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Marvel Universe 

Peristrike Force


Marvel Universe

Base of Operations

First Appearance
Darkhawk #16 (1992)

Current Members:
Psi-Wolf, Scattershot, Siberion

Seeking eternal glory the Peristrike Force publicly attacked their maker, Dr. Anatoly Vonya, during a lecture on superhumans at a high school in Queens. Vonya claimed that such individuals are human time-bombs waiting to detonate, and his sentiments were echoed by his creations. Several students were taken as hostages, but one in particular was prepared to fight back. Chris Powell – also known as Darkhawk – was in attendance, and he wasn't about to stand idly by while the Peristrike Force threatened to blow up his school. Seeking to save the life of a classmate, Darkhawk offered himself as a hostage, but the terrorists decided to assault him instead. He fought back and defeated three of their number – Scattershot, Volga Belle and Siberion – but their leader – Psi-Wolf – took control of Darkhawk's mind and nearly forced the hero to kill himself. Scattershot convinced Psi-Wolf to use Darkhawk as a pawn before they killed him by compelling him to aid them in their mission to abduct Vonya; they needed the good doctor to create a superhuman army so their employers could reshape the world. Against his will, Darkhawk fought side-by-side with the Peristrike Force until they reached their helicopter, and he was shoved out high over the city. Once they were far enough away, Psi-Wolf's control over Darkhawk faded, and he followed them to an airport where he planned to ambush them in his human identity. His plan was uncovered, Chris was attacked, and Vonya saved the boy from Siberion but was frozen for his efforts. Darkhawk stopped the Peristrike Force before they could escape but not before he could save Vonya's life. All of the terrorists were left unconscious at the scene as the local authorities rapidly approached.

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