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Marvel Universe 

Other - Evolve or Die


Marvel Universe

Key Characters
Spider-Man, Morlun, Tracer

After a battle with the super-villain Tracer, Spider-Man discovered from the blood of one of his wounds that he was dying from a mysterious disease. Conferring with several other scientists, amongst them Bruce Banner, Bill Foster, Reed Richards, Hank Pym, Tony Stark and the Black Panther, Peter found that there was no scientific cause behind his ailment. Distraught that his life was coming to an end, Peter was more unnerved to find that the vampiric Morlun had seemingly returned from the dead. Morlun warned Peter that he was coming, and that this time there was no escape.

Finally, Morlun attacked Spider-Man, and defeated him. Choosing to absorb Peter's essence at a later time without the distractions from the police, Morlun left Spider-Man in a critical state with only one eye. Spider-Man was rushed to the hospital, but the doctors knew it was too late to save him. Mary Jane came seconds before Morlun feasted. In a bid to defend Peter, Mary Jane tried to fight Morlun, and undoubtedly she was no match for him. As Peter heard Morlun decide to kill Mary Jane, he sprung up in a final savage effort to protect his wife. With stingers that sprouted from his arms, he paralyzed Morlun and bit him at the neck, absorbing his essence and killing him. Shortly thereafter, Peter died in Mary Jane's arms.

In an effort to cover up his secret identity, the Avengers took his body to Stark Tower. Suddenly, something rose from Peter's body at the tower and escaped, wrapping itself in a cocoon underneath a bridge. There, Spider-Man embraced his 'other'-- the spider aspect of himself. Breaking out of the cocoon, Peter found that he had newfound powers.

However, within the walls of Stark Tower millions of cannibal spiders wrapped the upper floors in webbing, and then visited and ate the shell of Peter Parker's corpse only to eventually form a new being composed of all these spiders. Spider-Man briefly tangled with this creature only to have her escape into the sewers. Another cocoon has appeared somewhere in Manhattan unknown to Spider-Man.

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