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Marvel Universe

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The Quantum Bands are currently in the possession of Phyla-vel

The Quantum –Bands are extremely powerful and were created by Eon, whose sole purpose was to protect and nurture the growing universe. While serving in this vaulted capacity Eon constructed the Quantum-Bands billions of years ago and gave to a protector which he deemed worthy of the task and mantle of “Protector of the Universe”.

The Quantum-Bands have been in the possession of twelve different protectors over the years. Glakandar the Stygian Starbender (the first Protector), Ree, Trantra, Marvel Boy, William Wesley (tested the power-bands for SHIELD and lost his life in the process), Quasar, Maelstrom, an unnamed Skrull disguising himself as the Contemplator (he wore only one of the bands), Annihilus, and Phyla-Vel. In an alternate future they were wielded by The Keeper (who was thought to be Norrin Radd the Silver Surfer) and Starhawk.

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