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Marvel Universe 



Marvel Universe

New York

First Appearance
Punisher Annual #3 (1990)

Programma Bio-tech Lab is an upstate New York-based biotechnology company which specializes in products used for genetic engineering. They were hired by Jethro Prufrock to create a new hallucinogenic virus intended to overload the central nervous system. They succeeded but their new virus, dubbed the Programma Strain Virus, turned people into homicidal maniacs. The lab decided to abandon their work on the Programma strain due to the mental and physical distortions observed in early animal tests.

A.I.M., who had secretly been working with Jethro, decided to steal the virus for their own personal reasons. They hired George Prufrock to infiltrate the lab and steal the virus. He was spotted by security; in the process of escaping, he accidentally infected himself with the Programma Strain Virus. Now infected, he transformwed into Lifeform.

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