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Marvel Universe 

Obedience Disks


Marvel Universe

Earth, formerly Sakaar

Red King

Formerly Hulk, Red King

The Red King fitted these Obedience Disks onto the chest of an individual to make sure they would follow his every command whether it was to serve him as a slave or to fight one another in his gladiatorial games. Resisting only angered the Red King, and using his spear, he channeled an electrical shock through the disks to cause massive pain. Even such powerful entities as those in the Warbound, the Hulk or the Silver Surfer could not resist their Obedience Disks.

During the events dubbed World War Hulk, the Hulk used these disks on those responsible for sending him to the planet of Sakaar in the first place. Again, the members of such teams like the Fantastic Four, the Avengers, or those in the Illuminati could not fight against these devices. Tony Stark even tried to use his powers over technology to override the disks, but he could not accomplish the task.

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