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Marvel Universe 

Planet of the Symbiotes


Marvel Universe

Key Characters
Venom, Spider-Man, Ben Reilly, Carnage

In a series of battle with anarchists who were trying to steal a Clystron Modulator, Spider-Man placed doubts in Venom about being bonded to the symbiote. Who was controlling who? Eddie Brock commanded the symbiote to leave him so he could think his situation over. The symbiote, angry at another rejection, let out an anguished cry, which attracted a whole platoon of symbiotes to Earth.

Spider-Man and the Scarlet Spider arrived with the de-powered Brock to find an unwilling host being forced to steal the modulator by a symbiote. The symbiote stole the modulator, and helped the other symbiotes assemble a portal that would allow more symbiotes to come to Earth. The Venom symbiote forced Brock, Spider-Man and Scarlet Spider into the portal. They came out into a planet full of symbiotes who were dominating their hosts. During their brief stay, Brock reunited with Venom and was told a brief history of the symbiotes. They were a conquering race who fed off of other beings' emotions. The Venom symbiote was imprisoned and condemned to die when it was discovered that he was concentrating more on communicating and bonding than dominating. The prison was placed on Battleworld during the Secret Wars, where Spider-Man found it.

Returning back to Earth, the heroes discovered that there had been fullscale invasion. Many people were being captured by symbiotes, including heroes such as Captain America. Carnage awoke from his coma and learned that he could absorb these symbiotes. By doing this he became more powerful and larger. Carnage attacked the symbiote base and absorbed hundreds, becoming monolithic. They went to the Our Lady of Sorrows Church, were Venom had been "born". (Carnage followed, but Spider-Man and the Scarlet Spider led him away, where he caused a gas tank to blow up). Venom knew that the only way to defeat the symbiotes was to kill them. Since they were extremely sensitive to emotions, Brock and the symbiote let out an anguished wail; however, it wasn't strong enough. Brock knew they had always been stronger together, as Venom, so they completely, totally bonded. The ensuing wail was so strong that all of the symbiotes commited mass suicide. Venom had told Spider-Man that they would simply go into comas. Angry at being tricked, they were about to confront Venom when he used the symbiote to blend in.

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