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Marvel Universe 


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Marvel Universe

Olympus exist in a vast extradimensional pocket, and does not always follow Earth's physical laws.


Points of Interest
The Gates of Hell that lead to Pluto's realm are located on the south end of Olympus, to the east of Olympus is the pathway to Greece. To the west of Olympus are two dimensional bridges; one to an alternate Earth which serves as home to many of the Greek heroes as well as to Hippolyta's Amazons, and one to the regions of Ossa and Pelion, wilder, untamed areas where occasional rogue cyclopes and titans still roam, as well as some of the other more monstrous creatures from Greek mythology. Another gate exist in the western forest, this one a series of caves which connect to multiple realms; one cave exists in Asgard, at the mountains of Jotuneim (in fact, the ancestors of Jotunheim's storm giants were rumored to have been driven from early Olympus).

First Appearance
Human Torch Comics #5A (1941)

In recent days, Olympus has been invaded twice by other pantheons - once by the Dark Gods, an extraterrestrail race gods, and then by Mikaboshi of the Amatsu-kami, leading the remnants of the spirits (he had already destroyed much of his own pantheon) against Olympus. Though devastated in both assaults, eternal Olympus is always rebuilt - but the disappearance of Zeus during the latter battle leaves the vacant throne of Olympus as a tempting plum for many.

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