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Marvel Universe 

Priests of Pama

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Marvel Universe

Base of Operations
The Priest of Pama are originally from Hala, in the Greater Magellanic Cloud, they would later become mobile throughout the universe, establishing temples on Titan, Earth and Zenn-La.

First Appearance
Avengers #123 (1974)

Current Members:
Foster, L’Ai Sau, Om-Fad, Son-Dar, Straker, Teress

The Priests of Pama are a sect of pacifist Kree, which were driven underground by the warrior Kree. The Priests learned to become masters in self-defense and meditation. While in hiding they were contacted by the plant people known as the Cotati, who were also secretly living on Hala. The Priests were eventually banished from Hala by the Supreme Intelligence. They would later come to dwell on the planet of Titan, where they trained the Earth woman Moondragon in their beliefs. The Priests are masters of the mind and its abilities; it was through their training that Moondragon became adept in her abilities.

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