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Marvel Universe 

Pale Riders (Age of Apocalypse)

Pale Riders (Age of Apocalypse)


Age of Apocalypse

Base of Operations

First Appearance
X-Calibre #1 (1995)

Current Members:

Danielle Moonstar, a member of Apocalypse's Pale Riders, was sent undercover to try and locate the whereabouts of the legendary Avalon, a secret location where people could escape from Apocalypse's cullings. One day, Nightcrawler entered "Ghost Dance", the first stage in the journey to Avalon, and demanded John Proudstar take him to Avalon unnoticed. Moonstar reported back to Apocalypse with this news, who, alongside Damask and Dead Man Wade, sent them to follow Nightcrawler on his journey to Avalon and report back to Apocalypse on their findings. However, Apocalypse soon changed their orders when he learned that Nightcrawler was a member of Magneto's X-Men. He sent a secondary expedition to follow the Pale Riders and gave Damask the order of destroying Avalon when they reached there. Damask, infuriated by Moonstar's persistent annoyance of Dead Man Wade, killed her in a fit of rage. When the remaining Pale Riders finally reached Avalon, Damask was overcome with the beauty of the place. As Dead Man Wade began to destroy the location, Damask decided to defect and save Avalon, attacking Wade in the process. As Wade was about to kill Damask, Nightcrawler intervened and teleported with Wade's head, killing him instantly.

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