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Marvel Universe 



Marvel Universe

First Appearance
Hercules: Prince of Power #1 (1982)

Home World
Arago-7, seventh from sun in the Arago star system; formerly a refinery at Ryas

Technology Level
The Pheragots were a highly evolved race, they had the capabilities of space travel in Star-cruisers containing warp-drive engines. They had established refineries through-out the Argo star system. They had also developed regenerative warheads


The Pheragots were a strong and powerful race of warriors that populated the planet of Arago-7, seventh from sun in the Arago star system. They were known as the strongest race in the Andromeda galaxy. During his quest to control the Hub, Lord Votan sent his Axi-Tun agents out to spread a plagued that destroyed the entire M'Ndavians race and frame the Pheragots for the massacre. Infuriated by this atrocity and the slander of their name, the proud Pheragots, set out to exact revenge on the entire Axi-Tun race by destroying planet of Tun. They planned to detonate thousands of regenerative warheads and wipe out the Axi-Tun. Although, one of his crew members bordered on treason for having to hold a whole race accountable for the action its leader, Commander Tiborgh felt that it was proper retribution for being framed and the deaths of their Charter members aboard the Hub. So he gave the command to launch the missiles. The initial strike was successful, although, the next wave of the assault was foiled by the Star Masters, who had arrived on Tun to take Votan into custody.

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