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Marvel Universe 

Origins Corporation


Marvel Universe

Cambridge, Massachusetts

Norman Osborn

Norman Osborn

Points of Interest
The Origins Corporation is a biorefinery which synthesizes superhuman abilities for sale to the general public

First Appearance
Incredible Hulk #602 (2009)

After getting the idea from Lyra, the Hulk (Bruce Banner)’s daughter from an alternate timeline, Norman Osborn founded the Origins Corporation. Osborn assumed this latest business venture would ensure his financial future beyond his wildest dreams by making superhuman abilities available to the general public for a fee. Osborn appointed General John Ryker his Chief Executive Officer because of Ryker’s previous successes transplanting metahuman tissue into normal humans, creating beings such as the Gamma Corps and Flux. Ryker's first assignment was to create a new team of operatives to hunt Lyra and acquire her Boudicca; a sentient computer that stole data from Osborn. Ryker chose three female soldiers awaiting execution for heinous crimes to be his Gamma Corps: Black. Their mission failed, but Osborn's ventures with the Origins Corporation are in their early stages. Lyra warned Osborn that in her future the creation of the Origins Corporation eventually started an all out superhuman war that destroyed most of the planet and began a battle of the sexes to rival all other wars.

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