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Marvel Universe 

Red Hole of Dargalla


Marvel Universe

Outside the galaxies of Earth-616



Points of Interest

First Appearance
Hulk #28 (2011)

Two ancient races, the Dargallans and the Kryihd, spent aeons at war until finally the Kryihd were defeated. In a final attempt to destroy their enemies the Kryihd caused one of their own planets to implode, creating a red hole that pulled in only life force. Once enough energy was absorbed into the hole, a living weapon called the Omegex was expelled with a single purpose: to destroy the Dargallans and their offspring, but before the Dargallans died out they managed to sabotage the Omegex. Instead of the creature returning to the red hole and be deconstructed as the Kryihd designed, the process began again ultimately birthing a new Omegex to wipe out its creators. The cycle repeated over and over again with different races falling victim to the Omegex. The Watchers deemed the Red Hole of Dargalla too dangerous to leave where it was, so they moved it outside the galaxies where life force would take much longer to accumulate, and the Omegex would not return for some time.