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Marvel Universe 




First Appearance
Omega The Unknown #1 (1976)

Home World
Protaris, Regreb System, Milky Way Galaxy

Technology Level
The Protar are an advanced race, and although they have reached an evolutionary standstill, they have mastered space travel on vast scales, presumed space and planet colonization, advanced energy based weaponry, warp drive star-ships, and advanced genetic technology enabling them to create artificial biological life-forms.


Physical Description
They are bilaterally symmetric, with two legs and arms terminating with feet and hands respectively. Protar's hands have five independently moving digits, each with opposable thumbs. Protar's have a glowing face-plate instead of two eyes, a nose and a mouth.

The Protar are a race of living robots that reached the end of their evolutionary cycles. They could no longer adapt to their changing world, so they sought to create biological life-forms to replace them. At least five of their creations were documented, and each was treated in the same fashion due to the parameters of the Protar's project requirements. The artificial creations were sent to a new world – neither the creation nor its adopted society aware of its true origins - to adapt to that culture's society. In turn, one biological model would pass on the information learned to the next and so on down the line until an ideal race was established.

When model X-3Z was thought to be a success, he was offered a tremendous honor among his adopted Sreneskian people. X-3Z was to be endowed with the ability to tap into the very life force of their world. The Protar knew the power was too great for any being to control, so they attempted to halt the process. They were too late, and their intentions were misunderstood by X-3Z. Thinking the Protar were an invading force, X-3Z utilized his new gift and accidentally killed the Sreneskian race. The Protar sensed X-3Z's power had been passed onto their final creation, James-Michael Starling, and it was decided to destroy them both. X-3Z resisted and traveled to Earth to protect the only individual he now felt a connection with.

The Protar pursued but were thwarted at every turn by X-3Z – now under the moniker of Omega – and James-Michael. One Protar had even been captured and reprogrammed by the maniacal Electro. Eventually, Omega was killed by police in another misinterpreted event, and their pursuit of James-Michael brought them into conflict with the Defenders. It wasn't until Moondragon discovered the Protar's origins that she realized what the real danger was. Upon learning his true nature, James-Michael wanted to destroy the Earth but was unwilling to sacrifice the only friend he had; so he turned his incredible power onto himself. With his death, the Protar completed their mission, but they were left without replacements to take over where they would leave off.

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