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Marvel Universe 

Power Prism


Marvel Universe Earth-712



Doctor Spectrum of two universes

Points of Interest

diamond-like faceted jewel

First Appearance
Avengers #69

Years ago, the Skrull Krimonn was convicted of treason and sentenced to be transformed into a purely crystalline entity. After being launched into space, the intergalactic gamesman called the Grandmaster came upon Krimonn and gave him to Kinji Obatu. Obatu used the crystalline Krimonn as his “power prism” when donning the identity of Dr. Spectrum usually when working with the Squadron Sinister. Krimonn has come into the possession of others on Earth-616, notably Obatu’s successor, Billy Roberts, and the Wasp.

In the universe of Earth-712, the Skrull Sk'ym'x’s (Skymax) interstellar vessel became disabled near Earth space. Astronaut Joe Ledger rescued Skymax and gave him safe haven on Earth. As a token of his gratitude, Skymax gave Ledger a power prism which Ledger used to become that Earth’s superhero Dr. Spectrum (as a member of the Squadron Supreme).

The power prism’s abilities are still not quite understood. The prism is able to transform the light that passes through it into physical objects and concussive force. The prism can construct just about anything its wielder can imagine, although it can only create the number of phenomena that its wielder can control at the same time. The prism also allows its wielder to fly, probably by influencing graviton particles (sub-atomic particles believed to carry the force of gravity). The prism’s major weakness is ultraviolet light, a frequency of energy the prism is unable to utilize.

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