been named or it's gender given in a comic subsequent to this (though circumstantial evidence from UNCANNY X-MEN #353 does imply Wolverine has a son, who may or may not be this child). However, as stated in one of the sections above, the confirmation of name and gender fall into the category of providing new information. This information has been reiterated in both the WOLVERINE 2004 Handbook and SECRET WAR: FROM THE FILES OF NICK FURY; it has editorial approval.

    X-Men Various

  • Bishop, Gambit, Rogue, Sage and Storm were incorrectly listed as being former members of the X-Treme Sanctions Executive. At the time, they were still members as that was the sub-group of X-Men under which they operated.