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Marvel Universe 

Psyklop (race)


Marvel Universe

First Appearance
Avengers #88 (1988)

Home World
The Psyklop were from the planet Earth, living in subterranean caverns, which were in close proximity to New Orleans, Louisiana.

Technology Level
The Psyklop were recipients of vast magical powers, granted to them from their unidentified Dark Gods. Although they became very reliant on their scientific accomplishments, such as the shirk ray that also erased the memories of its target, they also created spacecrafts capable of interstellar travel.

Servants of the Dark Gods

Physical Description
The Insectoid Psyklops possessed one single eye in the center of their heads and a mouth full of razor-sharp teeth.

The Psyklop was an insectoid race that inhabited the planet Earth, long before the rise of humanity. They were servants of the unidentified Dark Gods who granted them vast magical powers, although they became a race of science. At some point they fell out of favor with their gods, and the entire race was placed into a deep slumber for thousands of years. However, Psyklop was awakened and given a mission to find the Dark Gods and an infinite source of energy for them. In return they would revive the others of his race. Sometime later the Psyklop were awakened and mutated by an unidentified party. The novice sorceress Jentorra was alerted to their ensuing invasion of the planet of K'ai within the sub-atomic realm of the Microverse. The Psyklop invasion was thwarted by the upstart son of Hulk, Hiro-Kala.

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