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OHOTMU:Data Corrections X-Men 2005

OHOTMU:Data Corrections X-Men 2005

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Cover by Mike Deodato, Jr. & Morry Hollowell


X-Men 2005


  • John & Elaine Grey are his step-grandparents, not his step-great-grandparents.
  • Under abilities it should have stated that his left eye is techo-advanced and not his right eye…Thanks to Stewart for pointing this out.


  • Aliases should have included Mason-Dixon.
  • Group Affiliations should have included BratpackThanks to Rayeye for highlighting this omission.

    Captain Britain (Brian Braddock)

  • Brian may be immune to Betsy's powers, but he is not immune to Jamie's, something he is painfully aware of.


  • Under Group Affiliations, “X-Men” is incorrectly spelt as “X-Men!”…Thanks to MaGnUs for pointing this out.

    Savage Land

  • We've been asked "what are the citations for that part, the WWII part?". So, in order, here's how that entry broke down:
    • "Nazi dictator Adolph Hitler claimed Antarctica in 1940" - This is real history; Antarctica really did "belong" to the Nazis during World War II.
    • "and a year later, a British destroyer and a Nazi u-boat vanished into the Land, fighting a private war for decades" - This was from a 1970s Ka-Zar story where Ka-Zar discovered British and Nazi soldiers still fighting World War II.
    • "the u-boat in question may have attacked the Antarctic expedition of Elton Morrow, who became the superhuman Blue Diamond following such an attack." Since the Blue Diamond did indeed get his powers after being attacked by a u-boat in Antarctica, it seemed worth suggesting the link.
    • "Months later, Khor teleported an ship to the Land and enslaved its passengers but was defeated by the extra-dimensional Vision" - MARVEL MYSTERY COMICS #22, the first appearance in a Timely comic book of an Antarctic jungle.
    • "two years later, an Antarctic dinosaur, presumably escaped from the Land, was given a human brain and fought Captain America." - CAPTAIN AMERICA COMICS #29 features a dinosaur that is specifically said to have been found in Antarctica. Who'd have thought, huh?
    • "At some point the Nazis constructed a base within the Land whose goals and fate are unrevealed, but its work may have moved to a nearby island." - An abandoned Nazi base was seen in the Savage Land, with no explanation whatsoever, in X-MEN: THE HIDDEN YEARS; since that story would've occurred before the British/Nazi story cited above, there would appear to be no direct connection between the two, since the base was already "charted" and the warring factions would not be "charted" until months/years later. The island that the Nazis, as noted, "may" have moved to would be the island from the recent SHANNA THE SHE-DEVIL miniseries, which featured both dinosaurs and Nazi leftovers; whatever the Nazis were doing in the Savage Land, they may have moved their operations to this island and brought some dinosaurs along for experimental purposes, as guard animals, or, really, just because even Nazis are capable of realizing that it's really cool to have dinosaurs around.
    • "Following the war, scientist Montgomery Ford, armed with a laser prototype, found his way to the Land" - Also from a 1970s Ka-Zar story, although a different one.
    • "and rumors circulated that high-ranking Nazis had fled to Antarctica. Indeed, unverified reports claim when explorer Admiral Richard Byrd launched expeditions to the South Pole in 1947 and 1956, he discovered the Savage Land, perhaps even clashing with Hitler's so-called "Last Battalion," although this claim seems dubious." - All real-world allegations, not a word of it made up (well, not by the profile writer, that is), and if it's "believable" in the real world, it's doubly so in the Marvel Universe.
    • "Meanwhile, spatial warps occasionally brought ships and planes into the Land, where survivors joined the populace." - Stated in the CYCLOPS mini-series; the tribe of blinded people originated from such a landing.


  • Xorn is listed as having no aliases. This should read "(Kuan-Yin) Magneto; (Shen) None".

    X-Men Roster

  • Thunderbird is incorrectly listed as James Proudstar, when it should be John Proudstar.
  • Rachel Summers was first active as Phoenix in UNCANNY X-MEN #199 and not UNCANNY X-MEN Annual #9.
  • Longshot should read "Active in" instead of "Joined in".