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Marvel Universe

Base of Operations

First Appearance
Taskmaster #1 (2010)

Current Members:
Mercedes Merced

The Org is a SHIELD front run by Mercedes Merced, a former SHIELD agent, who employs Taskmaster in the field. Using confiscated SHIELD weaponry, vehicles and various devices, Mercedes gathered invaluable intelligence for former SHIELD director Nick Fury on several criminal organizations. These secret societies eventually banded together in the Minions' International Liberation Front (MILF) under the leadership of Red Shirt, and their primary goal was to find and take over the Org. Forging an Org bounty on Taskmaster enabled Red Shirt to manipulate the mercenary into finding his handlers, and once the Org's base was uncovered, MILF attacked. Taskmaster discovered he was duped and defeated MILF, allowing Mercedes to escape. Fury explained the Org's history to the new commander of superhuman affairs Steve Rogers, but Rogers still wanted to bring Mercedes in for crimes she may have committed as a rogue agent. Mercedes refused to turn herself in but promised the Org would continue its work, supplying Rogers with the information she used to deliver to Fury.

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