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Marvel Universe 

Omega Confederation of Planets


Marvel Universe

Base of Operations
The Omega Confederation appeared to be mobile in an unknown sector of space

First Appearance
Deadpool Corps #6 (2010)

Current Members:
Bang and Boom, Drinn, High Magistrate

The Omega Confederation of Planets are responsible for the protection and exploitation of an unnamed sector of space. The Omega Confederation sent three representatives to employ the services of the Deadpool Corps to extinguish the threat of a pirate known as the Blue Buccaneer, who was revealed to be the Elder of the Universe known as the Champion. The Deadpool Corps was able to defeat the Champion by out witting him with their unorthodox methods. After experiencing an uprising from the Krook King of the planet of Kagan 7, the Omega confederation hired the Deadpool Corps to quickly and quietly squash the rebellion of the indigenous Krook. The Confederation was betrayed by the Corps and drawn into direct conflict with Imperial troops.

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