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Marvel Universe 

Red Breath


Marvel Universe

Formerly Spacewheel

Chief Toysmith of Lord Dyvyne

Formerly Lord Dyvyne

When a vicious toy war broke out on the relatively peaceful planet of Halfworld between the reptilian Lord Dyvyne and the murderous mole, Judson Jakes, one inhabitant in particular was a highly sought after prize. The lovely Lylla, niece of Wal Rus and soul-mate to Rocket Raccoon, was wanted by both sides to become their bride – mainly for her immense fortune.

When the traitorous Blackjack O'Hare kidnapped Lylla for Dyvyne, then decided to keep her for himself, the vengeful reptile unleashed the last creation made specifically for him by his late toysmith. The Red Breath was commanded to seek out its master's enemies and erase them all. Swiftly heading for Halfworld, the Red Breath began wiping out everything in its path merely by touching it. It would have eradicated the Loonies and Rocket Raccoon too, if not for a timely arrival by Killer Clowns on Vacuusleds also searching for Jakes' foes. O'Hare, forming a temporary alliance with Rocket, led the Clowns on a collision course with the Red Breath, and the Vacuusleds sucked up all traces of Dyvyne's pet. After the mist was gone, all that was erased returned to normal.

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