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Marvel Universe 

Red Bull Totem


Marvel Universe

The village of Pachamac outside Lima, Peru


Tupac Amaru

Tupac Amaru is a young autistic boy living in the squatter village of Pachamac in Peru. His father, Huascar, found the Red Bull Totem and gave it to his son. His mother thought the totem to be an obsession, but his father was pleased because before Tupac received the idol, he never spoke to anyone. The totem allowed the boy to speak to a Deviant called El Toro Rojo, and it even permitted Tupac to switch places with him when he wore the statue around his neck. Tupac knew the danger in releasing the entity trapped within his mind, but when a band of outlaws came to his village and threatened his parents, Tupac allowed El Toro Rojo to escape his isolation in order to save their lives and later, the lives of the Avengers. During that mission, El Toro surprisingly swapped places with Tupac and didn’t return. Tupac left with another Deviant, Kro, and his team, Delta Force, and it can be assumed that Tupac still has the Red Bull Totem in his possession.

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